White Tongue Cure

Posted by Ron (Fairfax, Virginia) on 02/19/2009
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I must say that I have never replied to a website like this because I normally don't believe a lot of things people post like this Butttt.... I went ahead and tried what I was reading from 19 out of 21 people having a positive response. Now I'm posting and responding to all of you who had positive results and I have to say "THANKS to all of you" It really did work for me as you all stated.

The salt did have a burning or stinging sensation but fighting through it paid off big times. The gargling with salt water first a 1/2 cup of warm water adding a Tbl spoon of sea salt, spiting it out. Second covered my tongue with the sea salt letting it stay for about 5 minutes and Third brushing tongue several times over with the sea salt and wonders happen to my tongue, (Pinkness) I did brushed and added the Baking soda, sea salt and rinsing with the Hydrogen Peroxide for a fourth time. WOW!!! I kept on looking in the mirror AMAZED with the results! IT REALLY WORKED!(Cure A White Coating on the Tongue)

Posted by Russ (Wells, ME) on 01/31/2009
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that salt trick really worked for my coated tounge I was pleasently surprised at how fast it worked thank you very much!!!

Posted by C (Ann Anbor, Mi) on 04/30/2012

How much of the milk of Magnesia did you take per day and how long did it take to clear up? weeks months or years?

Posted by Tracy (Houston, TX) on 01/14/2009
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I tried the salt remedy to cure my coated tongue immediately after reading this post and it worked. First I gargle with salt and water, thenn I brushed my tongue with the salt and repeated it three times then amazingly my tongue turned pink and my breath smelled better. I can't believe that what my parents told me a long time ago still works. I poured about a tablespoon of salt and a forth of water for the mix.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jen (Here) on 06/25/2017

Working with a knowledgable natural nutritionist to learn about food sensitivities, digestive vitality, and candidiasis will go along way to increasing mouth health (white coating/geogrpwhical tongue)! I know because I have been there and done that, and have learned about such matters.

Geographical Tongue: food sensitivities- look into nightshade food family, foods high in histamine, and pH balances

White Coating - thrush/candidiasis - I have found swishing (called oil pulling) with coconut oil (ie. While in shower, or getting dressed, or making breakfast) and brushing is tremendously beneficial, and your teeth feel super smooth too! Coconut oil is antimicrobial and helps loosen "bad" bacteria's grip. Spit out swished oil, do not swallow. Rinse mouth. You can repeat this as often as you like throughout the day. Then go ahead and enjoy coconut oil mixed into yogurt, salads, and smoothies to support bacteria health in your intestines. May also break a probiotic capsule in mouth and swish it around, then spit out.

White coat equates to overgrowth of "bad" bacteria...which occurs in intestines and travels to the mouth and depending on severity, rest of body. Bringing good/bad bacteria back into balance (aka healthy gut flora) will prove beneficial to your mouth health and overall health. Listen to your tongue!

You are especially at risk if you have taken antibiotics that wipe out good bacteria with the bad, consume sugar/sugar drink which feed "bad bacteria, " and eat processed foods. Sound like you? Seek help, gain understanding, and help others once you have been helped, just as people are doing on this board!

Posted by Prem (Kuwait) on 12/16/2008
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salt cures white tongue imediately -- i used salt as mentioned in this site. i did this 5 minutes ago and now my tongue almost pink, just mixed a few drops of water to 1 tspn of salt and applied on my tongue within a minute i brushed it off with a brush and a little tooth paste and voila! back to cleaner tongue.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Canuckboy (Calgary, Alberta) on 09/08/2010

My recipe for a nice pink tongue is as follows:

* Apple Cider Vinegar: Drink 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of ACV in a glass of water, preferably 3 times a day. *Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS): 3 drops of MMS plus 15 drops of ACV wait 3 mins add a bit of water and gargle, squish around for 30 to 60 secs and spit out. * Iodine: use Kelp in cooking as a spice - makes my mouth moist and clean. Or, drink a drop of Lugol's solution in a glass of water. * Tongue scraper

Peppermint Oil
Posted by Amy (Anytown, Oh, Usa) on 09/30/2011
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Tried brushing with the peppermint essential oil tonight and it worked like a charm. I have now woken up after a long night's sleep and still have a pink tongue, so it seems to have some staying power.

Posted by John (Richmond, VA) on 03/02/2008
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Pineapple helped to get rid of my white tongue. I'm not sure why, I think it has an enzyme or chemical in it that causes the tongue coating to dissolve. Eat at least a couple of bites once or twice a day. This helps, but is not enough alone. The proper oral routine is necessary too. I found that brushing twice a day with a sls-free toothpaste allowed my tongue to shed normally and remain pink and healthy, which wouldn't happen with regular toothpaste. And don't use mouthwash or brush or scrape your tongue. Oil pulling once a day will help as well.

Posted by Katie (Atlanta, Georgia) on 05/17/2007
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I brush my teeth 7 times a day, by the way I never have cavities. This amount of brushing still never stops the film --- however, when i was drinking 3/4 gal of water a day (there was about 3 months of my life that I did this) the film totally disappeared! it's true.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by DS (NYC) on 05/09/2006
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A great remedy I just discovered by accident to take away the white coating on your tongue is powdered charcoal. I was taking this at night to cleanse my digestive system and discovered the next morning that my tongue had no coating on it! Amazing!

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Jack (NYC, New York) on 05/22/2009

How do you do with charcoal. Can you please tell more detail or procedure how to use.

Digestive Enzymes
Posted by Jonathan B. (New Zealand) on 06/02/2019

Can you give more example of the types and dosage of the enzymes?

Digestive Enzymes
Posted by Charlotte R. (Texas) on 05/08/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for the suggestions!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Garcia (Pasadena) on 09/20/2017
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White tongue. I tried everything, I tried sea salt & baking soda & lemon still won't work. I brush my tounge twice a day & I got a tounge scrapper still won't work. I been having it for a long time. I don't know what to use now.

Probiotics, Glycerin, Coconut Oil
Posted by Lilli (Wa, Usa) on 11/02/2015 12 posts
5 out of 5 stars

After moving to a new area, I noticed that my tongue became coated. It got to the point that the surface was rough and my tongue seemed swollen. After a few more days, my tongue was becoming numb in the center. I decided to give some of these remedies a try and here's what worked best:

1. I buy refrigerated probiotics (blend of Lactobacillus rhamnosus & Lactobacillus acidophilus). Open one capsule and use a soft tooth brush to gently rub the powdered contents onto your tongue. Then just leave it on as long as you can and swallow the rest. It's a good idea to take a daily capsule as well internally.

2. I bought organic, food grade vegetable glycerin. Place a few drops on your tongue and rub it in. Allow it to stay on your tongue - it is also safe to swallow.

3. Use virgin, organic, cold expeller pressed coconut oil.. I've been using it for oil pulling for years. Just take a small teaspoon of the c.o. and let it melt on your tongue.

I used all three methods about an hour or two before bed time. It started working before I went to bed. The next morning, the numbness and swollen feeling were gone and the pink color is returning to my tongue.

Posted by Marianyeliz (Staten Island, Ny) on 12/31/2014

I have the same exact problem you had, for 10 yrs. As far I understand candida has to do with your immune system. You need to boost it up. Best way to keep your symptoms eliminate from the root. What diet, workout, you do and how often ? Does your bb come back?

Posted by Gerry Ann (Minnesota, US) on 04/06/2015


What is the name of your toothpaste? I have been told to use the SLS free toothpaste. I have yet to find any and have looked everywhere. I am into my second bout of oral thrush within a year. Very disturbing to me.

Thanks, Take care. Gerry

Posted by Barbara (Pa, US) on 04/18/2015

Gerry Ann, I use an SLS free toothpaste called Verve. I buy it online.


Posted by Claudia (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 07/12/2016

Can you specify the name of the probiotic, acidophilus I need to buy. My tongue is extremely white and I have a very dry mouth. My doctor tells me I have IBS. It comes and goes and I feel very run down. Looking for a solution. Claudia

White Tongue Remedies
Posted by Manish (India) on 12/28/2013

Hi sir/madam. I think I got white coat on tounge in before four months, its build bad breath, pls advice me how to solve this problem.
Pls sir/madam.

White Tongue Remedies
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 12/28/2013

To Manish:

The white coating is related to fungal/viral/or bacterial buildup.

So I use anti pathogens; H202 sprayed onto tongue; or gargle with colloidal silver; or coat with any of the anti viral oils, like tea tree oil once a week.

White Tongue Remedies
Posted by Tony (Tn, Usa) on 12/28/2013

I use tea tree oil twice daily on my tongue & also brush my teeth with it as well. What I do is take a metal spoon & scrape off gently the white coating. I've been doing this for close to 2 years now. My tongue is looking so much better than it was. This trick works wonders in getting rid of the white coating but we have to get rid of what's causing it though.

Most of the white coating is gone but still some left. Keep in mind, our tongues indicate what our digestive health is like. I have a candida, bacterial, & viral overgrowth. I'm using the protocol from Bill to get rid of this awful condition. Good Luck & God Bless!

Posted by Bob (Wi) on 03/21/2016

Mine keeps come back and the coating is at the back of my tongue also.

Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff , Wales ) on 07/20/2013

A white tongue is a sign of being toxic. I know, believe me xxxx I was in The Lion's Den hospital. They looked at my white tongue and told me, "You're dehydrated." I was drinking 2 Gallons of WATER a day??? BLEH!!! They don't know what their on about, Man! It is a sign of being toxic. Love Andrea C

Posted by Om (Hope Bc, Canada) on 07/20/2013

Yes, you are dehydrated. Visit the watercure online and you will find out. Celtic sea salt is needed to keep your body hydrated. Otherwise you allow your body to be leached of vitamins and minerals. That is the beginning of many diseases. Our medical system profits from it.

Regards, Om

Posted by Nique (Usa) on 04/02/2015

What kind of salt did you use?

Posted by Rajeev (Kearala, India) on 04/03/2015

White-coated tongue is a common problem seen in many people and it can lead to symptoms like bad breath or bitter taste in the mouth. Most likely, white-coated tongue is a sign of dehydration. Drink water, natural fruit juices or other healthy fluids throughout the day. Once you drink all these watery foods, you can notice that your tongue turns into pink. There are some natural remedies to treat white-coated tongue.

Salt is the best remedy to treat white-colored tongue. Sprionkle some salt on your tongue and scrub it with a toothbrush for a minute.

Oil pulling is another effective practice that tretas white-coated tongue. Before brushing your teeth in the morning, put 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin coconut oil in your mouth. Swish it around in your mouth between your teeth and under the tongue. Do this for 15 minutes until you see the oil turns milky in color. Spit out the oil and rinse your mouth with warm water. Do this once in a day for overall oral health.

Put 1 tablespoon of aloe-vera juice in your mouth and swish it around for a few minutes and spit it out. Then drink 1 tablespoon of aloe-vera juice and repeat this remedy for few times daily. Continue this for 2 weeks and you will find amazing changes in your tongue.

Posted by Claire (Boston, Ma) on 05/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Acidophilus helped me cure a white tongue. It took about a month of taking a high count of acidophilus first thing in the morning and last thing at night before I saw results. What makes it come back: Dairy! Hydrogen peroxide helps clear the tongue, but probiotics and diet changes necessary.

Posted by Earl James (Dubai Uae) on 04/14/2014

Hi, I also have a white problem in my tongue and I really hate it. I just read that you are using Acidophilus. Can you pls. help me- what is the proper way to use this medicine? Do I need to gargle or do I need to swallow it? thanks ..

Posted by Vboot (Mesquite, Texas) on 05/08/2013

Please help. I have had white tongue and bad breath for ever. I have visited severeal dentist, but no help. Some blog are talking about using acidophilus, please tell me which one to buy.

Posted by Davae (La) on 01/28/2014

Detox go on anti-candida diet better yet consider a serious detox by green juicing go on the Gerson Diet and get colonics . Also get checked for hidden cavities or infections in the mouth or throat . Take mega probiotics to get the right flora growing, drink lots of water and get on clean vegetarian diet for while and see how you feel.

Posted by Marianyeliz (United States) on 12/31/2014

Ultra flora probiotic 50 billion, fiber food, snacks, breakfast, vegetables, fruit, smoothy fruits. Vitamic C 1500 ml. And others. ?. Workout 3 to 5 days a week. AND HAVE PATIENCE. Brush, floss

Im dental receptionist, I suffer from that symptoms.

Posted by K. (Wisconsin) on 07/18/2016

Should a person take more than 1 probiotic to get a variety of strains? It occurred to me that we don't know which strains we need and therefore might be wasting money or not get the help we need because we aren't taking the right probiotic. They are all different.

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis of the Tongue
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 12/12/2012

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to post another interesting interview with Dr. Victor Zeines who is a dentist who actually left the profession dismayed by the standard methods of dental practice. During that interim he left, became a psychotherapist and was led on a path to learn all sorts of information on alternative tooth care. Re- invigorated with this knowledge, he returned to dentistry to serve his patients with herbs, nutrition, vitamins, etc. And their teeth thrived. He also speaks on the coating of the tongue, the various colors, the thickness, the state of the tongue which is all information he learned from studying Chinese medicine. The tongue is extremely important in diagnosing one's health in Chinese medicine and can help indicate where problems may lie within your body. I do hope you take the opportunity to hear what he has to say:


Best of health and holidays to everyone! Lisa

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis of the Tongue
Posted by Andrea (Glendale, Ca) on 03/17/2013

Thank you SO much for this! And, kudos to the Doctor!! I wish more MDs would follow suit!

Posted by Angie (Atlanta, Ga) on 04/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks all for the Glycerin tip. I'm a few minutes from applying glycerin to my tongue and it worked instantly! I applied a few drops on my soft bristle toothpaste and watched the whiteness go away. I will keep you posted in a day or two to update my status. My breathe smells a lot fresher now that the white coloring is gone:-)

I strongly recommend this as option 1.

Posted by Carly (Toronto, Ontario Canada ) on 09/02/2012

So to be clear, you brush your tongue with glycerin? Also, do you rise your mouth afterwards or no?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Anon (Toronto, Canada) on 03/18/2012

Re: White Tongue... I am currently going to an ayurvedic practioner. You might wish to check out "removing Ama" from the system. This is the white stuff on your tongue that is caused by indigestion and the toxin forms. I think the ACV will help with the clearing of this toxin and help digestion too. I took 2 tbs today and so far no itching and that is good news! good luck to everyone!

Posted by D.sardone (Nyc , Ny) on 03/03/2012

I found USP glycerin at CVS in the make up aisle. Is that safe to use internally or should use vegetable glycerin?

Posted by Kelly (Washington) on 07/06/2014

I'm curious if any of you have had permanent results from glycerin? It's after all just treating the coating on the tongue, and not getting to the causes of the coating (which may include infections, poor digestion, stress, poor diet, etc.) ???

Posted by Dale (Orange County ) on 07/19/2016

I bought the oil. It says, it is for skin care. Can you use it on tongue?

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