Restless Leg Syndrome
Natural Remedies

Effective Natural Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome Relief

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lorica (Indiana) on 10/27/2015

I have suffered from rls off and on and it seems to me it can have more than one cause. A bar of soap was zero help for me. You must be sure your iron is at good levels, not just low average, but at optimal levels. It seems that having fruit juice or anything sugary after about noon, but especially if close to bed time, can aggravate the problem. Your calcium, magnesium and potassium need to be adequate and balanced. I have found daily smoothies with plenty of spinach and yams to be very, very helpful in that regard. If you are having a bad night then soaking your feet in a generous amount of Epsom salt in warm water will relax your muscles and help you sleep. Epsom salt seems also to be a good way to get magnesium.