High Blood Sugar Remedies

pH Meter Testing

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/25/2005 384 posts

One of the most amazing things, I have ever witnessed was the lowering of my own blood sugar to near normal levels. The single BIGGEST problem that prevented ME from finding foods to lower the blood sugar is not what foods, supplements, herbs, vitamins to take but I needed a device that will measure my blood sugar to tests the food I eat.

The device turns out to be a Brix - sugar refractometer- see "Ph The Scoop" and the optimal values are about 1.5 The fun part about this is you don't need to do fasting for 12 hours before pinching blood on your fingers! No fasting was needed.

Therefore, I proceeded to take observations as to what foods I have been eating and what effects it has on my blood sugar on a day by day basis. This is the only way to find out what food works for me. However, other people's blood chemical might be different.

The numbers are preliminary, but the effects are large enough to report to you. My brix went from 5 to 2.5 within hours after eating onions (one big bulb) in my tuna sandwiches or sardines with lemon and onions.

What is so amazing is that I also get almost the same blood sugar reduction with garlic as well. There has been many reports of using supplements with vanadium, chromium, brewer's yeast, vanadium, cinnamon, brewer's yeast, manganese, magnesium, etc. Some say the use of linalool (rosewood oil), peppermint oil, also had a blood sugar lowering effect.

It might be true, but the biggest effect I tested for was onions works best for me. Garlic came second. I also tested other foods, and a distant third could be peppermint oil, however the effects were not as long lasting as onions. Apparently the disulfide compound in both onions and garlic had a blood glucose lowering (or suppressing) effect. Coconut oil might be supportive but the results are too early to tell now. What I do know was vegetable oils made it worse - the ones you find in fried foods.

It is well known since ANCIENT times that onions and garlic were useful for treating DIABETES, and once again I rediscovered that what our ancestors eating were right after all.

I will keep you posted on other food or supplements that help lower blood sugar. I am now testing brewer's yeast, manganese, and others to see which one will help me lower my blood sugar.

Replied by Janet
Kendal, Cumbria

I have always found your feeds, very informative, thank you. My partner is struggling to get his blood sugars regulated, and is refusing to take insulin. Instead he did a 2week detox, before regularly taking Apple Cider Vinegar as well as co. we have tried cinnamon and fenegreek tea.

I am now trying to control his general nutricion, paying special attention to his mineral intake. Still fumbling around unfortunately to find anything that makes any real differance... have you got any suggestions?

I have recently read your findings on onions and garlic, he naturally eats these regular in his native diet. He's half Goan half Portugese.

Thank you Ted.

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

You all have inspired me. I got a glucose meter from CVS last week, and have been playing with it, especially right before bed. I am not diabetic, but I don't want to be one! So to me, glucose monitoring every now and then is something I am commited to doing. I learned my glucose rises real easy, so need to watch it but still under 125 (75-121 readings) so far. Still searching amazon for a pH meter or kit, but am amazed at what I have learned on the importance of balanced pH. Thank you Ted, and everyone!

Prickly Pear Cactus

Posted by Alpan (Astoria, Ny) on 02/15/2010
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Opuntia cactus - AKA Prickly Pear Cactus - AKA "Nopalitos", Nopal Cactus: Lowers blood sugar (not the fruit, the cactus leaves). They can usually be found at markets that carry Mexican produce.

Burn off the spines over a hot stove. Take two to three leaves about the size of the palm of your hand, slice them up and put them in a juice machine: The juice will be a very dark green viscous liquid, very slimy, almost like algae. Drink about 8oz. whenever your sugar is high. For example, my evening blood sugar was 242 after a meal. 25 minutes after drinking 8oz of nopal cactus juice it went down to 124. By morning it was 105. This juice obsoletes metformin and has no side effects (your sugar will not crash, only brings it down to normal). My doctor was going to put me on insulin - I use nopal cactus instead. It brings down your sugar within minutes. You can also freeze the pulp into a patty and cook it up with seasoning, also helps.


Posted by Kennysgramma (Eastern, Indiana) on 01/02/2012
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There is a history of blood sugar issues, both diabetes and hypoglycemia, in my mother's family. I have an insatiable sweet tooth and know I could fall to either of these diseases. After turning 50, I noticed that eating sweets, especially on an empty stomach, would put me to sleep. Eating sweets before bedtime would interupt my sleep with heart palpitations and sweating. Actually, eating anything high on the glycemic index would do the same. I found that taking 2 tsp of psyllium hulls combo powder mixed with water (lots of water - at least 20 oz) before bed alleviates these symptoms completely. Yes, I do have to visit the bathroom most nights, but what a small price to pay.

Raw Food Diet

Posted by Rachel (Brooklyn, New York) on 11/07/2007
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My husband developed non-healing sores (but not dangerous) on his leg near the ankle.They kept on getting bigger and were there for about a half year. He also had a bit of sugar in his blood. After going to doctors and trying many things, "Une boot wraps" is what helped heal the sores. Using these wraps was very painful the first few weeks, but they worked.

At the same time, someone mentioned seeing in a book*, a fasting program, that helps heal such sores. The Health food stores didn't have the book and the fasting program seemed hard. Other fasting programs also seemed to be a possibility. Since the sores healed before the books were bought, none of the fasting programs were attempted.

Recently, after getting a knock on the foot, the problem started to come back. There were two sores that were getting bigger. Instead of a fast, we (a few members of the family) began a mostly raw food cleansing program, eating raw fruit and vegetables throughout the day (after the first week, including figs and nuts and seeds) and eating one warm, cooked meal in the evening. The cooked meal being very simply, grilled fish and vegetable soup or chicken soup with cooked chicken and vegetables, including carrots, celery, onions, garlic, parsley root, sweet potato, asparagus and so on. No flour or corn starch was used in the soup to thicken it and no oils. Sometimes a cooked potato was included. Bread and grain flour products were also avoided. Milk and hard cheese was avoided. Unheated, unrefined olive oil was used occasionally on salads or other vegetables. This was meant to be a cleansing program, easier than a fast but cleansing nevertheless. One day a week, a variety of regular foods, including Challah, was eaten in moderation. At this point, several weeks into the program my husbands sores are almost completely gone, the sugar is completely gone, his heart feels stronger and he is able to walk more easily and faster. Thank you for letting me share this Rache

Raw Potato

Posted by Rw (Southwestern Virginia) on 04/26/2018
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Resistant Starch/Raw Potato for High Blood Sugar and Diabetes:

Raw Potato and several other foods contain resistant starch which significantly lowers blood sugar. Just Google "resistant starch blood sugar" for more info. It works. Just a few bites of raw potato will do it. They also sell potato starch which you can mix into a drink. DO NOT EAT LARGE AMOUNTS OF RAW POTATO. I don't think it would kill you or anything but resistant starch is an anti-nutrient so more is not better and I'd guess you could get an upset stomach from too much. Diabetes drugs also have their drawbacks so I still think this is worth doing. Obviously do NOT eat any part of the potato that's green or sprouted. That part is poisonous. Again, just Google "resistant starch" for more info.

Replied by Dave17003
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I've had absolutely no success with it. I tested blood sugar fasting and it was 210. Ate two bites of a raw potato and tested blood sugar 15 minutes later 218. Checked again 30 minutes later 218. How does it work for you?

Replied by Rw
Southwestern Virginia

I eat it before a meal. I guess it doesn't work to bring down blood sugar that's already high. I think it makes the food be digested more slowly and keep carbs from being released all at once.

Small Snacks and Bourbon

Posted by Matt (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 09/04/2008
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Morning Sugars: Used to take metformin. Had major heart attack and developed CHF. While in hospital, heart diet is exact opposite of diabetic diet. Insulin in hosp. couldn't bring sugar down. Glucagon pumps in liver running rampant. Can't take metformin anymore due to CHF. What to do?

I eat a small snack at bedtime, washed down by two shots of straight Kentucky bourbon. While processing alcohol removal, the liver shuts the glucagon pumps down because it can't do two things at once. Stops overloading pancreas with glucagon flood. Eat sensibly during day and move around, don't be a couch potato. Snack is essential to keep from bottoming out. Threw away the glimiperide, pancreas wasn't the problem. Good old alcohol! What do you think brings on a hangover? LOW BLOOD SUGAR!

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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To Matt from Cincinatti: Your theory may be plausible, but hypoglycemia runs rampant in alcoholics, as does liver disease.

Stabilizing Blood Sugar Level

Posted by Sherri (Cicero, In, Usa) on 09/09/2010

I have been told that I may have fluctuating blood sugar levels because I lost my appetite and do not eat much at all. I have anxiety that begins shortly after waking up until when I go to bed (I take medication for sleep that deadens the anxiety). I also have shakiness and a bit of nausea. A friend told me to eat 6 small meals or snacks each day to begin and then move into 3 meals and 3 small snacks once I am able to eat more. She suggested that I eat maybe some cheese and 4 or 5 crackers but to eat the protein first. Is this the right thing to do? Also, how long does it take to stablize your blood sugar? I appreciate all assistance as I am developing headaches, low grade fevers, and severe fatigue. I am tired of feeling the way I do but not sure how to find my way out. Thanks to all and Thank You to Earth Clinic. Sherri

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa Usa

Hi Sherri, I would also add hard boiled eggs and lean meats to that list, and some veggies and whole grain crackers maybe. This is assuming you are not gluten intolerant or allergic to eggs of course. I would research taking large doses of vitamin C (I take about 3-4 grams a day and it seems to make me feel better). I was reading on here about 5-HTP the other day, and it sounds like something you might want to read about. It can be found under the "supplements" section as well. It sounds promising for anxiety, and I am going to try it. Good luck to you, and let us know how it is going. Thinking good thoughts, Carly

Thai Herb Kratom

Posted by Pat (Oregon) on 07/27/2013
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I have not been able to get my prescription for metaformin renewed due to no insurance and the cost of blood test etc. (I am trying to get into services of the free clinic)

My problem is that I am 320 pounds, and without the metaformin my blood sugar avers at 190 to 200 in the morning.(this is with an hour walking everyday)

My son gave me an herb called Kratom. I have reserached the amount and caution for the effects, etc. Last night I took a teaspoon before I went to bed and my blood sugar was 126 this morning. I got the same results a few days ago when I went to bed with 250 blood sugar, the next morning it was 135.

I would like to take small portions of this herb, maybe every other day, just teaspoon at night to help keep my blood sugar low until I can get a prescription for metaformin. (I takes about two months to get into free clinic here)

My question: would this be a safe way to keep my blood sugar balanced? ( also take 250 g of effexor, but have researched and it seems safe with my medication.) I would appreciate any information on this. Thank you.

Replied by Vicki

That's awesome. I know a couple people that are getting wonderful result's using Kratom to manage their blood sugar very successfully I might add.
I hope you are well.

Replied by Patricia

I'm commenting on a three-year-old post but maybe it will be helpful to someone.

I am taking berberine instead of Metformin. Metformin made me feel ill. Berberine does not.I take four berberine a day, one before each meal and one at night. I don't take any other medications. It seems to be bringing my fasting blood sugar levels down but I have not been taking them long enough to swear by it.


Posted by Reid (Herrin, IL) on 08/06/2008
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I was diagnosed about a year ago. I was put on metformin. I found that taking 2 caps of turmeric with each meal dropped my sugar levels to normal after 2 hours of eating. I found that taking 4 cap. of turmeric with metforman once a day dropped my sugar levels too low around 60.

I now am off all prescription diabetes medicine. The way I did it was I took chromium normal dose for 30 days. Tumeric with food for 30 days. Ginger and cinnamon with meals for 30 days. After that I stopped the metformin.

I watch my diet and don't over eat and stopped ALL sodas. My levels I check once a week now in the morning (fasting) and they are allways under 100. Before over 130.

Replied by Kate
Melbourne, Florida

how much tumeric? what milligram did you take?

Replied by Michele
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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I have been on Diabeta and Metformin for 20 years, and at the top doses of these meds for two years. I am now drinking lots of water, taking chromium picolinate, coconut oil and cinnamon, watching my diet (including increase in fiber), and have lost some weight. I have now cut my daily Diabeta dose of 20 mg to 10 mg, and hope to reduce my Metformin from 850 mg three times per day to 500 mg three times per day, if my next A1C (in 6 weeks) is down. I look forward to trying turmeric.

Replied by Pat

Thank you for your suggestion of turmeric. Unfortunately my medication of effexor blocks the effeciency of turmeric. (as per past information from this site) Is there any information I can get on the benefits/side effects of taking kratom.... or any other supplements that might help me lower my blood sugar? I am using coconut oil and Apple Cider Vinegar as well.

Urine Therapy

Posted by Aravin (Banglore, Karnataka, India) on 07/17/2012

Hi All, This is my first post to the group. Could someone please advice, if drinking urine has any effects on reducing blood sugar level. I have been practicing this for almost two months now. Everytime I go for a test I drink a glass of urine and check the sugar level and it gives a good result to me and the sugar level are well in control at around 100-120. But sometimes I feel due to over stress my sugar level rises. Do I need to follow urine threapy my whole life for a complete cure for this disease? Or is it enough if I just continue for a couple of more months? Thanks in advance.

Replied by Dannyo1966
Dickinson, North Dakota

Urine has a high level of urea which is a form of organic nitrogen. Organic Nitrogen is toxic to the body which is why your body expells it in the urine. You should not drink urine.

Walnut, Akrot

Posted by Hariom (Sampla[rohtak], Haryana INDIA) on 08/23/2008
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These day I come a effective use of walnut which is called akrot in India. Take one walnut [akrot giri]. Kept it in water for overnight and eat in morning as a first food. Do not eat anything for one hour. It contol the sugar and good for so many other health problem.

Replied by Janet
Kendal, Cumbria

Interesting to hear about the walnut!! But is this just one.? once a day? and nothing else in supplement form? thank you.

Replied by Marjie
Suttons Bay, Mi, Usa

The best Vinegar to use is Apple Cider Vinegar. It is Raw & Unfiltered, with Mother in it. It is used for so many ailments including Urinary Tract Infections, weight loss, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol/Triglycerides, cramps, headaches, This product will kill Viral Infections such as colds, the Flu, staph, use on cuts to clense and heal, and many many other ailments. It is extremely healthy/beneficial to the body!

Replied by Kowekoe
South Africa, North West

Yeh!! So glad it helps. I just started to drink it this morning because I can't stand the taste of ACV. Thank you for posting it!!!!

White Distilled Vinegar

Posted by Chuck (Sedan, KS)
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I have been taking 1 teaspon of white distilled vineger twice a day for two week. It brought my blood sugar at fasting check from 150 down to 95 to 97 for 3 days now.