Post-Covid Long Haulers: Natural Remedies and Treatment

Posted by Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 12/14/2022 64 posts

I am in my high sixties and take about 50 supplements and powders.

For what I assume to be Covid fatigue for the two years since I first caught it in December of 2020, I recently have had a fabulous result by taking a slightly rounded measuring teaspoon (3+ grams) of pytosterols (plant sterols) powder with water, mornings, starting almost three weeks ago on 11/25/2022.

I had read the idea of trying phytosterols for Covid fatigue, so I ordered a BulkSupplements 250 gram bag through Amazon. I wanted the 500 gram bag but Amazon didn't have that size and I needed Amazon's Hub Locker delivery options. I may try BoxNutra's kilo size of 95% phytosterols powder next.

So I started by taking a half level measuring teaspoon of powder, mornings. I didn't notice anything until I doubled the dose on day 5, and then I got an immediate, huge increase in energy like an adrenaline rush.

The adrenaline rush became unnoticeable in a few days, and adding a second teaspoon dose in the evenings just made me a little more tired. So the morning dose would be the time to try the two teaspoon dose.

I am however still happy to be taking phytosterols. I had also once read that Covid should be treated with steroids and anticoagulants. So I thought the similar sounding plant sterols were worth a try. And apparently plant sterols are a form of steroid that plants make and need.

After catching Covid three times during 2021, I actually got rid of my obstinate Covid lung congestion in August of 2021 by taking Amazon's Durvet 1.87% ivermectin horse paste, apple flavored, which precipitated me to intentionally cough up lung mucous for about 12 days. Then my lungs and sinuses were finally clear, but this fatigue remained. So I hope the fatigue is now fixed by the phytosterols.

For no particular reason, in late 2021 I stopped taking the horse paste after 15 months. Then I found 400 mg per day (100 mg every 6 hours) of zinc picolinate to be able to reverse several sore throats for me during the first half of 2022. I then tried 600 mg per day but it caused indigestion. I then stopped taking zinc picolinate.

So now in late 2022, I noticed my fungal toenail had returned from years ago, along with some jaw related pain. I had previously cured the toenail by taking 2 tablespoons per day (after a meal) of unrefined macadamia oil for two months. The fungal toenail actually lifted off of it's bed, and new, healthy toenail regrew over the next year. So now to re-cure the fungal toenail and to suppress some jaw pain, I am again taking Carlyle's or PipingRock's virgin macadamia oil internally, at about 3/4 measuring tablespoon every 6 hours, and I haven't had a sore throat yet this winter at all. At 18%, the macadamia oil is the highest food source of palmitoleic acid, an antimicrobial. Olive oil has only .3% to 3.5% of palmitoleic acid or about one sixth of the macadamia oil's content. So next I may order a gallon of virgin macadamia oil from in Chicago.