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| Modified on Dec 01, 2023
Vitamin B-1
Posted by Sophie (Bellevue) on 11/30/2023

My husband had the worst restless leg. We came across video that recommended B-1. We bought dissolvable tablets of B-1 it's also known as Thiamin. He taking it twice a day in the morning and at night . One pill is 100mg he placed it under his tongue and waited for it to dissolve. He began to notice that his restlessness was less and less until it went away altogether. It worked! I hope this information helps someone.

A Bar of Soap
Posted by Pam E. (SouthWestern California) on 11/15/2023 120 posts

Removing the wrapper will likely allow the energies in the soap to be much more effective ...

Magnesium, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ninette (FL) on 10/23/2023

Taking magnesium, apple cider vinegar n salt to help plus a lot of water but my legs still bothers me, need help thanks

Peppermint Oil
Posted by brad (Ontario) on 10/23/2023

I rub some peppermint oil on my legs and massage it in for a few minutes when I'm experiencing restless leg syndrome (urge to move feet and legs, uncomfortable sensations, pain and soreness) which can interfere with sleep as well.

I make the oil myself with any matter of carrier oil (olive, etc) some drops of peppermint, wintergreen and birch as they contain natural salicate acid similar to aspirin to neutralize pain. I also add some drops of frankencense to bring on relaxation and alleviate anxiety.

Baking Soda
Posted by Christine (York PA) on 09/10/2023

I am updating on my post from last evening. After I went to bed within an hour the terrible symptoms of RLS came on with a vengeance. I was hoping the baking soda would work. I must admit I had a significant sugar intake early last evening; no, not from a dessert, but had pork barbecue that I purchased at a farmer's market which tasted sweet. I looked at the label this morning it was made with corn syrup AND sugar. This is a huge issue with me. Our society is obsessed with sugar. I do not want sugar in real food. I make most of what I eat in my kitchen. Long story short, I put ice packs on my calves and took 3 different meds. After suffering for 5 hours I finally slept for a few hours. Good luck to everyone.

Baking Soda
Posted by Christine (York PA) on 09/09/2023

I have suffered with RLS for years. I have tried magnesium supplement which does not help. I have also tried tonic water and soaking my feet in warm water with Epsom salts. This helped short term. I was then prescribed ropinerole which was suboptimal. Was then switched to Mirapex which did the trick in the beginning but came with a significant weight gain. I am at the point where Mirapex actually perpetuates the symptoms. In addition, I have fibromyalgia. Some nights I become so frustrated I am in tears. I found this forum this evening as I was once again hoping to find an answer to the torment of RLS.

One hour ago I mixed the baking soda with water and although the taste was unpleasant I have to say my left leg which was driving me crazy has completely calmed down within approximately 15 minutes. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences. I am hoping this provides the help I need. God knows we need an answer.

RLS Link to Arthritis
Posted by Prioris (ME) on 07/15/2023

But among arthritis patients, restless leg syndrome is much more common: Research published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology found that restless leg syndrome occurred in about 28 percent of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and about 24 percent of patient with osteoarthritis — more than double the prevalence of RLS in the general population.

I had RLS for over 40 years and this is what I have concluded:

I have concluded most RLS is related to arthritis.

Arthritis is a systemic infection.

The first remedy that worked to mitigate it was MAGNESIUM.

After that stopped working, ANTIOXIDANTS worked a little.

This meant the infection was getting worse.

I developed RA over 10 years ago. I cured it in one month with BORAX.

I developed osteoarthritis. I had to resort to MINOCYCLINE.

I use bromelain to address any biofilm and resistance issues.

It was only after using the minocycline antibiotic that I noticed the connection.

If you don't have arthritis now, you will likely develop it as you age.

I would try an ionic boron solution to see if that helps you.

or minocycline (you need a quality one).

Hope this helps someone.

Poppy Seeds
Posted by Julie (Florida) on 06/05/2023

This post explains how unlike beer the risk is with poppyseed. It's one thing to be ignorant, it's another to read and not comprehend--worse yet to brush aside --for others--an important caution.

This post did not describe a slippery slope but--in detail, and with humility-- a very well concealed pit.

it is precisely NOT like with beer making one "a raging alcoholic homeless and roaming the streets with cheap wine in a brown paper bag"

The scenario--as explained is the OPPOSITE of highly unlikely.

They explain how, with poppyseed--UNLIKE most everything else-APPARENT moderation MAY NOT AT ALL be what it seems.

I, personally, am super grateful for the bravery and detail of this contributor, and I hope no others will be discouraged from explaining their stories here.

Weighted Blanket
Posted by Sunnydays (California ) on 08/28/2022

My physical therapist talked to me about trying a weighted blanket which increases serotonin levels, calms the body and calms the nervous system and for many stops restless legs syndrome. I ordered a 20 lb weighted blanket ( the weight needed is based on a persons body weight) is basically a heavy blanket that goes over the bed. While we waited for our weighted blankets arrival. I added few more cotton blankets to the bed, and it worked. The restless leg disappeared and I began having much more deeper restful sleep. Once the weighted blanket arrived, it worked just as well. I hope this helps someone.

A Bar of Soap
Posted by TBizz (Arizona) on 08/11/2022

The bar of soap most definitely works and is not a myth! Just be sure the soap is NOT a product of Dial.

A Bar of Soap
Posted by Susan (Chapin, SC) on 07/20/2022

If that's the best you have got, we are in the boat-all of us-without a paddle. I have yet to try the baking soda, although I Will. I have always thought RLS was something that my body lacked, as I thought I was the only one who suffered from this! Bar of soap is not a cure. I promise.

Posted by Belinda (Rock Hill, New York) on 04/17/2022

Can't find specific RLS exercises on this site, just testimonials about them

EC: Hi Belinda,

We attached your post to the post describing the simple exercises that helped RLS from a reader in 2009.

A Bar of Soap
Posted by Lana (British Columbia) on 03/30/2021

Bar of soap for RLS

I was searching around 2 or 4 am for something to help me.. the sensations were in my legs and my hands. I realized it was intense probably because I ate a bunch of brown sugar syrup earlier [craving] So won't do that again. Grabbed a bit of cashew as I was hungry...and grabbed a bar of soap. Incredible that it worked!! I noticed some on the thread put this to "placebo" affect which I find ridiculous. My whole body was going nuts and this put an end to it immediately. Had no idea if this would work or not but pretty grateful I have a go to now. Thanks Bar Soap!! [ It was just some bulk bar I get from the bulk store..maybe primrose or something which probably makes no difference at all.]

Posted by Julie J. (Phoenix, AZ) on 05/08/2020

A teaspoon or 2 of yellow mustard helps my RLS. Something about the turmeric helps!!

Calcium Lactate
Posted by Niecie F. (California) on 04/26/2020

My RLS has diminished about 95 percent since taking calcium.

I mix 1 tablespoon of Standard Process calcium lactate powder in my evening kefir drink. Standard Process also carries it in tablet form in which you would take six per day. It is my understanding that calcium lactate is the most absorbable form of calcium and I would only recommend taking this form from Standard Process.

I also take Dr. Berg's electrolyte powder and extra magnesium. I also used to get severe toe and foot cramps. With taking these supplements, all cramps are gone too.

A Bar of Soap
Posted by legalmumbojumo (Minneapolis) on 02/19/2020

Thank you for all the advice on RLS. I ate a banana earlier b/c I was hungry. I didn't know about it helping for rls. I have a magnesium spray that I am going to try in a few mins.

The bar of soap is a total myth and ACV is not that great for you as many people seem to think. Very acidic. I think it can burn away tissues in your throat and stomach. Anyway, my rls comes and goes and lately it has been so bad that I feel it in my arms down to my fingers and my legs down to my toes. Walking helps, but it just comes back. I'm going to try the tonic water too.

Hydration + ACV
Posted by Scott (Clear Brook, VA) on 10/06/2019

I have had bouts with RLS for many years now. I'm a 45 YO male, eat healthy, exercise often, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Once in a while, I would feel the creeping in of RLS symptoms.

Somebody told me to drink 16 oz. of water before going to bed, especially if you have been drinking alcohol prior to sleep. Hydration seems to help tremendously.

I also take a gulp of ACV every night before bed. Exercise is key, ACV is good for so many things, including this, and stay hydrated. Haven't tried the soap, but haven't really had RLS since staying committed to hydration and taking my ACV each night before bed. I also swig a little in the morning. Don't forget to gargle with some hydrogen peroxide now and then:). It's very good for you!

A Bar of Soap
Posted by Karen (Pontotoc, MS) on 10/02/2019

Holly I'm glad you wrote. It's always helpful to hear what helps someone else. I was diagnosed with RLS in 200605. My doctor prescribed Requip. I still take it because it is a life saver for me. However, I very much want to try natural remedies and eliminate prescription drugs. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Tonic Water
Posted by Holly (United States) on 08/09/2019

Soap etc didn't work for my RLS, but drinking 6-8 ounces of tonic water does work. May have read it on EC but been doing it so long I forget. I buy diet tonic water with "real quinine" listed in the ingredients. Good luck and sleep tight!

A Bar of Soap
Posted by Angela Marie (United States San Diego, CA) on 03/29/2020

Soap worked for me too! Just put some ivory soap in the fitted sheet at the bottom of the bed and no RLS!

A Bar of Soap
Posted by Athena (New Jersey) on 06/08/2019


I had an incident last night legs just wouldn't stop moving. I've had RLS in the past. So, last night while in bed trying to sleep I just could not get to sleep because of my legs ... how horrible this thing is. Well around 4:15 a.m. I got up and came to my computer,,,opened Earth Clinic, looked up RLS and saw how so many people were getting unbelievable results with SOAP ??? So, I opened a new bar of Dove,, put it under the sheets by my feet,,,and.....dozed off in no time. Just cannot believe what a miracle with such a simple, clean, solution - oh dear Mother Nature how we love you. Everyone has cancer in this country (including me) because they have destroyed and contaminated You all for money!!! God bless you all and sleep well.

B12, Folic Acid, Niacin
Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 06/26/2019

While that's great to hear, I wonder if the B12 or folate is doing much considering you're taking such a massive dose of niacin (which would deplete the B12 and folic acid). Might be worth a try to see if it works on it's own...or...even better, increase the B12 and folate (both methyl donors).

B12, Folic Acid, Niacin
Posted by Alan M. (Oahu) on 04/06/2019

I had been suffering from restless leg syndrome for several years; only in my right leg. The problem would hit me in the evening, and would keep me from being able to sleep at night. I found a product which is a combo of homeopathic preps and herbs, and this works, but only for a few hours, and I think it was giving me nosebleeds too. So I spent time online looking to discover another approach to the problem.

What I came up with is three B vitamins: Vitamin B12, folic acid, and niacin, all in megadoses. Within a matter of a few days on this protocol, my restless leg problem rapidly diminished down to nothing. I now take 300mcg of B12, 800mcg of folic acid, 1000mg of niacin.

I take these amounts with each meal, so that is a total of three times those dosages each day.

Niacin (with flush) (nicotinic acid) is apparently more effective for restless leg than no-flush niacin. I discovered my body quickly adapted to the flush, and barely registers it any more. But I started at a much lower dose so my body could have time to adjust to the niacin.

Diagnosing RLS vs PLMD
Posted by John (Australia) on 09/30/2020

*Important note*;

RLS should not be confused with "Period Limb Movement Disorder"…

'RLS' vs. 'Period Limb Movement Disorder'…

  • In RLS, there are NO involuntary movements/spasms. RLS involves uncomfortable sensations in the legs and an urge to move the limbs… all movement with RLS is voluntary.
  • In PLMD, there are involuntary spasms, twitching and involuntary movements.

They are two completely different conditions…

  • RLS is a nerve condition.
  • PLMD is a muscle condition.
  • Opiates, like morphine, help RLS but does not help PLMD.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, like Diclofenac, help PLMD but do not help RLS.

Liver (Folate)
Posted by Barbara (Indianapolis In) on 08/29/2020

While there is folate in some animal foods, mostly folate occurs in plant foods.

And since low iron / ferritin stores can often be a nutrient-deficiency cause of RLS, the fact that you had such a positive response to eating the liver suggests that it was primarily the heme iron that helped your RLS.

The other known nutrient-deficiency cause of RLS is folate (which is the type I have). Based on research I have done (I am not medical professional or scientist), it is my understanding that RLS is not a muscular condition but a neurological condition due to faulty dopamine processing in the brain (which could be either a deficiency or malfunction of dopamine receptors in the brain). Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which, among many things, controls sensory and motor impulses (ability to feel being touched and ability to move).

I resolve (not cure) my RLS by taking a folate (not folic acid) supplement, calcium folinate, because I also have the genetic variation MTHFR (diagnosed through a blood test). I say resolve not cure because if I stop taking the supplement the symptoms of RLS come roaring back.

People with MTHFR do not convert folic acid properly, so they don't get the benefit of the folic acid as well as the unconverted folic acid can build up in the body and cause problems. Calcium folinate and another fully-converted folate supplement, L-5 MTHF (Quatrefolic or Metafolin) and eating lots of cooked greens, provides the body (and brain!) with adequate amount of folate. Folate and iron are nutrient building blocks of dopamine.