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Blue Light Therapy
Posted by Twinkytoze (Malaga Province) on 07/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Three summers ago I was working in a retirement home and was exposed to a resident with MRSA. I had my first outbreak of boils shortly afterward. I tried every natural remedy on this site with moderate relief. I have to say, I also as a last resort went to the doctor and the emergency room, and the antibiotics they put me on didn't do diddly.

It was when I remembered that people were treating acne with exposure to a specific frequency of blue light that I thought to look up research on whether it worked with MRSA. By golly, yes there was research, and the light killed staph in a petri dish. I thought to myself "Well if it can kill it in a lab, it can kill it on me as well."

I ordered a 415nm blue LED light acne pen from AliBaba and haven't looked back. As soon as the itchy bump forms I will hit it with 12 minutes exposure, and within 48 hours in most cases, the bump subsides. All this without pain, swelling, draining, topical ointments, fuss or muss. Itching subsides within an hour or two in most cases. If it doesn't, I hit it again until it does.

I am currently managing a seasonal outbreak, with new lesions forming every day. I carry the pen with me so I can hit the site as soon as I feel it. For the past two years, what would be a major drama and trauma with ten or twenty of these on my body during bikini weather has been rendered a minor nuisance.

I hope this helps.

Blue Light Therapy
Posted by Twinkytoze (Sw Ontario) on 06/29/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Blue Light Frequency 405-475nm

Someone in health sciences told me it can take up to 36 months for MRSA to exit the system. I had an initial infection last August, and treated successfully for that, but at length and with a good deal of discomfort, using iodine, hydrogen peroxide, honey and turmeric.

While I was suffering, I read about the effectiveness of blue light in the visible frequency (non-ultraviolet) of 405-475nm on MRSA in vitro. I ordered a hand held light from a manufacturer on AliBaba. It arrived after the infection cleared.

However I had a chance recently to use it and it has been 100% effective. When I feel a boil beginning to sprout, when it is still just an itchy red bump, I hit it with 12 minutes of blue light.

In almost every case 12 minutes is enough, even if the boil has erupted. Itching and pain subsides, if there is a head forming it is cleared, and redness resolves within a couple of days.

Some are a little more stubborn and require more than a single 12-minute hit. I will hit a lesion two or three times - the worst one needed 5 hits, each one day apart.

Amazing - the lesion clears and when the skin finally resolves it eventually sloughs off to reveal the pit where the bacteria lived.

Have had a kind of a rash of these small boils since the warm weather started but everything is under control. If you need to find a blue light google "acne light" or "Blue light 405nm".