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Posted by Lardiver (Abbotsford, Bc Canada) on 02/25/2011
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I have found that if I drink 2 - 3 glasses of water befor going to bed it stops the RLS. Also foods that start up my RLS like chocolat, junk food, and more, the 2 to 3 glasses of water stops it. At first I thought I would be up all night peeing it out but usually only about once, must have something to do with laying down. Try it if you get desperate like I did.

Replied by Lardiver
(Abbotsford, Bc Canada)

Since I told you about water for RLS I have found that coconut oil stops the RLS. I take 2 tablespoons a day and it stops the RLS.

Weighted Blanket

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Posted by Sunnydays (California ) on 08/28/2022
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My physical therapist talked to me about trying a weighted blanket which increases serotonin levels, calms the body and calms the nervous system and for many stops restless legs syndrome. I ordered a 20 lb weighted blanket ( the weight needed is based on a persons body weight) is basically a heavy blanket that goes over the bed. While we waited for our weighted blankets arrival. I added few more cotton blankets to the bed, and it worked. The restless leg disappeared and I began having much more deeper restful sleep. Once the weighted blanket arrived, it worked just as well. I hope this helps someone.


Posted by Sageinreno (Reno, Nv) on 04/01/2015

I had RLS, only it was all over my body, it started mainly in my legs and then eventually got really bad everywhere. I had never heard of the soap trick until now. However, I went on a no carb diet for a few weeks to lose a few pounds and the Body RLS completely stopped. I tested it further by introducing wheat back into my diet, it came back. Now, I eat a totally wheat free diet as much as possible, sometimes when I'm out with friends I can't follow it well, but I mostly eat at home. Within about 3 hours of me consuming bread, pasta or crackers, or pizza, cake etc...anything with wheat, it starts up again. I don't have celiac, and no one else in my family has any history of wheat sensitivity. My joints also swell up, I feel very arthritic and my energy level goes way down, that's just after ONE serving! So, just wanted to let you all know that there may be a root cause that you don't know about. It might be the modern wheat, it might be the roundup they use to dry today's wheat crops to get them to market faster, I don't know. I just know. I don't use wheat anymore and don't have the problems.

Replied by Sam
(Miami, FL)

This is an autoimmune condition. Try to find some answers here, you need to learn about SHEN.



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Posted by D (Asheville, Nc) on 01/15/2012
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I have food allergies and have Restless Leg Syndrome in the evening as well as at night in bed. I also have insomnia. What works for both my insomnia (even when the legs aren't restless) and for the RLS is zinc supplement before bed. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and need to take it again. Since I take it almost everyday, I only take as much as I need and try not to take more than that.

The different kinds that work for me, are zinc chelate, monomethionine zinc, zinc gluconate, combination of zinc arginate and zinc glycinate. But two zincs that work quickest for me are in liquid form: Monoatomic zinc liquid and zinc sulphate liquid. Supposedly one has to take some copper to balance the zinc or you could get a copper deficiency. I take the other minerals and all the trace minerals as well for the same reason.

Replied by Kathi
(Everett, Wa, United States)

Dear D, I used to have RLS as well and it was caused by my severe anemia. Once I was no longer anemic, there was never an issue with RLS again! I used wheat grass powder daily to build up my blood again. Give it a try.

Replied by Leasa
(Spruce Pine, Nc)

Going to try the zinc, niacin, magnesium (100% multi-vitamin in short)... Not sure I could choke down 1-3 Tbsp of coconut oil, but I WILL try massaging it on my legs after I shave them with just a cheap battery operated shaver that I have used for awhile now whenever my legs begin to bother me. I don't know if it is the vibration of the shaver, the rubbing of the shaver over my legs or what, but it has worked pretty well for me. The onset of my WORST RLS episodes, I have noticed, is ANYTHING with aspartame sweetner. Natural low or no calorie sweetners don't both me. As far as the shaver goes, it could be just the slightest stubble on my legs that will aggrivate my RLS. Not sure, but I do know the shaver WORKS for me. I am on a very low dose (0. 25mg) of Mirapex (a medication used for people with Parkinson's disease) at bed time for my RLS now. Most days I don't have to take it during the day... My shaver usually can put a stop to it. Between 5-7pm I can feel it coming on and will take a half tablet if the shaver doesn't get rid of it. I am hoping that by adding a good multi-vitamin, putting coconut oil on after shaving and adding the extra niacin my vitamin doesn't cover, I can get off of the Mirapex. I have been on it for several years and it has been a life saver, but it's time to try to say goodbye to 1 more drug if at all possible!

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Magnesium Oil is even better than Coconut Oil for restless legs. Apply the magnesium oil to your legs before bed. Magnesium oil is available at most healthfood stores.

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