Natural Remedies for Lyme Disease

| Modified on Feb 14, 2024

Natural treatment options for Lyme disease are often more effective than antibiotics and prescription medication. Tweaking the daily diet as well as supplementing one’s daily routine often relieve the symptoms of Lyme disease and naturally cure the condition.

Small changes like exercising, taking probiotics and adding herbs to a daily routine destroys Lyme bacteria in the body and reduces symptoms.

What is a Lyme Disease?

A tick-borne illness, Lyme disease is the most common in North America and Europe. Caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, an individual becomes infected when an infected tick bites and feeds on the blood. The bacteria enters the body through the bite and then spreads throughout the bloodstream. Detecting the disease early is crucial but not easy. Signs and symptoms may mimic that of other conditions and include rash, fever, chills, fatigue, body aches and headache early on. Later stage signs include joint pain, neurological issues, heart problems, inflammation of the eyes, liver inflammation and severe fatigue.

Lifestyle Remedies for Tick-Borne Illness

If caught early enough, Lyme disease can typically be treated using several lifestyle remedies.

Regular exercise augments the amount of oxygen in the body and blood, which acts to destroy the Lyme bacteria in the blood.

Additionally, probiotics taken daily boosts the number of good bacteria in the gut, supplementing the immune system.

Herbal Treatment for Lyme

Certain herbs have also been shown to suppress microbial threats like Lyme disease. Andrographis, cat’s claw and sarsaparilla constitute three of the most important Lyme disease treatment options. These herbs effectively suppress Lyme bacteria with limited side effects or reactions.


An antiviral and antibacterial herb, andrographis has proven to also have patristic properties. Often used in treatment for common viral illnesses, this herb delivers a variety of healing properties. Regular dosing of this herb delivers liver protection, immune enhancement and cardiovascular benefits, making it a good addition to a Lyme disease fighting regimen.

Cat’s Claw

Known for its treatment of microbial conditions, cat’s claw is an herb used primarily in treating Lyme disease. The herb offers several healing properties including antiparisitic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.


An antibacterial herb, sarsaparilla is particularly effective for treating infection. Additionally, it delivers anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits. Sarsaparilla is a safe, natural Lyme disease cure.

Full List of Symptoms for Lyme Disease

The list of symptoms for Lyme Disease are extensive. Some of the symptoms appear at the very beginning stage, while some might takes months or even years, to develop.

  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Neck Stiffness
  • Chills
  • Painful Joints
  • Swollen Joints
  • Stiff Joints
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Night Sweats
  • Poor Sleep
  • Cognitive Decline
  • Dementia
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Changes in Vision
  • Skin Rashes
  • Large Bruises
  • Lichen Sclerosus
  • Chest Pains
  • Lightheadedness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Heart palpitations
  • Mood Changes
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sharp Rib Pain
  • Jaw Pain
  • Tinnitus (ringing in ears)
  • Hearing Loss
  • Bells Palsy
  • Meningitis
  • Numbness or Weakness in Limbs
  • Impaired Muscle Movement
  • Liver Inflammation

Early detection is key to successful treatment of Lyme. However, following a strict, natural treatment regimen can offer extensive benefits at any stage of the disease.

Continue reading the comments below to learn which remedies helped Earth Clinic readers with Lyme disease.

Acupuncture, Supplements, Dietary Changes

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Posted by Bladdy Blah (Atlanta) on 01/14/2015

I have Lyme, and have probably since I was a teenager. I had a few neurologic symptoms at that time and rode horses in MN - covered with ticks all the time. The Lyme came out post pregnancy when I was 32 (of course it was diagnosed as fibromyalgia), and I was perfectly fine until then. Another baby, and boom - could hardly work, going blind, seizures, etc. Terrifying. 7 years later, I am doing pretty well.

In the beginning, you need to go to a Lyme literate MD, I repeat MD, not a holistic practitioner. This bacteria is too evil and gentle remedies will not work. I did 7 months of IV, and when your Lyme has become neuro and has passed the blood brain barrier, that is likely what you need. To find a doctor, contact ILAD. You must find a good one that knows how to treat Lyme. After the IV, I wasn't 100% and continued pill ABX until 2 years ago. I was better and better, but still felt horrible the entire time I was on ABX.

Other things that help - I watched diet, added magnesium, fish oil, B multivitamin (methyl - we Lymies usually can't methylate), lower stress (acupuncture and meditation), enjoy the little things in life (which you will when you feel better! ), get your mercury filings out and DETOX. Lately I have heard Iodine helps a lot too (at high doses).

I reached the apex of conquering this awful disease when I started acupuncture - that has helped me so much with remnants of pain and fatigue. I don't think without all of the invasive ABX and IV etc. that would have been enough, but it has gotten ride of most of my pain, fatigue and brain fog. If I had to take ABX again, it would be part of my regime. Somedays I would say I am at close to my former self - 98%. I still need a lot of sleep ...

So, you can do this. Just keep at it. Everyone I know that has this disease that has really stuck to it has gotten their life back. It is awful and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Also, if you are planning to have kids, GO ON ABX while you are pregnant, or there is a 50% chance your kids will have it too (my son has Lyme - severe ADD). It won't transmit if you are on ABX while pregnant.

We are getting well and happy now after climbing a mountain I thought I would never get to the top of. STICK WITH IT AND CHIN UP!

You will come out the other side a more giving, compassionate and wise person.

Replied by Roxy

Interested in acupuncture comment. My acupuncturist wants to help my lyme but isn't savvy as to how.

Replied by Shawna
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

Thank you. I have neuro lyme. I got bit by a tick 10 years ago I'm still trying to find a line literate doctor but my holistic MD has me on oral antibiotics for at least 6 months but did not believe that I had neurological signs so I went to an infectious disease doctor who put me on IV antibiotics for 1 month I'm on my first week and I already feel waves of feeling much better and worse of course I'm also looking into Coconut Oil as treatment. I need an appointment with a doctor who is supposed to be into treating lyme but is known to put you on a lot of antibiotics for a long time. I'm trying to use natural and conventional medicine to get better I have a long list of supplements and natural things I changed my diet a lot and try to avoid sugar completely without feeling overwhelmed I study almost everyday for hours. Blood root is one of the few things I have not tried yet. I would love to hear Ted's input on chronic neurological lyme. Or lyme at all... And if anyone is reading this who needs help please watch "under our skin" -- it is a wonderful one and a half hour documentary you can find on youtube.

Replied by Susan

I stumbled upon this site and am absolutely thrilled to see the success stories and that others can relate to this horrible disease....I've felt so alone for so long, no one understanding anything of what I've been going through these years. I had not heard of 'herxing' ever until here. After reading everything from everyone, I ordered the following via online, U.S. grown and cultivated, organic and just started yesterday: Cat's Claw, Andrographis, Blood Root, Sarsparilla, Cherry Glutamine and restarted my B12, Fish Oil, E and probiotics. I'm starting slow, cautious but determined. We don't have a lyme specialty doc here, but I did do oral abx 30 days and the following month a PICC line with Rocephin. During the third week, started to get some energy and slight mental clarity, but crashed during the final week. After treatment, blood tests showed still-high inflammation, low electrolytes (?) and liver levels still elevated. Doc said it would take 6 months to 2 yrs to feel better and discouraged me from seeking any "Lyme Doctors". I had no idea what she was talking about until I finally did some research (I've been avoiding internet research not wanting to scare myself even more). Fed-up, not wanting anymore abx, I found you all through a friend. I will keep you posted. And hope to see more success stories on here. Thank you all so much!

Replied by Kmw
(Southeast Us)

Excellent comment, Bladdy Blah.

I am so glad you encourage people to not forego the antibiotics (they are inevitable with Lyme) and to seek the advice of an LLMD.

Many of the on-line Lyme groups out there are able refer you to Lyme knowledgeable docs in one's area (via PM), but for the most part, don't expect it to be the holy grail.

First, your insurance company will not pay for anything but the most basic of treatment. You will be on your own paying for it because the CDC does not recognize chronic Lyme as a viable health issue. Thus insurance companies consider any treatment to be "unreasonable" and will not foot the bill.

Second, this is not a one size fits all health treatment. Each of us has not just Lyme, but usually a host of co-infections. Moreover, borrelia and babesia and bartonella all have different strains, some strains of which are not even identifiable through the Igenix test. So your LLMD will be adjusting treatment accordingly, and it is a long haul.

Herbs and homeopathics are not effective with this rigorous bacteria--as a first line offense. I agree with Bladdy Blah, I have never seen anyone get completely well with anything OTHER than antibiotics. In fact, people get worse. So avoiding antibiotics is just postponing the inevitable.

Once it became clear to me what I had was Lyme, I immediately started following the protocol of Dr. Marty Ross on-line, until I could get a doc in my area. This meant ordering antibiotics through pharamacies online (New Zealand) and I'm so glad I did. (Less time for the whole little ecosystem in my body to multiply and grow.) Once it was confirmed through Igenix that I did in fact have Lyme and co-infections were suspected, the treatment began in earnest.

According to my doc, I have probably another year of antibiotics. I got Lyme in 2012. So prepare accordingly. Lyme hides, so even if you get a reduction of symptoms, unless you are on antibiotics that address the 3 forms of Lyme, you will have plenty of cyst form Lyme waiting to reappear.

There is great news, though! Everyone I know who started treatment gets back to themselves--eventually. So hang in there! And do watch the Under Our Skin documentaries--although I don't think they are "free" anymore, unfortunately. But anyway, look at the update on the people from the first documentary. OMG!!

Finally, healing, all wonderful additions when the worst of the herxing from antibiotics is over. I am getting ready to start reiki and will incorporate it into my repertoire as I finish off with the antibiotics.

Replied by Fred

I agree that Lyme is difficult to detect initially. Many MD are not trained to make diagnosis ot the desease. it start with fever, chills, myalgia, athralgia, later with cardiac manifestations (carditis, endocarditis, myocarditis). Quite often initially you have multitude of infectious deseases because the thick bite infect your body with different pathogens. it can be Borrelia (Lyme), Babesia (Babeosis), Bartonella (Bartonelosis) and Anaplasma (Anaplasmosis). Babesia is quite nasty and you can pass away if not treated. Bartonella and Babesia can damage the heart. Lyme borreliosis can too damage permanently the heart muscle and can be Deadly if not treated with antibitics and herbs. The best ABX are Amoxicillin, Penicillin V, Penicillin G, Cefotaxime, Ciprofloxacin, Zithromax.

To treat the bacteria you should drink organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ALWAYS diluted in glass of water, eat probiotic Yogourt every single day and drink a lot of orange juice (vit.C). Vitamin C is very important for the treatment, because it helps the immune system and helps the tissue repair. For the cyst form of Borrelia you should take Grapefruit Seed Extract tablet form 3 times a day. using Western blot and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test you can confirm the presence of Lyme bacteria and the attached co-infections in the body.

Replied by Fred

For Neuroborreliosis, you should start treatment with Cefotaxime IV (2g/day) or Ceftriaxone IV (2g/day) for ten days. You can be treated with Minocycline too, because Mino can penetrate quite easily into the brain tissue. When treating Borrelia infection, you should always address the tree forms of infection: live spirochetes (motile form), cyctic forms and biofilms. Borrelia is able to survive the abx attacks, transfroming into cysts or creating bacterial biofilms, so tough to kill with abx. You should use biofilm busters in an effort to bust the nasty borrelia biofilms.

Replied by Merina B.

@Fred from Canada:

Just want to mention that the FDA put out a warning about using fluoroquinolone drugs such as Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) and Levaquin, both commonly prescribed by doctors for Lyme and many other infections. They can cause serious side effects, sometimes permanent. Please see this link:

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh)

I can personally attest to these statements, specifically about Cipro. I've been prescribed Cipro for recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) over the years. Three years ago, I tore my left hamstring simply taking one step from my porch into my home! It has never completely healed, although doing leg exercises has strengthened the surrounding muscles in my leg. Then, @1.5 years ago, the hamstring area directly behind my left knee "popped" again by just taking a small step up into a restaurant. My nutritionist back then let me know about the debilitating side effects of these particular antibiotics. Recently, since my kidney transplant 2 years ago, and since my immune system is compromised due to the immuno-suppressants, I've been getting the monthly UTIs again. Docs put me on 3 different antibiotics over these past months, including Cipro, to stop the infection. However, after each 10-day course, I'd get another infection 4 days later! Turns out I had the klebsilla pneumonia super-bug, which is NOT killed off by the antibiotics, thus causing, and allowing, the UTIs to recur! I then did my research, and discovered the essential oil, Oregano Oil which can kill off the super-bug. I've been taking it regularly now for the past 2 weeks, and "hoping" that I'm able to avoid another UTI. Will be going for a urine culture next week, and again hoping that the super-bug count has decreased. I'll check back and let you all know.

Also, anyone else suffering from recurrent UTIs, super-bugs, etc., please do your research and meet with a qualified health professional, including functional medicine professionals, keeping your primary doc in the loop! You need to be very careful ingesting/using new homeopathic remedies because everyone is different, and these remedies could affect different people differently!

Replied by Wendy

Responding to my previous post about my having the klebsiella pneumoniae super-bug which had been causing my UTIs and allowing them to recur even after multiple rounds of antibiotics: I just had another urine culture done on 9/1/18, and the results just came in: "NO SIGNIFICANT GROWTH"!! WOW, and I happy! So, in my opinion, these good results were due to cleaning up my diet (absolutely NO sugar; NO carbs including breads, pastas, rice; taking Olive Leaf extract in capsule form at the very first sign of a UTI; and taking Oregano Oil capsules 2x/day for 2-4 weeks).

NOTE: remember to keep your Primary Care Physician and/or functional medicine specialist and/or integrative medicine specialist in the loop when planning on taking any supplements and/or essential oils.

Replied by Dl


Have you tried D-Mannose? Lyme seems to like to attack the kidneys, have been using this ever since my Dr. said this is what she uses daily. 1-scoop under the tongue daily is what I do to prevent UTI from taking hold. Haven not had a UTI since, she recommended 2-scoops a day if a UTI starts. This seems to wash the bacteria away.

Replied by Dl
(Upland, Ca)

I did not get any relief for LD with antibiotics that lasted longer than 1 week, although treatment didn't start until 53 years after bitten by a tick. That's the problem with living in a state that CDC is sure ticks know not to cross state lines.

Found a wonderful LLMD in Irvine, Ca; she made a referral for a Neuro-Optometrist in Riverside, Ca; that helped with balance and fatigue. After 1.5 years of treatment w/LLMD there are now days of energy and nausea is gone. In the 1st 2 months of treatment with membrane stablilizing power drink, BodyBio & Pekana drops brain fog, CTS and headaches disappeared.

Replied by Gela
(New Haven)

I had chronic lyme for 9years and was not going away. I did take high vitamin c dose to my bowel tolerance and had clean diet for three months. No gluten and dairy, No sugar and my lyme got completely cured.

High dose of vitamin c really helped me but you have to take it everyday.


How much daily did you do? I use bulk and was up to 16grams.

Replied by Diana

hi Fred,

i am in Toronto. Can you recommend a doctor? I got bit several weeks ago, has the fever and now horrendous pains have started. I didn't want to take antibiotics so I've been taking hydrogen peroxide food grade and stevia... some relief but not sure it will be enough or for how long. I keep reading that antibiotics are necessary but I'm afraid of getting the right kind and right dose. Had a bad cipro reaction years ago. I'm alone and scared to go to walk in clinic.

Replied by Wendy

I haven't tried D-Mannose, but I'll talk with my functional medicine doc about it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Replied by Joanna

Hi Diana. Please join LYME OH OH on Facebook. There is much info regarding Drs etc. on there.



Thank you, but I couldn't find anything there.....I have never used facebook

(New York)

I had Lyme too. I did the antibiotics but they mess you up. I did years of them. The best thing is to find an ozone doctor to do direct ozone. Great way to destroy it all. It takes time but it can kill the infections. Make your own silver with Silver Edge machine or buy Argentine 25 great silver. Must take b12 methylcobolmin and b vitamins are important.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Diane (Foley, Alabama) on 02/03/2010

Lyme Disease-Ted do you have a remedy for Lyme Disease? I suspect that this maybe what I have. Pain in my shoulder blade-Pain in my hip- Knee- and ankle with some swelling and it's all on my left side. I have taken Organic ACV and it has relieved the pain and I am functional again. I do not want to go through a series of antibiotics that is recommended.

Replied by Anonymous
(New York, Ny)

If you think you have Lyme you need treatment. I don't have it but I've researched this. Please consider getting the RIGHT tests that are crucial in identification and treatment. The test your MD orders is not right. The one you need Igenex labs test it is accurate test. The reason you want to move quickly with Lyme is that you want to kill this thing early on before it gets a foothold into your system. Unfortunately ACV is not going to cut it with something like this. My friend had early detection took antibiotics was cured.

Miss M
(New York)

Sadly Lyme tests even Igenex are not accurate. I tested with Igenex but too soon, so nothing showed on tests or subsequent tests. Did doxy for 6 weeks, then another round after short break for three weeks and it did not knock lyme out. Went back and did ceftin, azithromycin with flagyl pulsed for six weeks. It was rough out stomach which emptied 8 times every morning, but it was worth it. Lyme was in knee, shoulder, neck, hands and chest and heart. Not to be messed around with. Get antibiotics.

I have had twice. The first doxy worked then I used Buhners herbs to get rid of residual. Doxy did not work second time because what I thought was sciatica was not and lyme progressed. The second time left me with the inability to lift my leg and arm, and excruciating pain in the knee and horrible pins and needle in hand and arms. Also numb arms at night to the point I would have to punch them to get feeling.

Herbs are fine for some things, but get antibiotics.

Replied by Eastcoast
(New York)

Salt/C is an alternative for lyme disease that works. It combines vitamin C with Himalayan salt in measured doses throughout the day. The longer you've been infected the longer it takes to heal, but this works! If interested check out the book The Salt C plus protocol for lyme infection by M. Fett.

Replied by Lilah


I have lyme and my neck really hurts, it feels gravelly neath the skin crusty under the skin and painful, my neck jerks at times. I am also super tired and not sleeping well. I feel kind of achey and almost virusy, no fever or coughing.

My head droops, I don't use recreational drugs or booze ever and have not for a gazillion years. I do take gabapenitin, 150 mg for mood problems and 87.5 of trazodone both before bed, and deep sleep 2 -3 caplets with passion flower, valerian, etc and sleep thru 1-2 capsules.

I also have poor digestion, lots of loose very stinky stools big dumps of poop, mostly loose occas actual diahreah, a little constipation at times, reflux, occas heart burn, bloating, belching bad breath ibs. I am pretty sure I have parasites, itchy anus, feel hungry after I eat, I eat zero sugar ( I do eat fruit, or honey etc, no flour no wheat almost no soy, no corn, no junk food.

I have neuropathy in legs lower part, not from diabetis, very itch scalp, skin is too pale, dont feel I get much nutrtion from my food, tend to feel resentful and angry and loads of anxiiety that is always there, have lots of mercury fillings, trying to get money to have a holistic dr remove them.

I have long term vaginal infection, not sexually active with others for many years, mostly the pain and diges problems and exhaustion is wearing on me.

I have tried salt and vit c, does it need to be a certain kind of vit c, or do you have other suggestion, I feel so tired and scared. I don't have alot of money and taking loads of supplements has not helped. Any ideas would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Lilah

Replied by Robyn

Totally understand. 23 yrs of unfathomable pain. Supplements didn't help me. Vit c may have helped my adrenals a little, liposomal is the best but expensive, synthetic ones are made from corn often, I found a whole food one. It won't be enough to kill lyme. Are you looking at an antibiotic protocol?

Replied by James
(Frostburg, Md)

Lilah, may I recommend you begin taking coconut oil, a tablespoon a day and maybe progress your way up to two. Also get a B-complex vitamin to give you some energy. Take one in the morning and one along with your evening meal.

Begin a walking routine -- this is very important. Try to go a half-mile and stop and rest if you need. Eventually work your way up to a mile in the morning and one in the evening. If you cannot go out for a walk then walk around your house. Things will improve with exercise.

Replied by Robyn

So it took another year to get antibiotics. I couldn't find a Dr. that would treat me or a company that would ship them into this country. My neck & knee pain is very severe. I know I have osteoarthritus in both so I get confused & think that's what it is but I have pain ALL over & extreme + the food allergies, & allergies to everything in the air & the digestion, & the addisons, & the thyroid problems, & the IBS, & the can't sleep, & the extreme fatigue, + the diagnosis of viruses, the lyme, cysts, biofilm, molds, h pylori, 3 forms of mycoplasma. I can't take the herbs. I react to nearly everything. I've been on antibiotics for 6 mths with no herx & no sense it is making any difference. I got some dapsome which is being used for lyme. Now there's a reaction!!! I only take 1/4 tab but I don't know if I can keep this up. I want to die everyday as it is. When you've been sick for 1/2 your life it's not that unusual to get dropped by everybody. But although I am too sick to take care of myself I am caring for someone who is being treated for cancer, caught early & his chances are good. It is very confronting when for 25 yrs you are told there is nothing wrong with you, you are left without a home or treatment, locked up in a psyche ward and now I'm watching someone with no less than 6 docs & an IV bag of antibiotics (that I can't get).

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by Llltdia (Melbourne, Florida, Usa) on 06/24/2010

lyme disease

I have been using 1 ACV, 1 tsp. organic honey and one drop of Lugol's iodine in water that has fluoride and chlorine filtered from it. Filter pitcher is on amazon. I take it with breakfast and lunch and dinner I take the ACV and honey without the iodine. Seems to be the best thing I have ever tried. I may increase the iodine to two drops because it is really giving me a tiny bit of energy in just a week.

Replied by Coloredoctave
(Portland, Oregon, Usa)

I learned about my LD just four months ago and realize I have had it my entire life. I had already been taking Iodoral and ACV with honey at 25mg per day. Recently, I upped it to 100mg a day, dividing the doses between Iodoral and Lugol's, because of my gum disease. My gums have quieted down and I am feeling good. I am shocked that iodine isn't first on the list for treating lyme.

Replied by Julia

Not everyone with lyme or born with it would be dead already! I have had it 20 plus years there are over 30 strains and each case varies. Please do not instill fear in others with such a general statement. I live on Cape Cod and most of us have some form or the antibioties! They are so many factors that must be considered diet enviorment and emotional toxins lifestlye etc

Replied by Linzie B.
(Myrtle Creek ,or)

Ok, I re-read what was said about having Lyme their WHOLE life, and again , if you had it your whole life , swollen gums would be the least of your worries!!! And a dose of Iodine and some ACV is not going to do anything for you, may help for that day to relieve symptoms. But people do die every day from Lyme. You should be scared of this enough to tell every person you care about more than once ...People cannot get rid of this disease now. I've seen people "Think" they've rid their body of it, only to have it return with a vengeance, also it can lay dormant in some for years. But to not take it very seriously is a huge mistake.

Replied by Thinblueline
(Arizona, US)

Please do not criticize other's posts when you yourself do not have all of the correct facts. You absolutely can have Lyme Disease your entire life and "not be dead". I know because I am one of those people and I am 47 years old. I went through many periods of experiencing different symptoms. I have experienced periods of being couch- or bed-bound and was unable to read a page of book, and then I have experienced periods being able to semi-function and read with no problem. It has been a roller coaster ride and continues to be. Some Lyme patients are in a wheelchair or bed 24/7, some are up and about. It's a very individualized experience. There is already enough stigma attached to having Lyme and people not believing you are as ill as you are if you are a semi-functioning person. You stating what you did only perpetuates the myth that you have to "look" sick and "act" sick (i.e. be bedridden) to actually "be" sick. We Lymies are fighting that stigma every single day.

Replied by Thinblueline
(Arizona, US)

BTW, as far as testing goes, you are off on that one as well. The longer someone has had Lyme, the more likely they are to get a negative result, even on an Igenix WB. A dx is subjective and an LLMD will not only base it on labs but on symptoms and complete health history. That is another stigma we Lymies have to battle against constantly -- People believing a negative WB or other Lyme lab test meaning we are not really sick! Please do not continue to perpetuate these myths!!!! Yes, Lyme does need to be taken seriously, and so does educating with actual facts and not your own propaganda!!!

Replied by Robert
(Reading, Pa)

Lots of useless information. Does any one know what to do other than he said she said comments? If anyone knows of an effective TREATMENT / CURE please share it with us. Have a happy day and a merry Christmas, Robert LovemyAmber

Replied by Girasol444

I've had lyme 16 months that I know of. Been on doxycycline 6 months...helped but still sick. Started Biaxin and Plaquinil on the 16th of December and I feel soooo much better already. I hope it knocks it out all the way...

Replied by Heyjamieboy
(Paramus Nj)

I can't believe I forgot about Lyme disease and this may save me- it is a hell like you described and I will get right on it!! I can barely shower or do anything and the mind wants to but the body is no!!

Replied by Robyn

I like it. Cut to the chase- is there any treatment? For those caught early antibiotics work. 25 yrs without a diagnosis I've watched a woman my age who has had it same time as me go to another country to get hyperthermia only for it to return with a vengeance, IV antibiotics for 2 yrs, an LLMD through a uni were trialling a very expensive tea tree oil, made her very sick, me suicidal. I was ready to jump off the 8th floor balcony. I am so scared this is it.


No need to be scared, just some common sense. If you are seriously ill you can start with amoxicillin for 2 or 3 weeks. no need to take longer abx treatment because it is quite damaging to liver and kidneys. After the amoxil treatment you can use ciprofloxacin for 1 week. probably with the cipro you will have quite a herx reaction(s), it means the abx kills the nasty bacteria. first you should address babesia problem with zithromax, after that bartonella with ciprofloxacin and later borrelia with minocycline. the borrelia replication cycles are quite slow, thus need to use pulse abx treatment for quite longer periods in order to eradicate the pathogen 100%. MBC are different for different antibiotics, for borrelia abx gemifloxacin is quite good and ceftriaxone IV too. for cystic forms grape seed extract or grapefruit seed extract plus kelp, monolaurin and royal Jelly.

Replied by Lymie 62'

Don't give up. I've had it since 1962 and have found help through ILADS by finding a LLMD that actually helped me. Prior I was begging my husband to let me go, this is not living. Find another LLMD, hopefully one that has LD.

(South Carolina)

Same with me, same year! Never give up- Never!!!!

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I had my intestinal health wiped out for a long period of time from clindamycin and this Cipro can really set you back read read

Avoid Arginine, Take Lysine, Moxa

Posted by Avalon (Boston, Ma Usa) on 08/12/2012

I was plagued with shingles for years until I found out that I really had Lyme Disease with herpes 6 as one of the coinfections. Finally doing well with a few small outbreaks here and there if I eat foods with too much arginine and don't take enough lysine to compensate. Two grams of lysine 3x per day is as effective as Rx to supress the virus. Also, I notice a difference in my tendons, they make a clicking sound as if they are too tight, just before an outbreak. If I up the dose Lysine at the first click, no rash develops. Moxa is very effective in halting the outbreak of rash and stopping the itch/pain instantly; heat the area with a moxa stick to a "zing" sensation 3 times for instant relief. Search: "Canadian Lyme Assoc Symptoms" and "arginine foods". All my fave foods were loaded with arginine. Good luck!

Replied by Jinglepots

Very interesting about the clicking tendons!! I get this, too. If I use magnesium regularly I do not get the clicking/tightness. It is important to use smaller doses of magnesium 4 or 5 times a day. My jar says 175 mg. per dose. It is magnesium glycinate. It does not cause the runs. My integrative doctor said to take it 5 times a day. Dr. James Schaller also recommends using magnesium...even though it is believed Lyme borellia use it to make the biofilm. We need magnesium for so very many functions. Lyme depletes magnesium. Thanks for the info about the shingles. My sister had a bout with it. I suspect she has the co-infection Bartonella. I don't think she has Lyme. It is the symptoms of Bartonella that she seems to be experiencing. She has been scratched enough by cats to have acquired it.

Replied by Estee
(Los Angeles, CA)

How and where did you get this specific of testing done? I can't find a Dr.willing to test my mother for anything this investigative/ detailed. Thanks

Replied by Shelley

I went to the emergency room..I was in sooo much pain.

Bee Venom

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Posted by Cin (Visalia, Ca) on 12/29/2012

I did try the bee Venom for Lyme... I had a bad reaction to it.. The worst ever. Either I was having the worse herx or I was just plain allergic to the venom. I could not move, think, talk, seizures, hallucinations, & breathing. It was the scarist ever. I then had bought the face cream ( did not even remember it had the venom in it) put it on my face the nest day. BAD BAD BAD swollen numb, couldn't breathe, hard time walking, thinking again. So if you are allergic to bee venom, not a good idea. As a child I would swell up 3x the size after getting stung. So maybe I was allergic to the venom. Be safe with it if anyone tries it. Truly, Cindy

Bee Venom
Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 09/10/2010

Hi everyone, I just want to share with you an information about the bee venom and Lyme disease. The Bee venom contains a peptide called Melittin and this peptide has shown to have a very potent antimicrobial activity against Borrelia. spp as well as Candida spp and mycobacteria spp. I don't know if there is a remedy using the bee venom but it seems promising as an alternative for the sufferer with Lyme disease.

Bloodroot, L-Glutamine

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Posted by Rita (Arizona, US) on 11/15/2014

I have had lyme disease since February 78 and I would not be able to get through the day if Ted had not recommended blood root. The makers suggest 10 drops four times per day and Ted suggests 10 drops three times a day but Ted says to make sure you take Vit, C and b complex to heal your insides as blood root is very potent. I follow Ted's advice and never had a problem with any kind of pain or up-set stomach. I use organic blood root from the net and I use black cherry L glutamine powder also from the net, one scoop per day on an empty stomach in the AM, first thing. It stops herxing and Gary Null says it kills lyme. They are the two things that I could not make it through one day without, the rest is for hormone production and to support my adrenals. Niacin or Niacinamide is for my brain and to protect me from Alzheimers as I quit smoking so I am not getting a lot of niacin as it is in the tobacco leaves. (Dr.Campbell Douglas) I changed my way of taking the organic blood root recently, instead of taking 10 drops in water three times a day, I now put five drops in anything I drink or eat. I put 5 drops in my tea in the morning along with cream and stevia, I put five in breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks. I know that sometimes I use more than 30 or even 40 drops but it makes me feel so good and so normal with normal energy. It will probably never cure me or kill all of the bacteria but it sure keeps it in check and it cannot take over my body and mind anymore and it takes the weakness away immediately for me. God bless Ted, he is our hero. I also found another piece of my puzzle with lyme and it is Pure Dhea caps. 25mg. three in the morning with the glutamine powder and another one about 5:00 PM to give me a lift throughout the evening, then a little DHEA (life flo) cream just before bed, about 1/2 inch not too much or it will keep me awake. I also use Pure Encapsolations pantethine 250 mg about three times a day with a b complex and 250 mg. niacinamide and an organic b complex so as not to cause an imbalance in the B's and protection for the blood root as Ted said to do. I also take 500 mg. Solgar buffered C. one Metagentics Licorice and a sustained release 250 mg. pantothenic acid, one biotin, one 500mg. Paba and two Jarrow K2 MK- 7 as it is a probiotic and it protects my teeth from cavities or gum problems, always on an empty stomach with water at least 1/2 or more before or after meals as it is a protein.(fermented soy) two 1300mg Natures Way Evening of primrose, 6 tri boron by Twinlab, one organic only cranberry capsules for viruses and it works wonders. The blood root kills the bacteria for me and the glutamine powder removes the dead cells so I don't herx and the C and b-complex protect me like Ted suggested and all the rest feeds my adrenals, like the licorice, B-5, pantething, DHEA caps and cream, and the EPO by Natures Way balances my hormones and raises testosterone levels. I also take an organic digestive aid after meals and the niacinamide takes away the joint and muscle pain as does the K-2 (MK-7) so I don't have to take OTC drugs. I also take two manganese asporotate to relieve the the pain in my spine caused by a car crash. I take one tryptophane and one metagenics magnesium glyconate to help me to sleep and one India organic Holy Basil and then I read a good book to clear my mind. I keep cool while in bed as it helps me to stay asleep with a white noise and fan running. It is so difficult to sleep with this lyme bacteria and I always take a shower before bed because I cannot sleep otherwise. Oatmeal make me sleep and especially if it has Manuka honey or any kind of organic honey in it. Honey in decaffeinated tea or organic cocoa also puts me to sleep. It was on yahoo today. Ten things that put you to sleep. I do not know how people eat oatmeal for breakfast unless it is a small amount and they drink coffee with caffeine in it or a huge breakfast to absorb some of the oatmeal. Oatmeal with honey is like a drug to me and knocks me out like a light. Daytime showers make me sleepy. This may seem like a lot to take in but it is "drop in the bucket" for seasoned, lymies. I also purchased a case of the Herb Pharm blood root, just in case they decide to take it off the market. I eat organic, grass fed and range free also fresh sea food and drink "pink water". That is a glass of purified water with an oz. of ORGANIC cranberry juice. I don't touch veggies or fruit unless they are organic. Check the "dirty dozen list" for veggies and fruit, way too many chemicals for me. I only use stevia during the day for a sweetener and never honey. Honey is for night time and sleeping for me. Because I only drink filtered water I also take liquid mineral and trace mineral drops to replace the minerals lost in the filtering of the water. Important for the neurons as we need that spark we get from the minerals and trace minerals.

I hope this post helps someone else as it helps me.

Best wishes and take care.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Rita: Thanks for the detailed post and congrats on your quest for remaining healthy despite the chronic infection.

I wonder if you have ever tried Zapping and Colloidal Silver??

I have lately been using Berberine/Oregon Graperoot for chronic infection w/ insufficient results, so yesterday I took some and fallowed a few minutes later w/ Zapper and got very good results. Zapping somehow (something to do w/ cell voltage) increases the effectiveness of natural and pharmaceutical medicines.

Have you tried Uvi Ursi?? I get very good results w/ U.U. in the bacterial category. Lately I take 2 or 3 caps every 2 or 3 days. Looks like I need to try the Bloodroot as you have had such success.

Raw Bovine Thymus Glandular helps build immune production. I also take DHEA 50mg daily w/ occasional Pituitary Glandular or Solaray's Mens Multiglandular.

Replied by Milena
(Brewster, Ny, Usa)

Wow. Thanks. I'll try the blood root & l glutamine right away. Thanks.

Replied by Mara

I want to try the bloodroot but the bottle says external use only. This scares me. Does it need to be taken on a empty stomach?

Replied by Diana

Thank you for sharing. I am new to Lyme and so scared. I am taking hydrogen peroxide food grade and salt water and mimosa pudica ( which made me expel a few long worms! ). I will order some bloodroot. Please try to view THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER with Ty is viewing now for free and will probably have a replay weekend of the very informed holistic doctors warned that glutamine causes cancer....please look into this.

God bless


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Posted by Greg (Hackettstown, NJ) on 07/19/2009

HI....... I wanted to start taking Borax to help eradicate my Lyme symptoms but of course I am concerned about it's safety. I have a box of 20 Mule Team on hand and am fully prepared to give it a go using Ted's measurings. But first I found an MRSD on Borax that said once ingested Borax becomes Boric Acid in the body. Clearly this would be a problem. The MRSD goes on to state that the effects would cause a myriad of problems including the testicular pain that another poster described at an earlier date and time. Ted....your response to him (Dave I believe his name was) was that he didn't take the Borax correctly but after re-reading his post it looked as if he did follow the recipe. As I said I am more than willing to give the Borax a shot at the Lyme but I don't want my being desperate to cause me to do something that will worsen my health. Ted, can you please clarify your response to Dave and/or answer the question about the MRSD claim of Borax becoming Boric Acis upon ingestion? Also can you please clarify your response to Dave regarding his experience. Thank you so much.


Replied by Sm1lelady
(Boyertown, Pa)

There is a post at ehealth my meema stating that using Borax as a shower soap and leaving it on 5 minutes helps with Lyme Disease. So you do not have to ingest it. Note that Borax is safe for humans in low doses but used in pesticides because it is very toxic to arthropods. It is also mentioned as a cure for arthritis--which I sometimes see mentioned as a symptom of lyme (joint pain).

Replied by Mauve
(Houston, Tx)

How do you mix it for a shower soap? My son is an MS patient and I suspect he also has Lyme. Thanks

Replied by Rita
(Cottonwood, Az)

I tried Bloodroot and probiotics for chronic lyme (36 years) and it works, I still drink it once in a while about twice a week. I just recently tried organic cranberry capsules for another virus my husband and I picked up. I immediately started feeling better from the lyme. I could not believe what I was feeling. I was also drinking about one oz of organic cranberry juice in 7oz. of distilled water. I supplement minerals and trace minerals for the distilled water. I drink about 4 to 6 glasses and take about 2 caps two or three times a day. I take magnesium and all the other supplements like stress b, e, pumpkin seed oil, probiotics, extra biotin and PABA and C. I hope you will try the organic cranberry juice. It is expensive but you just use about 1/2 or 1oz of it per 8oz glass of water so one bottle is like having 20 bottles of it. it is very bitter and strong so I add stevia to it. I also hope you try the organic cranberry capsules. Don't take it too late in the day because it will give you energy and you won't be able to sleep. Best of luck.

Replied by Diana

Ted saved my life with Borax a few years ago with Morgellons...I bathed with a cup of borax in the water and drank 1/8 teaspoon in a bottle of water every day except weekends.....hundreds of black specks came out of me in the tub. I also used a diluted borax water for my cat and he was cured. Just sip it gradually, not all at once.

Now I have new lyme and have been taking hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade and Himalayan salt and mimosa pudica. I am better than a few weeks ago but the twitching makes me crazy...usually after I take the peroxide or the salt water...I am so scared. I had forgotten about borax but will resume asap.

God bless

Cannabis Oil

Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 07/16/2014

Hi I found this article on the natural news site and links to the evidence that Cannabis oil cures Lyme disease . Love Andrea C xxxxx

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Art (California ) on 09/01/2017 2142 posts

I recently read an interesting article written by a naturopath discussing "silver nanoparticles" as opposed to "colloidal silver" and its effects on Lyme Disease (LD).

One major problem that people who have LD run into is not being diagnosed promptly and correctly which gives the disease a chance to take hold and create a multitude of other health issues such as biofilms that protect the pathogen ('s) from attack by the immune system. Also, many co-infections are known to develop right along with the LD, further infecting the body and complicating the treatment process leading to a state of chronic infection that can go beyond the capabilities of antibiotics alone.

In this article the author/naturopath talks about the known effects of silver nanoparticles (SNP's) and how well they align with being anti-LD in nature. Also discussed is the safety of SNP's. What is not discussed in this article is the known fact that some antibiotics have synergy with SNP's and in some cases, SNP's have shown the ability to ameliorate resistance to certain antibiotics, essentially recycling the effectiveness of the antibiotic for the patient.

The longer a person goes undiagnosed with Lyme Disease, the greater the chance to develop a co-infection which will only make the disease harder to treat. Part of the problem with diagnosing LD is that the symptoms can be very similar to other diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Arthritis to name just a few. Often times people think they have the flu because the initial symptoms can be quite similar to the flu and so people wait until "the flu" passes, allowing the disease to "dig in" further and create even more difficult symptoms. Compounding this problem is the fact that many people test negative for LD even though they are actually positive. There are two labs that I have heard of that are noted for doing more accurate testing. If you think you have been bitten by a tick and subsequently develop the telltale "bullseye rash, that is plenty of warning that you need to take immediate action to confirm a diagnosis.

In any case this is an enlightening article that is definitely worth the read.......especially if you happen to live in an area affected by LD. As you can see by the following map, LD is most prevalent in the Northeast United States, but a closer look at the map shows that it can appear almost anywhere in the US and is also seen in many other parts of the world. Tics are the most common way that LD is spread.

Here is a link to the article:


Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Art;

I read the newsletter on "silver" you linked written by Darvish (The Townsend Letter).

Maybe you know the chemistry and can help me understand because it was unclear from the newsletter. I'm very interested in all things Ag (silver).

Almost all silver makers produce an ionic silver meaning one electron is removed from the Ag, leaving the Ag in a positive state, or Ag+. Some advocates say that the ion (Ag +) is not true colloidal silver and so have a method for adding the electron back onto the particle to make it Ag without a it originally was (47 electrons and protons).

Now in the Newsletter you cite, the writer advocates, a silver called "nano-silver"....and this, the writer says is better than Ag or Ag+ because it is 100 nano meters small and has a "wider surface area in water" than the others forms of Ag or Ag+ (Atomic radius meaning radius from center of atom to outer core of electron.) So that means that Ag, assuming a radius of .5, is much smaller than the 100 nm size in the Ag she is advising. I think I'm correct in that assumption because the writer never says what the nano size is for a simple atom of Ag (called by some to be "true" colloidal silver).

Do I have it right? Is Darvish's definition of "nano silver" that it is a larger than normal size of an Ag atom? Is "nano silver" an ion? (Is it positively charged or is it neutral Ag?)

If you know, I'd appreciate you filling me in.

Replied by Art
2142 posts

Hi Dave,

I get what you are saying and I don't think that Darvish has the silver facts 100% correct, but I thought the article had enough merit to make it worth posting since Lyme Disease is a serious and complex illness with very severe symptoms and if silver turns out to be helpful against Lyme, then definitely worth the effort. You said the chemistry mentioned in the newsletter was unclear and I would say that pretty much mirrors what is typically found around the web on many silver sites because frankly, the science is not completely known yet about different silver products. You have previously touched on the fact that IS and CS can be confusing because everyone seems to have their own opinions on that subject and again I would say this is reflective of the fact that the science on silver is not completely known yet and as such, we are left to piece together what is known on the subject and draw our own conclusions based on the studies that are available.

Regarding colloidal silver and silver nanoparticles, it is my understanding that all silver nanoparticles are colloidal silver, but not all colloidal silver is silver nanoparticles. The reason being that once the particle size exceeds 100 nm, it is no longer nanoparticles but it is still colloidal silver. This size range has shown itself to be much less effective at killing pathogens than silver nanoparticles. From studies that are available, it appears that a particle size in the 12 to 20 nm range are the most effective at killing pathogens while being the least toxic to human cells. Colloidal silver in this size range and a parts per million value of 20 will appear as a yellow color similar to Johnson's baby shampoo. As the ppm rises the color will darken significantly. Over 100 ppm and the CS will start to turn brown while over 300 ppm and the CS will appear as the color of dark coffee. If the colloidal silver is capped, the capping agent can affect the color, sometimes darkening the CS and depending on what capping agent is used, can potentially improve the zeta potential of the silver particles as well as slightly reduce the particle size and reduce the potential for agglomeration, so capping is very useful and is often used in colloidal silver studies.

This article did not really discuss ionic silver (AG+) in any detail, but rather talked about silver nanoparticles (AGNP's) and colloidal silver (CS). Ionic silver has a positive charge and is attracted to normal human cells which have a negative charge whereas Agnp's are not attracted to normal cells. Ionic silver is much smaller than CS and it can enter cells. Opposites attract and likes repel each other. Here is another article which seems to explain the difference between ionic silver and colloidal silver better than I ever could. Obviously it will be part speculation as the available studies have not discovered all that there is to know about these two types of silver yet. Both are effective in terms of being able to kill a multitude of pathogens, but they are not the same. I hope this answers your questions, Dave.


Here is the article:

Ionic Vs. Metallic Colloidal Silver

Copyright © 2012, 2013, 2014

The Controversy:

There is much debate about the superiority of one kind of colloidal silver over the other. Manufacturers that sell ionic (clear as water) silver say its better than metallic nanoparticles (clear yellow). Manufacturers of metallic silver similarly claim theirs is the best. In actuality, ionic is not colloidal silver at all, but a silver compound (silver oxide), but it does kill pathogens.

Laboratory testing in-vitro (in test tubes or petri dishes) shows that both types kill pathogens, with it requiring about twice as much silver (by ppm) for metallic, but ionic being 25 times more toxic to human fibroblast cells. However the actual method of action is not fully understood for either type. Also, in-vitro does not equate to in-vivo testing. The conditions inside the human body are totally different than in a test tube. For instance, human cell membranes are negatively charged, and attract the positively charged silver ions, but repel metallic silver particles. This would waste the ionic silver by binding it to any cell preventing it from attacking pathogens in the blood stream, while keeping metallic silver circulating.

Known Risk of Argyria:

One thing is clear though. Ionic silver is far more likely to cause argyria than the metallic. Every scientific study supports this assertion. The reason this is so is for the very same reason that makers of ionic claim it cannot.

Clear ionic silver is made by running current through silver wires in water. This can create one and only one thing: silver hydroxide which decomposes into silver oxide. When consumed, silver oxide further reacts chemically with stomach acid producing silver chloride. This silver, being ionic is the smallest possible size particle. It is the size of one single atom of silver, and it is small enough to penetrate human cells. People who say this is the safest claim that because of its small size, it cannot get stuck in the cells. However, the error in that argument is that it does not stay ionic. Once inside the cell, it will react with sulfur or selenium in the cell and produce silver sulfide, or silver selenide. These compounds are not soluble, and stick to the inside of the cell. This is well known from biopsies of argyria victims done with a scanning electron microscope which show that the discoloration is precipitated insoluble silver selenide and silver sulfide which is now trapped in the cell. So the fallacy of the claim is that ions do not remain ions, they precipitate out of the cellular fluid and they tend to grow in size as more silver is absorbed by the cell.

Metallic silver particles, having similar surface charge to normal healthy cells, are not attracted to the the outside of the cell membrane, and are too large to enter cells, being about 45 times larger than a silver ion; so the chances of turning blue from it are much much lower. Cell membranes are meant to transport needed ions into the cell, and keep large particles out. The negatively charged outer surface of cell membraness capture ionic silver because of the electrostatic attraction between the positively charged silver ion, and the negatively charged cell membrane. There is no electrostatic attraction between metallic silver nanoparticles and cell membranes.

It is well documented in laboratory tests that the size of metal particles is important in their ability to inhibit pathogen cultures. This relation is due to the number of available particles for a given weight of silver as will be shown later in this article.

One thing which should be obvious about the efficacy of silver particles is that they have to have contact with the pathogen to kill it. A silver particle in one part of the body is not going to have any effect on a pathogen somewhere else. The actions an atom of anything can do is limited, and assuming no nuclear reactions:

A) It cannot summon a pathogen, or in any way attract it to itself except at atomic distances, or be attracted to a pathogen from a greater distance. It must be close enough to exchange electrons. This implies random encounters, so more particles gives a higher chance of a pathogen and a silver particle encountering each other.

B) It can donate an electron to something else if its a neutral atom which would convert the metal atom to an ion.

C) It can take an electron from something else if its an ion which would convert the ion to an atom.

D) It can stick to something else by adsorption.

E) It can bang into something imparting force and momentum. This is an unlikely method of action.

That being the case, then one would expect ionic silver to win hands down over metallic since the same weight of ionic silver contains many more individual particles than silver nanoparticles do. However, this is not the case.

Physical Differences:

One huge difference between a silver nanoparticle and a silver ion is its effective charge (Zeta potential). A silver ion carries a positive charge because it is missing an electron. A silver metal nanoparticle appears negatively charged because of the outer surface electrons. This makes silver metal nanoparticles strongly attract to relatively positive charged pathogens, while silver ions attract to negative charged healthy human cells.

A silver ion is one single atom, whereas a metal nanoparticle contains many atoms. The number of atoms in a nanoparticle can be estimated based on the packing ratio of spheres and the diameter of the particle. Think of filling a bucket with golf balls. Even though the bucket is full of golf balls, you can still pour an appreciable amount of water into the bucket. The volume of the golf balls related to the volume of the bucket is the packing ratio.

The diameter of a single silver ion is 0.33 nm (nanometers, or billionths of a meter) compared to a metal particle of 15 nm. The particle is about 45 times larger in diameter than the ion. The best possible packing ratio for small spheres packed into a larger volume is about 74%.

Therefor we can calculate the number of atoms in a 15nm diameter nanoparticle would then be (15 nm / .310 nm)^3 X .74 = 83,800 (approximate) and for a 14nm particle the number of atoms would be 68,160 approximately

So, a 20ppm ionic silver solution should contain 68,000 times more individual particles then yellow metallic colloidal silver for the same amount of silver by weight. (same ppm)

Since there are so many more ionic particles, one would expect the efficacy of ionic silver to be 68,000 times better. But its not! According to lab testing, ionic is only slightly better, and then only in certain circumstances. It in fact takes 68000 ionic particles to match the efficacy of a mere 29 15nm diameter particles.

So what could be possible explanations for this discrepancy?

Possible Causes for Metallic Silver to Outperform Ionic In Vivo:

A) Ionic silver has no effect at all on pathogens, and the effect that is seen is due to some amount of metallic nanoparticles present. There are plenty of agents in the human blood stream which can reduce silver ions to metal nanoparticles. Glucose for instance is very good for that purpose, and is found in the blood. The normal amount of glucose in the blood of a human is about 1 gram per liter. This is far more than enough to reduce all the ionic silver to metallic nanoparticles, although the reaction will be slow at body temperature and a large part of the silver ions may already be sequestered inside normal cells (cause of argyria). This does not contradict laboratory testing of ionic silver on bacteria as lab testing shows that the exudate from bacteria is also a reducing agent again pointing to silver particles as the active agent.

B) Ionic silver is only slightly effective, but the sheer number of particles makes up for it. (But why?, either it can kill a pathogen or it can't)

C) Metallic silver particles while less in numbers can kill multiple pathogens before being used up. This seems likely as there are many silver atoms on the surface of the particle available to interact with a pathogen. Removing one or deactivating one leaves many more.

D) Ionic silver is deactivated by reacting with selenium and sulfur compounds in the blood. This is known and is simple chemistry.

E) Chemically reducing something on or in a pathogen (Silver metal atom gives an electron) is more effective at killing it than oxidizing something (Silver ion taking an electron). It may also be that the sheer size of a metal silver particle is able to block a respiratory pathway of the pathogen, or may block a surface receptor site. It has been shown that metallic silver will bind to the receptor sites of the HIV virus blocking its ability to infect other cells.

F) Most of the silver ions are sequestered by being ingested by healthy cells and do not have the opportunity to kill any pathogens. Cell membranes attract and ingest metal ions needed to survive (sodium and potassium mostly), the majority of the silver ions will be captured by normal healthy cells and rendered useless in fighting pathogens traveling in the blood and lymph systems. This is very likely. Also, the chemistry of blood is a reducing agent for silver (high level of blood glucose), so ionic silver cannot long exist in a blood environment.

Particle Size Considerations:

Doubling the particle size decreases the particle count for the same weight of silver by a factor of 8, but increases the surface area of the individual particles by only a factor of four. So a doubling of particle size halves the effective surface area. Conversely, halving the particle size then doubles the total surface area. But the number of particles is also important, so thinking purely in terms of the surface area of an individual particle is not the best way to analyze the problem. Perhaps we should compare the total amount of exposed neutral atoms for each particle size

We can actually calculate how many atoms are in a particle, how many atoms would be on the surface, and how many would be available for interaction.

How many particles are there in 1 Liter of 20 ppm silver 14nm in diameter?

1 liter of 20ppm colloidal silver contains 20 mg of pure silver.
20 mg of pure silver is 1.87 X 10-4 moles
1 Mole of any element contains 6 X 1023 atoms
1.87 X 10-4 moles of silver is then 1.12 X 1020 atoms
The number of atoms in a 14nm sphere based on a .31nm radius of the atom, 74% packing ratio is 68,100
From this we can calculate the number of 14nm particles in the Liter as 1.64 X 1015

The numbers are based on an atomic bonding radius of .144 nm for a silver atom.

AgNp means silver nanoparticle.

Particle Size----- # Atoms------- % Surface Silver
10 nm AgNp 24.8K 13%
14 nm AgNp 68.1K 9.2%
20 nm AgNp 198.7K 6.5%

From the table, it can be seen that increasing particle sizes not only decreases the number of particles for a given amount of silver, but also decreases the number of exposed silver atoms. For instance just doubling the particle size from 10nm to 20nm decreases the number of particles by a factor of eight. Is it any wonder that smaller metallic particles work better? Many sources claim that smaller particles are more effective because they have more surface area. This is not logical if one particle can kill one pathogen as has been shown with photomicrographs. This author believes that the real reason is simply that smaller particles means that there are more of them for a given weight (ppm) of silver. More particles equals a higher chance that a silver particle will encounter a pathogen and kill it.


On a one to one basis of particle counts, metallic silver is far more efficient at killing pathogens than ionic silver with much less risk of causing Argyria. Also, the particle size of metallic silver is very important in that it determines how many particles are available for killing pathogens. Based on the findings of scientific research, there is no benefit to consuming ionic silver, and it is actually detrimental as it exhibits significant toxicity to normal cells. Metallic silver (yellow colloidal silver) is effective against most bacteria

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Glen (Stoughton, Ma) on 06/22/2016

Let me just say that many of you have it wrong. Colloidal Silver *can* cause argyria, you just have to take massive amounts and probably for a long period of time to do it.
Does that mean it is unsafe? Well, water is unsafe if you drink 2 gallons a day. Do your research, buy your own colloidal silver maker (you'll spend that much eventually on the bottles if not), and be prudent. Don't take massive doses for long periods of time. Somewhere there is a chart that shows the amounts you can take for chronic conditions (and for how long) vs. the amount for daily maintenance. You're basically concerned with lifetime accumulation.
I own a silver generator, and after contracting Lyme recently was able to knock it down to nothing with one dose. I'll be taking big doses for a month or so, and normal amounts for probably the next several months after that.
Good luck...

Replied by Art
2142 posts


You said,

'I'll be taking big doses for a month or so, and normal amounts for probably the next several months after that.'

Could you tell us what doses you will be using exactly? Since you are making the silver yourself, can you also tell us if you are making ionic silver, nano silver or another type and at what parts per million? This information will be very helpful for anyone who wants to try to repeat your positive results! Lyme is a serious disease and anything that is effective as a treatment is highly desireable and I'm sure many readers here would appreciate that information.

Thank you.


Replied by Nelda
(Up North)


I make silver at home with a generator. Just the silver rods, electricity, a bubbler and distilled water. Does that mean I am making nano or ionic?

Replied by Art
2142 posts


If that is the total ingredients in your run and you are not using heat while processing, then you should be making ionic silver that should look like clear water.


Replied by Nelda
(Up North)

Thanks, Art. That is helpful! I appreciate your posts on colloidal silver, by the way!

Replied by Gayle
(Villa Rica, Ga)

Glen, what kind of generator have you used to make your colloidal silver. I have researched several and am not sure which one is best. Thanks!

Replied by A Noble

Hi Glen,

I know your post is several years old so I don't have much hope you will reply but I am looking at a bulls eye rash right now and would like to know whatever advice you can give me. Did the Lyme go away completely with your CS treatment mentioned in your post? Which generator did you buy? If it did not go away with your mentioned treatment have you been successful at getting rid of it some other way? Thank you for any help you can give me!

If anyone else has any contributions to help I will also appreciate it very much!

(faithville, Us)

Ted's Remedies, Natural Remedies for Lyme Disease (

plan your victory. I fought that and other things. If you begin borax use chanca piedra as it is stonebreaker<> when calcium exits soft tissues, it can be painful. Start low dose and slowly work up to 1/4 tsp in quart of water sipped throughout the day skip one day a week. No experience with what you asked above. Sorry.

Replied by Jojo

Can I ask what dosage of CS you took for lyme and for how long?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 03/26/2014

Dear Dave,

I believe one time in a post you mentioned using Colloidal Silver to treat Lyme's Disease. If you don't mind sharing a protocol for that some time, I would be interested in hearing it. I am already hearing reports of this being diagnosed this year and would like to be prepared ahead of time for my family, if need be.

Thanks so much,

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Mama to Many;

Re Lyme disease...

Of course, bacteria transmitted by tick bite is at work. Different kinds of Lyme and also there may be "coinfections" which accompany the particular parasite and another bacteria.

Within days of the original bite, the infection can be in the blood stream; into joints and attacking the brain.

Well, not only coinfections by the two mentioned above but there must be (by my belief in the ubiquitous nature of viruses)...but also coinfection by any number of viruses. The tick leaves saliva which inhibits antibody production by the human victim.

There is a good article on Wikipedia on Lyme.

Now, as to treatment. I've come across one case I'm sure of and another that was positively diagnosed.

Friend bitten while he and his wife were on a hiking trip to forest...the identifying round rash in his case, on back around shoulder. In days the pain had migrated to right side of neck and in a week or two he went from vigorous and healthy to barely able to walk twenty yards down the street. Mainly he was bed ridden.

I believe he had been to three specialists and with no solution...he'd been given antibiotics of course over five months.

Treatment: Colloidal Silver mixed fifty fifty into DMSO cream and applied to bite site and neck. Then daily consumption orally of six tablespoons of CS, twice daily.

I told him if the CS was going to work he's actually feel his energy coming back within a month but in fact, in the first week he said he felt like his "old" self for the first time since the bite.

After a month, he was working again. And now (five years later) he is doing well with no problems.

Now here is the problem with analyzing what happened...

What did the CS kill? Was the bacteria that normally causes Lyme or one of the coinfection assailants...even a possible virus? Or did the CS kill it all?

No way of knowing. My thinking on the Lyme issue is this: Act fast with LOTS of CS and Echinacea. The Echinacea applied topically for a few days and drinking 6 drops in a glass of water three times daily with the topical application for two days, repeating on white cloth soaked with the Echinacea three times each day...that is a new soaking each time. The idea is to have a LOT of Echinacea on the site of the bite for two days. Then on the third day, I'd go to DMSO with CS mixed and applied topically for two days. Three applications daily for two days. AND, finally I'd be taking six tablespoons of CS orally twice daily (away from the Echinacea). I'd take the CS orally for SIX MONTHS to make sure the infection was killed.

The CS must be high ppm. Mine is 100 ppm and I make my own. Generators can be bought on line inexpensively...Google "colloidal silver generator inexpensive" and you can buy one (battery powered) for 70 dollars. I make it by just adding twenty grains or so of salt to two cups of heated water (90 degrees F) and immersing silver "rods" that come with unit and immediately you see the white cloud of silver atoms coming off the negative pole. In five minutes you have a cloudy concentrate. Dilute repeatedly with filtered water until you see no cloud and do not taste any metallic.

That is the solution I know is strong but not too concentrated. I use as a nasal irrigation or as a gargle. I drink that CS four or five times weekly (five tablespoons) to kill latent viruses and bacteria in my we age the immune system loses potency. But if I had a known infection I'd triple the dosage for three to six months. If I had a Lyme issue...certainly for six months and maybe a year.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Dave,

Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate the information!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mt
(Ottawa, On)

According to Stephan Buhner, tea of Astragalus root is a preventative for Lyme disease.

Replied by Gwsevt
(Vermont, US)

Wow, thanks for all of this thorough info. Do you have a recommendation for a brand of CS to try before investing in making my own? I would like to see how it work for me first. Also it sounds like quite a large dose you are taking and suggesting, I have heard that there is a danger line in taking/using CS and crossing that can cause an overdose or bad side effects.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Gwsevt

On your quantity question...take three tablespoons three times daily. See effect after ten days. I've been on cs 20/years. Earth Clinic has a video of me making and discussing. Might be helpful.

Contraindicated Vitamins

Posted by Ann (Brevard, North Carolina. U.S.) on 02/26/2013

I have chronic lyme disease (25 yrs.) and need to know if vitamin D and zinc are contra-indicated for this. Would like to start taking them but lately have seen in some comments that they are not good for any auto immune disease. Please inform!

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Carol (Flushing, Michigan) on 09/10/2010

It is estimated that as much as 80% of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia have Lyme disease. This is a bacterial infection caused by the bite of a deer tick. Also there are secondary infections that go along with it as well. Finding a doctor that can correctly diagnose you is a problem however. I was chronically ill for 14 years before I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I currently drink Goji Juice. Diet and nutrition are very important. Foods such as dairy and wheat can contribute to inflammation. I also found that nightshades like tomatoes, potatoes, red and green peppers affect my joints.

Replied by Sharon
(Hazleton, Pa)

Goji berries are increasingly popular because of their high antioxidant content. However, this fruit is part of the nightshade family of plants. Other berries, such as ashwagandha, an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine, Cape gooseberries, but not normal gooseberries, ground cherries and garden huckleberries, but not blueberries, are also considered nightshades.

Replied by Lucyjane88
(Hereweare, Texas)

I think diet may be the key to it all. Glad you mentioned such. I have been dx with Tourestte's (from very early childhood), and SLE (lupus). A firend of mine thinks it's all Lyme disease. My son has Tourette's too. I was actually bitten by deer ticks in the Blue Ridge mountains years ago, as was my dog. For years we had the same symptoms, and were on the same meds! Finally, a vet tested her, and she was positive for Lyme's disease. I don't remember being tested, but have been on very long courses of abx over the years for different things. It's all about inflammation with me. If I could take away the inflammation, everything would be fine. Many food, and so many enviro toxins make me sick. My joints ache just thinking about bread. My sweet little boy tics like a clock, and has depression adn emotional problems. He also has learning/cognitive issues, and poor muscle tone. My friend who is involved with Lyme research says that I probably passed it to him when I was pregnant. Is there anything I can do to help him? I am resigned to my disablility, but he is so young and suffering.

Replied by Susie
(Crystal Lake, Il)

It's very likely both you and your son have Lyme. I have it and my son has it who also is on the autism spectrum. I suspect all of his symptoms are caused by Lyme. Please find an ILADS doctor to test and treat.

Replied by Susan
(Macomb, Mi)

LucyJane88 Our family is very familiar with Lymes. Treating w/antibiotics did help but MORE SO was a complete NO GRAINS diet, including rice, corn (grains), oats, & all dairy (casein) protein, sugars and no aspertaine or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). May you & your child feel better soon.

Replied by Katie

Goji berries are part of the nightshade family, too.

General Feedback

Posted by Jinglepots (Neepawa) on 10/17/2014

Hi, I have been researching the work of Dr. James Schaller. He researches new up-to-date material on sites like PubMed for 40 hours a week. Therefore his knowledge is as recent as it could be. There is some very interesting information about bartonella that every Lyme infected person needs to know. Please Google him:)

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