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Corn Starch

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Posted by Sharon (Pecatonica, IL) on 09/21/2006

I was diagnosed with shingles. My first episode with these horrible things. The leasions were on my left breast and under my left arm pit also across my left back. The pain was bad enough my oncologist thought that I was passing either a heart or lung clot. The test they did came back negative for clots. I tried the medication for shingles and it did nothing. I applied plain old corn starch to the leasions after my shower or when ever they started to hurt or irritate me. I also told my chiropractor about the shingles. After just two adjustments My shingles started to clear up and were gone except for the red color of my skin where they were, in just three days.

Dave Thomas Shingles Protocol

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 09/28/2011

I have found the cayenne is a key to killing the virus. We know the virus runs along the nerve. My favorite transport is DMSO. I believe the cayenne acts to "cauterize" the virus. However cayenne works, it kills the virus. Because you have to get it down to the nerve, DMSO is a great solvent as well as an anti-oxident and carrier. (Thus, make sure your hands are clean and the area of application is clean when you use DMSO. ) By the way, the younger shingles sufferer will be able to overcome shingles better than the older because the immune system can fight off the virus better.

To keep the cayenne from burning the skin I also add natural vitamin E. This must be the natural d-alpha tocopherol and not the synthetic E. Then I add any other herbal to "thicken" the mixture to make into a paste if needed. The paste should be very moist but not drippy.

I also add a dozen drops of colloidal silver to make sure the virus is killed.

So my anti shingles paste formula sufficent for two applications, one on day one, then skipping a day use a second time is as follows:

10 capsules of cayenne

10 capsules of natural vitamin E

20 drops of colloidal silver

20 drops of DMSO

any herbal/ corn meal etc to make the liquid more paste like as needed. Put into a bowl and mix until paste like.

Apply on top of affected areas. Let dry until the paste has hardened and is flaking off the skin. I even suggest if applied at night, after drying, put on a tea shirt and just let the paste fully incorporate overnight. Shower off in the morning. You will see the blisters have changed color from a bright red to a rust color... Part of the healing process. Even if the "blisters"are healed over, apply over sensitive spots. This will work to kill the virus even after months where the skin is healed back but pain remains. The pain is there because the virus still lives. This has worked so well... I would say 40 times... I am not a doctor of course, but when the regular medical community fails sometimes logical remedies work.

I also recommend that if one really wants to help the whole system fight the virus, take the cayenne orally, with food to avoid too much stomach burn, along with the natural vitamin E. Do this for a month. (I take these two as part of my own nutrient formula every day... 800 iu of the E and one capsule of cayenne.)

And so much of what is on this wonderful website is good science and good logic. Oh, of course be very careful if applying this formula to the face if the shingles are there; keep out of eyes.

Replied by Kilee
(Ontario, Canada)

Kilee from Ontario, Canada to Dave from Fountain Inn SC Thank you for your feedback regarding the nerve pain and swelling I am still experiencing four and a half months after shingles out break. I will look into the use of Calcium AEP. My last blood work showed higher than normal levels of calcium in my blood, but my para thyroid test came back normal. Guess they were worried it was leaching out of the bones. Will try to do some research to see if I can try the Calcium AEP. I don't think the medical community, has any idea what to do with those of us suffering from this horror. My Dr. prescribed Oxycodone , which I won't take and Lyrica which, out of desperation, I do take. The swelling on the right side of my abdomen, all the way around to my spine, is so severe my navel is almost an inch off center.The Dr. has no idea what else to try. Thanks Dave for taking the time to try to help those of us who are suffering and to all the other posters who post info that might help. It is much appreciated. Kilee

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Kilee;

Re Shingles aftermath; your comment to me...

Also you could apply topically anti burn liquids; A high quality Aloe Vera mixed with a little DMSO to help penetration. And I've lately been working with Papaya and had one experience where application of Papaya liquid (just squeezed Papaya) de sensitized a burn very effectively.

And not only apply topically; but Kilee, take these anti-burn liquids orally as well. Ingest a cup (of either) daily for a month.

If the burning you are feeling is equivalent to a "burn" then it stands to reason that anti burn items will give relief. Remember; I've warned you that the virus may still be alive and so the topical application of CS with DMSO to kill the virus is essential.

Replied by Lizzy
(Asheville, Nc)

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for posting this shingles formula! Thankfully I have all the ingredients at home and have started your protocol for the beginning stages of what I think is shingles. The paste feels great on the rash/blisters that I just discovered a couple of hours ago. Thank you again!

Replied by Raeanne
(Anchorage, Alaska)

Dave's Shingle Protocol:

This mixture worked so well for me. I had shingles on my face, neck, head and behind my ears. My Dr. gave me a herpes medication, then I decided to google remedies. I found this site. This was 4 years ago. I looked thru all the remedies and went with this one. My Dr. told me NOT to put the cayenne on my shingles. I decided it couldn't possible hurt worse, so I followed all the instructions Dave lists. I had my husband apply it. Almost immediately, the cayenne made the pain go away. I slept with the paste on and a scarf over my head. I awoke, and to my surprise all the blisters had burst and were starting to heal. Every time the paste dried, I washed it with warm water and reapplied it.

By the 2nd day of treatment, all I had were some bumps that had smoothed over. I continued the treatment for another day.

On the 3rd day, there was no pain, no redness and the bumps did last for another 2 weeks, but they were gone from my face, mostly behind my ears. In 3 days I felt normal again. I can't thank Dave enough for sharing this treatment. I have shared it several times since I had shingles to entire towns even. I always recommend people come to this site for that ailment and look at other remedies too, but I had complete success with Dave's protocol.

Thank you so much Dave, you saved me so much agony.

Diaper Cream and Mylanta

Posted by Jlh (Victor, Iowa) on 07/30/2011

I tried ACV and aloe for my shingles and it didn't do anything. My sister in law shared a remedy she had heard of: mix equal parts of desitin diaper cream and mylanta and spread on the blisters. It is amazing! I am on day two of this mixture and it is really helping. The blisters are still there and still uncomfortable if they get pushed on, but much better than burning, stabbing pain constantly! My blisters are in an area that clothing rubs so I have been miserable. This mixture has made it possible for me to wear clothing without sever pain!

Replied by John From Pa.
(Abington, Pa)

Licorice extract will get rid of shingles in 3 days...

50% the first day... 75% the second and 100% the third day...

I had shingles and got rid of them in three days.. They came back in 2 different places the next couple of days and I also got rid of them... Never to reappear...

John from PA

Replied by Caroline
(Charleston Sc)

Is the licorice taken internally or applied topically?

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Donna (Newcastle, Nsw, Australia) on 04/04/2012

Last Wednesday dr diagnosed shingles. I was given antivirals. I came home in shock!

After looking up loads of information, I changed my diet. Cut out a lot of meat, juiced up loads of vegies (beetroot, spinach, purple carrots, parsley and some fruit to sweeten it) and added extra vitamin c and zinc (big healing properties there). I drank 1x 8 ounc glass before every meal. Two days in, fevers stopped, one week later, blisters are healing and no itching. I also used eucalyptus oil, which was great!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Ann (Deer Park, Wa) on 10/11/2009

After months of reoccurring shingles, I discovered that reoccurring shingles is a sign of a serious underlying health problem. In my case it was a digestive problem and when I was able to get that under control the shingles quit coming back. I have since read that many other common ailments, such as arthritis, have been traced back by naturepaths to digestive problems. My advice: take especially good care of your digestive system.

Replied by Quercus
(La, Ca)

I would add be sure what you have is Shingles and not dermatitis herpetiformis. After suffering for several years with what had been diagnosed as Shingles, I found I have a gluten sensitivity/celiac disease.

Gluten sensitivity/celiac disease causes a rash that is often misdiagnosed as Shingles. I read an article by a dermatologist where he found that over 50% of the people he saw complaining from Shingles, had a gluten rash instead. If you keep getting "Shingles" and nothing seems to help, stop eating grains with gluten in them. Wheat, Barley and Rye all have the offending gluten.

I was continually getting"Shingles". Sometimes they would just start healing and then I would get them in another area. I tried everything possible. Lysine, vitamin C, laying off chocolate and nuts, ACV VCO, Aloe, etc. I couldn't sleep, was itching and scratching all of the time. They were painful red and scaring.

I read the article and decided what the heck, I will try eliminating gluten and see what happens. Within 2-3 days the itching had almost totally disappeared. Within 5 days all of the blisters were healing, nearly half were gone. The best part was I didn't get any new ones.

Now I watch everything I eat. Even then it is hard not to get a cross contaminated food item. The food industry puts wheat in everything. Just a little bit causes me to breakout. The good part is that I now can enjoy chocolate and nuts.

Gluten problems according to several experts could affect nearly 70% of the US. Try avoiding gluten for a couple of weeks and see. It may change your life.

Dietary Changes, Supplements

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Posted by Ester (Glendale, Arizona, Usa) on 10/30/2012

When you have shingles, you want to AVOID chocolate and nuts!! It literally feeds the virus! Also, you want to take a lot of B vitamins (B-12, B-6, etc.) it will seriously help!

DMSO and Magnesium Oil

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Posted by JJ (Australia) on 11/10/2020

I got one of the worst cases of shingles my doctors had ever seen - head, neck, throat, tongue. Nearly killed me.

As a medical scientist, I researched and tried everything. By far the best thing was dmso (topically and orally), better still combined with MgCl (Magnesium Chloride) oil. You just need to know how to use the dmso ie with clean hands, and it needs to be good quality/pure, glass bottle etc. See on youtube 'dmso 60 minutes Dr Jacobs'. It's natural and good for you anyways. If pain is bad can apply the combo several times per day. The mgcl is also calming/ good for sleep. Cheers.

Replied by Roxie
(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

I just read that dmso with oran (urine) works better than dmso alone. Still have to look into it, but Amanda Vollmer, who wrote a book about dmso, mentioned it in a thread on Facebook.
Worth checking out, I guess if it helps.

DMSO, Stabilized Oxygen

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Posted by Dianchilada (Santa Cruz, California) on 07/15/2009

DMSO thin layer at prodrome
Stabilized liquid oxygen 2 drops per 8 oz sip all day
colonic of 12 drops of stabilized liquid oxygen and 60 drops of water 5 to 1. 2times a day for three days

do procedure for three days

If you already have an outbreak you may experience more of an outbreak if you start procedure at prodrome then the shingles will not break out on the skin should clear episode in 72 hours shingles probably won't bother you again.

DMSO cured my shingles

EC: "In medicine, a prodrome is an early non-specific symptom (or set of symptoms) that might indicate the start of a disease before specific symptoms occur."


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Posted by Ron (Idaho) on 09/14/2022

Echinacea for shingles- get a 1 or 2 oz extract tincture and take the whole thing throughout 1 day, you can't overdose on it. This worked for me and three others, I noticed changes before the day was over, and by the next day, all that had to happen was to heal the damage done by the shingles.

Replied by Ann

I had a nasty case several years back and if it even starts to appear I take an herbal supplement with echinacea that knocks it out of the park before it becomes a nuisance :)

Posted by ron (pocatello, idaho) on 09/23/2021

Shingles is a terrible condition for many people and a cure is available and cheap; (echinacea one or two ounce bottle take the whole thing through the day); it has worked for three people that I know of, including myself. God bless and good tidings.

Electro Muscle Stimulus

Posted by D. Ron (Madison, Wi, Usa) on 03/14/2011

A patient came to my office with painful shingles on her arm and back. Ran my electro muscle stim over the area for about 10 minutes. She came in a week later and told me the shingles cleared with in 48 hours.

Eliminate Sugar

Posted by Bernadette (Albuquerque, New Mexico) on 10/01/2011

For at least the next six - eight weeks, ELIMINATE SUGAR from your diet. When I had shingles a few years ago, getting off sugar helped because shingles seem to thrive on sugar.

Take supplements to strengthen your immune system. As your body strengthens, the pain will get less and usually the lesions will go away within 6 months or so.


Epsom Salt

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Posted by Kenneth (Beach Lake, Pa) on 07/12/2014

For Shingles Blisters, use hot bath with EPSOM SALT and bathe 15-30 minutes twice a day first week, second week once per day and away they go. For Shingles Itch, hot water compresses (hot as you can stand) from heated water in pot. A 5-10 minute cycle, once or twice per day as needed and you get relief.

Replied by Kenneth
(Beach Lake)

Do EPSOM SALT HOT COMPRESSES SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY, even eyebrows, scalp, bumps go down but return later day. Just keep doing, don't overheat & get blisters, likewise leg calves, & other areas of body. While damp, you could dust Baking Soda, BUT NOT THE EYES AREA.

Also, don't get EPSOM SALT Moisture in eyes. if do, RINSE IMMEDIATELY.

Replied by Marcie

My dad has shingles and the doctor said LUKE WARM water for a bath, not Hot. He had the shot and they are extreme. This is from a doctor. So I'm not to sure about Hot Baths! I know. They are AWFUL. He is 78 and they are HORRIBLE

Essential Oils

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Posted by Mrsg (Fl ) on 06/29/2016

I am 50 years young and I just had my first experience with shingles. The symptoms started very low key about a week before with loss of appetite, a little nauseous, feeling tired. Then started with a very painful right shoulder pain that made it almost impossible to sleep. Two days later, I felt like I had severe flu symptoms, chest pains, headache, my skin feeling sensitive to touch especially on my right arm. The same morning I also noticed some bumps along my right arm like ant bites. The next day the bumps turned red and the rash was spreading. I still did not think it was shingles because I've never had the chicken pox. By the next day the rash was still spreading, still had pain on my right shoulder and headaches. I was feeling miserable.. Finally went to the Urgent Care (Sunday) to be diagnosed with shingles. Was given three prescriptions including Valtrex and sent home.

I've been reading horror stories about the pain so I called my PCP and got my pain meds ready. After reading the posts here, I wrapped my arm with a small towel and sprayed Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and kept it moist.

At night I mixed coconut oil and tea tree oil and spread it on my arm. To go to work, I put a layer of the coconut-tea tree oil mixture, wrap a soft gauze, then an ace bandage. I also drank water with ACV.

Within four days after the initial rash appeared, my skin was already healing with scabs. No broken skin. Hardly any pain. I still took the prescription Meds, but I truly think the ACV and coconut-tea tree oil mix helped in my recovery time.

Essential Oils
Posted by Sadie (Los Angeles, Ca) on 07/13/2014

I recently noticed a spot on my right eye brow. I thought it was a spider bite that had become infected, so I got some antibiotics. 2 Days later I notice small bumps and began to feel a tingling sensation. Then I knew it was shingles. I got the antiviral medicine from the Dr, but I actually started to feel worse after taking it. I did a google search and thankfully found this site. From everyone's recommendations I made a paste and the pain and sores started going away almost instantly.

Paste: 1 Tbs coconut oil

1 Tbs ACV

10 drops colloidal silver

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp DMSO

I put the paste on and let it sit for 10-15min. It burns, but it's a good burn. I think adding in aloe would help, but I didn't have any. Then rinse.

Then I mixed ACV with 10 drops eucalyptus oil and dabbed that on the sores. Again it burns, but it's more like a cooling burn.

Within 2 hours the pain was almost gone and the sores had gone down by almost half. It's been 36 hour now and some of the sores are completely gone and the others are on their way out. This really saved me some anguish. Good luck to everyone!