Post-Covid Long Haulers: Natural Remedies and Treatment

| Modified on Apr 06, 2023
Posted by dimethyl_sulfoxidator (Virginia) on 04/06/2023
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Drinking DMSO for mental clarity following COVID and strokes

I have had two fascinating experiences with drinking 1 tsp of DMSO daily following a case of what some might think is or call "long COVID". My experience was such that I became very ill this past year for nearly two months. It was essentially pneumonia, but had a lot of other symptoms associated therewith that made it feel much worse than a lung problem. Thought I was going to die with this, but I managed to naturally cure myself.

I found myself mentally clouded and having terrible trouble with recall (I was normally exceptionally fast and higher end on the IQ range) which has been a death sentence for my work. After a lot of desperate trials of various things I stumbled upon oral DMSO consumption for brain damage patients.

I really didn't have much else to lose at this point due to my recall necessity, so I gave it a shot. I'm about a month in of taking 1 tsp of DMSO a day with about a glass of distilled water and I have been amazed at the results.

I believe I'm at about 90% of where I was before and perhaps, in some ways, better than prior to falling ill. I think my middle aged mind is closer to performance of about 15 years ago at this point. I'm not perfect in recall as I was, but I'm at about 90% as I said. The ways in which I'm better is that I'm feeling more alertness than I did before.

The next thing to report is that a loved one who has experienced brain damage from a series of strokes seems to be improving finally after being also desperate and trying many "medical" options. So far we've seen an improvement of about 10% of where they were and it seems as though this could go farther.

I am considering using 2 teaspoons per day as some have suggested - maybe spaced out prior to bed and in the morning - but I am still wanting to be on this protocol for a few months before taking it further.

Oral DMSO is nothing short of miraculous.

Posted by Pier L. (Illinois) on 02/18/2023

Why??? Because you are opposed to alternative treatments??? If that is the case, don't read them and move on. But for the rest of us, the reason we are here is because we are starting to see through mainstream medicine.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Pier L. (Illinois) on 02/18/2023

What is wrong with stabilizers? Of all the videos I've watched I've never heard anyone say not to buy HP with stabilizers.

Thank you.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Robert (LA) on 02/05/2023
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Resolving Pulmonary Fibrosis Lung Scarring

In August of 2021 I went to the emergency room requesting assistance because I had a lack of energy, great difficulty with breathing and just felt bad. I was told to take a seat and I would be seen as quickly as possible.

The next thing I realize I am waking up in a hospital bed and two months had gone by. I had the Delta version of COVID along with pneumonia (which I have had several times in my life). While I recovered quickly from COVID, the lung damage done by pneumonia had caused excessive lung damage and I wasn't able to breathe on my own.

During the initial stay, I was given a tracheotomy to assist in breathing, placed into a medically induced coma to assist in breathing (supposedly I was told because of my age {62} I might not come out of it) and had a gastric tube inserted to provide needed nutrients along with being placed on a ventilator.

My family had been forewarned if I did make it thru and woke up, I could end up being a vegetable because they had no way of knowing if my brain had become oxygen starved while being in the emergency room and not in an actual intensive care unit. At one point in time, the charge called my family and told them if they didn't do something desperate, I would be dead in a few hours. My former wife called in a priest who administered last rights and my family started the funeral process on my behalf. Being the royal pain I have always been, I survived and eventually recovered enough to be brought out of the coma.

Spent 2.5 months in the hospital and another month in Rehab having to learn how to walk again. Went home the second week of November.

Had a Pulmonary visit in January of 2022 where I was informed I had Pulmonary Fibrosis and given time, it would take my life. I was also informed I had excessive lung scarring due to the aggressive pneumonia and there was no cure for the scarring and it would get worse as time went by.

I had a laundry list of medications including twice a day steroid inhalers, twice a day Nebulizer treatments, numerous meds and I don't remember any longer what else there was.

I was forced to go on Social Security because I had difficulty just getting up the staircase to my apartment. This sucked!

Stayed with the meds routine and ended up back in the hospital at the end of May 2022 for a week. I was pumped full of steroids and sent on my way. My next Pulmonary appointment wasn't until the first full week of September.

Felt great! .....for about 6 weeks then the congestion started returning and I felt none of the assorted drugs were truly doing any good by the way I felt so I decided it was time to go to plan B.

First hit up this website then started researching medical studies (outside the US) and saw a pattern developing surrounding Hydrogen Peroxide diluted with distilled water and given Nebulizer treatments several times a day.

So I bought a bottle of 12% FOOD GRADE (not that stuff for external use) Hydrogen Peroxide and a gallon of distilled water. Did some basic math and determined I needed to dilute it to 1.5% (to start) and around 4-5 cc's at a time in the Nebulizer. Started doing this twice a day and coughed constantly while using the Nebulizer. The gunk in my lungs were not happy to see this stuff and let me know!

After 3 days of this I could breathe again and I could feel the congestion breaking up! By the middle of August, I felt sooo much better that I could go out for walks again (really short ones).

Kept up with this twice a day until the end of August. Starting in September, I cut back to once a day and increased the dilution ratio to 2%. I was now also increasing my walking distance an it was up to a mile now. Went to my Pulmonologist appointment, explaining what I was doing and got a look like I had just fell off a turnip truck! The Dr.had no idea what I was talking about and couldn't condone it . He suggested I stop this and return to the drugs that weren't doing me any good. Don't hold your breath!

By the end of September I was walking 2 miles a day and had cut back the Nebulizer treatments to once a week having increased the diluted ratio to 3%

In October, cut back to once every two weeks, holding at 3% and increasing my walking to 3 miles a day. By November I was walking 3 miles both morning and evening. Had to stop this because my knees were giving me grief and cut back to walking only once a day.

In December I went in for a Cat Scan of my chest prior to my upcoming office visit with the Pulmonologist in January. By the end of December, I was at 3.5 miles a day in walking forgot more often than not about the Nebulizer treatments.

January 2023 rolls around and I head to my appointment. Met with the Dr.and he had a strange look upon his face. This had me concerned. I asked him if he looked over the Cat Scan results and he said he had (while gently shaking his head). The Dr.told me there was no lung scarring in the lower portions of my lungs and only a small amount up top!

After the Dr.and one of his residents had left the examination room and closed the door I could hear him telling somebody, " I have no idea how he became so dramatically better in only a year". I told him how but, its not part of Western Medicine.

Posted by Kay E (USA ) on 01/19/2023

Would you be willing to share from where you ordered? I was referred to a site in India but they sent me a fake PayPal invoice so I dust placed the order. Plus I'm leery about quality.

Posted by Sharilyn (United States) on 01/16/2023

You have no idea what you're talking about. What is being suggested here is absolutely on point. You must be an allopathic system hack. The FLCCC is highly reputable with doctors that actually treated patients on the front line. So is Daystar. They had many, many shows with the doctors of FLCCC and top doctors and researchers throughout this whole p a n d e m I c fiasco.

Posted by Madelyn (Idaho ) on 01/06/2023

If in doubt about the dose, simply weigh the paste on a gram scale. Once you know what dosage you want to take of the ivermectin, you need to calculate how much paste would contain that amount. All the horse pastes I've used contain 1.87% ivermectin.

for example: if I want to take 0.4mg per kg of body weight. I will first find my weight in kg, which is 68kg. Now I take 68kg multiplied by 0.4mg to find the ivermectin dose, which is 27.2mg. In order to get 27.2mg of ivermectin, I need to calculate the amount of paste by taking 27.2 divided by 1.87%, which is 1,454.54mg. So I would need to take 1455mg (1.455g) of the paste. I like to put it in capsules for the kids, but I have also just squirted the paste slowly onto a piece of parchment paper that I have sitting on the scale.

Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 01/04/2023

One caution here--if you are using the tube for horses or the tube for goats, the notches are not equal, so read the label. The larger the animal, the more dose per notch--so you cannot go by 50 pounds per notch. Maybe on some, but the one I'm looking at right now, from my cabinet, is the horse one and each notch is 100 pounds.

Posted by bonnizan (Richmond va) on 01/03/2023

NAC which Amazon is selling will increase glutathione levels. Can take as much as 2400mgs a day.

Posted by bonnizan (Richmond VA) on 01/03/2023
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You need the 1.87% paste and make sure there are no other meds just Ivermectin.

Dosage is 1 notch per 50 lbs. I'm 200lbs I take 4 notches. Sister is 150 lbs and takes 3 notches. More is not better.

Take 1 dosage a day for 5 days stop 2 days if cured stop. If still sick, do 5 more days. Stop 2 days.

Go to to find doctors who will prescribe human pills of ivermectin.

Posted by Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 12/14/2022 63 posts
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I am in my high sixties and take about 50 supplements and powders.

For what I assume to be Covid fatigue for the two years since I first caught it in December of 2020, I recently have had a fabulous result by taking a slightly rounded measuring teaspoon (3+ grams) of pytosterols (plant sterols) powder with water, mornings, starting almost three weeks ago on 11/25/2022.

I had read the idea of trying phytosterols for Covid fatigue, so I ordered a BulkSupplements 250 gram bag through Amazon. I wanted the 500 gram bag but Amazon didn't have that size and I needed Amazon's Hub Locker delivery options. I may try BoxNutra's kilo size of 95% phytosterols powder next.

So I started by taking a half level measuring teaspoon of powder, mornings. I didn't notice anything until I doubled the dose on day 5, and then I got an immediate, huge increase in energy like an adrenaline rush.

The adrenaline rush became unnoticeable in a few days, and adding a second teaspoon dose in the evenings just made me a little more tired. So the morning dose would be the time to try the two teaspoon dose.

I am however still happy to be taking phytosterols. I had also once read that Covid should be treated with steroids and anticoagulants. So I thought the similar sounding plant sterols were worth a try. And apparently plant sterols are a form of steroid that plants make and need.

After catching Covid three times during 2021, I actually got rid of my obstinate Covid lung congestion in August of 2021 by taking Amazon's Durvet 1.87% ivermectin horse paste, apple flavored, which precipitated me to intentionally cough up lung mucous for about 12 days. Then my lungs and sinuses were finally clear, but this fatigue remained. So I hope the fatigue is now fixed by the phytosterols.

For no particular reason, in late 2021 I stopped taking the horse paste after 15 months. Then I found 400 mg per day (100 mg every 6 hours) of zinc picolinate to be able to reverse several sore throats for me during the first half of 2022. I then tried 600 mg per day but it caused indigestion. I then stopped taking zinc picolinate.

So now in late 2022, I noticed my fungal toenail had returned from years ago, along with some jaw related pain. I had previously cured the toenail by taking 2 tablespoons per day (after a meal) of unrefined macadamia oil for two months. The fungal toenail actually lifted off of it's bed, and new, healthy toenail regrew over the next year. So now to re-cure the fungal toenail and to suppress some jaw pain, I am again taking Carlyle's or PipingRock's virgin macadamia oil internally, at about 3/4 measuring tablespoon every 6 hours, and I haven't had a sore throat yet this winter at all. At 18%, the macadamia oil is the highest food source of palmitoleic acid, an antimicrobial. Olive oil has only .3% to 3.5% of palmitoleic acid or about one sixth of the macadamia oil's content. So next I may order a gallon of virgin macadamia oil from in Chicago.

Posted by Simpleton (Idaho) on 12/13/2022
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Ivermectin can be easily prescribed by just seeing the right, medical doctors or the right naturopathic doctor using a simple process. When the pandemic hit, my friends and I, decided we would all get geared up with Ivermectin. We figured we would use Frontline Doctors, but their system on-line was problematic, with error messages, slow, and no call backs. We concluded they were overwhelmed, and the system was to hard to access. It might be better now. Long story short, we found it has a list of doctor that you can choose or they will just line you up with one, they just call you and I just requested Ivermectin as preventive and then a pharmacy called me from our state and boom the prescription was filled $40 and just send to our home. It was so much easier that FL, plus convenient, and inexpensive. Also it is sometimes best to be already established with ND that does IV's I have one and it is amazing blessing to have access to one if needed.

Korean Pine Needle Tea
Posted by Angela (OH) on 12/13/2022
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What brand did you use? I have tried without success.

Posted by Art (California) on 12/03/2022 1675 posts
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I was recently sent this Time magazine article Tiny Blood Clots May Be to Blame for Long COVID Symptoms, Some Researchers Say.

I absolutely believe clotting and micro clotting are contributing factors to Covid-19 and Long Covid (LC), but I do not believe they are the only causes. I also believe that continuing elevated inflammation levels and oxidative stress levels are major contributing factors to LC, which is why antioxidant therapies have shown benefit in studies.

Again, this is why I believe that melatonin is at least one viable treatment for LC because it is the most potent antioxidant through multiple activities and pathways already shown and proven in many studies. It also has anti-inflammatory effects while also reducing clotting activity. Lastly, it has anti-apoptotic effects for normal human cells via potent mitochondrial protectant activities.

Keep in mind that the older Covid-19 patients are the ones who seem to fair the worst from this virus, and it is also this group who have the lowest levels of melatonin. This study suggests that melatonin levels are lower in young patients with moderate to mild Covid-19. It isn't much of a stretch to think that melatonin levels are also lower in senior adults with Covid-19. our study, serum melatonin, nonspecific upper respiratory tract infections.

I believe that Fecal Microbiome Transplantation (FMT) will ultimately turn out to be the best and simplest fix for LC. One of the effects of melatonin is that it alters the gut microbiome toward less pathogenic bacteria, while Covid-19 alters the gut microbiome toward more pathogenic bacteria, as outlined here in this new article (November 2022) : disrupts the gut, lead to dangerous secondary infections.

This could very easily explain why people who test negative for Covid-19 after having it, still get new and often different symptoms because it has already been shown how the gut microbiome can affect most, if not all, parts of the body. FMT has been shown to correct this dysbiosis, but in the USA, FMT seems to be purposely limited to only a very small handful of diseases, with the main use being for the treatment of C-Diff. This is no accident. When you read enough about FMT, you quickly realize that it can potentially treat many major diseases. This would mean that the pharmaceutical industry would lose many billions of dollars to the relatively inexpensive treatment of FMT. I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist, but I am hard-pressed to find another reason at this point in time. Why is China willing to test FMT twice for Parkinson's disease already while there are no similar US studies for FMT/PD?

To see the truly cutting-edge studies regarding FMT, you must look outside of the US. One country that seems to be openly testing FMT against more diseases is China. Look at this amazing example of a disease (ALS) that the US considers mainly untreatable and definitely not reversible :

If this were a patentable drug, it would be flying off the shelves as no drug has ever done this in ALS patients! ALS, PD and Alzheimer's all seem to benefit from FMT, but no US studies to even suggest this. China is the one who is showing these benefits and is becoming very advanced in the best methods for utilization of FMT, while at the same time, the US does study after study over and over again for the treatment C-Diff or IBS. The exact same studies done over and over again. It's no accident.

As far as Covid-19 and FMT, Poland has already shown it works in two at risk Covid-19 patients, but the US just says there are no studies to prove that it works for Covid-19 :

Bottom line for me, I'm angry that the US does nothing of any consequence to very significantly further FMT studies for major diseases other than C-Diff and IBS! Instead, they delve very deeply into "micro clots" and other complicated avenues when FMT will likely resolve those issues and many more relatively inexpensively!

Obviously I am a fan, but that just makes it more frustrating for me!

Parasite Cleanse
Posted by Art (California) on 11/22/2022 1675 posts

BPawlos G.,

Three supplements that are likely to be helpful for your situation are Magnesium, Berberine and Grapefruit Seed Extract. This combination should help lower your blood sugar and fight fungal infection.


Parasite Cleanse
Posted by BPawlos G. (Ethiopia) on 11/21/2022

Greetings from the Horn. I got Covid and it went down my entire nervous system. It also triggered I was borderline. Any advice as I am suffering from yeast infections and high sugar in blood? Is Ivermectin useful at this stage? Thx

Colloidal Gold
Posted by Kevin (Palmer, Alaska) on 11/18/2022
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I had covid fog and the lack of energy that comes with it. The covid brain fog was diminished in 24 hours and even better at 72 hours. My energy started returning at about 72 hours. I noticed my eyesight was clearer the first day. I take 1 oz of Colloidal gold Nano 20 ppm every morning on an empty stomach.

Posted by Servant (Virginia) on 10/31/2022

There are numerous books, videos, and web sites where you can find instructions for making your own cultured foods and kefir water drinks. Try book stores and libraries or search on line. One excellent web site is I am confident that the probiotics in my diet greatly strengthened my immune system which effectively destroyed the COVID virus that had entrenched itself in my body. I continue to include plenty of these probiotics in my diet each day and the health benefits are remarkable.

Pine Bark Extract
Posted by Sharon (Lafayette, Louisiana) on 10/27/2022

Looking for safe white pine needle tea? So many ads, not sure where to order from.

Posted by Dano (Idaho) on 09/22/2022

You are using PolitiFact as a source to "prove" you are correct? I'm sorry, but that's funny for so many reasons.

Culturelle and ACV
Posted by Liberty (Virginia) on 09/13/2022

I was wondering which specific strain of probiotic is in your Culturelle since there are different ones. Thanks!

Garlic Ointment
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 09/12/2022
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I wanted to share another garlic ointment recipe that works great and only takes “5 minutes” to make! This recipe for this garlic ointment is taken from the book “Be Your Own Doctor” by Rachel Weaver M.H. I've been using this on people with covid19 lungs (you know that cough all post-covid patients have but the hospital says they are testing negitive for active covid) along with other internal natural remedies. They tell me that it sure does stink be works in a few days.

Previous article Garlic Salve for Pneumonia EC

It is used for Arthritic joints, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Ear Infections, Sinus infections, Skin infections.

Why would you want to put garlic on your body? Garlic is a natural immune booster/anti-microbial and works to rid the body of viruses, fungus, parasites and bacteria. The garlic juice is quickly absorbed through the skin and starts going to work “immediately”. This rub smells like garlic and so will you. It can be used on small children to the elderly.

Louis Pasteur 1858 (the father of pasteurization), the well known microbiologist, reported that 1mm of garlic juice killed bacteria and he maintained it was effective even against some bacteria resistant to other factors. It was later discovered that one raw crushed clove of garlic contains the antibiotic equivalent of 100,000 units of penicillin and has been proven to be more effective than both penicillin and tetracycline in suppressing certain types of disease carrying agents.

Researchers at Washington State University have found that the compounds in garlic are 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics at fighting the Campylobacter bacterium, one of the most common causes of intestinal illness. Their work was published recently in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Are you impressed yet?

By blending and mincing the garlic right into the coconut oil you are releasing 100% of the juice containing allicin compounds for immediate use. It is said these healing organic compounds only stay stable for a short period of time. There is a debate in science as to how long this compounds stay stable. Garlic contains approximately 33 bioactive sulfur compounds, several enzymes and 17 amino acids. Garlic is the most studied herbal plant in the world.

Materials needed:

* Blender (I use an old Oster Blender I got at a yard sale)

* Garlic peeled (I use chinese white, only one I can stand the smell)

* Coconut oil


* 8 – 12 garlic cloves peeled

* ½ - 1 cup melted coconut oil


* Heat the jar for coconut oil in a hot water bath by putting the jar directly in the bath until it is liquid. I like using butcher boy coconut oil sold at Dollartree. 8 oz for $1.25.

* Add peeled garlic cloves and liquid coconut oil to your blender.

* Blend the garlic/coconut oil well on lowest setting. This will take 5 minutes.

* After blending, pour mixture back into the plastic jar the coconut came in.

* Place garlic oil jar in refrigerator if desired or not. Mixture will stay “potient” only for 2 weeks. Make new batch after 2 weeks if needed.

How to use:

Yes, you will smell like a garlic bulb….

* Respiratory Infections. Apply to chest, back, side and neck and on bottom feet (then cover with socks) every 2-3 hours as necessary.

* Arthritic joints. Rub into painful joints at nite before bed.

* Ear infection. In it's melted state, you can put drops into the ear canal and plug with cottonball. Apply it around the outer ear.

* Sinus infection. You can put drops into the nostril. Rub ointment over sinus cavities. Use caution around eyes!

Korean Pine Needle Tea
Posted by Rita (Sedona) on 07/11/2022
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I was using organic pine needle tea and after several uses I had an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to pine trees keep this in mind.

Posted by Virginia (Germany) on 07/08/2022

Hi, could you share the recipe for culture vegetables and water kefir please?
Thank you

Korean Pine Needle Tea
Posted by Jenny Lee (California ) on 06/25/2022

Hi Mark, Thanks for sharing. What brand of Korean pine needles did you use? How much Korean pine needle tea were you taking every day? Thanks

Posted by Servant (Virginia) on 06/25/2022
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I want to share some good news! I have finally healed after 15 months of having frequent long haul COVID symptoms. I had COVID in December 2020; my worst symptom was a horrendous headache that lasted a week or so. Other than that, my symptoms were body aches, upset stomach, diarrhea, fatigue and brain fog. The headache and most of the other symptoms went away after about 10 days. I was blessed that I had only very mild respiratory symptoms. A few weeks after I had recovered from the COVID, I became ill for a few days with what I came to know as long haul Covid. I had these symptoms (mild headache, nausea, digestive tract upset, and fatigue) once or more each month for well over a year.

After more than a year of these frequent long haul illnesses, I read medical studies showing that 70% or more of our immune system is located in our digestive tract. I began working diligently to strengthen my immune system by eating cultured vegetables and drinking probiotic drinks daily. I started very slowly with just small amounts of the probiotic food and drink so that my system could adjust slowly. I did this faithfully each day and within a couple of weeks I saw that my symptoms were milder and I was sick less frequently. After only a couple of months of this diet change, I had no long haul symptoms or illness at all and months later I've had no recurrence. I make my own cultured vegetables and my own water kefir ..... these are both rich in probiotics. I know now how very vital it is to maintain excellent gut health for a strong immune system.

I hope my experience will be helpful to others.

Posted by Blue Star (Tennessee) on 05/20/2022


Lysine, Iodine
Posted by Thomas (Texas) on 05/19/2022
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Do NOT take iodine if COVID-19 attacked your kidneys or if you have kidney disease.

Unlike other diseases, which harm your kidneys because of too much inflammation, COVID-19 directly attacks and kills your kidney cells that filter your blood through the ACE2 receptor.

Personally, my kidneys were swollen after I got a fever from COVID. They did not hurt, but I couldn't sleep on my back without them bothering me. By about the 5th day the swelling went away. My kidneys felt like a deflated balloon but nothing painful and any other problems with urination other than a lot of foam on my first piss. Later, after having no other symptoms for a while, I still noticed fluid in my lungs every morning, so I looked for long hauler treatments. I purchased and took Lugol's iodine as recommended. The next day my kidneys have been bothering me since with always some foam/bubbles in my urine. It's been a week and I'm still having problems but they come and go now. Possible permanent kidney damage isn't worth it. Look for other remedies if you're a long hauler.

Culturelle and ACV
Posted by Covid wrecked my body (Florida) on 04/29/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I had covid twice and I got IBS because the virus remains and multiplies in your gut. After 7 months of diarrhea with every meal and trying different foods, I realized the only thing my body could digest anymore was cruciferous vegetables. Most probiotics made me worse until I used culturelle daily advanced with a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar every morning. After 2 months my body is finally back to normal. You will notice improvement in a week.

Posted by Bird (CO) on 04/25/2022

Where did you find the organic combination?

Posted by Blue Star (Tennessee) on 04/18/2022
5 out of 5 stars

3-4 weeks after having Covid I realized my memory loss was acute. I am 62 years. This has been going on for 3 months. The term "brain fog" didn't register for me. It was short term memory loss and more like neuro connections not taking place.

I did more research and memory loss from Long-Covid can mimic Alzheimer Symptoms. It was pretty alarming.

I have recently been taking Maca for a host of reasons. Balancing hormones for post-menopause. Vaginal dryness. Depression. Adrenal exhaustion. Boosting my Energy. After taking Maca for several weeks, I realized my memory issues have improved significantly.

I did more research into the Maca and found it supports good memory and cognitive function. Stress relief. It supports a healthy libido and fertility issues. Maca supports the whole endocrine system. It is referred to as the South American ginseng. My memory issues have improved 75% ... oh and so has my sex drive.

I found an Organic brand that combines red, black and yellow Maca.The dosage on supplements are generally for maintenance and not therapeutic ... so I usually double or triple the dosage if I am treating for something. If the bowels become loose, you've over done it.

Very impressed with Maca.

Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Teresa (IL) on 04/03/2022

Hi E, I just wanted to know how long did you take the Apple Cider Vinegar and coconut oil for? Thank you

D3, Zinc, Vitamin C
Posted by Dana (USA) on 04/03/2022

N-Acetyl Cysteine will clear your lungs: 500mg for every 1500mg Vitamin C that you take. Ideally 3000mg Vitamin C with 1000mg N-Acetyl Cysteine twice a day/after breakfast and after dinner.

10,000mcg Vitamin D3,500mcg Vitamin K2,50mg Zinc: Twice a day.

Ancestral Supplements: See Amazon

Posted by Hannah (USA ) on 04/03/2022

Good day, how much paste did you use? Thanks

Posted by Sue (Santa Fe, NM) on 03/29/2022

Hi Brad. I saw your post on EC and wondered if I could purchase some of your Ivermectin. I've had Long Haul for weeks. I'll be better one day and think I'm getting over it and the next day can hardly get out of bed. Send me your mailing address or your phone number and we can discuss your payment.

Posted by Violet (Cerrillos, NM) on 03/28/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I was about a month and a half after my initial infection and still having trouble breathing, constantly needing to clear my throat, brain fog, low energy, and coughing fits. I would make an occasional Hot Toddy, because it really helped with the breathing, and I always added a dash of cayenne pepper. Last week, the cayenne pepper was not coming out of the shaker, so I opened it up to get a little out, and probably a tablespoon's worth, maybe a little more, fell into my drink. I thought "what the hey" and added a bit more honey to make it more palatable. It was not the best tasting, but I drank the whole cup. The next day, and ever since, I felt better. I drank one more this week, just to be sure I killed everything off, but I am back to my usual self.

Pine Bark Extract
Posted by Ari (Queens ) on 03/12/2022

Thanks Art!!! Appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions. Have a great weekend!!

Pine Bark Extract
Posted by Art (California) on 03/10/2022 1675 posts


Thank you very much for saying so.

I think Pine Bark Extract (PBE) would be useful for Long Covid. My favorite would likely be melatonin as I had previously posted about and I think that the two would work well together. On a related note, Grape Seed Extract (GSE), not to be confused with Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), has very similar qualities to PBE.

I also think that bringing your vitamin D level (25 OH d level) well up into the upper half of the reference range of 30 ~ 100 ng/ml will likely be additive to the other two.

Taking vitamin D at the time of Covid-19 infection may not be optimal because it can take two weeks or longer for the vitamin D3 supplement to be fully converted to the active form of vitamin D. For Long Covid, I think the importance is to get your 25 OH d level up into the upper half of the reference range which your doctor can test for you to make sure you go high enough, but not beyond the top of the reference range.

Regarding PBE for high blood pressure, when I took very high dose PBE as an experiment, it had no discernible effect on my blood pressure.


Pine Bark Extract
Posted by Ari (Queens ) on 03/09/2022

Pine bark extract

Hi Art: what are your thoughts on using the above for covid long haulers? I read a post on EC where someone said this was what brought him back to 100% so this caught my attention. Also, there were a few people on Amazon who said they used it for high BP as well. Thank you in advance for your response. Thank you for all you do for the EC family… greatly appreciated.

Posted by Hwkmn05 (Nh) on 02/25/2022 108 posts
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FLCCC has all you need for the virus protocol. Thankfully when Omicron hit my whole family, we had plenty of everything they advise except the Nebulizer, which I regret. However, high dose Iver tablet form does work, but for some reason, the horse paste worked faster. 3 of us were over the most severe symptoms in 3-5 days and 80% better day 7. There are some annoying lingering symptoms such as dry cough and phlegm production for a few weeks, but the severity is minimal. Some I know who were jabbed suffered with the virus 10-14 days because they followed allopathic protocols, which are mostly failures based on profit only.

Neem Tea
Posted by Sehat (Pakistan ) on 02/21/2022
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Neem Tea for Long Covid Fatigue

I love neem tea for its effectiveness for a wide variety of diseases. Suffering from extreme exhaustion that is kind of disabling, I tried neem tea and taking it for only two three days resulted in improvement of my fatigue.

dosage: wash 10 neem leaves and put in a cup of boiling water. Let it simmer on low heat with pan covered for 20 minutes. Turn off stove and let it cool for further half an hour. Drink once a day.

Please do check the conditions under which neem should not be taken such as during pregnancy.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by TSUN (Alaska) on 02/15/2022

Hey Mark, any brand will do- just make sure it's just unsulfured blackstrap molasses. It has helped tremendously in regaining some energy. Hope you and yours are recovering well if you've had Covid.

Proper Hydration
Posted by Lena (Oklahoma City) on 02/04/2022
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One thing that we've noticed (and that no one else has mentioned) about covid recovery is how *vitally important* proper hydration is! Drink at least a gallon a day of *Clean Water* (reverse osmosis or distilled) with electrolytes/minerals added. This breaks up and clears out mucous, toxins, viruses, and other bad things that attack our bodies. Never underestimate simple things God created--such as water!

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I have written a significant amount about the use of melatonin for Covid-19 and the aftermath of Covid-19 or what is commonly referred to as, "Long Covid" and this brand new study (February 2022) gives confirmation to the use of melatonin for Long Covid and partially explains why it works :

If you don't tolerate melatonin supplements, you can get daily sun exposure to increase your melatonin levels.


Posted by Roxanne (Grand Rapids) on 01/14/2022 you can get ivermectin.

Korean Pine Needle Tea
Posted by ANNA (Pennsylvania) on 01/12/2022

i got the CA spray but I do not feel like anything is getting out. I wrote to Ashley who said HYDROSOULS work that way. Did you pump it?

Posted by Brad (CA) on 12/22/2021
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FLCCC are dead on. I've used the protocol, including Ivermectin, to cure several of my friends who got Covid. I've got hundreds of Ivermectin, imported and dole it out as I hear about issues. Works like a charm, usually takes about 3 days when you include D, zinc, quercetin, A, and lots of C to bring down inflammation.

Korean Pine Needle Tea
Posted by Brad Christian (CA) on 12/22/2021

The thing about SURAMIN is no joke. Scientist Judy Mikovits said it's the cure to Covid and the spike proteins of the vaccine. She said the elites would not leave themselves without a cure... and its Suramin. I don't think Earth Clinic allows links necessarily but use either Pine Needle Tea (I use a second black tea bag in there for flavor as well) or look up Contamishield which is the only actual product I've seen whose base is Suramin.

D3, Zinc, Vitamin C
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A very useful supplement for Covid-19 as well as recovery, is melatonin.

The reason why is because melatonin is protective of the major organs of the body as well as having anti inflammatory as well as very potent antioxidative stress effects. Given that the SARS CoV-2 virus has shown that it can attack many organs and operates well in an environment of elevated oxidative stress and inflammation, melatonin is well suited for the purpose.

I wrote about this extensively here :

And here:

Good luck!


D3, Zinc, Vitamin C
Posted by CPN (Somewhere USA) on 12/13/2021

Hi Karie,

My mother is still recovering from this Covid, Sometimes when you have something so bad you have to trough everything at it But the kitchen sink. She had a real hard time eating due to a very bitter taste in her mouth. She was able to consume light purple grapes. The key to this is to chew the grapes very well the help is in the skin and needs to be chewed for a very long time.

I also had her drank Green Tea. I bought 85% Dark Chocolate, she had a hard time with this due to bitterness. Oranges, Tangerines she was able to eat lots of

Also, 1 gram of Carbohydrate Boost ( Found in the Diabetic section ) really helped her and her blood sugars. and help her regain a lot of strength. I had her was her nose with a Sinu gator ( you could use a netti pot as well ) with the salt pack and add ( one drop of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo to the boiled water ) Be sure to boil your water for 5 minutes. Zicam gummies she took lots of and they seemed to help.

She did a nebulizer with some meds from the doc, she was diagnosed with Covid Pneumonia. Oxygen level never went past 95. So her lungs were pretty clear.

D3, Zinc, Vitamin C
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 12/13/2021

Hi, I had the virus last Dec. and all my research pointed at Melatonin 10mgs. at bedtime, but I stop all supplements as well as Melatonin every weekend, Start all over on Mondays

This will help your body from overloading and it works.

One of the best side effects of Melatonin is it cleans your lungs.

Good luck, Gary

D3, Zinc, Vitamin C
Posted by Bob (Sydney) on 12/13/2021

Try K2mk4 + k2mk7. I can't stress how much this is important. Basically the whole covid is actually k2 depletion. K2mk4 get 45mg from lifeextension.

Take 1 capsule every 3 hours for 24 hours. That is it.

And get K2mk7 trans type menaq7 type 3 times daily by 5 to 600 mcg for a week. Then slow to 180 to 200 mcg daily. K2 is gluing on spike, activating c and s human proteins, cleaning calcium from inflamed soft tissues. Etc... Google covid+k2 vitamin.

D3, Zinc, Vitamin C
Posted by Betty (CA) on 12/12/2021

Up the vitamin D3 dose. Some have taken as much as 50,000IU for a few days.

Bromelain 3x higher than the suggested dose

NAC (precursor to glutathione)

Melatonin (I have read 1mg/kg)

Up the vitamin C maybe to 20grams of vitamin C to start for bowel tolerance. If pills crush them, put them in water and drink. Might need 60grams+ per day

Aspirin dissolved in water

Potassium citrate

A decongestant/anti-inflammatory to keep airways open such as an oil to rub on your chest (tea tree, coconut, eucalyptus.....)

Ivermectin every day for 5-7 days

I have read on that niacin is very good as is iodine.

These are just some things off the top of my head

D3, Zinc, Vitamin C
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 12/12/2021

Karie, read up on h2o2 inhalation or soaking methods.

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