Joint Pain: Top Natural Remedies

White Grapefruit Juice

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Posted by Lucy (Santa Cruz, Ca) on 07/11/2010
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Hip pain is a fast and easy fix. White grapefruit juice in can or bottle, cheap or expensive, makes no different in the results. I keep it in my cupboard at all times. A co-worker was going after work to get cortisone shots because he couldn't use his arm without pain. I told him to get a bottle of white grapefruit juice and drink it for lunch. He came back after lunch and said the pain was gone, before he returned to work.

Working With the Knees

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Posted by Suzo (Seattle, WA) on 06/13/2007
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My hips had been hurting for some months. The physical therapist told me to sit down and then stand up and notice what was happening to my knees. I looked and saw that they came together when I rose or sat. That was putting improper stress on my hip joints. He said to make a fist with my hand, place between my knees and remember to keep that distance as I sat down or stood up. It worked! An easy habit to form and I have cured my hip soreness. And maybe saved myself from hip surgery. Thanks everyone for all the help we provide each other and especially thanks to Ted and the staff at Earth Clinic.

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