Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Oregano Oil
Posted by Jillery (North America) on 12/27/2013 89 posts
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Worked Temporarily


I forgot to mention I did try castor oil for a number of days also... I actually have some on my T-zone right now along with a little coconut oil. Although the area is more calm than it had been THIS GIRL AIN'T HAPPY. lol.

I will look into the Borage oil-- I had not considered that... I was thinking of trying another oil.... can't think right now... seathorn or something like that.... also I was thinking of the maluka honey too... then of course there is always colloidal COPPER--

Yesterday I did try urine wiped on my nose (my own... not some as even though slightly gross it makes sense in a way... it didn't make it worse or better but it did feel... different...

I want to be one of those people who slather something one and the next day it is gone!!!

I wonder why your rash travels? I used to get psoriasis -- a kind of rash on the inner bend of my arm when I was a kid... kinda like hives... I remember the smell of the creme my mom would put on it.. but not the name. but it was some old timey type of stuff so I doubt it is around anymore.

Thank you for responding to my post-- I did spend more time looking for it today and pages 1-6... and I know I have checked thru page 10... so who knows... Feel free to write me at dancingpretzels at the Y-- I like your name Mom of many...

oh yes... also tried milk of magnesia dabbed on too-- just add that to your list to share... it was listed on peoples pharmacy radio show in NC.

Jillery. xo