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Posted by Vonnii (Whakatane, New Zealand) on 02/05/2012
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Hi I have had bacteria from the hospital in a cyst on my bottom tooth. Since feb 2009. The bacteria was put into my body when I went to the hospital for a check for gluten. this was in may 2008. The doctor gave me amoxen and doxycline but the cyst just grew bigger. I saw a gum specialist but he wanted to remove 13 teeth which were not loose. The doctor sent me back to dentists who just wanted my tooth removed. I eventually found that 3 antiboitis worked to remove the cyst amoxen doxycline and ermine.

I went to the hospital for help when I became sick but the dentists also told the hospital not to help me. So I have a cyst on my tooth with bacterial.

I take 24000 of vitamin c every day to protect my organs.

I developed shingles on my brain and on my eyes because of this cyst. Stress makes me worse but vitamin C really works. I take over 40 different health products morning and night but the bacterial does not die.

In August 2011 the bacteria went onto my finger. My finger was in a terrible mess so eventually the doctors gave me the 3 antiboitics for 4 weeks. But pathlab did a culture and just said it was a yeast infection. The dentists have really got hold of so many so I cant get this cyst sorted out.

I bought antiboitics from america but new zealand took them. I went to the hospital for the 3 antiboitics as my eyes are now affected again with shingles. I saw the man who was so against me and he told me not to come back to the hosptial.

So I drink black tea which keeps my blood from getting too bad from the bacteria. The cyst on my tooth is pain less but the bacteria still comes out into my body when I am stressed. The three antiboitics together work to kill the mrsa bacteria.

I have a very allergic body and I can't take any pain killers I used to use doxycline for pain but the doctors refuse to give me any more.

So I use feverfew but doxycline is better. The mrsa bacteria has now gone onto another finger so I will try using natural things.

Good health to you all


The dentists want my tooth taken out but I refuse.