High Blood Sugar Remedies

White Distilled Vinegar

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Posted by Chuck (Sedan, KS)
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I have been taking 1 teaspon of white distilled vineger twice a day for two week. It brought my blood sugar at fasting check from 150 down to 95 to 97 for 3 days now.

Replied by Marjie
(Suttons Bay, Mi, Usa)

The best Vinegar to use is Apple Cider Vinegar. It is Raw & Unfiltered, with Mother in it. It is used for so many ailments including Urinary Tract Infections, weight loss, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol/Triglycerides, cramps, headaches, This product will kill Viral Infections such as colds, the Flu, staph, use on cuts to clense and heal, and many many other ailments. It is extremely healthy/beneficial to the body!

Replied by Kowekoe
(South Africa, North West)

Yeh!! So glad it helps. I just started to drink it this morning because I can't stand the taste of ACV. Thank you for posting it!!!!

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