Natural Remedies to Cure Strep Throat

Cayenne, Pickle Juice
Posted by Sheena (Pearlington, Ms) on 10/30/2017
5 out of 5 stars

A couple of months ago, I had strep throat really bad. My insurance was crappy so I couldn't go to the doctor. I had to act fast because strep can cause a bevy of other problems if it wasn't treated in time. So what I did was use pickle juice and cayenne pepper. Pickle juice has alot of salt which is antibacterial so I was like couldn't hurt. So I poured up a nice glass of pickle juice and added 2 tsps of cayenne pepper. I slowly sipped the concoction every hour for like 6 hours. Be careful because the cayenne pepper is hot and it burns going down...good thing is that it does get behind your tonsils too which is hard to reach. After that first couple hours, the pain was cut in half. The next day, my tonsils was still red so I kept chugging for maybe 2-3 hours. By the third day, my tonsils were back to normal. It works!