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Posted by Robin (CA) on 04/27/2021
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Important when you have scabies to wear latex gloves when showering or bathing so you don't spread scabies all over your body. And especially when wiping after using the bathroom or changing pads during period. Women don't use tampons during this problem at all!! Also, try to wear gloves as long as you can daily assuming it's not summer. Also always wear thick socks with diatomaceous inside them. Turn the sock inside out then grab some diatomaceous earth with inside out sock. Then turn the sock right side in. I used ankle socks. This along with consistent glove wearing kept me from spreading mites in my environment cutting down cleaning and helps to effectively stop the vicious cycle. These two steps also prevented feeling them inside and out. Not to mention keeping diatomaceous earth in my socks helps blood pressure and water retention. I do it to this day.

I also shaved my head bald. I'm not kidding. I'm a woman and I figured I wasn't going out or seeing many people anyway. It helped alot but I know it's not for most people. I also drank diatomaceous earth in water daily. There are miticide foggers also that help especially cause your so exhausted mentally and physically. And dehumidifiers and heat used together with all windows closed for as long as possible (you have to leave the premises of course. Try just hanging outside.) Always keep any furniture a few inches away from walls from now on. Never have any furniture, knick knacks touching walls. I also stopped hanging pictures and other things on walls to prevent hiding places for pests, parasites. From now on lifestyle means less is more!

One last mention is to keep any clothes, shoes, pictures, memorabilia, anything stored or not in immediate use that you would like to keep seal it tight in plastic from now on. This is important as a rule of thumb. It cuts down cleaning and having to throw things out for many types of infestation like mites, bed bugs and roaches. I hope this helps.

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Posted by Squeakyclean (Oh) on 08/01/2015
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I'm still waiting to hear from my doctor about my culture, but after extensive cleansing, and diligent treatments, I believe I have killed off all signs of scabies.

I am a 20 year-old diabetic, who thought the constant itching was a result of my new insulin prescribed...wrong. I went to the ER due to severe itching which scabbed over and even infected certain wounds. They prescribed benedryl, claritin, and a steroid, which only made things worse for my auto-immune disease. Itching still going on full-throttle.

Finally went to my derm, who checked my body and saw the scabbing all over. She took a culture of my dead skin flakes, and microscoped these little suckers - scabies. I was disgusted, and mortified. However, I am one of the cleanest people I know. I am a huge believer in medicine, and doctors, as I am a healthcare professional myself. But it doesn't matter how clean you are, you ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO SCABIES regardless of your circumstances.

I used the permethrin 5% cream, prescribed to me, which seemed to immediately work overnight, however, that kills the first generation of scabies. They are constantly laying eggs, which are the little bumps all over your skin. I still kept itching, which is normal, due to the allergic reaction your body has to foreign mites in your system.
I was eager to rid them completely, so I created a super intense killing process...if you want to kill these pests, you MUST follow this extensively.
I'm only on day 2 of my process, and I'm already feeling and seeing the results. NO MORE ITCHING, and all of my scabs have healed.
First, I have access to a sauna and pool. Yes, you can use the pool, even though it's public, the chlorine in the pool will destroy them before they can access another person. I've already asked my doctor. Scabies HATE heat, so I'm sauna-ing every day for about a half hour on HIGH, changing my clothing after each thing I do. After the sauna, I immediately jump in the pool. After the pool, buy the original kind of dawn, (it's blue) with concentrate. Lather BEFORE you get in the tub all over your body to exfoliate the skin with the dawn.

Put Petroleum jelly on your neck so the scabies can't get past your neck and infect your face. I take an extremely HOT bath with about 2 cups of BORAX, 1 Cup of Bleach, a handful of sea-salt crystals, 100% orange peel essential oil and clove oil.
Rinse off with a HOT shower after.

DO NOT USE A TOWEL TO DRY. Use the hair dryer to dry yourself off, AFTER you lysol it.
If you put on clothing, make sure it is either steam-cleaned before you put it near your body, or in the dryer for 30 minutes.
I like to add Diatomaceous Earth to my dryer for each load. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth daily to all bedding, pillows, carpets, and furniture, and vacuum daily.
When finished with your bath, I suggest you make a paste of diatomaceous earth and coconut oil, with a couple drops of clove and orange peel essential oils.
Dust DE on top of your paste when finished.
I've also made a spray that I use throughout the day consisting of 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of bleach, 1 bottle of water (Distilled ONLY), clove oil, orange oil, and 1/2 cup of borax...which will dissolve.

I sleep on a tarp, which is a dollar at your local dollar store, and wrapped my pillows in garbage bags. If I use a blanket, It's dried 30 minutes while I bathe, and if used, I throw it in the wash every morning. Never use or wear the same material twice...always wash.

I steam all of my clothes daily, wear a mask and gloves when doing laundry and vacuuming the DE because it is very bad to inhale.

Also, if you can, there is a bug fumigator you can buy for your house, 1 per room. It's about $10 for 4. It contains the same ingredients as the cream prescribed by my doctor, and though it's not for mites, it will help kill them if they're in a house...just make sure you're gone for 4 hours while you fumigate. PLEASE comet your tubs and sinks after use, and scrub the heck out of them while wearing gloves.
I suggest shaving with disposable razors, and throwing away with each use.
Please be diligent. It's worth taking a week to do all of this, in place of having these pests for 10 years.
Like I said, I'm on day 2, and no itching, no bumps, and scabs are healed....AND I have diabetes...meaning I heal much slower than your average joe.
I also will note, I'm drinking DE (doesn't matter how much) in every drink, and I take 2 TBSP. of ACV daily to start my day.
This is not to be taken lightly. Do your research, be careful, and get rid of this!

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Posted by Shae (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 07/03/2013
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Sorry this is a long one guys, but I really hope it helps. I don't have a clue as to where I got Scabies from but it really irritates me. I know it was an accident and no one is to blame, but I hate those little mosters! I was able to catch them early on and went to the interwebs to find out why the area around my ankles were so damn itchy and found out that is was scabies. I was not a happy critter and wanted then gone. Now. After reading all of the horror stories with doctors misdiagnosing and things getting worse, I went the natural route. That first day I stripped all of my bedding and threw it in the sanitary cycle in my washer then filled a bottle with bleach and water to spray down the matress, box spring, and bed frame. I let all of that dry and used a spare bed set to cover the bed, just the fitted sheats and a blanket along with the pillowcases so I wouldn't have so much laundry. I dried everything on high heat and set them in a plastic tub to alternate with the other bedding and changed it every morning, spraying down the mattress again each time.

I've been showering everyday and using a borax scrub in the shower along with a tea tree bar of soap and then a lavender bar of soap. I air dried and then spray myself with a borax/water/peroxide mixture and then let that dry. Before I got into bed, even just sitting down, I would spray it down and let that dry before doing so and also sprayed the pillows on both sides. After getting bedding into the laundry every mornig and spraying down the mattress I would vacuum the carpets very well and use the bleach spray on doorhandles that I've touched before jumping into the shower as described and then putting on the alternate bedding.

The other night I realized how dry my skin was getting and it was only making the itch worse so I ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower with my lavender soap to wash off the dried spray. Instead of using the spray on my skin I only use it on the bedding and use a coconut oil/tea tree/peppermint oil for my skin right when I get out of the shower, whenever I feel an itch and before I go to sleep. I have hardly had any problems with itching since switching to the coconut oil. Make sure to get it all over the place and maybe keep a separate jar for your face with more coconut oil in it so it's not as potent, don't get it in your eyes of course. I've only got them on my outer forearms and inner ankles up to about mid calf. I've only had it for a week or so and it's already starting to get way better, the bumps are going away and it's not nearly as itchy as it had been before. I was super lucky that I caught it so early and was able to keep the little bastards from spreading. Good luck everyone who has these monsters and I hope you get rid of then soon, they're awful and I havwn't even had them for very long! I used a 24oz spray bottle

Bleach spray: 1Ts for every 12oz of water

Borax/peroxide/water spray: 2Ts of each for every 6oz of water

Coconut oil mix: I did about 2c of oil and 50drops tea tree and 25drops of peppermint. I would add 1/4c of coconut oil if you're goin to use a different jar for the face and ears.

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Posted by Jen (Fort Madison, Iowa) on 01/12/2013
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I just would like to say thank you sooo much I scrolled threw alot and looked at several websites and remedey and this site and remedies was a Godsend. I was freakeed and ashamed and at my witts end. I strip ouir bed eveyday and spray it with bleach water. Sprinkle borax on all carpet let sit half hour then vacum. I spray lysol or bug spray daily on furniture. But inmportantly the deal with taking a shower with half olive oil and dial soap everynight air dry or use a blow dryer they hate heat. Then spray with peroxide blow dry and spray I mean soak your body from neck to feet with tea tree oil and jergens original lotion put clothes to cover frm head to toe. Sleep. Day take a bath wth borax hydrgen peroxide and epsom salt then spray entire body with citrus listerine and dress repeat for atleast two weeks. This came from a combo of others info on here. thanks soo much to all for there info. Hop e it works for you. Jen

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Posted by Sheba (Gold Beach , Oregon) on 03/24/2012
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Scabies: what I did was bathe in borax 1 cup and hydrogen peroxide 1 cup, also made a paste of borax & h.p. and scrubbed my whole body in hottest water I could take. After reading everythig on this site I compiled my own attack. After the bath in about a cup &1/2 liquid soap add approx. 7-10 each drops peppermint oil teatree oil clove oil any citrus oil eucaliptus oil lavender oil, oregano oil. Take soap-oil mixture rub it ALL over body, sit in tub for 5-7 minutes ( no water in tub ) Do the face and scalp also. Filled tub up to rinse off and shapoo hair After drying off applied mixture of all the oils mentioned above with coconut oil all over. Thanks all you were a tremendous help. God bless P. S. This was a full frontal assault.

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Posted by Njnit (Newark, Nj) on 01/29/2012
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I am fully cured now! Here's an update on how I did it. I found that using sulfur daily decimated my skin. So, I mixed sulfur powder with vaseline and applied it from the neck down and then hung out, on a sheet, in front of the tv for an afternoon. I probably left the sulfur mix on for 4 hours or so.

I bought some diatemaceous earth which is a natural insecticide. I dusted my mattress, area rugs, couch, and my car with that.

I washed my linens daily and placed all of my dirty laundry in a plastic garbage bag to keep it seperate from everything else. I washed my clothing in hot water, adding borax to the wash.

I showered or bathed daily. I used Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Oil liquid soap. I kept a small container of a mix of borax and sulfur next to the shower. I mixed it with the liquid soap and used it as a scrub.

After showering I would use an oil mixture of clove, neem, orange, and tea tree. I used vitamin e oil as the carrier oil and found that it worked better than coconut oil because it is thicker and therefore coated my skin better.

I took a hot bath in salted water every other day instead of a shower. I noticed that the salt water bath did wonders for any bites I had. I used sea salt. The improvment over the course of a week was dramatic!

I have not had any new bites in over a month. I will continue with the oil treatments and the tea tree oil soap, but have stopped using sulfur and borax as a scrub.

It is such a relief that I am cured. However, my skin is scarred and ruined from their bites. This has been such an awful experience, but I wanted to let everyone suffering know that there is light at the end of the tunnel! You can beat this!

Good luck and keep at it.

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Posted by Asdf (Oregon) on 07/28/2011
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I have finally figured out how to beat the scabies with ease.

1. Buy the Kleen Green big gallon 128oz so that you can soak and spray your environment.

2. Buy 20 mule borax or any other borax to soak clothes for 15 minutes, add a touch of kleen green too and then wash and dry on high heat.

3. Buy a scrub cloth to scrub your body.. u can also get sulfur soap if u like.

4. Get some diacotomus earth and put on your carpet the proper way... Check instructions first as this thing is very dusty, my vacuum turned white once I tried to vacuum. So check instructions on proper use and get dust mask if needed.

5. Be positive and say an affirmation everyday like healing and health is my birth right... Or everyday in everyway I am getting better and better. Say a prayer every morning and night, there is a spiritual aspect to this I believe.

6. Drink teas that detoxify your body, or find a way to detoxify your body and do not eat junk food at all...!

7. Thats it... U will be cured within a week or 2 if you are diligent. Also checkout scabies as they have an oil formula that is effective, or if u like just buy what they are offering as it is what I have figured out through trial and error and research online... They have a money back guarantee... So thats a nice thing :)... Ur choice... Also try the above at your own, risk... I dont want u to sue me for trying to help you...

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Posted by Peni (Stockton, Ca) on 10/08/2010
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I had scabies, I use the borax and hydrogen peroxide bath half cup of each set in bath for 20 min, I also drink apple cider vinger three times a day.. During work hours I used sulpher for acne to rub on areas that itch..

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Posted by Mike (Basalt, Md) on 08/16/2010
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I have been without symptoms of scabies for about 3 months. I had them mostly on my calf's my inside forearms also my face, eyebrows and hairline on my head. Mostly on my lower legs. My treatment was baths with one eighth cup dish soap plus one cup borax or baking soda or salt. I also used in the bath super washing soda which is something called sodium borate it is by far the strongest and can really burn. Also I used coconut oil a small amount goes a long way. And I got great results with the coconut oil or I seemed to. I would massage the coconut oil into the affected area. My recommendation start with massage coconut oil into affected areas run bath put dish soap in plus the amounts will vary baking soda up to 2 cups borax up to one and one half cups super washing soda (sodium borate) up to one cup and that is alot. Always start with a smaller amount and see how it goes.

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Posted by Ztop (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 07/07/2010
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I joined just to help.

I'm not sure what I had but I thought it was scabies. Instead of going to the doctors and having them tell me their not sure what type of rash I have,

I treated myself for the worst possibility. I tried a lot of things, citrus oil, a little neem, vasiline, borax etc.

What I found is this:
1) use really hot water with a removal shower head and spray all affected areas. I would do this twice a day.

2) use Tea Tree Soap after spraying the affected areas.

3) I used a Tea Tree ointment after showering all over my body.

4) Wash or soak all clothing and bedding everyday in hot water until all signs of scabbies is gone. Add about a cup of borax to the water. The reason for washing your clothing everyday is scabbies are mites and they spread.

You should also vacuum carpets, spray vinegar water on chairs that you've used. Place all possibly contaminated clothing or bedding in plastic bags until you wash them.

I found that hot water works the best. The more hot water the better. You can see the bite areas start to heal the next day. The itching stops almost immediately. It takes a while for the bites to actually go away but you will see new bites stop appearing and you will notice a difference in the color of the bites.

The soap and ointment assist the hot water treatments.The nice thing about using a removable spray head is that you can reach every part of your body.

I just wanted to share my experience with others to help you relieve you problem the quickest way possible.

Try it! It worked for me. And it is cheap. Lol

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Posted by Granny (Miami, Florida, United States) on 02/03/2009
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Scabies cure: Keep keyboard & kitchen area mist sprayed with 91% alcohol or white vinegar. Mist spray tub & shower after each use with diluted clorax half & half. Put all clothing & bedding in twist tie garbage bags till washed,dry all materials BONE dry on high daily. Sprinkle furniture & carpet lightly with 20 mule team borax ( use seasoning bottle with holes ). Plastic cover mattress, spray with diluted clorax wipe dry in 1/2 hour. For cold water wash use Washing Soda 1/4 cup ( handle with care read label ) mixed with 1/4 cup borax plus regular detergent etc.

Smear from head to soles of feet with Petroleum Jelly avoid eyes, nose, mouth, after about 1-2 hours, will start to itch intensely, they're suffocating, this lasts about 2 hours. In morning shower good any bite feeling you have dab w/PJ,within about 6 hours biting should be all gone, slight post itch is commom though, continue spraying etc for 4-5 days, bless you and good luck