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Posted by Bowens4 (Canton, Mi) on 01/03/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I just used the salt cure for white tongue. I used regular table salt for lack of sea salt. It worked great !! All skeptics, please try this remedy. It truly works. Thanks to all who provided a response. This is my first time ever providing a response because I am so pleased white the positive result. A pink tongue after brushing constantly with no results. use the salt, it again, works immediately.

Replied by Arp
Burlington, Vermont

Table salt is dangerous and should be considered poisonous. Try using kosher salt or sea salt ;)

Replied by Sirsmellybreath
Mentor, Ohio, Usa

I have had a white coating...shag rug to be more accurate, for most of my life (I'm mid 40's). I just thought it was normal. I tried this salt cure...and dang...my tongue looks SO much better. I didn't really measure..just made a paste for my toothbrush..kept in on for 4 minutes then brushed a few more times. I'm so embarrassed that I have been blasting people with my nasty breath for so many years when such an easy cure was available. I'm going to try Lactobacillus supplements to prevent reoccurence.

Replied by Sirsmellybreath
Mentor, Oh
1 out of 5 stars

I'm changing my vote to nea. Yes, it does work...temporarily. My coating started returning in 2 days despite cleaning the tongue twice a day. Leaving baking soda on the tongue for a few minutes then brushing also removes the coating and without the dangers of salt. Salt can burn and even permenantly damage the tongue. I'm sure you can safely use baking soda several times a week without a problem

Replied by Ravanshe
Chicago, Il, United States

Hey - have a couple questions I was hoping somebody could answer. What is the exact "recipe" for the salt method and is there anybody who could provide some feedback on its effectiveness in the long term? Is this a once daily type thing, is there any method that people have had good results with that lasts? Also, where does one get glycerin and how is it supposed to be used?

Thanks so much!

Replied by Marvin
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Strangely, I have a white coating on the walls of my mouth, especially where the teeth join. I also have a white tongue and sometimes even the roof of my mouth turns white. I also have little red dots on my tongue and sometimes my tongue looks almost hairy. I recently found out that if I go through a whole pack of Lofthouse's Fisherman's Friend Lozenges, by the end of the day the white coating is gone and all that is left is the little red dots. I just bough two more packs and am going to go through them both over the next two days to see if I can get rid of this for good. I'm also going to rinse with salt water in the hopes of getting rid of bacteria.

Replied by Susan
0 out of 5 stars

I read on here about using sea salt and someone said to keep it on for like 4 mins, well I did that and I was salivating like crazy and that was 2 days ago. It did not cure it, and now my tongue does feel numb or like I burned it or something. It feels really weird and I hope this isn't permanent.

Posted by Rogers (San Mateo, Ca) on 10/06/2009
1 out of 5 stars

I was so excited to try the salt remedy that everyone here mentioned to cure by white tongue, but I'm afraid it did not work...at all. I did the rinsing with sea salt, then sprinkled salt on my tongue and let it sit there for five minutes, then three times brushed my tongue with a sea salt/water paste, and it did nothing to remove the whiteness on my tongue and make it any pinker.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA

Why don't you give hydrogen peroxide a try. Go on that page and read the feedback about swishing it in your mouth. You can use 3% full strength. When I do it, I do it while I'm showering and hold it in my mouth for probably about a minute. It whitens the teeth, cleans the breath, kills bacteria and your tongue becomes nice and pink. Check it out. Lisa

Replied by Min
Tehran, Iran

You can use bicarbonate soda + lemon juice It's really perfect!!

Replied by Sam
Miami, FL

White coated tongue is an indication of imbalances. Google "diagnosis by tongue".

Posted by HillaryAnne (Tulsa, Oklahoma) on 07/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Salt cure for white coating on the tongue... I only noticed that I had this issue last week when a friend asked if I had eaten a banana or something. I decided to google and stumbled onto this site. I brushed with some salt and saw improvement and then read more. I coated my whole tongue with it and kept it on as long as possible (about four minutes). Worked like a charm. I am really delighted. But if you rinse with peroxide it will look like it came back for a minute lol.

Replied by Help Me
Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

helo YEA.. i really like your posts.. (though i dont try one yet) .. it sounds effective.. may i ask you how to effectively remove white coating on tongue? i look closely in the mirror while brushing and i notice that the white coating in my tongue has ahhh,, well i cant spell it in english.. but pieces of white particles.. it looks awful.. and minutes after i brush.. breathe goes bad again.. for the last 2 weeks ive been brushing my tongue roughly.. it even bleeds 3 times but i ignored it just to remove this awful coating.. but its very tight and i think i cant remove it with just the way i am trying. so i think i need suggestions of the experienced.. And also dieting and not eating sugarly foods makes your tongue pink? is it true? please HELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEE !!! :(

Posted by Michelle (Warwick, Warwickshire, UK) on 05/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Cure A White Coating on the Tongue:

Never felt compelled to leave feedback on a website before but was so impressed by how quickly salt worked ridding my tongue of its horrid white coating, I just had to! Saw this posted, and as it was such a cheap and easy remedy I thought should give it a go. Unfortunately the experience of spreading around 1/2 teaspoon salt on my tongue wasn't pleasant (could barely stop mysef from gagging) but after gargling with salt water, then brushing salt on my tongue with a toothbrush, it was gone! A normal healthy looking pink tongue at last! And long may it last..

Replied by Kevin
Temecula, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

Work amazingly!! regular table salt will do! put it on my tongue for about 40 seconds, then brushed with salt on my toothbruush three times and boom, most of the white coat was gone!! great remedy!! im excited!

Posted by Maria (New York, New York) on 05/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I just tried the salt remedy and by go lie it worked liked a charm. I gargled with sea salt and water twice and then grinded the salt onto my brush and cleaned my tongue 3 times than gargled again. Tip for those that are having trouble reaching the back of your tongue, there is a round brush I use that is made specifically for cleaning the tongue and can be found at your local chain store it has a round head and a small hole in the middle, looks like a mini doughnut on a stick is the best way to describe it, it should be in the toothbrush isle. Well with this brush I was able to reach the back of my tongue with no problem.

Replied by Elsaeasterly
Elsewhere, Ca, Usa

I have searched for the brush you describe and cannot find it. Could you please post the brand name here or, if not allowed, email me at elsaeasterly (@) yahoo.com without the spaces, of course?

Replied by Watery
New York, New York, Usa

To create such a toothbrush yourself, just take a lighter and set it to the smallest flame. Light it and hold the part near the brushes about 5cm from it. It will slowly heat up, making it bendable. Gently bend it in the right curve and hold the toothbrush under water to make it solid again. I did this with my toothbrush, and finally got rid of the bacteria at the back of my tongue: brushing with baking soda and glycerine, cleaning areas previously impossible.

Posted by Jan (Philadelphia, PA) on 03/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Earth Clinic. Your information has helped another reader!!!. I suffered with white tongue for years and bad breath.I just read to try brushing my tongue with SEA-SALT and water and i flossed before i rinsed.IT WORKED! my tongue is pink again. I am home alone and can't wait to ask my family how my breath smells.my teeth feel nice and smooth as if they were polihed by a dentist.the taste in my mouth feels fresh- it never tasted this fresh before.but above all my tongue is pink. i read if your tongue is white you have bad breath and i also have tonsil stones. i also used sea-salt in my nettie pot and my sense of smell seams better.I am going to do it again before i go to bed. i have spent a fortune with the pharmacies, doctors, dentists, and herbalist and my mouth never felt this good. I was giving up hope that there was no cure and here it is right in my kitchen cabinet-something that i use every day. READERS THIS WORKS! now i am going to look up info for tonsil stones just in case.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
516 posts

Hi Jan, Never heard of anyone having tonsil stones before, but the same old EV olive oil & lemon juice that works on kidney stones, should also dissolve stones located in the gallbladder, parotid glands or elsewhere.

Replied by Cara
Philly, PA

Hi Jan, Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT resort to having your tonsils or uvula removed to get rid of your tonsil stones. I did just that in January 08 and here it is a year and a half later and I'm still suffering for it. Because of the operation, I developed LPR (acid reflux of the mouth instead of the chest). My mouth is dry 24 hours a day, I have a permanently coated white tongue, nothing but air in my mouth (no taste inside), and can no longer eat any of my favorite foods because my throat will immediately close up and my mouth will be dry for months. I drink only water all day long and that helps for maybe 2 seconds and then I'm bone-dry again. I'm on this website because the coating on my tongue has gotten worse.

It is the biggest regret of my life, because you can't run away from the feeling inside your mouth. It's awful, so please do not consider it. Live with the tonsil balls and cough them out as much as possible and keep up really great oral hygiene. Trust me, as much as I hated those tonsil balls, I'd sell my soul to have them back now.

Good luck! Email back if you have questions.

Replied by Jessica
Tacoma, Wa

I suffered from tonsil stones for years and then decided to get the tonsils out. I feel that it was the best decision I have ever made. I do suffer from white tounge coating from time to time, but I think it has more to do with yeast overgrowth than anything else. I say it depends on the person. I am thankful to be rid of those nasty and annoying tonsil stones.

Replied by Bean
Orlando, Fl

Are you lactose intolerant. I used to get tonsil stones and realized it had to do with drinking milk.

Replied by Lisa
Ny, Ny

Great to hear the salt worked for you? How long did it last? Did your family notice your breath wasfresher? (I am concerned that the reason people instantly get pink tongues is because the salt burned their tongue and that's just blood under the surface showing.

Posted by Lyn (Perryopolis, PA) on 03/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

white coating on tongue: I just tried the salt...it did work. I read it is a sign of an acidic pH in the body...I just experienced a bout of diverticulitos and from what I've learned so far...the acidic pH is the cause of all gastro intestinal ailments which include: IBS, Gastritis, Diverticulitos, Crohns, Colitus and many other ailments from Rheumatoid arthritis to Leukemia (Cancer Cells like bacteria will only thrive in an acidic enviroment) I suggest everyone who has a white coating on tongue to (which no matter what you've tried and had success with...it will return) Google acidic body pH levels.

Replied by Marissa

I have been battling with a white tounge as well. All I read are these horrible conditions that cause the white coating. I also suffer from IBS and was excited to read this post. Thank you, I will be researching more on this!!!! And trying salt!!!!

Posted by RMercado (New York, NY) on 02/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have had this coated tongue problem forever. I think I have tried it all and nothing seemed to work. I was just reading your postings and decided to take salt from my kitchen and give it a try. I took some salt in my toothbrush and brushed my tongue couple of times. VOILA...it worked. For the very first time i can see my pink tongue in the mirror. From now on i am going to leave a salt container in my bathroom. Thank you guys and God bless you all.

Replied by Maria
Veracruz, Mexico
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

It worked for a while, but it doesn't stop the coating for good and all the dryness of the mouth. Do you know how can we stop that?

Replied by Sri
Ny, Ny

As far as I can tell, if it is returning repeatedly, you need to balance the pH of your body with one of the remedies posted elsewhere on the website, namely, Ted's formulas taking probiotics or using some over the counter supplement to balance the pH.

Replied by Josh
Long Beach, Ca

So I've been suffering from white coated tongue for the longest I have tried a couple things and nothing seem to work. I lost my sexual life, family life due to this situation and really what I would like to know is does the salt treatment really work. Cause I need a cure or all hope is lost for me.

Posted by Ron (Fairfax, Virginia) on 02/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I must say that I have never replied to a website like this because I normally don't believe a lot of things people post like this Butttt.... I went ahead and tried what I was reading from 19 out of 21 people having a positive response. Now I'm posting and responding to all of you who had positive results and I have to say "THANKS to all of you" It really did work for me as you all stated.

The salt did have a burning or stinging sensation but fighting through it paid off big times. The gargling with salt water first a 1/2 cup of warm water adding a Tbl spoon of sea salt, spiting it out. Second covered my tongue with the sea salt letting it stay for about 5 minutes and Third brushing tongue several times over with the sea salt and wonders happen to my tongue, (Pinkness) I did brushed and added the Baking soda, sea salt and rinsing with the Hydrogen Peroxide for a fourth time. WOW!!! I kept on looking in the mirror AMAZED with the results! IT REALLY WORKED!(Cure A White Coating on the Tongue)

Posted by Zarina (Lusaka, Zambia) on 02/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

i was looking for a cure for coated tongue and the first posting i read was on salt, i tried it right away and it worked so simple really, i felt foolish because it is also so logical.

Posted by Russ (Wells, ME) on 01/31/2009
5 out of 5 stars

that salt trick really worked for my coated tounge I was pleasently surprised at how fast it worked thank you very much!!!

Posted by John (Bayside, NY) on 01/29/2009
4 out of 5 stars

It works temporarily but when will the white tongue permanently go away???

Replied by Shaun
York, UK, England

John, I have tried all the usual tricks and treatments to cure this and the best I have come up with is to just to simply get a warm face flannel and rub the tongue twice a day. Job done. Of course you can use salt or whatever, but once I had cleaned up any possible candida (with Milk of Magnesia and or borax/bicarbonate), I found it wasn't necessary to use that any more. I know this may sound all to simplistic but I assure you that you will chuckle to yourself when you see the results.

Replied by C
Ann Anbor, Mi

How much of the milk of Magnesia did you take per day and how long did it take to clear up? weeks months or years?

Posted by Tracy (Houston, TX) on 01/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the salt remedy to cure my coated tongue immediately after reading this post and it worked. First I gargle with salt and water, thenn I brushed my tongue with the salt and repeated it three times then amazingly my tongue turned pink and my breath smelled better. I can't believe that what my parents told me a long time ago still works. I poured about a tablespoon of salt and a forth of water for the mix.

Posted by Emma (Melbourne, VIC Australia) on 01/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Just tried the salt thing on my tongue and it worked! Just used a mouth swab (like a big cotton bud) on it and it all came off! Except that irritating bit at the back, but I can live with that for the time being! Thank you everyone who suggested that little one!

Have had a coated tongue (which goes an attractive shade of brown if I drink too much tea! Lovely) on and off for about a year now-it does get better if I drink more water and don't brush (esp not hard brushing-this can damage your taste buds-not good!). I do think its a dietary think-Dr Gillian McKeith talks about cures for coated tongues in her book "You Are What You Eat"-must dig that out...!

Posted by LB (Buffalo, NY) on 01/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I'm amazing I found something that works. I've had this white tongue issue for some time now and my girlfriend kept telling me to brush my tongue, which I had always done.. and did not work.

I took a spoon of sea salt, put it on my tongue, held it for a couple of minutes.. did it a couple of times.... then brushed my tongue with a little sea salt.. rinsed a few times in between and after... and my tongue is a little sore, but it's pink again after all this time!