White Tongue Cure

Lie Bumps
Posted by Anonymosaurus Rex (Somewhere, Alone, Listening To Radiohead) on 08/30/2012

Lie bumps or pimples on the tongue are almost completely overlooked in the medical profession. They are known as either eruptive lingual papillitis or fungiform papillary glossitis. There is one study indicating that lie bumps may be contagious, but there is also some evidence that it can be caused by irritation and minor damage to the tongue. People who have eczema, asthma or other allergies are more likely to suffer from lie bumps.

I have asthma and allergies, and in my experience with lie bumps I have gotten them from scraping my tongue on my teeth (for example, if there is food stuck in my teeth) quite often. I also experienced oral thrush once in my life due to being extremely run down. I was also dating a person who was rather yeasty at the time, as well. While I had oral thrush I had many painful lie bumps on my tongue. This may seem to back up the idea that lie bumps are contagious, but that I had lie bumps for on occasions many years before this it would seem that I caught it a long time before then or that it is something else.

I have noticed that if I eat more sugar, I will get lie bumps more regularly. In my opinion, sugar, thrush, and all-too-often tongue abrasions along it seems as though lie bumps are opportunistic yeast outbreaks that take root in any small nick or scrap in the tongue, provided that your oral condition are favourable for any yeastie-beasties.

You need to avoid high levels of carbohydrates in your mouth, or at least keep it to the shortest amount of time. This means you need to:
- reduce your sugar intake
- chew your food well
- drink water, rinse or brush after eating (if you have eaten something acidic, leave the brushing for a bit to save damaging the enamel on your teeth)
- avoid sticky high sugar foods, like toffee

You also need to ensure that your mouth is alkaline enough to prevent/inhibit the growth of yeast. Avoid highly acidic foods and drinks, such as cola.

My advice to someone suffering from lie bumps is to take the above advice on lifestyle and diet, and to look into the symptoms of systemic candida overgrowth as it is likely that the lie bumps are just one symptom of a bigger problem.

If you want to get rid of a current outbreak of lie bumps, I would recommend you try:

- applying a small amount of salt directly on to the bump and leaving it as long as possible
- avoid rubbing the bump on teeth as much as possible
- gargle a drop or two of an antifungal essential oil in warm water (oregano, tea tree, lavender, mint, cinnamon, thyme, clove...
- gargle salt water or iodine in water
- gargle some cayenne pepper (if you can handle it)
- swishing live-culture yoghurt in your mouth
- brush your teeth a minimum of two times a day, and rinse after eating any food

Try applying salt, gargling 1-2 times a day, swishing yoghurt and brushing and rinsing your mouth frequently.

Posted by Angie (Atlanta, Ga) on 04/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks all for the Glycerin tip. I'm a few minutes from applying glycerin to my tongue and it worked instantly! I applied a few drops on my soft bristle toothpaste and watched the whiteness go away. I will keep you posted in a day or two to update my status. My breathe smells a lot fresher now that the white coloring is gone:-)

I strongly recommend this as option 1.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 09/02/2012

Hi Carly, I personally would not use glycerin in my mouth. I suppose if you want to use it for your tongue, keep it isolated to that only and then rinse. When I was doing research on natural care for the teeth and re-mineralizing tooth enamel, it was emphasized not to use glycerin which is in almost all toothpaste. What it does is coat the teeth and the saliva cannot reach them to re-mineralize and heal the teeth. Anyway, just a thought, Lisa

Posted by Alva (Nashua, Nh Usa) on 03/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Wow I just tried glycerin after I saw this thread & it works instantly. I will post back in another couple days see if it comes back. Thank you so much everyone!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Sea Salt
Posted by Henry Poole (Wisconsin, Minnesota) on 04/07/2011

Brushed the tongue with seasalt which removed the white coating on the back on the tongue, but a grey/white patch remained in the center of the tongue with elongated white lesions in front of the patch.

The tongue was pulled forward with a wash cloth and the patch cotton swabbed with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide over a periode of 5 days. The pain was excruciating. Layer after layer came off the tongue. The tongue looks swollen but clean now.

Posted by Ravanshe (Chicago, Il, United States) on 03/04/2010

Hey - have a couple questions I was hoping somebody could answer. What is the exact "recipe" for the salt method and is there anybody who could provide some feedback on its effectiveness in the long term? Is this a once daily type thing, is there any method that people have had good results with that lasts? Also, where does one get glycerin and how is it supposed to be used?

Thanks so much!

Posted by Chris (Phoenix, Arizona) on 06/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

CRAZY! Tried the USP Glycerin, not vegetable. Almost GONE after the first try. Three drops on my toothbrush. Insane! Got it over the counter at the pharmacy at Target.

Posted by Alzaz (Mongomery Village, Md Usa) on 07/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

WOW! Never thought it could be this simple!!!! Just read this thread went to brush my tongue ( luckily I had glycerin @ home) and it's completely gone! Also the sensation of dry mouth and thirst disappeared!!! Thanks sooooo much for the tip!

Posted by Sonicboom (Irving, Tx) on 01/13/2012

Have you ever noticed that when you speak to someone having bad breath, you will start having the same breath. It may sound strange but I found it in so many cases to be true. Then some research I could only found that people tend to close their mouth and reduce the air intake via mouth and generates less or no saliva. Saliva has the duty of keeping your mouth and tongue clean and so less saliva will aid dead/live bacteria and food particle buildup on the rear tongue. This all happens so fast (5 to 10 mins) that the person with the halitosis can suddenly notice the bad breath when the other person speaks. This is just that I noticed in few week's time. Try out keep breathing through mouth and keep mouth, lips and tongue wet with saliva. Try and tell us if it works ...

Posted by Oleo (Orlando, Florida) on 04/28/2012
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After using so many over the counter products and prescribed Rx's, finally I am feeling content.. After using acidophilus for two days I have noticed a great improvement in my tongue. It is worth to mention that I also feel a better taste in my mouth. Am considering taking a daily dose for at least a month and then see if I have a recurrent episode.

Posted by Jane (Philadelphia, Pa) on 05/24/2012

Yes - the acidophilus is working well for me, too.

One important caveat, however:

The key (for me, at least) is to use the "deep down" version of acidophilus, known as "pearls, " which are coated, so that they are not destroyed during the digestion process (by stomach acids, etc. ). This way, they can really do the work they need to do much deeper down in the "gut" area of your system.

Please note: There are a few different brands of probiotics that have this kind of special protective coating, not just the ones known commercially as "pearls, " though these happen to be the ones I have been using, mainly because they were the ones available at my local store (and also because they do not require refrigeration, so you can travel easily with them). I will probably keep exploring all different brand options among these coated varieties of probiotics to see which ones I ultimately like best.

Posted by Maz (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia) on 07/27/2012

To get rid of candida which is the common cause of bad breath and acne, it is recommended to take oregano oil for two to three weeks. Take a break for two weeks and then take olive leaf extract for two week. Take a break for two weeks and so on. Do that for a period of no longer than eight weeks in total. Olive leaf and oil of oregano which is available on Amazon.com. Candigest is a powerful supplement which digests the cellulose (of which candida is largely composed) and kills the yeast. You are also suggested to take Candigest for a period of 30-60 days.

Posted by David (Boston, Ma) on 10/09/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic overnight results by using a small amount of probiotic dissolved in a spoonful of water and flooded over the tongue. I've been taking probiotics regularly with no effect, but this method introduces the probiotic strains in mouth, tongue and throat, instead of down in the gut.

The Cure: Brush teeth. Open a high-potency probiotic capsule. Dump a small amount (about 1/4 the contents) into a tablespoon of water and stir to dissolve. Reseal the capsule and swallow it as normal. Now take the tblspoon of dissolved probiotic and let it flood over your tongue and down your throat. Swallow. Go to bed. Observe pink tongue in morning.

I have no idea as yet whether this will have a lasting effect -- but I'll gladly do this daily if needed. This is the first time in a very long while that I have not had a white tongue without vigorous brushing, scraping and gagging... and THAT method was never more than partially successful.

High potency Probiotics are usually found in a refrigerator case in pharmacy or healthfood store (e. g. Wholefoods).

Posted by Jon Jon (New York, Ny) on 12/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Wow!!! This worked instantly. I feel better too. I had a nasty white film on my tongue for weeks. I tried the peroxide for 2 weeks to no avail. I bought some acidophilus for 10 bucks at the drug store and followed the instructions. BOOM Gone! Thanks!

Posted by Maybloom (Melbourne,australia) on 03/26/2014
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After reading all the reply about "acidophilus" I bought one and used it like you mention. It's been 4 days since and my coated-white tongue get worse! What do I do?

Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 03/26/2014

Maybloom: Live active bakers yeast has cured many people. The good yeasts replace the bad yeasts. Yeast over growth is caused by eating high fat high carb. Eat either raw organic high carb low fat or raw grass fed high fat low carb.

Posted by HillaryAnne (Tulsa, Oklahoma) on 07/17/2009
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Salt cure for white coating on the tongue... I only noticed that I had this issue last week when a friend asked if I had eaten a banana or something. I decided to google and stumbled onto this site. I brushed with some salt and saw improvement and then read more. I coated my whole tongue with it and kept it on as long as possible (about four minutes). Worked like a charm. I am really delighted. But if you rinse with peroxide it will look like it came back for a minute lol.

Posted by Michelle (Warwick, Warwickshire, UK) on 05/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Cure A White Coating on the Tongue:

Never felt compelled to leave feedback on a website before but was so impressed by how quickly salt worked ridding my tongue of its horrid white coating, I just had to! Saw this posted, and as it was such a cheap and easy remedy I thought should give it a go. Unfortunately the experience of spreading around 1/2 teaspoon salt on my tongue wasn't pleasant (could barely stop mysef from gagging) but after gargling with salt water, then brushing salt on my tongue with a toothbrush, it was gone! A normal healthy looking pink tongue at last! And long may it last..

Posted by Russ (Wells, ME) on 01/31/2009
5 out of 5 stars

that salt trick really worked for my coated tounge I was pleasently surprised at how fast it worked thank you very much!!!

Posted by C (Ann Anbor, Mi) on 04/30/2012

How much of the milk of Magnesia did you take per day and how long did it take to clear up? weeks months or years?

Posted by King Of Bb (Philadelphia, Pa) on 06/20/2011
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Worked Temporarily

I bought some Vegetable Glycerin from my favorite place, luckyvitamin.com. I got Natures Answer Extrac 4oz. After the first use I saw a change from a white tongue to a light pink one. I used my tongue brush. I would imagine after a few days of use my white tongue will be completely gone. I wish I read this a long time ago. I currently use Dr. Katz toothpaste and Motuhwash. It works but doesnt last as long as it states. Maybe the Dr. Katz and Vegetable Glycerin combo will eliminate the bad breath.

Posted by Tracy (Houston, TX) on 01/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the salt remedy to cure my coated tongue immediately after reading this post and it worked. First I gargle with salt and water, thenn I brushed my tongue with the salt and repeated it three times then amazingly my tongue turned pink and my breath smelled better. I can't believe that what my parents told me a long time ago still works. I poured about a tablespoon of salt and a forth of water for the mix.

Posted by James Carver (Coquitlam, BCV) on 01/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

White tongue: salt was the best thing i ever tried. i've tried other things but this one simply worked like a charm my tongue feels so good now. thank u everyone.

Posted by Kimberly (Lake Zurich, IL) on 12/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have to say, this really does work! I just found this site about 30 minutes ago and tried the salted toothbrush remedy as soon as I read about it(I used sea salt) and no more white tongue! And my mouth feels a lot cleaner! I first used 2 teaspoons of sea salt and rubbed it all over my tongue, I let it sit for as long as I could, about 20 seconds was all I could do. Then I rinsed and gargled with water and spit it all out. I then dipped my toothbrush in a small dish of sea salt and then brushed my tongue. Rinsed and swished with water and then spit it all out. I will try the peroxide rinse tonight and tomorrow to see if it help with my bad breath and report back on the outcome. This is THE best site!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jen (Here) on 06/25/2017

Working with a knowledgable natural nutritionist to learn about food sensitivities, digestive vitality, and candidiasis will go along way to increasing mouth health (white coating/geogrpwhical tongue)! I know because I have been there and done that, and have learned about such matters.

Geographical Tongue: food sensitivities- look into nightshade food family, foods high in histamine, and pH balances

White Coating - thrush/candidiasis - I have found swishing (called oil pulling) with coconut oil (ie. While in shower, or getting dressed, or making breakfast) and brushing is tremendously beneficial, and your teeth feel super smooth too! Coconut oil is antimicrobial and helps loosen "bad" bacteria's grip. Spit out swished oil, do not swallow. Rinse mouth. You can repeat this as often as you like throughout the day. Then go ahead and enjoy coconut oil mixed into yogurt, salads, and smoothies to support bacteria health in your intestines. May also break a probiotic capsule in mouth and swish it around, then spit out.

White coat equates to overgrowth of "bad" bacteria...which occurs in intestines and travels to the mouth and depending on severity, rest of body. Bringing good/bad bacteria back into balance (aka healthy gut flora) will prove beneficial to your mouth health and overall health. Listen to your tongue!

You are especially at risk if you have taken antibiotics that wipe out good bacteria with the bad, consume sugar/sugar drink which feed "bad bacteria, " and eat processed foods. Sound like you? Seek help, gain understanding, and help others once you have been helped, just as people are doing on this board!

Posted by Prem (Kuwait) on 12/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

salt cures white tongue imediately -- i used salt as mentioned in this site. i did this 5 minutes ago and now my tongue almost pink, just mixed a few drops of water to 1 tspn of salt and applied on my tongue within a minute i brushed it off with a brush and a little tooth paste and voila! back to cleaner tongue.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Canuckboy (Calgary, Alberta) on 09/08/2010

My recipe for a nice pink tongue is as follows:

* Apple Cider Vinegar: Drink 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of ACV in a glass of water, preferably 3 times a day. *Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS): 3 drops of MMS plus 15 drops of ACV wait 3 mins add a bit of water and gargle, squish around for 30 to 60 secs and spit out. * Iodine: use Kelp in cooking as a spice - makes my mouth moist and clean. Or, drink a drop of Lugol's solution in a glass of water. * Tongue scraper

Posted by John (Richmond, VA) on 03/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Pineapple helped to get rid of my white tongue. I'm not sure why, I think it has an enzyme or chemical in it that causes the tongue coating to dissolve. Eat at least a couple of bites once or twice a day. This helps, but is not enough alone. The proper oral routine is necessary too. I found that brushing twice a day with a sls-free toothpaste allowed my tongue to shed normally and remain pink and healthy, which wouldn't happen with regular toothpaste. And don't use mouthwash or brush or scrape your tongue. Oil pulling once a day will help as well.

Posted by Katie (Atlanta, Georgia) on 05/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I brush my teeth 7 times a day, by the way I never have cavities. This amount of brushing still never stops the film --- however, when i was drinking 3/4 gal of water a day (there was about 3 months of my life that I did this) the film totally disappeared! it's true.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by DS (NYC) on 05/09/2006
5 out of 5 stars

A great remedy I just discovered by accident to take away the white coating on your tongue is powdered charcoal. I was taking this at night to cleanse my digestive system and discovered the next morning that my tongue had no coating on it! Amazing!

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Jack (NYC, New York) on 05/22/2009

How do you do with charcoal. Can you please tell more detail or procedure how to use.

Digestive Enzymes
Posted by Jonathan B. (New Zealand) on 06/02/2019

Can you give more example of the types and dosage of the enzymes?

Digestive Enzymes
Posted by Charlotte R. (Texas) on 05/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for the suggestions!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Garcia (Pasadena) on 09/20/2017
1 out of 5 stars

White tongue. I tried everything, I tried sea salt & baking soda & lemon still won't work. I brush my tounge twice a day & I got a tounge scrapper still won't work. I been having it for a long time. I don't know what to use now.

Posted by Gerry Ann (Minnesota, US) on 04/06/2015


What is the name of your toothpaste? I have been told to use the SLS free toothpaste. I have yet to find any and have looked everywhere. I am into my second bout of oral thrush within a year. Very disturbing to me.

Thanks, Take care. Gerry

Posted by Barbara (Pa, US) on 04/18/2015

Gerry Ann, I use an SLS free toothpaste called Verve. I buy it online.


Posted by Claudia (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 07/12/2016

Can you specify the name of the probiotic, acidophilus I need to buy. My tongue is extremely white and I have a very dry mouth. My doctor tells me I have IBS. It comes and goes and I feel very run down. Looking for a solution. Claudia

White Tongue Remedies
Posted by Manish (India) on 12/28/2013

Hi sir/madam. I think I got white coat on tounge in before four months, its build bad breath, pls advice me how to solve this problem.
Pls sir/madam.

White Tongue Remedies
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 12/28/2013

To Manish:

The white coating is related to fungal/viral/or bacterial buildup.

So I use anti pathogens; H202 sprayed onto tongue; or gargle with colloidal silver; or coat with any of the anti viral oils, like tea tree oil once a week.

White Tongue Remedies
Posted by Tony (Tn, Usa) on 12/28/2013

I use tea tree oil twice daily on my tongue & also brush my teeth with it as well. What I do is take a metal spoon & scrape off gently the white coating. I've been doing this for close to 2 years now. My tongue is looking so much better than it was. This trick works wonders in getting rid of the white coating but we have to get rid of what's causing it though.

Most of the white coating is gone but still some left. Keep in mind, our tongues indicate what our digestive health is like. I have a candida, bacterial, & viral overgrowth. I'm using the protocol from Bill to get rid of this awful condition. Good Luck & God Bless!

Posted by Bob (Wi) on 03/21/2016

Mine keeps come back and the coating is at the back of my tongue also.

Posted by Om (Hope Bc, Canada) on 07/20/2013

Yes, you are dehydrated. Visit the watercure online and you will find out. Celtic sea salt is needed to keep your body hydrated. Otherwise you allow your body to be leached of vitamins and minerals. That is the beginning of many diseases. Our medical system profits from it.

Regards, Om

Posted by Nique (Usa) on 04/02/2015

What kind of salt did you use?

Posted by Rajeev (Kearala, India) on 04/03/2015

White-coated tongue is a common problem seen in many people and it can lead to symptoms like bad breath or bitter taste in the mouth. Most likely, white-coated tongue is a sign of dehydration. Drink water, natural fruit juices or other healthy fluids throughout the day. Once you drink all these watery foods, you can notice that your tongue turns into pink. There are some natural remedies to treat white-coated tongue.

Salt is the best remedy to treat white-colored tongue. Sprionkle some salt on your tongue and scrub it with a toothbrush for a minute.

Oil pulling is another effective practice that tretas white-coated tongue. Before brushing your teeth in the morning, put 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin coconut oil in your mouth. Swish it around in your mouth between your teeth and under the tongue. Do this for 15 minutes until you see the oil turns milky in color. Spit out the oil and rinse your mouth with warm water. Do this once in a day for overall oral health.

Put 1 tablespoon of aloe-vera juice in your mouth and swish it around for a few minutes and spit it out. Then drink 1 tablespoon of aloe-vera juice and repeat this remedy for few times daily. Continue this for 2 weeks and you will find amazing changes in your tongue.

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