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Shingles Natural Remedies and Effective Home Treatment

DMSO and Magnesium Oil

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Posted by JJ (Australia) on 11/10/2020
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I got one of the worst cases of shingles my doctors had ever seen - head, neck, throat, tongue. Nearly killed me.

As a medical scientist, I researched and tried everything. By far the best thing was dmso (topically and orally), better still combined with MgCl (Magnesium Chloride) oil. You just need to know how to use the dmso ie with clean hands, and it needs to be good quality/pure, glass bottle etc. See on youtube 'dmso 60 minutes Dr Jacobs'. It's natural and good for you anyways. If pain is bad can apply the combo several times per day. The mgcl is also calming/ good for sleep. Cheers.

DMSO, Stabilized Oxygen

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Posted by Dianchilada (Santa Cruz, California) on 07/15/2009
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DMSO thin layer at prodrome
Stabilized liquid oxygen 2 drops per 8 oz sip all day
colonic of 12 drops of stabilized liquid oxygen and 60 drops of water 5 to 1. 2times a day for three days

do procedure for three days

If you already have an outbreak you may experience more of an outbreak if you start procedure at prodrome then the shingles will not break out on the skin should clear episode in 72 hours shingles probably won't bother you again.

DMSO cured my shingles

EC: "In medicine, a prodrome is an early non-specific symptom (or set of symptoms) that might indicate the start of a disease before specific symptoms occur."


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Posted by ron (pocatello, idaho) on 09/23/2021
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Shingles is a terrible condition for many people and a cure is available and cheap; (echinacea one or two ounce bottle take the whole thing through the day); it has worked for three people that I know of, including myself. God bless and good tidings.

Electro Muscle Stimulus

Posted by D. Ron (Madison, Wi, Usa) on 03/14/2011

A patient came to my office with painful shingles on her arm and back. Ran my electro muscle stim over the area for about 10 minutes. She came in a week later and told me the shingles cleared with in 48 hours.

Eliminate Sugar

Posted by Bernadette (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 10/01/2011

For at least the next six - eight weeks, ELIMINATE SUGAR from your diet. When I had shingles a few years ago, getting off sugar helped because shingles seem to thrive on sugar.

Take supplements to strengthen your immune system. As your body strengthens, the pain will get less and usually the lesions will go away within 6 months or so.


Epsom Salt

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Posted by Kenneth (Beach Lake, Pa) on 07/12/2014
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For Shingles Blisters, use hot bath with EPSOM SALT and bathe 15-30 minutes twice a day first week, second week once per day and away they go. For Shingles Itch, hot water compresses (hot as you can stand) from heated water in pot. A 5-10 minute cycle, once or twice per day as needed and you get relief.

Replied by Kenneth
(Beach Lake)

Do EPSOM SALT HOT COMPRESSES SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY, even eyebrows, scalp, bumps go down but return later day. Just keep doing, don't overheat & get blisters, likewise leg calves, & other areas of body. While damp, you could dust Baking Soda, BUT NOT THE EYES AREA.

Also, don't get EPSOM SALT Moisture in eyes. if do, RINSE IMMEDIATELY.

Replied by Marcie

My dad has shingles and the doctor said LUKE WARM water for a bath, not Hot. He had the shot and they are extreme. This is from a doctor. So I'm not to sure about Hot Baths! I know. They are AWFUL. He is 78 and they are HORRIBLE

Essential Oils

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Posted by Mrsg (Fl ) on 06/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am 50 years young and I just had my first experience with shingles. The symptoms started very low key about a week before with loss of appetite, a little nauseous, feeling tired. Then started with a very painful right shoulder pain that made it almost impossible to sleep. Two days later, I felt like I had severe flu symptoms, chest pains, headache, my skin feeling sensitive to touch especially on my right arm. The same morning I also noticed some bumps along my right arm like ant bites. The next day the bumps turned red and the rash was spreading. I still did not think it was shingles because I've never had the chicken pox. By the next day the rash was still spreading, still had pain on my right shoulder and headaches. I was feeling miserable.. Finally went to the Urgent Care (Sunday) to be diagnosed with shingles. Was given three prescriptions including Valtrex and sent home.

I've been reading horror stories about the pain so I called my PCP and got my pain meds ready. After reading the posts here, I wrapped my arm with a small towel and sprayed Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and kept it moist.

At night I mixed coconut oil and tea tree oil and spread it on my arm. To go to work, I put a layer of the coconut-tea tree oil mixture, wrap a soft gauze, then an ace bandage. I also drank water with ACV.

Within four days after the initial rash appeared, my skin was already healing with scabs. No broken skin. Hardly any pain. I still took the prescription Meds, but I truly think the ACV and coconut-tea tree oil mix helped in my recovery time.

Essential Oils
Posted by Sadie (Los Angeles, Ca) on 07/13/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I recently noticed a spot on my right eye brow. I thought it was a spider bite that had become infected, so I got some antibiotics. 2 Days later I notice small bumps and began to feel a tingling sensation. Then I knew it was shingles. I got the antiviral medicine from the Dr, but I actually started to feel worse after taking it. I did a google search and thankfully found this site. From everyone's recommendations I made a paste and the pain and sores started going away almost instantly.

Paste: 1 Tbs coconut oil

1 Tbs ACV

10 drops colloidal silver

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp DMSO

I put the paste on and let it sit for 10-15min. It burns, but it's a good burn. I think adding in aloe would help, but I didn't have any. Then rinse.

Then I mixed ACV with 10 drops eucalyptus oil and dabbed that on the sores. Again it burns, but it's more like a cooling burn.

Within 2 hours the pain was almost gone and the sores had gone down by almost half. It's been 36 hour now and some of the sores are completely gone and the others are on their way out. This really saved me some anguish. Good luck to everyone!

Essential Oils
Posted by Mary (Montana, US) on 03/28/2014
5 out of 5 stars

For shingles.. Ok pure and simple 1/8 cup of coconut Oil, 10 drops each lavender, teatree and euclyptus oil. Apple to areas that are infected with shingles. Feel the relief of taxing your immune system with the pain and discomfort of the virus. Also, applying peppermint oil with coconut oil to your feet will also help with getting a restful sleep.

Essential Oils
Posted by Seanjk (Norcal, Usa) on 03/03/2014

I was looking for an internal solution to the Shingles problems for my older mother.

I very quickly cured the external shingles with geranium oil after reading some scientific papers about geranium oil. It worked far better than anything I tried, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, etc so I thought I would pass that along. Geranium oil appears to be the magic bullet for shingles externally if my mother's case is typical.

As far as reducing the stress on the internal organs, body due the virus, I tried common antiviral organics on her after the doctors prescription antivirals failed to do anything, externally or internally, and he refused to prescribe anymore for her, even though she has an expensive private plan. The 'kind' physicians told her to go home and die more or less. He must get a bonus for not prescribing

I have her on...

  • 2000 mg day of neem leaf extract -very, very safe strong antiviral , antibacterial, useful to fight cancer as well
  • 2000 mg a day of olive leaf extract, strong antiviral
  • 2000 mg a day of elderberry extract, strong antiviral, safe
  • 6000 mg equivalent of garlic oil, strong antiviral, safe
  • 6000 mg a day of time released buffered vitamin c,
  • also vitamin e, d, b-complex
  • and Cayenne extract

That provided some significant improvement to the stress on her, but I think I need to dose her higher on the cayenne extract. I was not watching her carefully enough on the Cayenne and she was not dosing her high enough.

There are other antivirals out there that are strong like licorice root but they can't be taken for a long time at higher doses. I had her on 2000 mg a day of licorice root for about a month.

Replied by Koolteach

How old is your mother? You may actually be harming her, rather than helping her. I currently have Shingles. I am taking Lysine, Vit C, B Complex, Olive Leaf extract, and more recently starting taking Royal Jelly with Propolis and Pollen in it. I can't tell you how much difference this has made in just two days.

I tried all the essential oil "recipes" for Shingles and the only one that came close to helping maybe 10 mins. at a time was Tea Tree mixed with a quality Olive Oil. I have since abandoned that and am depending on the supplements listed above. The Bee product is fabulous. I highly recommend it. I was told last week that I have the post pain and that I can expect to be a "long-time patient" while my doctor tries various combos of narcotics to fight the pain. But, the Bee stuff works great and I finally think I will get out of this hell of the virus and finally get my life back. I hope this helps you and your mom, but back off a bit, won't you? If she is older, she does not need a bunch of stuff. Just find what works for the majority of us here and go for that.

Essential Oils
Posted by Tony (St Paul, Ab, Canada) on 05/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, this is about treating SHINGLES.... Put pure oil of cinnamon on the soles of the feet, and the palms, twice a day. Also I would put oil of sage on the affected areas. I have found this to be a reliable treatment for anything viral.

Essential Oils
Posted by Jo (Southampton, Hampshire, Uk) on 01/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Last night my whole leg was covered in painful red rash and blisters. I was at my wits end until I discovered this site. After purchasing aloe vera gel today and liberally applying it with eucalyptus oil I simply cannot believe the difference. The blisters have dried, the redness has significantly decreased and the pain has all but gone. I did try the ACV but found that it stung a lot and irritated the blisters. I did take it internally though. Last night I was writhing in pain unable to speak, today the pain is manageable and significantly better.

Essential Oils
Posted by Ruark (Sydney, Nsw Australia) on 11/10/2011
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I have been experiencing shingles for the first time. On the face which is excrutiating. Read a post here on using eucalyptus oil, so I just applied some and it certainly quelled the pain. As soon as I can get someone to help apply it to my scalp I reckon it will knock down the degree of pain too. Wow shingles is horrendous, any relief and a good night's sleep please.

Replied by Sarah B
(Jefferson Twp., Pa)
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I used an essential oil mix that has provided so much relief in only a day and a half. Tried bc it was all I had that had Eucalyptus oil in it and turned out to be amazing.

Essential Oils
Posted by Pmstar (San Diego, CA) on 06/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Australian Euculyptus Oil and Aloe Vera gel for Shingles

I've struggled with painful shingles for years now and used Calamine Lotion, Betadine, Alchol (ouch ) and everything imagineable. I discovered Aloe Vera gel to soothe and it works great but it only helps the pain and does nothing to cure. I often use pure ___ Eucylyptus Oil (___) for aches and pains. It works wonders by the way, just rub it in and joint and muscle pain is gone. Anyway I had a backache so hubby rubbed some on my back and I begged him please, please dont get it on the Shingles thinking it would hurt. Well, as he got in the areas near them and not even touching I could feel the pain go away. Could it be ? So I very carefully put it on a tiny spot. NO PAIN. AND I SWEAR IT ERASED THEM. We tried just one area the first night and really massaged it in because it didnt hurt at all to touch them once the AEO was on there. They simply disappeared in that spot. I couldn't wait to put it everywhere the next day. All thats left is a couple very small stubborn spots but with the oil they dont hurt at all ! It does smell strong - like Vicks so during the day I use the Aloe Vera gel to soothe any new breakouts but as soon as I get home from work I rub the ____ on it and massage it in and you can watch them disappear. It's amazing ! I hope there's no side effects. Been doing it for a week now. I'll post if there is any downside.

Essential Oils
Posted by Daisy (Oklahoma, USA) on 01/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

For shingles, a combination of ravensara essential oil and Calophyllum inophyllum (also known as Foraha or Tamanu oil) can be an effective treatment. Ravensara is STRONGLY antiviral. Calophyllum has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Together, they seem to work extremely well on shingles.

Try a mixture of 25% calophyllum, 10% ravensara essential oil, and 65% carrier oil (such as jojoba oil or olive oil).

Basil essential oil diluted in olive oil is also reported to be effective in helping shingles.

Replied by Jenesse
(Mesa, Az, USA)
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, the recommendation for Ravensara (Ravintsara) and Callophylum / Tamanu nut oil is from Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt's "Advanced Aromatherapy". You can use a 50-50 concentration. No additional carrier oil needed. I added a few drops of geranium which is also a great anti-viral oil. This blend smells earthy and sweet - it's great!

I currently have the VERY characteristic "shingles pain" , no blisters yet. The pain is already MUCH better and I'm praying it only gets better not worse. I additionally took a few oregano capsules, lots of L-Lysine and got a chiropractic adjustment - just be to be sure. I HATE the shingles!!