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Posted by Noel (Toronto, Ont) on 10/04/2020
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Hi thanks everybody for your posting about scabies. I suffering for the last 3 month and is nightmare terrible, 5 members of my family are infected we try tee three oil neem oil alcohol stromectol pill or ivermectin 4 times nix cream the oil lamp work but did not kill the eggs and they come back sulfur soap etc, I still have this monsters I am taking now oregano oil softgels and garlic pills. please what is MMS and please any other suggestions how to kill the eggs from inside out God blessed everybody

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Craig (Sydney) on 11/22/2015
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You mention that you had bumps. I have had these bumps for three years that I could not get rid of. They are teeming with scabies and their debris and need to be broken down. The only thing that will do it is salicylic acid (3%) in a solution along with an anti-parasitic of some kind (clove oil etc). Recently I have discovered that petroleum jelly or emulsified ointment is a good medium for the other two ingredients. It is a cheap product purchased from the chemist that has wax and paraffin (vaseline and other petroleum based products would also work). The lumps are the physical evidence of a crusted area of lesions caused by the large numbers of scabies present in that region of the skin [they may look scaly or they may be like adhering lesions (clinically described as a hyperkeratonic lesion)or they may look like a scar or wart or a fungal nail infection or some other discolouration on the skin]. Untreated or not properly treated they will gradually spread out into neighbouring regions as may appear on the skin under the typical scenario of scabies with redness, blisters, scabies appearing on the surface of the skin when an anti-parasitic is rubbed onto them. After applying this treatment over a lengthy period I realised about three weeks ago that I had what would be considered crusted scabies as these lesions were over most of my body. Upon realising this I am in the beginning of a third week of a very unpleasant treatment where I take oral ivermectin every seven days and put the following application on my skin at least twice a day (ideally applied so that it is always covering the entire body except the eyes and delicate mucous membranes):

Salicylic acid 3% (breaks down lesions, softens skin, assists exfoliation, softens keratin)

Clove oil (at least5%)

Liquid coal tar (7%) (decreases production of thick cells in the outer layer of the skin, helps with the shedding of layers of hyperkeratonic lesions)

Emulsifying ointment to make up the 100%

After the second dose the scabies really started falling out at an unfathomable level and the topical application has shed many layers of the lesions. I have read several medical articles about crusted scabies and ivermectin is unable to penetrate these thick, adhering lesions and so treatment must include the topical application, which I think may have the added benefit of drowning them. In the second week I realised that my toenails were thoroughly saturated with scabies and as the treatment broke them down it increasingly has taken on the appearance of the lesions on other parts of my body.

I'm posted this as I really don't want anyone to go through this experience to the extent that I have. If you have the lumps and you think you have cleared the infection but then find a breakout again and again (often posted in these sorts of threads as 're-infected') the truth is probably more likely to be that the scabies have been reproducing and spreading throughout your skin without your knowledge. I've studied these cases and this treatment can be successful. When scabies are in your nails the case studies reported suggest that it would take at least a month to get rid of them using the combinations of oral ivermectin and the use of the emulsified ointments. Salicylic acid is essential to the treatment.

Crusted scabies is commonly misdiagnosed. I have been going crazy as my doctor thinks I have a post-scabies allergic reaction (this is the scenario of typical scabies not when you know your skin is saturated with scabies). He sent me to a specialist after three years of treating each consultation about this as another infection. The specialist read the referral and said the same thing (i had an allergic reaction), refused to take a skin scraping (as does my doctor) and then prescribed 4 repeats of ivermectin (go figure! ). I have taken samples of the many droppings of things from my skin to the doctor who won't send them away for investigation. When reading about this it would appear that most cases like this would be quarantined in a hospital but here in Australia scabies is not considered an infectious disease. It would seem that may people in the medical profession have not ever seen a case of crusted scabies until the situation has reached a critical condition and just keep on parroting out the clinical description of an initial scabies infection and then if a patient gets chronic skin problems, prescribes cortisone treatments (which in the first year or so may temporarily mask the real cause of the skin disorder. (i noticed that some posts talk about an allergic reaction as the skin tries to recover - however if the skin is saturated with scabies it seems necessary to keep on treating the skin or things are only going to get worse)

I found one research article conducted in Australia where they said that skin samples revealed a selective auto-immune response where there was too may T-cells and an absence of B cells which resulted in the skin's inability to mount an immunity response to the scabies. If anyone knows how to increase the B cells please let me know. Apparently blood samples were normal but not the skin samples. Given the enormous inflammatory response in the skin I have now increased my intake of turmeric which has an active ingredient in helping reduce inflammation (which is typically present in most chronic illnesses). I have an autoimmune disorder which worsted at the time of the scabies appearing three years ago. I am also pursuing biofilm therapies to assist with that.

Wishing you the best in your journeys to overcome this problem.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Umathr (Kensington, MD) on 04/29/2009
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i have had scabies for about 4 months. at first i thought i was allergic to my socks but i found out it is scabies. i have tried oregano oil to expensive at 30 dollars an ounce or less. the best luck i have had is over the counter rid x flea and tick treatment its a shampoo but i put it all over my head and body and it did bring relief but no cure. today the enzymes arrived so i tried them i sprayed them all over my body but i did not notice any relief and this morning at 3:00 i woke up and ended up scratching both of my legs which i did not really want to do. i treated them with hydrogen peroxide then witch hazel then calomine so that the itching might stop. which it has it is now 4:00 in the morning. nothing has worked so far, its a battle or a war. i am going to find some poke root and try that also im going to try borax soak. i am also using alcohol and orange based cleaner that does seem to help. one thing i did that i do not recommend is cortizone cream it makes them larger so stay away from that. all with scabies you have my deepest sympathy may god help you and if you have scabies you know im not kidding

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Posted by Tim Francis (Berwick, PA) on 08/24/2008
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My wife and I have scabies. Hers is worse than mine but I have had mine much longer - 3 years this month. She's only had hers for 2 months. I enjoy your site and have tried some of the remedies listed there with the following results: Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide Soak - no help. Oregano oil and Liquid Soap - no help. Peppermint Soap - no help. Will try Pokeweed root tonight and let you know if that helps. All of the remedies tried made us feel really clean when we used them, but the scabies and itching live on. The doctors can't help us so we are counting on a natural solution to our problem. Thank you for your web site and for all the people who have contributed.