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Posted by Elena (Staten Island, Ny) on 07/23/2012

I am really grateful to the things I have read here about lyme disease. I am grateful for people's sharing their practical experience about their anilmals health. It really calmed me down and informed me. Thank you so much for this site.

Posted by Sid (La Honda, Ca) on 06/30/2012

I have Lyme disease and am being treated by a Lyme doc. Please understand that you can waste precious time using unproven remedies to kill this spirochete, the Lyme bacteria. Science shows that this very slippery critter is VERY hard to get under control. It not only likes to hide out in joints, but also loves the heart, brain, and the nervous system. I was fearful of taking antibiotics, so started with a very capable naturopathic physician. Tests are important to not only verify what you have, but to check to see what other coinfections have piggybacked on to your weakened immune system. Each coinfection also has a particular way of being treated - and some of these are quite tough in their own right. You are likely to have more than just the Lyme Borrelia. I started with a ND, and later, after doing a bit of reading, chose a good Western Lyme doc, the most direct route to getting well. They are worth it - the longer you have this disease, the more challenging (and expensive) it is to come back from. I chose to go from herbal Lyme killers(cat's claw and Japanese knotweed), to antibiotics and am doing fine after 2 months. I have my brain and much of my energy back now! I think it is crucial to use probiotics alongside the antibiotics several times daily. I wish that best for everyone!

Replied by Bill
Los Angeles, Ca

Sid. Interesting feedback you had there. Can you contact me. I suspect I have Lyme and want to start testing for it. Would like to chat with u to learn more about your experiences with testing for it. Thanks, Bill


Replied by Anonymouscat
La, Ca

I have done a lot of research on Lyme. I was so sure I had it I had four different tests all negative. But I want to say it is crucial that you get the right doctor and right medication early before it is deeply embedded in the body, tissues etc. because it is harder to eradicate later on.. So I think natural stuff combined with western medicine is the only way to go, but act quickly. The problem with lymes is the waiting for the antibodies to build.

Replied by Psalm341
Santa Ana, Ca

Lyme Disease: I was tested 7 times by my general practitioner. It was not until I found a Lyme specialist that I was tested by Igenex and it came in positive but by then it was 2 years and I was in a chronic state. 2 years of antibiotics and naturopathic and I'm finally able to function.

Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/15/2011

Bill, thank you for the info you have given me so far. I'm sure excess ca is causing a lot of my extreme pain. But what if there is something I don't know? I've only given you the info I know so far. eg. I have lyme disease - told to me by an energetic healer - I have my reservations about them - other tests are mostly unreliable. BECAUSE I have followed your suggestions, mg citrate, enzymes, chanca piedra, vco, chlorella many of the other remedies you and Ted kindly offer.

Because the organs are all breaking down & I am truly suffering. This is my last chance.

Replied by Amy
Gretna, Va

I have neurological lyme disease and nearly died of it. Rife helped me (along with a lot of supplementing) back to life again. I read Bryan Rosner's book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines and I personally used a coil machine made my Alex Levy coilmachines dot com and I stand to benefit nothing from either of these but to offer what I have learned and what has helped me. Thanks! :)

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oregano Oil  

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Posted by Martina (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 11/14/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I took GSE w/ OO for 30 days at the max dose (15 drops in water or juice twice a day) and was walking normally again after 3 days. Unfortunately, I should have done it longer since it came back 5 years later.

Lyme is a 3 stage disease. They can lie dormant for a long time and then resurrect in mutant form.

If I had the chance to do it all again, I'd would have added 1/2 tsp celtic sea salt per day to get the cysts out of their hiding in the cells, added honey for its anti-microbial enzymes to break them down, and then make sure that I'm boosting my immune system with healthy foods and detoxing at the same time. They depelete minerals so I'd up my doses of vitamins. I'd do zinc every day. Hot baths (they hate temperatures above body temperature).

Replied by Megan
Cheney, Wa.

It has been my unfortunate experience that Vitamin D and Zinc enable the lyme. It needs zinc in order to multiply and D to hide from the immune system.

Replied by Claudiaann
Boston, Ma

Hi, on the instructions for using the GSE, are you mixing it with olive oil or Oil of Oregano? what does OO stand for? I'd like to try this, at present I'm on big doses of herbals (resveratrol, cat's claw, and andrographis), and would like to try this as an alternative. I'm already taking Iodoral for my thyroid. thanks

Replied by Nona
Denver, Co

What do you mean no vit d and zinc for lyme?

Replied by Martina
Burnaby, Canada

The OO stands for Oil of Oregano. The GSE w/ OO was an all in one product I purchased that most health food stores carry in their detoxing department. I wasn't able to walk before I took it and was practically normal after 3 days at the max dose. The honey I meant to say was from tea tree plants... Manuka honey. I've also tried really cheap ayurvedic amla powder from an East Indian food store that seemed to boost my immune system. Iodine gave me my energy back. But now the biggest help I'm getting is through energy medicine. I think I might be Lyme free! Only the Bartonella to kick now

Replied by Mimi
Grand Forks, Nd

My 32 year old daughter has chronic Lyme and is overwhelmed with where to start with treatment as she has not found a qualified Dr. As with most, there are other co-infections, including severe mono. She was put on 10,000 IU of vitamin D but Megan mention Lyme like this. At the moment the Vit. D is the ONLY thing that helps her to be able to get out of bed. Please help direct me to info of how Vit D and zinc are negative.

Replied by Frances
Cabarlah, Qld.

There is a Chronic Lyme Disease Summit running on the Internet 4-11 April 2016. So much to learn from these presenters, especially Dr. Conners about the 3 stages of Lyme.

Replied by Ben
Bremerton, Wa

Have you been checked for lyme? This disease is becoming very common and its really nasty to try and treat. As you are finding out, there are very very few doctors qualified to treat lyme correctly. Most doctors are less than useless when it comes to deadly diseases like this. You must study and become an expert yourself. Not much choice about this one.

The first contact of anyone having this disease was in the old town of Lyme, right across from Plum Island Animal Research Center.. Plum Island Disease, oh I mean lyme disease is a multi-bug stew of some of the finest nasty organisms money can buy. Ones that take great pride in waging war on mankind. You gotta love em 'because they are sooo good at what they do, they are a billionth of our size and they are beating us!.

Hhhhmmm, not for long! if you do find you got a lyme infection you will quickly learn what a battle is all about! so let's start kicking their little behinds!.

First off, you need good information. a hallmark signature is denial. We know nothing. Your disease does not exist. Go home and take your psyche meds. Just a few short years ago doctors were telling us there is no such disease as lyme disease. hmmm, they said that with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome too. Seems they are saying it right now with morgellons..

Well, regardless of all else now the task comes of stopping the bugs in this bug stew. Each one of the various organisms must be addressed. Leave one out, forget to treat it and you wont be cured..

The best total treatment programs are all off shore. therefore pack your toothbrush in a bsl-4 toothbrush holder since its hazardous and go to mexico for a health treatment vacation. The treatment of choice is called extra corporal blood oxgenation and ozonation eboo for short. This highly advanced state of the art medical technique does not exist for Americans since our medical freedom is rapidly dwindling away..

Other forms of ozone therapy that are less powerful and less effective can be commonly found but not eboo..

What is eboo? It is like this, think of a kidney dialysis machine with a twist, one that draws blood out of the body, runs it through filters then sterilizes the blood by filling it with oxygen in a highly germ killing form called ozone. No virus ever found can withstand blood ozonation. It fries even the most aggressive of virus or cancer cells in seconds. Many who have a serious disease like hiv, ebola, cancer, lyme have recovered in less than 2 months..

As for lyme treatment, regular physicans are less than useless. chronic lyme? we never heard of it. it says here lyme only takes two weeks of antibiotic then if you think yourself not cured it must be your imagination.. Yeah right, lyme is a lifelong disease unless you learn how to defeat it..

To attack a lyme infection, you gotta do everything right or the bug is gonna win. You got to follow an anticancer / antiviral diet. you got to use blood sterilization techniques such as eboo or if it is not available other blood ozonation techniques or uvbi. ultraviolet blood irradiation works quickly to destroy harmful microorganisms in the blood that your immune system cant get rid of..

You got to eat tons of coconut oil as it is antifungal and antiviral and spread it on your skin as it absorbs through the skin. Certain types of virus like hep-c and hiv are lipid envelope virus. Medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil act like detergent on them weakening their cell wall..

Now, the same bug that causes innumerable problems, mycoplasma fermentans, is found front and center along with his little buddies in lyme. I post frequently about mr "mike o plasma" as he is a very accomplished microorganism. Je should be in the germ hall of fame for having created the most weird symptoms from the same organism. You can go to a doctor and he says you have ten different diseases when really you have one bug with many symptoms..

The way to give mr mike o plasma an eviction notice is with doxycycline like dr garth nicholson mentions taking, plus serrapeptase a systemic enzyme that attacks a wide range of pathogenic organisms found in the blood..

Serrapeptase eats biofilm. Lyme disease hides in biofilm. Without serrapeptase you will never be free from lyme or anything else as biofilm will act as a reservoir for the germs to hide from the immune system..

When germs are attacked they run and hide in their little biofilm fortress. There they are 1000 fold more antibiotic resistant. Doctors who foolishly throw antibiotics at a biofilm ridden patient waste their time. The biofilm dwelling germs just wait for their opportunity to attack another day..

A really cheap thing that helps tremendously for lyme is mms chlorine dioxide.aNd mms-2 look both of them up.

Mms-2 creates a different chemical hypochlorus acid which is one of the most lethal germ killers known to science. The immune system is able to make a wide variety of germ killing chemicals to defeat various types of microbial threat.

Hypochlorus acid is one of the most potent if not thee most potent germ fighter known. you probably have heard of swimming pool shock right? well believe it or not the immune system knows how to make the same chemical. Thats right your body knows how to make a microscopic amount of hypochlorus acid aka swimming pool shock. hows that for shocking?

See jim humble for details mms-2.

This stuff only costs about 30 bucks but it is worth about 30 million if you are suffering from lyme etc.

Another thing so new you won't find much info on it is gallium nitrate. this stuff will soon be your best friend since it is able to stop mycoplasma and a huge number of pathogenic nasty beasties associated with lyme.. I consider it as absolutely essential in lyme treatment.

The mycoplasma element in lyme can also be attacked by blood electrification one of the cheapest yet very strong methods for lyme treatment. The vast majority of lyme sufferers discover blood electrification only after long years of misery from other lymies. This treatment is hot! it works.and you need to become an expert with blood electrification devices.

Do not expect a cure by chemical means alone, blood electrification is an essential part of a total treatment program and doctors will never tell you about it..

In a nut shell here is the gig. Virus and other vicious beasties found in a lymies blood do not like to be electrified.

It gives them an attitude adjustment in a hurry!

Viruses depend on surface proteins to develop adhesion molecules by which to attach to a cell they wish to infect. When their protein coating is disrupted by electrification or by attack with systemic enzymes like serrapeptase they become unable to infect cells thus they die out and you get your life back.

This principle works with many other virus types such as hiv or hep-c and cancer cells.

Now both methods are very much needed enzymes plus blood electrification for best results.

Enzymes are expensive but blood electrifiers like a bob beck unit etc are a one time investment so it ends up being the cheapest option where chronic disease is concerned.

The spirochetes in lyme don't like enzymes chewing away at them and they dont like a too salty environment. some people have killed off the parasites with almost dangerously high amounts of salt plus vitamin c but its not without risk. salt is hard on your kidneys.but lyme is even harder.

Education will set you free, study and regain your health..

Hope this helps. See ya

Ps cancer tutor has good info on lyme disease.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

HI YA'LL DOIN,,,,,,,,, late to this series, but watched one program and now convinced that owning this program is equivalent to having the cancer program we bought a few years ago.

So I bought the entire program. What got my attention is Lyme almost always infects the brain and the MD I watched got into this accidentally by treating kids with mental problems. He learned that almost all had one of the Lyme problems.

I was told that Plum Island, where the US developed all their germ warfare bugs, is just across the bay from Lyme, Conn. Imagine that? The facility has now been moved to Kansas. Can mark that state off as a place to live or visit.

As POGO, the possum said, " WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY, AND HE IS US".


Replied by Ozzi The Iceman
The Swiss Alps

If you are suggesting that Plum Island is in anyway related to Lyme disease, you should read about the history of Lyme. The Native Americans in Manouck near Lyme Connecticut would refer to Manouck knee around 1880's. Ozzi the Iceman, found in the Italian Swiss Alps 20 years ago, died there 5000 years ago and.. had Borrelia burgdorferi. This invisible affliction has been with humans for millennia.


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Posted by Shelby (Indiana, USA) on 07/11/2015
5 out of 5 stars

In June of this year I was bitten by a flea removing a dead rodent from the property. A month later (after bloodwork) I was diagnosed with Lymes Disease. The antibiotic they put me on required me to stop breastfeeding. It was traumatic and the medicine made me very ill. After 4 day and 6 pills later, I quit.

I decided to treat the Lymes as a parasite, rather than a bacteria. I used my zapper for four days until the medicine was out of my system, and went back to breastfeeding.

Heat has been my best friend ever since. Hot drinks, hot weather, hot spices, I am having great luck with cayenne, garlic and ginger. Am heading to the store now for coconut and almonds. Anything with heat, folks, will kill your Lyme parasites. I was at the point where my arms and legs no longer functioned, I couldn't hold my children and I couldn't form a cohesive sentence. Heat, heat, heat!!!

Replied by Shelby

Thought I'd give an update -

Last night I had extra spicy Chinese, and then drank a (tea) mixture of turmeric, cayenne, ginger, cinnamon and coconut oil. Just threw it together and got it down.

A few hours later, a very thorough clean out (bm). Today I feel great! I keep craving the coconut, I am very convinced the Lyme has a co-infection of parasites, and to really get on the road to recovery, removal of the parasites is a must. I really should get some pumpkin seeds to help with this.

At any rate, since I am unable to do my zapper (breastfeeding baby and unsure about passing bad stuff along) I am doing the heat and the anti parasite. I highly recommend the zapper as #1 defense, but I will personally have to hold off and work with food until baby is weaned.

Replied by Betty L.
Lead Hill, Ar

Heat then? Infrared sauna should be great! Have one! One of the low emf ones that you have your head out of the cabinet. My husband has had Lyme for years now. Chronic. Very painful, lots of symptoms, but he did say he felt better when he was doing saunas regularly. Need to remind him of this and get him started again.


Posted by Pr (Houston, Texas) on 10/12/2012

Below is a link to a biofilm and nano bacteria remedies. Anyone suffering from a serious illness or chronic disease would benefit from this information. It is the most concised information I have come across and well referenced. The article is very long but well worth the study. It will take the guess work out of figuring it out yourself. This site does sell product which you don't have to buy. It would be ashame not to post this site as it could help so many.

Hulda Clark Zapper  

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Posted by Keeponthesunnyside (Cookeville, Tn) on 04/29/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Lyme can be cured, and the earlier you do so, the better.

The summer before last, my wife found a tick that had been attached to her for some time. then she got the classic bullseye rash of Lyme disease. She became extremely sick, lots of pain all over. She went from her normal high intelligence and being very articulate to being in a fog, unable to think, to remember, to finish a sentence she started.

Being extremely worried, I began searching online. I found where some actress I'd never heard of (not being up on current popular culture) who lived near Lyme, Connecticut, caught Lyme disease. Having had it for about a year and a half, she was in terrible shape. The standard antibiotic treatment had not worked for her. Reluctantly, she allowed a friend to drag her to a chiropractor's office, where she was treated with a Hulda Clark zapper.

Now, we have owned and used one for many years, and it has worked to rid us of various bugs that were going around. In those cases we did the normal protocol. You hold a copper handle with a damp tissue wrapped around it, 1 in each hand (or stick 1 down each sock, to leave your hands free), and connect the 9 volt battery to the zapper. For 7 minutes it runs a very weak DC current through you, which you likely will not feel, or maybe very slightly. Pause 20 minutes, zap again 7 minutes, pause 20 minutes, zap a third time 7 minutes. You are done.

For Lyme the chiropractor had this actress zap for 7 minutes every 20 minutes for 4 hours straight. She felt no different. The next morning she felt great! She was told to come back in 10 days and repeat the above treatment. She did and has been fine ever since. Out of 16 friends she had do this later, the only one who failed to get well had had Lyme for over 10 years, and had too much irreversible damage, alas.

I sat my wife down and timed the treatment for her. Next day she felt fine. Repeated 10 days later. She has been fine ever since.

You can buy zappers online. Spend one or two hundred bucks if you want, but we use the $15 kind (it cost 10 originally! ) and it works great. Somebody bench-tested one of those, and it fit Hulda Clark's original parameters the best of all, anyway. Or look up the plans and make your own, if you have the skills. The first one we owned was made by a friend of a friend, and it's circuit board was set in a tupperware container!

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Bb (North America) on 12/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

About 8 months ago, I received the alarming diagnosis that Lyme Disease had been found in four of my organs. I had traveled to see a well known alternative doctor in South Florida and, regrettably was not able to return for follow-up visits. I did, however, agree with the diagnosis and was having terrible brain fog, emotional issues, lapses in memory and chronic diseases. I later found another alternative doctor who prescribed hydrogen peroxide therapy and another product. There was rapid improvement in my mind and body but I've had to quit the product because it aggravated my IBS symptoms.

The hydrogen peroxide baths and taking it internally have done miraculous things for me.

Here is the protocol for Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide: HP baths: ( 1 to 2 cups of HP in warm water for 20 minutes 2 times a week. Oral HP. Begin with 1 drop of HP 3 times a day, gradually increased to 25 drops 3 times a day.

It is essential to use spring or rain water for the baths. City water or other treated water is NOT recommended and is counter productive. Because I couldn't find options, I did try one bath in city water but it aggravated my eczema. I live in Tennessee and I have a TRUE friend who is willing to have me come to her house to bath in her spring water twice a week. I have not been able to make my visits due to schedule conflicts and now I am hurting again from the Fibromyalgia and other joint pain, although the brain fog is still much better.

Note: I always precede the oral treatment with a bit of crystalized ginger as it can cause gas and sometimes a little nausea. I also use plenty of moisturizer (coconut oil) following the baths to avoid dry skin.

I am leaving for a few months to care for my mother, but I will have to find a way to take a bath in purified city water. I have a large shower in my mother's house but I have to be creative. I am thinking I will purchase a small cattle water tub to use in the shower area. I will use prill beads to purify the city water then heat that water with a water tank heater like farmers would use, or a with crock pot beside the tub. I don't want to make the water too hot as it may diminish the effects of the hydrogen peroxide. The tub will need to be portable but not metal as prill beads ( magnesium oxide) can be corrosive.

There is lots on the internet on Prill beads.

Posted by Peggy (West Palm Beach, Florida) on 05/07/2009

My sister has been bitten by a tick and has Lymes Disease. Has anyone had success with H2O2 and Lymes Disease?

Replied by Michael M
Jupiter, Florida, USA

Hi Peggy, I have Lyme and live in Jupiter. I have used H2O2 with some immediate success for neurological issues of Lyme and seemingly helping with some of the co-infection. However, I am not sure it helps with parasites, such as Babesia (biting and throbbing symptoms for me). Some say they Babesia likes oxygen, therefore it could possibly make Babesia worse with H2O2 or ozone (O3). Although I worry about its oxidative side effects, I have dripped store bought 3% peroxide down my spine and rubbed it on my back, arms, legs and joints when I was scared I could lose my nerves and body parts to Lyme. Peroxide did help.

I also took 35% food grade peroxide, diluted it 10/1 with distilled water, and take 5-8 drops of that in 8oz of distilled water over the course of a day, and that too seems to help with brain fog. I am worried about taking it often, so I use it only a few times a week, as needed.

Essential oils, such as Lemon Grass may have been just as good lately (just started them 10 days ago). My oil specialist is Eileen "Connie" Linne, [email protected] She is knowledgeable about alternatives and beauty (has an ozone machine) and also uses and sells various health products like super strong essential oils (not in stores, that I have seen) and Jusuru, both of which I am preferring for the time being.

I can tell you all I've done and what works and doesn't if interested. I have a RIFE machine which I think everyone with Lyme or any chronic condition needs because it works fast for acute symptoms, if not yet a cure. You just have to stay at every few days. But you can have big die offs from it and you can certainly get frequency stress which can wire you out for a day or two if you do the treatment for many hours at a time as I do once or time a week.

I am currently planning on trying "Advanced Cell Training" (see YouTube or Google), which many people with Lyme have apparently been cured by. It's cheap in comparison to many other protocols and totally natural.

There is a Acupuncturist, Ward Hale, A. P. In Down Town, Palm Beach Gardens (in back of Whole foods) who has some great testing equipment called ZYTO and advanced many diode laser treatment device that are also very strong. I do those treatments once or twice a week. They are amazing if you have very strong localized symptoms in specific organs or areas, and it stops those roaming issues almost immediately. Ward's prices are very reasonable, and he and his wife or partners, Lourdes, are both warm and knowledgeable. Their number is 561-337-9439, website is Tell them Michael sent you. If you wish to talk to me, ask them to contact me.

Replied by Tim
Orlnado, Florida

I was thinking of trying advanced cell training. Have you tried it yet and if so what do you think? tks Tim

Replied by Whiskers
Cocoa Beach, Fl

I agree with the things in this post and have a few helpful ideas. The zyto was crucial for me to discover that I had lyme and 18 additional coinfections. Mostly of the bartonellas. There is candida and aspergillis too. If I had not done the zyto I think I would have spent years trying to discover all the additional coinfections and maybe the lyme too since it can be elusive to diagnose. In addition to the essential oils of GSE, OO, cinnamon, thyme, peppermint and lemon twice a day. Neem leaf tea is something I can feel break up the mucous and NEBULIZING buffered reduced glutathione and baking soda to buffer and separately nebulizing H2o2. The nebulizing has allowed my lungs to release the mucous that has been trapped for 20 yrs. Another critical thing one MUST do is to nourish the methylation cycle with hcl, methionine and trimethylglycine. For me the worst thing to deal with has been the brainfog. I have recently discovered that msg and its many names its hidden by is a major problem. Being a good diet detective is another notch in the key that cannot be neglected. Get tested for test for chlamidia, Dr Klinghardt reports 86% of worldwide Lyme patients are infected with Chlamydia pneumoniae in his experience. Another thing to watch out for is magnesium stearate which is found in MANY supplements at the health food store. Magnesium stearate is an ideal food for biofilms. One of the only companies that doesnt use it premier research labs. To heal we must support phase 1 AND phase 2 liver detox. Phase 1 requires oxygen and heat. Phase 2 requires glutathione.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Whiskers:

Thank you for your excellent and "packed with info" post on Lyme disease.

Of special interest to me is the fact that there are so many "co-infections" with Lyme. Does your research reveal if there are so many co-infections because the Lyme bacteria facilated them (weakened immune system?) or perhaps the original infestation from the bite brought them like a spider bite, for instance, brings not only the poison but accompanying pathogens too.

And could you explain what "zyto" is.

I've come across a few suspected Lyme cases. One after a friend and his wife went hiking and he immediately developed a rash on the back of his shoulder. The stiffness moved into the neck and he lost most energy. He became unable to work. He went to 4 specialists (over three or four months) but no one could conclusively prove Lyme. It is ellusive.

He could barely exert himself and he'd have to go to bed for a long rest if he even walked down the street. I suggested colloidal silver to him and he got on an extensive program of morning and evening consumption of CS. In his case the results were dramatic; in five days his energy was returning and in a months he'd gone back to work and in three months he was asymptomatic.

He attributed the CS to his recovery.

Have you tried CS? You listed a number of helps but I didn't see CS. I always warn, by the way, that at least in my experience the CS products are NOT alike and one must have sufficient PPM to work correctly. I usually test them when there is a sinus infection. If sniffing into the sinus a teaspoon of the CS causes the sinuses to sting a bit and then drain, you know the CS you have is potent enough to work elsewhere in the system.

Please re post and give more details about your battle with CS. Your are quite knowledgable and I would appreciate your contribution to the readers who are interested in Lyme.


Posted by Greta (Kentucky) on 04/22/2014

I am wondering why you don't have ledum x30 listed in your remedies. I found it here in my my initial search for help in Lyme's Disease. Further research shows a lot of promise but you don't list it. Do you have other research that shows a problem with it?

EC: We have no more info on it.  If any of our readers have experience with it, good or bad, please let us know.

Replied by Bill
Albion, Ca

I've used ledum and it works well to stop itching and aching but I don't trust it to kill Borrelia. I work in the woods and sometimes get bitten several times a month. I deny being a MACHO DUDE, I just refuse to put up w/ those bites. I've found the quickest & cheapest permanent treatment is after you pull out the tick: cook the spot w/ the tip of an incense stick. it hurts but destroys the proteins and bacteria that cause a reaction, and you get a scar anyway. (maybe put some zinc & vit.E on it) The burn has to be 2nd deg, black in the middle, white about 1/4 inch in dia, and then red. The red doesn't mean much, but white is important because it means the treatment goes about that deep too (1/8 inch). If you just jab it and yell ouch, it'll be red w/ a black center but won't reach the depth of the bite. If you get bitten on your back where you can't reach it, use a mirror and ink pen to circle the spot, then have a friend, or enemy (they do a good job) use the incense. a big nail heated on the stove works but they sometimes cool before it's cooked enough.

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Anne (Windsor, Ontario) on 09/25/2014

I believe I have had lyme disease (ld) for 4 years. The test from Igenex said I came in contact with the disease although I can't get a firm diagnosis, at least not from any doctor here. I never had the rash but I have a bruise on my back that I've had for at least two and a half years now. I had a lot of the symptoms attributed to ld following a night where I woke up with flu like symtoms. Since then I've been to Jamaica and was bit by sand fleas. These bites come and go. I don't know if that's because of the lyme or not. I am currently taking pre and probiotics, enzyme supplements, omega 3, b12, d3, and I recently started sarsapirilla, cat's claw and lysine. If anyone has any other suggestions I would really appreciate them. The biggest problem I have right now is inflammation in my joints.

Replied by Sam
Texas, US

I have been battling inflammation in my joints, especially my spine and ribs, since the birth of my son 9 years ago. I have tried many things, with moderate improvement, but once I started taking Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking soda I noticed an immediate and noticeable improvement. I'm still taking my other stuff ... curcumin (good for lyme), minerals, especially Magnesium and boron (good for arthritis). I take gelatin (building block of joints and tendons) in my green tea (antioxidant) so there could be a cumulative affect.

However, I noticed the biggest improvement after adding ACV and BS. Oh, I recently ordered some liposomal vit C, after seeing the segment on 60 minutes about the guy from New Zealand who they wanted to unplug life support and vit C brought him back from the dead. I haven't gotten it yet, but want it to combat that new respiratory virus that is so bad. Let me see if I can find the link. here it is..

Replied by Rebel
Somewhere, Usa

Hi Anne. I would check into MSM ( Methylsulphonylmethane ) Powder. This sometimes helps with joint pain. You may want to read up on here ( EC ) about the use of Borax ( 20 mule team ) in laundry aisle, as well.

Replied by Prioris

For treatment, I think all the testing for this or that microbe is a waste of time. In the end, you just know there is some infection but never be entirely sure what infections. Testing won't catch all the infections either. They have been coming out with a new and improved Lyme testing for decades. The best approach is treat ones body as a black box and apply the antidote then see if there is improvement. Maybe one test that could yield something is testing ones excrement for parasites etc.

I would focus on the real reason for that bruising symptom. if you have dark skin, it is possible a rash could look like a bruise. Maybe you got vitamin K or C deficiency. This requires detective work. Do you have any neurological symptoms like brain fog etc. There are a subset of people who exhibit flu like symptoms in CFS. There really isn't enough information in your post for me to make any determination.

Inflammation in your joints says you do have an infection of some type attacking your joints. You haven't really clarified where that inflammation of the joints is. Which joints. There are remedies to this.

If you have any type of arthritis, there is a real possibility you have mycoplasm infection. Borax protocol or antibiotic protocol using minocin (not generic minocycline) may address this especially if it is rheumatoid arthritis but they can address many other chronic diseases.

The problem with neutralizing mycoplasm infections (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis) is that the remedies above may not work completely if there are other infections in ones body that need addressing. For instance, if systemic fungal infections is present, that too may have to be addressed.

To help hold the line against damage in the joints, I do know Biocell (HA/Collagen) formula has a good chance of working. There may be other brands but I am not familiar with them. The key is how well it absorbs.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, US

Rib inflammation would likely be what they call costochondritis. 70% of people with fms have that. It is usually most painful when you wake up in the morning. Biocell will improve it along with joints and spinal problems. You have a major infection in your body. I would look into the borax and minocin (not generic minocycline).

I think anyone with a chronic disease should go to and read the section on how to heal rheumatoid arthritis. It illustrates why one can't just focus in on one infection.

Replied by Bette With A Pebble
Nj, Usa

The link below has a lot of good info on on eliminating lyme spirochetes and other co-infections with various natural treatments.

I'm currently trying the specific cinnamon leaf oil "Cinnamomum verum leaf from Sri Lanka" , but too soon to tell, only a little over a month in.

Replied by Anne
Windsor, Ontario

Thank you for the info here. I'm trying to research all I can. I do have olive colored skin (bruise on my back). After waking up in the middle of the night with flu-like symptons, the next morning I couldn't pick up a cup of coffee with my right wrist (pain). I also had the following symptons, stiff neck, sore jaw {right side}, ringing in my ear, both knees were swollen, a zapping pain in my left ankle that would shoot up my leg, and a burning sensation in my right elbow.

I couldn't stand for the pain in my feet. (just listing some of my symptons) This went on for months. Tests for rheumatoid arthritis were negative. Neurological tests showed an irritation in my right elbow. I can't even tell you how many tests I had all showing everything to be normal.

The only thing that's ever shown in blood test is the contact with lyme diseaseI started seeing a chiropractor and he has helped me a great deal. I have also seen three naturopathic doctors. Everything the last ND gave me made me worse. He was treating me for thyroid disease. And now I'm on my own. I no longer have the pain I initially had, although it occasionally comes back. Medical doctors tell me I have rheumatoid arthritis. (Even though tests showed negative) Although they can't explain my other symptons. I still have the ringing in my ear and inflammation in my knees. Bee pollen has really helped with the inflammation. But it doesn't get rid of it.

Replied by Prioris
Florida, US

You have some infections of some kind. You may never know definitively what that infection is. You didn't mention cognitive symptoms so I don't think it is lyme disease. The symptoms wouldn't seem like a thyroid thing either.

The inflammation in knees could be rheumatoid arthritis. Your feet could hurt too. Mycoplasma infection has been associated with that. Try the borax protocol. Minocin (not generic minocycline) would be the next thing.

The shocks in legs and burning would be a type of peripheral neuropathy. Look into benfotiamine, sublingual b12, stabilized R alpha lipoic acid.

The way you go about improving your health is by hypothesizing something and trying an antidote.

Replied by Alice

Inflammation from all causes involves certain cytokines (chemical messengers). Some simple herbal blockades of inflammation I have found very useful are Nettle, Frankincense, Chinese Skullcap, Safflower petals, ginger root, Turmeric with a little black pepper, celery seed extract (homemade with Vodka) and borage oil with either wild fish oil or grass-fed beef fat (can be kept frozen). Hope this helps, Love in Jesus!

Posted by Yochana (Brookline, Ma, Usa) on 03/10/2013
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Hi, is there anyone with a rife machine in the greater boston area and is it very expensive?

I think I have lymes- a kinesiologist said I may well have it. I have very bad pain around my neck and shoulders, under my skin it feels broken up and gravelly and it feel electric, I have similaer pain around my hips, my balance is off, I have brain fog, intense mental pain that feels almost physical, un believable exhauastion, insomnia, resentment, terror, depression, ocd, ibs etc. and thus far nothing has helped-not acu, massage, chiro, supplemenmts etc.

I have a lot to live for, but the pain and exhaustion are unbearable. Any ideas? Thanks

Replied by Grateful Mother

Hello Yochana,

Have you ever tried candida/parasite remedies? My son was very ill. By 8th grade he missed 14 weeks of school. He had a lot of what you have and more. So much pain in his neck and shoulders and all over really, but started in his neck and shoulders. Diagnosed with severe sinus disease, asthma, it was suggested he had chronic fatigue syndrome then diagnosed with fibromyalgia. He had extreme headaches, severe insomnia, dizziness, extreme fatigue always getting canker sores in his mouth, swollen bottom lip, brain fog and the list goes on. We had every blood test that exists and no one could say what was wrong with him. The doctor's would just diagnose each symptom as a separate issue.

A client of mine told me about someone his friend went to that he thought was amazing. He was an acupuncturist that practiced Chinese medicine. After just a few minutes with him, he diagnosed him with systemic candida. He put him on a strict diet along with some herbs. After all we went through we were a little doubtful about what would happen. But that was really it. It took about 3 weeks for him to start feeling better. But we stuck to the diet to the letter. And my son was desperate enough to stick to it too. It took about 5 mos. for him to feel healed, but he is now a sophomore has only missed a couple of days of school, takes a strength and conditioning class, can blow 450 in a spirimitor (if you know what that is in the asthma world) when he used to barely make 325 and each additional blow would drop from there, he sleeps like a teen should(like a rock and for 9-10 hours on weekends), he is full of energy and is a different person. It was a nightmare that is finally over for us. If this sounds like anything you are going through, I would be happy to tell you more.

Wishing you the best, Grateful Mother

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Yochana,

About the Lyme possibility ... I've had a few experiences with Lyme; two very successful and one questionable.

Colloidal Silver is worth of trying for two weeks. If the CS is "on" you'll fee the difference in seven days or less. The energy will come back'll feel like yourself again...BUT be careful, you are on thin ice.

CS irrigations ... sinus and ears. Three tablespoons am and pm on empty stomach orally.

Post back if you need details.


Replied by Yochana
Andalusa Spain

Hi, I have been diagnosed by a chiropractor as having lymes disease and I am taking a variety of supplements to help me.

Finally I am doing something positive to heal. For so long I could not take any consistent steps to make myself better. I just felt too overwhelmed and stuck.

So to anyone out there feeling the same way please dont give up. Even if you are afraid to get better keep seeking help. take small steps. Ask god/goddess Jesus allah buddah, hashem shekhina, the great spirit etc, love the loving spirits spirits of your ancestors devas angels or spirit of nature to help you. If you are an atheist call on the web of life or on love to help you.

We need you.

I was interested in the collodial silver and wanted to know what is a good brand and if it is safe to take. Dave said I was on thin ice and I was not sure what he meant.

Someone else mentioned candida, and according to the person I am working with I do not presently have candida.

I don't eat sugar at all and have not done so for over 2 years, thank god and overeaters anonymous that has mainly taken away the terrible cravings.

I still have gastric distress

I used to eat 20 candybars/junk pastry a day!!!!!

I don't know if I should cut down on or stop eating grains. I eat rice and buckwheat and quinoa and fruit. I also eat a lot of chicken and turkey.

I am allergic to soy and seitan so I cannot do tofu tempe etc. beans make me extremely ill tho I can tolerate hummous, maybe cause it is mashed up.

I eat a lot to maintain my weight which often runs low.

I get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of info on here so if you can make it simple that would be great.

Does anyone in Boston area have a rife machine?

I am still having great trouble sleeping and the pain in my neck area is very bad. I dont want to take drugs for the pain if you have other ideas I am very open. Thanks

If anyone can consolidate what works that would help as I get easily overwhemed. Thanks, Yochana

Replied by Alicia
Las Vegas

My teenage daughter has Lyme and it's reared it's ugly head again. She suffers from fatigue, brain fog and swollen joints. Should I try CS for her and how much/how often? Thank you so much

Posted by Arrow Durfee (Mackay, Idaho) on 01/11/2012

Subject: Lyme Disease - please post on your Lyme disease page.

I am the editor of the blog

I put up this article about the treatment of Lyme as given to me through my neighbor and then through an interview with Dr. Henry West who treated him.

I invite you to visit this page and read up on this chronic lyme protocol that is proving to be highly effective. HealthSalon makes not only no profit but no money from its endeavors to educate the public.

Replied by Gill
Marblehead, Ma, Usa

Hi, I wonder if I have lymes.. Around my shoulder and neck, it hurts like crazy, also on the sides of my stomach, it feels gravelly under the skin and also almost hard and crunchy, the pain feel kind of electric, I am also very exhusted, cant sleep well, digest problems and neurological problems-neuropathy in legs and feet, not from diabetes, tremor in my hands and I feel off balance, its not visible, but feel like I could almost fall. I also have mood swings.

Does that sound like lymes or something else? Thanks.

Replied by Jasonm
Chicago, Il

Yes! That is Lyme disease. Please don't waste any time going to traditional doctors. They have no clue.

This is what I would do if I were you... Start taking 10grams of food-based vitamin C (NOT asorbic acid) while you wait for a "official" diagnosis or blood test. The best brand is made from 100% organic oranges and is easily digestable. I can't name brands here but look it up online it is easily absorbed and you can take a large amount without issues. This is not the case with standar vitamin C. Also increase your sea salt or himalayian salt intake. Salt kills bacteria and other pathogens. Eat lots of organic US grown garlic and onions. Also avoid all sugar (even those in fruit). This will help your body fight the infection while you find a doctor to work with. Do not wait, do this immediately!

If you need confirmation of Lyme (now that I look back I wouldn't need it... I would just go based on symptoms. Waiting for test results takes away time/money on getting treated) you need to find a good LLND (Lyme-literate Naturpathic Doctor) or a good LLMD (Lyme-literate MD). Again I would do things to build your immune system while you look for these folks. There are very few people educated in Lyme and it takes some knowledge to beat this disease. It takes a lot of time just finding a doc to work with... So KEEP building your immune system. Also google "Beat Lyme" online and see some good success stories!!!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Good Lyme advice. As for Immunity Building, if I might add, the Thymus Gland is also very important. The Thymus gland is like the brain of the immune system as it is involved in both production and regulation of immune or white blood cells. Thymus function decreases significantly w/ age so any method to augment it is definitely recommended especially those suffering chronic infections.

To boost the Thymus do these little exercises on a daily basis and significantly boost your immune power. First, use some type negative pole magnet (the side that sticks to metal) over the Thymus, which is directly between the lower neck and heart area; a common refrigerator magnet will do just fine; do this for approx 15 minutes. Second, do the "Thymus Tapp" by making a fist and gently bump the T area a few times and wait a little then bump again several times daily. Thirdly, supplement Raw Thymus Glandular as recommended on label.

Replied by Andrea
Prescott, Az

Gail, it also sounds like menopause symptoms.... Are you menopausal maybe?


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Posted by Llltdia (Melbourne , Florida, Usa) on 02/13/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I've had lyme for 32 years and lyme arthritis for almost as long. Everytime I get lucky enough to find a doctor to give me Nystatin I feel fantastic. It gives me energy and my knees stop hurting. I have researched this on the net and found doctors in England and Germany who treat lyme disease with nystatin and sometimes with nystatin and diflucan. I cannot get any doctor to believe me because they are so brain washed into thinking that Nystatin will destroy the liver. It does not go into the bloodstream, and it is a natural yeast yes yeast from the ground. It was discovered by a woman scientist who found it in the ground of a friend's dairy farm. It is natural and grows in the ground. There is a show on TV called Know The Cause and the moderator Doug says he has been taking Nystatin for over 30 years to kill yeast and that yeast is the basis for most medical problems. I have read many times that Nystatin will kill MS and that just made me sick. Just think of the people who suffer with MS. Am I wrong when I think of Richard Pryor who burned almost his entire body and of course was on constant antibiotics and then suddenly developed MS. I have a friend who's husband is a Viet Nam Vet and has had several surgeries because of war injuries and of course he has had his fair shair of antibiotics and then suddenly developed MS. Has anyone noticed that you can purchase tons of antibiotics on the net but try to purchase Nystatin without a prescription without paying an arm and a leg for it. It does not destroy the liver, it is from the ground so why is it being treated like a controlled substance.

Canadian sites advertise it for lyme arthritis which proves to me that I am not imagining anything. I finally found a DO who believes me and is giving Nystatin to me along with Penesillin becouse it is the only antibiotic I am not allergic to. Come to find out Penesillin V is used to treat Lyme arthritis in little kids but they say it must be on IV. I take the pills and it does it for me. I take the pills at night because they knock me out cold (don't know why) and the Nystatin in the day time. I think I'll stop the Pen. And just stick with the Nystatin like I took in the past. It takes me back 32 years and it is heaven. All of the sites that I read in Western Europe and Canada use Nystatin with (and sometimes without) the antibiotics. I really smell a huge rat. So what else is new?

Replied by Believe
Houston, Texas

I would like to let you know of a treatment I went on for a systemic yeast infection. I used essential oils in a double 00 capsule: 10 drops of thieves oil, 4 drops of frankincense, 4 drops of oregano oil. WOW what a difference a few days makes. I have been dealing with this for 6 yes and I think I am finally turning the corner. I had a major detox reaction that kicked my "---" for three days, but I am getting stronger every day. I am also mixing these oils with jojoba carrier oil and I am rubbing my skin down daily. Also using thieves and rubbing directly on spine 2 times per day. I feel like I am among the living once again!!!! Obviously, diet is critical, NO SUGAR!! Oh yea Probiotics, Probiotics!! I think the safety profile for the oils is safer than Nystatin, anyway perhaps this is another option for you. I hope this helps anyone like it did me!! As with any treatment check for allergies and make sure you are strong enough to handle the detox, if you are too weak it can seriously harm you, so adjust your internal dose accordingly (I did every 4 hrs, but again this really knocked me down with the detox reaction).

Replied by Aneta
Murrieta, Ca

Interesting information on Nystatin. I was googling Nystatin and ran across this post. I stopped antibiotic treatment recently because they were killing me and have started herbal treatments along with antifungals. My LLMD suggested we kill the fungal before we attact the Lyme. I started nystating today after 7 days of just herbal and I feel awful. The nystatin is killing something and I feel achy, twitching, headache and lethargic. Is it killing the lyme or is this just a die off of fungal giving me this reaction? I was on nystatin with all the antibiotics and feeling terrible. After reading this post I wonder if it was the nystatin killing Lyme all along.

Replied by A_glade
New York, Ny

Please stop spreading disinformation. Nystatin is an antifungal compound from bacteria, not a "yeast". I do not know where you get your information, but if you don't even know the basics (which you could find out in 2 seconds by reading Wikipedia), you are definitely not qualified to give out medical advice and I fear the disservice you are doing to others. I am frightened by this growing trend of medically illiterate people spreading myths and lies. You're as bad as the snake oil salesmen who are profiting from inventing things like "systemic yeast."

Replied by Ali
Wales, Uk

If someone has been taking Nystatin for over 30 years then at best it is only ever a temporary relief. It doesn't kill the microbes, it just knocks them back a bit.

Changing the diet has the biggest effect. Within 18 months on a gluten-free, low carb all natural unprocessed diet I was no longer a walking fungus-factory. Having enough good sea salt and vitamin C in the diet makes a big difference too. Changing the environment within the body has the greatest effect on the outcome.

Oil Pulling  

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Posted by Matthew (Millbrook, Ny) on 01/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

First off, you'll have to forgive me for sounding too excited about the sea salt remedy that I have posted earlier. Yes, it made a great difference, but not until I began oil pulling did I notice roughly 99% of my Lyme symptoms actually "vanish. " I suppose that I didn't notice that I still had symptoms until after oil pulling, when I noticed many of the classic Lyme symptoms greatly subside.

I started oil pulling with extra virgin olive oil about two months ago. I did it for only five minutes, once or twice per day, so as to have the least prominent Herxheimer reaction. I immediately felt what I perceived to be a "mood lift, " and I noticed that I was beginning to think more clearly. My chronic headaches also got less and less noticeable. As I continued the therapy, I regained much strength that I thought I would never have again. There are many other benefits that I could write here, but I'll try to stick with just the Lyme details.

I found a bottle of extra virgin sunflower oil, so what I began doing was using both the sunflower and olive oils at the same time; a small spoonful of each to pull with at once. I noticed "strong" detox symptoms with the sunflower oil added, however nothing serious enough to deter me from continuing. At this point I was pulling up to 20 minutes, twice per day. I noticed my body getting continually stronger and healthier, and Lyme Disease began to seem like a distant memory.

As I write this, I feel as if my body is about 99% of what it was before contracting the disease two years ago. It feels like my brain power has practically increased ten fold, no joke! I am still astounded by the results I am experiencing. I continue Oil Pulling daily, now with only sunflower oil (olive oil stained my teeth a bit), and I also remain on a diet "high" in Himalayan salt. I also take a Lithium Orotate supplement once per day, as it is said to protect the brain from neurotoxins.

I would also like to add that my Lyme came days after sexual contact with someone whom I now suspect showed all of the classic symptoms. Another gentleman who had contact with this person also contracted Lyme after a few of these "experiences. " Laboratory tests have proven that live Lyme spirochetes are present in vaginal/seminal fluids of the infected persons. If a tiny little tick is enough to transmit this disease, then can unprotected sexual activity do it as well?

Many people here are upset with, and/or angry at the "professional" medical establishment in this country. I am not afraid to claim that many a conspiracy exist, and that you should never underestimate the extent that a person can become corrupted by money and/or power. REMEMBER, we are all only human. We all make mistakes. How many of us have ever lied? Whom of us have conspired against another? Has money ever been a top priority for you, while more important issues were at hand? I personally forgive all of those lost souls who continue their attempt to weaken and keep us down. They likely just don't know any better, and if they do, I have faith that they will fall. HARD.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has pretty much proven that human consciousness directly influences the structure of water. I HIGHLY recommend researching his work. DO NOT let your thoughts destroy you, nor others!

For now, I practice celibacy, continual unconditional respect for all, abstain from all drugs (including caffeine), with the exception of red wine, take lithium orotate, use good amounts of raw salts, and Oil Pull daily. Thank you Earth Clinic, and everyone who has worked to benefit the good of the human race.

I don't expect anyone to believe what I have written here. Question everything that I have claimed! A former Harvard professor, who once lived here in Millbrook, said....... THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Replied by Kk
Forest, Va

Just diagnosed with Lyme 6 weeks ago. Trying to find ways to get better. Found a lot of good info here. What is oil pulling? Thanks.

EC: See our section on Oil Pulling under Remedies.

Replied by Chloe
East Greenwich, Ri

To Matthew from Milbrook, NY...

What an awesome person you are! Thank you for sharing your advice of *forgiveness* for healing... how true it is. Thanks also for the info about lithium orotate.

Here's wishing you continued and abundant health! :-)

Replied by Colene
Golden, Co./usa

~ to mathew from millbrook - thanks so much for being you - it is precisely because of folks like you with all your so much wisdom that this site works so well - colene from golden - thankyou and god bless ~

Replied by Jasonmchicago
Chicago, Il

I totally agree with the psychological aspect of it. Once you forgive (and get the right diagnosis) that's when healing happens.

There's a wonderful doctor who wrote about pain many years ago... He said something like healing happens in the sacred space of optimisim, persistence, and calmness... Not negativity, complacency, anger, and fear!

I just got diagnosed after 1.5 years of crazy problems from anxiety to jaw pain... Muscle problems to joint stiffness. One of the first things I worked on during this journey was to fix my way of thinking and not be an "injustice-collector" someone who always sees the "injustice" in things. Yes things are not that great... But what's the use of screaming, yelling, being angry about the "injustice. " I had to learn this otherwise I couldn't make it. The physical conditions were out of control and I needed to have a good spirit to make it through. I just got diagnosed with this. It's definitely chronic and am putting a plan to get better. I'm going to try Vitamin C IVs, Ozone, Infra-red Saunas, Priobiotic Enemas, Parasite Detox, etc. I'm going to use the following herbs...

Cat's Claw, MSM, high dosage oral Vit C, Vit D, Vit A, Vit E, Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Activated Charcoal, etc.

For 1.5 years I had NO IDEA what was going on with my body. I literally thought I was going crazy. I'm relived to have a diagnosis because now I can tackle it and fight the real issue. I took many supplements/herbs throughout this time and controlled inflammation but didn't have enough immune boosting supplements. That's what has made the difference.

Also knowing when to use things like Vit C, Activated Charcoal, Cilantro, etc. to remove the toxins from the die off.

My 1 month antibiotic treatment is almost done and I think I'm going to use only natural ways to build my immune system, detox, and kill this thing off.

Thanks for reading. Best, JasonMChicago

Replied by Susan
Brookline, Ma Usa

Hi, Can you explain how to do oil pulling and would it work if you are very sensitive to fats? Also how much sea salt do you take. Thanks.

Replied by Born Wright
Brisbane, Australia
5 out of 5 stars

Oil Pulling is a very powerful treatment. I have found the very best oil for oil pulling is coconut oil. Swish it around your mouth, pull it between your teeth. It is right to start with a few minutes a day and then increase the time you pull. Make sure that you spit out the oil once your have finished pulling as it contains bacteria, viruses and bugs. God Bless all of you who are suffering.

Replied by Lil
Haifa, Israel

Hi, how does one do oil pulling? can you give very specific instructions?

I am having very severe pain in my neck and shoulders, esp right side. The pain is constant and feel almost electric. I have muscle pain as well, but tis not just muscle pain. Under my skin it feels all broken up, gravelly. I have similar pain elsewhere and wherever it is most broken up is where it hurts most.

I am very exhuasted, sleep poorly and have bad digestion-smelly poop, reflux, burping cramping bloating, my balance is off, I have a tremor in my hand and neropathy in mylegs esp my left leg and foot- it often swells, I do not have diabetes.

any ideas about what it might be? does it sound like lymes?


Replied by Glorylight
Wake Forest, Nc

Lil, look into live kefir grains... I think it will really help you!!