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Posted by Terry (Manchester, Nh) on 12/30/2012

Bloodroot for Warts and moles. How is it used? It it an essential oil that we would put on the wart or mole? Where can I find this? Thank you.

Posted by Brainbuster (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 12/14/2012

I'm a white male, age 31, 135 lbs, 5'7". I have safely and effectively removed dozens of moles, some small as freckles, a few as large as a man's fingernail, and one (on someone else, a woman's neck) about the size of a large pea.

This is more reliable and effective than anything an M. D. can do, and it's about 100 times cheaper.

I simply "roughed up" the mole with either a needle or toothpick or dry toothbrush or emery board (for smoothing fingernails), then, after the surface of the mole is tenderized, cover the mole with bloodroot paste. Then put a bandaid on top.

I've left it alone, and I've also repeated the procedure the next day. It's probably best to just leave it alone. It will turn black, and become a scab, and in a few to a several days, the scab will fall off (the mole just falls off)--leaving a small indent which will heal in a few weeks or a month or two.

The worst that can happen, which is unlikely unless you go crazy and try to rush the process by excessive "roughing up, " is that when the mole is gone there will be a small indentation (still better than a mole).

YEA! Every time I see someone with a mole, I want to tell them to just get some bloodroot for 10 bucks, but of course I can't just say that to people.

It's kind of like whitening your teeth or building muscles... You don't realize how yellow your teeth were until you see them so white. Then you feel a lot better about yourself, and you wonder why you waited so long to take care of it.

Bloodroot Paste

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Posted by Prflgrl (Tampa, Fl, USA) on 06/13/2012

The Black Blood Root Salve worked to remove a fleshy mole that I've had for quite a few years. You have to be persistent in using this product. I applied the salve every evening. The first time I tried to use it I didn't cover the mole with tape. The key is to cover the mole with surgical tape. My skin is ultra sensitive. If I use any kind of band aid or tape my skin gets inflamed. I made sure to use a dab of aloe cream or moisturizer before apply the tape and this helped. Also, I would remove the tape after taking a shower and then use soap on the tape, etc. This helped to remove the tape. Pull slowly when removing tape. I used peroxide and ACV to clean the area. The ACV did burn a bit so again, I used the cream after to help the inflammation. This salve works great on small moles. They come out quickly. I used a Black Blood Root from WWH with these ingredients: Olive Oil Extracts of Organic Blood Root, Chaga Mushroom, Yellow Dock, Galangal, Goldenseal & Poke Root, Calendula & Red Clover Flower, Chaparral, Sheep Sorrel & Graviola Leaf, Burdock Seed, Pau d'Arco Bark, Beeswax, Essential Oils, Flower & Gem Essences.

The mole came out when I was washing my face with a face cloth. The area bled for a few minutes. I applied a compress with warm water and the bleeding stopped.

I hope this information is helpful.

Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Lisa (Mabou, Nova Scotia) on 07/31/2009

Bloodroot, grown often as an ornamental in gardens has proven to be an amazing remedy for the removal of facial moles!!! I had on, dark brown mole on my chin that grew darker and larger over the years. I stumbled upon this remedy and decided to try it. Absolutely amazing! The pulverized root mixed with a little cayenne pepper and a drop of grapefuit seed extract was applied to the lightly scratched surface of the mole. This was covered with a bandaid and left overnight. In the morning I applied a hot compress for 1 minute. Then the bandaid was removed. A scab had formed over the surface of the mole. I applied an antibiotic ointment over this. It is important to let the scab fall of in it's own time! After three (!) days the scab fell off and my mole I had lived with for 15 years is COMPLETELY gone!!!

Replied by Nogluten4me
(Mckinney, Texas)

the regular bloodroot paste that is red destroyed my friends skin. We are not allowed to give out brand names but it works - paste was what worked better. All natural and only 20 minute application was all I needed.

Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Nina (Racine, WI) on 12/29/2008

I used bloodroot paste to remove an eraser size raised mole on my lower back. I have had this mole for 37 years. While the process is not for the faint of heart, it really does work. The whole process took approx. 1 month, but if you follow the instructions, it is pretty amazing. Now, all I have is a little pink spot where the mole was and this is only after 1 week. I would not, however, recommend using it on your face. In the beginning, it is alittle painful. I think this area would be too sensitive.

Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Donna (Washington, DC) on 05/09/2008


I used the bloodroot salve almost three weeks ago. I only used a little bit on four small moles, probably the size of a pin head and covered the area with a bandaid. The next morning I had redenss and swelling under my eyes and scabs where the moles were. It looked like I was in a fight! I called the company and was very frustrated. The guy told me that the reaction was normal, and that it would heal. Within the next two days the scab came off of one which is healed, but light in color. On the left side of my face was the bigger mole. It was a little bigger than a pin head, but once the mole fell off the area was bigger.That area has also healed, but is white in color with some darkness around the circled area. Once again I contacted the company and the guy stated that the skin would repigment over time. The problem that I am experiencing now is on my left cheek where I removed three small moles. My excema has flared up, which is making my skin look terrible. I am trying to be patient with this process but it is very frustating. I would not advise using the cream on your face.

Replied by Anonymous
(Edmond, OK)


WARNING! Used Bloodroot Paste combined with Zinc Oxide 7 days again. It has been a nightmare and I would NEVER recommend anyone to use this. Especially, if you are like me and had a few small facial moles that really weren't even noticable. They are now. One eschar has fallen out onto a cotton ball but left behind some white matter. The others are still attached and one is swollen and looks infected. One in sunken into the side of my nose and I imagine I'll have a crater once it falls out. The surrounding area that I applied the Bloodroot paste turned into a mess of pustules and spots of dying skin. So, far,they have started to dry up a bit but I've been unable to leave the house due to the redness, swelling and unsightly mess all over my face. I have broken out on my neck and my entire face with red bumps. Obviously, I am either allergic or the formula was very strong ( Ebay). I am now waiting to see how severe the damage will be and it is a waiting game to find out how badly I am scarred. I feel stupid and so angry at myself that I attempted this on my face. All the glowing reports are so misleading. Nothing could have prepared me for the way this product affected my skin. It literally appeared that my skin was being eaten away by acid~ Don't do this.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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Moles and Bloodroot: Sorry you having trouble with Cansema (bloodroot). I have used black salve off and on for about l0 years or more; mostly on actinic keratosis on my back. I never found it to be as painful as many of those who write in have. It is just every once in awhile (for the first few days) it feels like someone has yanked a string, controlling a bunch more strings under the area where you apply it. The itching from the bandaid used to cover it is as bad or worse for me because I have a problem with adhesive tape. About 3 or 4 days after initial application, the surface area scab was ready to come off leaving an shallow ulcer behind. I never had any problem with it healing or discoloration, but then I don't see my back as easily as you do your face. Your loss of pigment is probably not a lasting problem and will correct itself. Personally I would consider a small sunken area a blessing and much less of a problem than the results of a lot of post surgical patients I have seen!

Replied by Gail
(Sacramento, California)

Sorry to hear some are having bad experiences with bloodroot salve. The best black salve I've used for years contains bloodroot, galangal, sheep sorrel and red clover. It works on surface skin moles and warts as well as tumors beneath the skin because it kills the growth and it's roots underneath the skin. ESSENTIAL to know however, is that the user should leave the paste ONLY 12 hours. Then the paste should be thoroughly washed off removing every particle of the salve, preferably with peroxide. Vitamin E should then be applied to the wound itself, and vaseline to the bandage to prevent sticking. The wound should be redressed the same way, vitamin E on the wound and vaseline on a clean bandage 2-4 times per day. It is ESSENTIAL the user understand that to remove moles with roots or tumors beneath the skin, that the area must be kept very moist and completely covered. The growth will return ONLY if you have not killed the roots. Be prepared to witness the mini "volcano" reaction as your body pushes bits of the growth right through the skin, bit by bit. Resist the temptation to pull or prod anything off. Allow your body to push out the debris on it's own time. Just keep the area clean, moist and covered and your body will do the rest. If you've had the misfortune of harming or burning facial skin, vitamin E will help repair skin damage at the cellular level. Be sure to use natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) liberally on those areas at night. If facial growths or moles are small and appear to be without roots, a good alternative to black salve that isn't as strong is ACV or Logol's iodine. But again, apply vitamin E to surrounding skin as they can also burn skin. Many health experts also recommend taking vitamin A internally to protect the skin from further unwanted skin growths. I hope this helps!

EC: Thanks, Gail! Your feedback is being cross-posted to the Bloodroot page under "Application Tips".

Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Peggy (Gulf Breeze, FL) on 04/17/2008

About a year ago, I decided to use bloodroot to remove a pencil- eraser-sized mole on the left side of my chin close to the jaw line just below my mouth. I chose the bloodroot/DMSO combination since I understood that the DMSO would speed the process through the skin. I have to say that I was not prepared for what happened. Once I had started the process, though, there was no turning back. I covered just the mole with the bloodroot paste and kept it covered. I reapplied the paste for about a week. First, the mole turned a cheesy looking white. Then, it scabbed over and had a white ring completely around the edge of it. By this time, the whole thing was about the size of a dime. My jaw swelled up and there were shooting pains in it that kept me from sleeping. This really scared me and I contacted someone for advice. I was advised after about six days of applying the salve to stop applying it, just keep the scab area covered,swab around the OUTSIDE of it with peroxide and it would loosen and fall off. This seemed to take a little longer than I anticipated, but when I added a little warm compress, it truly did pop right out. You certainly don't want to rush this - it has to fall out on its own. The back of the "mole" was grayish and smoothe with little dots on it that I assume were the tiny blood vessels that had supplied blood to it. The spot where the mole had been looked like I had taken a paper punch and punched out a circle of skin. I thought I was in for a bad scar, but I started putting vitamin E on it and organic coconut oil. It's been a year now and the spot is not very noticable to anyone but me, and that's because I know its there. I continue to keep it oiled and also use anti-scar products just for good measure. The faint of heart should NOT use bloodroot, especially on their face. Using it on a floppy mole in some inconspicious place covered by clothing would probably be a lot less scary. My mole was fairly large and well anchored, and on my face - not the floppy kind on a stalk. I do think it is amazing stuff, BUT extreme care needs to be taken when using it.

Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Alex (London, United Kingdom) on 04/15/2008


I tried bloodroot bought off ebay last autum (2007) I do like herbal alternate remedies and was quite excited when reading about bloodroot. Looking at my moles for years (and being vain) I rejoiced at the possibility of having them vanish in an easy and scarless fashion (as proclaimed) Got a bit carried away though and decided to eradicate all about 30-40 off them on front and back of torso at once. Thought if they do take a few weeks to heal and might be unseemly in the mean time (plus I won't be able to use the sunbed to avoid pigment scarring) it would be better to do them all at once, rather than one after the other (which would have taken month and month...) The result was major discomfort - after 2-3 applications my body seemed to turn into a sea of skin irritaion and itching!!! It really did drive me up the wall and since there was no position in which I could lie painless and itchfree (forget Paracetamol - won't help a bit), I did not really sleep for 2 weeks.

Now for the benefit of the procedure. Some moles fell off pretty soon (especially the more raised ones) and have vanished hence. Mostly though - especially the smaller ones were still there when the scabs came off and I still have slight reddening around them. For the bigger flat ones - one fell off (with about 5mm of underneath skin tissue leaving a 8mm itching crater in the skin - took about another 10 days to close up and the result is a reddish smoth round scar as big as the mole there used to be. Several other bigger moles did prevail as well and are now suspiciouse looking, i.e. they are now multicoloured and less regular shaped. It does also seem a bit as if I have a few more tiny moles in vicinity to where treated mole on my abdomen. (cannot swear on that though). The post-bloodroot look of the multicolored moles did get me worried and my GP had two biopsised. Fortunately the biopsies were benign. They will still cut them both out completly to make sure though(ergo in the end the bloodroot did help me get rid of two more big moles, by causing the NHS to pay for their excision). If someone were to ask me - don't use bloodroot for the heck of it. Make sure that the moles you treat are really draining your self worth and not just little beauty spots. Consider the options - when I had the biopsis done the process was much more 'comfortable' that the bloodroot procedure, it did not hurt, did not itch and left less scarring yet.

Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Maily (Melbourne, Australia) on 03/17/2008

Is cancema and blood root the same thing? I put some cancema on a tiny mole I had on my shoulder - a tiny bit three days in a row. The area around the mole went quite red about 1cm immediately around the mole it was raised up a bit and creamish colour. I covered it with a bandaid each day as it took weeks to heal, but when the scab finally came off the mole had gone. It has slowly healed and now I'm putting a little lavender essential oil on it each day and the scar is disappearing quite noticeably. I am a real fan of this website....thank you.

Replied by Michelle

I don't know if cancema and blood root are the same. But what I do know from my best friend using cancema is that if you put it on a mole that has good cells (meaning nothing changing into imbalanced or cancer, just a mole) cancema doesn't do anything to the mole because it ONLY attacks cancerous or altered cells. So if the mole was eaten up by the cancema then it was turning into something problematic. She put cancema on several moles and had zero affect one way or the other. Then she put it on a mole on her breast and it went crazy. She's familiar with it so she rode it out. It literally ATE the mole and down into the breast tissue until it had the root. Once all bad cell tissue was gone, it stopped eating. She healed using natural methods and is fine with no sign of a mole or lump anymore and minimal scar that isn't raised. Good healthy skin. Kind of like using maggots to eat gangrene. They only eat the bad tissue, leaving the good tissue open and oxygenated to heal. There is a guy who complained that he used Cancema on a mole on his nose and it ate down into his nose and cartilage. Yes, and he should be thankful because it had to be cancerous. If you use cancema and it acts like its eating a hole, it is, for good reason.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U MICHELLE,,,,,,,,, not for certain, but think blood root, black salve and cansema are all one in the same. I have used it before, but got spooked and quit.

A doctor at the clinic in Atlanta that I get my Ozone shots used it to pull his lung cancer out his back and destroyed it. Sounds wild, but there are similar cases posted on the internet.

My Tractor Driver has red moles on her back and is scheduled to see a Dermatologist in July. We have the black salve, but I told her that this is her call. The fella I bought this black salve from now lives in Ecuador after spending several years in the pen for selling black salve to cure cancer. He has no use for the U.S. as a result. There is no doubt that this is a totally corrupt country.

I grew up in HAPPY DAYS and I can't believe what has happened to us. I guess we can all thank God that Deidre keeps this site going to allow folks to help one another world wide. Think God will take her in.


Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Cheryl (Pensacola, Florida) on 10/18/2007

I used bloodroot paste on a large mole on the back of my neck. It took several weeks because of the size, but it worked wonderfully. I got the idea from my brother in-law who has used it repeatedly on several facial moles. He has had no problems.

Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Chandi (Fairbanks, Alaska) on 08/06/2007

Hey, I said I'd write back after I finished using the bloodroot paste on a mole on my arm, so here I am! I am mostly pleased with the results. The reason I say mostly is because I seem to have missed a tiny bit of the mole when I was applying the paste, and am left with a tiny speck of mole, about the size of a pen-tip. But the part of the mole that did get covered is completely gone. I had applied a fresh bit of paste to the mole after every daily shower (because the medical tape got wet and uncomfortable, mostly) for a week. A white ring developed around the mole (the part that I had missed didn't get the ring). The surrounding skin was red and felt itchy, rather uncomfortable. At the end of the week, I left the bandage off while in the shower, and when the water hit it the scab that had formed in the center of the ring, it just fell off. I was left with a hole in the skin, not very deep, and it didn't hurt at all. After that, I applied Neosporin and a bandage, kept it changed every day for another week, and after that I stopped applying anything to it at all, not even a bandage. Now it's all healed up,the skin is smooth and there's only a pink mark, and the little speck of mole that I missed. I plan to use the paste again to get rid of the speck.

Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Katherine (New Market, VA) on 02/01/2007

I tried the Bloodroot Paste - I have many moles and I am very anti-doctor. I have been cursed with these moles since I was young. I read about Bloodroot & decided to give it a try. Well I started on one (to get a feel for the length of time & what to expect) I began at the beginning of Jan 2007 and on Jan 31,2007 that first mole just fell off!No bleeding -- nothing- it just simply fell off-WOW!! It is Feb 1ST &I am starting on #2 mole.. I did experience a small about of discomfort on the last day.. before it fell off- so I opted to do one at a time (some of mine are quite large) I am VERY pleased with the results!! And by the way-- this morning the spot where that first mole was.. is barely noticeable..

Bloodroot Paste
Posted by Alice (Washington, MI) on 12/22/2006

My husband had a large mole on his back that has increased in size over the years. He's very anti-doctor. After some extensive research he decided to try the bloodroot paste. It has worked perfectly, just as described. Be prepared, it can be VERY painful, especially with a bigger lesion, but he is very satisfied with the results. I am an RN, and I am amazed by the results and complete and total removal of the mole. He now has a nice pink, granulated wound that I'm certain will heal quickly without infection. Had he had convential surgery, I'm certain he would have had a much larger wound with the probable need for a skin graft. We are very satisfied with the results.

Castor Oil

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Posted by Lovelia (Malaysia) on 02/28/2016

Recently, I'd posted about how garlic+castor oil+baking soda worked on my moles. Now, I would strongly suggest on using castor oil to remove moles. I have a mole on my hand and I decided to apply castor oil every day before going to bed and leave it overnight. When I think I'll be free during the day and had not planned on going out anywhere, I thought why not apply castor oil since there's no any planned activities. Then , I realized like about two days , the mole on my hand was raised a bit and I took a pin which has a sharp end and picked the moles out. I was surprised as the scar left was not as bad as the garlic remedy that I had been using before. I strongly recommend y'all to apply castor oil on your moles. Some people said that the moles shrink when they apply castor oil on their skin but my mole didn't . (Maybe because it was a flat mole with diameter 0.3 cm)

Castor Oil
Posted by Gordon (Jacksonville, Fl) on 07/17/2012

For moles and skin tags use castor oil, it is cheaper, safer than black bloodroot paste, why pay $20.00 for 2oz. when you can buy castor oil for 4 or 5 bucks for a whole bottle.

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