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Menthol Cystals
Posted by Winnie (Nairobi) on 09/17/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Angina, Back and Right Side Abdominal Pain

I have been having severe back pain, right hand side abdominal pain, and left side breast pain for years now. I got to know about menthol crystals recently and decided to use a towel dipped in the hot menthol crystal water. I first did it on my abdomen and back as I was afraid to try on the heart area.

The pain went away immediately. That was over a month ago and it hasn't come back.

The pain in my heart area has been persistent and this evening I decided to treat it with the menthol crystal hot water remedy. Guys, it worked! Immediate relief from pain. Am so elated and wish everyone who tries this remedy success and healing.