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Posted by Chuck (Cape Coral, Florida, United States) on 03/02/2013

Sciatica: I have been plagued with this for many years and have thought that it was due to something lacking in my diet. I will certainly try this. I was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago and have had great success against it by using only holistic methods!!!

General Feedback
Posted by Wellspruce (Juneau, Ak, Usa) on 03/01/2013

OK, I've been posting about my back pain and personally-tested Earthclinic remedies of other posters here, see Ted remedies hyaluronic acid if you want to read my journals here. Anyway the hyaluronic acid doesn't seem to be doing much. I also take glucosamine 1500 and MSM 1200 and continue the hyaluronic acid 30mg 2 x daily. After spending $thousands 18 mos ago to drs. and hospital I was never diagnosed because I wasn't about to spend thousands more to see an osteopath. Reading net sites I've learned I have siatica. Beginning tonight, I'm taking 1T ground ginger with 1t blackstrap molasses, as I have those in the house and will start the raw ginger tomorrow, and potassium 200 mg as gluconate. Also tonight I'll take at least 800 mg ibuprophen at bedtime. These three are recommended on this site for relief of siatica. Tonight I'll incorporate the exercises (crossing knees and pulling toward opposite shoulder, and stretching recommended here on this site).

The vertebrae involved seem to be the L's and the last S. Because of the pain in back, butt, hip socket and down right outer thigh, I've not slept a night through without waking 50 or more times in maybe a couple months. I'm about to claw the walls. The only temporary relief during the night is to fall asleep flat on my face and stomach which causes a whole new set of problems~~pain in several neck vertebrae.

I'll try the above for two nights and days and if no relief will increase the above dosages and include something else from this site. Please pray for me as I do all who suffer in these posts. And many thanks for those who take time to give their testimonies of what has worked for them.

Tonight I also ordered a sacral wedge which claims:

  • helps to stabilize the sacrum, allowing the pelvic girdle to relax and return to its normal position of balance.
  • helps to eliminate symptoms such as pain or numbness radiating down the legs and tightness and pain in the hip area.

There are also other items you can order that claim to help siatica~~"decompression" devices that decompress the vertebrae and others that stretch the Piriformis. I'll see how the above all work and I'll report back.

Replied by Namiyah
(Westport, Or)

I've had sciatica since the mid-nineties and tried everything from herbal supplements, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments but the pain remained constant, especially on cold, wet, rainy days. Then I purchased some Magnesium oil and placed some in a roll-on bottle of Vitamin E leaving about 1/3rd Vitamin E in the roll-on. The strategic area that I applied it was upon my tail-bone from 1L to 5L. It took about several weeks and I noticed a 75% reduction in pain. I've been using it daily for 6 months and notice a tremendous difference. Good luck!

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nv Nevada)

I have found using a laser therapy pen helpful for relieving sciatica pain. I apply the laser to all the painful points on my lower back for a few minutes and can feel the muscles releasing as I laser them. Sometimes it takes a few days to get everything to release but it always helps.

Replied by Wellspruce
(Juneau, Ak, Usa)

Thank you Namiyah from Westport, OR so much for the magnesium oil with vit E in rollon remmendation. I'm adding that to my list of remedies. I MUST TELL YOU ALL, I "tentatively" testify that I DO BELIEVE the ginger, both ground and raw, I've been taking since night before last is HELPING me. I have slept through most of the night the last two nights which is first for me in months, and though I did wake once or twice with horrific pain, that's usual, that first night I began the ginger I didn't wake with severe pain last night.

Last night before bed I spent about a half hour, 1. Rubbing my L's and lower S's and the entire siatic nerve path down leg to just below the knee where the pain ends, with cream methyl silicylate 17% with menthol USP 12% (probably 12-15 min. ),

2. Doing the exercises recommended on this site where you cross your ankle over knee then pull knee toward opposite shoulder and hold 20 or 30 seconds; doing both sides. This feels GREAT and I highly recommend for anyone not just siatic sufferers. I also did this as recommended every time I sat down yesterday and again today.

3. I also developed and performed other joint stretches in lower back and hip joints I thought would help, I did them GENTLY. Be careful.

4. I increased my B12 intake to 2000 mg morning, and an additional B12 2000 mb at evening (began the increase last night). B12 was reported on the Earthclinic under the siatica site to have cured someone's siatica.

5. The last thing I did was take about a half teaspoon of ground ginger in a finger of water before bed along with 800 mg ibuprophen. I had taken the ground or raw every three or four hrs during the day.

I don't like taking ibuporphen so will probably not take it tonight. Hoping for at least similar experience of last night.

Still awaiting the sacral wedge I ordered.

Will continue to report back. Thank you all so much for input.

Replied by Sue
(Fairfax, Va Usa)

I sympathize about sciatica pain and found help by using enzymes such as bromelain. I took one 500 mg pill or capsule of it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, and just before bed, or during the day 2 hrs after eating and. 5 hour before eating. With food it acts as digestive enzyme; without, it reduces inflammation. Also, turmeric capsules or pills (450-500 mg), with meals that contain fat and black pepper. Both of these supplements are available at health food stores, relatively cheap, with no side effects for me. Best of luck.

Replied by Wellspruce
(Juneau, Ak, Usa)

SUCCESS!! I'm pain free.

I pray all siatica sufferers read this. After trying several suggestions on earthclinic for siatica pain the two that healed me are: taking the ginger in both raw root (minced into tiny pieces and eaten throughout the day) and ground (about a teaspoon couple or three times a day) for only three or four days the hot and cold pain that was shooting down the siatic nerve path from back, over hip and to just below my right knee has stopped totally and I believe the numbness is improved. However I believe the recommended exercises that came with the sacral wedge I ordered from has done the most to heal me. I've never even used the sacral wedge as I was healed doing just the exercises. I'll try to describe the exercises, the one I do in chair and, and the two I do about three minutes on bed on waking and before I fall asleep at night.

The three exercises:

1. Sitting in chair, cross ankle at knee, with both hands pull knee toward head while back is straight. Hold 20-30 seconds. Do other leg. I do this a couple times a day. You will feel the tug over your butt muscles and into your hip and down leg. This feels marvelous and I highly recommend for anyone who wants to remain or become more limber. In the deep reading I've been doing to understand siatica, I've learned that done daily this keeps the muscle relaxed over the siatic nerve.

2. Lay flat on back; I do have my head on a pillow. Maybe you could try with then without pillow. Draw knees up with feet flat on bed (the literature recommended floor or table, but my bed is hard). Tilt pelvic area toward your head, rock your pelvis like this intermittently for a minute or so, occasionally hold the tilt for a few seconds.

3. After the above, feet still flat on bed knees together, back remaining flat on bed, roll knees to the left until they lay on bed, then rock them to the right. Rock them back and forth for a minute or two.

I was waking many times during the night with severe pain radiating from back into right hip socket and down my leg to knee; and now I have none of that pain waking me nor none of the pain at any time.

I've had no waking pain the last six or seven nights. I've noticed that doing the exercises and taking the ginger also has my other joints limber now.

I do hope so much this helps other sufferers and that they read this.


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Posted by Susan (Atlanta) on 06/27/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have faithfully consulted EC for years for many different ailments and remedies, but have never posted until now. Thank you ALL for the recommendation on the candied ginger for sciatica.....after approximately 5 pieces I feel like a new person. The shooting and stabbing pain is gone, I still feel some tension in my back but am so grateful not to feel the continual ache and throb in my thigh and calf. I will continue with the ginger and again thank everyone for their posts!

Replied by Anon
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Where can you find the candy?

Karen Messina
(New Jersey)

Hello to Baton Rouge re candied ginger - I know it's been a while but maybe you will check back. I make my own from store bought fresh ginger root. Peel it, cut it up, boil in water. Drain it, then make a simple syrup of sugar and water and boil the ginger in that. Be careful, syrup is very hot and sticky! here is Alton Brown's video:

Posted by Candy 0 (Riverdale, Ny) on 11/05/2013
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Eat raw ginger or crystalized ginger candy to permanent cure your sciatica pain. I was in constant pain for a year and a half, I could not run or walk on my treadmill, I could not sit for long periods of time and I am in my thirties. I was out walking along the Henry Hudson Parkway one afternoon and after 5 hours on constant walking the pain was unbearable in my leg. I sat down and consulted Earthclinic on my Iphone. I read 14 reviews giving praises to candies ginger, I limped along to the near supermarket and brought a bag of gingered candy. This was mid July it is now November I have been cured of the ailment since the day after consuming ginger candy. I have since started a daily regime of eating a couple slices of raw ginger, which I believe the best remedy, without the sugar from the candied version.

Replied by Southernboy Pride

How long does it take for you to eat ginger to cure this??

Posted by Uniqueadh (Mcdonough, Ga) on 12/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am so thankful to all of you for your posts. I had a severe sciata flare-up that began Thursday as a mild one. By Sunday morning(12/30/12) I could not move and it had spread all to my foot. If I even shifted a minute amount excruciating pain went through my left side (buttock to toes). My foot was so numb ans cold. It tingled and sent tingles to my arms when I ran my other foot alomg the heel. I was taking ibuprofen to no avail. My sons called the paramedics after I failed to dress for them to take me to the doctor. I could not move even an inch. The paramedics advised alternating ibuprofen with arthritis strength tylenol and drinking gatorade to balance the electrolytes.

My sons immediately went to purchase the gatorade and tylenol which I added to my regimen. I, still felt no difference so I searched for remedies to help me sleep. I came across this thread at 2:00 this morning (12/31). My son didn't want to go buy the ginger slices but we had some ground ginger. So, I had him bring me a cup of boiling water and I put a tablespoon of the ground ginger and some honey into the water and sipped it. About 30 mon. Later I made my way to soak in an epsom salt bath. When I awakened still in the tub about an hour later the pain had subsided greatly. My foot still felt numb and the calf pain was there when I tried to walk, but, it was much more bearable. I awakened this morning and all but the foot pain and numbness is gone. Thank you all so much. I am sipping another cup of ginger tea as I type.

Posted by Kathleen (Chicago, Illinois) on 12/30/2009
4 out of 5 stars

The first thing I tried from your site was ginger for sciatica. It has helped get rid of the pain immensely, but not quite gotten rid of it.

I am also taking apple cider vinegar for my high blood pressure. I feel immensely better, but it's too soon for me to say that it's the answer for me. I was prescribed generic (this may be a lot of the problem) Lisinopril which triggered the sciatica for the first time in my life and initially raised my blood pressure! It's been a living you know what for three months.

My next foray for sciatica is Epsom Salts. I usually have it but, of course, am out right now. Wouldn't it be something if that finally got rid of this beast!

Replied by Monica

A chinese osteopath I went to see for my sciatica suggested that I take ginger. I bought some this morning and ate a few pieces. It helped relieve the pain and I have greater mobility and am able to get in and out of bed easier. He also mentioned to avoid all vinegar and anything which has vinegar, all citrus fruits (oranges, lemons etc), all beans and products made from beans including coffee, soy and barley. Also to avoid prawns, spicy foods, beer and milk until the problem goes away.

Replied by Debbie
(Elk Grove, California)

I was drinking lemon juice in warm water to relieve congestion in my lungs. I have suffered asthma for 40 years. I noticed after I started drinking the lemon juice a pain in my hip became unbearable. I quit the lemon juice, started eating candied ginger which really helped. I really like the ginger candy but I think I eat too much. I noticed the posting stated not to use Apple Cider vinegar or lemons. Today, I was feeling better so I drank a little ACV with water and the pain was back within minutes. The pain is always on my left side, runs into my hip all the way to my big toe. Can anyone explain why this happens? Do I need to add salt to my diet? I take Lisinopril for my blood pressure. I thought the ACV would help my blood pressure, but apparently I am not going to be able to take ACV or lemon juice. Can anyone shed a little light on this issue, as I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Posted by Anna (Philadelphia, PA) on 02/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My husband had his sciatica pain gone in few minutes after eating ginger by itself (candidized or powdered).

Homeopathic Hypericum

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Posted by Ve (Dayton, Ohio) on 08/05/2013 3 posts
5 out of 5 stars

My mother was walking with a cane for months because of sciatica. An herbalist recommended she take the homeopathic Hypericum. Within 4 days she was able to walk without her cane. And within 1 week was pain free.

My husband also developed Sciatica and I couldn't find the homeopathic Hypericum. So I purchased St John's wort which is also Hypericum and that cured his Sciatica in 3 days. Make sure you take the product for a few weeks as directed on the bottle.

Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Chondroitin Sulfate

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Posted by Prioris (ME) on 12/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Biocell's special formulation of hyaluronic acid, biocell's collagen and chondroitin sulfate

How to cure 90% of sciatica quickly

Study on sciatica pinpointed herniated discs as the cause of 90% of all sciatica. Chances are very high that if you have sciatica, you have some degree of herniation causing it. You need to cure the hernia to cure the sciatica.

How to cure the herniated disc?

Use Biocell form of Hyaluronic Acid which includes Biocell's collagen and chondroitin Sulfate. It also uses rooster comb type of hyaluronic acid. Doctor's Best brand is the one I use. I can't recommend anything but this formulation because I can't prove it was any one specific ingredient. All 3 components are used by the gel between the discs.

There are two type of Hyaluronic acid.

1) Original rooster comb based HA

2) fermented high molecular weight HA

I have completely cured both L4-L5 and L5-S1 herniation in 6 weeks.

The L5-S1 literally crippled me with sciatica and put me on crutches and bedridden for 7 weeks along with severe pain. I was taking the fermented form of HA so wasn't protected.

When I realized what the cure was, my progression was

After week 1 ... most pain sciatica pain went away

After week 2 ... 95% of the pain went away and could stand

After week 3 ... I could start to walk somewhat without crutches and start rehabilitation of my right leg ... still some very slight sciatica

After week 4 ... I could walk around better without any crutches. Still need to rehabilitate my leg to get it stronger

Take 2-4 capsules of the Biocell formulation with cup of water on empty stomach

You will know within 1-2 weeks whether it is working.

Of course if you have more milder type of herniation, sciatica will probably resolve quicker.

Without the supplement, people with degenerative disease may never heal or take a long time. People who are young and relatively healthy will likely take only 4 weeks.


as a bonus, it will regenerate the gums

Replied by Deanne
(Sydney, Australia)
5 out of 5 stars


Thank you for letting me know about this remedy!!

My condition is much improved since taking liquid biocell collagen. Been 3 weeks and want to continue. The biocell you mentioned was hard to find for me but I ended up finding it at collagencollective website, they sell it in liquid form and the liquid biocell stuff is doing its thing and working for me. Will continue and update. Thanks again!


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Posted by Laura (Brussels) on 09/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Sciatica was iron deficiency in my case.

I started using liquid iron for low ferritin and within a few days my sciatic pain in the left leg, which I had had for months, disappeared completely.

Replied by Klarizza

Hi Laura!

I have been experiencing left leg sciatica for the past month and my doctor said it's a slipped disc. She never made me have and MRI though, but a different doctor took my blood test and said I had iron deficiency. I'm really hoping it's just iron deficiency. I'm starting to take iron pills and hoping it gets better. What was your experience like?


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Posted by Allan (South Africa) on 03/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Am I the only one to have experienced 100% cure by L-Lysine for severe Sciatica? Having been in agony for ten days with severe sciatica which made it painful to lie, sit, stand or walk and made sleeping very difficult, but just a series of cat naps between being woken by the pain, in desperation I resorted to L-Lysine on a Saturday afternoon empty stomach. Took 1500 mg followed later that evening, two hours after supper with another 1500 mg. Nothing else out of the ordinary was done or taken. The results were dramatic. On Sunday morning the sciatica was about 80% better. I continued taking 4 same doses per day, always on an empty stomach.

On Monday morning sciatica was 90% better, on Tuesday a.m. 95% better and Wednesday about 99% better. On Thursday a.m. 100% better. Gone. Continued taking gradually reducing doses until the last dose on the Saturday morning, then stopped. That was two years ago. The sciatica did not return.

Note: There is a certain carcinoma which feeds on Lysine and also an excess can produce gall stones and other unwanted side effects.

Has anyone else tried it for Sciatica?

Replied by Livefree

I just started taking lysine 4 days ago in hopes to help mild Rosacea I developed on my face in March 15' (I take 1,000 mg lysine on empty stomach with 1,000 mg vita c 3x/day). So far, I have not noticed any difference in face BUT I DID notice very bad sciatica I have been experiencing for last 4 months has had 4 "good days" ....not sure yet if it is a coincidence or possibly the lysine? It's a little too soon to tell bc I do get a string of days or even a week or so from time to time where it will "let up" I'll think it's healing and then it ends up back in full debilitating force. I googled to see if others are using lysine for sciatica and that is how I found this post ;)

Replied by Robert Henry
(St George Island, Fla.)

HI U LIVEFREE, , , , , , , , , guess I'm a broken record and sorry to dominate the scene, but again, Ozone will solve your problem. Like I keep telling folks, spend time on Dr Shallenbergers video teaching site and you will learn wonders.

I have been down this trail all my adult life with Sciatica and most times it was due to emotional stress. I once had a 5' 2" boss who was the poster boy for the song " Short People". Click and listen to the words.

When I got into a meeting with him, my muscles would tighten and pull my spine out of line. The problem went away when he fired me after our O.K. Corral episode.

I had always wanted to experience a firing and and being bitten by a snake. I have been down both trails, and am now caught up. I don't need more.

Don't think there is a chemical solution to Sciatica. Think it is a spine misalignment due to emotional or physical stress. But what do I know at my young age?


(Montgomery, Tx)

To clarify there is a chemical solution to Sciatica care. It is CBD but a strong formula (CTFO Super). Sciatica does originate in the spinal column, from slipped or damaged discs. Mine is AS = Ankylosing Spondylitis and it is technically incurable and the kind that makes curviture of spine. I don't have that. The discs get agitated and the Sciatic nerve runs from butt to feet, usually stopping at the knee, then transponds down to feet at times. It is unbearable jolting electrical pain. If it goes to toes, you get weird cramping of toe bones - very painful. In my attempts to fix all this, Orthopedic doc gave me Hyalgen shots for 2 bad knees but off the cuff, said this pain was probably Bakers Cyst. (wrong! ). Knees are good, but pain was still lingering. So... this is Sciatica, or breakdown of nerves. The cause of mine was Cipro/Levaquin Rx antibiotics years ago -- which rip out the magnesium of the body, esp. legs., causes neuropathy. Most wind up in a wheelchair with this. I am 80. I took the CBD and to my surprise was better by morning and could walk again. I take daily now. I will also do Lysine and Iron pills to help conditions. It is still there, deeply -- I can feel weakness in nerves, but I am able to walk and shop all I want to now. I am extremely happy with CBD which has 0.3% thc in it. Its a life-saver! Ya'll might want to give that a shot.

Replied by Livefree

Thanks Robert! I will check him out. You have a very valid point (that many things stem from emotional states), but none the less I see people having complete cures in many different ways from the same issues/conditions/diseases. That being said, what works for one person, does not necessarily work at all for another. ;) But I am always searching natural cures, so will definitely look into the Dr. you suggested. Thanks:)

Replied by Harry
5 out of 5 stars

Incidentally, I cured my bilateral sciatica with l-lysine 1000 mg. complettely in 3 days .I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR EVERY INFLAMMATORY SCIATICA PAINS!!!

Replied by Heidi
5 out of 5 stars

The last two nights I had severe pain starting between my shoulder blades going down to my feet. I read your post and took L-Lysine 1500mg. The pain subsided a couple minutes after I had taken Lysine and has not come back. It's been three days now that I am pain free. Thank you!

MSM, Cabbage

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Posted by Mike (Montreal, Quebec) on 12/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Last summer I made quite a remarkable discovery about getting rid of a major back pain that affected my left leg. It was later determined that I was suffering from sciatica. In my case the problem was chronic and seem to get worse over time. Then the unthinkable happened to me. It got so bad that one morning I was not able to get out of bed and at that point experienced a major panic attack thinking I had contracted some sort of a disease related to the nervous system. That's how bad it really was!!

The pain was felt constantly in my left leg and would keep me up most of the night for at least a whole week. Even the strong anti inflammatory and pain killer drugs that my doctor would prescribe was having no more effect on me and as a result I had to live with the constant pain. I even went to a chiropractor as an act of desperation and she made it much worse because the slightest pressure applied on my back would cause severe pain mostly in my left leg.

IT IS ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS SITE AND WITH A BIT OF LUCK THAT I FOUND A COMPLETE CURE TO MY BACK PROBLEM. Its now been 5 months since I last had my awful back pains so my self treatment must certainly have worked!!!!

Especially with the fact that in the past 15 years I would not go through a single year without experiencing some degree of chronic back pains.

When I had gone through some unrelated tests using the MRI scanner, I remember the nurse noticing something odd about my back. At that time I decided not to further pursuit this by not asking her what she had noticed about it. To this day I regret I never asked her anything about what she had found.

I now realize that the real problem with back aches is simply the bodies inability to naturally heal itself because of a severe lack of sulfur. IN MY CASE THAT'S ALL IT WAS!!

When I increase my sulfur consumption using supplements and natural food, it took only about 3 complete days before I noticed significant results.

I was shocked when one morning I felt that all the sudden I HAD AN URGE TO STRETCH MY BACK and was even able to lift my left leg up at least 3 feet above the ground.

It seems that what has worked for me is by taking large amount of MSM and RAW RED CABBAGE for a period of 3-4 days.

One of the main reasons I used to keep getting sore back is because of bad sitting posture over very long periods of a time in front of my computer. Also it was because I would stoop often over my car engine for very long periods at a time.

When I hear people experiencing very bad back problems especially related to sciatica then I feel so compelled to tell my incredible story.

I am so happy that my back is now completely cured and can now lead a normal life all thanks to this wonderful site. We are simply just not getting enough sulfur in our diet because as pointed out by many scientists, we tend to overcook our food and furthermore, sulfur is becoming more and more depleted mainly because of our overuse of chemicals.

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Anne (Canada) on 07/22/2014

Part one: I've been suffering terrible sciatic pain for several weeks. A few days ago I started taking ACV+baking soda 2-3 times per day in 3 cups of water because I have previously noticed that this reduces my pain remarkably within a couple of days. This is my 3rd day on ACV+baking soda and my pain is definitely reducing; I'm able to sleep for a couple of hours at night which I'm grateful for. I notice that after 2 days of this, my urine becomes very cloudy with sediment and know this is a bromide detox. The pain reduces along with expelling the cloudy urine so I think that bromide overload could also be a cause of body and joint pains. The bromide detoxes from the body because of the chloride in the baking soda. Then my iodine supplements are able to get to the cells and organs that need it.

Part two: During the night last night I used my homemade tennis ball device (long sock with 3 tennis balls- grouped in a triangle shape with wide part of the triangle at the top) placed under my sacrum while lying in bed. I used my body weight to just lay on the tennis balls to elevate the sacrum and let the glutes relax. It took about 45 minutes with muscles in the area jumping and twitching a lot but all of a sudden at about 45 minutes, I felt all the glutes and surrounding muscles release. I then did some gentle pelvic tilts and rocked very slightly side to side with legs bent at the knee to keep pressure off lower back. I did this combined treatment for about 1 hour 15 minutes. I actually was so relaxed I fell back asleep still lying on the tennis balls.

Part three: Yesterday I decided to also purchase the Backjoy device from the local pharmacy because it relieves the pressure off the sacrum when sitting and I thought it would help at the office during the day. My back, legs and hips feel so comfortable and loose today and I'm sitting on the Backjoy device for about 1/2 out of every hour. my sacrum is not pressured at all today. I have no sciatic pain in either side of lower back, buttocks or down either leg to the ankle.

I will be repeating the first two part treatment above tonight before I go to bed to see if I can stay pain free.

I will be using the BackJoy device at work and while sitting at home as well.

Network Chiropractic

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Posted by Nicholas (Edison, Nj) on 08/16/2013
5 out of 5 stars

The only time I get sciatica is after emotional stress. Unexpressed emotion flows into the body and lands in the sciatic nerve. It get handled by my chiropractor who practices what's called "network chiropractics". This means he works on the body's neurological network... Applying gentle pressure to release trapped emotion from the nerve. A couple of sessions usually gets the job done.

Pain Caused by the Piriformis Muscle

Posted by Dan (Markham, Canada) on 07/15/2008

If you have pain in your lower back called sciatica it may be caused by what is called Piriformis muscle -- this might be the cause. This muscle runs from the outer bone of your hip to the lower part of your spine. In some people the sciatica nerve may run right through the Piriformis muscle. When sitting too long this muscle will tighten and become inflamed, causing the sciatica nerve to cause what is called sciatica. The pain will run down your leg to your foot. the Piriformis muscle is there to help you rotate your leg. When your foot is turned to the right the muscle becomes tight and when you turn your foot to the left it becomes stretched.

Replied by Marie
(Philly, Pa)

Thank you for this info. I googled piriformis muscle and there was a number of videos on how to stretch the muscle. I have been in pain for a number of days. I knew it was my sciatic nerve but not the piriformis muscle. I am sitting here now after I did the stretching from two of the videos on youtube and I feel better. I will do the exercises everyday now that I know what is really affecting my sciatic nerve. My pain was from the lower back, pain especially in my hip, and down to my ankle. My knee was swelling up also. Everything feels calmer now. Thanks again!

Replied by River
(Portland, Oregon, United States)
6 posts

I'm 41 years of age and was diagnosed with sciatica at age 27 and it was one of the most debilitating experiences of my life. Everything the doctors advised me to do didn't help (which did not inlcude what actually caused it). There's the inflammatory meds they prescribe and not to mention that "one size fits all" diagram of stretches they give you; which was useless to me. I learned the cause of this condition varies from person to person.

Its not always a ruptured/bulging disc or lack of potassium. How I found out what was causing mine was through an organization called The Healthy Back Institute. I heard about them on a radio broadcast. They have a system called 'Lose The Back Pain'.

It wasn't cheap but I ordered it anyway because at that piont I was willing to try anything. Anyway, once I got the system, it had a few dvds, a reference manuel and a self assessment workbook. The jist of the program was to address the cause and the symptoms of sciatica. Now for the fun part.

The dvds and workbook is designed to help you determine what is causing your sciatica. I found out in my case, it was the piriformis muscle. There is also a series of stretches that the dvds and reference manuel walks you through based on the cause of your sciatica. While this may not work for everyone, it was an answer to my prayers.

After using this system for a year, I started to notice the pain decreased and I was able to sit, stand or walk without crying. I have been pain free for five years now. The only problem I have is I still have a slight numbness from the back of my thigh to the heel of my left foot. Being a part of EC (you guys are awesome! ) will hopefully give me more remedies to address this issue.

Healthy wishes, River

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