High Blood Sugar Remedies

Cinnamon, Coenzyme Q-10, Chromium

Posted by AngelsLuv (Lake Ariel, PA) on 04/18/2008
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It has been known for a long time that taking Cinnamon tablets,Coenzyme Q-10, and Chromium Picolinate lowers blood sugar in Diabetics... I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 32 years, and have found this to be true after reading many articles as to their usefulness, and finally taking them in a quest to lower my blood sugars..

Replied by Robert
Wayne, Michigan, USA

How much of each pill do you take?

Coconut Oil

Posted by Michael (Athens, Ohio) on 11/25/2012
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Eating 1 T of virgin coconut oil and then doing moderate exercise like walking for 15 to 30 min will also bring your BS down possibly even more than ACV. ACV does nothing for me but VCO will bring me into the 80's from 170. If you read Dr. Richard Bernstein or Ron Rosedale you will learn that eating that a high carb roll is really bad for you and not woth doing because it is whipping your beta cells to produce more insulin and they will eventually burn out and die and then you will become a type 1 diabetic and need insulin.

Cold Showers

Posted by Cory (Tacoma, Washington) on 03/26/2007
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I have been taking cold showers every day now for almost three months, and I recently got the results of my latest blood and urine lab tests from my doctor. Blood sugar and cholesterol were markedly lower than the tests showed just prior to starting the cold shower regimen, with no appreciable changes in diet or physical excercise. My blood pressure was lower, and my pulse rate at rest has decreased from 72 to 54, which I find amazing. I am not in "great" shape physically, and I can only attribute these changes to the cold showers. This might actually be the 'fountain of youth'.

Dandelion Root Tea

Posted by C (NY, NY) on 09/16/2008
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2 remedies, 1 question

Dandelion root tea: 1 bag/1 cup a day to reduce blood sugar and control yeast

Ginger capsules: for nausea and vertigo. Take with a glass of water to reduce stomach irritation(1 cap every 4 hours)

Q: any remedies for chemical sensitivity? Synthetic fragrance makes me feel ill: headaches, nausea, woozy; avoidance is difficult.

Thank you

EC: Ted has provided some information for treating chemical sensitivities here:

Dietary Changes

Posted by Redpanda (New Hampshire) on 06/10/2016
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For the past 5-1/2 weeks, my menu has been the same: one small salad around noon consisting of a cup of mixed greens, a poached egg on top, and a tablespoon of homemade dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar and chopped garlic. My dinner is generally the same except for the day we get freshly caught fish from our fish CSA. That fish is less than 3 oz. Every morning my blood sugar is about 200-210. Two hours after every meal it's about 185. I am on no medications. What can I do to help? I've lost about 35 lbs in 5-1/2 weeks as well. I have about 30 to go to get to my goal weight.

Replied by Ben

Look into the McDougall diet also known as the starch solution. A lot of people are losing weight and reversing their diabetes using it.

Replied by Waltz

For diabetes, N-Acetly-Cysteine and freshly squeezed carrot juice daily helps a lot. This remedy came from Ted himself.

Also magnesium, coconut oil and ACV provide nourishment to the body. You should try all this in addition to the dietary changes you have already made.

Replied by Timh
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Hi RP: Many of the high blood sugar or diabetes cases are a result of infections in the liver/gut/gallblader/pancrease area. May not be your case but simple dietary items will definitely help. Prior to retiring take Oil of Oregano softgels, and eat regular servings of Kefir with the other good foods in your current regimen. Two items which specifically increase the body's ability to metabolize sugar is the spice Cinnamon and the mineral Chromium.

Hope this helps and hear good news from you.

Replied by Redpanda
New Hampshire

Thank you, Tim! I've just started taking 1000mcg of Chromium (Picolinate) in the morning. I always use coconut oil, so I'm happy to hear that's a good protocol too! I'm not sure if the Picolinate is the right Chromium, so if you have a suggestion I would really love that. I will keep you updated on progress. I'd also read that excess cortisol can be responsible for blood sugar issues, high blood pressure, etc., so I'm looking for something that will help lower that naturally too. :)

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Redpanda...Chromium picolinate should certainly help to reduce your blood sugar levels safely.

There are various reasons for abnormally high sugar levels in the blood. When you take chromium and vanadium together every day, these two minerals actually help the insulin to deliver and escort the sugar into the host cells properly where it is most needed for energy. So it will increase the absoption of sugar into the cells, thus normalizing this mechanism, making that aspect more efficient. And that's why taking these two minerals can actually help to cure type diabetes ll. Read this. Also from the research, you must take more than 200 mcgs of chromium per day just to maintain chromium at ordinary healthy levels. So to cure a large deficiency of chromium you must first take more than that dose for a while to more quickly cure that deficiency.

Concerning high sugar levels, the other problem is the body's own mechanism for clearing(excreting) or reducing dangerous sugar levels in the blood. For various reasons (usually due to lack of proper minerals in the diet) this mechanism can become corrupted or inefficient. So you can use Chanca piedra to help alleviate that side of the problem -- 500 mgs twice a day or just take the tea form. CP excretes the sugar quickly, efficiently and safely from the body via the urinary pathway. Other benefits from taking CP are: it lowers blood pressure, relieves pain, lowers blood sugar, lowers blood calcium, removes gallstones and kidney stones, lowers blood fats, lowers cholesterol, highly protective for the liver and kidneys and it's a potent anti-viral.

Other herbs like Gymnema sylvestre will also help to both clear dangerous blood sugar levels blood and will also help to reduce the virulence of fungus, which is why I advise its use against Candida. But, because of all it's other many benefits, I still think Chanca piedra would perhaps be more suitable for your particular problem.

Replied by Timh
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RP: Yes, the picolinate form of Chromium is best, and ideally add 500mg Niacinamide or Inositolhexaniacinate (flush free forms of Niacin) with it (for best results). You can buy Cinnamon in capsules but in my case is irritating on the tummy so I take an herbal sugar-aid complex of Cinnamon/Gymnema/Mulberry which works fine.

To reduce cortisol increase anti-inflammatory foods or herbs like Pineapple, Ginger, Turmeric, and add anti-stress techniques like Meditation, Yoga, and Relaxing Music or Frequency Harmonics for the body & mind.

Replied by Tina

Neem tea is effective for lowering blood sugar and blood pressure. In India neem tree is known as the village pharmacy because of its ability to heal a range of health issues - from joint pain, diabetes, high bp, asthma, to skin and dental issues. When I was growing up it was a common sight to see people break a twig and chew on it every morning. They never had any teeth-related issues. Be warned that the tea is extremely bitter but I've got used to it, lol. Amazon sells it. Read up on the benefits of neem, there is a plethora of info on the web. I also put the used neem tea leaves around my plant roots, both potted and in ground. No pests! Love when I can recycle like that. Hope this is helpful.

Replied by Janet

How did u lose 35 lbs so fast?

Fenugreek Tea, Chromium Picolinate

Posted by Steve (Nakhonsithammarat, Thailand) on 04/25/2015
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I reversed two of my friends diabetes (type 2) in one month without pills.

Whatever you do, do not take Metformin it is dangerous and unnecessary!!

Cinnamon, as you point out is very good (make sure it is true Ceylon) - a couple of other things that are excellent is a small amount of fenugreek in tea every day NB: don't take too much (a small bit does the trick anyway) as it can cause an odour to be excreted from your skin and arm pits that supposedly resembles maple syrup if you have too much.

Another excellent aid is chromium picolinate - this is very cheap and works well.

The reason that I researched this subject was because I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic after I underwent tests as I was feeling so fatigued and like death warmed up every morning I went to see my doctor (in Thailand). He diagnosed a long list of what I had wrong with me, including inflammation, being pre-diabetic, having high cholesterol, moderately high blood pressure, 20% NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), metabolic syndrome, spastic colon, leaky gut syndrome. IBS and elevated liver enzyme markers!!! Other than that I was perfectly healthy. After the shock had died down I waited for the normal goody bag of pills that Thai doctors normally give you, even for minor ailments.

Instead he delivered the best advice I have ever received from a doctor!! He said, right, that is what is wrong with you, do you have access to the internet? to which I replied yes, of course, he said " then go away, research it and fix yourself". I left the hospital with zero pills (which was great)!

Within the month after a rigorous regime of supplements, vitamins, minerals, moderate sunshine exposure (very important this), dietary changes and some exercise my fatty liver had disappeared, likewise, no inflammation, my blood sugar levels were normal, blood pressure was down to 110/70 (from 135/85), my liver markers showed as normal, cholesterol levels dropped too low from 269 to 180 (200 is viewed as optimal) Nb: my LDL halved and triglycerides level as good as halved as well!!

I woke up in the morning feeling like a 30 year old instead of an 80 year old (I am nearly 60). I do not get tired or fatigued any more and feel fantastic.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Steve from Thailand --- for me at least, this is one of the best posts I have read. Congrats!

I have done the same a while ago and never see a doctor unless I were to break a bone. You are so right. Other dr.s tell patients this is a life long disease, etc. If one is a healer, how can that be.

Namaste, Om

Flax Seed Oil Capsules Warning Elevated Blood Sugar

Posted by Barbara (Scottsdale, AZ) on 02/03/2007
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I was taking 9 capsules a day of flax seed oil which was recommended on the bottle. My fasting blood sugar went to 115-120. I have not taken the flax in two weeks and it is down to 100.

Replied by Elbert Vaughn
Gautier, Ms

Flax seed oil capsule warnings. I don't know who wrote this post/message but I would love to contact this person or someone give me some follow up info on this subject. I am a diabetic and my sugars were under 120 after a hour. A diabetic should keep his or her blood sugars below 140 after a hour. That has been the case for about 5 months. I have read that from a researcher(or so he says he is, that is you supply yourself with flaxseed oil you can began to correct the processes of diabetes and even get more control of your blood sugars. I have been taking flaxseed oil for about 5 weeks now, and I cannot control my blood sugars they go into the high 200's now after 1 hour. I may have a condition called gasparetis(misspelled). It is a condition which causes you to digest food later(delayed digestion. I will have to go see if I have it. My sugars could only be rising for 3 reasons:Gasperatesis, Pancreas producing less insulin, or the taking of flaxseed oil) please contact me about this post

Replied by Che
Berkeley, Ca

Diabetics have a problem because sugar overstimulates the pancreas - therefore, try to get your fuel from fats. Fats are, for humans, the perfect fuel. They burn slowly and steadily, and do not stimulate the pancreatic/liver system so that they are taken up too quickly. Humans need moderate fats, not low fats, unless the fats are themselves unhealthy or rancid. A good breakfast would be bacon, eggs, milk, and some carbs such as toast, rolls etc. Butter is great. No sugars.

(Coconut 'oil, 'by the way, is very good for you. It is a very good fat that delivers energy over a long period of time. ) I am NOT a merchant for this product or anything like that, but have used it for years.

Another big element of beating diabetes: Humans need about 0.3- 0.5 grams of protein per day, X each lb of body weight, in general. Multiply your weight in pounds times 0.4 and see what you get. I am willing to get you almost never get this much protein per day. I weigh 150 lbs, X 0.4 = 75 grams of protein I should eat every day. Do you think that's easy? Think again. If you eat meat you might get that every day. Otherwise you better eat lots of milk and cheese - soy is no substitute and has a tendency to raise estrogen levels. It is hard to get anywhere near the optimal amount of protein without overeating, if you are out, so plan accordingly and eat concentrated protein at home, like steak and hamburger, fish, protein drink, eggs, etc.

Soy is fine in small doses - can be eaten frequently but not as a substitute for better proteins, and not in large amounts.

With a moderate/high protein, moderate fat, low carb diet, some diabetes is eliminated or reduced. In all cases this is a great diabetic diet. Three of my four grandparents were diabetic, my father died of diabetes, and I have symptoms within days of eating high carbs and low protein. However, when I truly practice what I preach, I have no symptoms of diabetes whatsoever, and have lots of youthful energy, even though I am in my sixties. So - low carbs, moderate fat, moderate protein.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Che, I fully agree with what you say except for the soy. From what I have read it is better to avoid it altogether exept for fermented soy products. But I have a question regarding protein, you say how much protein one should eat a day, fair enough, I have read that in books too but no one ever says how much protein is in the meat, eggs, fish.... how do I calculate how much protein I am eating if I have no idea how much protein the food contains? And does the same food always contain the same amount of protein?

As far as coconut oil I agree with you but I got a bit scare with a posting here a while ago saying that some people are allergic to salicylates. Do you know anything about that?

Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi Francisca, I used to go on a low carb website regularly and the subject of how much protein is in each particular protein food ie: eggs, meat, fish, etc. often came up. The generic answer was that if an egg weighs 65gms then that is the protein count. If you eat 30gms of cheese then 30gms is the protein count. I know it sounds odd and we would like to disect it into the real protein grams but that is the way it is done for the most part. Cheers Lily.

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Hi Francisca, Check out your books by Adelle Davis as one of them tells you about the protein content in foods, this is where I started to learn about protein and its ability to help heal the body. I cannot remember which book though. You can also do a search on the web for "protein content food" and you will get several sites to go to with the info. Years ago to monitor diabetics diets you counted carbohydrate portions and protein. (A time when a lot were diet controlled and it worked. ) We were taught that a 100 grams of red meat was a 100 grams of protein but this is not correct, it's about 23 - 28 grams depending on cut. An egg is about 6 - 8 grams. I found it hard initially to get the amount of protein that was reccomended. It helped to also learn how to combine foods to make complete proteins, eg; nuts with seeds; nuts with grains; grains with legumes. All the best, Maria

Replied by Koekoe
South Africa, North West

Hi just want to let you know that the same thing happened to me when I statrted using flaxseed oil. Elevated Blood sugar readings!

General Feedback

Posted by Sri (Kolkata, India) on 12/06/2011

Hi... I am planning to buy Sugar Brix Refractometer 0 - 32%, is this the right one. Ted or anybody else can you please explain how to use it to measure the amount of sugar increasing in blood or urine after having any food.



Posted by Saba (Mentor, Oh) on 02/14/2010

Question: Has anyone noticed a difference in blood sugar reading when testing upon waking in the morning, before and after brushing with regular toothpaste? Mine seems higher after brushing. I know the toothpast have sugar products in it but doesn't it take at least half to 1 hour for sugar to reach the bloodstream? Please explain.

Replied by Cynthia
Jacksonville, Alabama

Most all toothpastes contain glycerin, even brands from the health food store. Glycerin is a kind of a sugar and stays on your teeth a long time. It actually breaks down the enamel. I found from the internet that using dissolved sea salt and water for brushing works very well and helps heal the teeth. My teeth used to be sensitive but the sea salt prevents that. It makes sense that toothpaste made with glycerin could affect someone's blood sugar.

High Blood Sugar Recovery Drink

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 12/10/2013
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High blood sugar recovery drink: I've never been diagnosed as diabetic, but when I eat a lot of sugar I get sick and achy all over and a sore throat. This is my rescue remedy, first thing in the morning when I wake up feeling icky.

2 cups hot milk, 1 teaspoon ginger, 1 teaspoon turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Imagine yourself sitting by the fire place under a red plaid flannel blanket all toasty warm. It's like that. :)


Posted by Cjuan (Malaysia) on 05/21/2016

I suppose each person reacts differently to honey. Many years ago, it used to spike my BG too but recently I found that it could actually lower my BG, so I am truly puzzled.

Perhaps the type of honey consumed could be the causative factor. By that I mean whether the honey is raw, wild/organic and unprocessed compared to processed honey where the heat-sensitive enzymes get destroyed. Bear in mind too that there are fake honeys around too - those made from sugar water and corn syrup, so these may be the actual culprit causing the spike in BG instead of lowering it.

Diabetics can always test them out for themselves rather than adopt a generalized view of the issue.

Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 01/27/2015
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Hi all, I was researching about the effect of honey on blood sugar levels, I am not Diabetic but other Family members are. But that wasn't the reason for my search either it was to do with another health matter. Anyway I found this information on the Informa Health care website, and it says honey is OK for Diabetics.

So I'm posting the information below ( RAW NOT NORMAL STORE HONEY) so you can read it for yourself.

Love Andrea C xxx

At Informa Healthcare, we answer your need for fast, convenient access to high-quality, high-impact scientific research.

Effects of natural honey consumption in diabetic patients: an 8-week randomized clinical trial Objectives. We investigated the effect of natural honey on body weight and some blood biochemical indices of diabetic subjects.

Methods Forty-eight diabetic type 2 patients were randomly assigned into two groups: the honey group received oral natural honey for 8 weeks, and the control group did not take honey. Before the onset of the study (week 0) and after 8 weeks, weight measurements were taken and fasting blood samples were drawn.

Results After adjustment for the baseline values, there were no significant differences in the fasting blood sugars between the two groups. Body weight, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol and triglyceride decreased (P = 0.000), and high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol increased significantly (P < 0.01) in honey group. The levels of hemoglobin A1C increased significantly in this group (P < 0.01).

Conclusion The results of this study demonstrate that 8-week consumption of honey can provide beneficial effects on body weight and blood lipids of diabetic patients. However, since an increase in the hemoglobin A1C levels was observed, cautious consumption of this food by diabetic patients is recommended.

Read More: http://informahealthcare.com/

Posted by Kara (New York, Ny) on 01/27/2015
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I think the only way to know if honey raises blood sugar is to eat it and take a blood sugar reading first thing in the morning. I can't eat honey because it raises my blood sugar too high.. more so than sugar. I became pre-diabetic after adding honey to my tea. I stopped doing that and now take small amounts of organic brown sugar. My blood sugar is back to normal.

Humic Acid

Posted by Dennis (Elmore, Ohio) on 09/10/2015
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I have a friend with diabetes who recently started using shilajit fulvic acid and found that he could eat a Snickers bar with a blood sugar reading of 100, and the blood sugar wouldn't rise. He said that previously when he would eat after a blood test his reading would be 156. I wondered if anyone else had this happen?

Replied by Larry
Fairfax, Va

Dennis, What quantity per day did your friend take to alleviate high blood sugar readings? Thanks.

Peppermint Oil

Posted by Ratgirldjh (Austin, Texas, USA) on 10/09/2009
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i am a diabetic on insulin and i recently discovered that peppermint oil lowers blood sugar - a LOT.

how i found this out is i took a bath with 5 drops of peppermint oil and i also have a tooth powder that i mixed up with several drops of peppermint oil and powdered sea salt.

after soaking in the bath - which felt wonderful - i brushed my teeth with the tooth powder and also rinsed my mouth out with a little in water.

after this i started feeling weird. i had eaten whole grain pasta and veggies for dinner and couldn't believe my blood sugar was low. but it was 81 - and it continued going lower even after i ate 1 1/2 kashi cereal bars - 1 teaspoons of karo syrup - and 1 whole wheat gingerbread cookie. i ended up eating another cereal bar and finally got it up to 120.

this morning it was still lower than usual after all those mid night carbs - it was 177.

usually the morning after something like this happens it will be in the 200's - since it finally all catches up again.

so be careful with peppermint oil if you are a diabetic on insulin.

i plan to still use my tooth powder - but i have lowered my insulin doses!!!

i am also taking ACV and water a very small amount 2 x a day.

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Expirement with peppermint tea. As a bonus you get the water intake you don't get with the oil. Peppermint is known to lessen appetite, could it be due to the influence on sugars?

Replied by John

I now know why York Peppermint Patties lower blood sugar readings. I hated them when young, but decided to try them now because they are made with dark chocolate. I found that I now like the peppermint center, but was concerned that the sugar would increase blood glucose levels. Guess what, I ate half a bag of the mini mints and the next morning my blood glucose level was about 10 points less than the day before. I now also use Ginger in a protein drink which also seems to help. I am not on any medication for the glucose level, but just decided to monitor it. I am 70. I also ditched the flax seed oil and started the Chromium Picolinate, which I hadn't taken in years.

Replied by Ricky S.

I fast once a week and use peppermint on my fast days to lower blood glucose, but also raise ketones... I stumbled on this by accident after getting strange readings on my monitor. Trying to work out why peppermint has this affect if you have any ideas?