White Tongue Cure


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Posted by Maria (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 04/23/2008

I had a white tounge and tried a number of remedies on this site. I had a difficult time using the oil as suggested as it caused a gagging reflex and ultimatily did not work.....then I tried salt. After just one brushing of the tounge with the salt, it was pink and clean. I am thrilled. Thanks for the suggestion

Posted by BigS (Darlington, England) on 02/05/2008

Using salt helps immediately. I was rather desperate to get rid of it however so I took the option of pouring about two teaspoons of salt into my mouth then brushed my tongue with that. To be honest I thought it wouldn't work but was stunned to see the difference. Thanks alot Miss.U

Posted by Miss.U (London, England) on 12/30/2007

Firstly, put 1 spoon of salt in a cup then add water, they dip your tooth brush into it and brush your tounge, it might sting but then the pain and white will go. Or with the saty water put it in your mouth and hold it for thirty seconds on your tongue then gargle for thirty seconds then spit it out this should help. or a very strange fast way is to hold salt on your tongue as long as possible but make sure all of it is spread on your tounge! Try these all they work!!!! Good Luck!

Replied by Ashley
(Concord, NC)

Brushing my tounge with salt on my brush worked immediately. Sad part is that I couldn't get to the back without gagging to the point of spitting up. Just gargling isn't helping.

Toothpaste Without Chemicals

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Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 03/20/2010

A while ago I read a comment here where someone said that the coated tongue had got better after cleaning the teeth with a more natural tooth paste. As I have had this problem all my life and nothing seemed to make it better today I decided to go looking for one and guess what? After doing it just once my tongue was pink and has stayed that way for the rest of the day. Let's see whether it won't get coated again but so far so good. This is a tooth paste without flouride or other additives and it has salt made by a well known brand of health products.

Toothpaste Without Chemicals
Posted by Anthony (London, Uk) on 03/07/2010

Hi, have had a coated tongue for years (33 yo) and don't know why. Brush it every night gargled, use salt, have a healthy diet blah blah blah.

I've recently (2 months ago), having read of the dangers of parabens and Sodium Laurel Sulphate, stopped using all cleansing products apart from a little, food grade shower gel on armpits, groin and bum. I extended this to toothpaste 2 days ago, I now use one with aloevera and teatree oil in. My tongue has gone clean!

Also, in this time, my very mild but persistent 'bacne' has cleared up, my forehead bumps have gone down, and I'm regrowing little hairs on my, sadly, thinning pate.

I think I was allergic to the chemicals.

Replied by Rick
(West Valley, Ut)

What toothpaste did you use?

Replied by Maura
(Donegal, Ireland)

There is a pink herbal gum and toothpaste you get here in Ireland and UK - which used to be, and still is, sold under one brandname [not common] - but also seems to be copied or taken over by another well-known mainstream mouth hygeine brand. Its salty and has various herbs including echinacea and myrrh and sage - it does wonders for my mouth health, along with probiotic lozenges. After getting used to this toothpaste it is revolting to use those standard frothy ones that make my mouth and tongue feel disgusting. These things definitely keep BB and white tongue in check - they don't completely cure my BB, but am going to try other things mentioned on this site.

Strangely also try rice milk as an instant neutraliser of BB - [I am lucky enough to have a saintly being who doesn't mind checking my BB before and after trying these things.]

Undecylenic Acid

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Posted by Val (Seattle, WA) on 02/08/2022

Undecylenic acid

I've had a white tongue for most of my life. Along with 100 other symptoms that no doctor could figure out the orgin of. I just realised most, if not all of my symptoms are from candida. I spent years scrubbing my tongue with salt, but now I have a new solution. If you break a capsule of undecylenic acid in your mouth the white completely disappears. It only took a day for me to have the pinkest tongue after I tried this. Of course, the cause of your white tongue would need to be candida for this to actually work.


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Posted by Katie (Atlanta, Georgia) on 05/17/2007

I brush my teeth 7 times a day, by the way I never have cavities. This amount of brushing still never stops the film --- however, when i was drinking 3/4 gal of water a day (there was about 3 months of my life that I did this) the film totally disappeared! it's true.

Replied by John
(El Paso, TX)

I'm going to try the sea-salt, but something else I've read on the internet is that it may be related to a candida fungus yeast infection, that apparently ____ is really good for (you can google it to find out where you can get it). The SEA-Salt may work temporarily (meaning you have to continue to do it every day -- or multiple times a day to fight off the symtoms) but we may have to fight it at the source.

Replied by Ed
(Belle Plaine, Minnesota)

Read with great interest the easiest answer for tongue coatings. I have had the problem for 6 months now. Finally, at my annual physical my doctor told me that it might be a fungus, and gave me a prescription. Have taken it for 8 days now, with maybe a slight improvement. Will be trying the sea salt method tomorrow so hopefully that does the trick.

Replied by Kathy
(Dubois, Pa)

Have you checked your Blood Glucose levels? All kinds of nasty beasties thrive when your BG levels are too high...and "too high" means anything over 120ml/dl 1hr after a meal.

p.s. Organ damage starts at anything over 140mg/dl

White Tongue Remedies

Posted by Manish (India) on 12/28/2013

Hi sir/madam. I think I got white coat on tounge in before four months, its build bad breath, pls advice me how to solve this problem.
Pls sir/madam.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Manish:

The white coating is related to fungal/viral/or bacterial buildup.

So I use anti pathogens; H202 sprayed onto tongue; or gargle with colloidal silver; or coat with any of the anti viral oils, like tea tree oil once a week.

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

I use tea tree oil twice daily on my tongue & also brush my teeth with it as well. What I do is take a metal spoon & scrape off gently the white coating. I've been doing this for close to 2 years now. My tongue is looking so much better than it was. This trick works wonders in getting rid of the white coating but we have to get rid of what's causing it though.

Most of the white coating is gone but still some left. Keep in mind, our tongues indicate what our digestive health is like. I have a candida, bacterial, & viral overgrowth. I'm using the protocol from Bill to get rid of this awful condition. Good Luck & God Bless!

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