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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Olive Leaf
Posted by Lorenzo Gonzalez (Gran Canaria, Spain) on 03/18/2016
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Hi, I have read what you have written about OLE and the ROSACEA and would like to know if you have any evidence that it can cure Rosacea or any testimonies of people who feel better after taking OLE for a period of time. That will be a good help for me, because I am suffering Rosacea. I am taking a product made from Olive Leaf Extract since October 2015 and the Rosacea has increased since could be by chance....but before that I had a little spot on my nose..very weak to be seen, ... and nothing more..and now I have a red nose with small bood vessels everywhere on my nose and a bit on my cheeks. I have read that OLE is a good VASODILATOR and this vasodilatadory property should be a CONTRAINDICATION for people suffering from Rosacea...What do you think??? that right??? because we have to avoid any kind of alcohol... does it act different??? OLEUROPEIN has so many medical properties ..that is why it was difficult for me not to take the product any more…i have become even a distributor of the product….but I don´t take it any more because I don´t know if it is good for mr or not......but the rosacea is still growing...I have tried to find in internet the connection between OLE an ROSACEA and I have found this page....where it is said that OLE can help to cure Rosacea.!!! ....I am totally Lost and don´t Know what to believe..the doctors I have asked here don´t know anything about OLE. Please tell me if you have any evidence to say that!!!! I have even asked in the NATIONAL ROSACEA SOCIETY and they don´t have any information that OLE can cure ROSACEA..... I appreciate your asnwer and help very much. Lorenzo Gonzalez, Gran Canaria ( Spain)