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Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lindaw (Deland, Florida) on 02/24/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I have had scabies many times in my adult life and have always used permethrin (Elemite) cream to kill them and it has worked until now. I was attending a Bible Study with several elderly ladies from a local nursing home. In mid December I discovered I had them. I went to my doctor on 12/23 and got the elimite cream and treated myself that evening, I left it on for 12 hrs but it didn't kill all of them so I retreated a couple days later and still had them. I knew from former research that Neem oil and extract is used for scabies so I had some neem extract and body lotion I tried putting the neem on the spots but it didn't work.

I then took baths in 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup epsom salt & 1 cup borax and they relieve the itching greatly. I soak in it for at least 30 minutes. I use liquid neem soap and add tea tree oil to it that also helps. I use a bar of sulfur soap as well. I put the neem and tea tree body lotion on immediately after I bathe or shower.

I bought a bag of sulfur powder and mixed some in the liquid soap and this seemed to help. I am still battling with these hellish things and wanted to share what I have learned as well in hopes it may help someone. I have considered taking Ivermectin orally but there are a lot of side effects and I prefer natural sources, I may try the liquid on my skin.

I also tried taking neem leaf capsules orally because they are good for so many things including digestive and immune support but had a reaction to it so I stopped taking it. I am going to try adding peroxide to my bath as well. I just read where washing soda and baking soda create peroxide I am considering trying that as well.

I am open to anything natural that may work. Cayenne pepper is too harsh for my skin so that is out for me. I have had so many issues since December and it is now Feb 24th, so it is going on 3 months now, I wish I knew a way to kill the eggs before they hatch. I appreciate the former posts because it helps to know I am not alone in this war.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Squeakyclean (Oh) on 08/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I'm still waiting to hear from my doctor about my culture, but after extensive cleansing, and diligent treatments, I believe I have killed off all signs of scabies.

I am a 20 year-old diabetic, who thought the constant itching was a result of my new insulin prescribed...wrong. I went to the ER due to severe itching which scabbed over and even infected certain wounds. They prescribed benedryl, claritin, and a steroid, which only made things worse for my auto-immune disease. Itching still going on full-throttle.

Finally went to my derm, who checked my body and saw the scabbing all over. She took a culture of my dead skin flakes, and microscoped these little suckers - scabies. I was disgusted, and mortified. However, I am one of the cleanest people I know. I am a huge believer in medicine, and doctors, as I am a healthcare professional myself. But it doesn't matter how clean you are, you ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO SCABIES regardless of your circumstances.

I used the permethrin 5% cream, prescribed to me, which seemed to immediately work overnight, however, that kills the first generation of scabies. They are constantly laying eggs, which are the little bumps all over your skin. I still kept itching, which is normal, due to the allergic reaction your body has to foreign mites in your system.
I was eager to rid them completely, so I created a super intense killing process...if you want to kill these pests, you MUST follow this extensively.
I'm only on day 2 of my process, and I'm already feeling and seeing the results. NO MORE ITCHING, and all of my scabs have healed.
First, I have access to a sauna and pool. Yes, you can use the pool, even though it's public, the chlorine in the pool will destroy them before they can access another person. I've already asked my doctor. Scabies HATE heat, so I'm sauna-ing every day for about a half hour on HIGH, changing my clothing after each thing I do. After the sauna, I immediately jump in the pool. After the pool, buy the original kind of dawn, (it's blue) with concentrate. Lather BEFORE you get in the tub all over your body to exfoliate the skin with the dawn.

Put Petroleum jelly on your neck so the scabies can't get past your neck and infect your face. I take an extremely HOT bath with about 2 cups of BORAX, 1 Cup of Bleach, a handful of sea-salt crystals, 100% orange peel essential oil and clove oil.
Rinse off with a HOT shower after.

DO NOT USE A TOWEL TO DRY. Use the hair dryer to dry yourself off, AFTER you lysol it.
If you put on clothing, make sure it is either steam-cleaned before you put it near your body, or in the dryer for 30 minutes.
I like to add Diatomaceous Earth to my dryer for each load. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth daily to all bedding, pillows, carpets, and furniture, and vacuum daily.
When finished with your bath, I suggest you make a paste of diatomaceous earth and coconut oil, with a couple drops of clove and orange peel essential oils.
Dust DE on top of your paste when finished.
I've also made a spray that I use throughout the day consisting of 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of bleach, 1 bottle of water (Distilled ONLY), clove oil, orange oil, and 1/2 cup of borax...which will dissolve.

I sleep on a tarp, which is a dollar at your local dollar store, and wrapped my pillows in garbage bags. If I use a blanket, It's dried 30 minutes while I bathe, and if used, I throw it in the wash every morning. Never use or wear the same material twice...always wash.

I steam all of my clothes daily, wear a mask and gloves when doing laundry and vacuuming the DE because it is very bad to inhale.

Also, if you can, there is a bug fumigator you can buy for your house, 1 per room. It's about $10 for 4. It contains the same ingredients as the cream prescribed by my doctor, and though it's not for mites, it will help kill them if they're in a house...just make sure you're gone for 4 hours while you fumigate. PLEASE comet your tubs and sinks after use, and scrub the heck out of them while wearing gloves.
I suggest shaving with disposable razors, and throwing away with each use.
Please be diligent. It's worth taking a week to do all of this, in place of having these pests for 10 years.
Like I said, I'm on day 2, and no itching, no bumps, and scabs are healed....AND I have diabetes...meaning I heal much slower than your average joe.
I also will note, I'm drinking DE (doesn't matter how much) in every drink, and I take 2 TBSP. of ACV daily to start my day.
This is not to be taken lightly. Do your research, be careful, and get rid of this!

Clove Oil
Posted by Brainbuster (Indianapolis) on 09/19/2015

How can you possibly be "finding" these mites? In your bath towel, in your daughter's shirt, etc.

They are supposed to be invisible to the naked eye, and I have yet to see one (despite all the evidence of them).

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Carol (Akron, OH) on 03/22/2015

My heart goes out to anyone who is suffering from any skin issues especially scabies. I just wanted to leave a comment to those franticly and endlessly up in the middle of the night searching the internet for a cure or treatment.

1st of all, the permethrin is not really that toxic. Fake sugars are more dangerous than permethrin as your liver is involved with metabolizing in the food or beverage you may repeatedly consume rather than the permethrin you just wash off. Sure a small amount is absorbed through the skin but it's a substance your body can breakdown easily. Don't be afraid of it. It's a plan analog of pymetherin made by a flower that acts like a nerve exciter and mini stun-gun to insects. They die after to repeated shocks to their nerves, you just feel a slight harmless tingle.

The pill, ivermectin, is a bit more serious though, all healthy persons can well handle it but not those with liver issues. It may cause liver damage if too much is ingested. It is a bacterial analog of a soil microbe that paralyses insects and especially larva. When consumed with a fatty meal, it is better metabolized and makes its way to the skin from the inside out. It works but only if you take care not to re-infect.

I really do believe some of you out there may not actually have scabies but some other skin issue and those that do, may think their scabies is still active due to the itching that remains after treatment. I have found that the skin reacts to things you are doing to it. Looking back, the itching with no visible rashes that was waking me up and causing so much anxiety was coming from the bleach baths.My skin was trying to heal.

Also, save yourself the trouble of daily washing of bed clothes and buy 8 bedsheets, towels and cheap blankets to spare yourself the time and energy of daily washing. That way, you only have to wash every seven days with one day with of bed linens to spare. Cover beds with venal covers and spray with bleach water after changing each night through the duration of your treatment.

Over the years I've kept an eye out for the things that people say works best.

  1. Clove oil (can cause pin prick sensations next day)
  2. Bleach baths (ditto)
  3. Arm & Hammer for sensitive skin laundry detergent (one scoop in a long hot bath)
  4. Kleen Free enzyme based soap soak in bath or sprayed on skin.
  5. 100% pure tree gum oil of turpentine
  6. Sulfur Soap (can cause itching and dryness)
  7. Peroxide and Borax (may cause pin prick sensations after the bath)
  8. Diatomaceous earth (strongly made me itch when used daily on skin after a while)
  9. Tea Tree oil
  10. Neem oil.

I'd say in that order, according to what I read, worked best for people. I also see a lot of people who say they have scabies but then mentioning being able to see them coming out of their skin, flying around them, describing puss filled blisters and other non-scabies serious skin conditions. Remember the more fear you have in your consciousness, the less likely you are going to see clearly, so calm the anxiety and don't imagine the worse case scenario is going to happen to you.

This whole mess back in 2012 took such a toll on me emotionally, looking back I see I was the case of most of it. The strange skin condition I had then was only an activating catalyst for my nerves and anxiety. Please don't make the same mistake. Go to bed and get the sleep your body needs. If you are up late reading this with fear, the best thing at this moment is to go to bed and give your body and nerves the rest. Tomorrow you can resume your quest for knowledge and get closer to solving your problem which you eventually will.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Tg (Al) on 12/25/2013

You can get ivermectin at farm supply stores or a co-op--like Tractor Supply Co or somthing similar. I use the cattle pour-on ivermectin in extremely low doses on my poultry--like 3 drops for an 8 pound bird. This is dosed on the skin, measured w/ a syringe (also bought at Tractor Supply Co) but no needle. It goes in through the skin and kills worms and somehow also kills fleas/mites on the outside. Research miticides with no emphasis on being for a human. Most of what our pets get we also can take, the dose is all that is different. Check out your local feed/farm store and ask what they have for mites/mange/etc. Our local clerk tells me that most of the horse hormones are purchased by body builders, but they can't sell it to them if they know that's what it's for.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 10/16/2013

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Last year when I was addressing Lymphoma, I had an out break of mites of some kind. I think it was associated with the cancer as Hulda Clarks says. Anyways, I went to my doctor and he gave me an insecticide. That did not work, so I went to a Dermatoligist and he gave me a gel that was supposed to smother them. The sorry rascal did not send the specimans off for indentification.

I read where mites die at 120 degrees so we washed all my clothes and bed sheets with the hot water heater on maximam. I took a FIR Sauna at 160 degrees every day. That solved my problem. Any other treatment besides heat , then you are pissen in the wind.

Know lots of you don't have the money for a FIR Sauna, but you dang sure know how to build a fire. The native Indians used heat to solve a lot of their health problems. You figure out how to get your skin above 120 degrees and you are home free.

For parasites that are in the skin, heat is the only solution. Otherwise you have a long drawn out process. Heed what I say. I've been there.

Love you like a FIRST COUSIN. == OLE RH ====

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Shae (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 07/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Sorry this is a long one guys, but I really hope it helps. I don't have a clue as to where I got Scabies from but it really irritates me. I know it was an accident and no one is to blame, but I hate those little mosters! I was able to catch them early on and went to the interwebs to find out why the area around my ankles were so damn itchy and found out that is was scabies. I was not a happy critter and wanted then gone. Now. After reading all of the horror stories with doctors misdiagnosing and things getting worse, I went the natural route. That first day I stripped all of my bedding and threw it in the sanitary cycle in my washer then filled a bottle with bleach and water to spray down the matress, box spring, and bed frame. I let all of that dry and used a spare bed set to cover the bed, just the fitted sheats and a blanket along with the pillowcases so I wouldn't have so much laundry. I dried everything on high heat and set them in a plastic tub to alternate with the other bedding and changed it every morning, spraying down the mattress again each time.

I've been showering everyday and using a borax scrub in the shower along with a tea tree bar of soap and then a lavender bar of soap. I air dried and then spray myself with a borax/water/peroxide mixture and then let that dry. Before I got into bed, even just sitting down, I would spray it down and let that dry before doing so and also sprayed the pillows on both sides. After getting bedding into the laundry every mornig and spraying down the mattress I would vacuum the carpets very well and use the bleach spray on doorhandles that I've touched before jumping into the shower as described and then putting on the alternate bedding.

The other night I realized how dry my skin was getting and it was only making the itch worse so I ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower with my lavender soap to wash off the dried spray. Instead of using the spray on my skin I only use it on the bedding and use a coconut oil/tea tree/peppermint oil for my skin right when I get out of the shower, whenever I feel an itch and before I go to sleep. I have hardly had any problems with itching since switching to the coconut oil. Make sure to get it all over the place and maybe keep a separate jar for your face with more coconut oil in it so it's not as potent, don't get it in your eyes of course. I've only got them on my outer forearms and inner ankles up to about mid calf. I've only had it for a week or so and it's already starting to get way better, the bumps are going away and it's not nearly as itchy as it had been before. I was super lucky that I caught it so early and was able to keep the little bastards from spreading. Good luck everyone who has these monsters and I hope you get rid of then soon, they're awful and I havwn't even had them for very long! I used a 24oz spray bottle

Bleach spray: 1Ts for every 12oz of water

Borax/peroxide/water spray: 2Ts of each for every 6oz of water

Coconut oil mix: I did about 2c of oil and 50drops tea tree and 25drops of peppermint. I would add 1/4c of coconut oil if you're goin to use a different jar for the face and ears.

Epsom Salts
Posted by Earthgirl17 (Elyria, Oh) on 09/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I first of all would like to thank everyone who posted their remedies for scabies. They are tenacious little critters aren't they! I did alot of research online and would like to share my story.

I had over a dozen large crusted scabies spots on my arms and legs... Dozens more smaller ones. I did some landscaping for a friend and we dug out a flower bed no one had touched for 20 years. I got poison ivy too (or pehaps not since I had never been allergic to it before), but didn't realize the scabies for a few days... Thought it was all just poison ivy at first. I 've had scabies before so I knew what they looked like, but the crusted scabies, or Norwegian scabies, is just the same mite but many, many, MANY of them. My skin was raised up, or very swollen in spots, with some diameters much larger than a silver dollar.

I used the borax and peroxide baths, omitting the peroxide alot, since I had no income for a while. I lost 3 jobs because I looked so awful and didn't want to contaminate others. I put myself in quarantine for about 6 weeks. My kids got small spots but I killed those right away. I was taking 5-6 borax baths in a 24 hour period, scrubbing down with it in the hottest water I could stand (my tolerance went up considerably over 6 weeks) and letting it dry before soaking. I could tell it was helping but needed something else. I used essential oils also- lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus globulus, rosemary, orange, others... and pennyroyal, which is highly toxic. It can shut down your kidneys so make sure you cleanse with a detox tea after and only use it once a week. I had them so bad I felt sick, so I detoxed my liver and kidneys with herbal teas- detoxing also helps your body deal with the little buggers! Also MSM, since it contains sulfur, I took twice everyday. I figured that, like candida, they thrive in an acidic atmospere, so I alkalized with cucumber and lemon water. I ate alkalizing vegetables and cut out all meat, sugar and alcohol. I ate a spoonful of coconut oil everyday, and used it topically to help my dried-out skin. I also used a capful of bleach and a toothbrush and scrubbed the spots occasionally, but I could tell that was making me sick too.

So, I went back online seeking other cures. The more cures I used, the more results I got. I feel that the Epsom salts really put the nail in the scabies' coffin, so to speak. I alternated borax baths with Epsoms baths, eventually just using the Epsoms salts, scrubbing myself with the salts and letting it dry a while before soaking. That's when they really started to die off. They hate sulfur. Maybe magnesium too? The essential oils helped with killing the eggs so they'd quit coming back. When I got it in my eyes, I used hot, soaked green tea bags on them. I'm not sure if it was the heat or the tea but they left my eyes. Also swimming in the neighborhood pool that contained way too much bromine may also have helped! Hahaha

I also cleaned my house and bedding incessantly, like others suggested, placing plastic covers on everything, vacuuming everyday. It was exhausting, and I barely slept for 6 weeks.

Besides the physical ways of doing away with scabies, FAITH is absolutely the best thing I had going for me. Don't ever lose it!! Faith is EVERYTHING. Not religion, but a pure steadfast belief in what you want. It always works.

Hope this works for you as well!!! It was hell!! - but I have valuable experience now, and we all have trials to go through. Maybe mine was so I could help others, I don't know- but I truly hope you find your cure!! I have the battle scars to prove I WON!!!

Take care and God bless!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Njnit (Newark, Nj) on 01/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am fully cured now! Here's an update on how I did it. I found that using sulfur daily decimated my skin. So, I mixed sulfur powder with vaseline and applied it from the neck down and then hung out, on a sheet, in front of the tv for an afternoon. I probably left the sulfur mix on for 4 hours or so.

I bought some diatemaceous earth which is a natural insecticide. I dusted my mattress, area rugs, couch, and my car with that.

I washed my linens daily and placed all of my dirty laundry in a plastic garbage bag to keep it seperate from everything else. I washed my clothing in hot water, adding borax to the wash.

I showered or bathed daily. I used Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil liquid soap. I kept a small container of a mix of borax and sulfur next to the shower. I mixed it with the liquid soap and used it as a scrub.

After showering I would use an oil mixture of clove, neem, orange, and tea tree. I used vitamin e oil as the carrier oil and found that it worked better than coconut oil because it is thicker and therefore coated my skin better.

I took a hot bath in salted water every other day instead of a shower. I noticed that the salt water bath did wonders for any bites I had. I used sea salt. The improvment over the course of a week was dramatic!

I have not had any new bites in over a month. I will continue with the oil treatments and the tea tree oil soap, but have stopped using sulfur and borax as a scrub.

It is such a relief that I am cured. However, my skin is scarred and ruined from their bites. This has been such an awful experience, but I wanted to let everyone suffering know that there is light at the end of the tunnel! You can beat this!

Good luck and keep at it.

Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil
Posted by Anita (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/25/2012

How to get rid of scabies/mites. I had a bad attack, with bites all over. I went to the chemist who gave me a cream to put all over my body after a shower and leave on for 24 hours, but still had the crawling sensation. A cleaning guru in Australia had mentioned that orange juice is a cure for head lice, so I bought an orange and washed myself with it (undiluted) including my hair. I haven't had a bite since. If I felt 'something' I bought some roll on personal insect spray and rolled it all around where the sensation was, because I was so badly bitten there would have been extra mites hanging around. Have not been bitten in 2 days. Apparently it's the citrus juice - it gets right under your skin. Grapefruit and lemon juice are apparently better.

Bleach and Water
Posted by Ksk (Jacksonville, Fl) on 01/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I did all of the hygiene ideas recommended--washed all my clothes and linens in hot water with anti- bacterial soap, threw my bedspread in the trash, etc. And I did 2 rounds of the medicine my doctor gave me-- Permethrin.

However, I honestly think the bleach cleanser (bleach and water) I tried one night was the actual cure. It stopped the itching immediately and after applying it directly to my skin for a couple of nights, the mites are gone. This has only gone on for a week for me. My heart goes out to those of you who have been dealing with it so long. I'm a health care professional and have been around scabies-infected people for years but never got it until now. I was infected with scabies from having sex with a man who does not have the symptoms. He must just be carrying it. Anyway, I don't care if the bleach is bad for your skin as long as I'm cured. This has been a nightmare. Good luck everybody.

Citrus Mouthwash
Posted by Lorisayshey (San Diego, Ca) on 08/15/2011

Scabies are a microscopic insect that burrow into your skin and leave marks that look like flea or misquito bites. It is very diffucult to be rid of because they are micoscopic and they reproduce rapidly. It burrows into the top layer of your skin, digs a tunnel and makes a nest using the fibers of your clothes, then it lays 1-3 eggs every day which hatch in a few days. They become larvae which then travel down the tunnel to the surface of your skin and hang onto the hair on your skin until they turn into adults a few days later, then they burrow into your skin and continue this disgusting process. If you scratch your skin, the eggs get under your nails and you tranfer them to other parts of your body very quicklty. This spreads it and makes it harder to get rid of. The adults cannot live outside your body for more than 72 hours; however, the eggs can last for years in clothes, furniture, etc. You must kill the eggs left under your skin before they hatch or you could have this stuff for years!

I was fortunate to know right away that I had Scabies because someone close to me was diagnosed and was undergoing treatment when I visited him. He told me right off that he was being treated for Scabies (didn't know what that was at the time) and that his dermatologist said that he was not contagious as long as he was undergoing the treatment, but we found this to be untrue in my case! I noticed the first itchy spots the very next day and all I did was sit on his couch for a couple hours watching a movie. Most people don't find out they have Scabies for weeks and by that time they are severely infested and so his their home, car, office, or places they frequent. This makes it more difficult to rid themselves of this horrible disgusting parasite and to prevent others from catching it. Here's what I did to get rid of it in 5 days and what I passed onto my friend, who was much more infested than me, and also was able to get rid of it completely in about 2 weeks.

Here's what you need to purchase at the store:

  • Organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) not white vinegar (1 part vinegar 8 parts water) in new clean spray bottle. Used to sterilize.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Q-tips
  • Bleach (1 part bleach 4 parts water) in spray bottle. Used to sterilize.
  • 100% peppermint oil
  • 100% tea tree oil
  • Non-itch formula (1/4 cup coconut oil with 3 drops peppermint oil and 6 drops tea tree oil). Also kills adult Scabies and their larvae.
  • A box of Borax or Baking soda sanitizes the wash.
  • Plastic mattress cover and plastic bags that can be sealed or tied shut completely. Mattress cover should cover your entire mattess (like the kind that zips up).
  • Either purchase Castle peppermint liquid soap, or put a few drops of peppermint oil in your shampoo and liquid body soap.
  • Purchase a new nylon body scrubber to wash with don't use washclothes.

Antibacterial soap to wash hands throughout the day or you can use any liquid soap with a few drops of peppermint oil. Using antibacterial soap too much will dry out your hands eventually, I found out later.

You must be deligent at all times to get rid of this horrible pest, not just for yourself, but for those you care about or come in contact with throughout the day.

1. Remember at all times that you are highly contagious and infected until ALL red spots are completely gone (about 10 days since the last spot left). DON'T EVER SCRATCH IT that's how you spread it. As soon at it itches, apply the non-itch formula, even if this means you must wake up in the middle of the night to apply the formula.

2. Don't touch or hug anyone! If you come in close contact with someone while you are infected, you MUST warn them that you are infected and that they should check themselves twice daily to see if they get bite marks, which typically show up first under their arms, on their back, or inside their thighs.

3. Clean and sterilize anything that you've touched until ALL red spots are gone! Such as: bedsheets, pillows, blankets, clothes, towels, brushes, combs, door knobs, car seat, steering wheel, office chair, toilet seats (use covers). Wash everything in hot water, add 1/4 cup baking soda or Borax to wash, and dry in hot dryer. If you can't wash it, spray it with the Apple Cider vinegar solution or dryclean it, or throw it out inside a plastic bag and put in trash outside the home.

4. To keep from having to wash bed pillows every day, I wrapped mine tightly with plastic trash bags.

5. Remove rugs from bathroom floor. If your bathroom is carpeted, cover the carpet with rugs that can be washed after every shower.

6. My daily routine was as follows:

  • Didn't do anything until I first stripped bed of sheets, pillow cases, blankets, pjs, underwear and put in them in washer right away (not in the laundry basket, but in the washer). But didn't turn on washer until I got out of shower. If you get up and go into kitchen and make coffee or do something before you do this, you may be spreading the pest to other places in your house without knowing it. So get in the shower first thing. They seem to reproduce more active during the night, thus they could be on the surface of your skin, so if you have any on your skin when you wake, you could easily transfer them to another location that you or someone else could pick up later.
  • Spray mattress and pillows (that are wrapped in plastic bags) with bleach formula.
  • Stand in shower and put hydrogen peroxide all over your body, especially on the sores. Wait 5 minutes, then shower with hot water as hot as you can stand it.
  • While in shower, first wash hands from hyrodgen peroxide - don't get in eyes, wash hair with peppermint soap (I used Castle peppermint liquid soap, but you can put a few drops of peppermint oil in any body wash or liquid soap and use this), then wash body with peppermint soap. If you shave, use throwaway shavers and don't use them more than once. Don't use peppermint soap on private areas and careful not to get in eyes, only because it stings. Use your regular soap on private areas and your regular shampoo and cream rinse after using the peppermint soap. Don't use regular soap on other areas of your body. You need to keep as much of the non-itch formula on your skin throughout the day as possible because when the larvae come to the surface of your skin and come in contact with the peppermint and also the tea tree oil, it kills them. It wears off after a few hours. The coconut oil is not only used to dilute the peppermint oil and tea tree oil, but the coconut oil also has natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that help to keep the skin clean. The coconut oil also helps to smother the adult Scabies. I read that you can also use olive oil, but I used coconut oil because I already knew of its other benefits. I've used coconut oil for years to keep from catching colds, flu, etc. The peppermint and coconut oil are also natural exfolients that keep the skin moist and will help to keep the skin from drying out due to all the washings.
  • Before getting out of shower, spray shower wall, floor and everything in shower with the bleach formula. Get out of shower and towell off, then put the same towell on the floor and stand on this until you are ready to dress.
  • After towelling off and combing hair with pre-sterilized brush (soaked in bleach or ACV formula), apply the non-itch formula to each sore then rub it into the rest of your body all over, including the face.
  • Spray down sink, toilet, and bathroom floor with ACV solution and wipe up with same towel and put this towell in washer with bedding.
  • Put on clean clothes that have not not worn yet or that have been washed in hot water with Borax or bleach.
  • Turn on washer. Put everything in dryer and dry hot for 50 minutes (before you leave for work so that they are ready when you arrive home later).
  • Take ACV spray with you to work along with the non-itch formula.
  • Put a clean towell over car seat and then spray towel on seat and steering wheel each morning before getting into car with the ACV spray.
  • While at work, use caution. Do not touch anyone (shake hands) or exchange materials with others that you have touched. Do not scratch, apply non-itch formula to sores several times during the day and as as often as needed. Spray office chair with Apple cider vinegar solution before sitting on it. It's best if you can stay home and isolated if possible. However, I know that everyone can't do this.
  • When you arrive home, get clean towels and clothes (not those in the dryer these are for later) and repeat steps to take a shower BEFORE sitting down or touching anything don't take clean items out of dryer until AFTER you have showered. If you have to sit down on anything, put a clean towel down first, but recommend you shower as soon as you can. Don't forget to put the towel you sat on in the washer before someone else sits on it. Also, don't put dirty clothes in hamper, put them in a trash bag. If you did, spray hamper with bleach formula.
  • Now take clean bedding, pjs, etc. Out of dryer and make bed. You should be clean the rest of the night, but I also sprayed my feet with the Apple Cider vinegar spray each time before I put them into bed. Try to get up during the night to reapply the non-itch formula. Once it wears off, you can get bitten again very easily and this whole process has to start all over again!
  • Repeat this routine daily until ALL red spots are gone. Takes about 10 days after last bite is totally healed.
    It's hard and exhausting, but you can win and get rid of these things if you are patient, deligent, and don't give up!

Day 1 - I started out with six sores the morning after I came in contact with infected person. I had five bites under my right arm, one under my left arm. These things are extremely itchy and when you scratch them, they hurt! When hot water hits them they string! I Began treatment later that evening (day 2), next morning I had 7 more (13 total) under left arm, under breast, inside left upper thigh and inside right leg by knee, and even one on the back of my neck. Day 3, no new ones and the first ones started to get lighter. Day 4, no new ones and first ones were almost gone. Day 5 all but two bites were almost gone. There were two that would not go away. Kept applying hydrogen peroxide could see welts around the bite area that were the eggs under the skin. Skin looked normal until I soaked the area with the hyrodgen peroxide. Eventually 2 days later they started to go away too. However, when I was still recovering from the last one, I was forced to take care of my quad son to feed him, because his caretaker had a death in the family. While I was feeding him dinner (darn it I should have worn latex gloves), he got three small bites on his neck. I treated it right away with hydrogen peroxide, but by the next morning his face, neck, shoulders, and scalp were covered with hundreds of bites! So, I covered myself up as much as possible, wore latex gloves and began treating him too. My last sore was nearly gone by now, so I thought I was ok, but I WAS NOT! My poor son. The only place he can feel is above his shoulders and the entire area is covered with bites. He can't stop scratching rubs his head and neck on his wheelchair headrest, so it is making it harder to get rid of. I let all his caretakers go and I stayed home from work to care for him. After putting the hyrogen peroxide all over his face and neck using a q-tip, they burn itch horibbly. Then applied the non-itch formula all over his body, did better. 2nd night he could actually sleep thru the night thank God. But, even though I covered myself all over while caring for him, I still woke up with a new bite on my arm! These things are so horrible and very hard to get rid of.

I recommend that you go online and read everything you can about what other people had to go through with this horrible parasite and what things they did that helped. Best site I found was Don't totally trust what doctors tell you (even a dematologist) and don't waste money purchasing products created to treat this pest they aren't guaranteed and the household items I used worked fine! My friend's dermatologist did not tell him that others could get infected if they sat on his infected couch like it did! If you don't follow the above instructions, you may continue to get reinfested and end of having to take some really bad stronger medicine that could cause other major health problems. Just read others' unbelieveable stories on the internet who have been through this. Some were infected for years!

Another thing to note. My friend went to his dermatologist. The standard remedy given is to prescribe Permethrin cream, which includes a toxic synthetic chemical commonly used as a pesticide! They tell you to cover your body with this stuff and leave it on ALL NIGHT! Are they kidding this chemical is banned in 40 countries but not in the USA. This chemical is known to cause cancer, seizures, and Parkinson's disease!

I am a Christian and I believe that the Lord helped me figure out how to get over this stuff quickly by 1) leading me to the treatment info I needed to get be rid of it, and 2) reminding me to be deligent about doing what needed to be done when it needed to be done and stick with it, even when it was in the middle of the night when I was dead tired and didn't want to get up and put the non-itch formula on my sores. It seems to itch the most at night. I was so, so tempted to just scratch it and go back to sleep. I thank God He helped me through this so that my son and I could be free of it and not infest anyone else. I pray that my journal and instructions help someone else get free from these awful things. Hang in there, pray, trust the Lord and He will get you through it!

Found out later that you DO NOT want to put the bleach on your skin. Causes the adult to burrow deeper into your skin. Use the hyrogen peroxide - works better at killing them inside their tunnels - the eggs too.

Acapulco Leaves
Posted by Rp (Usa) on 06/27/2018

Wikipedia says, "S. scabiei mites are under 0.5 mm in size, but are sometimes visible as pinpoints of white." The confusion is that when they are inside the skin, they are not visible. Once a remedy is applied that forces them out and they die, they are seen on the skin as tiny specks of black, brown, or white (depending upon the stage of development and whether they have "fed" recently).

They are definitely visible if one looks closely and uses a method that is liquidy so that they climb out as they die. Creams are too thick for them to climb out so they die without being as visible. Carrier oils with essential oils, Aloe Vera juice with essential oils, borax and peroxide (in a bath or simply applied from a container with the mixture), alcohol and essential oils, or bathing in diluted bleach (strong pool water) or diluted non-chlorine bleach (releases peroxide) ... will all force them out and kill them, and then they absolutely are visible.

Even repeatedly rubbing the stronger isopropyl alcohol (or other) with essential oils (tea tree, cedar, clove, orange, rosemary, and/or others) on the skin where they are known to be will immediately get them out and they can be felt on the skin and seen.

That some comment that it is"cruel to mention one can see them, simply shows one does not know or have experience in understanding the difference between what happens when an effective remedy works, and when one is infested and untreated.

Tiny flecks of black can be seen in bath water as it drains out as well if the treatment is effective and if you look very closely.

Acapulco Leaves
Posted by He Had Cooties Or Ants - Not Scabies (Tacoma, Wa) on 02/26/2011

Your kid must have had ants or cooties because what you described is not scabies...

- the scabies literally crawled out by the hundreds (scary)

-watch the mites run down the drain,

Two problems with your treatment description is:

You have anywhere from 10-20 mites on you .. if you have scabies - not "hundreds" as you put it.
The mites are a translucent teeny, tiny mite that is no bigger than the size of pin point when fully grown.. so to see them "run down the drain" and "litterally crawling out of your skin" is false!

    Good luck with that ant or cooties problem because its not scabies that your treating.

    Acapulco Leaves
    Posted by Jessence (Sa, Tx) on 03/21/2011

    I respectfully disagree with the "microscopic" comments. I have had horrible acne for a while now which has been getting MUCH worse as of late. I also, as of the past month, have had intense, unbearable itching and swelling of my yoni (Sanskrit for vagina). I thought the acne was just acne~ even though I am a vegan, take raw food supplements, drink kefir daily, raw honey and home made chai tea (cinnamon, cloves, ginger, ect plus coconut milk), and basically do everything right~ and was rather stumped about it. The itch I thought was herpes (you don't have to sleep around to get it) and started natural treatments for that, but received a negative on my herpes test. So, stumped again.

    Well, recently I came across information that much acne is caused by the Demodex mite. After hours of research, I deduced that this was my acne problem, as I had all of the secondary symptoms and it totally resonated with me. So, I immediately got in the bath (at 2 am), dumped in Epsom salts and tea tree oil, and upon getting out of the bath, I slathered myself in tea tree, neem oil and coconut oil. Well, that was followed by MAJOR itch and crawling sensations on my face and yoni. I wiped at a crawly area on my face and examined my finger closely under a bright lamp. Well, there was a little SOMETHING there, kinda grayish, barely visable, long and thin~ so I smashed it between my thumbs and flattened it out. I continued inspecting my face, and lo and behold~ they were everywhere! On my face, my hairline, even on my neck and chest as I guess they tried to escape. I could FEEL them and SEE them. I couldn't tell if they were dead or not, so I tried to squish them all. Many were an exact replica of the first one found~ many were different. I seemed to have 3 (maybe 4) distinct stages of them coming out of my skin. Some were more white and soft bodied (nymphs?), some were hard and crystally (eggs?). Some came out with fibers (I read somewhere that the mite uses fibers from your clothes to make a nest). These were not all different things I was seeing and just paranoid so mistook them for the mites. These were all identical to the others of the same stage. Needless to say, I was totally grossed out, but SOOO happy to FINALLY have an answer to my embarrassing acne~ as well as the itchiness and crawy sensations of my face, scalp and ears.

    Well, then I had the idea to put the same concoction on my yoni (which was only mildly itchy at the time due to the bath). OMG~ the ITCH after putting the oils on her!!!! Crawling, creeping hell! I usually don't scrath down there, so I started to gently rub it for some relief and when I looked at my fingers, they were COVERED in the VERY SAME parasites!!!!!! I swear on my LIFE, this is the truth! I wiped my fingers on a towel, and did it again, focusing on where the itch was~ and same thing! This went on until 5 am, when I could take no more and went to sleep.

    So, today I went out and bought some tinctures of black walnut hull, wormwood and clove and I am putting myself on a MAJOR parasite cleanse. I also added clove oil and the tinctures to my oil concoction (clove oil kills parasite eggs and the others kill the other stages of parasites). I took a shower and applied the brew to my face, and got the same visable results. I applied it to my yoni, and more of the same, and this time I also got crawlies on my thighs and when I looked at those spots there was invariably a grayish speck there, undoubtably trying to escape. I am now sitting in a borax bath as I type this. So, this long story is to say that YES you CAN see them! AND you can definitely FEEL them crawling on (and in) your skin. This is not something I would spend all this time on simply telling a tall tale to yank your chain. I am extremely busy, and this past month with this SERIOUS issue has TRULY eaten up my time and I have been MISERABLE. I want NOTHING more than to get back to "normal". I guess you should be very careful when you pray that "all impure things inside of me be released and cleansed". I do think I am going to be healthier than ever, and optimum, pure, radiant health is my highest desire. I am extremely happy that I don't have herpes, because I was really dreading having to tell my husband. He's been in Panama building our island home while I have been staying at my parent's (ordering sustainable home supplies, seeds, and all the things we need to be self sufficient) for the last 6 months, and I didn't want to cause him any reason to doubt my devotion and think I cheated on him (which I NEVER have). So, I guess this is better than that. But IT SUCKS!!!! I know on some level I agreed to take this on, and I hope someday I am able to help someone else who suffers from it (I also know ALL about herpes now! ). Thanks for listening, I hope this is useful to someone and I wish you ALL the very best health imaginable. Namaste.

    Bleach and Water
    Posted by Jules (Georgia) on 04/23/2021
    5 out of 5 stars

    So thankful I found this site. In 2021 this regimen of bleach/water still works. Particularly on page 2. I would add to use veterinarians formula antiparasitic/antisebhorrahic shampoo and lime sulfur dips on the animals. Be very careful and make sure to dilute it, using just a paper towel around the animal's face. It's very toxic to their eyes/nose etc. Also, don't go in the car for 4 days so the mites die off. Take a bath in 2 cups of bleach, 1 cup hydrogen peroxide daily. Spray down with a 4:1 or 5:1 spray of water to bleach, whatever your skin can handle. Then use lotions with essential oils to rehydrate. I also got a prescription of metronidazole which is an antibiotic/antiparasitic. Lots of times Take good probiotics to counteract it wiping out your good bacteria.

    I want to Thank this forum for finally getting my home back. My husband and I are completely rid of Scabies because of this forum.. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Here is our story and what we did to finally rid our bodies and home from these relentless critters.

    We tried the prescription creams and even took the pills that doctors prescribed and scrubbed my house and washed the linens every day, only to have recurrences every 4-5 days. After 3 failed attempts doing it the doctor's way finally I headed to the internet and found this website. I read all the different posts for what others were using and having success. I guess you can say I gathered a mix of treatments. Here is what we did to finally rid our bodies and home.

    1) Wrap the mattress and box springs in plastic

    2) Wrap the couch in plastic

    3) Steam Clean the Carpets -- We added 1/4 cup Chlorine free bleach, 3 Tblsp Dr Bonners Castile Peppermint soap and Zep Carpet Cleaner to mix with our water. Not only did this actually do a better job on our carpets then the cleaner itself ever did, but our carpets were minty fresh.

    4) Take the bed linens off the bed every morning and straight to the washing machine. Add borax with your detergent. Then to the dryer until completely dry, I ran mine for 2 cycles. Spray the plastic on the bed with 50/50 Cholorine free bleach and Water, let air dry.

    5) If you have pets, bathe them with the Peppermint soap made into shampoo. Use a nit/flea comb to remove any eggs that they are carrying. No the scabies don't infect them, but they do provide them with rides all over your house.

    6) Remove daily clothing in the bathroom and place them directly into a plastic bag to transport clothing and towels to the washing machine.

    7)Bathe twice a day, make the water as hot as you can take. Add Tblsp of each -Dr Bonners castile Citrus, Tea Tree and Peppermint oil soaps to the Bath water and soak. Then wash with one of the castile oil soaps which ever one you choose for the day and shower off. Towel dry and spray entire body with a 50/50 mix of the chlorine free bleach and Water. Place towel in the plastic bag with the clothing you were wearing and off to the laundry.

    8) vacuum carpets every day.

    9) each day spray every room in your house from floor to ceiling (everything- walls, doors, cabinets, floor.. Etc. ) with a 50/50 mix of chlorine free bleach and water.

    In 10 days and we were completely free of scabies from our bodies and home. I say 10 days because we were clear of any outbreaks in 5 days, but we kept up the cleaning regiment for another 5 days just to make sure we didn't have another recurrence in the usual 4-5 days when we were following the doctor prescribed methods.

    You have to be completely ready to stay with the routine, if you decide that you are tired and don't follow through with the cleaning regiment, I promise you will be sorry. Just plan on starting over as though it is day one all over again. Trust me you can't win the battle if you aren't fighting.

    Once again Thank you everyone for posting your remedies, I hope passing along our success story will help someone else. Please pay attention to your body because the chlorine free bleach and soaps are not for everyone and I wouldn't want anyone to have an adverse reaction if you have allergies or sensitive skin to any of the ingredients used, then don't use them, create a mix of your own that works for you.

    Petroleum Jelly, Ivermectin
    Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 04/25/2021

    Linda, go to Tractor Supply or Rural King, to the animal medicines. There should be ivermectin injectable, pour on or paste. You want the pour on one. The animal supply places have all sorts of things--dmso, povidone iodine, tar-based salves and so on. Stuff the people pharmacies have rejected in favor of modern pharma.

    Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
    Posted by Rp (Usa) on 07/10/2018

    Another option (other than using aloe vera gel or oil as a carrier for essential oils) is to use Witch Hazel solution which is available everywhere. Witch Hazel is soothing and has a low alcohol content which also helps kill the mites, but again, you can add a few drops of essential oil (clove, cedar, tea tree would be useful) to the solution.

    Keeping your eyes closed, apply some of the liquid mixture and wait till the liquid dries before opening them (which should not take long), leaving just a residue of medicinal essential oil. How strong should essential oils used be? Strong enough that you feel some tingling, but not so that they burn you with their intensity.

    Multiple Remedies
    Posted by Ldc (Los Angeles) on 12/15/2017
    4 out of 5 stars

    Which brand of bleach are you using / did you use for baths?

    On a side note, been dealing with scabies for many months and I have used lots of remedies, including daily use of Permethrin, high dose Ivermectin (1.8X dose every other day), sulphur, Neem oil, turpentine, DMSO, and the list goes on.

    Recently I saw a few people say they had success with infrared sauna - so I started doing that at a facility several days ago and bought one too (arrives in a couple days), and after reading a lot of forums and comments over the last many months, just now am seeing the bleach/borax/hydrogen peroxide bath routine. Lots of success stories. So, I'm on it - but would love to know which brand of bleach everyone is using. As a natural living type of a person, I prefer the least toxic version.

    The infrared sauna is helping, and it up regulates immune function and I have more energy. Not fully covinced though that it is clearing scabies, but, I feel better at least. Once the sauna arrives I'll be doing it morning and night.

    I have had some success putting a mixure of tourpetine and DMSO (with a 5:1 ratio, respectively) directly on the scabie wounds using cotton tips, but it is not the end all be all cure, that's for sure.

    I was gung ho about neem oil becase it is supposed to stop scabie reproduction, and it's been used successfully in India, but, after a few days I started to have a reaction.

    My skin absolutely reacts horribly to tea tree oil.

    I can handle small amounts of suplhur cream, but not a lot.

    The Kleen Green I'm disappointed in - I used that for many weeks, starting at the 1:7 dilution, then to 1:5, then to 1:3. I stopped for a few weeks. Now I'm using it straight since I can't do neem oil. I figure that's better than nothing. (It's supposed to cause them to molt early, killing them indirectly.)

    Weak immune function doesallow them to proliferate - I recommend Vitamin C IVs if you can afford them. Administered by naturopathic doctors or integrative medical doctors. They super charge the immune system - also needed to fight the scabies.

    And of course, everything is washed every day; everywhere is vacuumed every day. The one area I'm neglecting is my car - I need to get on that.

    This is an all consuming war.

    Clove Oil
    Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 04/09/2016

    Clove oil in carrier oil works on scabies. I found this study a few years ago to confirm.

    Clove Oil
    Posted by Rp (Usa) on 06/18/2018

    You are right about clove oil being an excellent scabicide (others work as well, such as cedar oil, and others), but what you shared about covering the bed is also important for many to understand.

    When pest control companies are brought in to treat for fleas, ticks, or mange when there are dogs, one of the first things they say is to treat the area where the dog sleeps, because the parasites are there, and eggs may also be there. With humans, the same holds true: the bed must be treated (spraying with a dilute ammonia solution will definitely kill them) and covering the bed with plastic is a good precaution (as well as washing the sheets every day in hot/drying on hottest setting).

    Many simply treat successfully only to reinfest themselves over and over again because they didn't pay attention to treating the bed itself, under the sheets! You have pointed out something that is vital!

    Hair Dryer
    Posted by Linda (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) on 04/05/2015
    5 out of 5 stars

    I have written here before thinking I had found relief from scabies only to find again that they were still around. I used many of the ideas on Earthclinic. It is almost a year ago now that I started using a hair dryer on the scabies and it is amazing as soon as you start. I haven't found any scabies in months but I worry every time I itch and I just use the hairdryer. I use it as hot as possible till I can't stand the heat or burn feeling. I read from a person on this site about that idea first and it made sense. As soon as I did this the redness or aliveness faded. It works fast, you just have to get all the places and then of course there is the clothes and house cleaning. Good luck with these horrible little "animals". This works great!

    Bleach and Water
    Posted by Colleen (Branson, Mo.) on 10/07/2016

    I have concern about those who go to 'hotels' to get away from their scabies while they die off in their homes. Did you ever consider that you're passing them on to the next person who stays in that room, probably the within the contagious period?

    They do change the sheets, but not the spread or the pillows, or the carpet. I can understand wanting to run from it, but we need to think of others. Just sayin'

    Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
    Posted by Earthdweller (Mo) on 12/23/2013
    5 out of 5 stars

    Hi, I actually discovered EC back in '08 and have come here several times of the intervening years. I wish there were a better way to vote on posts aside from yea & nay, but the site has great value nontheless.

    The reason for my post is to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU TED! For this remedy. I was actually looking for a remedy for scabies when I came across this.

    I've been suffering from this since October but now I have real hope. MDs won't help, search engines obscure results in favor for establishment treatments that don't work and cost boo-kew bucks, and that is simply ridiculous and downright psychopathic in this information age. Just shows how screwed up values are in this country.

    Last night at my wits end I decided to try yet another internet search for something, anything to make some progress on this problem. When I found this I immediately checked to see if I had any h202 around. I had 3oz of 3%, so diluted made 10.5oz to which I added 1.5 tbls of Borax.

    After showering the 3% permethrin off of me I'd been wearing for 4 days (yes I know that's bad), and applying the borax/h202 solution to my poor tortured body, I felt tingling, stinging where I tried it on my lower leg. After giving myself a rather nasty burn from using a self made concoction of sulfur powder+vaseline+cayenne extract, I only did the worst spot to see what happened. After a few minutes the stinging went away entirely so I proceeded to another spot. Same response, so I repeated this over my entire body. The stinging is a bit uncomfortable but it doesn't last long and it tells you the solution is working.

    I felt great and was able to fall asleep quickly, although I was pretty confident I would reinfest myself getting from the bathroom to the bed. Sure enough, I awoke about 2 hrs later with a couple of itchy areas. I was hoping it might just be the result of ultra dry skin, but it wasn't. So after 30 minutes passed without being able to fall asleep again I arose and went straight to the bathroom to see how bad the re-infestation was. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

    So I showered off the old borax and had just enough to reply. The stinging was there again but not as severe or long lasting. But I knew this would be a sure cure if I could clean up my environment. Although I tried to be careful after the 2nd treatment I was highly confident I would be re-infested before I could leave the house to replenish supplies and mount a serious effort to evict the little buggers with borax.

    When I returned home that afternoon I could feel some of the itching return, though FAR FAR less than before. Although I was dog tired and need to get some sleep I knew what would happen if I tried before carefully and thoroughly cleaning everything.

    I have sprayed a solution of borax & water on the waterbed (no bedding on it), the carpets and in the bathroom. I'm waiting for it to dry before hoping in the shower to apply the 3rd round of borax / h2o2 solution.

    This time I used a large garbage bag and unloaded the dryer directly into it. I sure hope I've cleaned those dang things out of here and tonight will be first night of restful sleep. Trying to decide whether to shower first or get the bedding ready to sleep on.

    Anyway, I'm now confident I have the knowledge & tools to overcome this ordeal and get on with my life one again.


    Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
    Posted by Earthdweller (Mo) on 12/24/2013
    4 out of 5 stars

    I was so excited to see the results of the borax / h202 solution I just couldn't wait to post last night. However great this solution is to scabies it isn't an "instant fix".

    I have scabies over a large portion of my body. The worst is my right leg which became infected and swollen. That's what led me to seek an MD in the first place.

    I just finished a round of Cipro (antibiotic) and was also given a shot of Medrol at that time. That seemed to take care of the majority of the swelling & infection.

    But the leg is still very red with some swelling. When I treat it with borax / h202 it oozes clear pus here and there, but it's very minor compared to when I first went to the Dr. I see a few of the scabie "trails" after putting the solution on, and if they itch I scrub them real well and I can finally get them to sting and die, as they then fade and go away.

    My point is that I believe the remedy is the best I've seen, and it does work, but persistence is very, very important as is cleaning your environment. That is why repeating the process every day is required until you can get yourself & the environment rid of the beasts.

    Another important point is that if you have thickened skin (as I have on my leg) you may need to use a stronger penetrating agent (such as DMSO) to get the borax under the skin to where the mites and their eggs are.

    I still haven't had a full nights rest yet. An hour or two after going to sleep I awaken shivering. I live in a small (less than 1000 sq ft) house which is heated by a wood stove. The bedroom stays about 10 degrees cooler than the living room, but it's close to 69 degrees in the bedroom. I have no idea what is causing that. Perhaps it's a side effect from leaving the permethrin on too long, or perhaps it's my ultra dry skin caused by the borax treatments.

    Right now for example I'm sitting right in front of the stove, it's 80 degrees and I'm beginning to shiver. I've been out of bed for 6 hours now and I'm starting to notice some itchyness on my back and a little on my arms. So I'm about to go the bathroom, switch on the electric heater and do some spot applications of the borax / h202 solution where I itch and put on fresh clothing.

    Thats my update. I will keep posting in hopes that this information my help others, even if it's just to provide a measure of comfort by knowing you're not alone in your struggle.

    Bye for now.

    Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
    Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 12/26/2013

    HI U EARTH DWELLER, , , , , , , know you are excited about your find, but can promise you that you are still in trouble. Some of the eggs have not hatched and they are staggered and will hatch for sometime. Your bed clothing still has mites in them unless you have continuously addressed that with isolation and hot washing and drying.

    My evolution with mites went like yours and others that have posted. I did not post my whole story six months ago. I will because I think folks can cut to the chase by reading it. The mites first showed up on my right knee and then covered my body. Like you I went to the drug store and bought 1 % OTC Permethrim which is for head lice and useless. I then went to my MD and he prescribed 5 % Permithrim which is also useless. I then went to the Farm Co-op and bought 10% Permithrim that is used on horses. That did some good. At the same time I was doing the peroxide, borax baths and bathed with a sulfur soap. All this time I thought I had Demodex mites and it may have been. Dog mange is Demodex mites and I have cured many dogs and I can tell you that my cure is far better than Ted's. Anyway, that is the rational for using sulfur soap. I also bought the hottest Mexican pepper sauce available and coated my body while standing in my bath.

    At the same time I was isolating my bed linens and washing with our hot water heater wide open. We covered my mattress with Diatomaceous Earth and totally enclosed the mattress in plastic cover. Things were getting better but not rid of the critters yet. I then went to a very good Dermatologist and carried him samples of both the male and females mites. We collected them with a lint roller. He prescribed an ointment , Triamcinolone Acetonide , 0.025% with instructions to cover my body morning and night.

    All this time I had been useing my FIR Sauna daily. Read where heat of 120 F would kill them , so I upped my sauna temperature to 160 to 180 F. Went back to the Dermotologist in two weeks and he declared that the ointment had worked and just coat my body once a day. I never went back and stayed with my hot sauna's for two more weeks. He did not send the mite samples off for identification and said it was just a rash.

    In hind sight, I think all these posts help, but I am convinced that it is the heat that truly rids you of these critters. For me, it seems ridiculous to think changing your diet will cure you of a skin parasite. Hope my long winded diatribe has given you good earth clinic folks a short cut to solving your mite problem. Ain't life interesting?

    =========OLE ROBERT HENRY===========

    Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak
    Posted by Earthdweller (Mo) on 01/05/2014

    Hey everyone, just wanted to provide an update on my progress with scabies.

    The treatment I've been using since 12/27/2013 is 1 cup coconut oil + 1 Tblsp sulfur powder. I spread it all over my body and really scrub it in where the scabies are the most active (greatest concentration of red bumps or where skin has grown thick or crusted over). 1 cup is good for about 4 days used twice a day.

    I'm happy to report that I'll probably be scabies free in about a week. I'm now sleeping 5-7 hrs a night and I've got no major itching, and all swelling has gone away. Large areas on back, shoulders, buttocks & thighs are clear, only red smooth skin where massive bumps once were.

    However on my right leg, the first place to show symptoms, is proving to be difficult to oust the scabies. It has thickened skin, in some places it has been very crusty and I really scrub it down, and remove the dead skin each shower. This uncovers more scabies lines / burrows which the sulfur & oil will destroy with enough scrubbing.

    I'm also talking 3 Symbiotics Colostrum Plus capsules twice a day. Couldn't find water kefur grains locally and no $ to order online right now. Found a 20 oz water kefur drink for $8 or $9 but the flavor didn't sound appealing and it was at most 2 servings.

    The one drawback to this treatment regimen is that I shiver alot, even if the room temp is 85 degrees and I'm bundled up many layers of clothes. I just can't stay warm. This is usually what awakens me before morning comes. I am shivering but find I'm actually sweating on the side I lay on. By the time this happens the coconut oil is absorbed into the skin and it feels quite dry on the opposite side to where I sleep, or on my arms.

    I still spray water+borax and vacuum once a day, and keep up the routine of washing all bedding and clothing, usually 4 -5 loads of laundry a day. I'll be glad when I can back off that, but I won't until I see no new bumps for at least 4 days. I'm close, but still finding 3 - 6 bumps appearing on my arms and various other places. I wear latex gloves most of the time and am very watchful of wear new bumps appear; if on the arms, hands or feet I try to determine if they were introduced from on my body or the environment. Most of the time now they come from some place on my person.

    So that's about it. This treatment works, though it takes many iterations to achieve clear skin. In my case it was about the only treatment that I could see was effective. I did try DMSO+Borax+H202, and that also works, but is really harsh on the skin. Also used MMS+DMSO with same results. I use that as a spot treatment of small patches. It seems to burn the skin and leave it red and sensitive.

    Anyway, thanks to EarthClinic and all who post here and give their reports of their tribulations and remedies. This is an excellent example of how the Internet brings us together to help one another, to foster a sense of real community.

    Good luck everyone!

    Borax and Baking Soda Scrub
    Posted by Mattb (Larose, LA) on 10/12/2013
    4 out of 5 stars

    I have been battling scabies for weeks now. I have applied 5% permethrin twice and lately starting to use borax and baking soda to make body scrub. Most of the time during the day I don't itch much but in the morning after I wake up and walk into my kitchen to cook breakfast, and my kitchen is kind of warm so I sweat easely my back and stomach feels like I get pricked by 100 needles and it goes away after about a minute. I wonder if it's the hair folicals that is infected from the scabies or the scabies moving around all at ones. When it comes to scrubbing yourself with borax and baking soda I don't recommend using a nylon scrubber because it will will tare up your skin and it will make the concoction sting. I really do want to get rid of these mites so I was thinking about trying the 1/8 tsp borax in a liter of water to see if it will help with the eggs. But I'm afraid that I will get sick after reading what other people have posted. I don't have problem sleeping anymore, hardly itching at all during the night. Could it be that I don't have scabies anymore but I have post-scabies itch and also itching from the borax? I am considering going to a dermatologist to let him or her check it out.

    Multiple Remedies
    Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 04/19/2017

    HI U MARY,,,,,,,,,,,, first, your dog has to go. You are pissin in the wind. I cured my mites with 160 degree sauna. The other alternative is a Rife Machine. In either case you must put all your clothes in a plastic bag daily and you must wash your bed sheets in scalding water every day. If you are not up to this then you deserve what you have. Know that's hard saying, but I's a plain spoken person. Some folks on EC are touchy feely. I am not. About half love me and half hate me. What surprises me it that most women love ORH. Now that is wild and strange. Maybe they see beyond the talk and see the what's in my heart.


    EC: NO!

    Ted's famous borax and hydrogen peroxide remedy in the Pets (mange) section has been used around the world for 15 years now and cured thousands of dogs. Post any questions for our amazing pet contributor, Theresa from MN, to answer.

    Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 12/28/2012
    5 out of 5 stars

    For scabies infection use the homeopathic remedy PSORINUM 30C. Within less than 1/2 hr. it will be gone. Use once or twice more. It helped me immediately. If your health food store does not have it, it can be ordered. Cost: about less than Can. $10. The medical remedy was cancer causing as per info. And cost about Can. $80.

    Stay away from costly, dangerous medicines. I saw my aura turn black with the medical remedy! You could try Psorinum on pets without side effects. Otherwise use Ted's remedy. From Om

    Clove Oil
    Posted by Itchynva (Charlottesville, Va) on 11/28/2012
    5 out of 5 stars

    I just have to say Clove Oil is the Cure. I didnt know I had scabies until 4 months after I had gotten them. It started on my buttocks and then after a couple of months I started on my lower legs and calves, I thought it was chiggers... So I treated for that, but that wasn't it and after waking up at 3 and 4 in the morning with an itch that would not quit, I started looking online for what it could be. I used lye soap which I knew would cure poison ivy, that just dried the whelps but obiously did not cure the itch. I had some relief but not much. It was only when I noticed that now my back and arms were broek out in whelps and I felt creepy crawlys in my hair and on my face but could not see anything. I read and read and read all the stuff online, I tried everything and I mean everything. I tried the baths with salt, bleach, peroxide, borax, citrus mouthwash and added essential oils to my shampoo and body lotion etc. It was only until I used only the clove oil and suggested by other people on here, did I try that and only that after a hot bath with tea tree oil, after one day the itching was gone and after day 3, the redness has gone and the itching is gone. I will continue to use this for the next month just to be sure. I am so over cleaning and washing clothes and sheets and pillow cases, but at least I can sleep now and I think I am on the road to being cured. I sure hope I dont jinx myself by writing this prematurely. Good luck to everyone that is suffering from this beast of a creature. If I can offer any advice let me know.

    Multiple Remedies
    Posted by Suzanne (Knoxville, Tn, Usa) on 05/26/2012

    I have read through the posts on earth clinic about treating scabies and their has been a lot of good info. I would like to add my story that ends with a happy ending. I was fighting these biting bug mites, call it what you may for two months when me and my husband finally left the house after spraying it down heavy with insceticide and drove to the beach for a week. I swam in the ocean every day sometimes twice a day, washed all the sheets clothes towels what ever I touched every day. I also rubbed myself down with coconut oil twice a day and put clove oil in it also. Every time I felt an itch I put coconut oil on right away. I sat on a towel in the car that I washed at the end of the day and was taking two showers a day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. I also used tecnu in the shower. When I was at the ocean I scrubbed with the sand to kill the mites. They don't like salt at all. I went from like a hundred bites to 20 to 10 in a matter of three days. This is day six and I don't have many places that bother me. I am praying that the lord heals me completly soon and hope that I can help someone else that maybe going through this. It is awful... But I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your eyes and God and let him give you wisdom and healing through this.

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