Natural Remedies for Neuropathy: Holistic & Nutritional

B Complex and B12

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Posted by Renee (Bergen Co., Nj) on 08/02/2013

A friend of mine had peripheral neuropathy due to chemo treatment. I recommended B-vitamins, but knowing the seriousness of this, I was not willing to take chances. I advised her to buy a very good food-based B-Complex and an additional B-12. She had a very quick recovery (symptoms diminished in one day and resolved within a week or so, with no recurrence throughout chemo). Her neuropathies had just started a week or two before, so I'm sure that helped her heal quickly. The B-complex & B-12 supplements she took were Vitamin Code/Garden of Life. This is a raw, whole food formula with live probiotics and enzymes. Find it at any healthfood store in the US. She took it according to the package directions. The amounts are much less than typical supplements & it's a little pricey, but there is absolutely no doubt that this one was well-absorbed and effective for my friend. Her recovery was nothing short of amazing.

Having had plenty of back problems myself, I learned to be mindful of how mental stress causes me to tense up in my back and hips. Just being aware of this has helped me mentally combat the stress and relax my back. Easier said than done, I know, but I wish you all the best.

Replied by Karla
(West Plains, Missouri)

Unfortunately Garden of Life was sold to Nestlé who I would not trust to follow the high standards of Garden of Life.

B Vitamins, ALA and Butcher's Broom

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Posted by patrick (qld) on 04/20/2021

Vitamins b1 to b6 and b12, plus ala and butcher's broom, reduced my diabetes neuropathy by about 70% and another 10% by not using a recliner chair to watch tv. Maybe it presses on the nerves in the legs.


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Posted by Whisperingsage (Northern Ca) on 09/20/2020 45 posts

I've been using MSM for years to prevent gallstones and my neuropathy just continued on. My initial neuropathy was from B12 deficiency, which was from chronic diarrhea, which was from vaccine injury.

Posted by Denise (Seattle) on 10/30/2013

I tried B-12 patches for my terrible neuropathy and my cramping and shooting/stabbing pains got worse..I thought all B vitamins were water soluable so this wouldn't happen. Anybody have any suggestions as why this might happen? Thank you.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Denise,

I am so sorry that you are stil suffering so with your neuropathy. I do not know why the B-12 is making you feel worse. I know you have tried many things for this condition and that you are dealing with more than one health problem.

The other day, Louwrence from South Africa posted about someone using carrot juice (5 cups a day) to cure cancer. I read that story and it is fascinating and very encouraging. Here is the link:

I know you are not talking about cancer, but this article put me in mind of Herbalist John Christopher and his "Curing the Incurables" protocol for chronic health conditions. His book talks about using just grapes (crushed, grape juice, etc.) for 6 weeks (that is the only food) and continue this until cured of whatever it is that is the problem. I found this link that describes his protocol, though it isn't quite what I remember reading in his book.

Anyway, all that to say, I have always thought that if I or one of my loved ones had something "incurable" I would try this. After reading about Mr. Cole curing cancer with carrot juice, I think, that would be worth a try, too.

I throw these ideas out as "something else you might be able to try." I hope you find a solution soon. I will be praying for your relief.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Denise

Mama to many, Thanks you for the feedback. Interestingly enough, I have a friend that's a periodontist that had cancer and cured it by drinking carrot juice and nothing but for a month! He drank so much the bottom of his feet turned orange...but it worked! He got out of the Doctoring field because it's a "Crooked/unethical game they play to all people." He told me if I ever went to an emergency room and had full insurance coverage they would do every tesy available even if you had a hangnail...I have a neighbor who that happened to and she just had a sore wrist but they ran up an $8,000.00 bill with every kind of test possible..(MRI, CAT scan, full body Xrays, blood tests etc. etc. all stuff completely unrelated to her wrist.) my friend now has a holistic business for children in PA.

In any event, he's cured and I just may give carrot juice a try..even though neuropathy is my issue along with hep-c..Thank you again.

Posted by Connie (Slc, Utah, Usa) on 10/09/2012

Hi Al; I found that the only substance that helps my neuropathy is B12... Alot of it, every day. ( I'm now taking 10 mgs. of sublingual methylcobalamin daily.)

Also, I'm very sensitive to acidic supplements, including ALA and ALCAR, Unfortunately.

When nerves are healing, there can be increased pain for a time, so it can be difficult to determine whether healing or regression is occurring.

Since tinnitus and pain/coldness is returning, my guess is that this is a regression.

I believe that my case could be caused by some genetic defect, some problem with B12 transport throughout my body. I'm having to rely on passive diffusion to distribute it. I've found this condtion to be rather common, not so rare.

Some months ago, I posted about zinc also being helpful for neuropathy. I have also found that when I've tried higher amounts of it, it actually can interfere with B12. ( zinc can displace cobalt, and vice versa). Too much zinc can displace copper and cause neuropathy, copper deficiency type.)

I understand how painful and frustrating this can be, I hope you can find what works best for you.

Posted by John (Plymouth, Ma) on 08/18/2011

Looking for Connie from Utah...

Hello Connie,

You gave me a remedy for my Periphal Neuropathy... I am now up to 10,000 mcgs of B-12 and still have pins and needles and severe cramps in the middle of the night in my calves... My legs are cold from the knees down and we're in a heat wave in August.... It seemed to subside initially, but the full neuropathy is still there... I have been doing it for about 3 weeks.. Is this something that may take months to resolve? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated... If you recall I believe that hep-c has caused this neuropathy...

Thank you...

Replied by Connie
(Slc, Ut)

Hi John P. ; I truly hoped that you had knocked that neuropathy out of the park right away, but it usually does take time to heal nerve inflammation. It took about 8 mnths. For me , 3 1/2 yrs. Ago. Then, when I stopped taking it daily, and regressed, it took several months to again heal the nerves. Even after restarting B12, I still regressed during the first month. Now in my 6th month, I have a small, shallow numb area on the heal of my left foot, and it is recovering feeling. The area around it is sensitive and tingly. This means that time is necessary. Also, it means that we're going to have to get more technical with your process.

Firstly, I've read that oftentimes with liver trouble, potassium could go low. That can cause some cramping and pain. If you are not taking any potassium sparing meds. , such as some certain diuretics or anti-hypertensives, then consider increasing potassium foods. ( careful with the sweet ones, they can cause pain). Consider getting a copy of blood test and observe electrolytes. ( I find I feel best when K is about 4.5 mEq/L). Fresh vegetable juices are great, carrot, celery, and added greens. Smoothies are also a great option, as are homemade broths with the retained liquid from the veg.

As I see that you have expressed a sensitivity to acids, I agree that reducing them is a good way to alleviate pain. The nerves are exposed, and even beneficial acids can cause pain now. Although citric acid is natural and good, it is added to so many foods as a preservative, that it is easy to get too much. Even ascorbic acid can cause pain. I don't recommend total avoidance, but some reduction. I recommend a food type B-complex. (new chapter). It's expensive, but less is needed. I've found that it doesn't cause pain when taken with meals at 1/2 to 1 tablet. B1 and B6 are good for nerves at lower dosages, ( personal opinion ). Also, the fat soluble vitamins, A and D, can be difficult to metabolize when there is liver trouble, so I recommend getting them from food rather than supplements. Good Wishes.

Replied by John
(Plymouth, Ma)

Hi Connie,

ThanKs for the reply... I'm wondering what amount of B-12 are you currently taking? I have gotten up to 10, 000mcgs... I went very slow for obvious reasons... I have only been on this for less than a month... If it took you 6 months, I guess it will not be overnight with me either... I tried taking lecithin and it thinned my blood out (assumption) and I have gotten very cold as of today... I got a commendation to rub coconut oil on my body... Don't know if you've heard of this... I may try it on a small part of my leg for starters and see what happens...

I am extremely grateful for your advice and your quick response...

God bless, John

Replied by Connie
(Slc, Ut)

Hi John P. ; A few days ago, I asked myself ; What has B12 not done for you? My hair is still 40% gray, and I haven't yet written that " hit song". Each day is a bit better, but it's so slow for me. When the neuropathy was at its worst, I began with a litany of supplements to cure it , but I was using so many at the same time , I couldn't discern what was working. I became confused. My studio became an apothecary. When I look back, I realize that there were so many obvious clues for me, but I was distracted with pain and fear, and I had spent my life on denial of my instincts. I've got a way to go with that. What I'm learning from you is that you are going about your healing process logically and methodically. I appreciate this. Although B12 is not the only one thing , Its pretty dang'd powerful. There have been and there are currently tests being done for people with MS and early ALS to at least improve their status. The amounts being used are 50 mgs. Daily by injection. This means that there could be a wide variance in an individual's needs. I've tried a wide variety of amounts, and I'm still somewhere between 2500 - 5000 mcgs. Daily now.

I've " haunted" some forums, and it appears that other people are trying a wide variety of amounts, but, most seem to be settling in the 1000 - 5000 mcg. Range. Some are lower, and some are extrordinarily higher. I have been influenced by this information, so I need to be mindful of it when making suggestions. Another thing I am noticing about B12 is that it is raising my body temperature and I am feeling warmer. ( I've read this and now I'm seeing it. I'm at 98. 2 degrees now). I believe it will help with cold legs eventually. I also believe that massaging legs and feet with oils can be wonderful. (my skin is dry, so I use castor oil). I've used various salves for pain with good effects. Since you have coldness, I would recommend that warming spices be added to your salve, such as Ginger, and Cayenne. Ginger has been recommended to raise body temperature and improve circulation. ( internally and transdermally) Best to You.

Replied by John P.
(Plymouth, Ma)

Hi Connie, Thanks for the great suggestions.... I currently rub my legs with magnesium oil fro "Ancient Minerals", however I don't know if it has been working as I have been doing it for only 2 weeks... No results... Yet... Rubbing castor oil may be a good idea as it is highly recommended for hep-c in a pack against ones liver for an hour or so per day via Edgar Casey and many other current people... So transdermally it may help significantly... I will try it on just a small part of one leg and see if I get any kind of reaction with my hep-c.... I am so cautious with adding things as I have had bad reactions to many things... I feel this is because of my liver..

Thank you again so very much, John P.

Replied by Janet
(Kendal, U.k)

MSM:-(Methylsulphonylmethane. ) It's available in tablet or crystal form, the crystals are said to be quicker absorbed. Health food shops sell it or available online. It, s sold usually to supportjoint comfort and mobility. We googled what are the health benefits of MSM for diabetes, and came up with a great page explaining all about it. Usage , dosage, etc....

Replied by Connie
(Slc, Ut)

Hi John P. ; I do hope you're having some improvement by now with the B12. Have your symptoms changed at all? Oftentimes as nerves heal, numbness, tingling, and pain can alternately diminish and return temporarily. Temperature sensitivity can also shift. Although I've tried numerous subtances for neuropathy, the B12 has worked best far and away. But this only means that it worked for my case. (though there are many case studies to support B12's efficacy with neuropathy). Still, the folks here are offering good suggestions as these supplements also have an excellent track record for treating nerve injury. I also welcome suggestions because someone may just pop us the right answer!

I see you are trying transdermal applications. It still surprises me how powerful they are. In fact, I cringe when I recall that I've coated my hands with paints that were loaded with heavy metals. Then I would use nasty solvents to remove them. Now I use gloves. But I do use the solvent, DMSO with some transdermal applications. I've added 4 (20mg) B12 lozenges, crushed with a mortar and pestle, to a 1 oz. Dark glass dropper bottle, mostly filled with DMSO. I shake it vigorously for a few minutes until dissolved. This is an approximate recipe developed by Dr. Gregg. I've used this off and on for several years with good effects. I buy the DMSO and supplies from a chemical shop. The mixture is a bit sticky, and the flavorings make for an unusual scent, but it did help me. I would often use it on my left hand which had become frighteningly stiff and numb. I'm now trying it on the small numb spot on my heel to see if it speeds recovery. Castor oil is also a great medium to use either alone or with added essential oils, some good warming ones could be : Oil of Oregano, Cinnamon Oil, Black Pepper Oil, and Ginger Oil. Cayenne is very warm, but I have only seen it as a powder or extract. There are some ready-made salves, but some are with cooling mints. I do have one that is warm, it is called Badger sore muscle rub. It is mild. Good Wishes.

Replied by John
(Plymouth, Ma)

Hi Connie, You sure are certainly informed with regard to P.N. And many other things. I cannot thank you enough for your time and support. You are heaven sent. You will indeed get your hit record.

Regarding the magic bullet for P.N. I'm going to give benefotiamine a try, if all else fails. I have researched it throughly. It's a man made form of Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine).

Again, NO ONE was put on Earth to suffer. We all are here to thrive.

Bless you.

Replied by Kelly
(Cambridge, Ma)

John - Have you tried Alpha Lipoic Acid capsules? It's worked wonders for me and scores of others.

Replied by John
(Plymouth, Ma)

Kelley, Yes I have tried Alpha Lipoic Acid, but for another issue... It did not agree with me... It made my heart race terribly... Don't know why... That was about 10 years ago.. I have recently found out that by eating raw potatoes you can get your Alpha Lipoic Acid... I don't know what the strength would be though... It is something I will certainly consider...

Thank you very much for your concern and time posting you recommendation... It is greatly appreciated...

This too will pass.......

Bless you

Replied by Kate
(Avon, Ct, Usa)

Hi John,

I can feel your pain.. Literally. I've been suffering from horrific pain in my feet for almost 3 years now. As of the past few weeks, it's began to spread up my legs and I am experiencing stabbing sensations and cramping as well(grrrrr). I have a long history with Lyme Disease and co-infections so since I test negative for literally everything else the docs can come up with, it seems Lyme is the origin.

I have been on Neurontin for as long as Iv'e had this problem and about 6-7 months ago began a strict regimin of ALA, Benfothiamine (600 a day), Acetyl-Carnatine and more. I seemed to hold for a while but now things are exploding and I have no idea why. I have been taking 25mg B12 injection 3x's a week for about 4 weeks now. To no avail (sigh). About 2 weeks ago I decdied to give up carbohydrates in another desperate attempt to stop this incredible pain.

I hope and pray you find relief asap as so many posting here have. I have learned a lot simply by stumbling on this thread so I thank you for that.

A great sight with a TON of info on supplements, etc for neuropathy is "Neuro-talk. " Find the peripheral neuropathy section.. there is a tremendous amount of information to be had and much like here, a tremendous amount of support.

Be well, Kate

Replied by Monique
(Elllington, Ct)

Kate, you are not alone. I've had terrible Neoropathy in both feet for 4 1/2 years. Its a terrible way to live. I'm trying to research cures and came across this site. I even had a Spinal Cord Stimulator trial implanted but it didn't work for me. Supposedly though, it helps lots of people. I haven't read many people on this site who have tried it. Also, I guess there is a nerve root stimulator too which is similar and works for 2 out of three people. I went to the Lahey Clininc in Burlington, MA for my SCS. It's something you cna look into. I'm at a point I don't know what else to try, has anyone had luck with acupuncture? I tried it years ago with no sucess but I'm going to try again. I have a 7 and 8 year old to raise and can't go on feeling like I do. I have a high tolerance for pain but it's even more than I can take now. Good luck yo you. Let me know if you find anything out.


Replied by Al
(Alvena, Sk., Canada)

Kate, I have noticed that if the pain is less when you wake up in the morning that it is often an indication of too large a dosage of something and so would reduce one item at a time until I found the culprit and then put everything else back to normal dose and reduce or eliminate the one that caused the problem. When things get worse we need to experiment a bit. Al

B12 and Metacobalin

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Posted by Ms (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 02/13/2012

I also took the same Bs as Shrikant (the fat soluble B 12 & Metacobalin) and my neuropathy in both feet that I had for a few years got better THE NEXT 24 hours I could tell - a difference for the better. I am now still on the fat soluble Bs and it has been 1 1/2 years now. The tingling, the extreme sensitivity, the sudden jerking jolts of what felt like electric shocks within my feet are all gone.

Only thing is lately, I have noticed a tightness appearing and I cannot bend back my toes towards me comfortably. Don't know why...

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Ms (from Honolulu), If it feels like that they might cramp if you move them any further then I would suggest magnesium. Works for me if my toes feel like or do cramp. Even if it is not cramp it would be worth trying some mag.

B12, Zinc

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Posted by Connie (Slc, Utah, Usa) on 04/14/2012

Hi Mark; This doesn't look easy, but I'll put forth some guesses. Zinc may be needed. It is often times low in people who have become ill with cancer and a large variety of infections. Zinc is active throughout the body, including the nerves. The symptoms of zinc deficiency usually include problems with taste and smell, gastrological disturbance, gonadal disturbance, and growth problems, but there can be many more symptoms. Some types that are easier to find are; zinc gluconate and opti-zinc; I have found these to be effective. Also, a food derived zinc may be gentler on the stomach if sub-divided. There's a zinc-l-carnosine type that may also be easier on the stomach. If taken for long term, a small amount of copper may be needed. ( There are cases of neuropathy that were caused by zinc toxicity that then caused a copper deficiency. These cases were the result of extreme amounts of zinc used, however... in the form of denture adhesives.)

Also, some supplements can worsen neuropathy if taken in too high doses for an individual. B1, B6, ALA, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, etc, may cause irritation.

I found B12 to be most effective for my neuropathy, but it took many months to heal... About a year. But I've also found Zinc to be enormously beneficial for nerve healing. It may take a month or so to see results.


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Posted by Caprice (Ca) on 12/30/2013

My neurologist has recently informed me that supplemental B6 can build up in your system to toxic levels and cause nerve damage. I stopped all supplements immediately. I am now getting some relief from 1tbs unfiltered, unheated, organic ACV mixed with unfiltered, unheated, organic honey in a glass of hot water, 3x per day. Do your research before you make changes or try something new :)


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Posted by Jacqueline (New Jersey) on 06/17/2023

Benfotiamine for Neuropathy

Hi my.bame is Jacqui. I am now 82 years of age.

I had the worst neuroo as thick pain around 3026. Every time I P Bank, burning like fire, crushing. Electric shocks, etc. Had ne constantly scream. Cause not known. I am not diabetic but I have chronic Lyme disease with multiple co infections including Bartonella. I was on Gabapentin that worked initially but when it stopped was switched to lyrica and then horizonta. Nothing worked.
At the time I tried Aloa Lipoic Acid but it had no effect on relieving the pain, but the dosages I took were co miserably lower than 600 mg that I notice is now recommended.

Out of desperation I started to experiment with high dosages of Benfotiamine. It is a synthetic form of vitamin B1 so that it iis made fat soluable and it can enter the cell wall ( and therefore nerve cells) making it highly more effective than ordinary B1 ( thiamine(. It is known to be effective & often used for diabetic neuropathy.

I learned about it in 2005 because I had used it successfully then when I had neurologic pain in my left small toe. The usual dosage is about 300-600 mg.
At tt time I took a little more & it was successful in stopping the sensitivity and pain ( even a sheet touching the toe area would caue pain(). Eventually I stopped using it. (At the time I was not aware that I had chronic Lyme disease. I believe that is the main cause of my beuropsthy(

So, 11 years later when I had severe neuropathic pain in my legs ( surprisingly not in my feet until later on) I experimented with Benfotiamine. I was desperate and decided to take increasing amounts until hopefully the pain diminished. I found the correct dosage. 1,200 mg ( 4 300 mg capsules) every 4 hrs. I put it on a timer and took it at the middle of night. I remained on that dosage for four years. Sometimes I could decrease it. When I had Covid the neuropathy got worse and going back to 7,200 mg a day was not enough. I doubled, possibly tripled that dosage and the pain went away. Eventually I was able to decrease the dosage dramatically..

I have also found that grape seed extract, high in resveratrol also have dramatic improvement and with very high dosage ( about 1 tsp of the piwder - in a drink & extremely bitter) I could reduce the Benfotiamine. ( BTW, for years I took high dosages of tumetic, by the tablespoon very effective for my for arthritic pain but it had no effect on the beuropaty, (. Now I take tumetic 95% curcumin, excellent for inflammation & other things but I haven't noticed it helps neuropathy). Benfotiamine in very high dosages has multiple benefits. One is that it promotes angiogenesis ( regrowth of arteries). While I was on the gett high dosage for many years I was not aware I had a 99% blockage in the popital artery, the main artery from the knee down the keg. It was discovered accidentally because I had no pain at all which is miraculous. The blockage was removed in 2019 and afterwards I have read about a study done on mice in 2006 that it promotes angiogenesis and the reason I had no.pain is because the high dosage I was on for years created colkatety arteries in my legs and that is why I had no pain. I have also read Benfotiamine is good for most autoimmune diseases. including fibromyalgia and Croans disease.

I have been for many years on high dosage Benfotiamine plus many other supplements that I experiment with. I also had an EMG test a little over a year ago that showed severe sensory neuropathy in my legs, mild motor.neuropaty, & very Mild neuropathy in my arms and also carpel tunnel. About two months ago I repeated tan EMG. My last EMG tests show although it had not been severe I no longer have motor neuropathy in the legs . The severe sensory neuropathy in my legs is now mild. I no longer have mild neuropathy in my arms and there is no carpal tunbel. The neuroligist who performed this last EMG is doubtful that zi ever had neuropathy because he said it is impossible for nerves to regenerate. I am also sering another neurologist next week to go over as ll these findings and see what he has to say.

I apologised for typos. It is late at night, early morning & I am writing this on a cell phone. But I wanted to share this important information with you.
Also Sulbutiamine is another fat soluable analog of Viramin B1. It is capable of entering the blood brain barrier whereas Benfotiamine can not. I have found and studies support this too can help neuropathy but more studies have been performed with Benfotiamine.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai Maharashtra India)
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May I request Art and any other poster to do the research on this subject. Because Neuropathy of non diabetic origin is quite rempent these days.

Thanks Baldev

2080 posts


I'll do that this coming week.


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On second thought, I had already done an article on Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) last December 2022, here :

To this article of 5 supplements for PN, I would add Berberine as berberine has shown the potential, like melatonin, to promote nerve regeneration as discussed in the following link :

Here is a relevant study quote :

' In conclusion, these results indicate that berberine can promote nerve regeneration through IGFR‑mediated JNK‑AKT signal pathway. '

So the 6 PN supplements would now be :

1. Vitamin B1 in the form of Benfotiamine, a fat soluble form of B1.

2. Vitamin B6 in the form called P5P

3. Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin

4. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

5. Melatonin

6. Berberine


Posted by Joannem (Vancouver, Wa) on 12/28/2015

Finally! My feet are returning back to normal. Getting off the B vitamins helped within a months time. Started taking Benfotiamine, a lipid-soluble form of thiamine (vitamin B-1). I have been taking if for about 3 weeks, 600 Mils, a day. I now have feeling in my feet again!

Posted by Joanne M (Vancouver Wa) on 12/28/2015

I had PN BAD in both feet. After several tests doc told me to stop the B vitamins. B6 in excess can cause PN. I quit the B vitamins and started taking Benfotiamine and after a month my feel are returning to normal! I can finally feel my feet and the tingling is almost gone. Thank goodness!!!!

Some people cannot metabolize B6 efficiently. I'd quit taking them asap.

Posted by Hamza (London, UK) on 08/11/2014

My mum had severe pain, pins and needles, numbing, throbbing and tingling in her feet whenever she would try to sleep for about 20 years. I wanted to help her, so I looked it up online and found that vitamin b1 would help. Within a few days of supplementing with 1 vitamin b1 100mg capsule daily her pain is gone and she sleeps much better.

Posted by Leslie (New Jersey) on 01/25/2014

The peer reviewed studies found on clearly indicate benfotiamine's superiority over regular thiamine (B-1) for treatment of neuropathy. They also indicate a dose of 300 mg twice per day (total of 600mg) was more effective than half of that dose.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

Is benfotiamine more for diabetic neuropathy or for neuropathy in general?

I have two people that I recommended taking the sublingual B12 dorm methylcobalamin 5000 mcg once every day. One is a diabetic but was the result of some nurse sticking a needle in the arm damaging the nerves. The other is non diabetic.

This B12 form alone seems to get a lot of positive feedback on the internet. I wonder if adding B1 benfotiamine would make any difference.

I am expecting that they will know if B12 is starting to work in around 2 weeks.


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Posted by Jill (Clayton, Ca) on 03/11/2012

I have been suffering from peripherral neuropathy for over 2. 5 years now. Being tired of not finding relief at night, I came up with a solution that works for me. In my garden, I grow Bulbine (very prolific and similar to aloe vera). Since my feet were burning, I thought it might help putting it on my feet. The burning stopped until the gel dried. So, I place several stems of the bulbine between sulifane wrap and roll a rolling pin over until all the gel is squeezed out. Then I wrap my feet before going to bed. In the middle of the night, I have to take the wrap off, but the burning and tingling is minimized greatly for the entire night.

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