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Natural Cures for MRSA

Grated Raw Potatoes
Posted by Christine Greehy (Melbourne, Florida) on 08/11/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My son experienced MRSA and I successfully used Earthclinic's recommendation for Tumeric, baking soda, and sea salt. However, though his wound was getting much better, we still had to drain the puss from the wound 2x a day which was very painful for him and opened his wound even more.

A friend told me to put grated raw potato on the open wound and let it sit until the gratings turned black. We did one application and never was able to get out any puss after that! It sped the healing of MRSA used in conjunction with the tumeric, baking soda, sea salt paste. I was told to apply it to any infection as drawling salve. Amazing!!!

Grated Raw Potatoes
Posted by Moira (Oregon) on 07/05/2014

I used a piece of raw potato years ago when I had an 'underground' cystic acne bump that burst under the skin and made my entire cheek swell up. My mom had always had a lot of health and alternative books - she read that raw potato worked to draw. I held a piece of raw potato on my face for over an hour - by nightfall it had gone WAY down. I have also used a piece of raw cucumber this way but don't recall if it worked as well as the potato so what you say here is true. I wonder if the potatoes have to be organic. So many are GMO now. When I did it GMO potatoes weren't around.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Amy (Austin, Texas) on 07/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

When my gynecologist told me that my lesion was possibly MRSA since I had only a month before had a boil on my face, she said that after taking Bactrim for 10 days I should start putting Neosporin in my nose, if the MRSA infection was confirmed. I wanted to do something sooner, while still taking the Bactrim, and so researched and got some colloidal silver and put either drops or swabs of it in my nose 1-2 times a day for a week, as well as applying it to the wound with a swab. I read that it would not interfere with the antibiotics. The lesion had been lanced, and when I had my follow-up, I was healing very well. I have had no more boils yet. I can't say for sure that the colloidal silver did the trick, but from what I've read, it can be very effective with short term use (10 days or so) and if I get another boil, I will apply some directly right away.

Yunnan Baiyao
Posted by Danielle (Huntington beach, cal) on 07/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

YUNNAN BAIYAO cured my Mrsa.

EC: Yunnan Baiyao also known as Yunnan Paiyao is a hemostatic powdered medicine famous for being carried by the Vietcong to stop bleeding during the Vietnam War.

Although its main ingredients are steamed and raw Sanqi (Tienchi ginseng, Notoginseng roots of Panax pseudoginseng) used to normalize blood flow, enhance poor circulation and heal internal bleeding in injuries and bleeding ulcers, and Rhizoma Dioscoreae [5], The two tienchi ginsengs are combined with astringent herbs that absorb excess bleeding, invigorate the blood and enhance healing including myrrh and "dragon's blood" another resinous herb for internal bleeding.[6]

MRSA, Antibiotic Allergic Reaction and Steroid-Induced Manic Episode
Posted by Nick Yee (Mountain View, CA) on 07/06/2007
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re: MRSA -> Severe Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics -> Steroid-Induced Manic Episode. Probably a worst-case scenario, but important for other people to know about drugs that can make things much worse:

Following the medical ordeal, the Prednisone induced a manic-episode that required psychiatric attention.

Posted by Phoenix (Gulfport, Mississippi) on 03/20/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have already sent my story dealing with MRSA but I have to take issue with your cures for MRSA. There is no cure for MRSA only management. MRSA like normal staph live on the body and in moist areas such as the nose and sinus cavities. Turmeric like antibiotics works on the blood and in the body to remove the infection. There are some very powerful antibiotics and I have been on a few that do kill these infections within the body along with the good bacteria as well. I do not know if turmeric kills these good bacteria. The best way that I have found for managing my MRSA outbreaks is antibiotic ointment over the counter is perfectly fine. Put some of this on a qtip and rub in your nostrils once or twice a day. I stayed boil free for 18 months doing this and stopped for a couple of months due to surgery and in that time I had another outbreak. I have since started this again and remain boil free.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by BA (Winter Park, Florida) on 03/18/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Concentrated Grapefruit seed extract topically and in capsule form internally cured my 28 yr old son of MRSA after 4 years of reoccurences (treated by modern medicine). We use Citricidal to disinfect the bathroom he uses as well.

Red Wine Vinegar and Garlic Tablets
Posted by Anita (Old Fort, NC) on 03/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Morgellons Disease, MRSA: red wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon a day, for 3 or 4 weeks. Also garlic softgels,1000mg, 1 day a week, take five. The garlic might also be used for MRSA. This is what I use for all of my family, we do not go to doctors.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Tony (Chicago, IL) on 03/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the great info on MRSA. Below is a link from the US Patent Office of a CS product scientifically tested against MRSA. Scroll down to "10" (near bottom of page) for detail. The CS brand tested is from American Biotech Labs (aka American Silver). It is sold under different labels. It is sold at GNC stores as "Silver Biotics". Because the link for the patent is a mile long, I suggest you go to the USPTO website and do a search for the patent number. Patent nbr: 7,135,195

Lastly, there is also this info: "William Beaumont Army Medical Center has proven ABL's SilverSol Technology effective at killing all three forms of leishmaniasis, which causes the "Baghdad Boils" infecting U.S. soldiers, at a concentration of just 1-2 parts per million."


Colloidal Silver
Posted by James (Akron, Ohio, Usa) on 01/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Two years ago I have MRSA staph infection. My left arm swelled up to double the regular size. I went to the hospital, they put my on an IV of antibiotics and the swelling went down a few days later. For a year and a half I would get reoccuring boils and swelling. I tried everything: Epsom Salts, Manuka Honey, Tea Tree Oil, etc. IT was only when I used Colloidal Silver in a nebulizer(it helps with asthma too) and externally on the boils that I noticed immediate relief from the staph infection.

I am thoroughly convinced that colloidal silver cures MRSA, though I am just speaking from personal experience.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Liljen (Ravenna, Ohio/usa) on 04/12/2012

Can I ask you what brand of Colloidal silver you used and at what dosage as a friend of mine is battling this for the last year and would like to know where is the best place to get it?

Baths With Bleach
Posted by Dr. Health (Vancouver, Washington) on 09/19/2008
1 out of 5 stars


Bleach? That's the craziest advice I have ever heard. I hope nobody takes this advice!

Baths With Bleach
Posted by Freebird (South Bend, In) on 09/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

The Mayo Clinic and the Center for Disease Control recommend this now, along with Manuka honey. 1/2 c bleach and two big handfuls of baking soda. Don't over do it. Every three days or so.

Baths With Bleach
Posted by Landa (Navarre, Fl) on 12/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

That's funny. My son's pediatrician just suggested this to me last week. I had never heard of a bleach bath. She said to fill the tub with water and use a cup of bleach. She said he should soak for 15 minutes.

Baths With Bleach
Posted by Jacquelyn (Ca) on 07/13/2018 11 posts

Actually, bleach is a base, not an acid, so it makes sense to de-acidify the skin that way. Maybe baking soda is a gentler alternative? Don't know if it would be as effective though. I haven't tried either, but I have some pimple-shaped bumps appearing that I'm afraid might be mrsa.

Baths With Bleach
Posted by Djamel (Durham NC ) on 08/14/2022

Hi Jamila, did the bleach bath help your daughter? I'm struggling with MRSA and curious to try it.

Posted by Carolyn (Hollywood, FL) on 12/16/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Iodine straight onto the boils and doing it several times a day washing with antibiotic soap in between applications. This got rid of the satellite boils and reduced the mother boil down to a tiny bump so far. I know, you have to completely get rid of it or it regenerates itself. I am also doing the turmeric to try to clean the MRSA out of my system, which I know it must have been there for years. Iodine (put plenty on top of the boils), cured all the satellite baby boils and reduced the first boil (which was about 1 and 1/4 inch in diameter when it first appeared), to a tiny lump smaller than a pea. Yes, we had heavy rain before the first big boil appeared on my cheek. Also, I went out shopping the day before the first one appeared. Yes, there are a lot of jets here because we are near the Ft. Lauderdale airport. But I have no idea where MRSA comes from or why the boils appeared. About a year ago, I first had on my forehead something that looked like an infected insect bite and it refused to heal. It bled periodically and seemingly after it looked like it was healed over. The little lumps were still there. I could feel them under the skin. But after about 8 solid months of applying triple antibiotic cream, it finally went away. No more little lumps under my skin in that location. This is what I am trying to do now, get this mother boil to finally disappear. I will send more information when I have it. I am 64, retired, live a quiet life. Like to garden, maybe this MRSA is in the soil... If it is in the air, then it naturally would be in the soil and therefore on veggies we buy, etc. There were no changes in what I usually eat so I don't think it is diet related, not sure.

Posted by Bobbie (Charleston, Illinois) on 10/08/2012

I used to use iodine on all of my areas and I had no problems with it at all... It always had dried everything up. I have continual breakouts of these little "bumps" I call them, all over my body. I have been to a dermatologist many times and nothing has ever been prescribed for long-term use.

Two years ago, I contracted MRSA somehow and I had this stuff on my scalp. I never ever want to go through that again. That was the most horrible infection I have ever had. The majority of my scalp on the back side of my head and a large amount on the sides of my head sloughed off in the ugliest way. It became really sticky, gummy and gooey with huge boils all over. It makes me shiver just writing about it. Anyway ever since then, I have these break-outs of little bumps all over. I usually have let's say about 10 bumps on me at all times. My dermatologist accuses me of "picking" the areas when that is not the case. These areas just heal slowly. Even with the iodine, it takes about two-three weeks for each bump to heal.

Two weeks ago, I noticed the iodine wasn't doing its normal job. These areas started to multiply quickly. I had one really long thick leathery lesion on my neck that was draining a bit. I knew right then when I felt it that it felt like the infection I had two years ago... I totally freaked out. The infection I had two years ago left me bald in very large places on my scalp! I had some left over anitbiotics from a previous skin infection of Cephalexin and a few Doxycylines, left and took them right away. I also refilled my script on my clindamycin solution. The spreading stopped almost immediately, and most of the areas dried up in a few days, but I ran out of antibiotics before they could totally wipe out the infection. "Oh freaking great", I thought, "what do I do now?"

So I find myself reading this site and I have incorporated a few things. I started taking vitamin B3 right away. I have been taking bleach baths with 1/2 c bleach, 10 drops lavender oil, 10 drops neem oil, 10 drops tea tree oil, and 4 squirts of dawn antibacterial dish soap in my bath. Just the bath alone has helped as I see improvement in just a couple of hours after the baths. I am also taking the Tumeric, 1 tsp so far (just started last night). I plan on taking it three times a day for about a week and then once a day forever. I have applied tumeric to some areas, but I don't notice a lot of diffference with them doing that.

After 3 days of doing the above, my scalp is totally clear except for two small places that are healing. I did have 6 areas there. The above treatment has cleared up both of my elbows which have been a chronic problem now for years (elbows always are broke out.)

I am worried about the rest healing up. I still have a patch on my upper back that is trying to heal, the leather place on my neck is much smaller and is drying up, but I can still feel infection in the area where it is very tender and sore yet. I have a patch of areas on my ankle of which the outer areas have dried up but the inner bigger "mother" of them all is still a pretty deep area. I have two patches on my lower tummy that are trying to heal yet, and a larger patch of infection on my left leg. I do see much improvement of all of these areas, but I guess I am impatient and want them all healed now. I don't know what it would be like to not have any painful bumps on me and I can't wait to experience this!

The most concerning of all of this, is that I am a working nurse. I do know I have had MRSA in the past (scalp infection 2 years ago.) I was also told two years ago that I am a carrier of MRSA as they did a culture of my right nostril and found it colonizing there. I was given mupurocin ointment for nostrils and used it for 10 days two years ago. I figure I possibly got the initial infection, maybe, from my workplace, although I have no way of knowing for sure. I do know I have taken care of tons of people with MRSA infections. Doctors have already treated me with mupuricon in my nostrils a few times, but it is probably there again.

I just want to know if there is anything else I can do? I also take a multivitamin every day and I just got a bottle of the good acidolphilus (12 different kinds) of 1.5 billion that I am taking twice daily, so my regimen is this:
* Vit b3 250 mg 4x a day
* Acidolphilus 2x a day
* Tumeric 1tsp 3x a day
* Acai berry capsules, two of these 2x a day

Baths with bleach, lavendar oil, tea tree oil, neem oil. Have done 3 so far and plan to do 2-3 more taking a bath once daily. Then I plan to do a once a week bath in this same solution for a while.

I also take biotin, vit d3, L-lysine, vit c 1000mg, and a multivitamin daily. Wow, sounds like a lot! What I just mentioned in this sentence I have been doing for a while now trying to help my skin heal... But it hasn't helped much. I can say, that I do not get any kinds of systemic illnesses very often with my vitamin regimen, just skin issues.

Is there anything else I could be doing or should I take something away. Could someone review please? I will come back here and reply in a few days to update my progress here. Wish me luck!!

Posted by Cindy (Salem, Or) on 10/10/2012

Husband had MRSA and once and ahwile will still get the little bumps. Cut out all SUGAR and WHEAT as it feeds the MRSA.

Posted by Daisy (Eden, Nc) on 04/06/2015

What kind of Iodine should I look for? I just finished a 10 day course of antibiotic for a boil / abscess that I went to ER about, after my Mother whom I care for was diagnosed with MRSA. It went away but has returned. I am so discouraged. I have been washing Hibiclens and silver gel. Also tried tea tree oil. Would like to stop this from reaching the oozing etc. Will use of the iodine cure it? Thanks in advance.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, FL) on 12/02/2008

Niacin(B3) converts triglycerides and LDL to HDL... basically starving the staph. Higher Sodium Ascorbate content won't hurt either. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP) might help as well. Ted's got the right idea.

New Strategy Cracks Staph Bacterium's "Golden Armor," Making It Vulnerable To Treatment -- 15 Feb 2008
"Researchers have exploited a structural vulnerability in the "superbug" Staphylococcus aureus that in laboratory experiments and a mouse study opened the bacterium to treatment with an anti-cholesterol medication. This follows the 2005 discovery that a pigment provides a "golden armor" that enables staph to evade the immune system.

An article published Feb.14 in the online version of Science (Science Express) describes the study, which was conducted by researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the National Taiwan University in Taipei, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of California, San Diego.

After treatment with the drug - which had progressed through preclinical testing in rats and two early clinical trials in humans as a cholesterol-fighting medication - staph bacteria were about 15 times more susceptible to killing by hydrogen peroxide and were four-fold less able to survive in human blood, according to George Y. Liu, M.D., Ph.D., one of the article's co-first authors.""

10/03/2009: Deanna from Augusta, GA replies: "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am so thankful for this site and Ted and the lady that made this site ,Yes!!! Ted does have it right it makes sense the niacin B3, The doctor finally gave me some they are using it for lowering cholestorol I am getting my own I do not trust pharmaceutical companies . I thank God for all of you on earth clinic : ) Ted I am the lady that said I went through breast cancer and my doctor friend brought me ground barley and flaxseed oil so it would not kill my good cells can you find more on that. He uses natural remedies on the children and is now taking the mercury out of my grandson. Oh I am 57 and I am small but it is genetics they say for heart disease all my kids have it but I bet from this site there is a way to get rid of it I quit eating meat too, Again I thank you for this blessed site.

01/06/2011: Tracy from Ft Pierce, Florida replies: "Trying to diagnose an ongoing problem. It started with one of my breast and what I thought was an abscess. I was told I had a clogged milk duct and needed surgery but with no money no one would do it so it finally healed but now it is returning in the other breast and I have done some research and think maybe I have MRSA but not sure because they did blood work and they told me there wasn't any bacteria. I am desperate for a way to stop this from continueing and would love a home remedy that could help. Another problem is I have no money for expensive remedies I am very poor."

04/19/2011: Marty from Mars, PA replies: "I will tell u the only way to get rid of this is to put 2 cups of bleach in a tub of water and soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes everyday for 1 week then do it once a week for six months in really bad cases u might have to do the once a week thing for the rest of your life this really works and works fast I doubted it to tried a lot of other things and finally tried this and it does the job

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Elle (Cc, Florida) on 12/20/2011

MRSA control for a normally healthy person requires decolonization of skin and nostrils. MRSA typically hides out in the membrane inside the nostrils so you must treat all areas of the skin and both nostrils at the same time:

The decolonization procedure often recommended includes both of the following measures:

Apply 2% mupirocin ointment generously throughout the inside of both nostrils with a cotton swab ( but don't overdo and dig too deep inside the nostril) twice daily for 10 days and
Bathe with liquid chlorhexidene soap, washing all skin surfaces daily for five days. Daily bathing or showering using an antibacterial agent such as chlorhexidine gluconate is recommended during mupirocin treatment to improve chances of eradication. Alternative treatment with tea tree oil body lotion and shampoo have been shown effective in achieving decolonization, and have the benefit of being less harsh on the skin. Use a pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree Oil Skin Wash.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Kay (Destin, Fl) on 02/18/2012

For Ref: Chlorhexidine glucanate ("Hibicleanse") is sold at Walmart; it is sometimes kept behind the counter, so you ask for it of you can't find it... Prices are better when you buy the larger bottles (sometimes you have to order the larger bottles; it takes @ 3 days).

Prices (Feb 2012)

small, 4 oz bottle: $5.97

meduim, 8 oz bottle $8.37

large, 16 oz bottle $13.72

extra large: the pharmacists is checking for a better/wholesale price/source.

The pharmacists cautions against it for full-body use; she says be sure to use as little as possible! Read the Warning Lable carefully!!!

(PS: Just posting Walmart prices because it is most accessible nationwide)

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Camar (Hamburg, Pa Usa) on 08/14/2012

Essential Oils for MRSA--Just want to share my experience with the skin infection. I got it a month ago after travelling. First, my skin was itchy, thaen I got boils that were spreding to my but. I did not know what it was and in such cases I apply grinded garlic to the area. This time garlic was helping with iching, but the infection was not healing.

Eucalyptus oil
>I started using Eucalyptus oil twice a day and saw the difference in about 2 days. Most of the boils disapeared. I kept applying the oil until I could not see the pimples (about 3 more days). Then I made the following mixture and applied it ti the area once or twice a day just to make sure the problem does not come back: 1/2 tsp of basic oil (olive or avocado for example) 5 drops of high quality Tea Tree oil 1 to 2 drops of Eucalyptus oil.

It is important to purchase high quality oils. I got mine from Switerland as I was staying abroad at that time. Swiss oils are the best oils in my experiance. In the USA there is a distributor of Swiss oils - essential oil collection.

PS when using Eucalyptus oil alone, I was not delluting it, but I know it should be dilluted as they say it can burn the skin. I used one drop on a cotton pad and then tuched up the area with it. But it would be better to dillute it a little.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Paramiti (Nashville, Tennessee) on 11/08/2012

MRSA Tools that will KILL this Monster which Refuses to die! Twice a Day.. Once in the morning and once before bed take 1 Tablespoon ACV with the mother in some tea of choice.. Add to that 1 half squeezed fresh lemon and as much cayenne pepper as one can stand.. And here is the MOST IMPORTANT add to that 1 Tablespoon MANUKA HONEY from NZ.. It must be UMF 18 or higher... 18 is usually powerful enough.. If there are also wounds or boils.. Clean them with cotton ball soaked in AVC then apply the 18 Manuka Honey on the wound or boil.. And a bandage...

I have also had Great Success applying a sulfur "Refining" mask from a well known acne treatment company in place of the manuka honey on the boil or wound.. Or crushed garlic can be used.. If your doctor will prescribe for you the Mupirocin Ointment USP 2% this is also speeds the process.. Use it on a q tip and put it inside the nose.. Be careful not to inhale it into your lungs as this can cause complications... I Promise this will Kill the MRSA but if not careful you can get it again.. Be careful by Not eating sugar or white flour.. MRSA feeds off sugar and white flour.. It loves these products and gains strength from them.. We are exposed to MRSA all the time and especially in hospitals..

Its so easy to become infected with MRSA the main things to focus on are... Manuka Honey 18 or Higher and Sulphur to kill the beast.. And AVC with the mother for the PH issues... So the body is able to fight it... Take the tea mixture twice a day until well.. If the nose begins to bleed from being dried out... Discontinue the manuka honey for a few days.. But continue drinking everything else until the moisture returns then add the manuka honey back in... Drink plenty of fluids through out the treatment.. THIS WORKS!!

Hydrogen Peroxide and Witch Hazel With Tea Tree Oil
Posted by C (Houston, TX) on 08/28/2006
5 out of 5 stars

hydrogen Peroxide/witch hazel combo with Tee Tree Oil cured a Spider Bite/MRSA infection due to bite. My knee had this red itching bite on it. By the time I had let it go on I awoke to find this now open sore with my knee looking like a volcano. It was spitting like a snake and the 1st thing I did was start with Hydrogen Peroxide putting it on this sore 3 - 4 times per day. I awoke to relief the very next day and over all I have a little mark that was like the size of a dime that has faded since we are coming up on a year soon since this happened to me. It pulled the infection from this sore and is a total lifesaver.