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Posted by Ldc (Los Angeles) on 12/15/2017
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Which brand of bleach are you using / did you use for baths?

On a side note, been dealing with scabies for many months and I have used lots of remedies, including daily use of Permethrin, high dose Ivermectin (1.8X dose every other day), sulphur, Neem oil, turpentine, DMSO, and the list goes on.

Recently I saw a few people say they had success with infrared sauna - so I started doing that at a facility several days ago and bought one too (arrives in a couple days), and after reading a lot of forums and comments over the last many months, just now am seeing the bleach/borax/hydrogen peroxide bath routine. Lots of success stories. So, I'm on it - but would love to know which brand of bleach everyone is using. As a natural living type of a person, I prefer the least toxic version.

The infrared sauna is helping, and it up regulates immune function and I have more energy. Not fully covinced though that it is clearing scabies, but, I feel better at least. Once the sauna arrives I'll be doing it morning and night.

I have had some success putting a mixure of tourpetine and DMSO (with a 5:1 ratio, respectively) directly on the scabie wounds using cotton tips, but it is not the end all be all cure, that's for sure.

I was gung ho about neem oil becase it is supposed to stop scabie reproduction, and it's been used successfully in India, but, after a few days I started to have a reaction.

My skin absolutely reacts horribly to tea tree oil.

I can handle small amounts of suplhur cream, but not a lot.

The Kleen Green I'm disappointed in - I used that for many weeks, starting at the 1:7 dilution, then to 1:5, then to 1:3. I stopped for a few weeks. Now I'm using it straight since I can't do neem oil. I figure that's better than nothing. (It's supposed to cause them to molt early, killing them indirectly.)

Weak immune function doesallow them to proliferate - I recommend Vitamin C IVs if you can afford them. Administered by naturopathic doctors or integrative medical doctors. They super charge the immune system - also needed to fight the scabies.

And of course, everything is washed every day; everywhere is vacuumed every day. The one area I'm neglecting is my car - I need to get on that.

This is an all consuming war.

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Posted by Lindaw (Deland, Florida) on 02/24/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I have had scabies many times in my adult life and have always used permethrin (Elemite) cream to kill them and it has worked until now. I was attending a Bible Study with several elderly ladies from a local nursing home. In mid December I discovered I had them. I went to my doctor on 12/23 and got the elimite cream and treated myself that evening, I left it on for 12 hrs but it didn't kill all of them so I retreated a couple days later and still had them. I knew from former research that Neem oil and extract is used for scabies so I had some neem extract and body lotion I tried putting the neem on the spots but it didn't work.

I then took baths in 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup epsom salt & 1 cup borax and they relieve the itching greatly. I soak in it for at least 30 minutes. I use liquid neem soap and add tea tree oil to it that also helps. I use a bar of sulfur soap as well. I put the neem and tea tree body lotion on immediately after I bathe or shower.

I bought a bag of sulfur powder and mixed some in the liquid soap and this seemed to help. I am still battling with these hellish things and wanted to share what I have learned as well in hopes it may help someone. I have considered taking Ivermectin orally but there are a lot of side effects and I prefer natural sources, I may try the liquid on my skin.

I also tried taking neem leaf capsules orally because they are good for so many things including digestive and immune support but had a reaction to it so I stopped taking it. I am going to try adding peroxide to my bath as well. I just read where washing soda and baking soda create peroxide I am considering trying that as well.

I am open to anything natural that may work. Cayenne pepper is too harsh for my skin so that is out for me. I have had so many issues since December and it is now Feb 24th, so it is going on 3 months now, I wish I knew a way to kill the eggs before they hatch. I appreciate the former posts because it helps to know I am not alone in this war.

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Posted by Michelle (St Louis, Mo) on 06/10/2013
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I have had the scabies mess for three years. My daily routine has been to

1. Wash with coconut milk soap. After I shower rinse my body with 3 or 4 cups of (half a cup of salt in water and a cup of apple cider vinegar) mix and then I air dry (sleep like a baby).

2. In the morning rub Tea Tree oil on wait 20 minutes and rub Coconut Hair Dressing on in the morning.

3. Wash your hair with Denorex and then Coconut shampoo. Lastly rinse your hair with the same mix above (do not rinse it out- leave it in your hair - the vinegar smell will go away). Style your hair however you like after that.

I hope it helps someone.

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Posted by Brenda (Tulsa, Ok) on 07/10/2011
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Its been 30 days the creams did not work, vicks worked a little. now for a week I have been using bleach and anti bactrial soap mixed in a bath gel bottle. I used a plastic dish scubber to get as many of my skin as possible. at night I bath in cup of 1/2 cup of bleach and lavender epsom in my bath and the mixture in my gel bottle in shower in the morning and between washing clothes and bedding every other day their almost gone.

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Posted by Tired In Kentucky (Franklin, Kentucky) on 07/09/2011
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my girlfriend and I got scabies we first went to dr he give us permetherin and it did help thought we getting cured still had bumps comeing back tried 2 more times after that then went to health store bought lavender soap and tea tree oil and neem still didnt help ordered dermisil scabies and we were on the right track then washed bed linen and clothes everyday but still getting bumps getting frustrated so called dr he give me ivermectin took the pills and started seeing results till I went to bed.......... So the best thing that worked for me was I took the ivermectin showerd with sulphur soap , tea tree oil in shampoo and covered my body with dermisil and sprayed everything down with benzarid but the most important thing I done was stayed out of my bed I was getting reinfected there, so I went to walmart bought blow up matress threw away all my pillows bought new ones even the ones on my couch and I am on my way to recovery for now hope im cured. The reason im posting this is I read all this posts and I wanted to share my story mabe it will help someone here... But staying out of my bed and spraying with benzarid for a few days and seeing if I can get rid of them, hopefully I got this under control because im healing up.

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Posted by Warren (Manti, Utah Usa) on 02/15/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I am very glad that I found Earth Clinic Folk Remedies especially regarding the scabies cures.

I discovered that I have scabies last Saturday though I have had the beginning of symptoms for a couple of weeks. I totally agree with someone else that said that this is a disease from hell. My hands are a mess with scabby red blotches and red spots.

I have tried the diatomaceous earth with partial success. I find that it is quite effective at taking away or reducing the pain after I apply it to the red spots that are bothering me the most. Someone else mentioned the importance of getting the food grade diatomaceous earth.

I also tried the mixing bleach with water cure, mixing I cup with two cups of water. I burned my skin and caused my hand and forehead to swell up. This was because I used the wrong kind of bleach. It was Western Family, regular scent bleach, and it says "Kills viruses that cause colds and flu. " This kind of bleach is not based on hydrogen peroxide and is very toxic. It contains sodium hypochlorite.

The appropriate kind of bleach is hydrogen peroxide based. Sharon from Wesley Chapel, FL says that she found non-chlorine bleach at WalMart with a pink label. At my WalMart the label is a green-blue color, and it says GREAT VALUE Chlorine-Free BLEACH - Cleans and whitens - Scent free. In reading the label it says that it contains hydrogen peroxide, citric acid and water.

When I called the poison center I was told to be careful with putting more potentially harmful chemicals on my hands while they are recovering from the bleach (wrong kind) that I used.

I also tried the Citrus Listerine-mouthwash cure which follows up with orange oil which I diluted 1/2 with olive oil. This was after using the wrong bleach treatment. I did sleep very well for six hours last night after trying that treatment.

The skin on my hands have had a lot of stress with the scabies, the wrong bleach, the diamotaceous earth and the Listerine mouthwash.

I now have the right kind of bleach, (chlorine-free and containing hydrogen peroxide, citric acid and water). But I am going to wait a while before trying it to give my hands a while to heal from the previous treaments.

I have ordered an herb that I understand comes from India called triphala, which should arrive by this Friday, 18 february 2011. It has helped some to cure scabies. It comes in the form of a powder and is used every day in a 1/2 cup of warm water with a drink of water afterwards as a chaser because it is pretty bitter. I will give a report later on how that works out for me. I like the idea that it works from the inside out. Or in other words it is taken internally and yet kills the scabies mite.

I wanted to warn other readers on this site that it is very important to get the right products or to be smarter than I was and read the labels carefully.

To the editors of Earth Clinic Folk Remedies.

I have written a book with the title: Say NO to Counterfeit Health Care - YES to the Alternative. I wrote the book to let people know that there is an alternative to the following scenario: You get older and get sick. Then you go to medical doctors at which point you are introduced to unnatural drugs. You get sicker as time goes on and are led into taking more drugs. You die taking 6 to 12 drugs or more in the name of seeking health. Is this scenario in your future? The human body is a natural creation. Drugs are not, nor do they equal or create health inspite of what the medical industry, the government and the insurance companies want us to believe. There is a better, more natural way. That is why I wrote the book.

I am 72 years of age and take no drugs at all. I am usually very healthy and this scabies episode is giving me quite a perspective on what can happen to a healthy person when invaded by an outside influence that is so dangerous and can take over your body as this does.

Again, thanks for the great web site.
Warren Davidson

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Posted by Barb (Philly area, PA) on 06/28/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I have had Scabies since the end of this past February. We stayed in a hotel and 1.5 weeks later, I had pin pricking sensations all over. The initial Dr. I saw diagnosed Scabies, took Permitherin, Ivermechtin (twice), and am using enzymes in my bath. The enzymes kill proteins immediately; problem is that we all need to interupt the life cycle of the Scabies. In reading a lot of information, I believe that people with compromised immune systems or diabetics have a more difficult time with these. Also, if you had them one time only, the Permitherin cream usually works. The second time, forget it! This is the second time for me; although, the first time I was diagnosed as having Bed Bugs. I also use enzymes in a spray bottle and keep the bottle in bed with me. This way, in the middle of the night, I can zap them if I feel them on me. In order not to have to change my bed each and every night, as I was doing in the beginning, I have a heavy air mattress uninflated on top of my bed. I create a bedroll each night with a blanket and sheet (king size) doubled over. When I get up in the morning, I place the blanket and sheet in hot water, borax, bleach, enzymes. I rotate the 2 sets of blankets and sheets, always one in the wash but having one available. The uninflated air matress gets sprayed with the enzymes, as does the entire area surrounding the bed. Also, protector covers on your pillows are important; I wash my pillow case each morning and spray the pillow protector cover with the enzymes. My family does not have these, so something must be working.

Regarding the environment, consider gettin the DE (earth). If you just vacumn, these mites are so small, they can be blown right out the back of the cleaner! I sprinkle the DE all over my rugs and floors, THEN vacumn. This way the DE will kill them because the DE will be inside the vacumn cleaner bag along with the mites.

Regarding the Polk root- you can get Polk root in dropper form at the health food store. It is recommended that you take between 3-15 drops daily, 3 times per day. This is scary, since Polk is a poison. It is really important to work on your immune system and protect your liver at the same time. I purchased a supplement just for this purpose. I am taking very good suppletments, MMS, Vitamin B, and now have added the Polk root, and liver protector. On the exterior, I am also using Colloidal silver gel, as a topical application. By the way, if you have tried the MMS (research online) you know after a while it is hard to withstand the odor and taste. I have purchased clear gel caps to incapsulate the liquid. The caplets do not melt and it makes it much more tolerable to swallow. MMS has been proven to kill Malaria, so I figured, why not? This product definitly weakens the mites. By working on building the immune system in tandem with killing these things from the exterior, I have to be positive that it won't be long.

So far, this is the best supportive site. I have seen 6 physicians, including 2 dermatologists; one being at University of Pennsylvania. (Meca) I also drove 4 hours to visit a Chinese herbalist who has worked all over the world in third world countries. (no help) This is still the best; we are in this together..... and yet alone. Nobody really understands until they have this ailment. I hope and pray that this information is helpful; it is my way of giving back and I hope it helps! God bless, Barb