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Effective Natural Remedies for Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Raw Garlic
Posted by Vasilisa (New York, Ny) on 11/10/2010
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I've been suffering from Giardiasis for almost 1. 5 years. I got it in Sarasota, Florida when I was swimming in the swimming pool of my husband's parents. Oh My God! I've visited 10 doctors in 4 states (Fl, RI, MA, NY) and they couldn't find anything. I've gone through 2 endoscopies, almost 30 stool samples, blood tests, Ultra sound and CAT scan of my abdominal area. I am Russian and I had to fly to my mother country to get help from Russian doctors. Sorry for that but American doctors are money diggers. In Russia my blood was tested and antibodies showed that I had Giardia. I had terrible symptoms:red spots (allergic reactions) on my face, brown pigment spots, painful gallbladder, pain under my belly button, irritated bowel syndrome, yeast, hair loss, fragile nails, numb tongue (Iron deficiency), cracked lips (vitamin B deficiency), malabsorption, bloating, chronicle fatigue, depression, aggressiveness etc. The doctor-infectionist prescribed many different antibiotics (Metronidazole, Albendazole, Tinidazole, Nifuroxazide ) along with herbs to stimulate my gallbladder, pancreas and clean my liver. They helped for a while but they killed all my intestinal flora. Now I drink tea with Birch leaves (russian remedy for parasites) 3 times a day, eat only organic food, take 1 tbs of Flax seed oil a day, drink aloe Vera juice, eat raw garlic 3 cloves a day, mix Spirulina with organic goat yogurt, eat Coconut oil 3 times a day, take probiotics, get shots of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B12 once a week, eat beef because I have anemia. I don't eat sugar, bread, canned food. Did garlic help me? Nooooo. Am I cured? Not yet:-((( I am struggling for my health cursing Florida and my husband's parents who mocked me everyday because I didn't swim in their swimming pool. Then I decided to shut them up and you know the result. C-- Pharmacy in the USA sells only crap. I bought Selenium there. God, it was mixed with yeast. I have to be very careful what I buy in the USA. It takes time for me to find clean organic products without starch, GMO, yeast, gluten, sugar. It drives my husband crazy but I want to L-I-V-E and be healthy again. After reading some posts I am going to buy MSM. Thank you.