Mold and Black Mold Exposure

Mold in Your Building
Posted by Gertie (Alabama, US) on 04/19/2014

My workplace flooded. After a week, they let us in to remove important/personal items. I had a stack of documents w/ red mold growing on them that I had to box up to send to be dried. I most certainly was exposed to mold of all sorts. How do I make sure I don't get a reaction? I'm sure some moldy items are now in our new location; don't know that there's any way to prevent that. I have wiped down all the surface that I can, but I can't control the other folks. What should I do to protect myself and detox what has already entered me?

Mold in Your Building
Posted by Lemon (Texas, US) on 06/17/2014

The only way that I know of to kill the mold/ spores. mycotoxins is ammonia . You must wiped down your stuff with water and ammonia, Wash your clothes with some ammonia. I have read about using thieves oil in a humidifier for kills spores, however I haven't seen the research behind it.

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Karen (Ny) on 02/23/2018

Hi! Saw your post and wondering how much DE you took and if you are still feeling well? I'm desperate to feel better and remove mycotoxins from my system.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ladon (Oklahoma City) on 11/20/2013

Hi your symptoms are almost identical to mine. Can you please tell me, where do I get these products and the full instruction for the natural gamma detox?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Victory (Chicago, IL) on 06/17/2014

I apologize, I left out of couple of important things. The item is called Gama Detox-FX is on Amazon . Drink oregano oil and olive leaf extract in water throughtout the day. Take high quality probiotics. A couple of other things to do is go on a anti-fungal diet or candida diet this diet; this stops the food source for the mold so they die. It took me many months to feel better but according to Shoemaker who is the mold authority he prescribes Cholestryamine which is supposedly the best product for mold poisoning. People on Cholestryamine generally feel better in two weeks unless you are severely ill so that is worth thinking about.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mike (Little Falls, Nj) on 03/04/2016

Hi, your post regarding mold remedies was very helpful, could you please recommend a good doctor that you used for your treatment? How long it took you to be 100% free of mycotoxins? Thanks!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Victory (Pdx) on 04/18/2016

I want to share a few more points. Mold exposure may infect the sinuses. My doctor was certain. I had mold in my sinuses. I had a nasal smear, A specialized lab was used that mold literate doctors or an environmental illness doctors will use to identify what is growing in the sinuses. From what, I understand this must be done or you will get sick again and again, because what is growing in the sinuses will reinfect you. I was given EDTA spray for biofilm and the doctor told me I could use xylitol, (buy at grocery store). I then mixed the xylitol with sterilized warm water in my neti pot and pinch of baking soda and sea salt to flush sinuses, then wait a few minutes for the biofilm to dissolve then use the medicine spray. In my case this was determined by what was found growing in my sinuses.

One of the most effective, fastest way to get well is to starve mold out of the body, Stop alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains, no peanuts or, mushroom or corn. The anti- fungal diet or look up Mold Warriors diet this is so important it spends up recovery. Drink lots of cilantro and celery juice this is chelator

Cholestraymine is drug of choice, it, has sugar in it and it is cheap. There is a special order a pure form no dye, no sugar it is more pricey . Some people will take cholestepure they want something natural . I took cholestraymine, but I prefer the broken cell wall chlorella, zeolites, clays and activated charcoal. Before bed I would take a detox med. then I would wake up at midnight and take some charcoal or mixed clay and go back to sleep so my body is in a continual state of detoxing, while I sleep. As for ozone it does not kill mycotoxins I read it crystallizes mold, Yikes

This took me awhile to understand, that fastest way to detox is get on the diet and take several different things since they all do different things and work on different parts of the body. The cure is an attack on all fronts.

For clothes exposed to mold /mycotoxins .I had black garbage bags for contaminated clothes and then I would put in white bags for cleaned clothes Wash clothes in washer with 2 cups ammonia I do a triple rinse and dry. Another doctor suggests 1 cup borax detergent, 2 tablespoons nizoral which has 1% keticonazole and I use 1 cup biokleen detergent or regular detergent again extra rinse. I did both to be on the safe side

DO NOT MiX ammonia and Bleach ever, most people know this, it is worth repeating.

Pine Needle Tea
Posted by Sandra (Australia ) on 08/21/2013

Along with the pine needle tea you could also steep some pine needles overnight in water and use this as a foot bath or add it to your bath water. Unlike what we are told the skin will draw it in and it will reach the interior of the body quickly. Also use it as a hair rinse to get into your scalp.

You could also make a pine needle tincture. Put some clean pine needles (completely covering the pine needles) in alcohol like vodka and leave it for a few weeks for the alcohol to draw out the nutrients and take a couple of teaspoons daily. You can find videos on youtube on how to make a tincture.

Pine Needle Tea
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 08/22/2013 2072 posts

@Misty: Thanx for your post/testimony, and sorry about all the suffering and humiliation; I too have encountered similar if not more ridiculous situations.

As relating to your Pine Needle Tea, there are post here and elswheres about the powerful antifungal remedy of Kerosene or Turpentine. Search Walter Last for more info in addition to what you will find here on E.C. Personally, my few attempts with Turpentine were mixed as I also was suffering from severe or hyper-parasite infestation. Basically all I got was kidney stress and urine that smelled of Lysol house cleaner. Now that I have made major improvements on the parasites, I may try the Turpentine remedy again w/ probably a better result as my fungal issues are also in the severe category.

Two other remedies you may be interested in are Zapping. I have had very good results w/ a 30hz zapper; most notably increased energy. When I first tried the foot bath zap, I experienced major die off for 5 days then increased metabolism. Didn't cure the fungal but did help.

The other treatment I tried about 2 months back (after reading a post here on E. C. By ?? thank you) of a common veterinary treatment for flea control on pets. It is a very safe and effective chemical compound called Lufenuron. I have experienced very good results with one-a-day 750mg for 12 days

Keep us up-to-date as to your condition.

Pine Needle Tea
Posted by Diamond (Mass., US) on 08/20/2014

I have read and reread this information on and about pine needle tea and it's the very best, I have never tasted any better tea than this. I have done many web searches and found quite a few are doing the same.Just be aware of the type of pine needles you pick, please do not pick the needles that have pine cones, also try to get the smaller pine needles; this tea has a sweetness of it's own, I never add anything other than lemon once in awhile.

Posted by Samantha (Montana) on 08/14/2020

Can you please give instructions on how to make this lamp with the thieves oil???? I want to try this, we are desperate.

Vitamin C
Posted by Francesca (Toronto, Canada) on 05/20/2015

I'm dying of long term & acute exposure to massive amounts of Aspergillis, Stachybotros, and various Cladosporium.

Have too many fungal infections to list and even though I cut my hair short every time I wash it I lose a ton and it breaks, and every morning all I have to do is shake my head and a cloud of fine dust-like cotton flies around.

Ive tried so many of the things mentioned here but can't find a doctor who knows or cares - even though I knew what the problem was I was almost hospitalized psychiatrically.

My stool actually LOOKS like mold (anyone who wants proof I can send photos) , the pelvic pain is unbearable, my blood doesn't clot anymore, my skin is becoming so porous I can't use anything unless I want it to end up in my bloodstream, I've lost several teeth, one of which was a dead tooth with no cap and the space left is getting eaten through to the bone, I have swollen joints, circulatory problems, my fingernails & skin are so thin I'm going to get cellulitis soon or just circulatory collapse, no matter where I go or what I leave behind it doesn't matter.

i know I'm dying - I tried all these things.

i lost 25 pounds in 4 months and over half my haiir.

And I couldn't even get a doctor to run a fungal on my urine which is often rosy/ rust & opaque.

im tired of this.

my body can't do it anymore.

And there is NO PLACE a person can go that has NO MOLD.

I tried so hard to get a doctor to help but they all treat me like I'm crazy, in spite of all the information and vetted science at U if Adelaide's website and elsewhere.


Good luck to all,


Mold Exposure Recovery Remedies
Posted by Doreen (Freeport, Ny 11520) on 07/09/2013

Please help. Can u simple put down what I need for myotoxins I see your list but where do I get it all the strange suppliments? headache forget everything voimiting. This if from hurricanne flooded home. I'm deathly ill think I'll die soon. I am worried to take the A/baths but hitting the pool maybe chlorine will help. The supplements get so crazy My brain doesn't help.

Please simplify this ex: take 500 g's of this or that. I have to say I'm not in the position to move. I have done the remediation but forget it.. I smell it everywhere. Fogger helped a little, Bio Cide Bombs helped a lot. Everyone buy them if you can't leave. It will help. I'm just swallowing the mother load vinegar by the cup everyday.. Also the garlic whole. I have bought all this stuff on line but I am no better. Yes I'm known as The crazy Mold Lady in my family and town hurts so bad.. Work too:( I have seen 7 doctors /cause and effect thank you Sandy and the ever changing shore line.. help!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Niomi (Ca, Usa) on 06/30/2013

I should also mention that I took protease enzymes (with an alkalizing diet), and did a couple of liver cleanses (outlined in Andreas Moritz book).

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Trudyg (USA) on 07/01/2013

Look up a product named Oxine. It is used for many things, to get rid of mold is just one. I used it as a spray for my chicken who had a fungal respiratory infection--2 nights of 6 ounces/gal in a humidifier and she no longer has a cough or rattle. Look it up and see what all it's used for--they clean duct work with it in commercial operations.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Beth (Nj) on 07/05/2013

Hi. I was wondering how your recovery process was going and if you've tried anything new? I am also a victim of mold exposure and would love to exchange ideas.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Bobbieb (Ny) on 07/28/2015

From everything I've researched, ozone does not kill mold. In fact the mold clean up team brought some other type of fogger, the name escapes me.

Black Mold Remedies
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 03/07/2013 2072 posts

Johnelle: Lots of good info and testimonies here on E.C.

Begin incorporating some of these remedies and give us an update so we can help you break thru this.

Black Mold Remedies
Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 03/21/2013

Does anyone know the difference between sodium chlorite, and the sodium hypochlorite that is in average bleach? Thanks in advance.

Black Mold Remedies
Posted by Janet (Dunn Loring, Virginia) on 07/22/2013

Johnelle, I have heard about a very good doctor that in right in Dallas TX.... Dr William Rea, who is is supposed to be excellent at helping folks detox from toxic mold. If you don't feel better at this point, I would contact Dr Rea.

Black Mold Remedies
Posted by Eric (Saratoga Springs, New York, US) on 09/23/2014

OXYGEN!!! OXYGEN!!! OXYGEN!!! BARLEYGRASS JUICE POWDER!!! RAW FOODS!!! WHEATGRASS!!! DIGESTIVE ENZYMES!!! (with and without meals). MILK THISTLE!!! GREEN JUICES!!! (so many minerals and phytonutrients). All of this will build great health and increase your immune system. Brian Clement the leader of Hippocrates Health Institute found that if you eat 90% raw food your immune system stays strong. With juices also. Once you go down to 70% it drops a little. 5% more cooked food and it drops to around 50%.

Black Mold Remedies
Posted by L. Reiland (Nm) on 09/15/2015

For those persons having constipation while taking cholestraymine, drink 1-2 tablespoons of a good virgin olive oil with your meals and you will not have any cholestraymine caused constipation again.

I have been on a custom compounded cholestraymine since 2007 for Mold Mycotoxins Diesase that is the pure resin only, no synthetic nor natural sugars, nor any other fillers such as aspartame, which is banned in most countries of the world.

Black Mold Remedies
Posted by Hilary (BC, Canada) on 09/21/2015

Where do I buy the chlorestraymine you describe?

Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Robertn (Ann Arbor, Mi, Usa) on 02/27/2013

Hey Ted, I have lived in a house that has had been infested with mold for about ten years and I have started to see more and more hard as a result. I just had a question about Ammonia chloride. I am currently using ammonia chloride 99% and I was wondering if this is safe to use? and if not what % of ammonia should I be using? where could I buy it? Thanks

Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Eric (Ann Arbor, United States, United States) on 01/31/2014

I live in Ann Arbor too and there are serious mold problems all over this city! Here's just one example:

Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Littlecat (Sd) on 04/16/2014

Mold is a biotoxin, it is the equivalent of being exposed to agent orange, mold will eventually wear down your immune system because your body is fighting its invasion, You may became very ill, and it is seriuos t you can die from mold it can give you a heart attack I'm not trying to scare you but it is serious health hazard why do you think when the clean up team showns up to clean up mold they wear the hazmat suits an respirators. I kid you not get out of the house mold are found to be carcinagenic Find a doctor that trained with Dr Shoemaker and get treatment

Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Lynn (Michigan) on 06/14/2014

An environmental doctor in Ann Arbor says to add a cup of 3% ammonia to your bath. And to bathe a few times per day. This along with a strict anti-candida diet and cleaning up your environment is supposed to do the trick. I am just embarking on this process so I can't testify to its effectiveness.

Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Vanessa (Illinois) on 01/28/2016

Hi Adelle,

I wondered if you have found a book that covers the material you stated about mold eradification:namely Ammonia etc. We too have found that bleach didn't work which surprised us and Ammonia did on our clothes and linens. Thanks to you, we now know why! it all comes down to yin and yang really ~ negative & positive charges.

Thank you for all your knowledge you shared!

We are at the beginning of trying to get well, even tho we've been at it for 2 years, no insurance but medicaid and no doctors that even want to do a fungal culture or zilch to diagnose the problem.

Now to try and get Medicaid to cover some of Dr. Berndtson's bill (he is trained under Dr. Shoemaker in Il.).

Best regards,


Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Augustina (Germany) on 11/02/2016


do you have a link in regards to Cholestyramine being a scam? And for the Ozone, too? I researched both a lot, and would be interested to read what you've found.

Thanks, Augustina

Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Denise (Maryland ) on 12/24/2016

Hi I've been reading all these sites and some of them say that vinegar is the worst thing you can do, along with mushrooms. We have been doing both. This is so confusing and frightening.

Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Suzanne (Huntsville, Ontario Canada) on 08/12/2017

You might want to try something I am reading about and just started taking myself with my dog and cats for a overall health and detox-in is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It is suppose to have many benefits for health, cleaning, DE-dormer for humans and animals it also kills flea's, ticks, slugs, spiders, bedbugs and more something to look in to. good luck Thank you Suzanne

Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Denise (Fl) on 03/06/2018

What can be used in place of cholestramine? Thanks.

Ammonia Chloride
Posted by Kelli (Vail) on 04/13/2018


I've also read go/no go on vinegar. I'm a big fan of the apple cider vinegar, but have eliminated it because of negative reviews.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Bcnu147 (Anacortes, Wa, U. S. A. ) on 01/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had mold exposure a few years ago and a medical person recommended colloidal silver (10ppm). The problem cleared up in 2 days.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Gwen (Canada) on 05/07/2014

Hi! Just wondering how much C. Silver you used, how many times per day? Did you take it in water? I suffer from asthma and think it was caused by mould exposure - do you mind me asking what your symptoms were? Thanks so much!

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/07/2014

Hello Gwen from Canada,

I see you posted to "Bcnu" who posted a year ago, so may not see your question.

So I'll answer from my perspective in case Bcnu misses your post.

Bcnu said she/he took CS for two days and ended the mold infection. If me, I'd take three times daily two tablespoons per dose for a month (on empty stomach and away from mineral supplementation). But if symptoms are gone in two days...great. Stop after you are sure the infection is killed.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Larry (Blue River, Oregon, Usa) on 11/20/2014

Yes, how did you take the Colloidal silver? In a mist in the lungs or spray in mouth or what ? I've been leaf blowing here in a very moldy fungus area of Oregon lots and lots of mold here and I disturb them up in the air and breathe them as I was using a backpack leaf blower and I believe my lungs have been infected with mold.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Dana (Florida) on 10/02/2016

Mold doesn't just clear up in two days! You have to get blood work to make sure the Mold Spores are not in your blood! If Mold isn't eradicated from the body it will continue to grow and feed off your organs officially shutting down your organs and killing you. Colloidal Silver is great to use to kill the Mold Spores! To clean out my lungs and the nasal cavity with Colloidal Silver and a nubulizer machine and mask! Pure Frankincense essential oil is great for eradicating mold and healing leaky gut and curing digestive problems, 2-3 drops under the tongue.

Rid Mold in Home
Posted by Pr (Houston, Texas) on 10/04/2012

Found this wonderful link on Youtube by Dr. Ali - easy and inexpensive way of getting rid of mold in your environment.

Rid Mold in Home
Posted by L.R. (Calif.) on 06/22/2015

Dear F.

I just ran across your description of your failing health... Please look up MMS AND JIM HUBBLE. On the Internet.

it could very well change your situation. I have had a severe rash and weeping skin for several years and no doctors wanted to pursue it. I got immediate relief from MMS and it is slowly but surely disappearing. It has been 6 months and it changed my life. Please do yourself a favor. This is easy to do.

It it is a drink or a topical that is safe and inexpensive. Please please try it.

To your good health........LR

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Frederick (Davenport, Iowa) on 02/27/2012

Hi, I have been reading and experiencing this symptom, not sure how I got it. I work in a grocery store, I have been in 2 abandonded houses and a dirty basement that are at the apartments I manage on the side. I also took 100 years of wall paper off my walls and re did the original plaster. I used 2 cups of bleach to disinfect, peroxide to open pores, borax to clean, and epsom salt to sooth an provide sulfur in a tub of hot water for 30 min. With a window vented and air dried. I found this topical containing 50% permetherin liquid with aloe and lanolin. It is for repelling flies, ticks and stuff. So far I feel good tonight I have tried tea tree oil and dermatitis creams and bag balm w/ sulfur. And a bleach water spray down which helped. I had also tried vinegar diluted and all that seemed to do is burn.

Avoid Citric Acid
Posted by Emi (Sarajevo, Bosnia) on 02/03/2012

After so, so many supplements, some helpful, some not, I still had critical allergy attacks every now and then, although cutting down on so, so much.. Then I read something about citric acid and how it is made from mold.. After starting to avoid it (IT IS HARD SINCE IT IS EVERYWHERE) I do feel better.. So if you are exposed to mold, look out for citric acid!

Posted by Taylor (Alvin, Tx ) on 06/01/2018

I have been leasing an 1890's model home for five years that is crawling with mold. Aspergillis, cladosporium, penicillium and surely black mold. I'm very sick, I feel like I'm dying. I have five children who are also sick. The landlord isn't doing anything to remediate and we are scrambling to get out as soon as possible. I've read everyone's comments here and I'm looking forward to treatments, any advice on what works best for children?

Posted by Karen (New York, Ny) on 12/28/2011

Faith thanks so much for your help!!! I have also suffered from many of these scary symptoms - and some have resolved itself but still dealing w the rashes, fatigue, brain fog, etc. How long did it take for you to feel a difference or any improvements though?? I moved out of my moldy house and am now currently somewhere which I believe is very clean, we were VERY careful with our belongings and for the most part didn't take ANY furniture (if we did we thoroughly cleaned it with thieves oils) and same goes for our clothes. It's been two months now and I'm not feeling much better, but hoping to start on a diet like you suggested and am hoping that will help out as well. I also just started on something called cholestepure (the alternative to CSM that Dr. Richie Shoemaker uses) to help w/ the mold toxins. I'm nervous about doing the ammonia baths like many others have suggested because I don't know how safe they are but people claim that they're super effective - appreciate everyone's help though, and hoping that this will eventually pass so I can feel like a normal person again :(

Posted by Shatsi (Maskinonge, Quebec,canada) on 02/08/2012

Hello, all your reading and diets are interesting. I thought I was alone in the world. We had to abandon our home and ALL our belongings in 2010 due to the presence of serpula lacrymans, a very rare mold (mushroom) with toxic spores. But we had been living with it, unknown, for several months. Needless to say, I am extremely ill since fall 2009. The experts found 5different types of mold in my blood, at very high levels. I have gained a lot of weight, severe skin eruptions, etc......... Too much health problems to name. BUT, the one thing I have trouble with since day one is being able to eat...... Anything with proteins.... I get very ill and cannot keep it down. I still crave some stuff and eat anyways but pay the price. I'm down to white rice, toast, oranges and a fewother things.

Our home was demolished and along with all our stuff, was buried in a contamination dump site. So now we are in a new home that we built from scratch with no help but the health side is not improving. Please let me know what I can do..... I would like to find myself again..... And not be this ill for good. I must mention that before all this, I was already disabled and have a very weak immune system so........ now, all the preexisting conditions have worsen also. Please help......

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 02/09/2012 2072 posts

Shatsi, check the E. C. page for Mold & Fungus here and I posted some info on Grapefruitseed Extract here: "BHT SUBSTITUTE? UNAVAILABLE IN PAKISTAN"(sorry no hyperlink). As an opportunity to correct a big oversight, Oscar went into some detail on Grapefruitseed Extract and I hadn't read the entire post missing this until later as I spoke of GSE as if it hadn't been mentioned. But Oscar's theme was GSE as an anti-viral while mine was anti-fungal.

There are some great links on the Fungus & Mold page w/ one in particular a doctor using all natural products for the removal of the fungus from the body. I think her site is One nutrient in particular is Brown Seaweed Extract. Dr. Shoemaker prescribes CholestramineĀ® for removal. Both Dr's have websites and books in print that detail the problem of black mold.

Hope this helps and good luck. Please report results, update.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Zack (Vic) on 12/20/2011

Hey everyone I need some help, I'm suffering from a mold sickness causing hair loss and starting get slightly blurry vision. I'm currently drinking borax, washing my hair with borax, and taking vitamin D3, Zinc, selenium forte, chromium, flaxseed oil, vitamin C ascorbate and now I just bought oregano oil, and I also received sublingual drops to desensitize myself from mold.

Is it safe to add oregano oil and the sublingual drops to the stack of vitamins I am currently using?

Posted by Max (Chemainus, Bc Canada) on 11/30/2011

Thank you for the informative information regarding fungus and mold removal (internal and external) will follow up with your suggestions. curious I am though years ago a physician friend suggested I might have yeast build up (too much wine- he scoffed) his past included research on nystatin which he recommended I try. A diligent dietary regime followed, for 6 weeks culminating in the most violent headache, while out canoeing, I have ever experienced. Expected, warned by my friend but forgotten that day it was due he said to yeast die off in the brain the final frontier he used to joke. I never felt better following his "treatment"

My question would nystatin work for mold as well?

Posted by Tug (Denver, Colo) on 12/27/2011

OMG you're drinking Borax? Borax may remove mold on clothes but that's only if the temperature of the water is HOT. Also Borax is a chemical- ingesting it is only putting more of a burden on a system that's already overburdened not the mention the possibility of poisoning yourself.

General Feedback
Posted by Zack (Melb, Vic Australia) on 11/29/2011

Hi everyone, just want to know if selenium forte instead of selenium yeast, as well as chrome as amino acid chelate instead of chromium are worthy to use as substitutes in the battle againt mold exposure and hair loss?

Posted by Zack (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) on 11/15/2011

Ok so Ted got back to me with an awesome reply on mold exposure chlorinated water causing hairloss, which I am greatful for... but I feel this is an important question that hasn't been asked on this site... I am about to be desensitized to mold via injections/drops under the tongue, but I am wondering if I start washing my hair with borax, and or injesting borax/clove oil/manganese/sodium ascorbate etc.. If it will have any effect on the desensitisation process?

Any reply would be greatly appreciated!

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Babyk902 (Huntington, Ny, Usa) on 12/23/2010

Wow, thank you so much for this. I was exposed to toxic mold in my office as well, and have been dealing with ongoing symptoms for the past 6 months. It has honestly been the worst thing that has ever happened to me, and I have tried so many different things but haven't felt like anything has truly helped. I honestly feel like I'm drunk all the time, have been really dizzy, moody just not myself, vision changes (was wondering what kind of vision issues you have had also?), hearing issues, hair loss. It's been terrible! But I did go to a doctor recently who put me on an anti-candida diet as well, and am hoping it will make a big difference. I'm drinking milk thistle, burdock and dandelion tea everyday about 4x a day... Is there anything else you'd recommend? I'm feeling more decent lately, but not close to being ok, and I'm just so upset and having such a hard time getting over this. Thanks so much for ur help, feel free to email me at kayjs902(at)yahoo(dot)com ANYTIME, thanks!!!

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Deanna (Augusta , Ga) on 01/09/2011

please help me someone, finally it is blastomycosis dermatitidis, in my lungs, kidneys, bones and all my sores thats what it was. How do I get it out internally? The weight loss, lesion in my lung, urinary tract and wherever. How did over 50 doctors miss this ??? What will kill the fungus internally. God Bless you all, Deanna

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Judy (Reidsville, North Carolina, Usa) on 03/12/2011

I'm confussed. Isn't Ammonia toxic to us? I've tried looking up ammonia for a treatment but couldn't find it anywhere but here. You didn't state if you only soaked in a tub with ammonia once or did you do it more than once??

I have very high mold inside me , (moved) and several high and very high heavy metals. I'm going to die from this soon if I can't find some real natural treatments.
Thanks for your help. ~ Judy ~

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Mass.) on 03/13/2011

Tom; I do not care to buy or deal with any sales pitch especially those that promote information about using mice/rats for their experiments. I go against any one that uses any living/breathing human, animal or even a mammal.

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Tom (Plainview, Ny) on 09/28/2011

It is very important to remove mold from your home as soon as possible. Breathing in mold spores can be very dangerous to your health. Mold has been linked to asthma, respiratory issues, skin rashes, headaches, dizziness, SIDS and even cancer.We had mold in our home for years and didn't even know it. It does not always give off that typical "moldy" smell. Call in a mold professional to look over your home, they usually give a free evaluation and price quote for a cleanup. Then you will have a better idea of exactly what you are up against.

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Jal (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/18/2011

Re... "So He carefully instructed me to pour a 8 ounce cup of 3% clear ammonia into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes. This saved my lungs which were coated in mold and mycotoxins, as well as .."

Can anyone else corroborate the safety of this treatment and or its effectiveness. Obviously this is bad for MCS but would it be suitable if I wore a face shield? I am wishing to treat a 5 year old tinea (?) type rash on one buttock :( and I have previous history of reactions to molds and recent treatment with Nystatin that was reduced in the faecal test but did not alter the rash.

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Fellowmoldsufferer (Minneapolis, Mn) on 12/12/2011

To Mike from Regina, Sask: Some of your girlfriend's symptoms, like the odd persistent sore throat, sound like they can be radiation-related. We are getting radiation from Fukushima since March of this year. It can cause sore throat, especially. The problem is mold sickness will be aggravated by radiation, so those unfortunate people may get sicker faster from radiation. The mold might also become more aggressive, from radiation. The symptoms of one can look like symptoms of the other, so be careful figuring out which one it is - it may be both, as well. I would think one way to tell is if the symptoms were there before March 11, 2011. If they were, and they are worse, it could be mold worsened by radiation. If they weren't, and suddenly came on after that date, especially after a few months so the radioactive particles had time to settle internally in your body from the food, water, and air, then maybe it's radiation (or radiation combined with some new mold exposure). Good luck to all of us getting either of these conditions properly diagnosed by doctors.

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Ladyjustice (Fayetteville, Arkansas) on 12/26/2011

I have a resistant skin fungus that has gotten much worse starting in late March/early April of this year. At the same time my hair started falling out. I am really interested in the connection between radiation and fungi... It seems like this year was a full on assault for my skin. After taking terbinafine it got so much worse...

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Diane (Island Pk, New York) on 01/24/2012


Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Jimmy (Panama City, Fl) on 12/25/2012

Find an ortho molecular doctor or an integrated medicine doctor that will give you high dose (30 to 100g) of IV-vitamin C or H2O2. My son had toxic levels of mold VOCs, ochratoxin and trichothencenes. Must use C or HP because they will break up the biofilms that toxins (and microbes) are sequestered in... kinda like chelation treatments but C and HP is better than EDTA.

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 12/26/2012

HI U JIMMY, , , , , , , , Glad your son is doing well with the Vit C I. V. , but your post is misleading as each one of the IV's you mentioned are for different situtations. I have been doing the three that you mentioned and others for the last 5 years. The mold infection will just come back if you do not kill it at the source. I have been down that trail when my truck's A/C had a mold colony in it. I've had over 60 EDTA Chelations to clean out my blood vessels and heavy metals. We do HP I.V. to avoid the flu and colds. Vit C I.V. we do for just general good health and my current cancer situtation. =====RH========

Anti-Fungal Herbs and Foods
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 01/12/2016 2072 posts

Here's info on the topic.

Ozone Treatment
Posted by Srindge (Melbourne, Fl, Usa) on 09/17/2010

My husband is an acupuncturist & we live in Melbourne, FL. We recently had our air conditioner upgraded. Unfortunately since our previous one was barely operational when the new one kicked on so did the mold that had accumulated. We used many of the methods so noted but also added ozone treatment. It took a couple of days (we ran ours 8 - 12 hours during the day)and there is no further sign. Unlike all the internal bodily solutions the ozone treatment attacks the problem at source within the home and behind the walls. We found the following for a friend in the Chicago area where one can rent the equipment. Consider renting equipment or having professionals ozonate your home for you.

Ozone Treatment
Posted by Rebecca (ON) on 04/08/2022

What ozone machine do you use and take with you? Also, can you provide a link to this sprayer? Thanks!

Ozone Treatment
Posted by Sue (St Joseph, Mi) on 10/10/2016

Curious as to what the Russian herbs were.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Oil Pulling
Posted by Gail (Quinte West, Canada) on 01/19/2012

Hello and thank you for your information. I would like to start the Peroxide inhaling. How do you do this and what is the mixture? Regards

Hydrogen Peroxide, Oil Pulling
Posted by Steve (Alabama) on 02/25/2014

Can you tell me if you used regular hydrogen peroxide or food grade hydrogen peroxide in your nose? Also do you know if it is safe to drink in small portions?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Shelly (Fayetteville, Tn, Usa) on 01/26/2011


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 01/26/2011

Shelly: Unfortunately, with mold illness/toxicity/exposure, the medical treatment regimen is very individualized depending on gender, genetics, exposure time and levels and mold type, and you haven't said anything about these.

Here is a generic reply given a month ago here. Look for my 12/31/2010 post 1/4 down the page:

The key site you want to visit is Dr. Shoemaker's newest one at the root URL

The specific area you want is under the "TREATMENT" tab, at:

His FIRST STEP is the most important by far! You will have to leave your moldy workplace or domicile immediately and permanently, since he claims that once exposure time reaches a certain length (again, highly individually specific), the mold toxin damage may be irreversible, even with the best current medical science.

If the patient feels fine with simple removal from exposure, no more steps are needed. There are a few people who are fixed with this step alone.

He uses cholestyramine, a Rx "old school" cholesterol-lowering drug that comes in a gritty powder, as the base of his treatment. It binds and holds, in the gut, the mold toxins that flood down into the gut with the bile after a meal! But for those so badly damaged that even the blood test markers are skewed, he uses all manner of other science, like Epogen the Amgen RBC regenerating drug (hormone), plus now many others.

IF you can print out some pages there, & IF you show some of his work to your PCP who sees the match in symptoms with yours, then perhaps you can get an "off-label" Rx for the cholestyramine right there without consulting with Dr. Shoemaker in the interim to get started on pulling out those mold toxins. The longer they circulate when unable to breakdown & excrete them, the more damage they do.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Carmen (Orange County, Ca) on 11/27/2016

Finally some help I have not been made aware of. I live in south Orange County, Ca Severe mold poisoning. But as bowel is not functioning well enough to eliminate toxins that way due to thyroid not functioning properly, l I need an alternative. I am a little concerned about the ammonia though. Is there any risk? I am 65 and was in pretty good health prior. I certainly do not need any more problems. Would the ACV be just as good? The exposure caused a severe blood pressure rise and allergies to so many things. I have to be careful of a lot of herbs, etc. Really happy about the coconut water and chlorophil, etc. Many thanks. A lot of great ideas. I'll be trying, but will wait to hear more from you great people about ammonia. Also can you tell me what is the "6-hour regimen" mentioned by Sorrokine? Happy Holidays to all. Carmen

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jaimie (Woodstock, Ny) on 12/05/2016

Hi, I know exactly what you're going through; doctors here SUCK! Then I find they get high ALOT but went to medical school in Dominican Republic in the 1970s. That's like Med school in Port Au Prince right after the earthquake. I'm in the Hudson Valley. I went to Hahnemann Medical College in Philly until they closed our program overnight. Then went to Ivy League becoming epidemiology researcher. I am on day two of this Apple Cider Vinegar and my cough, which only hurts when I start to laugh; then I start coughing to point of passing out sometimes. My cat and I were exposed to black mold. We both breathe so loudly it wakes me up. You need to find a good pulmonologist /diagnostician and get proper tests and pulmonary function tests that take 45 to 90 minutes. This two big breaths into a plastic tube is a scam; it tells you NOTHING! I'm a professionally trained vocalist, former yoga practioner and athlete, so my lungs know endurance. My lung problems occur mostly at night or when laughing hard. Im changing insurance so Jan 2017 I'll be free to get better care. I hope this vinegar helps. Though its acid to drink, it's metabolised into a base which affects blood pH. We hope it works. Are you getting enough VitD? Best regards, Jaimie

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Katherine (Atlanta, Ga) on 07/28/2012

I have been treated per Dr. Shoemaker's protocol by a local integrative medicine physician. The mold is not in my current, house, I am relieved to say. I started cholestyramine and even a few doses eased my pain and fatigue. It is tough to take. I am now researching chlorella per my doc's instructions.

Posted by Panther88668 (New York, New York) on 02/11/2010

i have been exposed to mold. i heard that iodine is helpful. please locate your recommended treatment for mold exposure.

Posted by Bee (Anon, Usa) on 02/11/2010

I too am suffering the effects of mold exposure. I've not heard of iodine being used, but I thought GSE is helpful. I'd be interested in remedies- I've had congestion and fatigue mainly. Also, what can be used to clean up mold in a house? Would borax or bleach be helpful? Thanks.

Posted by J-six (Sunrise, Florida) on 01/20/2011

I am inhaling Lugol's iodine via nebulizer. Nothing definitive right now. I plan to go on a 100% Vegan diet for a few months and do the Lugol's inhalation. I think it can really work then. Will try to report back.

I feel nothing bad from this practice. Some say to inhale nascent iodine instead so I bought some. Nothing definitive yet.

Posted by Stef (Warrington) on 09/13/2015

Http:// This is where I get mine from :)

Oregano Oil, Garlic
Posted by Austin (Va) on 12/10/2021

Please help. I looked him up but can't find anything of his treatments for mold. Only discussions?

Posted by Yvonne (Tempe, Az) on 12/04/2009
1 out of 5 stars

I've survived mold and done much research, I would disagree with chlorella and green juices in general, since these usually produce cooling and/or dampening conditions in the body which would only make the situation worsen. Avoid mushrooms too except chinese reishi mushroom.

Mold in Your Building
Posted by Nicole (Chicago, IL) on 03/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to say that if people have extremely chronic respiratory or nervous conditions, they ought to find out if they are living or working in a moldy building. Nothing cures that but getting out or fixing the problem in the house!

Menthol, Thymol, Camphor, Ecualyptus, Tea Tree, DMSO
Posted by Ellen (Redwood Shores, CA) on 01/06/2008

To Robert: Were you successful in fully eradicating the toenail fungus? Btw, it was Michigan State University's patent, not University of Michigan. I did look it up and skimmed the Doctorese. I was familiar with the Meijer's Chest rub study. Thanks for providing this information!

Menthol, Thymol, Camphor, Ecualyptus, Tea Tree, DMSO
Posted by Ellen (Redwood Shores, CA) on 01/21/2008

To Robert, Thank you for sharing your research with us. It is fascinating! I no doubt transferred my toenail fungus to my face and I also have Rosacea--do you? I did read somewhere recently that the oils are the best remedies and it certainly sounds like they are, judging from your research. Regarding your recipe, I do have a question. With coconut oil being a solid, how do I mix it with the other liquid oils? Thanks again for sharing! I am hopeful to see the line of demarcation, too!

Menthol, Thymol, Camphor, Ecualyptus, Tea Tree, DMSO
Posted by Robert (Naples, Florida) on 01/22/2008

Coconut Oil melts at 80 degrees F. If it's solid, just run the container under warm water. The essential oils, when added, lower the melting point to below room temperature.

Regarding Rosacea, the following information may be helpful from internet research: "The Rosacea diagnosis includes a range of inflammatory events in facial skin. The range is so broad that it is reasonable to ask if Rosacea' is too fuzzy a term that can apply to diverse immune-mediated events in the skin with different causes.... Seborrhea is a related condition that involves the hair-bearing skin of the scalp and face, all expressions of infection with the fungus, pityriasis ovale. Seborrhea can involve the central forehead, skin under the eyebrows and beard and may contribute to or be confused with Rosacea."

Hope this helps.

Menthol, Thymol, Camphor, Ecualyptus, Tea Tree, DMSO
Posted by Amanda (Gainesville, FL) on 09/18/2008

Robert, I have been suffering from chronic sinunitis for years I am going to start trying your remedy today, I have also been suffering from abcessed boils for the same amount of time that I have had the chronic sinunitis, now I am wondering if they are related, the funniest thing is I never had a problem with any of this stuff until I moved to the state of FL, moving here from Bangor, ME. I thought it was from the mold counts here... I am not sure, let me know if you think your essential oil treatment would work on abcessed boils. thankyou so much for your information.

Essential Oils
Posted by Sarah (Key West, Florida) on 05/20/2008

For Debbie with fungal mold problems: please do not try ACV as it contains mold.Vinegar has many health benefits and most people can fight off the amounts of mold found in apple variety, but you sound like you have plenty in your system. I am fighting many mold issues and parasites since the hurricanes (Still!). Please try the Borax! Use bottled white vinegar if you wish, which does not contain the trace common vitamins that ACV does nor the mold. I'm still trying to figure this stuff out and appreciate your tips, I'm excited about the VCO, have tried caprylic acid but the spoonfuls of unrefined coconut oil seem more effective! Good luck to you and your son, God/dess bless.

Essential Oils
Posted by Laura (New York, Ny) on 08/15/2010

How long will it take to detox from exposure to mycotoxins? I've recently vacated my mold-infested apartment and have started taking essential oils, exercising regularly, and eating a low sugar, anti-yeast diet. My main symptoms are tingling, shaky arms and hands, muscle cramps, extreme fatigue, and chronic sinus infections. Over the last week symptoms have lessened slightly. I hope it will keep improving. Also, I left my apartment as soon as the mold was discovered (it was behind a wall and as soon as the area was exposed my symptoms kicked-in full force). I grabbed some clothes and ran. Is it safe to go back for my bed spread and sheets? Can they be salvaged by a hot wash? I don't want this to follow me.

Essential Oils
Posted by Tom (Regina, Sk) on 08/15/2010


There is a little known G. P. Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay who has been treating mold and other neurotoxin -exposed victims since the late 1990s! He runs several websites:

If you have one or more of these unexplainable symptoms, you may have been exposed to a biotoxin. Our research in biotoxins began almost 10 years ago, and during that time we have treated over 5, 000 patients with Biotoxin-related Illness. Our cutting-edge work has led to the development of an a brand new on-line screening test which can be completed in about 20 minutes. (Unfortunately, this test is NOT free. )

Since he's got several days' reading up on those sites, not including his several 300-500-page books, plus videos you can watch, maybe a snapshot of his work, his findings & the treatment protocol would be better first. It's CSM (cholestyramine, an Rx item):

The main first thing to do always is to get out of harm's way by vacating any known mold source. A 2nd clear warning given among all this info is any unwell person is to stay away from any "moldy" foods. This would include anything from small rot spots on fruits to blue cheese and even Apple Cider Vinegar.

Here is one site which mentions Shoemaker, and which claims some kind of peach tree extract works to pull out the mold neurotoxins:

Here's another one with what looks like a lot of real info, or a complicated protocol to follow:

As far as salvaging your bedding, I don't know if you also mean the bed, which until the place is thoroughly cleaned up and defogged for days with either MMS (chlorine dioxide) or ozone, means it'll be thoroughly tainted. To prevent a really long post here, there's got to be scores of pest removal/mold remediation companies either online or in the Yellow Pages. You could call them or e-mail and ask each how EXACTLY they gas a contaminated building once the moldy parts are removed and replaced. I believe they call it 'tenting', and it's similar to the way they gas out termites and cockroaches.

Essential Oils
Posted by Candra (Ahwatukee, Az) on 10/13/2014

I tried Dr. Shoemaker's protocols with a Dr. trained by him. I got MUCH worse. I found that colonics, coffee enemas, getting a portable IR sauna and doing veggie smoothies has helped. Also, things that bind toxins in your stomach to help move them out, like bentonite clay. I tried the hi-pro, low carb diet and got MUCH worse. Both Dr.'s I'm seeing now said that's a bad idea. Proteins are harder on the body and slow down assimilation and detoxification. I'm better now, but still have MCS and can't eat a lot of things. Still, most days I can think!! I read that women are 4x more likely to get adverse reactions to toxins like mold than men because of lower testosterone. Hmmm. I got my testosterone tested because I'm in perimenopause. ZERO. No testosterone. So I'm going bio-identical. Hope tht helps. BTW, if you do a home sauna, cover it w/ towels and wash often as the mold will get in it.

Essential Oils
Posted by Faith (Ca) on 07/10/2015

I was exposed to hidden ( odorless, invisible) black mold for three years in newer house, Symptoms began with itchy skin, red dry eyes, progressed to dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, wheezing, heart palpitations , rash, brain fog, neurological problems, tremors, shortness of breath, weight loss totally disabled. Most . The a brilliant doctor, thought I had mycotoxin poisoning. He put me on Cholerstraymine four to five times a day, charged Zeo-lites, broken cell Chlorella, all of these were taken at different times of the day. Nutritional balancing, fungus free diet, and taking quality probiotics. Sauna daily and colonics help tremendously. Getting detox from black mold takes time so be patient. We finally discovered the mold and moved. I washed all clothing with ammonia in the washer ( I wore eye goggles and wore gloves when handling ammonia) I also rinsed clothes twice this kills mycotoxins in the clothes.

Apparently, Dr Shoemaker did write that many very effective methods were being used in other countries to treat black mold. If anyone knows of other methods please do write .

Essential Oils
Posted by Sandy (Northern Ca) on 07/30/2015

Faith - Please, I'm looking for an experienced specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mold exposure from school!!! I have Kaiser, but, they are no help. This war is an outrage!

Essential Oils
Posted by Anju (Flower Mound Tx) on 08/27/2016

We found mold in the house we just moved into 2 months ago and all of us have been having health problems.

I was researching for holistic ways to deal with mold and came across your post. What brand of essential oils do you recommend?

And what proportions of Oregano, Frankincense, Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon, and Eucalyptus do you use in your capsules?

What do you use in the diffuser?

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