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Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Lostineurope (Charlotte) on 05/02/2014

Hallelulah!!!! After 4+ Years of Living Hell... Success.

Symptoms: All of the Worse explained in article below.

Primary: Parasite Infection (WormsEggs in Colon, Lungs and Stomach)
Secondary: Infection of Blood, assorted YeastCandida, Gardia in Colon:
Third: Stomach Ulcer with remaining Candida Romaval - One feeds the other.


- Fenugreek Tea w Honey: 2 kettles per day. 5-7Cups.
- Add ColloidalSovereign SILVER Drops- ADDED PER CUP TEA.
- L-Glutamine Powder 4500mg (Cabbage Extract) - ADDED PER CUP TEA. Quickly soothes the Ulcer and drank the tea all day. Could feel lining of stomach had signifigantly improved in a week.
- 1/4tsp Baking Soda - - ADDED PER CUP TEA. Acid from throwing up was chemically burning my Mouth and Lips. Badly. Instant relief.

Tablets - Propolos 1000 (Bee Polen) - Appears to have a very quick affect of healing, not simply soothing. - A tree resin gathered by bees to keep beehive sterile. Feels like it is changing the terrain inside.

Hydration: CytoSport Fast Twitch
Because these infections majorly screw up your hydration. A runners Electrolyte Supplement seems to have kicked my body over to the health levels instead of trying to ease it there.

Ulcers cause Anemia (B12) and severe low Folic Acid levels, reestablish Minerals and Vitamins to normal healthy Physical Levels:

From the Earth Tablets or Natural Greens drink.
Ultimate Flora Probiotic - 15 Billion
Raw Probiotics - 85 Billion
2 Glasses LemonLime w Honey Drinks per day.

No Alcohol - YeastCandida - Hardest 'longterm' to cure which other infections use as a BASE for other Bacteria Production.
No Sugur (to ANY form of Parasite, WormBacteria, the Sugar is like steroids to them.
No Milk - Seriously, what looks like it wouldn't use Milk to aide its growing.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Azbluebird (Gilbert, Arizona) on 07/19/2013

Had this situation, It was driving me mad I did this: Regarding unknown itching/mites demodex/fungus

1. Test for Protozoan Fl1953 or others.
2. Cleans body for any type fungus/flukes etc. with Blk walnut/Clove/Wormwd, 2-3 tbl apple cider vinegar daily. ph balance your body it needs more oxygen in body to kill of fungi/parasites/viruses etc. especially if no gallbladder.
3. Test for metals, fungus loves metals. demodex love metals/fungus, amalgams merc/lead/alum etc. Root canal/metal fillings can have underlying low grade infection with no obvious signs of immune burden with any above.

Now clean all your organs 1 at a time colon/kidneys/liver/blood Dont do to much at one time you will herx: edema heart palp, ra symptoms go slow and steady. House clean your body 2-3 times a year.

  • Face: products that worked for me: metrodiazonole gel with nystatin helped rash and stop spread
  • Face: sea buckthorne oil as much as needed to spread on face with 2-4 drops blk walnut hull tincture mix
  • shower: hibicleans-be careful very drying, ceravea, aveeno for moisture, vinegar rinse you hair to get rid of hitchhikers.
  • body/skin: mix cervae, palmers oilgel, sea buckthorne lotion, 4-5 drops sea bck thrn oil tincture, with 3-5 drops blk walnut hull tincture

No quick fix with this situation sorry so sorry.

Products for home: cedarcide spray ($$$$), enzyme cleaners, apple cider vinegar and alcohol wipe frequently. Wash clothes and sheets everyday. I found microfiber sheets stay away from cotton as much as possible.

supplements: balanced minerals, balanced multi, digestion enzymes/systemic enzymes, human food grade diatomaceous earth DE 1/4 tsp work up to 2 tbls daily, check vit D, chlorella w/cgf, Kelp, spirulina, probiotics, vit C crystals 10gm or more a day/msm. Everyone's bodily terrain is different mix and match what works for you.

I am not a Doctor and no harm is meant. Blessing with you all gods love and light. I hope this helps someone.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Leerob (Gaborone, Botswana) on 08/30/2010

Ted' thanks for the advice. I started using ACV and Bicarbonate of soda soon after. Its about 2 weeks now, but my worry is after washing my hair with Bicarbonate of soda and rinsing it with ACV my scalp feels like its set on fire only in the affected area especially the lumps behind my ears, they literally burn, swell and the skin turns purple. Amazingly, the unaffected parts hair grows like grass, very thick and rich and the parasites seem to now move to where there is hair while on the affected areas there is improvement as its not smooth and shiny skin anymore there is substantially growth of which I am happy about. Now I have shaved my hair completely as it seems that the parts with hair is now attacked by these little monsters. Apart from all the crawling under the scalp has subsides only two places which is the skin above my ears close to the lumps where at time I feels some slight movements. What caused me to shave my hair was the other day, after a week of washing my hair daily with the treatment I skipped two days for I felt it was too much when I felt the itch and upon looking closer I felt on the follicle of my hair the little things like small eggs (larvae) just at the roots where I have hair. And surprising the way the hair comes off is like a line from the front hair line slowly uniformly towards the back so I decided maybe the best way is to shave my head. I did the peroxide and ACV once then just continued with bicarbonate of soda and ACV. Once I applied pure eucalyptus oil and my scalp felt like I poured acid really bad had to wash it off immediately and followed with tea tree lavender oil which calmed the burning sensation. My question.. What is it that I am doing wrong?Am going crazy with this scalp. It gets better and then its starts again. But the best that came out of this as I take internally Bicarbonate of soda and ACV daily is my back pain. For years I have suffered hip joints and lower back pain due to an accident. I was limited to a lot of every day tasks, crippled by pain all the time. But since I took ACV and Bicarbonate of soda to my amazement I feel no pain absolutely nothing I am able to do tasks let alone sit for 15min on a chair without complaining and a lot of energy though its seems to affect my digestive system by slowing it down. Thanks for this site and to you Ted for your patience and help I am not giving up I will try all the remedies for the scalp until I find the right one. At the moment I am continuing with ACV , Bicarbonate of soda and once a week in between ACV with peroxide, apply Tea Tree , Lavender , eucalyptus, Olive oil , and citronella oil. All the antibacterial oils mixed in the same amount. I forgot to mention I take Carbimazole 5mg for my thyroid, Solgar sugar and salt free supplements for skin, hair and nails, multivitamins and I have low blood pressure. Worse of all a bad habit of smoking not heavily but smoker all the same. The problem is only on the front hair line slowly pushing to the back of my head. Apart from that I have full thick rich hair half my scalp which I just shaved. Can someone use Potassium carbonate & sodium bi-carbonate solution 1 part 50parts water on the scalp?

Replied by Donna
(Hatfield, Pa)

Reply to worms in hair: I am dealing with the same thing! I am ready to commit myself. My family thinks Im nuts or stressed out! Certain hairstrands will move all about, especially at night. What is this??? I really feel helpless. This is not a joke. I cannot sleep I am so freaked out! Also, see worms in my stool. Just recovered from c diff, was recently diagnosed with anemia, and white blood cells in stool. Getting further testing but I am pretty sure traditional doctors will be of no help dealing with the parasite. My family doctor advised me to see a shrink. I was furious! Help!

Replied by Corey
(Decatur, Il)

Take a garlic clove and dice it up and take it like pills. Swallow it with water. Also buy cloves or you can buy it as a spice. If you get it in powder, mix it with water. Do this every day for a while and see if it helps.

Replied by Sue
(Baltimore, United States)

What your are describing, sounds like Morgellon's disease, If that's what it is, It's possibly not really a parasite but a type of plant hybrid that's growing in your body... (believed to be genetically engineered) I wish I was more help but my knowledge of the subject is limited, just stumled across it in my perusing the internet. Lots of conspiracy theory stuff behind the explanations but also a lot of very real people suffering from it. For what's it's worth... I believe you. Just remember God is bigger!

Replied by Kombuchababy
(Bucksport, Me)

The scalp movement is from demodex mites. They live in the hair follicles. Everyone has them but some people get a proliferate. I know because I fight them myself. What seems to work is ivermectin. ACV hair rinse helps. After I dye my hair it also feels better. Currently I have changed my diet to exclude wheat, sugar and any and all junk food. I am eating a LOT of garlic.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Has anyone tried Mayonnaise? Put mayonnaise in your hair and on your eyebrows. Let it sit a while then wash it out. Should help kill the demodex mites.

Replied by Azbluebird
(Phoenix, Arizona/usa)

To All, In reading about the post regarding petre dish of skin afflications, had them all hair, rash, bacterial infection with lesions, constant for 3 years. Something new has come to fruition. After constant doctors including several top dermotologist to no avail. This is what progressed:

Metal Test-Doctors Data: Very high metals including uranium. Chleate metals, including replacing silver amalgams and root canals bio-dentist.

I had 10 silver mercury fillings, 6 had underlying infection no outward signs, 3 root canals 2 infected with bone loss. OUCH

BioComp Labs Report: test all dental materials with your blood to make sure not allergic, metals, ceramic, titanium, porcelin veneers did you know some porcelin veneers have uranium in them.

Fry Labs- test your blood for Lyme, bacterial, fungal, protozoa (FL1953-Protimyxzoa rheumatica) new kid on the block.. All of these I mention can become a community in thick biofilms in you body reaking havoc. Fl1953 is mine. strong link to morgellons.

After results attack 1 at a time or as needed its not instant gratification, its gradual.

Everyones bodily terrain is different, this information is meant with no harm intent. It has been a godsend for me. Be Well Peace

Replied by Val
(Texas, Us)

Reading all of the replies about parasites had startled me greatly! I remember my mother telling us that when my older sister (who is in her late 40s) was a small child she pooped out worms. My mother took her to the doctor and they told her that there was no such thing. I can only imagine how she must have felt as a young mother concerned for her child. So when I read above where the commentor was told by a doctor to go see a shrink, I was reminded of this. Just wanted to share that. Sometimes we have to take control of our own health. I hope you find relief!

Replied by Anonymousmind
(Louisiana, US)

One night I was listening to Coast to Coast show on the radio and a guest came on and it was a guy that cures Morgellons. He was interviewed on Coast to Coast; find the archives and he may be your answer. I think I read that the way you know you have it is by using a black light in a dark room - you will see the fibers on you.

Replied by Ditchda Itch

no your not crazy! I've had miserable "invisible" bites for 3 years!! We throw out all our furniture and replace mattresses every 6 months! We cover them in plastic. sometimes washing clothes, pillows etc in super hot water and dryer doesn't work! I know! The outbreaks have gotten less..not so many bites but we still have "crawly days"..all the doctors think im crazy! We poisoned ourselves with ivermectin to no avail. I recently went thru cancer..I think the poisons and creams did it! Use lemongrass oil topically and im trying this Parisitin pills from a heath food shop. They seem to bite a lot less but not all gone. you are not crazy! I have a medical background, and I know I am not delusional, as my partner, family, etc feels it too. vacuum a lot! Mop daily with eucalyptus oil in the water and cleaner. I use a spray of water eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass and citronella oils and spray myself after showers and also a our pillow, rugs, shoes, furniture, chairs, etc. we wash our bed sheets everyday and any clothes we wear. Never wear the same thing twice without washing! Be diligent. Were not rid of them but its gotten better! Hang in there, I have seen 5 "specialist in parasite", 22 dermatologists in 3 countries and no one can find anything!! I was told I had leishmaniasis! Well no! Because thats not contagious and this is! We all have it! Don't go mad, stay calm, get wormwood pills or a natural anti parasite pill, bathe 2 x daily, put on the oils I talked about (non toxic) and keep cleaning. I think these suckers get around from all this modern world being able to travel easier. We are more mobile, so more people travel now to exotic places, its cheap, so a lot of weird, obscure skin diseases are being spread around more! I think I got mine in Australia! Try not to scratch! Bathing in epsom salt helps too..good luck!

Olive Leaf Extract

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Posted by Magda (Cape Town, South Africa) on 01/30/2011

I had Giardia Lamblia for 3 years!! Was on Flagyl a few times, which did NOTHING! Somebody told me about olive leaf extract and after 1 little bottle I got rid of it. It is amazing.

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi Magda,

I'm happy for you that you got rid of this nasty protozoa with olive leaf extract. Could you tell me for how long you took and how? Also what was the strengh of the extract?

Best regards,

Replied by Umika
(Santa Fe, Nm)

I expelled giardia cysts after ingesting Wormwood Combination remedy. It contains quassia, which specifically addresses giardia. I had had a giardia infection for many years. I supplemented with raw garlic and used a zapper as well.

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Healthyandhappy (Europe) on 10/06/2015

I had giardia and I want to encourage all who have it: it is possible to get rid of it by natural remedies. It may take a long time, several months, but it is possible:

After doing a research on this website and internet I decided not to take Flagyl or Metrinazol or any other pharmaceuticals. At first I tried Hulda Clark anti-parasite treatment. I think it did not work for me completely. Then I took Allicin garlic capsules (6 a day) for 3 months. It definitely helped, but I still got cramps occasionally, my stool was not as it had been before and felt that I still had it inside me.

Then I started to take oregano oil (oregano oil with 80% carvacol, bought it on the internet). Make sure it is pure organic oil. I also bought empty capsules in a pharmacy. I filled the capsule with coconut or flax seed oil by half, then put 2-3 drops of oregano oil - you may start with one drop, as it is very strong), closed the capsule, swallowed and drank one full glass of water. The capsule will melt in your stomach or even in your colon a do the job. Take 3 capsules a day, preferably on an empty stomach. You may need to do this for at least a month and then you will see if it works for you.

I also stopped eating dairy products (milk, cheese, cream, yogurt), cut on starches and hardly any sugar for at least a month, and I ate a lot of raw vegetables, drank a lot of herb tea and water. And also I drank fresh green vegie juices.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Me (Tulsa, Ok) on 08/17/2013

I have been told by a hemotologist that oil of oregano kills liver flukes. Hope it helps.

Replied by Tg

I would think that any raw, unpasturized, natural vinegar with the mother would be fine and interchangable with apple cider vinegar. The point is to have it raw and unpasturized.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Camara (Washington, DC) on 08/10/2007

I've used Oil of Oregano for mouth infections, to help cleanse intestinal parasites, as well as ward off yeast infections. I use the liquid form which tastes really bad and burns. Finally I got smart and now buy empty capsules from the health food store and put 2-3 drops in a capsule. Now I get the full benefits without the awful taste. I also brush my teeth with it sometimes and still use it as a rinse if my mouth or gums are sore (I dilute with warm water). I always keep a bottle handy.

Replied by Heidi
(Orlando, Fl)

I'm confused. If this oil tastes so awful that you need to put it in capsules, why do you recommend brushing your teeth with it or rinsing your mouth. Doesn't make sense.

Replied by Anonymous
(Waukesha, Wi)

You can mix it with toothpaste/mouthwash...just a drop! Just tastes like the spice oregano but, a little bit stronger!

Replied by Brrr1106
(Grand Forks, Nd)

If oregano oil is to be used for parasites, make sure it is oil of WILD oregano. There is a big difference. The oregano used for cooking does not contain a phenol called Carvacrol which is antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antivenom and antiparasitic. Do some research on Wild Oil of Oregano to find out more about it and to choose a good quality product. I use a drop or two in the oil when I oil-pull. A drop or two under the tongue when I feel a cold coming on or have more congestion than normal has been beneficial to me. Just make sure you get the WILD OIL OF OREGANO and not a derivative from the ordinary oregano.

Papaya Leaf

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Posted by Cath (Sydney) on 03/16/2018

Hi there, I have had numerous parasites including blasto. Papaya leaf capsules kill parasites for me every time. I take one 3 times a day with meals. The length of treatment depends on the bug but I would do 7 weeks to be sure as you have to kill all the eggs even after the parasites are dead. Good luck, you will feel so much better after! I used antibiotics once for parasites and never again because the papaya leaf works so well and is good for your gut.

Replied by Linda

Please tell me which papaya you took? I have been fighting these for years. Thanks

Replied by Suzy
(The Netherlands)

You can use the black seeds of a papaya. Works awesome. The people in South America use this instead of pharmaceuticals. Just a teaspoon on an empty stomach. Chew very very well. Taste is nasty, but hey, it works :) At least 7 days in a row. You can eat the seeds fresh, or dried. When I buy a papaya, I always save these seeds.

Papaya Seeds

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Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/23/2018 233 posts

When first I read of papaya seeds for parasites, I swallowed them whole, from one whole fruit, to no effect. I also ate the flesh. Well actually my BM was easier, but I could see many of those large round seeds clearly. More recently I purchased another papaya, this time I crunched up the seeds from the whole fruit (bitter, and very peppery) and I did notice my stool had a fleshy thing attached. I was surprised at this because I had been taking a parasite guard liquid extract of wormwood, cloves, black walnut. With no sighting. I will now be making my own papaya seed tincture with Apple Cider Vinegar as I know this works for me. I have digestion issues, I believe my stomach was not able to open up the whole seeds. If digestion is optimal, then may be able to swallow whole and get benefit. A note, when I was taking the wormwood mix the instructions said to take three times a day, I sometimes also put this in enteric coated capsules for direct intestinal impact. I did not get the results I saw with the one concentrated dose of papaya, and I was not expecting any because of the wormwood. Also, I should have started with a teaspoon of seeds and built up slowly, but because I had been following anti candida diet of no sugar, fruit or carbs, I believed my parasites starved and weakened, and envisioned no herx, or healing crisis, nor was there one.

Papaya Seeds
Posted by Lotusborn (Pahoa, Hi, Usa) on 08/27/2011

Papaya Seeds for parasites. I have had long standing problems with parasites, some of them pinworms, others never identified but caused a terrible rash around butt and vagina and of course sleepless nights.

A simple and inexpensive cure: I blended 1 cup of papaya seeds with 2 small bananas (it just have to be edible as the seeds are like pepper) and ate the whole thing. I lay there and could feel how it became quiet in there. This might be too strong for some but I was desperate. So, one might want to start with a lower dose as recommended but that is not how I personally operate.

Replied by Jenny From Sydney
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi Lotusborn (or anyone else that might know) did you use the Papaya seeds straight from a fresh papaya? I have been using fresh garlic before going to bed and have seen the "white rice" in my bm that others talk about so would be keen to try your remedy. Thanks! PS I only found this site a couple of weeks ago but love it and thank everyone for their contributions. I already feel better than I have in the last 15 years!

Replied by Jok
(Indianapolis, In)

I've had much success expelling parasites with papaya seeds. I buy fresh papayas and eat the seeds. I chew 1 to 2 teaspoons then swallow with water. I do this 3 times a day and continue for several weeks.

Using fresh ingredients is always better than encapsulated. For example, wormwood, black walnut and cloves are antiparasitic herbs but if they're not fresh, they won't work. For cloves, they must be fresh, non-irradiated. Usually organic cloves are non-irradiated but if it doesn't say on the bottle, ask to be sure. I grind them myself in a coffee grinder and put them in empty gelatin capsules.


I'm not sure I can go with the claim "If wormwood, black walnut, and cloves aren't fresh, they won't work". Tons of people all over this site have used those ingredients dried and had very good results.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Jok, I am very surprised to hear that you eat papaya seeds as they seem to be very toxic. I always remove them very carefully before making a juice although I don't remove the seeds of any other fruit! I am confused now....

Replied by Louwrence
(Rustenburg, North West South Africa)

Hi Francisca, Pawpaw seeds also contain enzymes to digest food so it cannot be dangerous.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Francisca, My friend whilst living in Nth Queensland was told about this remedy and knows folk who do it for a few days every year as a preventative. They apparently also aid digestion so she used them instead of digestive enzymes. They can be dried and mixed in with whole peppercorns and ground over food.

Replied by Jeane
(Quezon City, Philippines)

Papaya seeds are indeed used by the natives here in the Philippines as purgative. I have seen some websites recommending that the seeds be air-dried and then pounded, but here in this country the natives just cut open a ripe papaya and then scoop up the seeds and swallow them whole. Chewing is not suggested as the seeds may be too bitter for one's taste.

Papaya Seeds + Oregano Oil

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Posted by Aurelia (UK) on 06/21/2019

I didn't realise I had parasites until I bought and ate a large papaya and the seeds over the course of 2 days.

Papaya seeds have been used for centuries to cure digestive problems (as I learnt in Thailand many years ago) as well as papaya leaf and the fruit itself. I was also taking (and topically applying) oregano oil to cure a skin infection.

The combination of both of these unknowingly killed and expelled a couple of worms. I'm now doing a 7 day fast, only drinking herbal teas (peppermint and green tea) as well as ingesting essential oils diluted with olive oil - clove, ginger, oregano and taking apple cider vinegar twice a day. I passed a few more yesterday and the day before and can feel more of the blighters moving. I am desperately hoping this may cure my severe food intolerances but the combination is definitely working.

Replied by Carolyn
07/19/2019 has a whole parasite protocol. They use mimosa pudica seed caps to encapsulate the parasites. Dr. Klinghardt ( says old methods for parasite control don't work well anymore--not strong enough, and that they also harbor heavy metals in their biofilm. He says if you become ill on a parasite cleanse, you are just making them give off more toxins.


What is the dosage for the mimosa pudica capsules for eradicating parasites? Thanks for the information.

Melba Streiff, N.D.

Parasites are in the body feeding off the toxic chemicals already in it. If you kill them off too quickly before doing a cleanse first, you will get very sick and nauseated from the toxins they are not digesting, as well as the toxicity from the parasites' excrement as well.

Parasite Symptoms

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Posted by Darlene (Parkland, FL) on 04/20/2021

Filariasis/ Schitosmias:

See if your symptoms match.

1- did you start with just feeling exhausted all the time?
2- heavy feeling in chest but no cold?

3- panic attack feeling like heart racing

4- rashes started to appear

5- started to feel things on you like no seeums or fleas?
6- progresses into crawling?

7- loss of appetite or uncontrollable carb craving?

8- intermittent constipation / diarrhea?

9- insomnia

10- single line lesions? Looks like a scratch

11- bladder, urinary or kidney, genital issues

12- every test is negative?

13- any nodules?

14- you can feel where they are and collect them?
15- they prefer hair follicles- anywhere on the body?

16- you sometimes get a jabbing pain?

17- you get brown marks where you know they are. (hyperpigmentation)

18 you also get red dots

19-all kinds of things come out of your skin and they all look different? Black, white, Sand like?

If you said yes to most of these, investigate 2 parasites. Filariasis and Schitosmias.
Then the different species. Some go intestinal, some bladder and some cutaneous (skin)

both have zootonic species.

In dogs, it's called H Americana.

look up life cycle of Schitosmias and symptoms

life cycle of filariasis and symptoms.

think back - way back - to any places you traveled when looking at the region of each species. Did you swim in a lake? Eat local food abroad? Are you all of sudden remembering a bout of food poisoning?

these things can lay dormant for years.

Step 1 - get the best parasite cleanse you can afford!

look for my other post on Earth Clinic's morgellons page - morgellons =parasite for more details.

best of luck to everyone for a diagnosis and speedy recovery!


Replied by Wendy
(New Zealand)

Hi Darlene, what do you suggest for this condition?

Myself and a couple of family members have schistosomiasis (undiagnosed) as I lived in Peruvian jungle for a couple of years and was exposed to several.

The symptoms are very similar to mite infestation, candida, morgellons, many different parasite infections. it's so varied that it's difficult to target.

You mention other posts you've made.. can you please be specific?

Replied by Patricia
(Vero Beach, FL)

Yes to all symptoms. Have known it was a parasite infection 4 years now. Hyper infection now affecting whole body. Help has not come after many different type doctor visits. I strongly suspect it has been in my body decades because of past health problems and stronger location concentration of them in my body. Suffering is great. Have found that Borax brings them out of skin, but they are endless.


Hi Patricia,

I'm so sorry you were suffering I am praying you found a cure and are now healed? I have similar. Please can you tell me what you did?

thank you

Parasite Testing

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Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 09/16/2010

Hello, I'm looking for good labs that do very accurate parasite stool testing. The tests offered here in Toronto are microscope test which are not accurate to distinguish between some protozoa spp. So I need DNA test or antigen test. Thank you very much.

Replied by Mysterymommy
(Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

Did you ever find a lab that does this? I would also like to know.

Replied by Ricardo
(Portland, Oregon.)

Not sure where one can go for parasite testing, however, I don know through my own experience that if you use grapefruit seed extract oil in water, it will kill parasites in your system. I have use this when traveling aboard to 3rd world countries and have had much success. One can buy this product at any health food store. Good luck

Replied by Anonynous
(Milwaukee, Wi, Usa)

A Parasitologist or any Internist... either could do these tests, BUT there is no test that is very accurate... It's usually only 25% accurate!

Replied by Bioman
(Hull, Mass)

Try labs Phoenix Arizona. Cutting edge testing for biofilm and associated pathogens.

Molly M
(Central Texas)
7 posts

Bioman, I am pretty sure you accidentally typed "Try" Labs instead of the actual name, "Fry" Labs in Arizona. Here's the website,, and yes, they do detailed, comprehensive testing, and are known for their Lyme disease testing.

Replied by Claudette
(Exeter, Missouri, Usa)

There are about 4 parasite testing labs that I know of that will definitely be definative. Here is one I have used recently, located in Arizona:

Parasitology Center Inc. 1-480-767-2522

It is a good place to get started. God bless.

Replied by Sechmeth
(Christchurch, New Zealand)

I used metametrix. They test for DNA in stool, so dead worms are okay as well. They test for bacteria and fungus too, but they are expensive. But they found an answer to my problem!

Replied by Dana
(Philadelphia, Pa)

The only doctor left in the country performing colon wall swab/scape test using sigmoidscope and his own lab is Dr. Kevin Cahill in NY. MANY have finally found cures for their illnesses after years even decades of suffering. Standard medical stool testing will not pick up many parasites unless your stool is teaming with parasites. Parasites live on the colon wall beneath the mucus. This renowned doctor is nearing retirement. See him soon.

Replied by Fritzie

Genova Diagnostics (formerly Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab), Asheville, North Carolina has always been recommended by my practitioner.


Posted by Joes (Calgary, Alberta) on 01/11/2015

I am using turpentine to kill parasites in the colon and microbes in body. I have started with a few drops 2x/week. I am interested in knowing what is the limit that a person should work up to? Some use turp with sugar, honey, oil. How would the difference in a carrier affect the use of turp on the body? Is there anything that needs to be considered as far as diet etc that would be helpful? Thanks

Replied by Jeanie

You can find more info on turpentine usage on Dr. Jennifer Daniels website....I also have been using turpentine for my horse.

I found an chart for worming farm animals with the turpentine to oil ratios, 1.5 ml turpentine for every 50 pounds body weight, and for every 1.5 ml you add 7.5 ml oil.....mix it very well with the oil... this shouldn't be taken long term.

Replied by Susanne

Hello Jeanie, you said that you have been using turpentine for your horse. I also have made attempts to give it to my horse. He does not like it. Not on sugar cubes either. How much do you give, and how do you do it? Thank you very much, Susanne


Posted by Ti (Houston, Tx) on 04/23/2011

I will be visiting rural parts of India for sometime and am wondering what is the best way to clean vegetables and fruits, considering their source of water may not be the cleanest.

Anyone tried cleaning with Grape seed extract or similar products that may help keep the bugs out of my system? Many thanks!

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

ACV (diluted in water) is great for cleaning vegetables, and if you get nauseous from something you ate could stave off any sickness.

Replied by Anonymous
(Milwaukee, Wi, Usa)

Diluted bleach and h20 works great. Soak for 1 minute then rinse well.

Replied by Jeane
(Quezon City, Philippines)

Has anyone tried washing fruits and veggies and then soaking them in water with dissolved flour? I've heard this method gets rid of the pesticides that are sprayed on the produce. Used tea leaves soaked in water may do the trick, too.

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