Post-Covid Long Haulers: Natural Remedies and Treatment


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Posted by GEG (North Carolina) on 07/12/2021
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I had Covid. L-Lysine was the game changer for me. Helps stop the virus from replicating. Yes, got all this information from Earth Clinic.

Lysine, Iodine

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Posted by susan (buffalo) on 10/08/2021
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This worked for my family:

1) l-lysine. 500 mg twice a day (1000mg total per day)


2) 2000 micrograms iodine once a day

Take the above for three weeks beyond when you feel better. You will probably feel better in about a week plus take the above for three more weeks= four weeks total. Limit your coffee intake severely at this time. This is the same recipe to take for anyone with a frozen shoulder that has occurred spontaneously/without injury. Based on my experience, I believe a frozen shoulder this way is caused by a virus.

Replied by Thomas
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Do NOT take iodine if COVID-19 attacked your kidneys or if you have kidney disease.

Unlike other diseases, which harm your kidneys because of too much inflammation, COVID-19 directly attacks and kills your kidney cells that filter your blood through the ACE2 receptor.

Personally, my kidneys were swollen after I got a fever from COVID. They did not hurt, but I couldn't sleep on my back without them bothering me. By about the 5th day the swelling went away. My kidneys felt like a deflated balloon but nothing painful and any other problems with urination other than a lot of foam on my first piss. Later, after having no other symptoms for a while, I still noticed fluid in my lungs every morning, so I looked for long hauler treatments. I purchased and took Lugol's iodine as recommended. The next day my kidneys have been bothering me since with always some foam/bubbles in my urine. It's been a week and I'm still having problems but they come and go now. Possible permanent kidney damage isn't worth it. Look for other remedies if you're a long hauler.


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Posted by Blue Star (Tennessee) on 04/18/2022
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3-4 weeks after having Covid I realized my memory loss was acute. I am 62 years. This has been going on for 3 months. The term "brain fog" didn't register for me. It was short term memory loss and more like neuro connections not taking place.

I did more research and memory loss from Long-Covid can mimic Alzheimer Symptoms. It was pretty alarming.

I have recently been taking Maca for a host of reasons. Balancing hormones for post-menopause. Vaginal dryness. Depression. Adrenal exhaustion. Boosting my Energy. After taking Maca for several weeks, I realized my memory issues have improved significantly.

I did more research into the Maca and found it supports good memory and cognitive function. Stress relief. It supports a healthy libido and fertility issues. Maca supports the whole endocrine system. It is referred to as the South American ginseng. My memory issues have improved 75% ... oh and so has my sex drive.

I found an Organic brand that combines red, black and yellow Maca.The dosage on supplements are generally for maintenance and not therapeutic ... so I usually double or triple the dosage if I am treating for something. If the bowels become loose, you've over done it.

Very impressed with Maca.

Replied by Bird

Where did you find the organic combination?

Blue Star



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Posted by Art (California) on 01/14/2022 1577 posts
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I have written a significant amount about the use of melatonin for Covid-19 and the aftermath of Covid-19 or what is commonly referred to as, "Long Covid" and this brand new study (February 2022) gives confirmation to the use of melatonin for Long Covid and partially explains why it works :

If you don't tolerate melatonin supplements, you can get daily sun exposure to increase your melatonin levels.


Replied by bonnizan
(Richmond va)

NAC which Amazon is selling will increase glutathione levels. Can take as much as 2400mgs a day.

Neem Tea

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Posted by Sehat (Pakistan ) on 02/21/2022
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Neem Tea for Long Covid Fatigue

I love neem tea for its effectiveness for a wide variety of diseases. Suffering from extreme exhaustion that is kind of disabling, I tried neem tea and taking it for only two three days resulted in improvement of my fatigue.

dosage: wash 10 neem leaves and put in a cup of boiling water. Let it simmer on low heat with pan covered for 20 minutes. Turn off stove and let it cool for further half an hour. Drink once a day.

Please do check the conditions under which neem should not be taken such as during pregnancy.

Parasite Cleanse

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Posted by Clara (Canada) on 07/11/2021
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I had longhaulers too. I wanted to Kill myself. I won't go into my symptoms. A parasite cleanse took my symptoms away. I became myself again. I did the Dr. Hulda Clark cleanse. If you think about it, ivermectin and other similar drugs people are talking are anti parasitic. Maybe there's a connection? Not sure, but I know I got my life back. Hope this helps.

Replied by Paceo872
(Manhattan, Ny)

Hi, when did you start feeling better? Or could you give a breakdown of how your recovery went? I just ordered going to give it a try

(Cabarlah, Qld.)

There is a prevention and early treatment protocol at this link; centered around ivermectin.

(Manhattan, Ny)
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It doesn't work. I've tried the protocol for 4 months. Nothing improves.

(South West)

Thank you for the information. I just got Covid so I'm trying everything to kill it.

Replied by BPawlos G.

Greetings from the Horn. I got Covid and it went down my entire nervous system. It also triggered I was borderline. Any advice as I am suffering from yeast infections and high sugar in blood? Is Ivermectin useful at this stage? Thx

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BPawlos G.,

Three supplements that are likely to be helpful for your situation are Magnesium, Berberine and Grapefruit Seed Extract. This combination should help lower your blood sugar and fight fungal infection.



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Posted by Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 12/14/2022 55 posts
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I am in my high sixties and take about 50 supplements and powders.

For what I assume to be Covid fatigue for the two years since I first caught it in December of 2020, I recently have had a fabulous result by taking a slightly rounded measuring teaspoon (3+ grams) of pytosterols (plant sterols) powder with water, mornings, starting almost three weeks ago on 11/25/2022.

I had read the idea of trying phytosterols for Covid fatigue, so I ordered a BulkSupplements 250 gram bag through Amazon. I wanted the 500 gram bag but Amazon didn't have that size and I needed Amazon's Hub Locker delivery options. I may try BoxNutra's kilo size of 95% phytosterols powder next.

So I started by taking a half level measuring teaspoon of powder, mornings. I didn't notice anything until I doubled the dose on day 5, and then I got an immediate, huge increase in energy like an adrenaline rush.

The adrenaline rush became unnoticeable in a few days, and adding a second teaspoon dose in the evenings just made me a little more tired. So the morning dose would be the time to try the two teaspoon dose.

I am however still happy to be taking phytosterols. I had also once read that Covid should be treated with steroids and anticoagulants. So I thought the similar sounding plant sterols were worth a try. And apparently plant sterols are a form of steroid that plants make and need.

After catching Covid three times during 2021, I actually got rid of my obstinate Covid lung congestion in August of 2021 by taking Amazon's Durvet 1.87% ivermectin horse paste, apple flavored, which precipitated me to intentionally cough up lung mucous for about 12 days. Then my lungs and sinuses were finally clear, but this fatigue remained. So I hope the fatigue is now fixed by the phytosterols.

For no particular reason, in late 2021 I stopped taking the horse paste after 15 months. Then I found 400 mg per day (100 mg every 6 hours) of zinc picolinate to be able to reverse several sore throats for me during the first half of 2022. I then tried 600 mg per day but it caused indigestion. I then stopped taking zinc picolinate.

So now in late 2022, I noticed my fungal toenail had returned from years ago, along with some jaw related pain. I had previously cured the toenail by taking 2 tablespoons per day (after a meal) of unrefined macadamia oil for two months. The fungal toenail actually lifted off of it's bed, and new, healthy toenail regrew over the next year. So now to re-cure the fungal toenail and to suppress some jaw pain, I am again taking Carlyle's or PipingRock's virgin macadamia oil internally, at about 3/4 measuring tablespoon every 6 hours, and I haven't had a sore throat yet this winter at all. At 18%, the macadamia oil is the highest food source of palmitoleic acid, an antimicrobial. Olive oil has only .3% to 3.5% of palmitoleic acid or about one sixth of the macadamia oil's content. So next I may order a gallon of virgin macadamia oil from in Chicago.

Pine Bark Extract

Posted by Ari (Queens ) on 03/09/2022

Pine bark extract

Hi Art: what are your thoughts on using the above for covid long haulers? I read a post on EC where someone said this was what brought him back to 100% so this caught my attention. Also, there were a few people on Amazon who said they used it for high BP as well. Thank you in advance for your response. Thank you for all you do for the EC family… greatly appreciated.

Replied by Art
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Thank you very much for saying so.

I think Pine Bark Extract (PBE) would be useful for Long Covid. My favorite would likely be melatonin as I had previously posted about and I think that the two would work well together. On a related note, Grape Seed Extract (GSE), not to be confused with Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), has very similar qualities to PBE.

I also think that bringing your vitamin D level (25 OH d level) well up into the upper half of the reference range of 30 ~ 100 ng/ml will likely be additive to the other two.

Taking vitamin D at the time of Covid-19 infection may not be optimal because it can take two weeks or longer for the vitamin D3 supplement to be fully converted to the active form of vitamin D. For Long Covid, I think the importance is to get your 25 OH d level up into the upper half of the reference range which your doctor can test for you to make sure you go high enough, but not beyond the top of the reference range.

Regarding PBE for high blood pressure, when I took very high dose PBE as an experiment, it had no discernible effect on my blood pressure.


Replied by Ari

Thanks Art!!! Appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions. Have a great weekend!!

Replied by Sharon
(Lafayette, Louisiana)

Looking for safe white pine needle tea? So many ads, not sure where to order from.


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Posted by Servant (Virginia) on 06/25/2022
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I want to share some good news! I have finally healed after 15 months of having frequent long haul COVID symptoms. I had COVID in December 2020; my worst symptom was a horrendous headache that lasted a week or so. Other than that, my symptoms were body aches, upset stomach, diarrhea, fatigue and brain fog. The headache and most of the other symptoms went away after about 10 days. I was blessed that I had only very mild respiratory symptoms. A few weeks after I had recovered from the COVID, I became ill for a few days with what I came to know as long haul Covid. I had these symptoms (mild headache, nausea, digestive tract upset, and fatigue) once or more each month for well over a year.

After more than a year of these frequent long haul illnesses, I read medical studies showing that 70% or more of our immune system is located in our digestive tract. I began working diligently to strengthen my immune system by eating cultured vegetables and drinking probiotic drinks daily. I started very slowly with just small amounts of the probiotic food and drink so that my system could adjust slowly. I did this faithfully each day and within a couple of weeks I saw that my symptoms were milder and I was sick less frequently. After only a couple of months of this diet change, I had no long haul symptoms or illness at all and months later I've had no recurrence. I make my own cultured vegetables and my own water kefir ..... these are both rich in probiotics. I know now how very vital it is to maintain excellent gut health for a strong immune system.

I hope my experience will be helpful to others.

Replied by Virginia

Hi, could you share the recipe for culture vegetables and water kefir please?
Thank you

Replied by Servant

There are numerous books, videos, and web sites where you can find instructions for making your own cultured foods and kefir water drinks. Try book stores and libraries or search on line. One excellent web site is I am confident that the probiotics in my diet greatly strengthened my immune system which effectively destroyed the COVID virus that had entrenched itself in my body. I continue to include plenty of these probiotics in my diet each day and the health benefits are remarkable.

Proper Hydration

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Posted by Lena (Oklahoma City) on 02/04/2022
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One thing that we've noticed (and that no one else has mentioned) about covid recovery is how *vitally important* proper hydration is! Drink at least a gallon a day of *Clean Water* (reverse osmosis or distilled) with electrolytes/minerals added. This breaks up and clears out mucous, toxins, viruses, and other bad things that attack our bodies. Never underestimate simple things God created--such as water!

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