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Posted by Yosh (New York, NY, USA) on 10/24/2008

Hi, I'm new at this site, so please forgive me if I make a boo boo.
This posting is regarding rosacea.

I've been suffering with what seems to be rosacea for ahout 4 years now. My derm dr. is not 100% sure. Pathologist says it could be rosacea or whatever else I forgot. Dr. gave me metrogel and other topicals, a whole bunch of them, but nothing helped, except to make the matter worse. I quit going to the doctors for this problem.

Currently, I'm using only Jojoba oil on my face, because my face has become so sensitive to anything, I can't even put Zenmed cream for sensitive skin.

I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, for which I take strong medications, such as Humira, methotrexate, prednisone, plaquenil. With all 4 combined, my sed rate is still soaring above 100.

Recently, I found out that I was heavily mercury poisoned, as well as aluminum poisoned. That is probably causing me all sorts of medical problems.

After removing the amalgams, I went to a NAET acupuncture treatment to help elliminate allergies. After each treatment, my face flared up, like my capillaries might burst, and after 5 sessions, my face has gotten so bad, developed chronic situations, and I'm now in desperate search for cure.

My problem is that I react to almost every treatment, supplement, and remedies. (it is always my face that react. Why?) So I'm being very careful.

My detox specialist says that (he uses kinesiology) my face is a result of aluminum poisoning, and that the toxins are coming out of my facial skin. So then he gave me some tinctures to take care of the problem, and now my face is all swollen like moon face.

I would like to try some of the remedies mentioned here, but I don't know which one is best, since I am so sensitive to everything. Any suggestions? Any advice?

Just to give you more idea, I've been going to colonics regulary for about a year now. My diet is pretty much vegetarian, and my Ph is.. as far as my saliva is concerned, it's about 6.8.

After the NAET crisis, I seem to have developed ocular rosacea. This scares me. I'd appreciate your help!!!

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Reply to Yosh..You sound in dire straits. It might be worth a look at , at least there are no supplements involved in that therapy. Good luck

Replied by Eh
(Atlanta, Ga)

I starting having problems with Rosacea about 10 years ago -- not severe, but enough to make me self-conscious. When I started taking a Probiotic for my candida, it also helped my rosacea. It is all but gone at this point, even though I still have very sensitive skin. A naturopath that I know well says "the state of your colon affects every part of your body, including your skin." Make sure you take the kind of probiotic that is refrigerated (live bacteria). I take one that has 3 different types in it -- can't mention brand names here, but I "swear" by this one. It works wonders!

Replied by Abby
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

How long have you been taking prednisone? It can cause a moon face, weight gain, and a myriad of other problems. I was on low dose prenisone for 15 years for lupus and it caused me more problems than the lupus. I would research your meds to see if they could be causing the problems with your skin.

Multiple Supplements

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Posted by Sara (Chattanooga, TN) on 12/03/2007

Hello, I have been trying to figure out how to cure/reduce my rosacea symptoms for years now. I finally think I have come across something that works. My daily regimen includes a host of vitamins Vitamin B complex, Selenium, Vitamin A, Amino Acids, Zinc and Omega 3's. I *really* noticed a difference with the addition of Selenium. I found sulfur soap at Dollar General for around 1.75 or so and use that every day. I moisturize only with aloe and also tone my skin with colloidial silver or copper. This combination seems to have worked.

Neem Oil

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Posted by Bonni (Mcminnville, Or) on 01/27/2013

I believe I have found the cure for my rosacea/eczema... whatever was eating my face. It is [a neem, turmeric, sulphur] antifungal. You can only get it off ebay. It is from India. After 3 days and nights, my face is 100% more clear, with only some dry patches that need to heal. I am more than thrilled. ACV was not much help to me. The antifungal took away all the redness and swelling bumps and pain. I used it on my childrens ringworm and it worked in a couple days. Hope you have such luck!

Olive Leaf

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Posted by Carlos (Barcelona) on 03/18/2016

I can testify that olive leaf helps rosacea.I dont have full blown rosacea with pustules thank God but I do have redness in my nose and cheeks and enlarged pores. After reading about the antibacterial and fungal properties of olive leaf I went to the park and grabbed some leaves..its that easy and cheap here in Spain...I placed a few leaves with half glass of water in my blender, I filtered the result and I had an olive leaf tonic.I applied it to my face after my bentonite clay daily cleansing. I just let it sit and forgot about it. Hours later I looked in the mirror and I could not see my pores. I had to come close to the mirror and the redness was greatly reduced too. Now I'm trying it internally because rosacea is said to be related to the gut health and OLE is said to be great for intestinal health. After chewing 6 leaves I can tell the skin in my face is smoother and I also felt circulation in my feet right after eating them. I suffer cold feet and light impotence I have bad circulation. I'veread OLE helps with circulation as well so its an added benefit to have warm feet.

Replied by Lorenzo Gonzalez
(Gran Canaria, Spain)

Hi, I have read what you have written about OLE and the ROSACEA and would like to know if you have any evidence that it can cure Rosacea or any testimonies of people who feel better after taking OLE for a period of time. That will be a good help for me, because I am suffering Rosacea. I am taking a product made from Olive Leaf Extract since October 2015 and the Rosacea has increased since could be by chance....but before that I had a little spot on my nose..very weak to be seen, ... and nothing more..and now I have a red nose with small bood vessels everywhere on my nose and a bit on my cheeks. I have read that OLE is a good VASODILATOR and this vasodilatadory property should be a CONTRAINDICATION for people suffering from Rosacea...What do you think??? that right??? because we have to avoid any kind of alcohol... does it act different??? OLEUROPEIN has so many medical properties ..that is why it was difficult for me not to take the product any more…i have become even a distributor of the product….but I don´t take it any more because I don´t know if it is good for mr or not......but the rosacea is still growing...I have tried to find in internet the connection between OLE an ROSACEA and I have found this page....where it is said that OLE can help to cure Rosacea.!!! ....I am totally Lost and don´t Know what to believe..the doctors I have asked here don´t know anything about OLE. Please tell me if you have any evidence to say that!!!! I have even asked in the NATIONAL ROSACEA SOCIETY and they don´t have any information that OLE can cure ROSACEA..... I appreciate your asnwer and help very much. Lorenzo Gonzalez, Gran Canaria ( Spain)

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc, Canada)

Lorenzo Gonzalez (Gran Canaria,, Spain)

H,i I have cured my rosacea with colloidal silver which I make myself. With a soaked cotton ball for 20 minutes to half an hour at a time. Now after more than three years it came back just ever so slightly and all I need to do is repeat this and this should do.

I do expose myself to the sun but for a reasonable time. Wish you good luck.

If you want to purchase a silver generator beware of one that emphasises the word "economic" but one with the word that describes a "young dog" is fine.

Namaste, Om


Could we get the recipe/procedure for how you make the colloidal silver? MANY THANKS!

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Jillery (North America) on 11/27/2013 88 posts

Has anyone used oregano oil for rosecea? I saw a clip about taking the oil internally (4 pills a day) and using a diluted oregano oil on the areas on your face. I have been using it for the past two days and my results aren't 'in' yet-- it seems to have calmed things down a bit but I will not attest for the results as of yet. Anyone? Anyone?

Replied by Jillery
(North America)
88 posts

I am checking back in again-- I previously read a post that I continue to look for. It was from a woman who mentioned that her rosacea seems to kind of 'morph' each time she tries something out. Her rosacea will calm down for a week -+ and then whatever remedy she is using seems not to work anymore-- that seems to be happening with me also-- If anyone knows this post I would like to read it again-- I keep search for it.... EC do you have easy access to this post?

I tried Oregano oil and it was helpful for a few days but then my face got horrifically dry-- like leather! I used it sparingly and diluted topically. I also took oregano pills.

Diluted apple cider vinegar is helpful but not great.

Zinc oxide cream was good for a few days-- even my bf said my face was less red but then my face started to dry from that too.

I used collodial silver as a toner. Not much of anything there but my face did not react from that.

I also tried tea tree oil dotted on the breakouts (diluted). Too harsh for my skin.

I change my pillow case every few days.

Now I am using borax and HP to wash with-- dab it on and let it dry-- and that calms it. I then apply a Eucerine zinc oxide/titanium dioxide senstive skin cream to nose, upper lip and an oatmeal lotion to the rest of my face. I have less break outs but I am still not happy with the results.

Right now I am sitting here with yogurt on my nose/lip. lol. It feels nice!

I am thinking I need to keep rotating different remedies for my particular problem... I do not have rosacea bad but the redness and few zits are noticable. I am 58.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Jillery,

I haven't seen the post you mention, but what you described about the poster saying her rosecea seemed to "morph" struck a cord with me.

For the last several years, I have had a bit of skin trouble on and off. What might start out as nearly nothing would become red and itchy. The first couple of times it happened, I thought it was ringworm. It looked like ringworm to me. I have treated that in the past on a child and on cats. But nothing would work on me. I spent 7 months trying different natural remedies (and finally tried something OTC) and nothing was working. I did finally find a GSE cream that got rid of it after 7 months of different remedies. Each thing I tried seemed to be helping, then suddenly the patch would become larger and what was seeming to help would not. I went through this a couple of times with spots on my legs and it was frustrating. (The next time the GSE stuff didn't work.) Last year this happened on my arm. But it didn't look as much like ringworm and I didn't connect this to the previous problem. It seemed more like eczema. But again, nothing worked for long and after some improvement, it would become worse and the spot would get bigger. I kept trying different EC remedies. Finally I tried Borage Oil. 3 capsules a day. It totally worked! As long as I kept taking it, I had no trouble. If I ran out of Borage, the spot on my wrist would begin to return. Well, I ran out of Borage a couple of months ago and decided to test it. The spot did not seem to be returning.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I started with a spot on my ankle. It reminded me of the other spots on my legs and I thought, Here we go again! It looked like ringworm, like before. Nothing was helping, like before. Suddenly, a light bulb went on. I thought, maybe this is the same thing I had on my wrist! I ordered some Borage Oil and started to take it. (3 per day.) Within a couple of days I could tell it was working. It has been maybe a week and the spot is almost 100% better.

So, I have no idea what I had on my wrist or leg. Ringworm? Eczema? Something else? Now I think they were all the same thing. In any case, it appears that Borage Oil is very helpful for skin issues. It makes me think I am missing something nutritionally that Borage is supplying. I was pregnant and/or nursing for years and think I am got pretty depleted.

Borage Oil can also be used topically. Castor Oil may also be helpful topically. I love to use it on my face at bedtime.

Anyway, I thought I would pass this information along as I also seemed to have a "morphing" skin issue.

Let us know what you try and how it is going!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Tina
(Cambridge, Ma)

Dear Mama to Many, I was very interested in your borage oil post. I have rosacea on my face too and have been taking high doses of evening primrose oil and pharmaceutical grade fish oil every day. Have also tried vitamin e and vitamin d after reading about it here. During the winter, nothing really helps. So now I will try borage oil even though as I recall it is quite similar to evening primrose oil, no? Thank you!

Replied by Jillery
(North America)
88 posts



I forgot to mention I did try castor oil for a number of days also... I actually have some on my T-zone right now along with a little coconut oil. Although the area is more calm than it had been THIS GIRL AIN'T HAPPY. lol.

I will look into the Borage oil-- I had not considered that... I was thinking of trying another oil.... can't think right now... seathorn or something like that.... also I was thinking of the maluka honey too... then of course there is always colloidal COPPER--

Yesterday I did try urine wiped on my nose (my own... not some as even though slightly gross it makes sense in a way... it didn't make it worse or better but it did feel... different...

I want to be one of those people who slather something one and the next day it is gone!!!

I wonder why your rash travels? I used to get psoriasis -- a kind of rash on the inner bend of my arm when I was a kid... kinda like hives... I remember the smell of the creme my mom would put on it.. but not the name. but it was some old timey type of stuff so I doubt it is around anymore.

Thank you for responding to my post-- I did spend more time looking for it today and pages 1-6... and I know I have checked thru page 10... so who knows... Feel free to write me at dancingpretzels at the Y-- I like your name Mom of many...

oh yes... also tried milk of magnesia dabbed on too-- just add that to your list to share... it was listed on peoples pharmacy radio show in NC.

Jillery. xo

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Tina,

Yes, I had assumed that Evening Primrose and Borage would be pretty similar. Although, I have been taking EPO for the last month (just for kicks...I had some in the house and took it since it is good for menopause/premenopause and I am 46.) and it wasn't helping my skin issue. So, I looked the two oils up to see why one might work better...turns out that Borage Oil has 5 times as much GLA (gamma linolenic Acid) as Evening Primrose. GLA is suppose to be important for healthy inflammatory and immune response.

So, it will be interesting to see if Borage helps with Rosacea!

Dear Jillery,

Your post made me smile--you want to be one of the people who gets cured right away with one thing! :) I agree!

I wonder what your mother put on your psoriasis? And, I too wonder why my rash travels. It does seem to begin when I have had a tiny cut or bug bite in the skin.

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Cj
(Tauranga, New Zealand)

I suffered from rosacea for many years and finally got rid of 90% of it by taking Blackstrap Molasses every day - about a tablespoon and followed that with a glass of water. Although about the same time, I was also regularly having MSM (powdered sulphur) each day, about 1/4 tsp and still do. My rosacea seemed to disappear within about 24-48 hours. Have you tried oil pulling? I did this also for about 8 months and loved what it did for me but then just suddenly stopped and haven't done it since. I believe that could also have a marked effect on your rosacea. Worth a try.

So I can't truthfully say which of those alleviated it, but I think it was the molasses.

Replied by Jillery
(North America)
88 posts

Thank you Tj for your information and guidance. What does the MSM powder taste like? I would assume it has that stinky eggy smell to it? If so, what do you do to get it down easily?

Replied by Jillery
(North America)
88 posts

and OH I do have molasses in the cupboard!!! Thanks!

Pure English Lavender

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Posted by Neville (Birmingham, UK) on 01/15/2008

Hi all, i have suffered roscacea for over five years now, before that my skin was something i was proud of! I read with interest Ted's remedys, but there are so many conflicting causes? If it is indeed caused by mites then why does eating spicy food or alchohol make the condidtion flare-up? By the way, i use pure English lavender on my face now and the result has seen a remarkable change in the redness!, my sympathies to all sufferers!

Replied by Miranda
(Chicago, Il)

What did you do with the Lavender? Was it an oil or did you use the fresh herb somehow?

Raw Potato Juice

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Posted by Sb (Sg) on 07/12/2016

RAW POTATO JUICE: Never have I written on any of such forums before, but this I have to share! My rocasea flares up without any reason, suddenly I wake up to a red face and its pathetic. Tried a whole lot of things from creams, to ice packs, coconut oil (which did give some relief but only temporary). Finally on a friend's suggestion - grated raw potato and started applying every morning and leaving it for an hour, the results have been miraculous. After my 1st application itself, my skin was much calmer and the redness almost less than half. Read about the other benefit of raw potato juice, and was shocked to see how this little vegetable has such magical curative properties.

Rosacea and Mites Connection

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Posted by Dave (New York) on 07/28/2016

There was certainly a demodex mite connection with my rosacea. I felt crawling on my face especially at night. Tried a cream with tea tree oil which reportedly kills the mites and it has worked. My skin is rosacea free for first time in ten years. This rosacea cream I bought also has east cape manuka oil in it.

Rosacea and Mites Connection
Posted by Jma (New York) on 03/03/2014

Rosacea or Mites?

Hi, I had a flare up twice now within a year and each time I feel something crawling and/or tickling my left eyebrow!! It's all day for a few days after my flare up's subside. Not itchy, no flacks, just like it's something crawling around and it's just my left eyebrow! Do I have mites? Does anyone have eyebrow crawling issues? Maybe mites are my rosacea issues? And why not the right brow? lol

Also since I'm asking questions: My rosacea first came out in February of last year and now again February of this year. In between my skin is great, so great people don't believe I have rosacea! Do I have winter skin rosacea skin?

Also the burning on my face at first flare up moves around. First it's my entire face to--> my forehead to-->in between my eyebrows to--> my upper back. What is that about? My back?

I want to get my skin tested but my dermatologist wouldn't do it so I want to get a second, maybe third opinion.

Thank you!!!! Jma

If you need more info this is my background.

I'm 35 years old, live in NY and my first outbreak was February of last year. It started at night, my face became very pink/red fast, had a burning feeling on my face and I saw red like hives on my face (I see you all call them P&P's). I took a Benadryl thinking it was allergies and off to sleep.

The next day the redness turned to pink but the burning and red like hives stayed. Then I started to see a clear liquid coming out of the “P&P's” and then they turned to whiteheads. As my face redness got better and P&P's cleared up…. the burning stayed for days maybe even two weeks as well as a tingling feeling all my face. But the burning went from all over my face to just my forehead and then just between my eyebrows. But on top of this I had a crawling feeling and it was mostly in my left eyebrow. I know weird!!! It felt like something was tickling my left eyebrow for hours and days. The redness left, the burning subsided but the crawling stayed for a while. I wanted to shave my left eyebrow off! ALSO the burning went from my face--> to the forehead to --> above and in between my eyebrows to-->my upper back.

It was like this heat moving around as well as something crawling around my left eyebrow. Also to end it all my scalp was red and started flaking. Just around the hairline and in a little.

Anyway, within that 2 weeks I changed my eating, did my research and got on a regimen that I think helped. All naturally. My face and skin went back to normal. I even got complements on my skin. No one believed I had rosacea. From April- now (Feb) no problems. I thought I was cured, I got off my routine, started getting off track end of summer and stayed off track. BAD!

Last weekend I noticed my face flushing more and more after a hot shower. My skin was dry as ever and the winter was harsh. Then one day became very upset with a good friend of mine and was very hurt. I went home took a shower and was talking about it with mutual friends for hours, then I started drinking. I felt my face get hot. I looked in the mirror and BAM…..same as above from last year.

It's my 5th day and the redness is now pink. I'm on my routine again. The burning is on my upper back and my left eyebrow feels like something is crawling around on it.

Eucerin Redness Relief Cleanser (LOVE! )
ACV toner
Eucerin Redness Relief Lotion spf 15 (Great! ) or I use coconut oil or jojoba oil mixed with Cerave Lotion
TTO on occasion

High potency Probiotics (AWESOME)
Betaine HCI Pepsin Gentian Root Extract (AWESOME)
Vitamin D
Curcumin 7x strength complex for inflammation (my inflammation on my blood work was high)
Omega 3's


Rosacea and SIBO Connection

Posted by Courage2014 (Melbourne Ausstralia) on 03/01/2014

I suffered Rosacea for nearly a year. I wish I could post photos to show the extent of it. I suffered dreadfully. Some days, on the way to work, I'd look at myself in the rearview mirror, turn home and call in sick. I tried everything - researched for months.

In the end, this is how I healed: it seems generally acknowledged Rosacea if an illness of the gut (it is 'triggered' by foods). It seems generally acknowledged that some types of Rosacea have an overgrowth of mites.

Depending on the extent of your illness you can heal by getting the mites under control. There are many ways of doing this, as per this site.

However, if your illness doesn't respond (and mine didn't) - perhaps the issue is more serious. You may need to look at your gut. There is a correlation between SIBO (bad bacteria overgrowth in the small intestine) and Rosacea. You can research this correlation easily.

As much as I am careful about the use antibiotics, I did use one antibiotic - the only one that seems to cure Rosacea - Rifaximin. (Here in Australia it is terribly expensive - around $690.) There's lots of research being done in this area. Essentially what I had to do was get the bad bacteria overgrowth in my gut under control, then work on getting the good bacteria into my gut. It takes months, if not years, to heal the gut.

Perhaps your rosacea isn't as dramatic as mine and you can heal your gut by using peppermint capsules (again - you can research this on the net).

Its been nearly one year now... I only used one course of the antibiotics - 10 days 3 x per day (again, there are lots of medical research articles about this, just google it). I'm still on a very restricted diet - no grains, no sugar- it seems to work. My rosacea is gone... keeping fingers crossed...

Replied by Patricia

I am now on the 10th day of Rifaximin and not better with my Rosacea. How soon do you see the effect of this drug? Is happy for you as you gave me courage that this may work. I have Rosacea badly for over one year and have tried every thing. Courage, please let me know.


Sea Buckthorn

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Posted by Natnmargie (Washington) on 02/21/2018

Rosacea: Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sulphur Excellent Results!

Rosacea has been my biggest issue for long time now. I still do some of the ACV on occasion, but for the past 6 months, I have been doing the following:

  • After cleansing my face, I just a facial lotion that has "sea buckthorn oil" in it as one of the ingredients, boy, does this work...pustules are way down, as is the redness in my face.
  • I also use a sulphur powder prior to putting on my mineral makeup. (it has a yellow-ish, green cast to it)

I believe between the sea buckthorn oil and the sulphur, that it has made all the difference to my rosacea.

I am at 10% of my worst with rosacea.

I am quite aware that what works for me may not work for you, but I thought I would share.

Sea Buckthorn
Posted by Claire (Brighton, Uk) on 11/12/2012

Having suffered for years from Rosacea I finally thought to have a look on here for some help. I noticed mention of Sea Buckthorn and so went onto Amazon UK and bought Sea Buckthorn cleanser and toner, cream and oil. It's been amazing. For years I have tried all sorts of products and prescriptions but nothing has worked like this. Prior to using these products my skin was coverd with daily sores and reddness and felt so tight and dry. Also I would wake up every morning with red rimmed eyes. Since using these products, the cream in the day the oil at night all over my face, my skin has improved massively and my eyes are no longer red and sore.

It's only been a couple of weeks and the redness on my face has gone. My current batch of pustules and spots are virtually totally healed and amazingly no more outbreaks. I am someone who wakes up daily to new spots and sores all over my cheeks and chin.

I had read on here and elsewhere that Sea Buckthorn oil is great for eye infections and canker/mouth ulcer sores. I do feel that it is the oil is making the biggest difference and might start using that in the morning too under my face cream. The oil is very orange. I rub it in all over then take some tissue and just press it to my face to take off any residue so as not to make my pillows dirty.

Give it a try it really has worked wonders for me. I am so greatful to the person who posted this cure on here. Thank you!

Sea Buckthorn
Posted by Hayley (London, Uk) on 01/02/2012

Hi, I wanted to share with you some products which I have come across which are simply fantastic in reducing rosacea.

I have always suffered from red cheeks and flushing plus the broken capillaries, but in the last few years have been troubled in the Winter by these annoying little spots on my nose and sides of my nose. They are tiny (size of a dot - with a little white centre) They were really bothering me and no matter what I tried on my face more seemed to pop up all the time.

From what I have been reading and researching it seemed to me to be classic rosacea caused by the Demodex mite. Also in the last few weeks my spots had been accompanied by an itching feeling on my nose and sometimes on my scalp too.

So- I tried the following and the results are AMAZING. My spots are gone and my red blotchiness on the sides of my nose and cheek area has faded and looks really nice now.

This is what I did...

I bought some shampoo meant to be for Dandruff called Oilatum Scalp intensive. I put this on my face for 1 minute neat then washed it off. I did this every night for 3 nights. The itching on my face stopped and the spots were reduced but not totally gone- my face was a bit red still.

I followed up with (and am using religiously every day now) acne/ rosacea products. I began washing my face with their Calmin mild cleanser, followed by their EPC cream with spf 15 very morning. At night I use the nightcream with Seabuckthorn oil.

I literally could see my face becoming clearer and the redness fading the minute I put these on my face- they are wonderful!! I also tried these on my Dad who suffers from the red nose/spottiness and the results were just great.

I hope this is of help to anyone who like me suffers from this annoying and upsetting skin problem.

SIBO Connection

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Posted by Dee (Usa) on 02/06/2016

I have tried every remedy for Rosacea on this site and most of the others from the acne site as well. It wasn't until I had a tooth infection that required me to go on amoxicillan and Metronidazole, (aka flagyl) that my skin became clear, and has stayed clear. I am now convinced that Rosacea is a symptom of some type of overgrowth in the gut. While I was fairly non- symptomatic, I now realize that my chronic diarrhea may have been more than just an inconvenient symptom of a serious SIBO infection or some other dysbiosis.

Stop All Supplements

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Posted by Sunlightening (Glenview, Il) on 05/24/2017

I have had a mild case of rosacea for twenty years very easily controlled with metrogel. In January 2017 very intense burning flushing began. I read everything I could on the Internet to stop it. Drinking ACV stopped it temporarily until I ate anything. The rosacea completely cleared in 24 hours when I stopped taking the multiple vitamin that I had taken every single day for the past three years. My advice to you is to stop all supplements for a few days to see if it makes a difference. On a side note, the ACV has dramatically helped my allergies and those of my best friend as well. I came back to add this information in the sincere hope it will help someone.