Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

| Modified: Jun 09, 2020
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The human body has hundreds of joints! When even one of them is not up to par, significant inconvenience and/or pain can result. Joint problems can be cause by injury, inflammation, disease, infection or degeneration. Natural remedies like apple cider vinegar, castor oil, and herbs can relieve pain, restore function, heal diseases and facilitate regeneration.

Home Remedies for Joint Problems

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, taken as an internal tonic, reduces pain and inflammation due to its alkalizing effect on the body. It contains nutrients that support body functions as well. For arthritis and joint pain, 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar can be added to a glass of water and consumed daily.

Apple cider vinegar can be applied topically for acute joint discomfort. Soak a cloth in apple cider vinegar and apply to the joint of concern. Wrap plastic around the cloth and secure with an ace bandage. The apple cider vinegar bandage can be worn overnight. This method is especially useful for pain caused by strains and gout.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is not taken internally but massaged into painful joints. It relieves inflammation and pain, sometimes as well as oral pain relievers! Castor oil can be messy, so use old clothes and towels to avoid getting castor oil on clothing and furniture.


Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. Turmeric is often taken on an ongoing basis for those suffering with a variety of pains. 2-4 capsules are taken twice a day. Alternately, a teaspoon of turmeric can be added to a mug full of warm milk. A sprinkle of black pepper helps to potentate the turmeric.


Borax contains boron, which is a necessary element in the joints. Boron also helps the body to balance other minerals and hormones. Studies have found that boron is needed for strong bones.

Dietary Changes

Sugar and processed foods aggravate inflammation and pain. They also fill the body up so more quality foods are not consumed at levels needed to provide necessary nutrients to the body.

Bone broth contains concentrated amounts of gelatin and the necessary minerals for joint health. Look for organic bone broths or make your own!


Hydrotherapy involves alternating warm and cool applications to painful joints. The cool applications help to reduce inflammation. The warm applications promote circulation and repair. Use two bowls of water; one warm and one cool. (NOT hot and ice cold!) Soak a cloth in the cool water and apply it to the painful joint for 1 minute. Remove the cool cloth and replace it with the warm cloth. Continue alternative warm and cool for 7 changes, beginning and ending with cool. Hydrotherapy can be repeated several times a day.

The exception would be that a freshly injured joint should not have warm applications. Instead, use cold applications 15 minutes out of every hour or two.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt soaks provide magnesium and sulfur to the joints. Add ½ cup Epsom salt to a basin of water and soak the painful joint. For fresh injuries, use cool water, otherwise use warm water.

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Aloe Vera

Posted by Rose (Kampala)
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered from joint pain for a period of over two months. I took antibiotics continously to no avail. However one day I was told by a friend that aloe vera could work. I started by boiling aloe vera juice extacted from the sap. In addition I would also rub the gel on my joints and experience healing.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

Posted by Melea (Texas) on 08/09/2018
3 out of 5 stars

Hello, please help! Many years ago I found Earth Clinic and immediately began taking the acv/bs mixture in water daily and it was incredible the relief I had in my joints & acid reflux but for the past year it is no longer helping even tho I am still continuously taking the same mixture daily. I am in severe joint pain as well as acid reflux which is bringing on depression especially after it working sooo well for years. I have also lost a lot of weight so I don't think the pain is weight related. Should I increase the amount I'm taking? Please please please respond, I am really struggling with this and makes it very difficult to do my job! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Melea, for the acid reflux you can read up on Inclined Bed Therapy. Costs nothing!

Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
173 posts

Melea, a couple of tweaks you can try to your existing protocol, add one extra baking soda and water, must be 3 hours before eating or one hour after eating, so if you do Apple Cider Vinegar bs morning and night you can do this one after lunch, if this addition does not give you benefit as it should, then you may further add cayenne to your morning and evening Apple Cider Vinegar bs tonic. Work up to one teaspoon. If it is really difficult you can put it in capsules, it is important for digestion that the stomach knows it ( the heat) is coming, what I do is store my capsules in the cayenne powder, when I shake out a capsule I put a tiny bit on my tongue and then swallow with warm water. The warmth helps to spread it, you'll see for yourself the first time you take it with the tonic.

For topical relief, you may try 7 drops rosemary essential oil mixed in a half tablespoon of carrier oil, Olive, almond, etc massaged around the area. Between my husband and I, we have used all mentioned remedies for improved joint and muscle pain. Hubby is now wearing the rosemary to work, added to my homemade comfrey salve. Best to you.

Replied by Michael
New Zealand

Hi Melea of Texas,

I have not checked for other responses to your troubled, plea for help with your joint issues but for what it's worth here is my contribution that works for me at the present time anyway and for which I am truly grateful!!

I should mention at this point that I took my cue from sage and wise contributors to this Site, that a wobbly digestion, if rectified, could lessen the achy joints. Are these two issues connected I hear you ask? Well, many health (read "illnesses") issues are thought by some, including the Ancient Greeks, to be gut-related. Fine, but the stomach has a part to play also so let's look at both of them.

Normally not noted for my propensity for sticking to any plan (there being so much information overload out there these days and better known for my won't power than my will power), I can honestly tell you that the following has brought back some quality of life, relief and hopefully for you too by taking the following five or six days per week.

Before the evening/main meal, I take a pill containing good quality Digestive Enzymes. If you find the right one for you, the results on your digestive processes may well be quick to take effect. Remember while you are reading this that enzymes are important but are often absent from our modern "lifestyle".

In my case, the only effect that I had been AWARE of was the unmentionable (lower) gas along with internal rumblings, that whilst not life threatening, sometimes caused some anxious looks from by-standers who feared I might explode in their proximity. But what, I asked myself, was it doing elsewhere in the system? Was it up to even more mischief?Valid question, if one were to listen to one's body, and we should all do more of that before our body causes us strife, as it inevitably will.

SO, the other three pills I take at a separate time, with another meal are:-

A complete Joint Ease tablet that contains (amongst other things) Chondroitin and Glucosamine. If you are not getting these, you are missing out. Plenty of info on these two everywhere!! Boron included etc etc.

A high quality Fish Oil in some form: food, oil OR capsule - whatever.

Curcumin - BUT the full spectrum and enhanced, bio-available form important, as the stuff is tricky to get enough of if you just go for the regular dosage.

I will not burden you with the many observations / other things you could incorporate into your daily regime, as I and others have written extensively on this wonderful Site on this subject in the past.

However, the above is serving me well at present, as I have thought about this issue for a long time and "boiled" things down to these four being important for Joint Health for me personally. Think of them as "The Fab Four". Nothing to do with the Beatles by the way!!

Your acid reflux is bad for your oesophagus and tooth enamel. Maybe (and this is anathema to many people I realize!?) go off the ACV for a month. Record this action in your diary so that after a month you can review your situation. It may interfere with the above protocol. Then you will be better placed to know where you stand.

Cheers from Down Under,


Posted by Suebee (Lansing, Mi) on 07/06/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I've had hip joint pain for 6 months or so now and in the last week my left hip had become much worse so that my walking and sleeping were being affected. First day I tried rest, which alleviated a lot of the pain but the next day I jarred the joint again and the pain relentlessly returned. So yesterday I took 2 Tbsp ACV + 1/2 tsp Baking Soda + 1 Tbsp Agave nectar (it's easier for me to drink this way). Took this again at night before bed IN ADDITION to 2 Tbsp CHERRY JUICE CONCENTRATE for inflammation. This morning pain is back at a 1/10, complete range of motion and ready to stretch those tight muscles. I'll still rest today and keep this "med" schedule up for a week or so. Wow.

Posted by Steve (Victoria BC, Canada) on 12/06/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone at earthclinic! I am a 60 year male. I found your site after a search for arthritis and natural cures. I started taking the ACV and BS two months ago. It has significantly reduced the pain and swelling between my knuckles. My hips and knee pain are getting better and the food taste better as well. My energy has increased and I am not napping as much. I don't feel as cold anymore and no more shivers in bed. It has also helped my wife with her knees. I can't thank you enough for your wonderful natural cure. I almost got sold on the Swedish joint pain formula but I' found your site and I am now saving my much needed money. Now I am going to start using the H202 inhalation method and I will let you know how that turns out.You are on my 649 list and you can hold me to that.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Arnica

Posted by Sarah (Ns, Can) on 03/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I suffer, as most, from occasional joint pain/inflammation. The other morning my neck was severely inflamed, limited motion. I took a cloth dampened it with warm water then some ACV and almost immediately felt improvement. There may be slight discomfort, this is temporary. I would also like to suggest arnica cream. This greatly improved jaw function after surgery and is a great source of minerals necessary to healing injuries. May God bless.

Replied by Charles
Kuantan, Non Us/canada

Natural Remedy for Joint Pain natural-remedy-for-joint-pain

Replied by Patty
Medford, Oregon

My 80 year old neighbor told me he used pectin to cure his arthritic knuckles. But I tried putting it ON the joint and it didn't work. Now I will consume it and see if it works, as this reader suggests. Will add pectin capsules too.

Autoimmune Issues

Posted by Lee (Australia) on 07/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

To all those people who suffer from continuous joint and muscle pain. Have you been tested for autoimmune disease?

I suffererd for years, the doctor told me it was old age, I was 45 at the time, I thought to myself if I feel like this now what am I going to be like in 10, 15 or more years. A few years later another doctor tested me for autoimmune disease which showed my Antinuclear antibodies was high which looked towards lupis. my vit d was also low.

i now had something to work with instead of guessing and trying hundreds of dollars worth of health products which did absolutely nothing because I was not treating the right symptom.

Now I see a chinese doctor who specializes in auto immune disease and is treating me naturally.

Something to think about.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, USA
2114 posts

Lee: thanks for sharing your experience and do please inform us on your progress! Question, did you per chance try 7-keto DHEA in your previous nutritional protocol??? I have read that the 7-keto form of DHEA is preferred over the regular DHEA. Anyway it seems as if auto-immunity is more prevalent and disease causing than what we otherwise know.

LDN or (Low Dose Naltrexone) is gaining much acceptance in the prescription pharmaceutical category. The "low dose" factor makes it quite safe and free of bad side effects BUT packs a good punch for regulating immunity.

I am currently researching other options like Opiates and Cannabinoids.

Replied by Lee

timh, I haven't tried the 7-keto DHEA.

do you recommend this supplement for autoimmune disease? I have just started the chinese medicine treatment but will post any progress that I make.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, USA
2114 posts

Lee: There is a good bit of literature in favor of DHEA and particularly 7-keto DHEA for many types immune disorders. At one time I personally experienced noticeable benefits from both. In the nutritional category there are, to my knowledge, only two more nutrients with specific benefits for autoimmunity and they are Colostrum and DMG.

Replied by Greystone

Autoimmune is really the immune systems responses to (WHAT?) attacks the body's cells and tissues, which occurs in allergic response. NIH scientists now believe it is an allergic response. If you want to get well then put on your investigator hat. For a handful it might be genetic for most studies are showing otherwise, The only way to really find out the cause is go on an elimination diet. Look it up . Basically no wheat, dairy sugar, caffeine soda pop, and energy drinks are super toxic, stop all inflammatory foods night shade vegetable, most meats except chicken and keep a food diary. Have air quality checked in your house hire an industrial hygienist. Looking for radon, carbon monoxide and the big one is mold spores in your house. Stop all your supplements for awhile and products go natural drink pure water, be in a calm, cool place.Now this is the next piece I'm seeing more and more people with inflammation I wonder about the Electo magnetic frequency some people are sensitive to it get a line phone, and get land line computer . Get certain type of paint that blocks WIFI it could be EMS electro magnetic sensitivity or go away to beach camping out of WIFI area and see how you feel . Another thing to look at is what type of pills, antibiotics pain killer anti depressants ect have you been on and what are the long term effects. Lastly, get a Lyme test with a Lyme literate MD. and stop all wheat, gluten and dairy they cross react and it is highly toxic. If there is fluoride in your water it is time to consider a reverse osmosis water filtration system, so you are sure to be getting clean, pure water the way God intended it to be.

Avoid Aspartame

Posted by Sylvia (Tillsonburg, Ontario Canada) on 08/21/2007
0 out of 5 stars

I was suffering unexplainable joint & muscle pain and, at least, 70% of my pain disappeared when I eliminated Aspartame in my diet. I have done great research on Aspartame and it poisons people. All diet products contain Aspartame and it is in over 5000 food and beverage products.

Replied by Deb
PG, Utah
0 out of 5 stars

WARNING: Aspartame is poison.

I am not sure if I have written about this on this site but let me tell you I almost died. One day in the movie theater about 10 minutes into the film my joints started hurting within ten additional minutes I hurt all over my body expecially my spine. I had to have help form my son to stand and walk to the car. I was in so much pain I thought I would die. I had no medical insurance so couldn't see the doc. two days and bed ridden my son brought me an artical on Aspartame poisoning. I know from drinking diet soda that is what had happened. It took months with herbs for body and blood purification for me to stop hurting so bad. 8 months later is was mostly out of my system. I will never touch artificial sugar again. None of it!

Replied by Jerricho
Florida, Tampa

Well my back pain is more so on right side of my butt bone and I hurt on that same side below my ribs and it hurts so bad sometimes I feel like my legs are about to give away on me. I went to my doctor and he thought it was my gall bladder so I had an ultrasound and they found a spot on my pancreas so I had a CT scan and it didn't show anything but I'm still hurting in my lower back and my side. They gave me vicodin for pain but I am in fear due to side effects.

Baking Soda

Posted by Lorraine (Auckland, New Zealand) on 08/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

After suffering with acute pain in my right big toe for one year i heard about this site and what baking soda can do. I took half teaspoon in a glass of water and the pain disappeared in minutes! Previously i couldnt even stand the weight of the sheet on my toe. I am yet to try acv and b.soda. but will do so' and report back. have also been suffering from a lot of joint pain and that is subsiding also. I am very grateful for the info on this site. I received no help from doctors who only prescribe dangerous drugs!


Posted by Jimmy (Nj, Usa ) on 01/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I've been taking borax daily in a cup of tea ( 1/3 teaspoon ) to help with my joints ..I used to wake up in morning and have my knees clicking my wrist sore. Been about half year, I hardly feel any aching joints. All clicking is gone.

Posted by Russ (Whangarei, New Zealand) on 04/12/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I found that borax eliminated my feet (both) pain of at least 4 years duration (caused, I think by many years standing on concrete floors at work) other joints were also becoming painful. I built slowly (over 4 weeks) until my dose was a half teaspoon per day. However I've stopped as I couldn't sleep. I felt good at first but could only sleep for perhaps one hour per night. I was exhausted. I waited a month then started the whole regime again. Same result, no pain but no sleep either.

Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Tx

Russ, try taking ornithine when you take the borax. It is supposed to mop up the toxins from the dead micro organisms. It works for me. I take about 3 of the now brand capsules about 8 o clock pm and then another 4 right before bed. The insomnia is noticeable if I don't take them.

Replied by Namaw

I tried the ornithine for my insomnia and took 3 of the now capsules--nothing. Until the next day, when the diarrhea started. My ibs-d is so awful, now I've had the runs since Saturday. Watch out how much of this stuff you take--it may react badly.


Namaw - have your tried activated charcoal tablets for your ibs-d? They help my husband a lot. He takes 4 tablets at breakfast and bedtime and it has reduced his ibs-d symptoms.


Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 02/05/2016

HI U BIRDS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , just got Dr. Shallenberger's medical letter and lo and behold he is saying you need boron to get rid of joint pain.

No , he did not say take Borax as we do here at EC, but he did find that Boron is needed to relieve pain along with other stuff. Most other medical folks say that boron is toxic. He is an integrative doctor and does not speak for the establishment. He is one of my heroes because of Ozone and other things he has brought forth.

Anyway, it appears that the folks on this site are a few years ahead of some doctors. I have been taking Aleve for for my back pain and will now switch to borax. As most on this site know, I's smart, jus slow.



Posted by Victor (USA) on 06/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Raw cabbage and cabbage juice relieves joint pain and swelling in my hands, and it works fast.

Replied by Jogindre
Vancouver, Canada, British Columbia

Hi there

Since last one year I am also suffering from joint paints but I am working 8 to 10 hours everyday. I found a little help with Ginger powder with honey with luke warm water, relief is there, but now I am going to try ACV, let's hope everything will be good. thanks

Castor Oil

Posted by Sherri (Oak Hill, Wv) on 02/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I had a small tear in my rotator cuff. Used ice as suggested by doctor & then read about castor oil pack for my shoulder. I could tell a difference in 3-4 days! I was amazed how much better my shoulder was. I'm still healing and still using the castor oil every night with a heat pack. I would strongly recommend!

Chia Seeds

Posted by Jennie (Fort Wayne, In) on 03/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrated chia seeds for joint pain: Taking 3 or 4 tablespoons of hydrated chia seed gel every morning has greatly reduced my joint pain. I buy black or white seeds - either one works equally well, and put 2 tablespoons of the seeds in two cups of filtered water. Stir them up a couple times and then again after several hours. There may be clumps on the bottom, stirring with a fork breaks them up. I keep the seeds and water in a sealed container in the fridge

Chia holds 10 times its weight in water and when hydrated creates a gel. It has almost no taste and can be mixed with just about anything, I put it in my morning juice. Chia has the highest amount of Omega-3 of any plant source!


Posted by Janet (Asheville, NC) on 02/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I think it's so great that ACV works on joint pain but I can't believe chlorella is not included in here. I have been recommending it to people for years and I would say 95% of the people have astounding results on all kinds of joint pain, stiffness, numbness and tingling. It seems to help people with some nerve pains or problems. It's so great to hear people say yeah, my Mom's Dr has been treating her for problems with her wrist for years, I gave her the chlorella and the pain and numbness and tingling is gone. Practically the only person it didn't work on is my brother-in-law, the DOCTOR. I get it cheap on vitacost. One of it's benefits is that it detoxes mercury from the digestive system.

Replied by Robert
Manhattan, New York

Just a note to make sure you use Chlorella and not any of the other "blue green" algae.

"For the record, I don't approve of the use of two other types of algae, blue green algae (aphanizomenon) and spirulina. Both are in a different group from chlorella. Some species of blue green algae produce toxins, including neurotoxins that can increase long-term risks of degenerative diseases of the central nervous system. I see no reason to include any blue-green algae in the diet.

If you must have your algae, chlorella is a much better choice.