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Natural Remedies for Parasite Treatment and Prevention

Multiple Remedies
Posted by rmd (Az) on 06/18/2019

Been trying a powdered combo from linda sunshine herbs in show low, az.

First I tried using gel tabs throughout the day it took a long time for results but I did see worms and egg sacs, plus alot of other unknowns. so I added Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and after a few hours I would see worms and more things even flukes, I have dumpster dived, sushi, luved water crestnuts, etc so I have been troubled for a long time. Oo seeing this result I been experimenting, snorting the parasite powder, and also ACV. I been just using powdered combos w ACV in the morning just a wicked elixir shot w water sometimes in a smoothie, a light breakfast and coffee. It's been good on my hunger attacks even candida which I'm now seeing is another culprit.

I try to take DE at night before bed if I remember, but the latter is working the best morning elixir, detox teas during day, snd DE at night all while keeping a watch on my food intake occasionally ill have fast food or ice cream, suffering the die off isn't nice try to be nice to yourself and others and take water thru it because it distributes the medicine and moves the scum out. pets are another big problem too.