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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mary (Upstate, Ny) on 03/14/2013
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I have been reading through the site on rosacea and it appears that I don't have the same symtoms as others. My neck and chest are red but I have no bumps. I have been drinking 1 tbsp of ACV mixed with either water or grape juice daily for the last three weeks. I have also been taking supplements (Lysine, Zinc, D3) daily for the last month. I'm afraid to apply ointments to my neck and chest fearing that it could become worse. Spring is now fast approaching and I can no longer wear turtlenecks to hide it. Does anyone have any advice for getting rid of the redness? I have tried laser treatments and it didn't help.

Sea Buckthorn
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 03/08/2013
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For scalp rosacea, mix a few drops of seabuckthorn oil in jojoba oil and massage into scalp. Put on a plastic shower cap and sleep with it on. Wash hair in the morning.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sunshine (Melbourne, Australia) on 03/01/2013
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I want to take the opportunity to post about my rosacea experience and at the same time thank everyone who's posted here.

I got rosacea after an illness. My body wasn't taking in nutrients and I lost about 10% body weight. I'm slender, generally very fit, 54 years old. Losing this weight put my body under enormous stress. Add to this the emotional stress of a failed business venture, and the on-set of menopause, it was a difficult time. About 10 years ago I had minor rosacea that my derm treated with antibiotics, I took them for a few weeks about two or three times per year and thought nothing of it. My skin looked perfectly fine.

This time, weak and emotionally exhausted, I got odd pimples which within a few days turned into full blown rosacea. Red, raised, angry skin, symmetrically on both sides of my face and on my nose. Lots of ugly pimples. No pain or stinging but it looked horrendous. It took over a month for me to get to my derm who prescribed an anti-scabies creme against the mites and antibiotics. I goggled the scabies creme, and, finding what it contained, trashed it. I read everything I could on Earth Clinic and related sites and did this: washed my face with a gentle pure olive oil soap to which I added a few drops of tea tree oil. Moisturised my face with a carrier oil (I alternated between olive oil and sesame oil for the face) and a few drops of tea tree oil. When the crawling sensation of the mites got too bad, I'd take a facial steam bath with added camomile tea, to sooth the skin. This procedure is based on the abstract of an article ( which states that demodex mites die at about 58 degree C. The steam bath (the 'pot of boiling water and towel' type) always got rid of the crawling sensation for the night. I sometimes did the steam bath 10 days in a row till I had no more nightly crawling sensation. I'm not sure how hot the steam is (obviously boiling is 100 degrees C, but how hot is it when I put my face over the pot - perhaps 50 degrees C?)

When the results were too slow in coming (I am a manager and have a lot of people around me), I took antibiotics (tetracycline) for 20 days exactly. I wasn't cured but thought I'd do all the rest naturally. I paid particular attention to my diet. In my case, I am doing the GAPS diet which is great for anyone who is undernourished due to intolerances. It's a difficult diet, because it requires lots of cooking. I drank apple cider vinegar in the morning and the evening; took lots of supplements such as double doses of Vitamin B, zinc, primrose oil. My naturopath felt I was low on copper, so I took that as well.

My rosacea nearly cleared within 2 months, and then I got a second bout. Different from the first. No pimples, but red, raised, angry skin, this time on my cheeks. The red skin hardened, practically scabbed. I felt and looked horrid. And more so- the skin burned and stung. I believe it may be seborrheic dermatitis.

Back to the internet, back to Earth Clinic. This time I'm doing all of the above, but have added Oil of Oregano. My thought is that this outbreak may well be related to mites, but feels and looks more like some fungus. I tried Selsun Blue which burnt, and it sort-of felt wrong to put a chemically-based shampoo on my cheeks. I turned to Oil of Oregano 3 times daily, 3-5 drops ingested with honey or in vegetable juice (beware, it burns and tastes horrid). I use one drop mixed in a carrier oil on my skin, twice daily. Especially on the angry, hard, raised welts. The oil is amazingly strong, so if you try it, be careful. Oil of Oregano is said to be an anti-fungal. It burnt but I feel it has worked. In three days my face is nearly (not quite) at a point where I can go out without makeup.

My conclusion about rosacea: a very complex, multifaceted disease, defiantly related to stress, and majorly related to the gut (I'm currently sugar, grains, caffein and alcohol free). Once we've got it, I believe we need to get rid of the mites and whatever else there is, on an external basis. But it is an internal disease which expresses itself externally. The GAPS diet is right for me, but others may need to do a raw food or juicing diet - whatever it is that has led the body to be out of sync. I'm dealing with my menopause by taking black cohosh and am feeling more in sync with myself. I drink lots of water with fresh sliced ginger and some lemon. About three litres per day. These past three months have been the most horrid of my life. I have, and can, face many hardships, but when my face looks so horrid, I find it so terribly hard to face up to my ex, or my colleagues, or face the world.

I pray to the Universe this is the last bout of this demoralising, humiliating and humbling illness and that I'll be cured soon. And I pray to the universe that everyone struggling with this disease find their cure.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Patricia (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) on 02/05/2013
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For years several Dermatologists have precribed any number of chemicals. I believe my Rosacea (per doctor's opinion) is caused by nanomites. Whenever I start feeling the familiar itchy crawlies - I wipe with ACV. No need for chemicals. This completely resolves the issue with the added value that ACV is being absorbed through the skin for other benefits! NOTE: At first I get an immediate reaction that makes my skin red but this passes and my skin feels smooth with NO itching or blotching. I also bathe with Selsun Blue Shampoo - hair, body and face - eyebrows, lashes - leave it on for a few minutes and rinse; followed by a rinse of ACV. I found all this information here on Earthclinic and am eternally grateful!

Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, USA) on 01/30/2013 21 posts
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Male, age 67. Rosacea, had red potmarks, red vessels on cheeks, other red marks and it was not good. Read in here about remedies and other places. Was reading what some women had done and they used diaper rash ointment. So I go and buy diaper rash ointment, the walmart brand and smear it on lightly on cheeks and forehead. Yes you will look silly, but hey, its just me. I suggest you put a towel on your pillow. So off to bed I go with this white paste on my face. I wake up the next morning in hopes Santa brought me a new face......... Wow, was I surprised....... A lot of the redness was gone, so for 3 more nights I did this and I am a happy camper and I still use it 2 times a week. Yes it did work for me and Im not trying to sell diaper rash ointment, lol. Note: I had tried some expensive stuff at another store and it makes my face more red, but not the diaper rash ointment which is mostly ZINC. I wash it off with a face soap.

I hope someone has the success I did.

Neem Oil
Posted by Bonni (Mcminnville, Or) on 01/27/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I believe I have found the cure for my rosacea/eczema... whatever was eating my face. It is [a neem, turmeric, sulphur] antifungal. You can only get it off ebay. It is from India. After 3 days and nights, my face is 100% more clear, with only some dry patches that need to heal. I am more than thrilled. ACV was not much help to me. The antifungal took away all the redness and swelling bumps and pain. I used it on my childrens ringworm and it worked in a couple days. Hope you have such luck!

Sea Buckthorn
Posted by Claire (Brighton, Uk) on 11/12/2012
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Having suffered for years from Rosacea I finally thought to have a look on here for some help. I noticed mention of Sea Buckthorn and so went onto Amazon UK and bought Sea Buckthorn cleanser and toner, cream and oil. It's been amazing. For years I have tried all sorts of products and prescriptions but nothing has worked like this. Prior to using these products my skin was coverd with daily sores and reddness and felt so tight and dry. Also I would wake up every morning with red rimmed eyes. Since using these products, the cream in the day the oil at night all over my face, my skin has improved massively and my eyes are no longer red and sore.

It's only been a couple of weeks and the redness on my face has gone. My current batch of pustules and spots are virtually totally healed and amazingly no more outbreaks. I am someone who wakes up daily to new spots and sores all over my cheeks and chin.

I had read on here and elsewhere that Sea Buckthorn oil is great for eye infections and canker/mouth ulcer sores. I do feel that it is the oil is making the biggest difference and might start using that in the morning too under my face cream. The oil is very orange. I rub it in all over then take some tissue and just press it to my face to take off any residue so as not to make my pillows dirty.

Give it a try it really has worked wonders for me. I am so greatful to the person who posted this cure on here. Thank you!

Anti- Dandruff Shampoo, Baking Soda
Posted by Claire (London, Uk) on 10/31/2012

Hi I just bought Sebiprox on uk ebay for £4.50.

General Feedback
Posted by Angela (Witham, Essex, Uk) on 09/13/2012

Just found your excellent and common sense site, thankyou for all the increased ideas for Rosacea.

I have been wheezing for much of the past year and my doctor sent me for an asthma test. It proved negative. I fell to looking at other treatments creams on the web and then wandered to the side effects. Oh yes! There was wheezing, tightness of breath, coughing. Reported to the Gp who had no idea but took my word. Stopping the latest cream Finacea, my wheezing and coughing was all gone a week later. However in an effort to claw back some sleep disturbed by the heavy coughing, I elevated pillows to three from my normal two and awoke next morning with a 'mild' crick in the neck.

Twelve hours later I was in real agony and trembling with shock. Waves of pain and swelling have responded to masses of anti-inflammatories/hot treatments and so on. Its a week on now and I would say I am 98% better this morning.

The motto is to understand that skin is highly absorbent to anything you use and that in a search, ALL prescribed Rosacea creams do carry the wheezing warning. This week ( and the past year) has been a terrible train of events all stemming from a 'useless anyway' Rosacea cream.

I am holding the worst redness with arnica but have been attracted to a hand gel with Grapefruit Seed Extract in it which I have massaged in lightly and will repeat tonight. GSE has antimicrobial properties and is the only product to have rid me of Giardia some years back.

I will see how this goes and then start on one on the list taken from this site, perhaps the sulfur soap or the anti-dandruff shampoo with Olamine.

Many thanks to all the contributors who have written in.


Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dreamerbob (San Diego, California, Us) on 09/07/2012

A saturated solution is a solution that is fully saturated, like water and Borax, so that the water can absorb no more Borax. I make it by putting borax into a mixing cup and adding hot water, and stirring. Keep stirring occasionally until cooled off. Let sit until the liquid is pretty clear. There will be some Borax that is not absorbed into the water and that means that the water is fully saturated with Borax. If there is no residue, add some more Borax and keep stirring. Drain off the clear liquid into a squeeze bottle which makes application easier. You can reuse the sediment left over to make a new batch.

We use it on scalp for dandruff, face and arms for skin problems and feet and heels for smooth skin and to prevent cracking, applying it before showering, letting on for a few minutes, then showering. We also apply on problem skin during the day and just let it dry.

These skin problems, we have finally realized, are primarily caused by fungus, maybe some other critters as well. The Borax is very effective. Add some HP if desired.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Fullofgrace (La, Ca) on 09/02/2012

oops I forgot to mention when my friend came up with this method she kept the the paste on her face overnight for the first few nights and rinsed in off in the shower first thing in the morning.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Fullofgrace (La, Ca) on 09/02/2012

My friend was obsessed with finding a cure for Rosacea. And spent tons of money on docs, and products with no resolve. So here is a wonderful natural inexpensive solution for Rosacea, Get a small glass bowl and mix the baking soda & hydrogen peroxide into the bowl to form a paste. Get some of those cosmetic cotton pads and gently rub the baking soda & hydrogen peroxide paste on your entire face like a mask, let sit for a few minutes then rinse off with cool water. Do this twice a day for 10 day and evalute.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Carrie (Bailey, Nc) on 08/28/2012

Also, forgot to mention that the tree oil has cleared up my rosacea bumps too! As far as the redness it has reduced it but using milk of magnesia and apply at night before bed with a cottonball takes the redness out. :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Carrie (Bailey, Nc) on 08/16/2012

Put milk of magnesia on your face with a cottonballl before bedtime and it will take out most of the redness of Rosacea.

Colloidal Copper
Posted by Margaret (Calingiri, Wa?australia) on 08/11/2012

I have had rosacea for years and treated with no long term effect. I now spray my face twice daily with Colloidal Silver and have had no sign of Rosacea since. My skin is now clear and blemish free and that horrible redness across my nose has gone. I have also discovered other benefits of its uses.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by D (Small Town, Ia, USA) on 07/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Ivermectin. Sesame Oil. Lactoferrin. Enzymes, Probiotics. Antibacterial hand sanitizer. Providone Iodine.

Ivermectin. Topically applied every three days, for as long as you need to. You will know when to stop. Use it for at least two weeks to be sure. Buy it at a farm or animal store. If you tried everything else, then at least try ivermectin. It could be mites or a nanoinsect deep in the skin. Just a note, if it is mites or insects, it will look a bit worse before it gets better, the insects will fight the medicine. Use at least three times, spaced two or three days apart to kill the ones that hatch. This is essential if you have the little white dots and pimple-like rosacea that appears rapidly and does not respond to any other treatments.

Sesame Oil. Antibacterial and antimicrobial, kills staph, strep and other bacteria. Applied topically. Controls the flaky skin, and the little red dots of infection, which is what I believe is caused by a secondary bacterial infection due to staph or strep. Use the unprocessed, golden kind. This is a good choice to try for children, or if the skin is very tender and irritated. Sesame oil will take at least three days to work, but if it is going to work for you you'll see gradual improvement.

Lactoferrin. Enzymes, Probiotics. The only helpful thing my doctor said to me was, "perhaps your flora has changed". I'm positive there is a something going on in the immune system of anyone with skin conditions. Lactoferrin will help knock out the mycoplasmas that may be overwhelming your system.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer will control the flaky, red skin and make your skin look more normal, but must be used everyday a few times a day. Providone iodine, not a cure, but may help some of you.

This is for all of you who may have tried everything, and nothing has worked for you. It worked for me, and believe me, I tried everything.

Best Wishes.

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Autumn (Chester, Uk) on 06/28/2012

Thanks for that post about the zinc cream helping rosacea as I think thats what I may have because if I eat certain foods like the deadly nightshade family my face goes tingly and red and it drives me mad, also glucosamine used to set it off too. I am so glad I looked on this site its amazing.

Evening Primrose Oil
Posted by Maggie (Calgary, Alberta, canada) on 06/22/2012

Hi Diane, I have been battling rosacea (or at least that is what I've been told it was by a doctor and a dermatologist) for many LONG years. At the time I thought they had to be wrong because my white bumps weren't red like all the photos I researched online that were described as rosacea. But needlessly I continued trying unbelievable amounts of products, supplements, waiting to see a difference. $$$ I couldn't quite understand why some of my symptoms were the same as rosacea but the pustules were definitely not. They are never red; they never leave. They are not filled with liquid like some descriptions - they are full of a very hard substance that is almost impossible to get out. Some days they look more prominent than other days. Anyway, as you know this is just an endless circle of trying things; getting frustrated; trying something else. Some days thinking you are going to go crazy obsessing over finding something - anything that will make a difference.

I know last summer a couple picked off and I couldn't be sure what I had done right -- always trying new things - somethings one or more before knowing if the last new addition has worked or not. Waiting weeks, months, for a change to the bumpy (dare I call it - chicken skin??) face. If you think I could possibly have the same fatty acid metabolism disorder as you, please kindly write me back so we can compare notes.

I do have evening primrose tablets I take off and on when the mood hits; I take small amount of flaxseed meal in my oatmeal daily. Still have these terrible bumps. Right now I am currently trying the borax (ugghh); magnesium oil therapy; blackstrap molasses, ACV with baking soda; iodine - all remedies recommended for rosacea. So sick and tired of obsessing for the last 4 years... I am 52 years old and noticed this around the same time I knew I was going through menopause.

One other interesting note; about a year ago I had a thorough blood work done to confirm I was in menopause and a couple of things stood out on tests - one that I was a little high in B12 and also that my cholesterol level was a little high. I look forward to hearing from you with the hopes I have found someone who has the same condition I have been battling. Many thanks.

Avoid Citric Acid
Posted by Linda (Dublin) on 06/14/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi' I've never been quite sure if I actualy have rosacea, but it seemed to be the only thing I could come up with. Anyway I spent a lot of time reading and thinking and tried lots of supplements and creams but honestly I think I have cracked it within my diet. I dont know how but I somehow joined the dots and came up with an intoralance to CITRIC ACID. It seems simple but if you check its in everything. As well as naturally occuring in fruits its a preservative in tons of foods. A small amount is ok but if I over do it then I glow like a light bulb. Because I can take a small amount it took ages to make the connection. Its also used in the food production end of things so its not always listed as an ingredient for example-I read its used in low fat milk production but because its not actually added to the milk its not listed on the carton. Anyway avoiding this simple thing has helped me hugely and I simply ask that anyone with rosacea at least consider it, thanks.

Posted by Mom2joshcanpark (Depauw, In) on 06/04/2012

I too have Rosacea, I have had it for about 9 years now. Anyway, I have only used Metrogel. Before now that is all I would ever need. For the past 2 years in addition to the flushed look, I started getting the "acne" look too. The spots were dry and you could pick them off, unlike acne. BUT my biggest problem is the itching. I have noticed, if I sleep for a long time that the bumps and itching are worse. I have also noticed I only itch when I have the bumps.

I can't use creams on my face because it does cause acne and makes my face oil. My complexion on a general basis is normal. I am 44 years old and as a teen I had maybe 20 pimple on my face during the entire teen years, acne was not a problem for me, so now, my face has more of an acne appearance that what it looked as a teenager.

So has anyone else encountered the itchiness? I do not believe that rosacea comes from mites as it is only on the face, no other part of the body, I believe mites would be on any part of the skin, not just the face.

I was thinking about trying the Zinc Oxide, but lost on what to for the itchiness since I can't use creams on my face.


Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Devon (Johnson, Vt) on 05/31/2012

Hi There I'm back with an experience I wanted to share from this spring. As previously written the tendency has been to have occasional periods whereby the Rosacea would act up again; but generally it was when having laid off of the Borax/H2O2 for a little while. Even then I have always had the confidence that this remedy would solve the problem and it always did. Sometimes if necessary just to face the day I might add a little topical hydrocortisone just combined after the treatment just to help speed things up.

Anyway to make a long story short after the winter and I guess after a period of neglecting a regular (once a week) borax/h2O2 treatment I started developing a couple of patchy spots in the same general area but one of them was a little different in some way I could not explain: a spot on the side of upper bridge of nose. Anyway around this time I had probably done a treatment and then had to travel so had probably using a little of my backup cortisone plan and though all was fine. Gradually while away the spot were returning and I feel back into my cortisone habit in effort to keep the inflammation at bay thinking that when I returned home I would just do couple of Borax/H2O2 treatments in succession and get it under control.

By the time I got home things were getting worse and I was getting really frustrated and even bough a bottle of the chinese sublimed sulphur boric acid cream which was expensive and didn't seem to do any more than our penny treatment we learned here.

Around this time I had even got back the results of a food intolerance test and started eliminating foods in hope that the facial inflammation would go away. The worst part of this episode was that I would start to get this stinging that would just continue to amplify until finally I gave up and slathered my face with Hydrocortisone. The thing was when the face started stinging I couldn't focus on anything because I would just think about my face all freaking day. And knowing that it looked like shit didn't help either. I then tried like 3 days in a row of the Borax/H2O2 routine which didn't help at ALL.

Finally during research I cam upon the idea of related and sometimes overlapping conditions like dermatitis, specifically Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, which implicates the Malassezia yeast. So I finally thought maybe the Borax wasn't addressing the yeast and I bought some Pyrithione Zinc cream and some soap. The thing was I had always noticed my patches seemed to calm down after wearing 20% Plus Zinc Oxide Sunscreen which led me to think there might be a connection to zinc. Anyway one application a little sting and my face is fine again. Really strange. This remind me I need to not forget to keep the treatments of Borax going, even if once a week. But for now I realized that there are other things besides mites which the Borax/H2O2 do not address. I have been waiting for the inflammation to come back for like almost 2 weeks now after only one cream and 3 soap treatments with the Pyrithione zinc-- it's like magic...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bill (Vancouver Bc, Canada) on 05/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am 85 & have had many drugs for terminal illnesses. As a result I have toe fungus, a rash on the glans of my penis & acne/rosacea. I have consulted a dermatologist for 3 years and recently asked why his ointments show no progress. He replied that I would have to take liver destroying drugs for the fungus, circumcision for the rash & laser treatment for the rosacea.

I have the Dr. JervisMD book "Vermont Folk Remedies" so I started taking 2 tablespoonfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar in a small amount of water twice a day & applied ACV to the problem areas by finger & a capful. After a couple of weeks the rash was completely gone & the other areas showed marked improvement. I fully expect total elimination of the symptoms and deeply regret the hundreds of dollars wasted by the dermatologist.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Aloe
Posted by Susan (Bath, England) on 04/29/2012

When you say Copper, do you mean colloidal copper? Many thanks!

Colloidal Copper
Posted by Devon (Johnson, Vt) on 04/25/2012

I'm a little confused. People keep coming back to CS although the post was created citing CC Colloidal Copper. If you own a CS generator to make CC you can do it easily. Simply get your hands on some 14 gauge copper wire and file it down if you need to to fit into yoour CS generator. The voltage is plenty to make CC but not enough to make CG Colloidal Gold. Now people please do not start asking about CG. Let's keep with the thread!

Manuka Honey, Zinc Oxide
Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, Usa) on 04/22/2012 21 posts

I am using zinc oxide in a baby rash ointment, works just like your product and it works fast at 13 percent zinc oxide. glad ur getting healed.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, Usa) on 04/22/2012 21 posts

Try equate diaper rash ointment, works for me. P.S. I use a light baking soda wash on my face, and don't rub hard, it can burn slightly, don't panic, it tingles some. The ointment is 13 percent zinc oxide, so a little goes a long way. It works for me.

Zinc Oxide
Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, Usa) on 04/22/2012 21 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Ok, I was in Wal Mart and was reading different ingredients in Equate Diaper Rash Ointment, and it contains `13 percent Zinc Oxide. I tried olive oil, Vaseline mixture, but to no avail. Today I applied the zinc oxide product( diaper rash ointment ). In 8 hrs my face showed signs of healing and redness disappearing. I will continue using it for my rosacea. ( I have also used the homemade yogurt and honey mix and I will still use it, love the cold yogurt and honey mix, a real feel good feeling and it also clears redness, but the zinc was faster and it is healing my face.

I have read a lot on here on remedies for face skin problems and this site has me reading ingredients and learning the definitions of chemicals in our shampoos, face creams and so called factory made meds. Its a continuing education to say the least.

Inactive ingredients in Equate diaper rash ointment: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice( wow, now thats a mouth full, lol, beeswax, dimethicone, fragrance, magnesium sulfate, methylparaden, microcrystaline wax, ( another mouth full), plus 8 more 10 dollar words. I will not give a spelling test on the ingredients, because I can't spell them. I will google them and probably scare myself to death, but at least the rosacea will be gone, yea.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Katela (Silver Spring, Maryland, Usa) on 04/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to share my experience with successfully combatting what my dermatologist repeatedly told me was 'rosacea'. Three years ago - at age 30 - I suddenly developed the redness and dryness and eye irritation associated with rosacea on my face. I went to the dermatologist who told me I had rosacea (on multiple visits). She gave me a cream which, of course, only temporarily relieved this condition I was very self-conscious about. I tried other suggestions - coconut oil, etc, but to no avail. And then I decided to go to a naturopath. The naturopath, after a lengthy consultation, had me take an allergy test. The test came back positive for dairy and soy. And, interestly enough, the symptoms of a dairy allergy are very similar to rosacea. I cut dairy and soy out of my diet and, within a few weeks, the rosacea went away. Completely disappeared. A few months later, I started eating yogurt again as a little test and the tell-tale redness came back. I now eat minor amounts of dairy when I most want it but generally avoid it all together. And my "rosacea" has completely disappeared. I know this isn't the cause for everyone, but I strongly encourage you to think about cutting out dairy and soy and limiting gluten. The redness and dryness I experienced were the outward signs of imbalances in my body and this dietary easy shift in my life has had both cosmetic and internal benefits. I am extremely frustrated with the dermatologist who repeatedly misdiagnosed me and also with my insurance which would only cover the dermatologist and not the naturopath - but that is another topic all together.

Manuka Honey, Zinc Oxide
Posted by Newlynatural (Deerfield B, Fl/ Usa) on 04/20/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I've had rosacea forever. Everyone always asked me if I had gotten some sun. Or I've been dubbed rosy cheek girl. Every time I start feeling hot My face is bright red. This is not cute in your twenties. I used makeup forever to cover up the problem but im 24 and it was simply just annoying every morning putting on make up and getting my clothes dirty from the makeup. But my bf is the reason I actually switched to not wearing make up. He kept encouraging me to be natural blah blah. It was a tough road at first detoxing my skin because so many years of make up made my skin almost unbareable to look at naturally. But a month later and 300 organic sites later I found the two items that cleared me up.

First: Manuka Honey- amazing, toned my redness down and started clearing up all the little bumps I had. Didnt really clear but made my face livable and detoxed my skin for sure.

2nd: Zinc Oxide Ointment 20% from any drug store

I started putting this stuff on my problem places for three days morning and night and was noticeably clearer within 2.

A man I work with came to my desk with skin cancer on his body. But his face was completely clear. He told me he had been using sun block with zinc oxide religiously on his face and his doctor was amazed by how much his skin had improved and cleared. So I jumped on it quick.

A week later I am clearer then ever. I also want to add that I have been drinking aloe vera juice from the HFS and Im sure it has contributed. But I am so amazed and shocked in the transformation of my skin. And beside a little mascara and lip color from time to time I have stopped wearing make up. It was worth the transition time. GOOD LUCK.

Mites Connection
Posted by Gayle In Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Fl) on 04/06/2012

Found wonderful article online from a Dr in China (I know but read it first please). Been working on formula with many studies since Korean War. Proves a connection between the mites and rosacea. Even tells how to test skin for the mites. Has products (very reasonable) for treatment. His website is as soon as I read it everything clicked.

I used Ted's mange treatment a few years on my 5 mo old mini doxie and he was cured with two weeks. Must be something to it. I'm gonna try the Dr's products and let you know. I'm 70 and can't remember a time I didn't have Rosacea. Hate it.

Posted by Lorraine (Duncan, B.c. Canada) on 03/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter and a dear friend of mine which had a very severe case of Rosacea. Have you heard of Organic Sulphur you can look it up on line. When you dilute 1 tbsp. In 5 oz. of distilled water it cools it down and it is done in a few days. You can take it orally and it does wonders for sore joints and arithritis. It is wonderful stuff. I take a tbsp. in water every morning on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes you will be amazed how well you will feel. Lorraine

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ellenf (Leander, Tx ) on 03/25/2012

Hello All, I realize I'm very late to respond to this thread, but as I was reading here, something occurred to me. If dogs gain immunity by ingesting bacteria, if you can gain immunity to allergens by eating local honey, and babies acquire immunity by drinking mother's milk, do you think one could gain immunity to Rosacea by swallowing small, skin scrapings from their infected area?

I've also been reading up on mites a bit and have learned that like most creatures they love the quick energy that sugar provides. I'm going to try making a sugar, borax and water solution as a mask on my face to see if they will come running for the sugar and eat the borax in the process. Same idea as killing ants and spiders with a bowl of sugar and borax... Just on your face. I know both ideas are kind of gross, but I'm going to try them. I'll check back and let you know how it goes.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Aloe
Posted by Cat (Papamoa, New Zealand) on 03/24/2012

Afh from Abq., Nm: Although I never really had the broken veins, I did have some form of Rosacea on my face - mainly nose - to the extent that it was almost glowing! I reported on EC a few weeks back that when I started taking Molasses (with copper in it), it has disappeared completely almost straight away and I'm soooo much more confident out in public and now need no make up to cover this horrible problem. I'm taking 2tsp morning and 2tsp evening. I hope this goes some way towards reducing the redness in your skin.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Aloe
Posted by Afh (Abq., Nm) on 03/24/2012

While looking up possible pancreas problem cures for a friend, I ran across a site where they were saying they felt that rosacea may in some cases be caused by mites, but that they felt it was mainly due to severe inflammation in the digestive system. They recommended digestive enzymes, probiotics and aloe beverages. They felt the skin was thinning due to inflammation in the digestive system. It was interesting that they were saying that ACV caused inflammation and although I love my ACV pills, I have noticed my skin is really looking older and much more red. Has anyone tried enzymes? I'm desperate to try anything that will work. So tired of this!! I don't really have the acne but the broken veins are driving me nuts.

Manuka Honey
Posted by Lyndsay (Manchester, Uk) on 03/17/2012

Hi, what strength manuka honey did you use? Thanks x

Vitamin C and Lysine
Posted by Onyx (Doha, Qatar) on 02/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Vitimin C worked wonders for my mild rosacea, sensitive skin and allergies. It was cleared in about a week or so. I can also confirm the amount I took was about 4000mg a day. After clearing it up I haven't been consistent in taking the vitamin C as regulary and only take about 2000mg when I remember to, overall it's kept the condition at bay but if I feel my skin getting sensitive again, I go back onto 4000 mg a day and it clears things up again.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eilidh (Glasgow, Lanarkshire) on 02/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this for a few weeks now and find it amazingly useful for my rosacea. I take a spoon in water, through a straw for the sake of my teeth, every morning on an empty stomach. I also wash my face with oatmeal, very gently, every night, a little hemp seed oil to remove mascara and then dab my whole face with ACV and water ( 50/50). I sometimes use a little straight on particular spots or this strange fungus PD I had around my mouth and after a week of using it cleared up.

My digestion is better and my skin is so much better. All of the bumps have cleared up and it feels cool and smooth. I don't wash my face again in the morning usually, sometimes a splash of water and a very little bit of moisturiser. Mario Badescu Control Cream is good for me or Hemp Seed oil.

The most important thing to mention is that it got much worse before it got better. I was afraid with the ACV as my face turned bright red and stung for the first few days. It had strange blotches on it and my eyes streamed! But, now two weeks later my skin is calmer than it's ever been since I've had this condition. It seems to be getting its own oils back again. So perhaps you have to persevere for a few weeks before you really know if it will help or not.