Natural Remedies for Neuropathy: Holistic & Nutritional

MSM, Lecithin

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Posted by Janet (Kendal, U.k.) on 04/14/2012

My other half also suffered with Neuropathy caused by blood sugar. He found most effective relief came from MSM and Lecithin. If you research both these things it's understable why. He's recently also gone onto Amino Acids. Following someone elses recommendation. 99% of the time he is now pain free. If it flares then he goes straight back onto the above. We just wonder if he should take it all the time? He can go long spells with no problems. A friend of mine also tried the MSM after cancer treatments and got instant relief. I do hope this helps you. Good Luck and a speedy recovery.:)

MSM, Lecithin
Posted by Janet (Kendal, U.k) on 10/26/2011

My partner too suffered with neuropathy, that was till we discovered MSM and Lecithin from his first dose he got almost instant relief. And after only a month or so has never had it back. Hope this helps.

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Diane (Sherborn, MA) on 12/29/2013

I would like to know if anyone with stabbing electric shocks from peripheral neuropathy has cured/stopped them. I get them all over my body, feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, fingers even in my eyes and the top of my head. They're so strong sometimes I almost black out. I actually see stars or a white light. I get them 24/7 My doctor said last week there's nothing more he can do. I have been on fentenyl patches, morphine, B-12 sublingual amd patches. ALA at all strengths, various kinds of magnesium at all strengths. Thank you for reading. Many blessings

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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Diane: I have had those symptoms for many yrs but w/ much less severity; mine was directly related to heavy metal poisoning. You can purchase a lab kit to test if you have any heavy metals by submitting a simple hair sample thru the mail. Mercury in specific is very toxic to the nervous system.

Replied by Mt
(Ottawa, Canada)

Check your D vitamin level. Read about vitamin D influence on sleep and the effects of bad sleep on body recovery. You can Google apnea and vitamin D deficiency for a few articles.


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Posted by Joanne (Vancouver, Wa) on 12/02/2015


I got Peripheral Neuropathy from an overdose of B vitamins! Be careful with them. They really messed me up. Vitamin B has been said to help with PN but if you get too much it can cause it. The tingling I was feeling was from too much Niacin also. Called the Niacin flush. Doc told me to go off of B supplements and within a few days my zapping was gone. It's been 2 weeks off of them now and all has recovered except I still have a thick feeling in the balls of my feet. I am now trying the ALA remedy and so far it is helping but it could be also that I am not on the B supplement anymore.

Replied by Megan

B6 people!!! B6 toxicity is happening in small amounts all over the world!!

Pantothenic Acid

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Posted by Candy (Indiana) on 12/18/2021

For Neuropathy Pain:

Take 250mg pantothenic acid a day.

R-Lipoic Acid

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Posted by Delores (Kansas City, Mo) on 05/14/2013

Art/Vancouver/R-lipoic acid: I tried Art's protocol for neuropathy. He recommended 500 mgs 3/day...I got up to 700 mgs once a day and woke up with calf cramps on both legs front and back. From 4:00AM to 6:00AM screaming calf cramps. Maybe I'm using the wrong brand (natrol)? They do seem to differ a bit.

Replied by Greg

R-alpha lipoic acid is the best form to use. Alpha lipoic acid has both S & R. R is produced naturally in the body and S is not.

Sea Salt in Water

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Posted by Karen (Tampa, Fl) on 02/21/2013

I have had the same thing for 2 years. I started taking sea salt and water for 2 days and my neuropathy has subsided considerably. My guess is that in a month I will be free from all this pain. Go to and follow the instructions. It's free and easy... 1/2 you body weight in ounces of water and 1/4 sea salt for every quart of water. You BUILD to the amount necessary. It works!

Severe Neuropathy Remedies

Posted by Katie (Avon, Ct) on 03/12/2013

I'm hoping someone can please help me..

14 years ago I became very sick (25 yrs old). After 2 years of struggling with severe debilitation I was diagnosed with lyme disease (and co infections). I spent years off and on antibiotic treatment with limited improvements. One of the most annoying symptoms was skin burning at night. From my knees up to my chest it felt like I was on fire. Then about 4.5 years ago I developed symmetrical burning in my feet. Pain like I simply can't described (as I'm sure most of you know). I kept having to increase Gabapentin and have spent the past 3 years at 3100 mg's. Over the past year or so I've had breakthrough pain and it's showing me that the disease has progressed far past my feet. I have it up to my knees with knife like pains in my calves, numbing all over my feet and now pricking in my fingers. I've had 4 ports an taken months of IV antobiotics to attack the lyme since lyme can cause neuropathy. It clearly isn't working (if it did, it didnt last). I am now on IVIG and am still not improving. The neuro said I should see improvement after 2 months- it's been 5 and im only getting worse. It now wakes me up at night and most nights, prevents me from falling asleep. I've never had it this bad before (where it's interrupted my sleep). I don't know if the Gabapentin isnt working and/or if it's just progressing? I have stopped and started supplements 100X but have never stayed with anything long term bc I've always been on one treatment or another AND bc the doc's assume it's from lyme (but there's no way to truly know) and blow off the power of supplements. I'm a mom of two very little girls and am terrified. Truly terrified.. I don't know where this is going or what will become of my life. ANY suggestions would be beyond appreciated-

With gratitude-


Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nv Nevada)

Magnesium oil should bring some relief to the areas of pain. Also my brother has had some success using a laser therapy pen to relieve his neuropathy pain. Steve

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Katie: According to our leading authority on Parasite disease, Dr Hulda Clark, we all have parasites or stages. For many people this isn't a problem, for others, however, it creates chronic diseases that do not respond to treatment with any significance. Parasites excrete all sorts of bacteria, funguses, and viruses as a byproduct of their metabolism. Heavy metals, or zenobiotics are also possible with you. Look a few yrs back in your life (recapitulate) and try to find any particular moment when you got out of your element (routine) and became "suddenly" ill. Something is dragging your immune system down.

First, do an herbal parasite cleanse, as well as any methods of general detoxification (info here on E.C.)

Second, boost your immune system by supporting your Thymus Gland. Here is a previous post I made for this: The Thymus gland is like the brain of the immune system as it is involved in both production and regulation of immune or white blood cells. Thymus function decreases significantly w/ age so any method to augment it is definitely recommended especially those suffering chronic infections. To boost the Thymus do these little exercises on a daily basis and significantly boost your immune power. First, use some type negative pole magnet (the side that sticks to metal) over the Thymus, which is directly between the lower neck and heart area; a common refrigerator magnet will do just fine; do this for approx 15 minutes. Second, do the "Thymus Tap" by making a fist and gently bump the T area a few times and wait a little then bump again several times daily. Thirdly, supplement Raw Thymus Glandular as recommended on label. " Also, if I might add, Zinc Lozenges will boost the Thymus.

Here is a link for Lyme Section:

Hope this helps. Come back and update us how you're doing.

Replied by Connie
(Slc, Utah, Usa)

Hi Katie;

This website provides alot of information about the signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency. Neuropathy is a primary one. Treatment of B12 deficiency neuropathy is intensive and life-long. Healing can take many months, even years.

(Northern Ca)
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If B12 deficiency goes on too long, it can be permanent.

Replied by Karen
(Tampa, Fl)

Katie, Dice a whole lemon, skin and all then liquify it in a blender.. Strain if you want and put in glass... Add one tablespoon of X-virgin olive oil and one tablespoon of lecithin and drink everything either at once or spread out over the day... Also put more lecithin - up to 4 tablespoons in the drink if you want to... It is most important for nerves... Do this for one month... You will see improvement and maybe resolution.

Report back to this site if you are so inclined... God bless.

Replied by J

Try r - alpha lipoic acid 300mg 3 x daily
Benfotiamine 500 2x daily
Acetyl l carnitine 2x daily
Methly b12 15000mcg sublingual 2x daily
B complex vitamin 2x daily
10000 iu vit d3 daily. Excessively lotion all affected skin twice daily since neuropathic doesnt sweat. Elevate feet at night above the level of the heart. Thick soft socks or footies
You can try the neuropathy oil they sell in cvs pharmacy, a tea tree oil neura.... Something like that sorry dont remember the name exactly. Stay away from alcohol consumption Forever! God bless you I will pray for you. J

Replied by Laura
(Newark, Ohio)

Hi, Check out MMS and Jim Humble. I really think this can help and possibly cure your lyme's disease. Let me know if you try this.


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Posted by Preston (MA) on 07/27/2021

Regarding Severe Neuropathy in Feet

I would try turmeric at 500 mg 3 times a day...I use it and have minimal neuropathy pain..It also helps the liver much...

Posted by Janet (Fernvale, Queensland, Australia) on 04/28/2012

I also swear by Turmeric for Neuropathy, but my understanding is it needs to be heated and taken in conjunction with black pepper for activation. If I have fresh Turmeric I simmer it for approx 10 minutes but if it is powdered making a tea with boiling water is another way to go, I add ginger, black pepper and agave to sweeten and it is a very pleasant drink. I have this drink daily and the pain relief properties are amazing.

Posted by T Byrd (Milan, Tennessee) on 10/04/2010

I am a caregiver for my 93 year old mother who has neuropathy. I started giving her turmeric for hip pain (cured it 2 diferent times). I ran out and it was 12 days before I could get anymore. I hadn't noticed before I ran out, but, after it got out of her system, she started complaining about her legs numerous times during the day. It dawned on me that she had not been complaining so much of late. Once I got her back on the turmeric, she stopped having the complaints. She hurts in the morning when she first gets up, then virtually none afterward. I give her 2-500 mg a day. I take 3 a day as it greatly helps my arthritis.

Replied by K
(San Antonio, Texas)

I belive my neuropathy is caused by a course of Leqavuin 2 years ago. It started with a numb big toe and spread out. I've taken b-12 patches, Alpha Lipoic, Lecithin, MSM, acupuncture, Bach remedies, NAC, but what feels like a cure:

This week

5 pieces of Turmeric juiced into my morning carrot juice, along with 2 packets of Liposomal glutathione.

I actually credit the Turmeric more than the gluathione, but the two in combination are alleviating all my numbness and prickling for the last 7 days.

Replied by Al
(Alvena, Sk., Canada)

I have been using curcumin which is an extract of turmeric. I used one that states that it is a standardized extract. The active ingredient in turmeric that helps is much more concentrated in the curcumin and can directly reduce pain as well as helping pancreatic health.

Vitamin B-1 (Benfotiamine)

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Posted by Richy (Sunland, Ca) on 10/15/2009

I have found that B1 and B12 works well on neuropathy. There are certain types of B1 that are fat soluable (benfotiamine) so it doesn't just go out of the body, but the body can actually hold onto the B1 and use it to repair the nerves. There is also B12 that can be found that is methylcobalamine or methyl B12.. The body has to convert the B12 to methyl B12 before it can use it, thus getting it already converted means the body can use it. You can find these online, not usually in health food stores.

Replied by Kelli
(Sioux Falls, Sd)

Definitely try B12 for neuropathy. It must be methylcobalmin and must be sublingual (under your tongue lozenges). It is unfortunate that you can't list brands because there are several brands out there but only two that I have found that are really good. I suspect it is the quality of the methylcobalmin. You must be consistent with taking it everyday but eventually the neuropathy will get better. It takes some time so be patient but it definitely works. B12 is water soluable so you don't have to worry about getting too much, your kidneys will simply remove the excess.

Replied by Cindy
(Buckhannon, West Virginia)

I just wanted to comment on the B12. This is my first time on this site. My friend told me about it. I thought I would check it out. I have neuropathy. No doctor will diagnose why though. I do however have a TPO count of over 1000. TPO is the level of thyroid antibodies (which will eventually lead to Hashimotto's disease). Anyway, since my TSH level isn't high yet (which would mean hypothyroidism), they won't diagnose me with it. So, I did some research on my own. I am 29 now but the neuropathy started when I was 20. I didn't go to the doctor about it until I was 27. They put me on B12 shots. I did that weekly x 4 wks. My count went down! Eventually the number came up. Anyway, when my endocrinologist mentioned Hashimotto's, I did some research and found that Hashimotto's causes everything that wrong w/ me--neuropathy, B12 deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency. For some reason, Hashimotto's affects the lining of your stomach and you're just not able to absorb the B12. So, in my case, I can't take supplements--they won't work. I have to just keep taking the B12 shot until some brilliant doctor finds a cure for Hashimotto's disease (which I don't have, even though they didn't check my T4 count to make sure it was jiving w/ my TSH). I have found doing my own research is much cheaper & more beneficial.

Replied by T
(Maryland, Usa)

Your antibodies are a big red flag for Hashimoto's. How are you so sure you don't have Hashimoto's? What kind of ignorant doctor is trying to diagnose Hashi's by TSH levels?? Your TPO is way higher than mine was. Did you have anti-TG Ab testing as well?

I highly recommend Dr. Datis Kharrazian's thyroid book for those with Hashi's (or suspected Hashi's). That is the one that finally put many pieces of the puzzle into something that makes real sense.

Re: B12 - I take a sublingual B12.

Replied by Cindy
(Buckhannon, Wv)

To FU on my 5/18/10 post... Well, my mystery hasn't gotten any clearer. I am now getting neuropathy in my hands. I switched doctors and this one isn't much better. In the beginning he was going to run all these tests b/c my previous doctors had "completely missed the boat. " So, for my first test he scheduled a thyroid ultrasound. After that he said he would address any possible circulation problems. The US showed that I have mutliple nodules on both sides of my thyroid. I thought this doctor was really going to be the answer. Boy was I WRONG! I went back for my FU appt last wk. No more tests. All my levels are "stone cold where they're supposed to be. " So, his answer was to increase my Gabapentin. So, now I'm more tired that before (on top of feeling awful normally). I just don't know what else to do. There has to be a reason I feel like this (neuropathy in feet & hands, tired, fatigued, generalized aches & pains throughout my body, and per my previous post TPO >1000, B12 deficiency, Vit D deficiency) and no one seems to care... They just want to give me a pill. The closest holistic doctor is 2 hrs away & costs $190 for the first visit & FU visits cost $60-$190 every visit after that depending on your diagnosises. I live practically in the center of WV. Does anyone have any suggestions? I just don't want it to be something that could have been prevented from getting worse.

Replied by T.
(Maryland, Usa)

It strongly sounds to me like you have Hashimoto's. Please check out Dr. Datis Kharrazian's thyroid book; it's excellent. Right up front I'll tell you that you'd need to go completely gluten-free. There are tons of resources online to aid you in doing that (seems tough at first but it's certainly manageable - I did it in April because of Hashi's and it has definitely helped me). Check out celiac sites for lots of help and advice on going gluten-free, and do read the book if you can as it's really loaded with detailed information and practical advice. Best of luck, and update us again soon!

Replied by T.
(Maryland, Usa)

I should have expanded the thread before I replied... I see I already replied to you back in May ;) Well I just gave you the same advice as I did then, only I'll add that I am even more of the belief that it is Hashimoto's as you've got the nodules now as well. The longer you let this attack your system, the worse off you are going to get. You already have obvious autoimmunity going on and this predisposes you to other autoimmune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Please check out the book; I believe your answers are there but it's down to you to learn and make the changes you need to make.

Replied by Cindy
(Buckhannon, West Virginia)

Thank you T from Maryland. I just looked up that book. It seems I have already bought it (I probably bought it after you replied in 5/10) but haven't read it yet (my memory isn't that great anymore either). I'll make time this weekend. Thank you for the advise on going gluten free. I'll try anything at this point. Thank you again.

Replied by Jc
(New City, New York)

You might want to try food grade Hydrogen Peroxide 7%. works excellent with epsom salt. you need 2 cups of 7% peroxide to 1 cup of epsom salt. soak in a hot tub of water 113degree. you can soak for a min. of 25 min will work longer 1 hour if have time. when filling tub they sell flat thermometers in hardware store best also to buy a small round fan and I hung it on th bathroom entrance door blowing towards the tub. it maks it extremely comfortable to relax longer. you best get a ground falt electrical breaker home depot. it adapts between outlet and fan cord for safety, the unit is yellow my lasy go to model buy a swim cap made out of soft material this will prevent your hair from bleaching. good luck, it works excellent.

Replied by Monique
(Elllington, Ct)

Hi there, I have terrible neuropthy in both feet and the pain has become unbearable. I've tried lots of "cures" and keep searching and researching, It is by no means a cure, but I have been going to the YMCA on Mondays for 1/2 foot massages. It doesn't take away the pain, but there is something about a gentle foot massage that feels good to me. My children, 7 and 8 also massage Mom's feet every night before bedtime. My feet are incredibly sensitive to touch, but just knowing someonone is caring about them helps a tiny bit. I tried to get my insurance to cover the foot massage at the YMCA but of course they wouldn't. Any other suggestions anyone has, would be greatly appreciated. Also, I live in Ellington, CT does anyone know of a support group in my area? I was thinking of starting one myself but don't know the first things and really wonder if I should undetake it with how I feel. I don't want to get together and just complain of our pain but would like it to be a positive forum to exchange helpful hints to one another.

Thanks, Monique

Replied by Juliamary
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

People who have burning feet - do you realise that it can be caused by too much caffeine? Caffeine prevents the absorption of vitamin B, so that even if you are eating well and having vitamin B supplements, that vitamin B is not being absorbed. The reason why some sufferers are not getting any better when they take various remedies may be because they are drinking eight cups of strong tea or coffee a day! Give it up and see the difference it makes.

Replied by Gatordennis
(Bradenton, Fl)

I just finished reading the thread on "Remedies for Severe Neuropathy" where I noted the many cure/relief suggestions. My pain started in 1 foot 13 years ago before taking statins, moved to both feet, to both lower legs, to both hands, both forearms, both ears, across my face through my cheeks over the last 13 years. It is like my feet are freezing to death while they are setting in a campfire.

I asked doctors if it could come from fire ant bites, walking barefoot on new Berber (contains (formaldehyde), insecticides/herbicides, & every thing else I could think about that may had changed just before the pain started (none of them were accepted as a reason). I often do not feel other pain from cuts, insect bites & etc.

I have been through 3 neurologists & 2 nerve tests - no help. The prescribed meds (each one taken 6 weeks) either kept me awake for days, slept for days while getting no relief from the agonizing pain. I do not use caffeine, have been on meat/cheese/leafy vegetable diet for 2 years (no gluten). I have tried MANY salves, even mixed in cayenne pepper (some for race horses & other old time remedies). I take 5000 mg of daily D3 for 2 years now (started with 50, 000 mg of D-2). I take multi-vitamin, fish oil, sublingualB-12, tried the Co-Q 10 for years, etc etc.

Nothing has worked or given relief. My 120 mg of daily Oxycodone (for neuropathy & 3 year back pain) only make life bearable. I relate with all of you for your suffering. I will give Alpha Lipoic Acid & Lecithin a try. I am at my wits ends & getting desperate for anything to cover over the PAIN.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
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Gatordennis, experiment w/ different medicinal oils like Flax, Borage, Black Currant, Evening Primrose because they influence the body in different ways. Also try an homeopathic nerve tonic. The natural alternative to gabapentin is the amino acid GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) is very benificial for nerves. Since many cases of PN are caused by some type of toxicity, I would definitely try some detox methods like Oil Pulling, Detox Foot Pads for starters.

Replied by Hertsman
(Feltham, Middlesex)

So many different suggestions on this thread, difficult to know what to try. So many folk talking about feet but can't find any mention of lower back pain neuropathy? The pain is awful, horrible sore pain that won't go away. I've read that r-lipoic acid is better than the standard lipoic acid. Can anyone give advice for nerve pain in lower back. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Hertsman... You could do no better than to research everything written on ALA by Dr Burt Berkson. He has been researching ALA since the late 1970s and is now a world authority on the use of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Dr Berkson also makes mention of the type of ALA that he prefers to use -- and that is the RS form of ALA and not the R form. His reasons for this are simply that to manufacture the R-ALA form entails many more chemical processes and steps than it takes to make the RS-ALA form and therefore the R-ALA form will contain, for instance, more trace hexane as chemical residues which are not good for the liver. The manufactured R-ALA form is also much less stable than the RS-form. The R-ALA form is also about 10 times more expensive than the RS-form.

Dr Berkson also advises that the best and purest forms of RS-ALA are made in Europe and not in America or China -- so a good European brand of RS-ALA is what you should use.

Dr Berkson is well-known for using ALA as an anti-oxidant adjunct in his therapies to help cure cirrhosis, hepatitis and cancers. His record as an honest researcher and doctor speaks for itself.

Replied by Al
(Alvena, Sk., Canada)

Gatordennis, I have used grapeseed extract, curcumin (an extract of turmeric), gabapentin/Lyrica, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl-l-carnitine, hydromorphcontin and morphine. Nothing has worked as good as ALA and ALCAR although grapeseed extract reduced the need for narcotics ALA and ALCAR ELIMINATED THE NEED FOR NARCOTICS. I still use Lyrica but hope to be off of it soon and just started using benfotiamine. Just a note to those with gluten intolerance, my wife was diagnosed with celiac disease and I had just heard about an old variety of wheat that could be tolerated by celiac's. I bought some whole grain flour made from "RED FIFE" wheat and six months later she had no further indication of celiac disease. Seems the old varieties of wheat have different composition of glutens/proteins that make a difference. My supplier tells me that "MARQUIS" wheat is quite similar and is showing the same results. Al

Replied by Rae H
(Charleston, Wv)

I have suffered with neuropathy for about three years and it has become progressively worse within a short time. I do a lot of independent research mostly because it seems the professional community is not aggressive or energetic enough to pursue explanation or core reasons for having this incredible pain and debilitating medical condition. I do see a neurologist and he prescribes the usual lyrica, metanx (prescription type multi-vitamin), pain meds, encourages alpha-lipoic acid, panthenogenic acid (correct spelling?). Not much relief and has recently become much harder to manage the pain. He has prescribed lido-Caine patches and those are very helpful. Non-addictive and no side effects. Just a route to try. Folks that have this condition I find to be desperate for any kind of relief. I know I am.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Rae H:

On the issue of neuropathy .... I've used AEP (a phosphate). Google "Calcium AEP Nutrition Review" for so many of the benefits of AEP I sometimes use AEP at 4 to 6 a day to help flare ups. Dr. Robert Adkins used AEP in IVs with his MS patients (see Vita Nutrients, the book, written by Dr. Adkins).

Replied by Pam

Digestive enzymes will help absorb. I started them because of the lack of acid in my stomach. You might try them. All the best to you.

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