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Natural Cures for MRSA

Bleach, Mankuka Honey and Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Mommyof2boos (Michigan) on 02/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

When I had mrsa I had no idea what a boil even looked like. I had it confused with acne and so I didn't know what was happening - a gal I worked with told me. I googled like crazy and bleach saved me. I had a huge hot swollen boil in my thigh bigger than a half dollar. 8 could feel it's heat through jeans!

I put bleach on it. I bathed in a bathtub with half a cup of bleach in it. I bleached my white clothes and used hot water and white vinegar on the others.

local raw honey in the wound(didn't know about Manuka then... it's far superior). Tumeric milk drinks.

I changed my pants every day (boils were located on buns and thigh). Never reused a towel. Washed sheets a few times a week in hot water and bleach (invest in white cotton).

If you can still find concentrated old fashioned Lysol that is the bomb to kill the staph in your home.

2 years later when suffering hyper thyroid I got a boil on my chin and my breast. Profylactuc antibiotics from my surgery brought the to a head. However the honey healed them with no scar.

I used honey in my nostrils each night for 30 days... like they recommend with antibiotic ointments. However I used a us pharmacy brand Manila wound gel style. It is amazing and less than $10 for a tube that lasts forever.

I wish I had know about grapefruit seed extract then ... it cured my mastitis in 24 hours and cured my uti last week.