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Natural Cures for MRSA

Vitamin D
Posted by Sandra (Corsicana, Texas Usa) on 07/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Howdy! I discovered your site about 2 years ago while searching for relief from MRSA staff. My infection was so bad my doc wanted to put me in the hospital on IV antibiotics which I avoided by the Grace of God. I am posting now because of info gained about Vitamin D3 in reference to it supporting one's immune system. I started taking D3 in doses of 2000 units 3 times a day to total 6000mg. I buy it over the counter at my local store sometimes I use the gel caps and sometimes tablets. I have not had even a pimple come up in about a year. On a personal note I am 61, white female on oral meds for Type ll Diabetes and Hypertension and I am blessed to share :)

Vitamin D
Posted by Joyce (Dallas, Tx Usa) on 06/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had MRSA for a whole year from 3/09 to 3/10. I had no idea what staph/mrsa was and when I got the boil I thought it would go away and didn't know it would get so much worse within a matter of minutes. Anyways, the doctors put me on a round of Cipro. One month later, another boil came and then I was put on Bactrim.

In the meantime, I looked on earthclinic for help. I tried Turmeric for a month, Colloidal Silver for 3 Months, Vitamin C, Magnesium. Finally, I read about drinking Acai Berry juice. This worked immediately by just drinking a cup of the juice twice a day, my hard painful boil was gone the next day. But when I stopped the Acai juice, the boils came back. I started looking for other permanent cures.

Then I decided to try Vitamin D3, that I found on Ebay, with each capsule containing 10,000 iu's. I took 40,000 iu's, which was 4 pills a day. I did this for 3 months, with no other supplements. My spring allergies disappeared, my insomnia went away, my sebhoreic dermatitis went away, my skin cleared up and finally my boils did not return. The only thing is, I think my candida got worse from taking the Vitamin D. So, I'm not taking it anymore and am now trying to alkalize with Ted's Potassium Bicarbonate remedy.

It's been about two months now and I'm MRSA free. This was not the case 5 or 6 months ago, when I had a new MRSA boil every month. I guess what works for one doesn't work for others. But, Vitamin D did it for me. If there is anything ailing, "seek and you shall find." Had I not come to earthclinic, I would still be on antibiotics right now.