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Top Natural Remedies for Scabies

Red Wine Spray
Posted by Wantemgone (Tn) on 04/07/2015
4 out of 5 stars

So red wine works and kills these monsters? I've done all the cleaning on what these threads say except the steam which I cant afford! I got a dog and got lucky with myvet they took my word and started her on revolution ive took the hot bath the suanas...ive applied TTO bleach periode and avc! My problem is I thought I had it licked but my dog seems to b acting up in the nights and now I am again aftr 2 months im really low on money and havent tried the borax and dont even know where to get it only thing I can think of was a person came over and they never shower but I seen them itching so now makes me wonder if I was cured or reibfested myself? So upset can anybody plz help with a cheapwr method so far ive only got a few raised spot that look like mosquite bites with itches luckily no wiggles yet however I have foundthose brown specks on my belly when they had been clearing up andvmy vet told me scabies in dogs r different than humans tht is very rare tht a mite from dog get on us so they cant produce I got sle lupus my skin is so dry plzhelp just cant handle this nitemare thank u for listening and god bless each good luck to all.