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Natural Cures for MRSA

Turmeric, Aloe
Posted by Nitehawk (Camp Verde, Arizona, America) on 10/17/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Hello Everyone! I have suffered twice from MRSA, both times contracted from a Doctor's clinic/hospital while being examined for something else. My husband also got it, from tending to my MRSA as directed by my Doctor. These horribly painful boils began as small pimples that grew quickly to angry purple lemon sized lumps. The 1st time I was treated with very expensive antibiotics ($2K) for MRSA, but antibiotics did not stop it the second time. In less than 2 months from the 1st attack, I ended up in surgery. Had to use a wound vac for 30 days afterward. The MRSA infection was within 1/2" of my aorta when surgical intervention was deemed necessary to save my life. Yes, I know much about MRSA. Or at least I thought I did. Always something new to learn, tho. Yesterday I itched at what I thought was a bug bite on my chest. Looked down to see that awful sight: a pimple. Carefully felt to see how big. A small amount of pus leaked out of the pea sized lump. Now, I had found Earth Clinic after the second MRSA attack. Had read about ground Turmeric & MRSA here. Last night I mixed some fresh Turmeric with just enough 100% Aloe Vera gel to make a paste about the thickness of honey. I painted the erupting boil, already painful & the size of a grape, with this mixture. The area was then covered with a large nonstick bandage & taped closed. I expected either a huge pussy drainage or a trip to the hospital in the morning, but managed to drift off to sleep. During the night sometime, I woke because of a strange tingling sensation. Resisted Temptation to itch or check under the bandage, and went back to sleep. This morning I am absolutely astounded! No drainage. No pus. No pimple. No boil. No MRSA. No itching. No pain. The only indication that there ever was any problem is a very tiny small hole where the pus leaked out yesterday. The Turmeric over the hole was of a different texture. Much drier, kind of hardened, and a little tough to wash off. This awesome home remedy is soooooo difficult for me to believe! It cost me less than 50 cents and about 10 minutes to try this simple cure. I must make sure MRSA has really taken a hike! So, today I will begin to drink Turmeric Tea as suggested.

Tonight I will repeat Turmeric Aloe gel = paste, and bandage. I am in tears of confused joy right now. Really. Earth Clinic, my husband & I are forever grateful to all of you! From our hearts to yours: Yay!