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Pyrantel Pamoate Parasite Killer

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Posted by Wild Bill (St. Louis, Missouri) on 03/25/2022

Pyrantel Paomoate kills things that turpentine won't. Kills Numerous Parasites. Is Extremely Safe. Should Be Used On ALL Pet Dogs And Cats. Used Worldwide To Kill Pin Worms And Other Nasty Things In Humans.


Pyrantel pamoate is an oral medication used for the treatment of infections caused by intestinal parasites like roundworm, hookworm, and pinworm.

It has been included in the Model List of Essential Medicines by the World Health Organization, though this listing is meant only for human use.

May Treat: Ascariasis · Enterobiasis · Mixed intestinal helminthiasis Dosage is by weight.


Raw Garlic

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Posted by Jean Marie (Essexville, Michigan) on 04/10/2012

It seems often when I eat raw garlic or onion I get a stomachache. Then when I get a stomachache like that I will do a water enema and I always pass worms. It seems raw garlic and raw onion are great for killing parasites.

Replied by Darryl
(New Orleans)

Can I break it into pieces ands swallow like a tablet?

Replied by Kelly
(Cambridge, Ma)

Absolutely! I chop it into small pieces, let the pieces sit for about 10 min's, then put the pieces on a spoon and wash them down with a few good chugs of water.

Replied by Reesi
(New Orleans, La)

Have u tried Diatomaceous Earth... Ingesting it daily for as many as 30-90 days is supposed to rid u of parasites internally. Giardia have a hard outer shell & that's the requirement for Diatomaceous Earth to work cuz its microscopic jagged edges pierce the exoskeletons of insects & parasite & gradually tears them up, causing them to dehydrate & die. When they (& intestinal worms) ingest the DE, it does the same thing internally. It's worth a try & the health benefits of this natural, organic product could pay off in additional ways as it is a natural source of sillica to help your collagen development &does so much for hair/skin/nails & even cleans your colon! Look it up..... But mind u, all natural remedies involve longer processes to healing.... But who cares if it actually works & isn't harmful? :)

Raw Garlic
Posted by Grant (San Diego, California) on 11/11/2008

Raw Garlic helped with intestinal parasites

1 large clove of garlic chewed slowly (and painfully) one time in the morning with nothing else in my stomach.

Background Info:

While in Peru I got diarrhea and had chills and a fever. I called the local emergency clinic and a doctor came to see me the next morning. They analyzed a stool sample and found that I had giardia. I was prescribed tinidazol for the giardia and ciprofloxacine for whatever else might be giving me the fever. I took the medication religiously. A few days later upon returning home, my fever was gone, but the diarrhea remained. I went to see my doctor and they took another stool sample. However, since things were so bad, I decided to see what I could do about it in the mean time. Hence the garlic bomb. From the moment I took that first garlic bomb my digestive system has behaved very well, i.e no rush trips to the bathroom. Since it was so effective, I decided to take the raw garlic in the morning and evening until things were entirely back to normal. At this point (3 days later) I am about at 90% normal. 2 days ago I started a detox cleanse kit from trader joes. It consists of fiber pills, degestive pills and a liver pill. Today I am thinking of adding goldenseal to the mix.

Replied by Grant
(San Diego, California)

This is a method for taking raw garlic ... the garlic spring roll bomb.

Crush 1 clove of garlic onto a small piece of a softened Thai spring roll sheet. Roll it up into a small garlic burrito - then down the hatch. It goes down real smooth without getting any garlic on the inside of your mouth.

Replied by Jonny
(Milwaukee, WI)

I'm sorry but ONE clove of garlic isn't going to do anything whatsoever. I've eaten garlic plenty of times in the past and I still have my tapeworm.

Replied by Txex2000
(Sf, Ca)

What works for one person may not work for another... I have a very sensitive system and 1 clove of garlic sent my whole body into a major purge. It's definitely working! But to your point, there are many types of parasites and likely several methods are needed to remove them entirely. Thanks to everyone for your valuable input.

Replied by Vasilisa
(New York, Ny)

I've been suffering from Giardiasis for almost 1. 5 years. I got it in Sarasota, Florida when I was swimming in the swimming pool of my husband's parents. Oh My God! I've visited 10 doctors in 4 states (Fl, RI, MA, NY) and they couldn't find anything. I've gone through 2 endoscopies, almost 30 stool samples, blood tests, Ultra sound and CAT scan of my abdominal area. I am Russian and I had to fly to my mother country to get help from Russian doctors. Sorry for that but American doctors are money diggers. In Russia my blood was tested and antibodies showed that I had Giardia. I had terrible symptoms:red spots (allergic reactions) on my face, brown pigment spots, painful gallbladder, pain under my belly button, irritated bowel syndrome, yeast, hair loss, fragile nails, numb tongue (Iron deficiency), cracked lips (vitamin B deficiency), malabsorption, bloating, chronicle fatigue, depression, aggressiveness etc. The doctor-infectionist prescribed many different antibiotics (Metronidazole, Albendazole, Tinidazole, Nifuroxazide ) along with herbs to stimulate my gallbladder, pancreas and clean my liver. They helped for a while but they killed all my intestinal flora. Now I drink tea with Birch leaves (russian remedy for parasites) 3 times a day, eat only organic food, take 1 tbs of Flax seed oil a day, drink aloe Vera juice, eat raw garlic 3 cloves a day, mix Spirulina with organic goat yogurt, eat Coconut oil 3 times a day, take probiotics, get shots of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B12 once a week, eat beef because I have anemia. I don't eat sugar, bread, canned food. Did garlic help me? Nooooo. Am I cured? Not yet:-((( I am struggling for my health cursing Florida and my husband's parents who mocked me everyday because I didn't swim in their swimming pool. Then I decided to shut them up and you know the result. C-- Pharmacy in the USA sells only crap. I bought Selenium there. God, it was mixed with yeast. I have to be very careful what I buy in the USA. It takes time for me to find clean organic products without starch, GMO, yeast, gluten, sugar. It drives my husband crazy but I want to L-I-V-E and be healthy again. After reading some posts I am going to buy MSM. Thank you.

Replied by Vasilisa
(New York, Ny)

It makes me laugh that I am a human being (Homo Sapiens) can't do anything with one tiny cell protozoa Giardia. I just wanted to give advice to those who suffer from parasites.

1. Wash your hands ALWAYS!!!

2. Clean your apartment or house with bleach. Do laundry every week and wash the sheets in hot water.

3. Get rid of pets. I love pets but my health is very precious to me.

4. Eat and cook at home.

5. Eat organic food, especially vegetables and fruits, different cereals like brown rice, buckwheat, corn (polenta), barley etc to get essential minerals.

6. Don't eat junkie food from fast food, don't buy frozen food. Parasites like it.

7. Avoid alcohol, sugar, canned food. Don't drink black/green tea, coffee, energy drinks (any stimulators). Avoid milk!!!! If you need calcium, please drink Yogurt without sugar or Kefir.

8. DON'T TAKE MULTIVITAMINS while you are killing them. As a russian doctor said to me that I would feed them and my treatment wouln't be effective.

9. Take probiotics to restore intestine flora.

10. Be persistent with doctors. You have to convince them that you are not just crazy. After 1.5 years of struggling I was able to find an infectionist in NYC and convince her that I had Giardia. She prescribed me Flagyl. It was a little bit late because the parasites had damaged me a lot.

11. Be prepared that it will take a long time to get rid of them because they don't want to leave the host's body with plenty of vitamins and food.

12. Watch the movie "Food incorporation". It will reveal the truth.

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi Vasilia,
Regarding your Giardiasis, there is an herb that has some activity against it it's called sarcosephalus but I don't know where you can get it. You are supposed to drink the tea from the leaves of this herb. It's also called African peach or guinea peach. Good luck.

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi Vasilia,
If you cannot get sarcosephalus leaves, try to find a vet who can give you the vaccine GiardiaVax. The reason why the vaccine against Girdia is available for animals and not for human is because the pharmaceutical industry is not interested in ending the problem once for all. A vaccine against Girdia for human means for them less sales of Flagyl, Nitazoxanide, and other medicines as well. Good luck.

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi again,
From the little research I did about Giardia is that is difficult to treat without a proper diet and the appropriate gun. You mention that a person with Giardia should avoid tea. I think that the green tea is very good against parasites. It has a lot of Tannin which will denature them, as Ted explained in another post. You can try Sweet annie and vidanga ( Ayurveda antiparasite) if the sarcosephalus leaves are not available for you. You can also take caprylic acid which is a very good antiparasite and will give you energy. So you don't crave a lot because caprylic acid can provide energy for you and the bug cannot use it ( It's amazing!! Is it?)

If the above doest work than try a combo of :

Ornidazol, Quinacrine, Paromomcyn for 2 weeks ( doctor think that 4 days is enough but that is far from the truth. You have to continue killing them until there are just few cysts that the immune system can handle them). Or Flagel, Furazolidone, Bacitracin Zinc ( I'm trying to avoid cross resistance as much as possible). If you start feeling better, don't let the temptation of starch overcome you and switch the treatment from defense into attack ( Taking immune booster such AHCC, Iodide, L-arginine and L-glutamine to build the tight junctions in the gut). Good luck.

Replied by Vasilisa
(New York, Ny)

Hi! Did you suffer from Giardiasis? I curse that day when we moved to FL. As russian doctors explained to me I have to avoid tea. I drink tea - a mixture of herbs to stimulate my gallbladder. I even tried a russian remedy for giardiasis "Birch Tar". One russian homeopath doctor recommended to mix 10 drops of tar with milk and drink it twice a day for 10 days, then rest for 10 days and repeat this procedure 3 times. Parasites like milk and when they eat milk they eat TAR also. I've tried it only once. It was so nasty that I stopped. I need to start it again.

Since I've got Giardiasis in the USA, I think I have to try american remedies because russian ones don't work. I've taken Ornidazole also - no effect. All chemical pills help me for 10 days. When I stop taking them, I get the same symptoms in 10 days. 10 days is their cycle. I've read many forums in my language and doctors say it is not possible to get rid of Giardiasis. I'll die eventually. I have vitamin B and Iron deficiencies. It's terrible. I hardly have energy to go to a grocery shop to buy food. I can't work... Only spirulina saves my life a little bit. I am so angry at american doctors. They could have helped me in the beginning. Only after 1.5 years one american doctor agreed with me and prescribed Flagyl. I doubt that it will help me because I've already taken Metronidazole. A russian doctor told me that Giradiasis demages a human being's body about 90% opening doors to other diseases, viruses etc.

It is just beginning of hell.... After reading some posts on this site I take Organic Coconut oil 3 times a day and I take MSM also. It's been 2 weeks and I don't see any improvements. I am going to buy Golden-seal and Black Walnut hull. If somebody had experience with Giradiasis, please share it with me. I'll appreciate it very much. P. S. Personal THANK YOU to Tommy from North York, On, Canada. I don't give up!

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi Vasilisa,
It's my pleasure if I can help you. That what earth clinic is here for. I mentioned to you that one week or 10 days treatment won't work. You are dealing with a protozoa that has cyst resistant to the anti parasite. You have to continue the treatment for at least 4 weeks. Milk is not good. It feeds the parasite but I never know about tar with milk. You have also to take more than one anti parasite. When you take one at once, you give it a chance to become resistant and we don't want to get to that situation. I think that you might have more than one parasite. If you can afford a comprehensive DNA stool test from Methamerix that will be the best for you. Blastocystis hominis is the worst parasite and it modulates the immune system to the point that we start having no B cells producing the IgA.

In the mean time, try Vidanga ( Ayurvedic herb) and Bai Tou Weng Tang ( Pulsatilla Decoction)from a Chinese herbalist. Also try sweet annie tea with that. For your energy you need to take Caprylic acid. This acid taken by the athletic because it delivers more energy than glucose and it kills the parasites and fungus also. Avoid grains. In your other post you mentioned that grains can be taking but that is not good. Grains are rich in Starch which is a polymer of glucose and more glucose means more colonies of the protozoa. You can also take colloidal silver. For the best results, you have to take these herbs together( Vidanga, Sweet annie, Bai Tou Weng Tang). Don't take capsules. You have to make a tea or a decoction of these herbs. If nothing works than use the treatment I described before for AT LEAST 4 WEEKS. Could you tell me the treatments you took before? and for how long? Did you take Bactrim?

PS: Don't take hydrogen peroxide because Giardia has catalase and it resists it more than human cells.

Replied by Laura
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Hi Vasilisa, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to share with you with a recipe I read in russian health magazine The Healthy Way of Life (available in NY), #10 from Oct 2012. On p. 85 one woman shares her success curing Giardia with horseradish. She grated 1 tsp. of horseradish, mixed it with either sour cream or vegetable oil and took it in a morning and at bedtime (1 tsp each time) for 5 days. The only contraindication she mentioned was kidney problems. Hope this helps. God Bless!

Replied by Sue
(Montana, US)

This may be late news, but to Vasiisa: giardia lives in cool/cold running water like streams. It is not found in Florida in a pool. It needs high oxygen. Try another approach to find the cause of your illness.

Good luck! Gut problems are miserable and frustrating. I had giardia from my city's water supply, from a creek, in 1983. I have had decades of misery from the damage.

Replied by Adrienne
(Hamilton, Ontario)

This is for Tommy in North York, but anyone free to jump in. I have Blastocystis, not sure how bad. Would the concoction you recommend also work for that? Where did you come across the information that this parasite is particularly damaging? Thank you.

I am currently only using DE, but have more ideas from these pages about what to add in. My symptoms are lots of gas, fatigue, achy muscles and joints. And sometimes itchy anus. I guess there are other parasites too then?

Replied by Traci

Grant - Wow!!!! Love your idea/solution. I've downed huge amounts of raw garlic many times in my life. Very good to know. Even a flattened piece of bread would work if one doesn't have the thai wraps on hand. VERY COOL IDEA - even for extremely bitter herbal extracts. For my cat too! Smoother even than a pill. Capsules are a pain to fill. This sounds faster.

Replied by Rob
(Somewhere in Europe)
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Re: the idea of this garlic spring roll bomb

This idea sounds great.

However, speaking from my own experience, chewing the food is not optional. You need to thoroughly masticate your food before you can digest it. If you don't masticate your garlic, your body won't be able to digest it. Speaking from my own experience, if there is undigested garlic, then the body will generate a garlic-smelling gas that is a lot more offensive than garlic breath.

Roundworm Infection

Posted by Anonymous (Dallas, Texas) on 01/21/2013

Help? Is it true that natural treatments for roundworms "scatter" the infection? It's been 9 months of natural remedies and I can't beat it. It gets better then gets much worse and feels like it spreads beyond the GI tract. Good results with natural products but they don't eliminate the problem. Daily intake of reputable anti-parasite remedies have become ineffective. Do I need albendazole? Looks like ascaris. My MD and GI doc didn't believe me and wouldn't test the samples I brought them. My wellness chiro has me on bromelain, garlic, etc. but no complete healing. Help? I'm hopeless at this point. Thank you.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Give a couple doses of otc Pyrantel Pamoate a try. This will kill all adults. Ascaris eggs sometime reenter the body and live in the lungs; in this case you will need Albendazole. Other worm types are very likely; in this case try otc Fenbendazole as it is a broad-spectrum otc wormer (I am having good results with). Be sure to eat a fatty meal w/Albendazole or Fenbendazole.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Anon from Dallas, read up on Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood. Munching on pumpkin seeds is also supposed to do the trick. Read up on it.

Replied by Om
(Hope, B.c. Canada)

This problem can be cured with chemical medicine but it is very poisonous. May be once a year but not more. The best idea would probably be powdered fresh cloves. Just the bud, not the stalk and use a pestle to crush the buds. Keep doing it, using your judgement. The very smell of fresh cloves kill the eggs. However, adding wormwood tea tree times a day in a jigger or using wormwood/black walnut tincture for some time would be a good regimen.

Colloidal silver water works very well. It needs to be used for a month or more; the worms will be killed in the eggs. Use all and create a protocoll. Parasites are vicious creatures that take the joy out of life and can kill pets easily and cause many symptoms in people. A miserable affliction. My feeling over the years is that most people have parasites but are in denial. Parasites are everywhere. After the treatment take one teasp. turmeric and a teasp. whey powder in six oz. water to repair the damage done internally. Do for a little while as this treatment has many benefits.

Colloidal silver has to be taken in larger amounts, say, three fluid ounces. Best to make your own. Os

(Dibden Purlieu, Uk)

You use Wormwood, is that Common Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) or Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia Annua)?

Replied by Anonymous
(Dallas, Texas)

Thanks, everyone. Started on Reece's otc medicine last year according to directions. Worked a little. Upped it to weekly then daily and it worked a lot but I started getting dizzy, numbness in legs, heart racing. Had to stop. Switched to Humaworm, then Purify, then raw garlic all day everyday, then [herbal] products. All good products but nothing is eliminating the parasites completely. Guess it's layers of GI tract cleansing. I don't know. I'm scared of the damage from all the herbs over so many months, worried the worms are hiding elsewhere in the body that the herbs can't reach, and worried this will be the death of me. Thanks for your help. Very kind of you.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

The old time remedy is Wormwood, as a vermifuge it was always considered the best, but the most horrible to taste, the active ingredient is Absinth which is in the oil, (green fairy). They just made a tea of pontic wormwood and held there nose as it went down.

Replied by Anonymous
(Dallas, Texas)

Got Wormwood and have taken it over the last 24 hours. Great results except already feeling dizzy/blurred vision. Maybe I'm taking it incorrectly? Two gel caps on empty stomach at AM and again at PM.

Should I be scared of Wormwood? What about ingesting Castor Oil? Should I be drinking Kombucha or probiotics to rebuild immune system? Thanks, everyone, again for your help. Blessings to you.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I wouldn't be too worried about wormwood, in the older recipes for absinthe, it was the achohol that did the real damage. (re vincent van gough) Although thujone, the active ingedient, can be overdone. A chemist that drank about an ounce of it fell to the floor unconcious but when recovered had no long term effects. If you feel peculiar on the amount that you are taking cut it back a bit, but in the old herbal, it says all of the plant is beneficial for clearing out worm infestation the yellow flowers and tops even better .. about an ounce is steeped in boiling water overnight and four tablespoons if taken spaced througout the day should clear them out.

The ancient romans and and even up to modern times, it was used to consume vast amounts of food without feeling sick, its also increases the flow of juices in the body and is a good nerve tonic. You'd need to ingest a lot of the natural plant to overdo it, but you say you are using the capsules, if they are pure thujone, it might be wise to check the dose and strength. But seeing your still concious!! It might just be the worms dying off that's causing the main problem. Drink plenty of water if that's the case.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Canada, B.c.)

Working with a number of animals, I have now found the only cure for roundworm. Colloidal silver, as it works for me. It pays to make one's own using distilled water. Then try dosage as it fits your purpose. I needed a cup full and sometimes noticed panic in the gi tract. Use as long as necessary. Colloidal silver protects all organs and once the treatment is over, use turmeric in powdered whey to repair the damage. (one good teasp. each).

Colloidal silver gets into the blood stream and so into the lungs and other organs. At other times reduce the dosage to much less. It can take up to two months for some people. My animals drink it too. Read up on CS. Good luck. OS

Replied by Anonymous
(Dallas, Tx)

UPDATE: Thanks, ya'll, for the advice. Just wanted to tell you your advice did help but then I added carrot seed oil and the Trio Kit (which has diatomaceous earth, enzymes, bentonite clay) by YL and now feel 99% healed... Cautiously optimistic. I'll give it a few more weeks. The total regimen included these two items, plus wormwood, silver, castor oil, pineapple enzymes, super garlic doses, and ghost peppers.

Replied by Nadine
(Union Grove, Wisconsin)
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Would you be able to tell me on what web site you can find a good colloidal silver maker..Thank you.


Posted by Marcin (Toronto) on 11/26/2015

I have been battling parasites for a few years, experimenting with various foods and their effects on my body. I have tried dozens of foods that are considered antiparasitic, and it is only now that I realize that for me, raw sauerkraut is the strongest of them. What I consider a good indicator of the effectiveness of the antiparasitic food is the passing of a foul smelling gas (rotten egg smell) and various pains and movements in the intestines. Sauekraut produces both of those. Digesting sauerkraut can be a very painful and foul smelling experience but it clearly shows that it is battling the parasites. You can get raw sauerkraut at a Polish or German supermarket.

I am still struggling with the problem of parasites so do not consider it a cure. However, I read on a Polish website an interesting story about curing the tapeworm infestation with sauerkraut. One man was hospitalized because of his tapeworm infection. He refused to take the drugs and for 16 consecutive days he fasted on the sauerkraut juice and he healed completely. 16 day fast might be an extreme idea but drinking the sauerkraut juice is promising. I would recommend that the juice is drunk through a straw as it can damage the teeth enamel and cause a toothache when chewing, especially of the back tooth.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts


Another fact to consider is that krout is a Cabbage is a source of cellulose and hemicellulose fiber, of which is not easily or completely digested which makes it beneficial for colon health. This incomplete digestion yields a very valuable nutrient Butyric Acid which is used readily by the colon as a source of fuel. Butyric Acid also has a specific & strong rotten egg odor and has been used by radicals in bombs (stink bombs) in settings like abortion clinics as a means of protest or retaliation. Normally the Butyric Acid would be consumed mostly and leave little odor. So either a good colon cleanse and/or parasite cleanse would prove beneficial in addition to the Kraut.

Good luck on only foods and neglecting herbals or Turpentine in eradicating the para's. Also in the antiparasite food category and recommended as an only fast for a few days is Pineapple.

Lastly, in the event of Tapeworm infestation it is well known they are in the "monster" category of their own, particularly beef or fish tw's, so I would jump to no premature conclusions on their eradication as they are very difficult to remove, produce up to a million eggs daily which are ever present in the colon & feces, and they can live up to 15 yrs.

Replied by Marcin

Thanks. However I am done now with my approach of curing myself using foods only. I am actually taking turpentine with castor oil right now as recommended by Bill, gradually increasing the dose - I started with 1 drop and worked up to 5 drops as of today.

I have nothing against allopathic drugs for parasites and I would gladly use them, but the problem is that even if such drugs exist, no doctor I met acknowledged that parasites are the issue because stool tests did not show anything.

However, I have high hopes for the turpentine protocol.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

OK Marcin you are moving forward, and as I have already "been down this trail" in ORH terms, let me add more info.

In my severe para condition of which I am finally getting the upper hand, in the natural category what I have found most effective is a three small sugar cubes saturated w/ Turpentine plus a few drops of liquid Neem fallowed 30 minutes w/ Zapping and another 30 minutes w/ a host of antipara herbs like Black Walnut, Clove, Wormwood, Garlic, Oregano with a half spoon of Milled Flax to gently purge the colon clean and again fallowed by Zapping. This done 1x or 2x daily for a few weeks should make for a complete kill. Side note on the Turpentine. Adding Castor Oil to T keeps the mix in the gut where it will be most effective for the intestinal paras, but it prevents the T from dispersing throughout the body to get those in hiding. So, it would prove most effective to rotate the T/CLO one day and T next day.

If you have indoor/outdoor pets that are not regularly de-wormed you will get reinfected after all the hard work of removing them from yourself, so it is very important to de-worm your pets regularly (and all members of the houshold for that matter). I sometimes use small amounts of naturals for my pets, but I periodically use pharmaceuticals like either Pyrantel Pamoate or Piperazine for instant kill on adult Ascaris, and occasionally Ivermectine for the juveniles (if needed). A combination of Albendizole/Fenbendizole is standard effective against tapeworm class paras. These drugs can be purchased otc at pet sections in retail stores or better or lower priced on online retailers, or if you can budget it, leave that responsibility to your local veterinarian.

Replied by Marcin

Thanks Timh, this sounds like a good protocol. I will try it and post my results after some time.

I have been using neem, not liquid but making an infusion out of neem powder and clove powder. I have been also taking Black Walnut and Wormwood tincture recently. However combining and using these remedies in a more systematic fashion sounds like a better idea.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

M: You are welcome and just a few more items need mentioning.

Many people, including Deirdre here on E.C. have had great success w/ a product called HumaWorm.

Because of the insidious nature of parasites, one must be sure to treat all members of the household.

If aggressive treatments prove only marginally successful, it will be necessary to also do an heavy metal cleanse as paras bond to the hm's.

Let us know what's working for you.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

I am currently taking the Humaworm. What were your experiences with it?

Replied by Fritzie

What KIND of turpentine? Painter's turp?

EC: Hi Fritzie, please read Earth Clinic's Turpentine therapy page here for recommended brands.

Schistosomiasis Treatment

Posted by Share (Seattle, Wa) on 04/19/2013

Schistosomiasis - Cause for many Diseases

Recently, one of my Uncle's best friends died of MS. The family wanted an autopsy since they disagreed with the MS diagnosis - findings: Schistosomiasis infection.

His Doctors did not perform a proper workup (very common today): history, differential diagnosis, physical and labs. This infection can be definitively diagnosed by many tests (stool smear, urine concentration tests, blood tests, Antibody detection, ELISA, PCR, tissue biopsies: e.g., liver; colonoscopy, cystoscopy, endoscopy). They did not listen to him.

Years ago, the young man, an engineer, worked in Africa building water wells as mission work. He picked it up from contaminated water. Schistosomiasis is far more prevalent in the US than truly appreciated. It is a Trematode, commonly called a "fluke". Snails are the carriers. The parasite penetrates the skin.

Disease occurrence: Asia, South America, Africa, Carribbean, Middle East or, anywhere where there are freshwater snails (NW!).

Risk factors: water snails, contaminated drinking water, bathing or swimming in contaminated water, urine, feces, sewage, international travel.

Many cases of MS, Transverse Myelitis (with flaccid paraplegia), Bladder cancer, CNS lesions, Cerebral granulomatous disease, male menstruation, Plumonary or Portal Hypertension, and Cystitis or ureteritis are various forms of Schistosomiasis - differrent species at different stages of the infection. Many people contract the parasite here in the U.S. - the carrier snails are here. There was a nice article in the Seattle Times regarding the dangers of Snails in the NorthWest. Remember, there are many different types of Schistosoma species (e.g., swimmer's itch).

Hepatic Schistosomiasis is the 2nd most common cause of Esophageal varices, worldwide.

Various treatments:

1. Praziquantel (Biltricide) - X2/day, for three days. Repeat in 1-2 weeks? I've read it is more effective if given with oral Castor Oil.

2. Oxamniquine (intestinal form)

3. Metrifonate (urinary form)

4. Mirazid, an Egyptian drug made from Myrrh. A combination of resin and volatile oil of myrrh (from the stem of Commiphora molmol(, at a dose of 10 mg/kg of body weight, daily, for 3 days. Check for eggs in 2 months, if present repeat for 6 days. Am J Trop Med Hyg 2001;65:700-704, Sheir Z, et al. A safe, effective, herbal antischistosomal therapy derived from myrrh.

5. Antimony

6. Alinia (Niclosamide): 2/day for 30 days. Rest 2 weeks and repeat.

There is an acute and chronic presentation. Above all, it is a chronic disease with many symptoms.

ACUTE Sxs: fever, chills, abdominal pain, cough, diarrhea, muscle aches, Eosinophilia, fatigue, itchy skin, hives, skin rash, papular dermatitis (where parastie penetrated skin), liver symptoms.

CHRONIC Sxs: continuing infection can cause granulomatous reactions and fibrosis in affected organs : kidneys, bladder, brain, liver, colon, lungs, portal vein, spleen. Major complications: hypertension, seizures, bacterial infections, urinary obstruction, organ destruction, death.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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According to the late Dr Hulda Clark, almost, if not all Cancers are precipitated by some species of Parasite, particularly and most commonly the Liver Fluke (Fasciola hepatica).

Diagnosis as well as treatment can be complicated. As for treatment, the former posted list may not prove adequate in some or many cases. The one single-most deadly fluke treatment is the drug Triclabendazole (Egaten, Fasinex, Flukare-C, Fasiject Plus).

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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*Correction* The fluke that H. Clark highlighted as most affecting humans in her practice was the Intestinal Fluke (Fasciolopsis buski).

The species of flukes that Share previously posted is commonly referred to as Blood Flukes (Schistosomas).

Replied by Clare
(Los Angeles)

To Share from Seattle: Thank you for such wonderful information! Very kind of you to take the time and effort to inform us. I have been diagnosed with various vague labels like "dysautonomia" and chronic fatigue syndrome, but in the end, doctors really don't have much of a clue. It's people like you that will lead to better health for us all. Again, thanks!

Replied by Oregano
(On, Canada)

Hello sir, try Pomegranate peel powder, fresh garlic. If it doesn't work reach me at pollopollop(at)live (dot) ca". I'm a parasitologist and I have a big interest in parasistes and Hep C. My wife got nasty case of tricho and I healed her when Flagyl failed.

Replied by Sharon
(South Africa)

I have been diagnosed with chronic bilharzia. I have just taken my second course of Biltricide as after the first course, my bilharzia IgM count went from 1.2 to 1.6. Please could you recommend an effective natural remedy.

Replied by Timh
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Sharon: An herbal combination may prove effective and if not an added Zapping should. For more info read here:

Tapeworm Remedies

Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 03/14/2014

Hi Timh from Louisville, In your post about re-mineralizing teeth you mentioned a tapeworm cyst. How did you clear your body of the tapeworm and other? parasites? Thanks

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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Mary: My apologies for not responding to your earlier post as I have found it takes me at least one day of musing to make an appropriate response.

My case is certainly an exception to the majority of infestation cases, due to a severe and chronic environmental illness. These type conditions are perfect environment for systemic and hyperinfestations including eggs & cyst.

If you have taken herbal cleanses w/ little or no progress you will also need to do some whole body detox. Zapping will also be necessary. Garlic and Oregano concentrates will help w/ the traditional herbal de-wormers. Turpentine will prove effective mostly in the gut (in my experience). Turpentine whole body hot bath may be best for systemic infestations.

As for tapeworm in particular, I got lucky using vegie oil infused w/ grapefruitseed concentrate administerd rectally by fleet enema. I used this remedy once or twice daily for several months until one day, immediately fallowing administration my lower back tightened and pulled (which was usually normal for a minuet or two) for several minutes until I felt & heard a "pop". Less than 10 minutes later I passed 2-3 ft beef tapeworm. This was in 2011, and whether or not I removed the entire worm I don't know, as they can burry their heads/suckers deep into the intestinal wall. Fast forward to 2014 and I still have a swollen jaw from the tapeworm cyst. I can tactilely identify 2 cyst in each jaw. I have made this case to two dr's and was ignored and neglected. My best conclusion is the beef tapeworm or Cysticercus bovis also called beef measles. Beef Tapeworm (Taenia saginata). I am somewhat certain that this exposure was from eating a fast-food burger of which I can distinctly recall as undercooked. The beef carcass are supposed to be frozen for a number of days so as to kill these parasites, but these standards are subjected to local unrule.

The standard and only proven med for these cyst is Albendazole (which you can purchase for your pet). I have also been zapping directly over the affected area and it seems I am finally beginning to see a shrinkage from the swell. These cyst are rarely painful but sometimes and only briefly cause some discomfort. The big detriment of these cyst is they produce toxic Malonic Acid and pathogens which lead to nutritional deficiencies, cellular degradation, and chronic fatigue.

If you are inconclusive as to whether or not you have tapeworm cyst, try taking recommended amounts of Succinic Acid (as it neutralizes the Malonic Acid) in which you should notice improved energy or lessened fatigue. Methy donors like B-12, Folic Acid, DMG or TMG are also recommended. Also, as mostly a current hypothesis, the use of Nattozymes or Serrazimes may help remove the protective barriers of any stage parasite or pathogen. I have recently doubled my dose and am experiencing very good results.

Please post back with updates or particulars as to your condition.

Tapeworm Remedies
Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 06/25/2011


Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskchewan)

Hey Andrea: Do you know anyone who has tried this. Have u seen it work? Very interested.


Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)

hi mary x yes it works! My friend did it and the worm came out gross! And my frinds little boy did the bucket of water job and it looked like a load of pasta in the bucket yuck! Also a nun told me she had seen tape worm expelled like this many times. I don't know why, but it has to be pork and it was a common practice at one time as a lot of older people I spoke to knew about it too. And my friends mum had it done when she was younger. Hope this is helpful to you. And if the worms dead it'll pass in your feaces any way. If I come across any more worm exspusion remedies I'll post them. Love andrea x x x

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

My brother had a tape worm when he was a child. Although I was very small I remember my mother giving him coconut milk and the very long worm coming out. She stretched it in the bath tub and it covered the whole length.

Replied by Om
(Hope, B.c. Canada)

In a book on coconut it was mentioned that they got a tapeworm finally by using a lot of coconut oil internally. (No details given). Also chewing the insides of a freshly opened coconut will help to expel much and clean the g.i. tract. These are healthy means, no poisoning involved.

For use in worm extermination protocols as well as daily usage there is an Ayurvedic remedy for regularity which I have used for many years. The remedy works forever and actually rejuvenates the g.i. tract. The ingredients are three fruits, one of them the marvellous Amla which has more vit C, actually eighteen times than a lemon. You are going to be very regular with well formed stool and this TRIPHALA compound also treats the runs simultaneously. It does not taste that good but one can add honey. This medicine was my rescue as since a small child I always had problems with elimination. Triphala is used in many ayurvedic compounded meds. And it is invaluable for any age. No western doctor was able to help, always advising laxatives which did not work. Triphala (tri=three, phala=fruit) is quite affordable in powder or pill form. It is my no. One meds. in addition to some other non injurious herbs/powders. Triphala is cleansing and rejuvenating at the same time which is rare in the plant world. This should be included in daily usage, protecting the g.i. tract. Om

Replied by Meagem
(Ridgway, Pa)

I'm doing the Diatomaceous Earth=DE and coconut oil. Heard of the other ways mentioned in here. Definitely not going to sit while a worm comes climbing out of my mouth or butt ....DE will kill them before you expel them or so I was told. Also have done the purging with 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup lemon juice ....gla maybe not here but did read where people have trouble finding DE its been around forever used it back 40 years ago on the farm animals and also in the garden ...But remember there are 2 kinds the animals food kinds (humans too) and the stuff for swimming pools which is dangerous. I bought this 40 lbs bag for around $12 at tractor supply ... probably can find it on the internet too but not expensive at all.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

I have to smile as the memories of a lecturer in an invertebrate zoology course come back after 50+ years. He told us the biblical cure for tapeworms, very similar to this one, but a bowl of milk was used and a long stick to coil the worm.

Replied by Inga

I grew up in northern Australia and we had Chinese neighbours who had emigrated from Timor. I remember the daughter of the family telling me that to get rid of tapeworm, they do a similar thing - not eat for a number of days, then put a saucer of steaming hot milk in front of your open mouth and the tapeworm will smell it and crawl out. I remember she said she saw it happen with her aunt.

Replied by Mary

hi :-) I am completely fascinated by your mother's remedy, secure in the fact that you said you knew of a couple of other people that had pinworms and tapeworms and got rid of them. Could you please help me understand about the pinworms?

So you starve for 7 days, only drink boiled water that's been cooled, and then sit on a BUCKET full of STEAMING HOT WATER??

And that's it? And then pinworms just come out of the rear end??!!??

I totally believe you, but do I have the right formula? Do you know why they come out of the butt sitting on the hot water bucket?

Thank you so much!

Tapeworm Remedies
Posted by Carla (San Francisco, California) on 01/08/2009

Neurocysticerosis/taenia solium

Hello am writing because many of the remedies found here have helped me, and i have found encouragement for my depression, i would like to write about how much your site has helped me, but right now my energy is limited.

I don't know when it started but it's affected me in many ways. At first i felt a strange sensation in my neck, but i ignored it, and then i felt a strange sensation in my back it felt like a worm was crawling under my skin it felt disgusting, but i thought i was loosing my mind, and ignored it, but now i can't anymore.

I have constant headaches, and i feel something that feels like a worm, not one but around 5 some smaller than others (I know it sounds crazy)I did some investigation around the net and found this, so i thought--huh i may not be so crazy--anyways its been weeks and the pain has gotten ten times stronger, i don't know what to do anymore, is there a cure for this!!!

EC: The following website suggests sesame oil for Neurocysticerosis:

"Directions For Use: Take 2 tsp of Sesame Seed oil once daily in the morning on an empty stomach.The symptoms of Neurocysticercosis are resolved in a week."

Replied by Carla
(San Francisco, California)

Thanks so much for the response. Today was the first day that i used the sesame oil, and i could feel that it instantly worked. I wasn't sure what type of sesame oil i should use, I have a bottle of coldpress sesame oil so i used that one. What is the specific kind that i have to use? And also I am positively sure that i have intestinal parasites. I've read that tape worms lay eggs in the small intestine, rectum i think that's what's its called, and if so will ACV work to get rid of them? Again thanks for the fast response. My mom was suffering from back pain, and she used coconut oil and the pain instantly went away. Thank you so much for the helpful remedies on this site.

Replied by Carla
(San Francisco, CA)

Hello again. I just wanted to say thanks for the fast respond. For the last couple of days the sesame oil has worked wonderfully, but i still have the sensation of worms crawling in my head, and i can also feel them in my neck. Yesturday i couldn't take anymore and went to the doctor. I told them about how i was having constipation and how everytime i went to the bathroom this tiny white round balls or whatever you wanna call it appeared in my stools, and how i often crave sweets, I lost wait so fast i think i've become anemic, I feel weak and tired and these headaches just keep getting worse. i can feel this things around my eyes, and my eyes are sensitive to light, i feel this terrible pain in my knees, but what bothers me most is the crawling worms in my head. I told the doctor about all these, and i asked about T. solium, he told me that we don't have such a thing in the U.S. He looked at me like i was crazy and told me to go see a doctor for depression. I feel worse everyday and i don't know what to do. i am loosing weight fast, and nothing that i eat fills me up. I go to the bathroom every three days, or every week. I feel miserable and i really don't know what to do. My parents are concern and i really don't know what to tell them. Does anyone know a natural cure for this, without the awful side-effects of epilepsy. PLEASE I NEED HELP WITH THIS!!!!

Replied by Caroline
(Blaricum, Noord Hollan, the Netherlands)

Hi Carla, You can find help in the book (as mentioned above) 'The cure for all diseases' by Dr. Hulda Clark. She has cures for all sorts of parasites, she also developed an electrical instrument called the'Zapper' whith which you can destroy parasites and worms with different frequencies you can order it on her site. Maybe there is some practitioner in your neighborhood who can help you? Try the parasite cure with the Black Walnut tincture, the Cloves and Wormwood capsules as described in her book. I do not think you are crazy!

Wish you the best!

Replied by Kelly
(Cairns, Australia)

Carla, did you ever find something to help you get well again? I hope so. I just wanted to mention that my husband and I both did a 3 month intestinal cleanse last year. We used _____. It has a ton of different herbs that help to get rid of parasites, and the fiber helps you go very easily. We were amazed at what we passed. I particularly thought of it for you because you are having trouble with constipation. It's really not good to go for so long between bowel motions because the waste in your system can be what is causing you some of your other health problems.

The amounts we used were 1 tsp. in 1/2 cup of grape juice twice per day. After a week we went up to 2 tsp. and then up to 1 Tablespoon starting the third week. It doesn't taste very nice, but we stuck with it because we started seeing results in the first couple of days.

We got the information on cleansing parasites from _____. Maybe it will help you too.

Replied by Shoronda
(Freehold, Nj)

Hi Carla, I am going through the same thing you are with the worms in my head. I first saw one crawling underneath my skin and up my neck into my head around 2002 when I was trying to do a home cleanse. I'm assuming the herbs in my stomach drove them to other organs including my head when they were trying to escape for their lives. I know now that before doing any parasite treatments you need to do a complete bowel cleanse first, preferably colonics but if not at least 10 days of enemas. I had taken a home cleanse kit that was supposed to have cleaned the bowels but not to the extent I needed.

I went to several doctors; one did a blood test and claimed it was negative although I wasn't allowed a copy of it. Others told me the same thing as doctors told you about there being no such things as worms in the US and that I need to see a shrink.

After the 'negative' blood test I accepted that I must not have any worms. However I became very ill, fatigue, depressed and couldn't sleep at night. It affected every area of my life.

Then in Aug of 2008 I heard about the zapper and ordered one. Upon using it I felt what seemed like worms falling down in my head. The zapper must have stunned them. That was just the beginning. Since then I have tried everything and am still struggling.

I eventually cut out all meat, fish, fowl, and sugar, strickly vegetarian. And have tried every remedy I could find anywhere with minimal or temporary success since they seem to grow back once killed. I heard when they die they release their eggs and that you have to take cloves to kill the eggs or they just hatch later on and re-infect - which appears to be what has kept happening.

I believe I caught the pork tape worm from a sick person who made me a sandwich at a deli a few months before I became concerned about parasites in 2002. When I couldn't get a doctor to treat me I did the home cleanse, and that's when the scattering to my head occurred.

I tried MMS once and it seemed to have killed them but a week or so later I could feel them growing back. It appears that once I use something that kills them the next time I try to use it they are immune to it.

I took Reese's for Pinworms from the drugstore a couple days ago and it gave me a whole days worth of relief then I felt them moving across my head again. Tonight I brought some pine essential oil and although it was for aromatherapy I took a few drops internally in some oil. It gave me a few hours relief also and now I can feel some of them sluggishly moving in my head again but it also felt like some microscopic ones were crawling out of my ear and dying.

Anyone who has a real solution for this please help!

I am convinced the doctors know what is going on with these worms. Obviously if there were no such things as worms in the US they wouldn't be selling pinworm medicine over the counter. I have also heard that worms are the root cause of depression and that the medicine given to treat depression puts the worms to sleep, which gives temporary relief from the symptoms as long as you keep taking it. This is highly likely why they don't want to admit to or kill human worms oppose to livestock worms (follow the money). So they can keep selling their anti-depressant drugs among others. Like Hilda Clarks says, I believe worms are the root to all disease.

Replied by Mish
(Vancouver, Canada)

I dont have time to write alot at the moment but search the topic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Tapeworms. Supposedly it shreads/scratches and dehydrates internal parasites and worms killing them. There are two types of earth and you are to make sure you only research or take Diatomaceous Earth that is Food Grade. You will get sick taking the other kind. Its a new topic for me but find it facinating. Ive ordered some food grade DE but have not yet used it myself.

Replied by Jayne
(London, Uk)

Does diatomaceous earth also work for worms that are in your skin? I can see how ingesting it would get the ones in your stomach but how about if they're crawling around under your skin/tissues?

Replied by Anonymous
(Tacoma, Wa)

Find a specialized parasite ND or Chinese Medicine they know that parasites hide and move from organ to organ, Trust me your MD may never ever find the parasites There are many ways to kill parasites first you have to make the terrain unpleasant for them you have to disrupt the entire life cycle and that can take over a year. I used strong Chinese formulas may act a fumigation to the body to kill them. Wormwood, and clove tinctures are important to attacking life cycle,

3/4 tsp Sea salt in glass of water take this four times may cause parasite to die from dehydration, Get micro- current or RIFE treatment it kills parasites. Ozone or sterile hydrogen peroxide IV's. Stop all sugar, sodas coffee dairy or flour, Stop eating food you may be allergic this decreases body inflammation so the body absords nutrition and immunity get stronger so it can fight. Take zinc, Vitamin B , selenuim and tons of vitamin C Eat things like cloves, cinnamon garlic raw Drink tons of kyolic liguie garlic drops in water helps

Replied by Grace

Drink lots of water after taking Diatomaceous Earth. Also take some coconut oil with it. It help evacuate your bowels easily.

Replied by Meliiiii
(Oregon, United States)

Something to be aware of, even food grade diatomaceous earth can cause scattering and herxing. To avoid scattering, it may be helpful to combine strong cures with something appealing like honey, dairy, or fruit. Otherwise, a diet high in leafy greens and many gentler less volatile or repellent remedies (coconut oil or meat, squash flesh and seeds, sesame oil, cooked onions and garlic, papaya fruit and seed, etc.) well as avoiding sugars, grains, and meats may help reduce the intensity of many helminth infections.

Replied by Sky

I hope Shoronda found a resolution to this issue from 2009. I have exactly the same and only realised it was tape worms in last few months but had symptoms for years and had no real help except migraine medication and all tests normal kind of reports. Any advice would be appreciated.


Posted by Ashflea (Brisbane, Qld/australia) on 05/08/2011

Please help!

Our family gets threadworms often. We use tablets from the chemist (mebendazole) This helps but they come back even when we take again after around three weeks due to the cycle of worms. We go through this maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Is there something in our diet contributing to this. Is there another way to treat it. We have six children ranging from 12 years to 8 months. I don't think the baby has them but don't really know. The next youngest is 3. I need the simplest way of dealing with this due to getting all the children treated. I am also breast feeding the baby.

Replied by Te

Parasites are extremely hard to get rid of. Start with Dr Hulda Clark 3 herbs combo for 22 days then continue the clove 3 times a day. Half a table stood of Diatomaceous earth in any beverage of your choice once a day for 120 days. Then you have to sanitize your home, car, office. Pay close attention to surfaces you touch with your hands. Dishes must be sterilized regularly in super got water. Parasites are smart and know when to eat and not to when you are trying to get them. That is why the Diatomaceous earth is so important because it kills them from the outside and the herbs works if they ingest them. You are going to have to make sure you didn't have them in your nasal cavity as none of the above mentioned things are going to work. a theoretical regimen for that is coconut oil mixed with neem oil with a q-tip twice daily - and it has to run down the back of your nasal cavity to your thought

Thyme Tincture

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Posted by mari.ana (Sydney ) on 02/23/2023

Thyme tincture. Adults who have internal parasites can carry out a treatment to combat them based on the antiparasitic properties of thyme.

Because it has a compound called thymol, which inhibits the growth of mites, ringworm, and other parasites, according to experts - For this reason, it fights bacteria, amoebas, fungi, etc.

You can make a remedy that works for all these conditions and can store for several months. These are the instructions:


  • Fresh or dried thyme
  • Vodka
  1. In a small jar, place 4 tablespoons of thyme and pour vodka up to the rim.
  2. Cover tightly and let it stand for 3 weeks in a dark, cool place.
  3. Shake it every day.
  4. After 3 weeks filter and put it in an amber dropper bottle.

Put one full dropper in a glass with some water and drink it twice daily for 3 weeks.

Replied by Rob

@ mari.ana

Add 4 tablespoons of Rosemary leaves (dried) to your formula and you have made the original formula "Hungary Water" used by the Queen of Hungary, Isabella in 1370 A.D.

The water/tincture was given to the Queen to help her headaches and is a cure for rheumatism or gout, which the queen suffered in her old age and as a rejuvenation treatment. It was taken internally as a tincture and rubbed into the skin as a liniment.

It was a popular formula for over 500 years up until the 1800s when herbalists started adding more herbs to this decoction. I have used this formula on many ailments with great results.


Posted by Breathe (Shefford, Beds, Uk) on 05/23/2013

Hello, found y'all by pure coincidence... Woke up this morning, around 0530 GMT (I live near London.), chest pain, similar to heartburn, but could not take in a full breath. Have been hit with Toxoplasmosis, one bout of continuous coughing(lasted three weeks), and numerous chest complaints since winter. Still have runny nose, swollen sinuses, pain in R ear, and down right hand side of neck. Wheezing and coughing, and feel constantly cold. Doc took temp a couple of weeks back, said it was 36.5c (less than 98.6, definitely... )Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Replied by Anon

Hi, Chest pain and the urge to take in deep breaths can be indicative of anemia. A blood test will tell you your red blood count and ferritin level. I would refer you to your Doctor as Chest pains always need looking at straight away.

Replied by Oregano
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi, Sorry to hear that you re so sick. You should try Traveler shield. It is a product from Nepal I think. It is amazing for parasites and traveler diarrhea. It really works. Good luck.

Replied by Meliiiii
(Oregon, United States)

So sorry you were going through this and hope you're doing better. I wanted to suggest including really common traditional herbs and foods if you can. Garlic, elderberry, nigella sativa, raw coconut, food grade diatomaceous earth and turmeric are good for most people, and if you tolerate them should have a protective effect longterm. Avoid sugars, dairy, meat, grains, fruits, honey, maple syrup in general, except combined with curative supplements and spices...this may suppress growth of microbes, fungi, and parasites and reduce scattering. Best wishes

Toxoplasmosis Gondii

Posted by Andreea (Grimsby, On, Canada) on 06/17/2011


I have been told that I am infected with Toxoplasma gondii, which is a microscopical parasite. I have also been told that there is no cure for this. This parasite causes me much grief at times, when it flares up and I am convinced my digestive problems are related to it. I would also like to have another child, but being pregnant and having toxoplasmosis is not a good combination, as a toxoplasma activation during pregnancy can lead to pregnancy loss and severe fetal abnormalities. I was lucky once, during my first pregnancy, but I would prefer not to risk it again.

So, any suggestions on this? Thank you so much! Everyone here is simply wonderful!


Replied by Sheila
(Brasilia, Brazil)

Check out, The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs, website. What about quinine.

Good Luck and God Bless, Sheila

Replied by Andreea
(Grimsby, On, Canada)

I'm sorry, but I can't find this website. I can find references to a book, but not a website, so I'm not sure where I can look for the quinine suggestion.

Help.. :)


Replied by Sheila
(Brasilia, Brazil)

Type in: The Healing Power Of Rainforest Herbs (By Leslie Taylor ) Scroll down the first page, click on plants, then conditions. You will get a list A-Z. Click on a condition and up will come a list of herbs. Click on a herb and detailed information will appear.

Good Luck

Sheila, Brazil

Replied by Andreea
(Grimsby, On, Canada)

Hello Sheila. Thanks again for the reply, but it doesn't work. Do you have a link? Typing exactly as you have specified, I only get references to a book, but not a website with such a name.

Replied by Cate
(Melbourne, Australia)

You could try a strict primal diet. Seems to work for nearly everything. The symptoms of this bugger seem eerily familiar to me but have fallen right back since I've been 'primal'. No diagnosis though. It certainly won't hurt and you'll probably find a whole host of other issues sorting themselves out too.

Best to you, and humanity too frankly. : )

Replied by Carol
(St. Catharines, Ontario)

Hey Andreea! I'm going through this with my 18 yr old daughter, toxoplasmosis-ocular and I am going to have her try Diatomaceous earth daily and will also include 250 mg MSM twice daily as an addition to trying to erradicate hopefully this protozoa that is threatening to take away her sight in one eye. Just feel that this could be what would do the trick as they claim there is no getting rid of them. But I will have to keep checking with out specialist to make sure it is in remission or hopefully dead! I have read that taking Astragulas supplement help raise the immune system and help the body stay strong while fighting this invader. Good luck with your journey! C


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Posted by Antonia Blue Star (United States) on 03/23/2020

Turpentine 100% Pure Gum Spirits Organic Turpentine is an ageless remedy for ridding the body of parasites. There is no barrier in the body that turpentine cannot cross. Research the protocol on this site. Thank you.

Replied by LeeAnne

I'm wondering if anyone else has used spirits of turpentine for parasite infestation? I've got all the symptoms and no doctors will help. They say it's not so.


Hi LeeAnne,

Though this is an old post, maybe you will see it; check out the turpentine section in remedies on EC and there is a lot of good info there.


Turpentine is a tried and true folk remedy for parasites. Long ago (1900's) farmers and even school nurses gave turpentine as a matter of course to children twice a year to eliminate parasites like pinworms. The easiest way to do this is to put a few drops of turpentine on a sugar cube (kids dose). This tastes like pine candy and is simple for children and adults alike to take. Turpentine was the best remedy there was.

Some of the greatest enemies of forests are fungi and parasites. As an evolutionary defense mechanism, trees and plants developed various chemical compounds within them to kill these invaders. Eucalyptus oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, turpentine oil, and other essential oils are composed mostly of hydrocarbons, like kerosene. The main chemical in turpentine is alpha-pinene, and it is a powerful antifungal.

As a remedy for that bane of childhood, worms, it is well known. A teaspoonful given in a half glass of sweetened milk (teens to adult dose), followed in an hour or two by a full dose of caster oil, seldom fails. The practice of our grandmothers in giving it to us on sugar, for coughs and sore throat, was based on common sense.

One tablespoon of gum turpentine thoroughly mixed with an equal amount of castor oil and taken floating on milk. Repeat every second or third day until fragments of the worm cease to appear in the stool. For children one teaspoonful of sugar, three to four drops of turpentine and one teaspoonful of castor oil, thoroughly mixed.

Turpentine, 1 tsp. Sugar. (1) glass of milk for intestinal worms. The worms are expelled in your feces. You can see dead parasites. The sugar is to attract them to feed & the turpentine kills the worms. The milk keeps turpentine from being toxic to your system. After speaking with people from Germany and Bosnia, the addition of milk was used in their home land countries.

If you want to learn more about Turpentine Protocols, please read the book, Candida Cleaner by Dr Jennifer Daniels Turpentine Protocols - 31 Page Report

Link here –

Link here –

Posted by Evelyn (Lizella, Ga) on 03/21/2012

If you are a person with parasites just apply a little turpentine to your navel and the parasites will disapper in your stool. They are clear.

Replied by clov

Sound amazing in order to avoid the taste! How many times a week should we put it in navel? and for how long?

Thank you!

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