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Multiple Remedies
Posted by Teena (Aus) on 07/28/2017 235 posts
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My son had severe tummy pain last night I massaged arnica oil and made tonic with pink salt, Baking Soda & acv. He refused to drink it. I have a tablespoon of coconut oil which he reluctantly and slowly ate. He advised her had not been to the toilet (bm) that day or previous. So I gave him 2 x vitamin c ester c 1000 mg and 280 mg Magnesium. This slowly went down over about a half hour. Yes I have ordered powders these tablets do taste bad! I monitored him for 30 min's he would occasionally take a sip of the Apple Cider Vinegar and snuggled on the couch. After this time he asked if he could go back to bed he couldn't straighten his body still so I carried him. Well this morning he bounded down the stairs to give me a hug he said he didn't have any pain and he had had a bm. So relieved to find the cause of the pain and remedy.