Neuropathy Remedies


Posted by Betsy (San Diego, US) on 12/28/2014

Bill, got terrible neuropathy from Cipro. Can you tell me what's in the despicable drug so I can address it and can get whatever it is out of my system? Please?

Thank you.


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Posted by Scott (Pen Argyl Pa) on 09/21/2013
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I've been taking a number of supplements and natural remedies for neuropathy for almost a year now, each having a range of effectivness, advantages and disadvatages. They include D3, B12 and chewing on raw ginger. I was surprised when I realized what actually helped the most. A mug of coffee works the best and gives the longest lasting relief. It took a while for me to figure this out because I generally don't drink it that much, only when I really need to stay awake for work or a long drive. I still limit my coffee consumption but not as much as I used to. Obviously, don't drink it in the evening if you want to get your sleep.

I'd be interested in learning how this works for others. All I know is I'm getting a lot of relief when I have my 12 oz. Mug of it. It lasts me through almost the entire work day.

Replied by Margie

Once I eliminated ALL caffeine from my diet, my hands and feet felt so much better. (numbness and pain went completely away.) I am apparently allergic to caffeine...and I didn't find out until I as 50 years old and a lot of trial and error.

Keep looking, it could just be something in your diet.

Epsom Salts  

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Posted by Alice (Oro Valley, Arizona) on 11/03/2010
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I've been successfully taking the vitamin formula to correct peripheral neuropathy in my feet. However as the numbness clears up I found the tingling itch on the ball of my foot driving me up the wall. Finally I tried soaking my feet in warm water with about a quarter cup of epsom salt, and it is bringing relief.

Replied by Char
San Jose, California

We all know this Neuropathy makes one feel unsteady emotionally. I am searching like all of you I want to share what I'm doing with all of you. The first of this year 2014, not sleeping, Ambien made me suicidal. With the help of Angels, it's a miracle I'm typing this message. I'm a trauma survivor (abuse as a child).

I love myself and worthy of the best that love and life has to offer (affirmation).

I found a Neuropathy treatment that Medicare pays for it.

One thing does not fix Neuropathy. It is many things.

I'm changing my diet, probiotics (digestion and healthy gut), B vitamins, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, vit D, Chinese herbs adrenals & circulation, etc.), acupuncture, trauma counselor, energy emotional release , physical therapy, essential oils (helichrysum etc.), affirmations, family support is crucial.

Waves of Love,

Char (San Jose, California)

Replied by Andres
Las Vegas, NV

what is the treatment that medicare paid for?

Replied by Prioris
Fl, US

FYI Stabilized R-ALA will likely be more effective than R-Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Essiac Tea  

Posted by Karen (Tampa, Fl) on 10/27/2012

Dear Wayseeker, How are you doing with the Essiac Tea? How many drinks per day are you using? You said your initial diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy was incorrect. What is your correct diagnosis? I heard that the shock machine test is terrible. Would you care to elaborate?

I've been taking 3- 2 ounce drinks per day of Essiac tea for 6 days so far and no change in my tingling, shocks, burns etc. Etc. Etc. Also cold feet from the knees down.. Thanks much...


Posted by Liz (United Kingdom) on 08/18/2014

Hello Bill and Everyone,

My name is Liz and I am 47 and from England UK. I have just found this forum and it seems wonderful how helpful everyone is.

Please please may I ask for your advice, I too am suffering from neuropathy from medication as Diane ( My Very Best Wishes to you Diane, my thoughts are with you). I really need some help please, I have neuropathy caused by the antibiotic flagyl (metranidazole). I have had this for 9 weeks and it is awful, I know all of you are familiar with this horrid condition I and I feel for everyone.

Do you have any advice on what I can do to rid myself of this poison, it has been nine weeks since I stopped the tablets and I am really suffering pains all over my body especially feet arms and legs, balance not good and anxiety awful, I am so very frightened I really would appreciate any help you can give.

I am taking fish oil, a small amount of alopoic acid and acetyl l cartnine ( 25mg of R lipoic acid and 250 mg of ALCAR). I am taking 1000mg of Vit B12,

200 mg magnesium glycinated, 160mg of benfotamine and Vitamine C, I have been told all these help but I actually feel worse.

Is there anythign specific I can take to rid my body of this damn poison. I am so very frightened. Thank You So Very Much.

My Very Best Wishes, Liz

Replied by Leslie
New Jersey, US

Antibiotics tend to wipe out good bacteria that produce b vitamins in the intestine. A reputable probiotic including at least 10 differnt strains of bacteria might help.


Posted by Annie (EU) on 09/24/2014

Hi, can anybody tell me if it is safe to take GABA supplements in conjunction with nerve pain medication. Also how would you go about coming off them. CAn anybody recommend a brand for nerve pain, as I don't think natural options are something my doctor would know about and I live quite rurally here, so don't have access to a naturalpath. Thankyou

Replied by Timh

Annie: I have been taking GABA on & off for several yrs w/ no problem and am not aware of any kind of interaction w/ other supplements or drugs. The only warning that I am aware of is to not operate machinery or motor vehicles fallowing larger doses like 1 or more grams as it will cause drowsiness. It's best taken before retiring. Start w/ 500mg and see if this is suitable; if not take 1grm which should do the job of relaxing and reducing the pain and anxiety.

Always read the insert info monograph of any or all prescription medication so as to avoid bad side effects. My Dr insisted taking Statin drug for high cholesterol and I was already aware of most of the side effects but I had to search further as even half dose was very much aggravating my neuropathy. I eventually had to drop the statin altogether as I would need trading my cane for a walker.

You might also read about the nutrient Inosine as it has been shown to improve nerve conditions.

General Feedback  

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Posted by Scottj (Denver, Nc, Usa) on 02/21/2013

I have severe neuropathy, according to several neurologists that I have seen they call my condition Neuropathy but when I look up my symptoms I think they are different from what others experience.. I have had this for about 20 years and it is starting to grind me down.. I have shooting sharp pains all over my body, could be in my eye next second my leg face arm and alternates all over my body.. Its like someone has a voodoo doll of me and they are stabbing me all over.. It never stops I can't cant count to 30 without having a stabbing pain somewhere I have had nerve conduction tests etc.. All normal.. All the dr's do is prescribe gabapentin, neurontin, cymbalta, all work at first then after a few days I am back where I started... Its starting to wake me up at night which is new.. Any one out there experience these symptoms, I really need some help or advice.. I can't take this much longer HELP.. right now I am not taking anything for it...

Replied by Karen
Tampa, Fl

Scottj, I have had the same thing for 2 years. I started taking sea salt and water for 2 days and it has subsided considerably. My guess is that in a month I will be free from all this pain. Go to and follow the instructions. It's free and easy... 1/2 you body weight in ounces of water and 1/4 sea salt for every quart of water. You BUILD to the amount necessary. It works!

Replied by Ky Mama
Clinton, Ky

I had very painful nueropathy a few years ago. My doctor offered me pain meds and that was all he could offer. I read about Burdock Root being helpful for it. I took 3 capsules 3x a day. It can take a while for it to work but for me I was improving a lot in a week or two. It is recommended that you take Burdock for 3 months to maximize the effect. I took it for at least 6 months. This was several years ago and the problem did not return. Burdock Root cleanses the blood. It is a vegetable, it is not dangerous to take this.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Scottj: there are some good personal reports of this condition here: Follow the recommended nutritional protocols reported and you should see some positive changes.

Replied by Joannem
Vancouver Wa

I had this too and it ended up being caused from Niacin in my B vitamins. Stopped taking them and it went away.

Posted by Karen (Tampa, Fl.) on 11/20/2012

I have peripheral neuropathy and have tried everything on this site and more to no avail... My assumption is it's from cirrhosis that I had in 7/2011 which I got rid of with several therapies...

My neuropathy is horrendous and for the last 2 months I constantly have twitches and muscle jerks which are quite maddening... The muscle jerks keep me awake most of the night... That and the CONSTANT hot needles, electric shocks INFLAMED feet are making life very, very painful... If anyone could offer any suggestions I would be grateful, mostly on the muscle jerks as I feel the only way to get rid of my neuropathy is to get rid my my hepatitis C... I'm quite a mess... About 14 months ago I was running and working out... No more... Have trouble getting up stairs...

I even tried lions mane which came highly recommended and only gave me a splitting headache... Thank you for reading...

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Karen, maybe start with Epsom Salts baths. Can't hurt and can quite possibly help.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Karen: if you successfully reversed Cirrhosis, please post your methods as this could help others. I am fallowing some of the studies Professor Derik Mann is doing w/ noticeable results, unfortunately it's all undocumented and undiagnosed; but seems obvious to me and further verified by your symptoms of Neuropathy as I have many of the same but with less severity.

It seems appropriate to do some heavy metal detoxing as well as possible zenobiotics. Ionic Foot Spa, Detox Foot Pads, Steam or Sauna, increase antioxidants and Glutathione. Wear Magnetic foot soles. The very first few minutes of wearing magnetic foot soles elicited the shocking or voltage-like sensation from my feet to my liver. Clay and Mineral foot or whole-body baths will also help.

Replied by Karen
Tampa, Fl

Timh, What name brand of magnetic foot soles? There are many types on the web... I take saunas and many antioxidents... I can't sit too long as cramping in my calves and leg biceps is a HUGE problem... Can't think straight at times...

ultra violet blood irradation with 2 1/2 cc's of H2O2 at the end took me out of cirrohosis in 6 months... I had 10 treatments and was cleared of cirrosis after 5... It cost me $1700. 00.. Each treatment takes about an hour... They remove your blood and put it thru a untra violet light machine and then re-infuse it again inot you thru the machine... So the blood gets exposed to the ultra violet light twice... At the end they put in the H2O2... Also, while I was doing this, they had a Far Infra Red pad placed over my liver the whole time...

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Karen: I have used two different m soles but wore them out and couldn't tell you the brand, sorry. Try to find a magnetic kit w/ various sizes, soles, and such as you would likely profit from wearing a belt over the liver, as I have. If you happen to have any extra refrigerator magnets laying around the house you could cut and fit for the soles. The side that sticks to metal is the side you want to contact the body with.

Also, I will second Mmsg's Epsom Salt bath recommendation as I have good results with. MSM is also good for detox and oxygen boosting; I get good energy boost with MSM. ALA is good for detox, Liver health, and neuropathy.

Replied by Karen
Tampa, Fl

HI Timh, I put 2 refrigerator magnets in my shoes as suggested... I woke up about 3:00AM with a sharp pain in my left knee, which I have never had trouble with in my life... Then I had shooting pains neeedle stuff in my left big toe... Then 1/2 hour later the same in my left shoulder... This is powerful stuff... I wouldn't have believed it... I put clove oil on my continuous pain in my left knee and it went away in an hour.. The pins and hot shots continued everywhere for about 3 hours...

I wore the magnets about 6 hours yesterday and of course took them off when I went to bed... I will wait a day or so and do it again with just one magnet... I used the ones that are about 2 inches wide by 4 inches long... I'll cut back to just one magnet and do it just and hour a day and see how that works... Thank you for the tip... A magnet in my shoe effects my shoulder... Amazing! Lots of tingling in my feet too...

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, USA

Karen: I had similar reaction when first using magnets. The foot soles is the central point of all the body's meridian lines. Magnets, detox foot pads, and detox foot spas all work the entire body thru the feet.

For the specific places of pain, also place the magnet. Usually the stronger the magnet the better. If you happen to have an old blown music speaker laying around the house or garage, extract that speaker/magnet and use it.

Please update us as to your progress.

Replied by Karen
Tampa, Fl

Timh gave me some advise which was to "wear magnetic foot soles" for my neuropathy in my feet. Would Timh care to advise a brand name? "Polar Power magnets" were suggested by someone, but there are so many on the web I don't know which way to go. Thank you.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

I have used two different brands and really can't say what's best in that regard as both pair last about 1 yr then split into two or three pieces. I've tried electric tape with some help but not enough. Just the other day I took the magnetic insole pieces and glued them to generic rubber shoe insoles, and so-far so-good.

Posted by Miss Lovel (Usa) on 11/15/2012

I have peripheral neuropathy and would like to know how butchers broom can help my VERY cold feet when it is called a "vasoconstrictor."?? This would tell me that it stops blood from reaching my extremities... THX much..

Is it also bad for ones liver as my enzymes are a bit elevated?

Posted by Xxx (Yyy, Zzz) on 10/23/2012
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Here's a heads up for you the reader...

I heard about "Frequency Specific Micro Current "therapy from my chiropractor... I looked into it and called about 10 therapists around the country... 8 told me that they could cure peripheral neuropathy in ONE treatment... I had 14 treatments lasting 2 hours (28 hours).. IT CHANGED NOTHING!

I also had 14 treatments 2 hours each (28 hours) for hepatitis-c and had my enzymes checked at the end and they went UP! By just a few point however... Maybe it will work for you...however!

Posted by Suzy (Eugene, Or) on 08/19/2012

My 92 year old granny just called wanting me to get her some EMU oil. She said that a friend of her said it might help her Neuropathy. (Her friend uses it for arthritis).

Since she is in an assisted living situation with her pills doled out to her and she already taking drugs for high blood pressure, kidney issues, thyroid meds... She is looking for something to apply topically.

Has anyone used EMU OIL for Neuropathy?

Posted by Denise (Seattle, Wa) on 08/02/2012

HI Lisa, I have poly-neuropathy which is not good... Would you know if stem cells would help my condition or would you recommend a place that might have the answer and/or treatment... My doctors tell me that there is nothing they can do , it's uncurable... I do no believe that and won't settle for any else but a cure... however, I need to know the road..

Thank you and bless you.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Denise, From what my doctors told me, neurological disorders are some of the easiest for them to repair. On the other hand, each case is individual so the Dr.will ask you about your particular situation and then give you an assessment. I posted here to another woman with the link to the stem cell center I went to. I went to Ecuador but a week after I returned they opened Trinidad and now in Grand Cayman and Jamaica.

Also, if you look at one of my posts, ON YOUTHING I put up a link of Donna Gates interview and she talks all about stem cell therapy which you might find enlightening.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, Lisa

Replied by Denise
Seattle, Wa

Hello Lisa, Thank you very much for your response...

I am very interested in stem cell treatment... Could you possibly give me a way to contact you for more information... I don't know if this is OK for the site or not... I, of course, have a lot of questions which could be answered much easier than this site... But again I don't know if this is appropriate...

Thank you again...

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Denise, I think if you send EC your email they can give it to me and then I can communicate with you that way. Just let them know that's what you're doing. I will wait to hear from you, Lisa

Grapeseed Extract  

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Posted by Phyllis (Vero Beach, Fl) on 03/01/2016
5 out of 5 stars

About a month ago I came down with the flu so I didn't take most of my supplements until I got better including grapeseed extract (not grapefruit seed) While I was off of the supplements I noticed that my legs were very painful because I take Alpha Lipoic Acid for my neuropathy. Anyways, I started taking the Grapeseed extract again only 2 - 100 mg capsules in the morning and right away the pain went away. IF anyone has neuropathy pain you might want to try the grapeseed extract for the pain. Please let me know if it helps.

Guilliain Barre  

Posted by Pclouds (Annapolis,md) on 11/03/2013

A good friend was just diagnosed w Guillain Barre after getting a flu shot a week ago. I wondered if any of you have insight on treatments or cures that would lessen her issues. She has no feeling in her hands and falls a lot. Currently she is in intensive care at hospital. Doctors have dismissed flu shot as correlation to this sudden onset. Any suggestions are most welcome. Many thanks for all the great info and wisdom you provide here.


Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

In regards to "Doctors have dismissed flu shot as correlation to this sudden onset"

Vaccines are behind the cause of Guillian Barre and other chronic diseases.

There are disinformation studies which say that there is no link but they base that on saying that there were no vaccines given in six week prior and then claim they are safe. Some people are effected immediately while others aren't effected for many years or decades afterwards.

Your friend being treated by such doctors is the first danger. They will pump her with synthetic medicines that may put her health at further risk.

I don't have any treatment suggestions outside of finding a naturopath who has dealt with it before.

Hepatitis C and Neuropathy Link  

Posted by Diane (Sherborn,ma.) on 05/01/2014

I'm hoping either Ted or Bill can chime in on this one. It's a rather startling revelation to me and I'm betting to those suffering the same conditions...I spoke to my liver Dr. yesterday in a hospital in Boston and she said that in the over 2,000 patients she has treated, she has never heard of hepatitis c causing neuropathy with one of her patients. I've been led to believe that hep-c caused my neuropathy, as I don't have diabetes and have been tested 3 times...and never had chemo.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Diane...In a study published in the BMJ in 2003 it was found that varying degrees of peripheral neuropathy, in the form of cryoglobulinaemia, commonly occurred in patients with Hep C. They found that 40 of 51 Hepatitic C patients had this form of peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy in Hepatitis C

Although the numbers may vary, if you type "Hepatitis C neuropathy" in Google Search you will find many other instances and confirmations that this form of peripheral neuropathy commonly occurs together with Hep C as well as in other diseases like leukemia and pneumonia.

In other studies it has also been suggested that this form of peripheral neuropathy is caused by auto-antibody response arising due to a heavily stressed immune system because of the HCV factor. Nevertheless, cryoglobulinaemia is still referred to in medical research as an idiopathic disease.

idiopathic = completely clueless as to the real cause of the disease

Treatment of cryoglobulinaemia is normally entirely palliative(treat the symptoms) using analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, since there appears to be no apparent cure.

I also think that your liver doctor needs to open a book or go on a Hep C refresher course or perhaps she just needs to renew her dusty but outdated Standard of Care Manual.

Replied by Diane
Sherborn, MA

Bill, Thank you...thank you...thank you...Man O man...I can't believe this Dr.didn't know this...I will send her the Google information so she can see for herself...I should say that this is not the first time I have been mis-informed by the medical community..Beware readers...They are not the Gods they think they are...

Lastly Bill...It it a safe assumption that if I get rid of hep-c, my poly peripheral neuropathy will go far away??? Here's hoping...and thank you again very very much...Blessings to you and your family...

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Diane...Yes, for the most part, the peripheral neuropathy is caused by the Hep C. As I've said, modern medical research has no understanding of this form peripheral neuropathy caused by Hep C but Ted has stated that in certain cases of peripheral neuropathy the cause may be due to pathogenic infection -- usually of mycoplasma or fungal origin -- although I would not rule out viral infection as well. The Hep C neuropathy arises because of a heavily weakened liver, immune system and blood transport system which is ultimately caused by the Hep C virus. This allows poisons to accumulate in the blood due to an inefficient excretory system(liver). This also lowers the immune protection and makes cell oxygenation inefficient thus allowing other pathogens into the body to cause separate though related Hep C problems such as peripheral neuropathy, fatigue and joint pain.

Replied by Diane
Sherborn, Ma

Bill, I was put on Atenolol in 2003 because my father had heart issues at my age-- big mistake on my part... I wound up with a resting pulse of 160 got horrendous cold extremities followed by a radio frequency cather ablation operation (4 1/2 hours)...They fixed my heart but I kept the terrible cold extremities which I never had before...Then in 2012 I had a respiratory infection and had TWO cycles of Cipro...then 6 months later I got stage 4 chirossis (I also have hep-c)...and my peripheral neuropathy came on terrible within a week of when I was diagnosed with stage 4 chirrosis...Would you hazzard a guess what the original cause of my neuropathy was so I may be able to address it...I have tried everything out there..Could the antibiotcs cause the neuropathy or maybe the Atenolol? Or the hep-c? Just looking for an educated guess as my doctors have no clue...thank you...again and again..

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas

You may want to look into how these meds deplete necessary nutrients. A quick search turned up CoQ10 depletion from the atenolol and global B vitamin depletion as well as zinc from the Cipro.

CoQ10 depletion has been associated with statins and the very bad side effects many people suffer from them. You may want to see if any of the CoQ10 deficiency symptoms line up with yours, especially the ones that began after the atenolol. If not, cold extremities are a classic sign of iodine deficiency/hypothyroid.

The worsening of your viral infection (hepatitis) after the Cipro is interesting in light of the fact that your B vitamins may have been depleted because I do wonder how much the b's help us with viral defense, especially of herpes viruses, which travel on nerves.

Anyhoo, CoQ10 is easy to get as a supplement and you can get b vitamins through brewers yeast and liver or as supplements as well.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Phillipines

Hi Diane...Both the Atenolol and the Cipro can cause neuropathies. Their many side effects are listed here and here on and these lists are huge. Please notice that Atenolol can also cause cold hands and feet as well as racing heart. Cipro contains fluorine, a poison for the body, and fluorine depletes the thyroid of iodine -- which can also cause loss of energy, cold extremities, brain fog or pins and needles and a host of other problems.

Atenolol is a beta blocker that is supposed to slow down the heart beat but in many instances does exactly the opposite. Beta blockers just treat the symptoms, they do not cure the core reasons for heart problems.

I also have nothing good to say about Cipro, which is a fluoroquinolone antiobiotic that also also contains fluorine as well. Everyone knows my low opinion of anti-biotics, but taking an anti-biotic that contains fluorine as well will have even worse effects upon the body -- and to me this is completely crazy. I must also add that Cipro and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics have also been linked to severe liver and renal toxicity -- see this link. At a guess, I would say that that this liver and renal toxicity may well be at least be partially linked to the high fluorine content of this drug.

To get rid of the fluorine and to help with the cold extremities in your body I would take a liquid kelp extract on a daily basis. The thyroid controls the temperature and metabolic rate of the body, so if you improve the thyroid then you improve its ability to properly control body temperature at the extremities. Removing the fluorine will take a while because fluorine is normally absorbed and stored in the bones and teeth as well as in the glandular regions of the body.

Because of all the above reasons, I cannot exactly say with any certainty what has caused your neuropathy because, as well as Hep C itself being a cause, because there are too many other possible drug related side-effects that could also have caused it.

And the next time your doctor gives you any pills to take -- go straight to and look up their side-effects and THEN decide whether you want to take the pills or not.

Replied by Diane

Hi Bill, Thank you again for your wonderful feedback. I indeed do now check before I take any drugs...

How much liquid kelp extract should I use or could I use Lugols iodine as a substitute? Or will the extra minerals in kelp help more than Lugols?

Three times I was prescribed drugs that would have put me in anaphylectic shock. I didn't recognize the name because the dr's used generic names which fooled me. My pharmacist caught it twice and I caught it once...AND the dr's have my records for things I am allergic to.

I'm wondering if Borax might help me as well? My shooting pains are throughout my entire body even my eyes get needle stabs in the middle of the night. It started with cold extremities and now I have electric shocks, stabbing needle pains and terrible cramps in my legs and everywhere else...Right now I cannot move my toes as they cramp terribly and are turning black. 24/7 pain...I DO indeed thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would not know where else to turn to as my dr's said there's nothing else they can do. Much, much blessings.

Replied by Diane
Sherborn, MA

Hi Bill, Thank you again for your wonderful feedback. I indeed do now check before I take any drugs...

How much liquid kelp extract should I use or could I use Lugols iodine as a substitute? Or will the extra minerals in kelp help more than Lugols?

Three times I was prescribed drugs that would have put me in anaphylectic shock. I didn't recognize the name because the dr's used generic names which fooled me. My pharmacist caught it twice and I caught it once...AND the dr's have my records for things I am allergic to.

I'm wondering if Borax might help me as well? My shooting pains are throughout my entire body, even my eyes get needle stabs in the middle of the night. It started with cold extremities and now I have electric shocks, stabbing needle pains and terrible cramps in my legs and everywhere else...Right now I cannot move my toes as they cramp terribly and are turning black. 24/7 pain...I DO indeed thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would not know where else to turn to as my dr's said there's nothing else they can do.Much, much blessings.

Replied by Bee
New York, US

Hi, Wow I am so sorry you have these side effects and all................... How did you get off the drugs if you did?

I too never read what I was taking nor questioned the doctor.... but now I read everything and question all and research... but if I do ask a doctor they just seem to say what they know and think is best but it appears it's trial and error and practicing medicine..and they rarely listen to their patients..

Replied by Diane
Sherborn, MA

HI Bill, Thanks for the feedback with regard to borax and neuropathy...I would also like to know how one takes borax? I've read to take 1/8th teaspoon or 1/4 teaspoon. I've also read that you should take a break from it after 5 days and also after 3 days. I also read that you can take it for 3 weeks and then stop a week. Would like you opinion on this...Thank you much

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Diane...Normally, for women, you would take 1/8 tspn of borax in a liter of water and drink this liter of borax water throughout the day. You should take this remedy for 5 days and then have a rest from the protocol for at least 2 days in a cycle like that. For men, the dose should be 1/4 tspn borax in a liter of water.

If you wish to take a week's break from the borax protocol then that's also OK but when I used borax water for my own candida problems I took it on a 5 days on, 2 days off basis for 9 months without a break or a problem.

Replied by C.f.r.

How much CoQ10 to replinish after taking Atenolol?