Effective Natural Treatments for Neuropathy: Key Remedies Explained

| Modified on Oct 13, 2023
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Managing neuropathy, a condition associated with nerve damage, integrates diverse strategies, such as holistic therapies and natural supplements. Treatments including acupuncture have demonstrated promising results in relieving neuropathic pain. Additionally, daily supplementation can significantly alleviate neuropathy symptoms.

Understanding Neuropathy

Neuropathy typically manifests as weakness, numbness, or pain, primarily in the hands and feet. Additional symptoms include a generalized loss of nerve sensation, difficulties controlling muscles, a burning sensation, hypersensitivity to touch, and changes in skin, hair, and nails.

Determining the exact cause of neuropathy can be complex due to its multiple contributing factors. Common triggers for neuropathy encompass alcoholism, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, exposure to toxins, certain medications, infections, genetic predispositions, physical trauma, tumors, and vitamin deficiencies.

Natural Remedies for Neuropathy

Numerous natural remedies can effectively mitigate nerve pain. Techniques like **acupuncture** and other holistic therapies have proven effective for neuropathy management. Moreover, supplements such as alpha-lipoic acid, B vitamins, calcium, and baking soda have shown substantial benefits.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA), often called the 'universal antioxidant,' is an essential player in the natural treatment of neuropathy. This potent antioxidant is recognized for its capacity to protect nerve cells from damage and inflammation, offering potential relief from neuropathic symptoms.

ALA's primary function is to prevent certain types of cell damage in the body, but it also restores vitamin levels, such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Furthermore, it enhances the function of neurons and supports energy production in cells, making it crucial for nerve health and function.

The effectiveness of ALA in alleviating the symptoms of neuropathy, especially diabetic neuropathy, has been the focus of many studies. These studies have shown promising results in terms of pain relief and nerve function improvement with the use of ALA.

For neuropathy management, ALA can be consumed via dietary sources like broccoli, spinach, red meat (particularly organ meats), and brewer's yeast. However, the amount of ALA present in these foods may not be sufficient for therapeutic purposes, so ALA supplements are often recommended.


The typical dose of ALA for neuropathy ranges from 600 to 800 mg per day, usually divided into two or three doses.

B Vitamins

B vitamins play a vital role in nerve function and health, making them particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from neuropathy. They help create nerve cells, transmit signals, and even participate in healing if any damage occurs.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

This vitamin aids in the proper functioning of nerve cells and supports carbohydrate metabolism, which is crucial for neural energy supply. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for thiamine is 1.1 mg for women and 1.2 mg for men.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

This vitamin is involved in producing neurotransmitters, which are essential for communication between nerve cells. Pyridoxine also contributes to maintaining nerve health. The RDA for vitamin B6 is 1.3 mg for adults under 50, with slightly higher amounts recommended for those over 50 or for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Vitamin B9 (Folate) 

Folate aids in creating new cells, including nerve cells, and can help with nerve regeneration. The RDA for folate is 400 micrograms for adults, with higher amounts for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

This vitamin is crucial for maintaining nerve cell health and helps produce the insulating sheath (myelin) surrounding nerve fibers. B12 deficiency can lead to nerve damage and exacerbate neuropathy symptoms. The RDA for vitamin B12 is 2.4 micrograms for adults.

These vitamins can be found in various foods, including whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. They can also be taken as supplements to ensure an adequate daily intake.


Calcium plays a key role in the transmission of nerve impulses. Supplementing with calcium can help modulate nerve transmissions, thereby managing neuropathic pain. Furthermore, calcium contributes to maintaining the body's acid-alkaline balance.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, a surprising remedy, can assist in managing neuropathic symptoms with its alkalizing properties. Consuming a baking soda solution can potentially help with pH balance and, as a result, neuropathic pain. Do be aware that baking soda can also deplete the body of important nutrients like potassium and magnesium, so use caution when try this remedy and stop if you experience any side effects.

In summary, neuropathy, a condition characterized by nerve damage leading to weakness, pain, and numbness, can be effectively managed through various natural treatments. Acupuncture, alpha-lipoic acid, B vitamins, calcium, and baking soda are viable natural remedies for neuropathy management.

Continue reading below to learn which natural remedies helped Earth Clinic readers with neuropathy symptoms. Let us know which one helped you!

Acetyl-L Carnitine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid

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Posted by Zanytranscriber (Port Townsend, Wa, Usa) on 05/25/2012

I found this website when looking for info about neuropathy. My husband has had two back surgeries and has suffered with neuropathy ever since, especially his right leg. Most of the time, it feels like it is waking up from being asleep with things that feel like sparkles ALL THE TIME, but sometimes he gets something like electrical shocks that zip down his leg. We got alpha lipoic acid 100 mg and acetyl L-carnitine 500 mg at a local store. He started first with just the ALA one tablet and felt relief the second day. After a few days with just the ALA, we added the acetyl L-carnitine. He is able to sleep at night, and even if he has been really active and his leg is doing really badly, it doesn't take as long for the shocks to go away. He has been able to stop taking Neurontin, Methocarbamol, Xanax, etc and is much more active. We tell everyone about this combination, even our chiropractor and MD. We also tell them about the website. Thanks so much.

Replied by Zanytranscriber
(Port Townsend, Wa, Usa)

My husband is taking 250 mg of the alpha lipoic acid once a day and the same for the acetyl L-carnitine 500 mg, once a day. If he is having more "sparkles", he will take another of the ALA 250 mg.

Replied by Laura
(Erie, Co)

For 2 years, I was dealing with the pain, shooting sensations, fatigue, electronic vibrations, etc. When my third neurologist said peripheral neuropathy, I found this site, and immediatly began treatment. Because 35% of people with peripheral neuropathy are gluten intolerant, I decided to give this a shot, since diabetes has been ruled out. I have also gone dairy-free, as I've always been a little sensitive to dairy.

After 3 weeks, I already feel so much better, I have stopped taking gabapentin for the pain! There is still a little pain, but the shooting stabbing sensations are gone, and the feeling of restless leg syndrome is gone too.

Here is my daily regimine, specifically:

  • 6:00 am 1000 mg acetyl-L-carnitine
  • 6:30 am breakfast (gluten free, dairy free), 100 mg R-lipoic acid, vit D supplement, fish oil supplement.
  • 10:00 am 1000 acetyl-L-carnitine, empty stomach
  • 12:00 pm 1 fish oil supplement, lunch (gluten free, dairy free)
  • 2:00 pm 1000 acetyl-L-carnitine
  • 5:00 pm dinner (gluten free, dairy free), 1 fish oil supplement, 1 apple cider vinegar
  • 9:30 pm 200 mg R-lipoic acid, 1 B complex supplement.

This is a lot, and I wouldn't do this for more than a few months, but it is amazing how much better I feel in just a few weeks. I will follow up in January 2013, with the final results. I hope with positive news that a complete recovery has been made.

(Stockton, CA)
75 posts

Hi Laura, just read your posting of several years ago. 1st. Gabapentine did they sell it back then? To me I would never take due to how dangerous the side effects are. Did you suffer Side Effects at all? How long did you take? Did it really help your pain? Is there an R-Lipoic Acid? Thank you, I too love this site, however, I have lots of priorities so I can't view for hours, but would love to because I pass on info to others that need it.

If I can be of assistance with anything pls contact me. Joseph

Replied by Alana
(Aurora, Co)

Hi Laura - thanks for the great info. I'm so glad your neuropathy has resolved and congrats on finding the cause! I had a sudden onset of neuropathy in my legs in 2005, which has since spread to my hands. Doctors believe the cause is either autoimmune or a spinal cord cyst. I'm interested to try your approach, but also fearful of giving up beloved gluten, dairy, etcetera and having it not work. So, my question is, how long were you doing the gf thing before you noticed a difference? Even though I've tested negative for gluten sensitivity, I've gone off of it for periods up to 2 weeks without any difference. Thanks in advance for any info!

Deb Adams

Have severe b6 toxicity just from a multi-vitamin, caused neuropathy etc. Get off b6 and see if you improve.

Replied by Lily
(Kelowna, BC, Canada)

I also went gluten free and after 2 weeks am no longer taking the supplements. Ocassionally in the late evenings there is a bit of tingling but it has only been 2 weeks. I am very strict about reading labels etc. And I eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and make myself some awesome smoothies. I have dehydrated lots of apple so I have healthy snacks. It is a very healthy diet. Here in Canada I buy 1 loaf of Udi's glutin free bread each week it is good bread.... In the freezer section and I bake some muffin. Good luck to all & good eating. Let's eat healthy & heal our bodies.

Replied by Tlkleen
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)

My husband has a rare disease called Tangiers. It causes neuropathy mainly in his limbs, but has lost feeling all over. He suffers from alot of pain. He is getting ALA treatment from his naturopath. They are starting a new treatment that involves a new natural med that will be administered before the ALA to help the body absorbe it. They say he will notice a difference with in 30 days. Fingers crossed!

Replied by Cheryl G
(Groves, Texas, United States)

Tikeen from Halfax: My husband has neuropathy pretty severe, I'm interested to hear how the treatment goes with ur husband. Wishing ya'll best of luck!! Pls let me know how it goes! XOXOXO

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nv Nevada)

My brother has had some success relieving neuropathy in his fingers and toes using a low level laser therapy pen. There is lots of research on low level laser therapy for neuropathy you can read as well: http://www.healinglightseminars.com/laser-research-library/neuropathy-2/


Pay It Forward

Thanks. Red light therapy maybe a lesser known but effective treatment, without having to take another pill. Ordered a unit today. Will be doing this daily and will come back in 30 days to report my spouses response to this.

Replied by Lily
(Kelowna, BC)

I added an ADRENAL Gland support and with the gluten free I now have dropped the supplements except for B-12 injection and take fish oil -2 tbsp. A day and I have almost total relief. Thanks to everyone who has posted. I hope everyone finds relief like I have.

Replied by Diane
(Framingham, Ma)

For Laura from Erie, CO: I read your post for Peripheral Neuropathy on 7/29/2012 and would like to know how you're doing as I am starting out with your protocol. Want to know if you added anything. Thanks Much and blessings

Replied by Denise
(Portland, Maine)

I would like to know how your husband is doing with his neuropathy? You mentioned a new treatment with a naturopath. Is it working out? Very interested as I am also in a great deal of pain with neuropathy. I've been to 2 neurologists and all they can/will do is give me drugs. I tries neurontin but it didn't do anything for my pain and made me very confused and unable to carry on a conversation. Thank you.

Replied by Stormy

I'm writing about a man named Walter Last. He has published a book called 'Heal Yourself The Natural Way'. I purchased his books. They come a series of three for the complete book.

I asked him about my Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet. His reply was; 'This is usually due to poor blood circulation. Most useful will be the ascorbate/MSM, see Chapter 3 of Towards Radiant Health and http://www.the-heal-yourself-series.com/index.html with Vitamin C and MSM; also see Hypercoagulation in Chapter 6 of Towards Radiant Health, and finally often have a warm foot bath with the addition of a handful of magnesium chloride and 3 tsp of sodium bicarbonate. Then very slowly and spaced out add 2 tsp of citric acid crystals. The aim is to let most of the developing CO2 bubbles dissolve in the water rather than letting them pop.

I haven't tried it yet, but am working on buying a bulk container of MSM and Vitamin C.

The other man I emailed to was Tony Pantalleresco, a man who says about himself, 'I'm just a guy who knows some stuff'. Tony replied to my problem with the following remedy; serrpeptase 10-20 mgs, msm 1000 mgs, B1 100 mgs, dose 5 times a day, I am taking this remedy presently. I have been taking these for the past 3 weeks and have noticed the bottom of my feet with less leathery, numbness than previously.

Good luck to all, and thanks for reading my attempts at dealing with neuropathy.

Replied by Jim Spencer
(Medford, Oregon)

I like the idea about using Carnitine for neuropathy. But, I think you should try taking virgin plant oils rather than a fish oil supplement. Eating fish, including sardines is a good way to get fish oil. Fish oil capsules have a highly refined/distilled derivative of omegas. They might actually result in negative health problems-including cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure and arrhythmias. Cold pressed Hemp oil is a perfect blend of 3-6-9 and GLA, plus all amino acids and protein. Read Dr. Rowens"The PEO Solution" for the in-depth research on the subject.

Replied by Rosea


How long did it take for the alpha lipoic acid to work? Also how much did you take a day?

Replied by Rich
(San Jose)

Each person has a different reaction when taking meds or supplements.

at best trial and error.

Acetyl-L Carnitine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Posted by Bill (Staten Island, Ny ) on 07/10/2011

I had stage 3 cancers in colon, rectum, and prostate chemo radiation and had terrible neuropathy after for 3 years trying numerous specialists and pain killers w no results then my brother told me about actyl-l carnitine 1000 mg 2xs a day and alpha-lipoic acid 250 mg 2xs a day - within a few days an absolute miracle happened i can walk pain free and in balance my golf game has gotten much better shooting way under par almost daily - I'm a PGA pro who couldnt finsh 9 holes until now -could play 27 if needed- hope it works 4 u 2.

Replied by Faith
(Wantage, Nj, Usa)

Like you, I have developed neuropathy from chemo. I am ready to start the supplements that have worked for you and apparently many others. Would you mind telling me what brands you have used. Also do you use any benfotiamine?(B-1)

Thanks so much for the hope! Faith

Replied by Carol
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I was suffering from continual extreme muscle tightness in my thighs and neuropathy in the top of my foot shortly after I began taking Lipitor. I discontinued the Lipitor after 3 weeks, but was unable to exercise without the pain becoming increasingly worse. I stopped taking the Lipitor but had no improvement in my symptoms whatsoever, so after 6 weeks I broke down and decided to try this combination based on Bill's experience. I began taking 500 mgs of Acetyl-L-Carnitine 1x a day and 100 mgs of R Lipoic Acid 2x a day. (I am a small person, so I take a minimal dose. ) I felt relief within 2 days. Five months later, I am happy to report that I am at 98% of where I was before taking the statin with only the slightest bit of tightness and neuropathy when I exercise hard.

You should always check with your doctor and investigate as much as possible before taking a supplement with a prescription drug or other supplements. I believe my original problem with Lipitor was caused by inadvertently combining it with Red Yeast Rice.

Replied by Dana
(Ashland, Or)

Connie from Slc, Utah, thank you for your comments. I have PN, and have adjusted my diet (gluten free, balanced blood sugar) and have added in many supplements recommended on this site. Do you have dosage recommendations on the ones you state can irritate at high dosage?

I have a problem with ALA. Perhaps because it is a chelator, I feel incredibly toxic any time I take it, even very low dose. I am not otherwise sensitive to sulphur as in onions or garlic. How important is ALA to any protocol of supplements? Do you or anyone here have an opinon on that?

Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Posted by Patty (Pennsylvania) on 09/18/2018

600 mg of alpha lipoic acid has helped my neuropathy go away. You may have to take this dosage twice a day for awhile but it works.

Replied by Carlton
(London, Uk)

Hi Patty,

When you say it has helped your neuropathy 'go away', do you mean it has healed your neuropathy and you no longer suffer from this condition?

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Steve (Nv) on 05/07/2018

R-Alpha Lipoic acid is one of the best supplements for neuropathy.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Duncan (Winthrop, Wa) on 06/02/2017

My physician said Neuropathy was incurable. Mega doses of Lipoic Acid; intensive Reflexology; and daily rubbing feet with Cannabis cream reduced problem to 5% remaining. I also roll my feet on a plastic sphere and jump on a 32" trampoline for 5 minutes. I'm walking normally now.

Replied by Charlotte

I've been taking 300 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid daily…. Still have numbness in feet and low legs. Any suggestions?

1946 posts


You might consider this for peripheral neuropathy :



Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by David (Greenville, Sc) on 05/10/2016

I did use alpha lipoic acid for a short time 5 years ago and my neuropathy in my legs went TOTALLY, TOTALLY away! I think I may have been taking 600mg then but I cannot remember. I am going to start taking it again within a week because after 5 years absent I am developing neuropathy again in my leg. Is it possible if I could hear of different dosages taken by others and their results?

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Davey D (Bc) on 11/28/2015

Hi every one at EC.

It's been a good 2 years since I started taking R factor ALA and said it didn't seem to be working that well. Was I ever wrong, It is a fact that the R-ALA does not work that good for me and that the people at the health food store told me that the R- ALA has a left spin on it, HUH.

Since then I found the R+ALA and life would be hell without it. I have been taking 200mg of the R+ALA by Prairie Naturals for about 2 years now and the difference is outstanding. The ingerdients are, Microcrystaline cellulose, Silicone dioxide, magnesium sterate in a vegetable capsule.

As I sit here typing I can feel the effects of my third dose for the evening giving me relief from a very bad attack. The Peripheral Neuropathy when acting up makes my right side mostly feel a lot of pressure in my leg and my feet feel tingly and have pressure on top where my foot feels like it has a tight shackle on it. My knee also feels a hot pressure above the knee cap on both knees but moree on the right side. Many nights I have sat up with a cold towel on my knees for relief from this condition. My doc knows about this and tells me to take it as needed.

I do find that my urine smells like amonia if I take to much.

I have type 2 diabetes and find it to be the problem for this Peripheral Neuropathy, also diagnosed about 2 years ago. I find that Cinnamon helps to control it and I don't take meds for it and avoid sugar at all costs.

Now on my bad days which I find some foods make it worse like today. So I start with 2 v caps of 200mg each right after supper. Then about 8pm I have another 2 caps. The pain starts to ease but then returns. 9pm I take another 2 caps, and then at 9:30pm another 2 caps. So that's a total of 1600mg in about 3.5 hours not to mention my regular 2 caps after lunch. That is on a bad day and for prevention I take it noon and supper at 2 caps per meal.

So in closing I am relieved that R+ALA seems to work well for me.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Liz (Boston, Ma) on 11/18/2015

Alpha Lipoic Acid is wonderful for neuropathy. It virtually eliminated mine.

I know that mentioning brand names is discouraged here, but I think I've been around long enough that EC knows I'm not 'pimping' anything, so I'll give it a shot. :)

I used to take Trader Joe's brand (100 mg capsules). They were inexpensive and effective!

I said that I 'used to' take them, because after approximately 6-9 months of my feet feeling 100% better, I stopped taking them (one less supplement to pay for and one less to gulp-down every day) and they've remained fine. It's been over a year!

I hope others try it and find that it works equally well for them.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 10/01/2014


FYI Stabilized R-ALA will likely be more effective than R-Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Kay (Tampa, Fl.) on 05/12/2013

Art, I saw your 4/5/13 post where you said you take both Chanca Piedra (500 mg/day) and R-ALA (which you take 500 mgs every meal and it is keeping it under control. I have horrendous neuropathy and have tried everything. I have it in my feet calves, arms and it is moving up my thigh. I get very little sleep as I have terrible hot knife stabbings all night long everywhere. My liver enzymes are over 100 each and have been for years. I have tried the Berkson remedy and took 1000 mgs milk thistle for 10 months and nothing changed. Also do you have an opinion on the clinical test trial called GS 7977? Thank you and God Bless.

Replied by Paula
(Salt Lake City, Ut)

Does Bill from the Phillipines or Ted from Bangkok know anything about the GS-7977 clinical study for hepatitis c? I am also interested. Thank you.

Replied by Al

I don't use any multivitamins. I buy everything individually and don't use vitamin B6 at all other than small amounts in some foods. Al

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Karen (Tampa, Fl) on 02/28/2013

Can anyone tell me the difference between R-alpha lipoic acid and plain alpha lipoic acid? I've been taking alpha lipoic acid for neuropathy 600 mgs/day with no results. Someone says they have resolved their neuropathy with R-lipoic acid. Call me confused..Thx.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky)
2073 posts

Karen: R-alpha is the more bioavailable, hence more potent, form of Lipoic Acid. If you're not getting results from 600mg regular A.L.A. I would recommend other treatment options.

Replied by Connie
(Slc, Utah, Usa)

Hi Karen; The neuropathy is probably a painful result of vitamin B12 deficiency. Treatment involves high doses, even injections, and can take a long time to heal (up to a year). Treatment of B12 deficiency is life-long.

Neuropathy is one of the many symptoms of B12 deficiency, and skin pigmentation changes is another; hyperpigmentation, and/or hypopigmentation, for instance. (I bring this up because I remember a post about discoloration of the feet.)

Good Wishes

Replied by Karen
(Tampa, Fl)

Hello Connie, I had been taking B-12 at 1000 per day. I had my levels checked 6 months later and they were 1000 points over the normal. I have stopped taking it as I felt it is not the reason for my neuropathy..

Hello Timh, Are you saying try other forms of therapy such as benfotiamine, B-12, tumeric, l-carnitine, etc. Etc. Or are you saying try R-lipoic acid? There is not much I haven't tried. I have an option to get ALA by IV and may investigate it...

Thanks for your time and concern. God bless.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

Karen: Assuming you do not know the exact cause of the Neuropathy, the nutritional trial method is your best treatment option. The R-Lipoic at maximum dose would be as close as you could get to I.V. Therapy. Also consider Magnetic Foot Pads or Insoles, they definitely help my Peripheral Neuropathy.

Have you been tested for Heavy Metals??? Maybe some detoxing would help also.

Let us know how your doing.

Replied by Connie
(Slc, Utah, Usa)

Hi Karen; Unfortunately, the B12 serum test has done more damage than good to people's health.

Firstly, the typical range for normal is wrong. (way too low) Secondly, the serum measurement does not indicate at all the amount of B12 located in the spinal fluid, where it is necessary to be effective for nerves. Once someone begins supplementation, it is best to keep the serum levels above 1000 or much more. In fact, the serum levels will no longer indicate how the patient feels. Symptoms become the most important means of detecting one's healing.

I'm seeing this occurrance repeatedly, doctors are stopping B12 treatment for the very people who need it the most. This is medical mismanagement. It is very sad for me to have to see this happen to people. But it is a big money maker for Big Pharma. They will be able to sell alot more pain meds to suffering folks.

Replied by Michelle
(Slc, Utah)

High serum B12 can be caused by a functional B12 deficiency. In that condition, there is enough B12 in the body, but the cells are not able to use it properly, so they export it back to the blood, and it builds up.

Replied by Duh

That's a low dose for pain.. most use 1000mg/day just for energy. For liver disease 800-1600/day. For chronic pain ... I've read 2000-3000mg/day. Should be broken down 2-3 times a day ... 30 min before meals.

Replied by Becky
32 posts

Can anyone tell me which tests are most accurate for vitamin/minerals like b12 .I did a high mineral test that revealed everything was low. I was told to take Lithium and then b12 or else the b12 would get lower. Then I did a Spectracell test which stated most b vitamin were low except b12. Very frustarting to know what to do. I have systemic candida and am developing Neuropathy.

thank you

(Tyler, TX)

Eat arugula salad to help eliminate Candida quickly.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Jeffreyw65 (Lowell, Ma, Usa) on 01/24/2013

Hello, I am loving this site! I listen to am radio from our area where there doctors whom really push holistic medicine it works and it needs more pushing for the really bad sickness like I have been dealing with since I have had cancer. I love what I learn about the different sulliments for ailments. It is good to try them to see if they work for my ailment.

I just increased my intake of lipoic acid and my feet have been better and the meralgia paresthetica seems to be easing the sharp electrical shock shooting zaps. They are terrible and I am hoping to see if I can get off the pain meds and increase the dietary supplements that I have increased to help me get better. I have different ailments that have made me unable to get around so I will come back on here in 60 days and give a report on my status on my pain so keep looking for my feedback. Thanks Jeff from Lowell, type 2 diabetic with meralgia paesthetica and facet joint arthritus / upper thoraic arthritus philbitus and neuropathy from the pinced nerve is terrible. The color of my legs scares me there, a color that is bad like black and blue, so keep looking for me and wish me well. ok bye all

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Al (Alvena, Sk., Canada) on 12/02/2012

3 months now since I started ALA & ALCAR and I have been working full time - just around 60 hours per week in the log book. I am quite surprised at how well I am doing. At the end of the first week I was exhausted, partially due to icy roads on days 4 & 5, and thought I would need to take a break midweek for a few weeks but kept at it and didn't need to. I still have a bit of pain, tingling and numbness but it is still receding. I expect that it will take many months to completely recover if I ever do. I am maintaining my supplement regimen but have reduced the Lyrica by 50% a week ago, resulting in an increase in the pain level, and have also reduced the amount of Diamicron MR that I am taking by 50% as well due to the blood sugar getting too low, a good indication that the curcumin and Diamicron MR are actually healing the pancreas as I am healing the neuropathy. Maybe the two are complementary. I saw another acquaintance today that I hadn't seen since June and he didn't recognize me due to my hair colour returning. Onwards and upwards.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Al (Alvena, Sk., Canada) on 11/04/2012

I have one mercury filling left and have been on ALA & ALCAR for two months now with no side effects. There is a cautionary that I saw in several places to not lay down for at least half an hour after taking ALA and I saw another one cautioning not to take it for a time period after mercury amalgam removal but haven't seen any saying to avoid it with mercury fillings in place. I saw my doctor today and really surprised him when I told him that I am off the pain killers and he saw the lack of gray in my hair. We discussed the heavy metal issue, chelation and mercury causing gray hair and he told me that heavy metals are naturally chelated out into your hair as a natural mechanism to protect the rest of your body and that is the reason that they test the hair to determine the amount of heavy metals in your body. They also test your urine to see how much is being removed at any given time. He also voiced the opinion that because of my first occupation as a steel fabricator/welder that I may have already been toxic with heavy metals resulting in the long term severe reaction to the chemotherapy and I would tend to agree with him. Has anyone else having neuropathy problems got premature gray hair from possible industrial exposure to heavy metals? If so, is the ALA helping the neuropathy and/or returning colour to your hair? By the way, I have improved enough that my motor and sensory nerves are almost completely functional now and I am going to work this coming week. Anyone wishing to contact me directly can do so at "gustafsonal(AT)hotmail. Com". Al

Replied by Tom

Hi Al, Great to hear of your improvements. With regards to your wondering if the ALA was sending your hair back to its original colour I would think that maybe it is. I have included the following article which describes the relationship between ALA and ALCAR when used together. Bascially says that ALCAR can cause oxidative stress which is why it is usually teamed with ALA to counteract any negative impact on cells. I think it is basically the Good guy of the duo and may very well be what has caused your hair to go back to its original colour.


With regards to your wondering if it was welding that caused your hair to turn grey in your early years, all I can say to that is that I have an uncle and he has been welding for many years. He is now in his late seventies and last year he had to undergo an operation for a hole at the back of this eye - at least I think that's what it was, which he says he is nearly sure was caused by welding - this goes to show you how much welding he done over a lifetime, however he didn't actually turn grey until he was in his late forties/early fifties. But who knows maybe it's a case of horses for courses.

I have also included a link with regard to a forum on nerve regeneration which may/may not be of use to you, the first guy seems to be using supplements similar to that you use for nerve regeneration.


All I can say Al is that it is truly great to hear of your good news. I can't say that there seems to be much info out there results-wise for people in relation to ala/alcar and neuropathy so you seem to be a pioneer to some extent. Wishing you the best going back to work and hoping that you will keep us updated. Regards.

Replied by Al
(Alvena, Sk., Canada)

Tom from Eu, those are very interesting links, especially the first one. As far as the second one it seems that the site is not being maintained any more and I could not post to it. My neuropathy started with numbness and loss of motor nerves, then tingling and loss of sensory nerves followed by the onset of pain which peaked about a year or so after starting the chemo. What is strange is that my fingers healed as my feet and legs got worse. By the time I started on ALA the pain and numbness had receded to just my feet but I still had motor and sensory nerve issues in my legs. I was experiencing reduced pain with grape seed extract, I believe because of its antioxidant activity, and so am still taking that. Now that the nerves are functioning better I am to the point, with my feet, where I saw my fingers at in relation to pain a few months before they became just highly sensitive. My fingers are still quite sensitive but not to the point of being painful. I expect that within a month or two my toes and the soles of my feet will be at that stage. I believe that the nerves have actually regenerated and that the sensitivity I am experiencing is from the unconditioned state of the regenerated sensory nerves similar to that experienced after a cut or burn heals.

I went back to work driving a truck hauling containers to and from the rail. It involves a lot of climbing in and out of the truck and a lot of walking as well as about 3000 km of driving per week with 12 - 14 hour days and the only thing that really bothered me was wearing steel toed shoes at one rail yard.

I have also been switched from Lyrica to Cymbalta due to the vision blurring aspect of Lyrica. I am still seeing no improvement in the tinnitus. I have increased the dosage of ALA to 500mg twice a day in an attempt to speed the healing/chelating process. I have no idea if it is helping as I have nothing to compare it to. I do notice a substantial difference in pain now when I take the ALCAR unlike when I first started using it.

Replied by Al
(Alvena, Sk., Canada)

Just an update for everyone. I had to switch back to Lyrica from Cymbalta due to a negative reaction. After reading the the information from the top link from Tim in Eu I considered the information about ALA being used to remove free radicals from ALCAR therapy and came to the conclusion that they might be better taken together to get the best effect and so have tried it. I have had no issues from doing so and have gone back to my original dosage to find that I have less pain now at the lower dosage. Almost all the numbness is gone now and I only have pain in my toes. It is aggravated by the job I am doing but is still improving and it is at a level that I can tolerate so I will keep at it for now. It almost seems like too much ALA & ALCAR can cause a higher level of the frozen/burning/pins and needles type of pain in the same way that pressure/activity can aggravate the sensory nerves with this condition. I have found a 5 mg sublingual B12 in the AOR brand and just started using two per day with promising results.

Replied by Enda

Hi, I was going to start taking ALA to help with neuropathy however I was wondering to I need to take any vitamin supplements etc to assist this. I have a couple of mercury fillings in place for a few years now so I am hoping that this will turn out o.k. Wondering if AL from Canada would post an update on his neuropathy as I know he was having success with his ALa/ALCAR combination when I last checked in.

Replied by Al
(Alvena, Sk., Canada)

It is now six months since I started on ALA and four months since I went back to work. After about three months I hit a plateau where it seemed the improvement slowed down with all the supplements noted in my previous posts. I tryed the vitamin B12 at doses up to 40, 000 mcgs per day with some success and again hit a plateau. I stumbled across L-arginine, it is supposed to increase circulation, and added it to my regimen. I thought it would help by allowing more nutrients to get to my nerves but found that it actually improved things by making my feet feel warmer. I did some more research and found out that phosphorous is good for nerve health and went looking for phosphorous. I found it in a bone supplement with huge amounts of calcium included in it but tried it anyway. It is helping. I began to feel that something else was missing so I added in potassium and magnesium (at the same time) and am seeing beneficial results. The 'electric shock jolts' are now gone but I still have a small patch of numbness in the soles of my feet and a varying level of a burning sensation pain in my feet. I am not entirely healed yet but I am still improving and am working as much as 76 hours per week without issues. I have discontinued Lyrica as it no longer helps the tinnitus. I have also noticed that the timing of my medication/supplements is not critical any more. I take everything in the morning after breakfast and selected ones after supper which is usually about 15 hours later. I also find that if I move my toes around when they get painful that the pain is reduced fairly quickly now. My doctor informed me a couple of weeks ago that ALA is going to be available by prescription in Canada very soon for neuropathy.

My experience is telling me that we all need to try everything available and must utilize all of the vitamin and mineral supplements that can support nerves to promote healing in the quickest manner possible. I can now see that I will completely recover from my chemotherapy induced neuropathy in spite of being told by my neurologist that "where it is a year after chemo is as good as it will get". I am now 37 months from having started chemo and am still improving.

As I am now working full time and long hours, if anyone has specific questions for me, you may contact me directly at gustafsonal (at) hotmail {dot] com. Thank you. Al

Replied by Happy
(Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa)

in response to: Al from Alvena, Sk., Canada: "It is now six months since I started on ALA ......."

Your symptoms sound like a classic case vitamin B6 over-dose. Read all the labels on all your multiple vitamin bottles, and eliminate all the b6 you find. The 'electric shock jolts' are a big clue.... So is the numbness. STOP THE B6 INTAKE. Root it out.

Replied by Al
(Alvena, Sk., Canada)

IMPORTANT UPDATE. I missed a dose of ALA and my feet improved a bit during the associated time so I haven't taken any for three days now. It seems that the ALA resulted in a major improvement by removing the heavy metals from my system but then stopped improving things. I saw further improvement every time I added a nerve nutrient to my regimen and then would hit another plateau. I think that the ALA was consuming the B vitamins and minerals faster than my body could absorb them and now that I haven't been taking the ALA any more I am seeing more improvement. It is noticeable in only three days. Perhaps we need to realize that there comes a point that we need to discontinue supplements when they are no longer needed/have done the job they were taken for.

To Happy from WV, USA, I no longer have the sharp shooting pain and just recently added a small dose of vitamin B6 that gave a small improvement. I am sure that the B6 is not a problem. The numbness at one point was up to my mid thigh in both legs and was also in my hands and face. My hands and face are better and I recognize the same sequence of improvement in my feet and legs. I only have a very small patch of numbness on the soles of my feet that is now affecting only my big toes and part of the mid sole area. the cold sensitivity is also improving in that cold doesn't cause as much pain increase now as it did in the past.

To Lily from Kelowna, BC. I don't think gluten is an issue. We don't use flour from modern wheat as my wife has/had celiac disease. I found out about some old varieties of wheat, Red Fife and Marquis, that have a different gluten structure than the dwarf wheat that is commonly grown now and that can be consumed by people with celiac disease. In fact my wife got rid of all symptoms of celiac disease in only six months by switching from gluten free to Red Fife wheat. We now use Red Fife and Marquis flour for all of our cooking and have it locally available at a local organic grower who has a Kelowna company mill it for him.

Thanks to everyone who has replied and given me ideas of things to try. I am still open to trying more supplements in the interest of completely curing this problem. I am sure that the time frame involved is making it more difficult for me than it could have been but I am claiming my life back after what I can only describe as a brutal and demoralizing three year disability thanks to supplements, vitamins and minerals that doctors and specialists that treated me knew nothing about. Don't ever give up. Stay positive to win the battle against poor health. Thanks also to the Earth Clinic site. Awesome. Al

Replied by Al
(Alvena, Saskatchewan, Canada)

It is time for an update on my neuropathy. It is just over a year since I started ALA and it has totally changed my situation. The nerves are healed to the point that I have virtually no numbness left. I still have a substantial amount of pain due to the super sensitive nature of recently healed nerves. When I wake up in the morning now I am almost pain free but by the end of the day my feet feel like they are on fire. The intensity of the pain is dependent on how much walking/standing that I do with it being worse with more walking. To give you an idea of how sensitive my sensory nerves are, I can feel every chamber of my heart contract and can also feel muscles in my thighs moving past each other. I expect the nerves to eventually toughen up and for the associated pain to be alleviated. Large doses of vitamin B12 seem to help the most and I just started taking yucca yesterday to alleviate the inflammation that results from walking. It is too soon to know if the yucca is helping but I am expecting that it will. I have most of my motor function back. All that is not back is some in my toes. TRY EVERYTHING THAT MIGHT HELP. Grasp at the straws. One or more may help. Several have helped me. Al

Replied by Denise

Hi Al, What exactly are you taking these days? I have terrible neuropathy with the elec shocks, stabbing and numbness all day and night. It's maddening.. Of course the dr's tell me ther is nothing I can do. I took fentenyl and it screwed me up terribly with voices and terrible hives... Stopped it and they both went away. and I also have, calf cramping, and neuropathy in my arms. I recently took a B-12 patch (Dr. D----) with "all the essential vitamins" and it got worse.. Maybe from the B-6? The dose was only 3 mgs but possibly the patch made it more effective? Don't know... Please let me know and congratulations for your success. I admire your persistance. I also have been trying things for over 2 years but don't have a great deal of success. Thank you.

Replied by Art
(Vancouver Bc, Canada)

Dear Al.

I am so glad to hear about your success with the ALA. I have had great success with it as well with the burning sensation just above my knees and pressure aches on both wrist. I was taking 2x250mg with every meal and then I discovered I only need to take it at noon and supper. Without this my life would be hellish painful. It was your posts that got me started on the ALA. I did try the R factor ALA with little success.


Replied by Paula
(Salt Lake City, Ut)

Hi Art from Vancouver, Do you take any additional supplements for your neuropathy? How long have you been on ALA at the 250/twice a day routine? Thank you, I have PN in legs and feet and all the symptoms.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Denise,

You ask about helps for neuropathy, and I have personally had fantastic success with Calcium AEP. A good site is to google "nutritional review Calcium AEP." It was Dr Hans Nieper who advanced the use of AEP, and Dr. Robert Adkins in the book "Vitanutrients" who used the AEP in an IV drip on his MS patients. That seemed to be the most important element in his protocol for his MS patients.

Please read that site. When my mother would have flare ups with her MS I would have her take six or eight tablets and without exception the pain would subside in an hour or so.

AEP is a MIRACLE nutrient not only for MS but for fifteen other problems. Just read the site I referenced. You'll love it. Dave

Replied by Denise
(Seattle, WA)

Hello Dave from Fountain Inn, SC. I checked out the site for calcium AEP on amazon (The book by Atkins) and was impressed. However there are many kinds of Calcium AEP... And many formulas and varied prices from over $40.00 to about $10.00. Would you recommend a particular one as I am anxious to give it a try? Thank you.

Replied by Al
(Alvena, Sk., Canada)

I have been using the yucca for just over a week and am seeing amazing results. While my nerves in my feet are super sensitive which results in swelling and high levels of pain I am now seeing substantial reduction of the swelling and pain with the yucca.

For those of you that are wondering what all I am using,m I am now taking:ALA-200 mg/day, grape seed extract-200mg/day, B12 sublingual-30, 000mcg/day, benfotiamine, B3, folic acid, curcumin, chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, fenugreek, acetyl-l-carnitine, l-lysine, vitamin C, vitamin D and yucca. I may have missed some and don't know the dosages of all of them as I am not at home right now. If anyone has any specific questions please contact me directly at gustafsonal (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thank you and don't give up.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Denise form Seattle: I have used different Cal AEPs from various sources. I use one from Vitamin Research and currently use Bryon Richards "Wellness Resources". Best to you, Dave

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Al (Alvena, Sk., Canada) on 11/04/2012

ALA will make your heart race if you have overactive thyroid problems and/or are on thyroid medication(s). You should maybe get your thyroid gland checked out and that might even fix your neuropathy. Most ALA labels caution about using it with thyroid medications.

Replied by Diane

Thanks for the information about alpha lipoic acid, I thought it was just me. I have heart problems as well as NP, so that is good to know.