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Apple Cider Vinegar, Digestive Enzymes
Posted by Diana (Bemidji, MN) on 11/17/2006

For over a year my medical doctors have been unable to find a cause or treatment for my severe abdominal pain that had caused me to be unable to work full-time. They then labeled my problem "anxiety." I finally ran into the idea of hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid) and the use of apple cider vinegar and digestive enzymes. WOW! I had almost immediate relief! I even love the taste of the vinegar undiluted. I work for a medical clinic and am extremely disappointed in doctors' lack of knowledge in natural remedies and their insistence on labeling me as having stomach pain as a result of anxiety. I'm glad I accidentally came across this remedy. It has saved my life, in my opinion.

Posted by Barry (Australia) on 11/17/2020

I hope that this will help others experiencing this problem and similar.

Decades ago, I experienced routine bouts of reflux and abdominal pain. GP's dismissed this as an eating disorder, due to the weight gain program I was on to build muscle with weight training. Similarly to yourselves, however, I wound up reading a book by a naturopath explaining that the medical focus on recommending limiting salt intake is having extremely harmful effects on health. The piece which caught my attention was when he detailed that the body requires salt to produce the hydrochloric acid in our stomachs.

Contrary to common belief, hydrochloric acid only commences the stomachs digestive process. Its real significance is that a sufficient amount of it is necessary to trigger the release of digestive enzymes required to complete the job of digestion.

Apple cider vinegar can help to stimulate the production/release of hydrochloric acid but your body really requires a sufficient supply of the ingredients needed to produce it.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Anne (Cumming, Ga) on 04/30/2018

Concerning bleached flour, I just read where our flour here in the USA was changed some years back. They took Iodine out of the flour and replaced it with bromine. Iodine which we need has been replaced with bromine which causes health problems.

Bromine is harmful to our health. It is used because it causes the dough to rise higher and be strong and springy. It also bleaches the flour. You can find organic flour that uses iodine rather than bromine. These same flours have also removed aluminum, another ingredient that is very harmful to our health.

It seems that on top of the GMO wheat that most of our bread is made of...we have the problem of bromine which is a thyroid disrupter and causes stomach problems. It is also a carcinogen. I have noticed that those with gluten intolerance have major stomach problems and must stay on a gluten free diet. We are told that grains are terrible, but I believe that we have a contaminated food problem in our nation and it all relates to those given the responsibility to protect the public and are not. Sad but true. Thank God that we have Earth Clinic and those that have given us the answers to so many health problems. This is the first place I go for health solutions. I am 76 and I only take thyroid meds and blood pressure meds. I hate doing that but my thyroid was removed when I was 13. My blood pressure started giving me fits when my son and grandson died in 2014. It was the worst year of my life and my stress level and emotions bounced out of control. Most of the BP meds made me feel like I was dying but finally they gave me one that addressed the underlying problem of stress. I am working on coming off of BP meds.

I have been into natural cures and health since I was 34. Our food must be addressed in this nation as those without the means to buy organic food are at risk every day. Thanks, Anne

Ayurvedic Remedies
Posted by Dr Vyas (India) on 09/15/2017 2 posts

There are so many causes/reasons for abdominal pain, we will not go into the detail. Most commonly abdominal pain occurs due to indigestion (from undigested food residue).


1. eating heavy meals beyond one's capacity
2. eating something at inappropriate time and place (late night heavy dinner)
3. drinking too much liquid diet during meal timing - ruins the digestion
4. eating opposite diet at times (viruddh aahara) eg.eating meat and milk or fish and milk together, eg. eating meat and milk or fish and milk together, There are 100ds of possibilities

first aid simple solution

1. drink plain hot water sip by sip every 10 -15 min,
2. to aid in digestion hot water + powdered black pepper - sip by sip
3. hot water + ginger crush + 4-5 drops of lemon juice works wonder
4. fenugreek soaked in water over night and take in the morning 6-10 pc
5. soaked ajowan caraway seed 6-10pc( spices) in 50-60 ml hot water and drink sip by sip slowly works wonder
6. simply eat/chew fennel seed every hourly helps in digestion and also check the acidity

Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Renee (Seattle, WA) on 07/04/2009

My 11 year old daughter had a severe stomachache the other day that brought her to tears. She has suffered from these from time to time and I suspect it might be gall stones or constipation due to poor eating habits. Too much sugar and refined flour (lots of junk foods). It is tough trying to get her to eat better. Anyway, the pain was so bad she could hardly speak. (She's pretty talkative, so you know she was really hurting!) Anyway, I remembered that ACV worked pretty well for my mom's gall bladder attacks (that's another cure story). So I mixed about 2 tbs of ACV with 1 Tbs of Black Strap molasses for sweeter taste in a glass of about 16oz of water. These are approx measurements, I don't use measuring spoons etc, I just eyeball it. So I gave this to my daughter and had her drink it, She thought it was tasted bad and gagged a little at first, but I forced her to drink it. She complained the whole time, but this was an indication that it was working. She was able to talk well enough to complain! Within about 10 minutes, she was singing and talking again and had forgotten that her stomach was hurting. She had only drank about a quarter of the glass full. She was drinking it very slow because she thought it tasted bad. I kept reminding her that her stomach was feeling better because of the drink so she continued to finish the drink. Very fast acting!!

ACV and Salt
Posted by Andreina (Roma, Italy) on 12/27/2007

In the morning, I mix 1Tbl ACV with a pint of water, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. I put it in a bottle and drink it throughout the day. I repeat the procedure in the afternoon, so I drink 2 pints a day. It cures everything (my acne, sore throat, stomach ache, dry skin, sore joints...etc) I've been doing this for 3 months, and have dropped 7.5 kilograms! I <3 water! Be sure to mix it with salt and vinegar, so you don't lose vital nutrients, and sodium!

Apple Juice
Posted by Cherry B (Flint, Mi) on 09/13/2009

Apple Juice for Stomach Ache:

One day after having dinner, my stomach began to ache. I usually keep some form of antacid in my fridge, it seems to taste better cold. Anyway when I opened the fridge, I realized we had used it all. I didn't know what to do. I was in excruciating pain, by now. I looked around, and there was some apple juice on the shelf, so I decided to drink some, thinking "doctor's tell you to give it to babies and childrem when they have colic, so I thought, what the heck, maybe it'll give me some relief. Sure nuff, I drank about a half-a-glass, and "bingo" immediately the pain went away. Just today I ate some spicey food and it caused me to have sharp stomach (gas) pains, I drank some "warm" apple juice - no more pain. I wouldn't be caught without it in my home.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Mindy (Boston, MA) on 12/19/2007

Just wanted to add grapefruit seed extract (GFSE) to your list of remedies for stomach aches. I read how bitters have been used as digestive aids for centuries, especially in Europe. The only "bitter" I had around my house was GFSE which I use to disinfect my produce. (GFSE is a powerful germ killer: bacteria,virus, fungus, Candida, etc.) Well I put 5-6 drops in a glass of water and chugged it down fast, and within 10 minutes my stomach ache was gone!!! I drank this bitter water 3x that day and noticed how CLEAR my mind became - another benefit. I had tried other remedies like ACV, ginger, mint tea, but GFSE worked the FASTEST for me. So give it a try. There are other numerous good uses for GFSE which you can learn about on the internet.

Posted by Martha (Jackson) on 02/15/2018

Yes, it is true that humans can live on a plant based diet with no meat.

But it is not correct that plants have more protein than meat.

Meat is made of protein and fat. Meat do not contain carbohydrates. Animals eat plants which are mostly carbohydrate. They use the carbohydrates for metabolic processes.


Dietary Changes
Posted by Maria (Canberra, Australia) on 06/30/2021


I asked my Chinese doctor what is used for high blood pressure in her home country and she said "Always Hawthorn" but she is not allowed to prescribe it in the West. I told a friend who was in need and he bought Hawthorn capsules at the health food store. It took two months, but worked well and no side effects. He just followed instructions on the bottle. Hawthorn is from the May Bush.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Teena (Aus) on 07/28/2017 233 posts

My son had severe tummy pain last night I massaged arnica oil and made tonic with pink salt, Baking Soda & acv. He refused to drink it. I have a tablespoon of coconut oil which he reluctantly and slowly ate. He advised her had not been to the toilet (bm) that day or previous. So I gave him 2 x vitamin c ester c 1000 mg and 280 mg Magnesium. This slowly went down over about a half hour. Yes I have ordered powders these tablets do taste bad! I monitored him for 30 min's he would occasionally take a sip of the Apple Cider Vinegar and snuggled on the couch. After this time he asked if he could go back to bed he couldn't straighten his body still so I carried him. Well this morning he bounded down the stairs to give me a hug he said he didn't have any pain and he had had a bm. So relieved to find the cause of the pain and remedy.

Baking Soda
Posted by Chris (Long Island, Ny) on 02/08/2016

My stomach hurt all day after having two cups of coffee this morning. I tried Pepto Bismol then later Apple Cider Vinegar to no effect. Later in the day, I took a spoonful of baking soda, mixed it into a cup of warm water and drank it down. Within minutes the acid pain in my stomach was gone. It was a miracle.

ACV and Salt
Posted by Deborah (California, US) on 04/21/2015

I just tried Andreina's recipe of mixing 1Tbl ACV with a pint of water, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt for my upset stomach that has been nagging me for 3 days. My stomach aches went away in a couple of hours, plus my sore joints are much better! And I that is only with 1 pint. I'm having another 2 glasses today. Thank you! A big thumbs up!

Baking Soda
Posted by Kelly (Farmersville, California) on 06/17/2009

Baking Soda As Stomach Ache Remedy: About two years ago, a bunch of us went out to dinner, and I ended up eating too much. My stomach began to hurt and I immediately regretted eating the way I did. Afterwards, we all went to my cousin's house to watch the fights on TV. My stomach was killing me the whole time we were there. I tried walking around a bit, but it did nothing to help the problem. My cousin knew exactly what to do about this problem and mixed some baking soda in a glass of water. He told me to drink it down quickly. I drank about half of it and my stomach immedatley rebelled. I, honest to God, thought I was going to hurl! I managed to swallow the rest of the mixture, and before long, my stomach ache was gone. When we got home, I lay down on the couch, and when I got up, I felt much better. Baking soda tastes pretty nasty, but this remedy definitely helped me get over one killer of a stomach ache.

Baking Soda
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 07/06/2008 495 posts

To Ellen from Framingham, Hi Ellen, I hope that was a typo, because a Tbsp. (tablespoon) of baking soda in 3/4 cup water is a lot of baking soda. I think it should have been tsp. (teaspoon) instead of Tbsp.

Posted by Jen (Beijing, China) on 05/09/2012

It's crazy to assume someone has stomach ulcers just because of intense stomachaches!! I would disregard the previous reply completely, as when it comes to stomach problems, no one could possibly know what another person has until tests are done to eliminate the possible big issues (ulcers etc, ) and when that doesn't show anything, to slowly experiment with all suggested natural remedies.

I myself had chronic stomachaches with no results on CT scans, endoscopies, etc. When all that showed nothing, I was prescribed a load of medication, none of which worked. In the end, what gave me relief was going to a Chinese doctor who specialized in massage/acupuncture therapy. She was the only one who gave me long term relief, and now, if I get an onset of pains, I lie down and massage my organs for a few minutes the same way she did, and then it mostly goes away.

I say for all who suffer stomachaches, do all the preliminary testing to make sure that it's not the life-threatening issues. (Don't forget to look into MALS. ) If nothing shows, start looking into your dietary habits and allergies (like suggested by other users. ) It was unfortunately not the cause of my pains. If it's not yours either, look into natural remedies which are abundant on this site. I know how difficult life can be when living with chronic stomach aches and not knowing the cause, but keep researching and experimenting. There is almost always a cure.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Digestive Enzymes
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/10/2018 233 posts

Hi Robert,

I believe the ACV helped because the issue was low stomach acid causing food to not be properly digested, causing probable flow on issues like leaky gut, where undigested proteins and food particles make their way through damaged intestines into the bloodstream, causing a myriad of health issues not properly understood, thus blanketed as autoimmune disorders. ("Treated" with drugs that don't treat the cause this begins a downward slide of ill health). This reasoning also explains why the digestive enzymes assisted. Iodine deficiency, which most have, is a cause of low stomach acid production.

Oregon Grape
Posted by Andon Science (Limassol) on 06/12/2022 21 posts

Stomach pain (Acid reflux (Gerd), Ulcers , Stomach upset, etc)

Since I am a researcher, I found this curement by complete coincidence. In rare occassions that I may eat something, that may irritate the stomach, I take two capsules of 500mg (1000mg). I am not cooperating with any vitamin company, thus I will mention which brand works for me. I did not test any other brands, thus I do not know if other brand works. The brand name is "Nature's way" and I bought it from iherb. The pain dissappears in very quick time. I Google searched Oregon grape for stomach pain and I found this in brief (you can google search also "Oregon grape for stomach pain and see the results"). This was the result in Google search:

"Oregon grape is a plant. The root and root-like stem (rhizome) are used to make medicine. Oregon grape is used for stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), stomach upset, as a bitter tonic, to treat infections, and to cleanse the bowels."

Dgl Licorice
Posted by Brooklyn Baby (Brooklyn NY) on 11/02/2021 10 posts

I was just diagnosed with having a Duodenal ulcer last week. The doctor prescribed medication which I did not want to take because of prior experience with the medication that did not go well. I did some research and found out that DGL helps to prevent the flare up of the ulcer as well as helping to heal it. I purchased a bottle and started taking it immediately and right away I've had nothing but positive results. I can actually sleep through the night now without the severe stomach pain that used to wake me up two or three times during the night. I still get some stomach pains here and there but nothing compared to what I've experienced in the past. I feel very positive about the DGL and I'm convinced that it will help to heal me. I will keep you posted.

Menthol Cystals
Posted by Winnie (Nairobi) on 09/17/2021

Angina, Back and Right Side Abdominal Pain

I have been having severe back pain, right hand side abdominal pain, and left side breast pain for years now. I got to know about menthol crystals recently and decided to use a towel dipped in the hot menthol crystal water. I first did it on my abdomen and back as I was afraid to try on the heart area.

The pain went away immediately. That was over a month ago and it hasn't come back.

The pain in my heart area has been persistent and this evening I decided to treat it with the menthol crystal hot water remedy. Guys, it worked! Immediate relief from pain. Am so elated and wish everyone who tries this remedy success and healing.

Baking Soda
Posted by Shirley (From New York ) on 01/23/2016

I had a stomach ache for 2 days. I thought it was cramps at first an took a pain reliever, it didn't help . I came to earth clinic read that the baking soda would help. I mixed 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda in an 8 oz glass of water, with in 15 minutes the pain was gone. I will definitely do this again for my stomach ache.