Sciatica Remedies

Arch Supports and Magnets
Posted by Mary (USA) on 08/05/2019
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Sciatica, cause is the arch of the foot has fallen.

Remedy is simple - use arch supports. I use walk fit because it has 3 lifts low, med, high, but the trick, if you have leg pain, is to install a dime size thin magnet between the lift and the support. As you know, magnets do not do the healing but iron in blood is attracted to the magnet iron brings with it oxygen and oxygen heals.

Since it is a static magnet it may take a few weeks before one sees improvement BUT, if you take statins forget everything I wrote as statins cause the leg problems.

Tennis Shoe Technique
Posted by Rita (Jersey) on 09/28/2017

I think the shoe method works because you are getting pressure off the sciatic nerve and getting the spine into better alignment. Sitting cross-legged sometimes helps with this, too.

Modern cushy furniture is murder on the back and the nerves in it.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Anon (Not Canada) on 06/26/2020


Consider comfrey to heal your spine, and turmeric/garlic/serrapetase to dissolve the scar tissue. High dose vitamin C, D, and E, diatomaceous earth/horsetail, msm/dmso, too. Kale to help rebuild. NSAIDs like asprin are thought to cause connective tissue disorders, as is fluoride. Therefore, Borax/boron, iodine, kelp. Avoid caffeine which causes flight or fight repsonse and delays the body's healing and detox mechanisms.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by NK (Georgia) on 02/17/2021

When using ginger for remedies, no, it doesn't matter as long as it's real ginger--unless you're on a very sugar-restricted diet. You can use fresh ginger, or dried ginger but it's tastes so strong most people use the crystalized kind because it tastes like candy. I use fresh ginger root to make ginger tea.

***Most commercial brands of ginger ale don't have enough ginger in them to do much of anything other than taste good & quench your thirst. It's probably the carbonation & sugar that settles people's stomachs.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 05/14/2017

Dear ORH, Perhaps you could advise Olivia Newton John (from Australia) on her sciatica pain, as she has apparently recently joined the community of reluctant sufferers. You may be old enough to remember her from the iconic "Grease"? She is difficult to forget! No doubt she could benefit from your country wisdom!

Glad to hear you have conquered the malady.

Can you bottle whatever it is you are on and save the World?

No doubt you are enjoying spring?

Cheers, Michael

Posted by Elaine (Great Lakes, Usa) on 01/28/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Turmeric works fabulously as an anti-inflammatory. Be sure to get the kind of capsule that includes piperine (black pepper) to facilitate effective absorption. I have turned other friends on to it as well. They thought I was an "eye of newt" kind of gal...but now THEY are singing the praises of turmeric, too!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eve (Florida) on 12/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

ACV is a great topical for sciatica and foot and leg cramps. Works almost instantly. Didn't see this suggestion on your app info. Try it it works. Just pour some in the palm of your hand and apply.

Posted by Robert Henry (St George Island, Fla.) on 09/14/2015

HI U LIVEFREE, , , , , , , , , guess I'm a broken record and sorry to dominate the scene, but again, Ozone will solve your problem. Like I keep telling folks, spend time on Dr Shallenbergers video teaching site and you will learn wonders.

I have been down this trail all my adult life with Sciatica and most times it was due to emotional stress. I once had a 5' 2" boss who was the poster boy for the song " Short People". Click and listen to the words.

When I got into a meeting with him, my muscles would tighten and pull my spine out of line. The problem went away when he fired me after our O.K. Corral episode.

I had always wanted to experience a firing and and being bitten by a snake. I have been down both trails, and am now caught up. I don't need more.

Don't think there is a chemical solution to Sciatica. Think it is a spine misalignment due to emotional or physical stress. But what do I know at my young age?


Network Chiropractic
Posted by Nicholas (Edison, Nj) on 08/16/2013
5 out of 5 stars

The only time I get sciatica is after emotional stress. Unexpressed emotion flows into the body and lands in the sciatic nerve. It get handled by my chiropractor who practices what's called "network chiropractics". This means he works on the body's neurological network... Applying gentle pressure to release trapped emotion from the nerve. A couple of sessions usually gets the job done.

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 07/08/2015

To Daniel (Los Angeles)

This can be remedied with topical Magnesium Chloride oil, alkalizing with one half tsp. baking soda about three times a day away from food and two tsp. turmeric in warm milk or nut milk twice a day. I use goat milk.

Try the separately or together in a day to find out what works best or keep taking them all.

Good luck, Namaste, Om

Homeopathic Hypericum
Posted by Ve (Dayton, Ohio) on 08/05/2013 3 posts
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My mother was walking with a cane for months because of sciatica. An herbalist recommended she take the homeopathic Hypericum. Within 4 days she was able to walk without her cane. And within 1 week was pain free.

My husband also developed Sciatica and I couldn't find the homeopathic Hypericum. So I purchased St John's wort which is also Hypericum and that cured his Sciatica in 3 days. Make sure you take the product for a few weeks as directed on the bottle.

General Feedback
Posted by Steve (Las Vegas, Nv Nevada) on 03/01/2013

I have found using a laser therapy pen helpful for relieving sciatica pain. I apply the laser to all the painful points on my lower back for a few minutes and can feel the muscles releasing as I laser them. Sometimes it takes a few days to get everything to release but it always helps.

General Feedback
Posted by Sue (Fairfax, Va Usa) on 03/02/2013

I sympathize about sciatica pain and found help by using enzymes such as bromelain. I took one 500 mg pill or capsule of it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, and just before bed, or during the day 2 hrs after eating and. 5 hour before eating. With food it acts as digestive enzyme; without, it reduces inflammation. Also, turmeric capsules or pills (450-500 mg), with meals that contain fat and black pepper. Both of these supplements are available at health food stores, relatively cheap, with no side effects for me. Best of luck.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Jimverwey2007 (Houston, Tx) on 05/01/2012

01/24/2010: Cristi from Tucson, Arizona, United States: "I cured sciatica in my right leg using blackstrap molassas. I read in the book The Ultimate Healing System by Donald Lepore, N. D. That sciatica in the right leg is caused by a potassium deficiency. Since I always seek out food sources over supplements I started the black strap molassas and have never had pain again.

FYI, the book says sciatica in the left leg is a sodium defiency.

Things that deplete potassium and sodium are drinking alchohol, processed foods, sweating/exercising, and being sick, to name a few."

Bullion cubes or salt in warm water will stop the pain. Look up sciatic pain, etiologies, mineral deficiencies.

MSM, Cabbage
Posted by Mike (Montreal, Quebec) on 12/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Last summer I made quite a remarkable discovery about getting rid of a major back pain that affected my left leg. It was later determined that I was suffering from sciatica. In my case the problem was chronic and seem to get worse over time. Then the unthinkable happened to me. It got so bad that one morning I was not able to get out of bed and at that point experienced a major panic attack thinking I had contracted some sort of a disease related to the nervous system. That's how bad it really was!!

The pain was felt constantly in my left leg and would keep me up most of the night for at least a whole week. Even the strong anti inflammatory and pain killer drugs that my doctor would prescribe was having no more effect on me and as a result I had to live with the constant pain. I even went to a chiropractor as an act of desperation and she made it much worse because the slightest pressure applied on my back would cause severe pain mostly in my left leg.

IT IS ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS SITE AND WITH A BIT OF LUCK THAT I FOUND A COMPLETE CURE TO MY BACK PROBLEM. Its now been 5 months since I last had my awful back pains so my self treatment must certainly have worked!!!!

Especially with the fact that in the past 15 years I would not go through a single year without experiencing some degree of chronic back pains.

When I had gone through some unrelated tests using the MRI scanner, I remember the nurse noticing something odd about my back. At that time I decided not to further pursuit this by not asking her what she had noticed about it. To this day I regret I never asked her anything about what she had found.

I now realize that the real problem with back aches is simply the bodies inability to naturally heal itself because of a severe lack of sulfur. IN MY CASE THAT'S ALL IT WAS!!

When I increase my sulfur consumption using supplements and natural food, it took only about 3 complete days before I noticed significant results.

I was shocked when one morning I felt that all the sudden I HAD AN URGE TO STRETCH MY BACK and was even able to lift my left leg up at least 3 feet above the ground.

It seems that what has worked for me is by taking large amount of MSM and RAW RED CABBAGE for a period of 3-4 days.

One of the main reasons I used to keep getting sore back is because of bad sitting posture over very long periods of a time in front of my computer. Also it was because I would stoop often over my car engine for very long periods at a time.

When I hear people experiencing very bad back problems especially related to sciatica then I feel so compelled to tell my incredible story.

I am so happy that my back is now completely cured and can now lead a normal life all thanks to this wonderful site. We are simply just not getting enough sulfur in our diet because as pointed out by many scientists, we tend to overcook our food and furthermore, sulfur is becoming more and more depleted mainly because of our overuse of chemicals.

Posted by NK (Georgia) on 02/17/2021

You do not have to buy expensive B12 at an expensive store. But is is best to buy the kind that says "sublingual" on the package because it's more absorbable. You can get liquid or quick dissolve tablets. You will not overdose on even the highest doses sold in stores because excess is not stored by your body, it's flushed out with urination.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Patti (Jamestown, Ohio) on 04/05/2011

Elaine, So good to know someone else tried the ginger and it worked for them. My husband is still using it, just a piece or two everyday. He still have that back pain but never has the scatica pain unless he goes several days without eating any ginger. I have told many people and those who really gave it a good try got alot of pain relief. It really is amazing. My hubby kept saying "I don't believe how much better my leg is, can it really be the ginger"? Earth Clinic has been a lifesaver more than once for us. Thanks to everyone who keeps it up and running and prayers to Ted.

Vitamin C
Posted by Tony (Feltham, Middlesex) on 12/18/2011

Since discectomy/laminectomy procedure 1994 I have suffered terribly with back pain. Mainly now I am suffering with severe sciatic pain. I so wish this website was available to me in 1994. I feel sure I could have cured myself. Unfortunately I trusted the butcher who told me I needed surgery. My disc only showed a slight bulge. These butchers will tell you anything to make some money. Never again will I trust the opinion of a back surgeon. Just wondered if you could share which vitamin C you used to cure your back pain? Taking that amount of vitamin C would surely cause stomach problems? Apparently with normal vitamin C tablets you only absorb about 12%. I've just purchased some vitamin C. It takes sixteen 500mg Vitamin C tablets to equal just one of my 1000mg Vitamin C packets. The technology works so you absorb between 95-98%. I've only been using it a few days and will let you know if it works. Good luck to everyone on this site.

Vitamin C
Posted by Missy (Toronto, Ont, Canada.) on 01/21/2012

Reply to 12/18/2011: Tony from Feltham, Middlesex.

You are correct to ask what type of Vitamin C to mega dose with. I almost called 911 when I mega dosed with "L-ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate" Vitamin C.

It's much safer to mega dose with "Calcium Ascorbate" Powder Vitamin C. Especially if one suffers from IBS, Crohns, intestinal or stomach problems.

Having said that, keep in mind that it's calcium rich & could lead to other problems, IF mega dosing for extremely long periods of time. Perhaps Magnesium would off set the calcium mega dose.

Then there is "Sodium Ascorbate" Vitamin C. (I have not tried this one). It's sodium rich which also could lead to problems, IF mega dosing for extremely long periods of time.

Either way, both the Calcium & Sodium Ascorbate are much easier on the stomach & intestines.

Talk to your local health food store to confirm.

Vitamin C
Posted by Pat (Calabasas, Ca, United States) on 05/11/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Precisely what does vitamin C provide to a person's wellness? Firstly, it provides many health advantages for individuals who ingest this specific vitamin on a steady basis. A pair of the most critical positive aspects of consistent vit c absorption are generally younger skin area as well as healthy gums. Yet another great importance of that vitamin is actually the actual assimilation of mineral, for instance iron, that is essential, specifically for those who find themselves identified for being anemic. People that often ingest this particular vitamin will see how they benefit from speedy recovering of their particular injuries and also cuts. Vitamin C furthermore helps throughout the healing of the defensive cellular lining of a individual's respiratory system areas. Vitamin C will also help people benefit from health and fitness benefits, such as the reduction of lungs complications, for example flu virus, typical cold, along with a number of different lung microbe infections.

read more Vitamin C is a great benefit to the body

Individuals constantly link vitamin c together with the health and fitness of a person's defense system. Simply what does Vitamin C deliver to the body's wellness and body's defence mechanism? It will help for the deletion of toxins, that when they are neglected, can create severe chaos of the individual's health and wellbeing. Furthermore, it assists the body's defense system to create consistent and powerful body through frequent detox. Using this type of a procedure, the entire body gets rid of almost all harmful toxins from the body. The liver requires vitamin c in order to help the eliminating of poisons in the entire body.

Posted by Elle (Traverse City, Mi) on 12/23/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much, I've had sciatica on and off frequently for several years. It would just pop up and sometimes it would last a few days, sometimes weeks. Well, I've been dealing with it for a couple days now, so sore it was painful to walk. And I just tried the plank and upward facing dog stretch and it was immediately gone! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm so excited that I don't have to deal with it anymore! I just did each position 4 times alternating back and forth and then a second set and it was 95% better after that!

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Renee (San Jose, CA) on 02/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I irritated my sciatic nerve for the first time, and in addition to ice packs, heat pads, ibuprofen and rest, I also made ginger syrup and dried sweet pieces. Eating and drinking the ginger enhances the anti-inflammatory benefit from the ibuprofen, so I do not need to take as much. Eventually, I hope to only consume ginger while eliminating the ibuprofen. I used the recipe "Ginger Ale and It's Candy" by Ming Tsai and even substituted some of the sugar with stevia for sweetener. I add 1-2 Tablespoons of syrup to 8 oz. selter water for the ginger ale. I have been eating 6-8 small pieces of ginger daily, or adding to my tea for flavor. Ginger is good!

Stretching, Magnesium
Posted by Margie (Sparta, Tennessee) on 12/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with chronic facet syndrome and sciatica for years. At night the pain magnifies when I try to rest. I have found lying on the floor with my legs elevated on the bed or a chair brings relief but nothing compares with the relief obtained from stretching the inner muscles of the thighs. I lay on my back and do the "splits" while supporting my legs on the couch or bed. It is painful at first but I deal with it. When the pain of the initial stretch subsides, I stretch it a little more,etc....The combination of the cold floor, stretching of the muscles, and elevation of the legs help me a lot. I also take magnesium supplements to relax everything...Margie in Tennessee

Chair Exercise
Posted by Helen (Austin, Texas) on 07/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I get minor sciatic nerve pinches regularly. A woman at a conference showed me a simple exercise, and a massage friend later said that's the exercise he teaches to everyone.

Sit in a firm chair. Cross your knees. Clasp both hands outside the knee and pull it towards it's opposite shoulder (right knee towards left shoulder.) Won't move more than an inch, but you should feel the pull on the side-near back buttocks area.

Do this for 20 seconds every time you sit down, and the pain should be gone in less than a week.

Keep doing it once daily to prevent recurrence.

Actually, doesn't have to be a real firm chair but starting that way helps you feel where the pull should be.

Also, massage guy said, stop sitting so much! And when you sit be sure to get up and move significantly every 45 minutes or so. Chiropractor said "Get a stand-up desk, sitting is unhealthy."

Build times of standing into your day. I made a habit of standing up when talking in the phone. At conferences and friendly meetings I often get up and stand in the back of the room for a while, especially if I had to drive an hour to get there.

Chair Exercise
Posted by Kim (Coast, Oregon) on 11/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've recently suffered from a week of extreme muscle spasms in my back. Upon reading this recommendation, I began the stretching exercises and IMMEDIATE relief was felt after the first stretch. Sit in a firm chair with a straight back (concentrating on proper alignment & posture) and enjoy the benefits of this stretch. This is the first thing to bring relief in almost of week of pure, unrelenting pain.

I knew there had to be more options than massage and bed rest!

Thank you so much for sharing your "effectual" experience!

Chair Exercise
Posted by Realeone2 (Ssi, Ga) on 03/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

This works wonders like the chair exercise, I read this awhile back for sciatica, on Dear Abby I think it was-this helped me too. Lie on your back, stretch your toes, pointed as far as you can while stretching your arms over your head as far as you can, release, then stretch again, arms upward and pulling your toes inward. Do this BEFORE you get out of bed in the morning. Also, lie on your back, cross ankle to your knee, push down on knee while pulling in opposite leg, you can feel the burn/pull/release of the buttock area, hence sciatica release!

Chair Exercise
Posted by Mesem (Toulon, France) on 03/24/2011

Swimming (over arm and backstroke) and cycling up a good steep hill several times do the same thing and gets your circulation going more than a stretch. You may hurt directly after but the next day you will be fine.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Mariana (San Pablo, Ca.) on 09/23/2008

I was wondering if it also works with powdered ginger? I used 1 tablespoon with water. I guess I am hoping this also works.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Angela (Antioch, California) on 11/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Amazing, the spasm on my leg from the my sciatica pain have improved after the 3rd day on eating the ginger slices along with some yoga exercise. I eat about 5 to 10 slices a day and I am feeling much better after a week. My last sciatica pain last nearly 2 months which was 2 years ago. It is definitely worth of trying.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by NK (Georgia) on 02/17/2021

It's the ginger. The sugar only makes the ginger easier to take. You can use fresh or dried if you can handle the strong flavor. You can make ginger tea using fresh, sliced ginger or the dried powder and sweeten with stevia or some other sugar substitute Recipes are online.

Tennis Shoe Technique
Posted by Agrippa (California) on 08/30/2021

Michele: I need some more info on this technique. I have left sided sciatica pain.

So I take a tennis shoe. Place it with the front end of the shoe facing backward. I then position the left sided sit bone on the tennis shoes? I ask this because you state "sit bones". There are two.

The sit bone is then positioned over the area where a foot is inserted into the shoe? Any advice is appreciated.


Vegan Diet
Posted by Luma (US) on 06/07/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Lower back pain and degenerative disks caused my sciatica, and switching to a vegan diet opened up my blood flow to the area so I could get nutrients in and out. It really helped. Google Dr Greger videos, he talks about how blocked arteries cause this.

Vitamin D
Posted by Nita (US) on 05/17/2020

yes, I've read that lower back pain can be result of low vit. D

Posted by Susan (Atlanta) on 06/27/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have faithfully consulted EC for years for many different ailments and remedies, but have never posted until now. Thank you ALL for the recommendation on the candied ginger for sciatica.....after approximately 5 pieces I feel like a new person. The shooting and stabbing pain is gone, I still feel some tension in my back but am so grateful not to feel the continual ache and throb in my thigh and calf. I will continue with the ginger and again thank everyone for their posts!

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Anon (Baton Rouge, Louisiana ) on 06/28/2019

Where can you find the candy?

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Karen Messina (New Jersey) on 05/17/2020

Hello to Baton Rouge re candied ginger - I know it's been a while but maybe you will check back. I make my own from store bought fresh ginger root. Peel it, cut it up, boil in water. Drain it, then make a simple syrup of sugar and water and boil the ginger in that. Be careful, syrup is very hot and sticky! here is Alton Brown's video:

Tennis Shoe Technique
Posted by Mary (Usa) on 06/26/2020

How does one sit on a shoe? Is it under the leg or between the legs?

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 06/27/2020

Thank you for insights to apply. I have tried all but the DE and Dmso. Allie allie all Come~free, ( child's hide and seek game) is my current try. My comfrey plants have been growing huge this year. I eat the flowers and the leaves. Foot soak in the leaves and drink tea. Freedom is my goal. I watched a Mark Hemans Miracle conference on zoom from 1 -5 am this morning and that was over the top powerful. Got prophetic insights into what is causing some of my health issues. My body is still tingling. Plan to get some sleep soon. The man praying for me said in a week I would have huge changes and in a week it will be the fourth of july. Celebration of Freedom. I have already planned to cut back on coffee during the summer . I drink it weak anyway. Dark coffee makes my ears ring. Sunbathing gives me more energy and upbeat focus. Some of my pain is prolapse and hip sockets too large for ball on top of leg . Eric Berg was teaching on youtube about when you take desiccated liver your body attacks the supplement instead of your liver so your liver can heal. I am thinking maybe taking collagen might be like that and the collagen to heal the prolapse issue. It has been healing but there is more to go to be like new. I like new. Thanks again : ) .Blessings, charity

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Sharon (Ny) on 06/28/2017
0 out of 5 stars

Suddenly getting nauseous and feeling abdominal pain after eating crystallized ginger, and it is happening many hours after eating it. Anyone else have this reaction? Have eaten it many times in the past with no reaction. Do I need to eat it on a full stomach instead of as a snack on a mostly empty one?

Tennis Ball Technique
Posted by Silver (Toronto) on 07/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Tennis ball technique for sciatica is amazing. You have to put ball under your butt, opposite side of the pain. I suffered prolonged period and after only a few minutes experienced fantastic sensation.

Posted by Laura (Brussels) on 09/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Sciatica was iron deficiency in my case.

I started using liquid iron for low ferritin and within a few days my sciatic pain in the left leg, which I had had for months, disappeared completely.

Posted by Klarizza (Canada) on 11/03/2015

Hi Laura!

I have been experiencing left leg sciatica for the past month and my doctor said it's a slipped disc. She never made me have and MRI though, but a different doctor took my blood test and said I had iron deficiency. I'm really hoping it's just iron deficiency. I'm starting to take iron pills and hoping it gets better. What was your experience like?

Posted by Shelley (Delaware) on 08/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have been so blessed since I tripped over this website in Sept 2013. My elderly mother was in excrutiating pain from Sciatica..shots didn't help. Prescript meds made her a zombie. Finally Dr. recommended water therapy at a facility. The exercise in the water made all the difference in the world. Insurance initially covered it. Now she just pays 5.00 a visit. Its been a miracle. Cheers.

Posted by Livefree (Usa ) on 09/14/2015

I just started taking lysine 4 days ago in hopes to help mild Rosacea I developed on my face in March 15' (I take 1,000 mg lysine on empty stomach with 1,000 mg vita c 3x/day). So far, I have not noticed any difference in face BUT I DID notice very bad sciatica I have been experiencing for last 4 months has had 4 "good days" ....not sure yet if it is a coincidence or possibly the lysine? It's a little too soon to tell bc I do get a string of days or even a week or so from time to time where it will "let up" I'll think it's healing and then it ends up back in full debilitating force. I googled to see if others are using lysine for sciatica and that is how I found this post ;)

Posted by Livefree (Usa) on 09/17/2015

Thanks Robert! I will check him out. You have a very valid point (that many things stem from emotional states), but none the less I see people having complete cures in many different ways from the same issues/conditions/diseases. That being said, what works for one person, does not necessarily work at all for another. ;) But I am always searching natural cures, so will definitely look into the Dr. you suggested. Thanks:)

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