Sciatica Remedies

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anne (Canada) on 07/22/2014

Part one: I've been suffering terrible sciatic pain for several weeks. A few days ago I started taking ACV+baking soda 2-3 times per day in 3 cups of water because I have previously noticed that this reduces my pain remarkably within a couple of days. This is my 3rd day on ACV+baking soda and my pain is definitely reducing; I'm able to sleep for a couple of hours at night which I'm grateful for. I notice that after 2 days of this, my urine becomes very cloudy with sediment and know this is a bromide detox. The pain reduces along with expelling the cloudy urine so I think that bromide overload could also be a cause of body and joint pains. The bromide detoxes from the body because of the chloride in the baking soda. Then my iodine supplements are able to get to the cells and organs that need it.

Part two: During the night last night I used my homemade tennis ball device (long sock with 3 tennis balls- grouped in a triangle shape with wide part of the triangle at the top) placed under my sacrum while lying in bed. I used my body weight to just lay on the tennis balls to elevate the sacrum and let the glutes relax. It took about 45 minutes with muscles in the area jumping and twitching a lot but all of a sudden at about 45 minutes, I felt all the glutes and surrounding muscles release. I then did some gentle pelvic tilts and rocked very slightly side to side with legs bent at the knee to keep pressure off lower back. I did this combined treatment for about 1 hour 15 minutes. I actually was so relaxed I fell back asleep still lying on the tennis balls.

Part three: Yesterday I decided to also purchase the Backjoy device from the local pharmacy because it relieves the pressure off the sacrum when sitting and I thought it would help at the office during the day. My back, legs and hips feel so comfortable and loose today and I'm sitting on the Backjoy device for about 1/2 out of every hour. my sacrum is not pressured at all today. I have no sciatic pain in either side of lower back, buttocks or down either leg to the ankle.

I will be repeating the first two part treatment above tonight before I go to bed to see if I can stay pain free.

I will be using the BackJoy device at work and while sitting at home as well.

Posted by Daniel (Los Angeles) on 07/08/2015

Did you use instant coffee at home? If so, how much coffee of each? 1/2 tablespoon? 1 teaspoon? Did you drink black, with sugar, with cream? Please advise. I don't drink much coffee. I've had sciatica the last 4 days and the stretches are not working any more.

General Feedback
Posted by Wellspruce (Juneau, Ak, Usa) on 03/01/2013

OK, I've been posting about my back pain and personally-tested Earthclinic remedies of other posters here, see Ted remedies hyaluronic acid if you want to read my journals here. Anyway the hyaluronic acid doesn't seem to be doing much. I also take glucosamine 1500 and MSM 1200 and continue the hyaluronic acid 30mg 2 x daily. After spending $thousands 18 mos ago to drs. and hospital I was never diagnosed because I wasn't about to spend thousands more to see an osteopath. Reading net sites I've learned I have siatica. Beginning tonight, I'm taking 1T ground ginger with 1t blackstrap molasses, as I have those in the house and will start the raw ginger tomorrow, and potassium 200 mg as gluconate. Also tonight I'll take at least 800 mg ibuprophen at bedtime. These three are recommended on this site for relief of siatica. Tonight I'll incorporate the exercises (crossing knees and pulling toward opposite shoulder, and stretching recommended here on this site).

The vertebrae involved seem to be the L's and the last S. Because of the pain in back, butt, hip socket and down right outer thigh, I've not slept a night through without waking 50 or more times in maybe a couple months. I'm about to claw the walls. The only temporary relief during the night is to fall asleep flat on my face and stomach which causes a whole new set of problems~~pain in several neck vertebrae.

I'll try the above for two nights and days and if no relief will increase the above dosages and include something else from this site. Please pray for me as I do all who suffer in these posts. And many thanks for those who take time to give their testimonies of what has worked for them.

Tonight I also ordered a sacral wedge which claims:

  • helps to stabilize the sacrum, allowing the pelvic girdle to relax and return to its normal position of balance.
  • helps to eliminate symptoms such as pain or numbness radiating down the legs and tightness and pain in the hip area.

There are also other items you can order that claim to help siatica~~"decompression" devices that decompress the vertebrae and others that stretch the Piriformis. I'll see how the above all work and I'll report back.

General Feedback
Posted by Namiyah (Westport, Or) on 03/01/2013

I've had sciatica since the mid-nineties and tried everything from herbal supplements, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments but the pain remained constant, especially on cold, wet, rainy days. Then I purchased some Magnesium oil and placed some in a roll-on bottle of Vitamin E leaving about 1/3rd Vitamin E in the roll-on. The strategic area that I applied it was upon my tail-bone from 1L to 5L. It took about several weeks and I noticed a 75% reduction in pain. I've been using it daily for 6 months and notice a tremendous difference. Good luck!

General Feedback
Posted by Wellspruce (Juneau, Ak, Usa) on 03/02/2013

Thank you Namiyah from Westport, OR so much for the magnesium oil with vit E in rollon remmendation. I'm adding that to my list of remedies. I MUST TELL YOU ALL, I "tentatively" testify that I DO BELIEVE the ginger, both ground and raw, I've been taking since night before last is HELPING me. I have slept through most of the night the last two nights which is first for me in months, and though I did wake once or twice with horrific pain, that's usual, that first night I began the ginger I didn't wake with severe pain last night.

Last night before bed I spent about a half hour, 1. Rubbing my L's and lower S's and the entire siatic nerve path down leg to just below the knee where the pain ends, with cream methyl silicylate 17% with menthol USP 12% (probably 12-15 min. ),

2. Doing the exercises recommended on this site where you cross your ankle over knee then pull knee toward opposite shoulder and hold 20 or 30 seconds; doing both sides. This feels GREAT and I highly recommend for anyone not just siatic sufferers. I also did this as recommended every time I sat down yesterday and again today.

3. I also developed and performed other joint stretches in lower back and hip joints I thought would help, I did them GENTLY. Be careful.

4. I increased my B12 intake to 2000 mg morning, and an additional B12 2000 mb at evening (began the increase last night). B12 was reported on the Earthclinic under the siatica site to have cured someone's siatica.

5. The last thing I did was take about a half teaspoon of ground ginger in a finger of water before bed along with 800 mg ibuprophen. I had taken the ground or raw every three or four hrs during the day.

I don't like taking ibuporphen so will probably not take it tonight. Hoping for at least similar experience of last night.

Still awaiting the sacral wedge I ordered.

Will continue to report back. Thank you all so much for input.

Posted by Jana (Bountiful, Utah Usa) on 06/24/2011
5 out of 5 stars

For sciatica, try crossing your legs while standing up and then bend over. This action stretches your hamstring and helps with the sciatica. Hold for about 10 seconds and then repeat with other leg.

Posted by Cyndi (Oregon) on 08/19/2015

How much did you take of this? My mom is having terrible pain and exercise is hard for her. Thank you

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Brenda (Page, Az, Usa) on 05/10/2011

Anyone know of a sugarfree version?

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 05/11/2011

I don't know how you can candy ginger without sugar, maybe dried ginger? In order to solve the problem I soak them in water.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 11/24/2012

Sunshine from Dana Point, CA: Please google helichrysum essential oil. It is exceptional for sciatica nerve pain, as well as other forms of muscle pain as well. Buy *therapeutic grade essential oil and apply liberally to area of pain every few hours, and the patient will find relief. Good luck, Tina

Shea Butter
Posted by Jeweline (San Antonio, Tx) on 01/05/2011

I have sciatica, my husband has had 4 back surgeries. We've tried everything--finally tried shea butter used it liberally on areas of concern. Shared some with others--and all want to purchase. Give it a shot--at the very least, your skin will be healthy!

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Marykaylady (Tempe, Az, Usa) on 01/18/2011
4 out of 5 stars

You are right on about this being from a potassium deficiency. Some drugs like Metformin or Lisinipril cause a potassium deficiency then we get sciatica pain. Molasses is high in potassium and it is easier than all the others to incorporate into one's diet daily but you didn't say how much you take? I will probably do this remedy because it is so easy and quick to take.

I was eating avocado, peanuts, potatoes, lima's, apricots and pears and a lot of other things that have potassium but the avocado gave me more relief than anything within 1 hour--(1 whole avocado). Also B Complex.... Like breads and Brewers yeast etc. Brewers yeast is the best one in the B's. So for me it is potassium and B complex. These are the two that I work on. May my prayers be with all sciatica pain sufferers. By the way Ibuprofin 800 mg is the only thing that will eliminate the pain completely temporarily while nothing else really will. Icy Hot spray and stick (both) work pretty good. I use them both at the same time.... Spray and then stick. I also take baths with Epsom and Lavender, I buy it at Walgreens in a bag. I get the water very hot or sit in it before the tub fills up because I want it very hot. Then when I am done I drain the tub and turn on the cold water. So it is a hot and cold bath... This works for me. I think that is about my take on this mess and I just wonder if I will ever! Get rid of this without surgery. Anyone ever used a Ten's unit? JO in Phoenix

Posted by Kathleen (Chicago, Illinois) on 12/30/2009
4 out of 5 stars

The first thing I tried from your site was ginger for sciatica. It has helped get rid of the pain immensely, but not quite gotten rid of it.

I am also taking apple cider vinegar for my high blood pressure. I feel immensely better, but it's too soon for me to say that it's the answer for me. I was prescribed generic (this may be a lot of the problem) Lisinopril which triggered the sciatica for the first time in my life and initially raised my blood pressure! It's been a living you know what for three months.

My next foray for sciatica is Epsom Salts. I usually have it but, of course, am out right now. Wouldn't it be something if that finally got rid of this beast!

Posted by Debbie (Elk Grove, California) on 08/18/2012

I was drinking lemon juice in warm water to relieve congestion in my lungs. I have suffered asthma for 40 years. I noticed after I started drinking the lemon juice a pain in my hip became unbearable. I quit the lemon juice, started eating candied ginger which really helped. I really like the ginger candy but I think I eat too much. I noticed the posting stated not to use Apple Cider vinegar or lemons. Today, I was feeling better so I drank a little ACV with water and the pain was back within minutes. The pain is always on my left side, runs into my hip all the way to my big toe. Can anyone explain why this happens? Do I need to add salt to my diet? I take Lisinopril for my blood pressure. I thought the ACV would help my blood pressure, but apparently I am not going to be able to take ACV or lemon juice. Can anyone shed a little light on this issue, as I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Epsom Salts
Posted by Curt (Jacksonville) on 08/28/2013

My sciatic nerves are so bad, I can't hardly sleep. No matter how I lay, there is no pain relief. I will try this remedy to night and see what happens. How often should I do this a week?

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by NN (Utica, Ny) on 07/13/2009

Regarding candied ginger root for sciatica pain: will un-candied ginger root work? Has anyone tried that?

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Ann (Waihi 3610, New Zealand) on 06/28/2012

Candied ginger-can you use uncandied ginger and what is the recipe for the syrup?

Posted by Anna (Philadelphia, PA) on 02/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My husband had his sciatica pain gone in few minutes after eating ginger by itself (candidized or powdered).

Posted by Debbie (New Plymouth, Idaho) on 01/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with sciatica and restless leg syndrome as well as fibromyalgia for quite awhile. My job requires a lot of heavy lifting which irritates everything including my lower back. It is very important to stretch every night before bed to keep the hamstring muscles from tensing up. A couple of stretches that work are

1.- sit on the floor. Cross on right leg over the other with the heel lined up with the knee of the left leg and then twist towards the right. Balance with your arms. Hold for a few seconds and then do it with the other leg;

2.Sit on the floor or in a chair. Clasp your hands over the right knee (leg is bent) and push against your hands and hold. Then put your hands on top of your bent knee and push up against your hands. It seems to align the bones in your hips and work the muscles that are irritating things. Of course you repeat on the other leg.

Posted by Bronagh (Limerick ) on 07/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Wow - I just did your second exercise there for 20 seconds each and all the tightness disappeared. Thanks so much!

Chair Exercise
Posted by Nikki Jean (Philadelphia, Pa) on 09/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I want to register a huge YEA for the chair exercise to help ease sciatica pain. It literally took me from excruciating pain to relative comfort in about 10 minutes. THANK YOU. I use this site for everything, but this is the first time I just HAD to write in, because the difference felt miraculous. I'm on a long road trip and not being able to sit was just not an option, thank you again.

Chair Exercise
Posted by Ledtocrowe (The Plains, Ohio) on 11/02/2011

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

Chair Exercise
Posted by Nikki (Tx) on 03/21/2018

Yes I have sciatica. I wonder when I started the exercises pulling knees back, I notice I started to burn. Is that coming from the nerve being released? Because I never had the burning feeling before.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Joyce (bonifay, Fl.) on 07/31/2008

Candied ginger slices for sciatica. what is the recipe for the candied ginger slices? I can't find it anywhere.

EC: You can buy candied ginger in Asian Markets.. Also possibly Trader Joes and Whole Foods...

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Elaine (Butler, N.J.) on 08/22/2008

is crystallized ginger the same as candied ginger? I want to try it for sciatica pain but your post did not say how much to use. thanks for your help.

EC: Probably the same. Cystallized ginger has 2 ingredients: ginger and cane sugar.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Linda (San Diego, Ca) on 07/11/2009

what about using plain ginger or ginger root tea? For those of us that don't want all the sugar. Is it the ginger or the combination of?

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Rachael (Orlando, Fl) on 03/06/2012

Just purchased some crystalized ginger to treat some extreme sciatica and lower back pain. I was not at all prepared for how spicy it would be. I was thinking that it was candied and wasn't expecting it to burn a whole in my tongue. Oh well, small price to pay for pain relief, I hope it works. I will post an update in a few days and let you all know how it worked.

Cold Showers
Posted by Burness Speakman (Fredericktown , MO)
5 out of 5 stars

I read about the cold showers here 3 days ago. I have experienced whole body pain for as long as I can remember. Recently it has become unbearable to try and sleep without double doses of over the counter pain killers. The legs throbbed, prickley needles in the soles of the feet, leg muscle pain, skin pain, hip pain, numbness in the shin area. It was building up for years. I was ready to check myself in somewhere but I do not go to doctors. Anyway to continue. After reading the messages, I went and took a cold shower. This was the afternoon. Just before retiring I took another. This one really affected my body. Gasping and panting but not painful I stayed in the shower. For the first time since I could remember I had a peaceful night sleep. No pain in the legs at all, no numbness, no prickleys. I took three the next day with the same good results at night but with one more added strangeness. My Bowel Movement turned green. Not a dark green a kackie green and I was not constipated as usual. I gathered my bile was flowing. I had come to think I had a gallblader problem years ago but never associated the whole body aches with it. There might be some siatic nerve situation involved also, but I don't know. All I do now is that this seems just short of a miracle for me. I certainly hope it continues, because I don't know if I ever want to take another hot bath again as long as I live. Oh, the energy and high spirits are there too as others reported. Bless you all.

EC: Read more about Cold Showers here.

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